Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Duterte Says We Have Not Treated Pemberton Fairly

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“You have not treated Pemberton fairly.”

In a televised address on Monday, September 7, President Duterte said the Philippines was "not fair" to United States Marine Joseph Scoot Pemberton over its failure to accurately compute his GCTA.

Fairly.... really? Can you apply this word to Filipinos also? At least he's being consistent as a traitor. Thank you Taytay Digong! Our beloved and the best president ever! Sobrang galing mo, Tay! Sana po mas marami pa po kayo palayain na criminals.

Who did not treat him fairly? Our law was kind to him already. Saan ba siya kinulong?  For a murderer prisoner, he was treated as a VIP.  Baka naman VISA ni Senator Bato ang kapalit niyan. Wait lang kami ilang linggo, baka may VISA na siya uli sa US. You Mr. President are always the one who treated the Filipinos unfairly. Mga nakadikit lang sa iyo ang nagpapasarap, Lalo na ngayong pandemic.

The GCTA was 'supposedly' enough to let him walk. Pardon was completely unnecessary. The court decision regarding Pemberton's GCTA and the Presidential pardon are two separate matters.

I know it is his prerogative, but he has not been sane and logical enough to differentiate what is fair from not. He never knew what is right from wrong.

Regardless kung anong sexual orientation ni Jennifer Laude, walang karapatan si Pemberton patayin si Laude. Walang kahit sino ang may karapatan pumatay ng tao. Regardless of sexual orientation, Philippine law guarantees the right to life. Sadly, there are people left out of civilization and remains in barbaric behavior and thinking.

How about the many other cases, even minor, that you let the accused rot in jail? And those allied with you that you let be without even a single penalty? Sana ganyan din ang sinabi mo sa libo-libong pobreng Pilipino na itinumba ng mga killer cops mo ng walang kalaban-laban.

"Mr. President, you really are a bundle of contradictions. You speak of fairness and justice but do you practice it?"

Interestingly, the same day President Duterte pardoned Lance Corporal John Scott Pemberton, US Amb Sung Kim made his farewell call to the President. PCOO says, “they discussed matters”.

Photo shows Amb Sung being given Order of Sikatuna.

Has he ever treated his countrymen fairly? Has he ever provided them the kind of leadership they deserve? Many are sick of his incompetence and stupidness. Is there really a hope for our future generation with this self-centered leader?

Baliktad talaga utak ng Presidente natin. Imbes na magmalasakit sa kabababayan, yun pang dayuhan ang binigyan ng absolute pardon. How come he knew he was not treated fairly? Anong mga instances Yun? Please elaborate.

Mauunawaan ko yung “fair treatment” na sinasabi nya kung aksidente na nakapatay sya (self defense etc.) but he deliberately killed Laude. May choice sya at that moment na wag gawin yun but he still did it. Anong fair treatment ang pede mong ibigay sa mamamatay tao?

Kawawa naman pala si Pemberton, murderer na hindi trinato ng mabuti, pero yung mga hinihinala pa lang na druggies patayin na yan! Such is justice sa panahon ni Duterte. Ano DDS, kaya pa ba?

Minsan talaga nakakasama na ng loob yung mga desisyon ng “tatay” ng bansa natin. Nakakapagod ng umasa sa pagbabago.

The Laude family wanted him to finish his sentence. Yes, it is within our constitution but it is the president's discretion to use it. Yes, nobody is perfect, yes, maybe the President has done a lot, but he has done more negative decisions than positive ones. That’s why people are protesting.

The family accepted the money because it was ordered by court. I am a Filipino citizen so I have the right to question my President. Madaming negative: China claiming our territory, human rights violations sa mga ordinaryong Pilipino in the war on drugs pero yung mga big wigs hindi naman kinukulong, historical revisionism about Marcos, corrupt (kaibigan) officials in power, etc., If I had all the day I can list them all. Yes, hindi niya ito expertise, so bakit hindi yung mga expert ang ilagay niya sa position, and not yung military men niya?

Hindi boss ang presidente. Sa tunay na demokratikong bansa, ang mamamayan ang masusunod. Public officials ang nasa gobyerno. They serve us and not the other way around.

He also just lost the support of LGBTs for this act. He should have thought about this ten times....or was there a bigger exchange deal?

The President has been acquitting criminals since winning the Presidency. Prior to this, he has never won a single court case.

There are lots of Filipinos jailed for a long time who are not treated fairly. Kawawang Juan Dela Cruz. Sa mga nagsasabi na nagmamagaling kesyo di kami lawyer, at wala kaming alam. Sana hindi dumating ang time na kayo o kapamilya ninyo ang makulong bago ninyo marealize na malaking kagaguhan itong ginawa ni Presidente. Tingnan natin kung mabigyan kayo ng pardon. Alalahanin mo, Pinoy ka lang. If you'll revisit the past four years, he doesn't respect us at all.

We deserve a government that looks after its people. We deserve better!

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