Saturday, April 10, 2021

The power of social media platforms

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Social media offers a platform to help people in many ways.

The incredible power of social media in campaigns, including advocacies, surpassed our expectations, and paved the way for social change.

However, engage with an open mind and know our limits. If the other does not listen, then use other means of continuing the advocacy. We may not be able to change one mind, but there are thousands more with more open minds that we can influence. 

The most vulnerable, and gullible,  communities are most likely not active on social media. But I believe that as much as it is important to build the advocacy from the ground up, trickling down is just as effective. We need to start somewhere. 

I would really want campaign efforts to reach out also on indigenous people and other minorities. They are experiencing many things these days that access to online presence would be needed to empower them. Awareness of the current events and issues is essential for them to make well-informed decisions and actions.

The pandemic brought us to embrace the digital world yet some of us suffered from mental breakdown because of the harsh social media environment itself. 

We must use all kind of means to amplify and improve our efforts to reach out especially now that we are in a digital era. Using the means of social media will help reach wider audience to discuss issues and matters.

We must reach out more specifically to remote areas in all provinces, especially in Mindanao and Visayas. The majority of them are poor, and some of them do not have access to sound and accurate information.

Professionals needs to promote credible sources of information. They also need to connect to the government. We need the help and support of the national government to combat disinformation... However, not if they are the real.source of disinformation and fake news.

If we're united and if there's something that universalizes our efforts just like our public social media posts, we can have much wider reach. 

I think we also need to reach the older generation; to let them know that there will be people that can listen to them.

Being socially connected to others can ease stress, anxiety, and depression. By posting positivity quotes, and uplifting message for everyone, we can.somehow reduce the stress many are experiencing... especially with this incompetent government.

One way is to collaborate with experts who can verify/validate the information....not former military men who are not qualified or able to come up with sensible and intellectual moves. We should tap pool of researchers and connect with other expert organizations to help combat fake information. This is a very important factor for socmed platforms.

Let us cater more conversations and amplify voices of our professionals, regardless of their expertise. Also silence those who.only seem to be spreading false information.

Institutions and individuals must work hand-in-hand for us to recover, bounce back and combat disinformation and spread awareness through social media.

it is hard to combat disinformation pero with proper way of informing, educating, and guidance, correct information will pave its way.

Our maximum effort would help a lot. Would it be ambitious, if we would also collaborate with other influencers in Youtube, Tiktok and celebrities. 

The messaging should be clear, accurate, updated. And they should be pathways through which people can access better resources.

It is ambitious as it may be, but I agree that It will surely be helpful to have the help and the reach of these known creators, too.

We hope that as we continue the discourse, we also continue to create safe and inclusive spaces for everyone in the community to share their stories of hope. 

Efforts need to be relatable. People tend to support campaigns if there are compelling stories or narratives behind them. More so if they are something from true-to-life experiences. 

Proof of Life effort of Malacañang shows how Duterte is copying the Marcos playbook

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ferdinand Marcos at a 1980s press conference denied rumours that he was sick. He turned out to be suffering from complications due to lupus.

Questions on the President’s whereabouts earlier surfaced after his public address was postponed twice.

The Palace, care of Bong Go, recently released “proof of life” of Rodrigo Duterte amid rumors he was sick or dying. 

A video showing Pres. Rodrigo Duterte exercising was posted this Saturday morning by his ally amid questions about his whereabouts and health condition as the country faces a surge in #COVID19 cases. 

While many Filipinos are once again suffering form lockdowns, curfew and other interventions made by the Duterte Government due to the increase of COVID-19 cases, he is there showing proof of life in a motorcycle and jogging around Malacañang.

Meanwhile, VP Leni Robredo’s team or should I say the OVP, started mass testing and incentivize those who are afraid of getting tested by giving basic needs to assure that Filipinos have food on their table, setting up isolation facilities and other services for the frontliners.

You see the contrast of leadership. Just think.

Kung pinoprotektahan nila laban sa Covid19, bakit siya lumalabas pa? Samantalang magsalita lang sa harap ng camera ay hindi pwede.

Kaya naman palang tumakbo, bakit yong uupo at magsasalita lang hindu nya magawa? Inutil ba?

Siya ba talaga yan? Eh ang daming impersonator na kamukhang kamukha niya. Palpak talaga mag isip at kumilos. 

So.. Duterte who doesn't like wearing masks while speakng in meetings, and hardly wears a face shield in public spaces.. wears both while jogging and at home? Peculiar.

Hindi siya yan. Madilim na nga, tapos naka full facemask at faceshield pa... Also, amputi niya ah! At ang payat! Hirap na nga mag-lakad iyan. Parang biglang lumiksi siya! May himala!

Marcos loved to portray himself as a strong and powerful man as he ruled the Philippines for more than two decades, but under all the pretense was an ailing man desperately clinging on to power.

I remember Marcos doing a shadow boxing to show media that he is okay. Months later after EDSA People Power people found out tons of medical equipment and machines in his room at Malacañang. 

October 29, 1985 - Government TV showed President Ferdinand E. Marcos jogging and putting a golf ball in an attempt to refute reports that he is suffering from a serious illness.

Aprl 10, 2021 - Malacañang, care of Bong Go, releases photos and videos of Duterte doing a Marcos-style jogging?

Parang the more they show proof of life, talagang mas mapapadoubt ka na peke.

Senator Bong Go , while you are at it , why don’t you post a photo of the president with his shirt rolled up, showing his “abs”. Marcos had one before.

Seems like Duterte is the copycat in the making. Way to go, Rodrigo!

Trying hard ipakita na healthy. Sana trying hard mag serbisyo na lang.

Ay kung kakayahan sa pag jogging lang naman ang patunay na buhay ang presidente at husay ng performance, si Manee Pakyaw na iboboto ko sa 2022. Ay Isa pa palang unqualified to become president yang boksingerong iyan. Wala na bang matino at karapat-dapat sa posisyon?

We are in serious trouble. That they need to show Duterte walking and jogging at night in leather shoes is not right. I believe the President is seriously ill and they are covering it up. A ruderless country means no one is in charge and we are at the edge of chaos.

Palace said, reason why we don't see the president its bec of the pandemic /ecq.... he needs to protect himself.

But he jogs outside his house? If he can afford an expensive motor bike, he can purchase indoor exercise equipment too.

I think, this video will lead to more speculations. Whoever thought of this....wrong move.

Isang beses na lang isang linggo magpakita e di pa magawa? Pero malakas daw at eto pa nag ja jogging! Di kailanagan ng mga Pilipino ang ganyan. Daming problema ng bansa yan lang ang kayang gawin?

We always see & hear #DutertePalpak struggle while talking & walking and then all of a sudden, he moves oh-so-sprightly while jogging in the wee hours of the morning. It’s a body double. No fucking doubt. Fo shizzle ma dizzle.

The cadence, the posture... so different from that of... 

Is it safe to presume this not who they say he is?

The joke is on whoever leaked this video.

Di ba mas risky yan kaysa dun sa gumawa siya ng live na statement para sa taong bayan? O sige kahit man lang para dun sa mga ubod ng samba sa kanya, na itinuturing na siya ang the best in the solar system, may risk po ba yun kahit sandaling FB live lang or Zoom or Teams... anyare?

Another kanin na may kandila na naman ito... Andaming arte... Kung nagawa nila ito, bakit hindi pa magpalabas ng video dispelling all the rumors going around? If this is how government deals with issues, hindi nakapagtataka we are in this shit.

Don't expect wise logical moves from them. It's their nature.

Anyway, kahit maayos naman yung kanyang kalusugan, ang problema talaga ay yung kanyang makademonyong pag-iisip at sobrang katamaran.

Hindi namin kailangan ng buhay na pangulo. Kailangan namin ang nagtatrabahong pangulo.

Nakakaawa na tayo Pilipinas. Ano ba ginawa natin to deserve this inutil? Parang awa mo na magresign ka na or mamatay ka na. Ibigay na sa capable hands ang liderato. Hindi ko kailangan ng video mo kahit magpatiwarik ka pa diyan, kung wala pa ring plano, you are still good as dead.

His death would mean thousands of lives saved and number of islands to be reclaimed. I am not saying it will be easy, but his incompetence would also kill us, not him and his friends. 

At least he has a senator acting as his personal assistant, aide, photographer, and provider of "proof of life" during these occasions when he seems to be hiding rumored to be undergoing medical treatment for yet unknown sickness.

And the senate president has been tolerating a senator blatantly showing no independence from the executive. 

Bar to become a Senator or Congressman, has turned out to be low, if not lower!  We yearn for those previous generations who were able to elect lawmakers of distinguished as well as of high caliber!  Let’s get out of this trap in our lifetime, can we?

So sad this is happening. Wala na ba talagang delicadeza? I miss all those lawmakers who are really doing their job for the people. And those voters that really took to scrutinize the candidates ability/qualification for the said position. To think their was no Internet before making research about a person very difficult. 

Privileged Harry Roque tested Covid-positive (again)?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque confirms hospitalization due to COVID-19.

Roque has COVID (again? Buti pa sila ilang beses na na test for covid) and is in PGH.

Harry Roque got tested for COVID-19 more than 30 times. He claims that testing is “virtually free,” which only means our taxes were used for his more than 30 tests just so he can go swimming and scuba diving—while ordinary workers have to pay thousands of pesos to get tested.

For the exact number, Harry Roque was tested at least 35 times. It is so easy for him to get tested (and, as per his own words, for free) and he will never know the immobilizing anxiety of possibly contracting the disease at some point while having not enough money to get tested.

Could Roque either be lying on his first POSITIVE result, or he's lying AGAIN. That is not surprising for the "Tagapagsinungaling ng Pangulo."

We do not even know if it is severe or not. But he seems capable of giving a presscon later to announce the quarantine guidelines. So he has no severe symptoms or asymptomatic? Kasi baka may ibang mas kailangan ng hospital room dahil severe symptoms, pero naagawan.

Based on a report, PGH is at 90% occupancy rate of its COVID beds w/ many still waiting in line to get admitted in the hospital. 

So I wonder how Roque was able to secure his slot at PGH when so many are on waitlist & can't even get a slot for admission.

VIP reservation? After all, the hospital is government-owned.

Opisyal ng gobyerno si Roque samantalang ang mga nakapila mga ordinaryong tao lang.

Opisyal ng gobyerno si Roque kaya pasok agad sa ospital?

Napaka special naman ni Roque at may room agad sa PGH samantalang ang dami ng namatay dahil marami na raw hospital na hindi tumatanggap ngayon. 

How is it that Nanay Violeta (who is in critical condition) is, as of writing, still waiting in line for a hospital bed, while someone like Roque can just waltz in to Philippine General Hospital and get admitted immediately?

Violeta, who is infected with Covid-19 and was turned away by hospitals, is cared for at home by her daughters and husband on April 9, 2021 in Lipa city, Batangas province.

Benny Antiporda has antigen tests and was able to test himself and his family immediately.

Roque was immediately admitted in a hospital for COVID-19 treatment.

Ordinary Filipinos like Lailee Parreño are left with no choice but to isolate inside a car. 

Paka VIP naman gurl, porket government official ka? Suwerte ng "Tagapagsinungaling ng Panggulo"

Isipin nyo yung napakadaming nakapila sa ER, tapos may mataas na opisyal na pwedeng gumamit ng hospital room at doon pa mag-presscon mamaya, habang yung iba ay hirap na hirap makahanap ng room. Hindi ko sya maintindihan kung bakit ganyan. Sana ipaliwanag ng PGH.

I wish Roque experienced how it is to line up and wait in the PGH ER to be admitted just like any other patient. That would have been an eye-opener. 

Instituto Cervantes invites to discover the work of four contemporary Spanish filmmakers

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

This April, Instituto Cervantes de Manila will screen online the work of four contemporary Spanish filmmakers. The film series "Del corto al largo" will be streaming two works (a short and a feature film) by each of the selected filmmakers: directors, Álex Montoya, Belén Macías and Juanjo Giménez, and the producer María del Puy Alvarado.

The films will be shown through the Instituto Cervantes channel on the Vimeo platform ( and will be freely accessible for 48 hours from their start date and time.

The series, which comprises of eight films, will kick off on April 7, Wednesday, at 2AM with the online screening of Lucas, directed by Alex Montoya in 2016. Available anytime for 48 hours, the short can be watched for free and with English subtitles through this link:

Enjoy the weekend watching the comedy Asamblea, directed by Alex Montoya in 2018. It is an interesting work of adaptation of the play “La gente”, by Juli Disla and Jaume Pérez, also screenwriters of the film. The emergence of assembly groups after the political movements after 2011 served their authors to cast a comic look at decision-making processes and the capacity for dialogue of the human being. The movie will be available on April 10 & 11, and will be accessible through this link:

The film cycle will continue on April 14, Wednesday, with Mala espina (2001), a short film by Belén Macías, which tells the summer story of a teenage girl who lives a huge conflict with her elders. Mala espina can be seen free on April 14 & 15 by clicking this link:

The same week, on April 17 & 18, Belén Macías’ feature film Marsella (2013) shows a dramatic duel between its two protagonists, Goya Toledo and María León, both in a true state of acting grace.

The third filmmaker on focus will be Juanjo Giménez. On April 21 & 22, Wednesday, Instituto Cervantes will offer the free online screening of Rodilla (2009), a short film about the world of soccer, the passions it arouses and the emotional universe that it means for many people.

It will be followed on April 24 & 25 by Juanjo Giménez's feature film Nos hacemos falta (2001), a peculiar road-movie that tells the encounter between different antiheroes.

Finally, the series will close with two samples of producer María del Puy Alvarado’s work. Her trajectory has touched almost every gender. A fine proof is given by the short film Pulse (2013), a thriller set in Ukraine but shot in Madrid, which tackles one of the many crimes that are unfortunately perpetrated around the world against adolescents.

The closing movie of the cycle, Antonio Muñoz Molina, el oficio de escritor (2014), will be streamed on May 1 & 2. With it, María del Puy Alvarado faced the proposal to produce a documentary about the writer Antonio Muñoz Molina, to give an account of the main creators of Spanish culture.

The films, presented by Instituto Cervantes in collaboration with ALCINE, the Alcalá de Henares Film Festival (Spain), and the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines, will be in Spanish with English subtitles. Admission is free. For further information on this film series, please check out the event page on Instituto Cervantes de Manila Facebook site:

For further information about the cultural program of Instituto Cervantes please log on to Instituto Cervantes’ website (, or Instituto Cervantes Facebook page

Lara Alvarez to ONE CEO Chatri Sityodtong: 'I'll meet you again’

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Lara Pearl Alvarez' journey in The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition has come to an end, with the 24-year-old accountant being the third candidate to be given the boot.

"I do see that you are beautiful inside with the real warrior spirit," said ONE Championship chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong. "But the business world is a dog-eat-dog world where only the strong survive."

"Instead of boxing yourself with your fears, doubts, and insecurities about what you're capable of and not capable of and staying in your comfort zone, until you learn to break free, it will be impossible for you to unleash your greatness. I know what it's like to be down and out, so I really empathise with you."

It was a heartbreaking moment for Alvarez, with her being given the pink slip over Team Valor teammates Sho Takei and Clinton Tudor.

But despite this being the end of the road for her in this competition, she believes that her path will eventually cross with Sityodtong again in the near future. "I'll make sure that I'll work hard and I'll meet you again," she said at the end of episode three.

Cryptic as the remark was, Alvarez vowed to make true to her words.

And she's already doing her part, working on her skills to do better on the business side of things. "Right now, I am working to acquire the business skills that I fell short in during the competition," she said.

The experience in The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition, she admits, was an eye-opener for her, learning that if she really wants to be successful, she has to badly want to succeed in her goals. And working behind the shadows just won't cut it.

"I could have been more confident with the skills I had, I should've insisted on my ideas when they weren’t heard, and perhaps, I should have also taken bigger roles," she said.

Alvarez has been vocal of her insecurities inside the Boardroom which, to her, cost her spot in the competition as she constantly downplayed what she could have contributed for her team. And not even the change of scenery, with her moving from Team Conquest to Team Valor, helped her case as she fell into the same trap of being a mere follower.

It's this quality which made the most impact for Alvarez as she took the lessons she got from Sityodtong to heart.

"My biggest learning from Chatri is that for someone who wants to make a difference, he/she should have an unbreakable spirit, that no matter what challenges he/she faces, or whatever other people say, he/she must never lose the determination and spirit he/she had at first," she said.

Bitter was this pill for Alvarez to swallow, knowing that all of her sacrifices ended up for naught.

"To be honest, it feels like I have failed them for not winning the show. I believe it's just normal to feel such, but I have done my best and that I believe that there is a reason for everything," she said.

On the flipside, it also reunited her with her son, looking at her misfortune in a more positive light and quipped, "I was excited to see my son and family because I miss them so much and I had been longing to hold my baby in my arms again."

Still, the warrior spirit is evident in Alvarez who is driven to really "meet [Chatri] soon."

"I am still determined to be a part of ONE Championship someday," she said. "The first thing that came to my mind when I got eliminated was that I will gain the skills I lacked and I'll be back. I know that if I will do my best in my chosen career path, one day I will be able to meet him again and I will work for that day to happen."

That day can't come soon enough for Alvarez, although she hinted that she may be back sooner rather than later.

After all, she has reunited with the famed Team Lakay in Baguio and is training once again in martial arts.

"I'm starting to train again in martial arts, which is my passion. I went back to train with them immediately after I came home to Baguio City to stay fit," she said.
Does that mean that Lara will soon be trading her coat for fighting trunks? Never say never, she said.

"As of now, I am unsure if I have ambitions to fight in the cage, but we never know what the future holds. I'll keep on watching for new opportunities for me as I have no work to go back to since the hospitality industry is still suffering due to the pandemic. I am not closing my doors to life-changing opportunities and possibilities."

The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition is showing across Asia on AXN, the show’s official Asian broadcast partner, with markets to include Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

The first season of “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition” consists of 13 episodes and will be seen in the Philippines on Thursdays, 8:50 pm on AXN cable network and on Mondays at 9 p.m. on One Sport.

PLDT Global Enterprise Receives Award from Alibaba Cloud for Esport Project

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

PLDT Global Enterprise, through its Asia Pacific team, recently received “Project of the Year Award” from Alibaba Cloud - the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group – further fortifying its partnership with the latter. 

In 2019, PLDT Global Enterprise and Alibaba Cloud collaborated to provide digital and cloud solutions for Esport matches during the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, ensuring athletes a seamless and world-class gaming experience. 

PLDT leveraged its wholly owned Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service—through its international cables APCN2 and ASE—to bring Alibaba Cloud’s computing services coming from its Point of Presence (PoP) in Singapore.  

With this, PLDT Global Enterprise received the “Project of the Year Award” from Alibaba Cloud for the successful partnership, as well as it being a national project with Philippines hosting the 30th SEA Games. This prize is from Alibaba Cloud HTK region that covers Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, and the Philippines.

Vic Tria, PLDT FVP & Enterprise Revenue Group Head, highlighted his appreciation. "We are honored to receive such recognition from Alibaba Cloud. We at PLDT Global Enterprise pride ourselves on being able to connect leading technology providers such as Alibaba Cloud to the Philippines while enabling them to capitalize on the country’s thriving digital economy growth.” 

Jeff Mendoza, PLDT Enterprise Asia Pacific Regional Head, projects an uptrend in cloud requirements in the Philippines. “This partnership milestone also marks the first Alibaba Cloud - PLDT Enterprise’s GTM collaboration in the Philippines. As the enterprise and public sector's cloud requirements anticipate an impressive growth trajectory in the country, we anticipate a stronger partnership with Alibaba Cloud while exploring other venues of cooperation,” he stated. 

Allen Guo, Country Manager for the Philippines, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, extended his well wishes saying, “We would like to congratulate

PLDT Enterprise with the ‘Project of the Year Award’. It has been a pleasure collaborating with PLDT Enterprise to speed up the digital transformation of businesses in the Philippines and we look forward to working together further in future projects." 

The PLDT Group has been at the forefront in providing digital solutions to support and strengthen the country’s ESport endeavors, which helps build capabilities of Filipino athletes and enabling them to globally compete. 

PLDT boasts of an extensive roster of clients and partners throughout the Asia Pacific, US, and Europe—making it the ideal partner for global enterprises looking to bring their businesses to the Philippines and other global markets. PLDT also owns vast international submarine cable assets spanning across the globe while complementing these with  globally certified data centers in the Philippines,  to serve the hyperscalers and global internet companies with their digital infrastructure requirements.

R/GA Singapore brings new perspective to wellness with dance and pop culture for Prudential’s ‘WeDO’ campaign

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

R/GA Singapore is pleased to support Prudential Corporation Asia’s (Prudential) launch of their new ‘We DO’ social media-focused campaign that aims to bring people together to learn about the multiple dimensions of wellness in a fun, fresh and interactive way.

The campaign kicks off with the premiere of ‘We DO’ – a new hit single and music video by K-pop supergroup SuperM created in partnership with Prudential. It will be followed by an ongoing series of wellness activities such as dance challenges in collaboration with SuperM on social media channels. The campaign is now live regionally across Prudential’s Asian markets.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused countries across the globe to go into prolonged lockdowns, leading to a spike in loneliness and social isolation, and for some, lower fitness levels. Millennials and Gen Z, in particular, are feeling pressure across various dimensions of wellness. Prudential wanted to bring a new perspective to health and wellness to help people become holistically healthier. Based on insights that the desire for empathy, togetherness and connectedness are at an all-time high and personal health thrives with a group effort, R/GA Singapore contributed and formulated ideas around the concept of dance, which led to the We Do Dance creative idea. The idea for co-wellness is in line with Prudential’s ‘We DO’ spirit, reflecting on the company’s focus on health and wellness and its commitment to support people at every stage of their lives.

Leveraging R/GA’s creative and experiential capabilities, the campaign aims to make co-wellness more dynamic, digital and united. R/GA tapped on the phenomenal rise of new behaviour in the social world: dance and used it to move people towards wellness collectively. Through K-pop, a genre of music that’s inherently unifying, fun and social, R/GA worked with SM Entertainment on the lyrics, choreography and production of SuperM’s new single and music video ‘We DO’ and also coordinated the launch between SM Entertainment and Prudential across Asia. The single, launched today, kicks off with wellness activities, including dance challenges in collaboration with SuperM on social media channels, to help people get better together. The first challenge goes live on 10 April, Saturday, and SuperM members will view shortlisted video submissions.

“Our partnership with Prudential has always been a fulfilling one, and this partnership was an exhilarating challenge of building connected human experiences that we’re uniquely geared to meet. Not many can say that they’ve created a new hit single and music video with a K-pop phenomenon, so we’re very glad to be able to make this happen together with Prudential,” said Dorothy Peng, Managing Director, R/GA Singapore.

“Our mission is to make engagement between brands and people easier, more fun & rewarding, so we’re really excited to have launched this campaign for Prudential to redefine health and wellness together,” she added.

Anthony Shaw, Chief Marketing and Consumer Officer, Prudential Corporation Asia, said, “As part of our commitment to helping people get the most out of life, we are delighted to launch the ‘We Do Dance’ series with SuperM. We want to inspire the young and young at heart to get healthy and have fun doing it. We are delighted to work with R/GA Singapore and tap into their creative expertise and leverage their insights to engage our young consumers.”

ABS-CBN news team tailed by Chinese missile boats

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

For all the bravado and machismo that a lot of our “leaders” have boasted about, who do we see in the West Philippine Sea?

A woman who just exposed how we are being bullied by China within our premises.

Chiara Zambrano and the ABS-CBN News team have more guts than President Duterte and all the men flexing macho in the Cabinet.

ABS-CBN News' Chiara Zambrano reported that she and her crew were supposed to visit Ayungin Shoal, where the Philippine Navy maintains its presence through BRP Sierra Madre.

The Filipino boat, however, failed to even get near the shoal.  The Chinese are harassing us in our own waters!! Where is freedom of navigation!?

ABS-CBN’s Chiara Zambrano checked their boat’s location, and they were only 90 nautical miles from Palawan. That’s almost just as far as going to Cavite from Tarlac.

Clearly, they were within our Exclusive Economic Zone, and yet, China’s war vessels brazenly charged in their direction. Iyan ba ang magpapark lang ng barko kasi masama ang panahon?

Pinalibutan na tayo sa sarili nating teritoryo. Tayo pa ang takot sa sarili nating kapuluan.

Ang humabol sa team ni Chiara Zambrano ay hindi ordinary ships, but an attack ship it of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy. 

Motto ng China: “Lahat ng naaabot ng paningin ko ay SA AKIN”. F*cking retard clowns. Syempre, no comment si pagong diyan. BFF eh.

Is this what you call "bilateral ties" ? China's vaccines for our seas? They're harvesting our resources and threatening our people.

Still no reaction from our coward, traitor leader. Mahiya ka Araw ng kagitingan pa naman nung nangyari! No show pa sa mga commemorative activities ng Day of Valor.

Kung DDS ka pa rin, puwede ba magsama-sama na lang kayo sa China at hindi sa West Philippine Sea. Doon sa mainland kayo maghimuran ng puwet.

Buti pa si Chiara Zambrano nakarating na ng west Philippines sea kahit hindi nangako, pero yung isa dyan mag je jetski daw pero gang ngayon hindi pa rin ginagawa...

Sinasalakay na tayo ng China sa sarili nating bansa. Si Duterte tahimik pa rin. Tahol ka naman jan kung buhay ka pa.

Syempre mag lalabas na naman ng walang kamatayan diplomatic protest si Teddy Boy Locsin, at mag post sa Twitter ng mabulaklaking salita, tapos end na. Yun lang kaysa niyang gawin in defense of the Philippines.

Kawawa na naman ABS-CBN. Ginalit na naman nila si Duterte. Good luck na lang sa franchise ninyo. You just provoked his close friend - The f*cking Chinese!

This kind of reporting. Brave. Clear. Immediate. So proud of this news team. I've always looked up to daring news peeps as the ideal journalists. Their courage to report the enraging events at West Philippine Sea is absolutely outstanding. Can't imagine how terrifying it must have been to be there.

They had more balls in covering what the heck China is doing in our territory more than a president who promises to come and face the Chinese Navy in said disputed territories "while riding a jetski holding the Philippine flag."

These past few months, a columnist has been writing articles praising Duterte and Go, even to the point of justifying the shutdown of ABS-CBN. Clue: This "journalist" writes for an obscure broadsheet and teaches ethics at a prestigious university.

Tiglao from Manila Bulletin has been praising Duterte to the highest heavens while villifying his critics for years now. Mahilig kumutak pero di naman nangigitlog ng ethics. Char!

He's a notorious paid troll, laging sinisiraan si PNoy at Mar.

Gagu. So nasa bahay mo ung magnanakaw, kailangan umalis ung may ari dahil mapoprovoke sila? Ulul. DDS. 

Just yesterday this paid troll said #PatayNaBa is bad, now he's saying the Chinese Navy should've just killed Chiara Zambrano. 

DDS paid trolls really are evil.

It is almost like the military is asking the Filipino journalists "what were you doing there?" even when the better question might be aimed at the AFP: What were you not doing there? 

What were you NOT doing in the West Philippine Sea?! 

Now THAT is the better question to the military.

Has the government sold us already to China? Why aren't there any coast guard in our EEZ?

China should pull her Navy and Coast Guard outside the Philippines' EEZ to prevent any incident that might lead to further escalation in a disputed area that is already a powder keg in the region.

This latest provocation only proves that China knows she can never win diplomatically or legally in our territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea, hence, she is desperately resorting to the threat of using deadly force.

The ABS-CBN crew risked their lives to report on China's encroachment on our EEZ, yet the DDS troll farm still has the nerve to blame them for being chased away by a Chinese vessel.

Araw ng Kagitingan kahapon, pero asal-MAKAPILI sila 

Kawawa ang Pilipinas. Tama si Heneral Luna, Pilipino ang papatay sa kapwa Pilipino.

I know my anger has to be directed toward Duterte and the admin, but man... fuck the people who put him into power. More so, fuck the people who told us to shut up about telling what Duterte is. Fuck them for telling us we were lying 

When the time calls for it and if we get attacked - may the West PH Sea be split in the middle like in the time of Moses and then swallow the whole Chinese Armada and all their infrastructure, weapons, warships and soldiers. Nothing is impossible. Pinatubo took down US Bases. Nature will be on our side.

#DuterteResign and #LetLeniLead.

Wazzup Pilipinas!?


VP Leni Robredo says it doesn’t refer to testing the whole population. “it’s testing in communities where transmission is high”

Robredo says testing has to be pro-active, brought to community “ayaw nilang pumila sa ospital for testing”

Creative incentives to get the swabbing done: Libreng bigas plus 2 weeks food packs for those who test positive. The VP gets it. Sana all.

I love the OVP's response. That's what we want. A concrete solution that eventually will PREVENT the virus from spreading and the assurance of food for the families in NEED THE MOST. I hope the OVP widen its scope to the NCR plus bubble to precent further spread.

The level of awareness and knowledge of our VP! She clearly understands the assignment.

Why settle for a president who is all talk when we can have a leader who talks (and eloquently at that) and acts with measurable results?

That’s how a government employee should think and work! Bravo Madam! Napakahusay!

When you are not given so much power by the Constitution yet you managed to be more competent and valuable than the rude incumbent president who's always missing-in-action.

All of those comes from very limited funds.

With a budget that’s almost next to nothing, with just a handful of staff but with the support of volunteers & donors who trust her, VP Leni has accomplished so much. What more if she’s in-charge & has access to the country’s funds & the govt’s human & material resources?

When your primary concerns aren't your public image or the interests of your friends and allies, then you're able to come up with solutions that actually work. This comes from actually caring about other people. Some people are just incapable of that.

A small office & budget that could launch a thousands of plan to help ease the plight of our countrymen, yet still criticized by few.

We need a leader who finds ways to solve a serious problem. we don't need a leader who's making himself look pitiful to avoid doing his job.

Salute to your dedications Madam VP Leni. What I like about her is the consistency, from the start, up until now. She providing what's she can and what the public need.

Grabe! Only the insecure people will hate her.

This is the kind of leadership that this country badly needs, not the one which is full of theatrics but is devoid of solutions.

Seriously, where is the President???! The Filipinos deserve to know his true health condition. If he's sick, #LetLeniLead at least the covid response. We cannot just wait for him until he feels better again. We need someone to lead NOW!

Regardless of the rumors flying about, it's been clear for months that Duterte isn't fit to lead.

If the reigning Miss Universe cannot fulfill her duties, the 1st runner up shall take over.


Can we unite our individual voices under the leadership of 1Sambayan to make the call for VP Robredo to be our leader according to the constitution.

Duterte can no longer fulfill his duties as president. The constitution is clear. The VP should take over.

Let's respect the constitution.

VP Leni: *deploys swab cabs, donates PPEs, hires volunteer doctors, launches free teleconsultation service, regularly posts efficient, research-backed solutions and recommendations to curb the pandemic*

Duterte: ...I'm alive!

But of course, he would never step down voluntarily or be declared incapacitated by his cabinet. Something drastic and, uhm, final has to happen. They'll have to drag him out as he breaks his fingernails catching at the doorcase.

So long as #DutertePalpak is in office I don't really see the situation improving significantly, if at all.

Tingin ko ang solusyon na lang talaga ay #DuterteResign at #LetLeniLead.

Cult rumored cutting off heads in Mindanao

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Apparently, there's a "cult" going around in Mindanao areas that knock on people's doors at night. Whoever answers gets their heads cut off. 

They also take the stuff inside their victim's house. Although these are just rumours, it is best to be cautious and aware. Please do not answer the door at night unless you're expecting someone! Some CCTV footage has people appearing and reappearing in areas the cult is said to be in, and this all happens in the middle of the night. 

Again, real or not, please just stay safe! Do NOT answer the door once it gets dark. Get inside your house as soon as the sun starts to set. Always be cautious! 

It's estimated they roam around 4-9pm in places in northern Mindanao (Ozamis, Aloran, Sinacaban, Plaridel Lopez Jaena, Oroquieta are suspected areas)

Please put your slippers inside your houses and take all safety precautions. Make sure your doors are all locked and windows are closed. Stay safe to everyone.

Make sure your family is all inside and make sure to not trust anyone and not open doors to people immediately.

If it is really around Mindanao then city officials should raise awareness and tighten the security sa mga places sa Mindanao. It is so alarming.

To ensure the safety of Iliganons, I think city officials should create a move and clarify it to everyone whether it is true or this is just another circulating rumors.

Idk if it's true pero stay safe everyone!

Kahit taga Luzon or Visayas ka, stay safe pa din, lalo na nga yung mga taga Mindanao.

Wyatt Russell's performance as John Walker is brutally awesome

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is an incredible show. It gets better and better with each episode. The interactions with Sam, Bucky and Zemo are interesting to watch and I find John Walker fascinating. Overall this show is pretty awesome. 

John Walker ( new Captain America) using the shield to kill is the exact parallel of Steve Rogers (original Captain America) who was in the same position in Civil War but didn’t actually harm Tony Stark (Iron Man).

I was blown away! We see Ayo who came for Zemo, we see Karli who wants to do what's right even though she killed people, and John Walker as the new Captain America is a douche as always, this episode was very solid & bloody! 

Getting to that final scene with John Walker made me incredibly uncomfortable. I’m not really affected by gore or violence in TV & films, but I just found it really stomach churning.

He didn't give a fuck that everyone was watching him kill brutally a man.

John Walker is becoming a very very dangerous man.

It’s just as entertaining, emotional and complex as WandaVision is but different too.

So Zemo organized a second civil war between the Dora Milaje, John Walker, and Sam & Bucky to escape captivity? Classic Zemo. 

Lmao. I love how for a few minutes he just stood there. And then he decided to leave. And it was so calm. 

"You've got this, right?  You guys are cool?  I'll just -- yeah."

Best part is that it wasn’t even his plan. He just went “fuck this, I’m out.” and he’s probably hiding in a cupboard somewhere right now.

Zemo reminds me of Loki and I love him for that.

But what we really need to discuss is how good Wyatt Russell's performance as John Walker is. I haven't seen a character this hated in a long time, and it all comes down to how good his performance is. So damn good. His performance as John Walker, the new Captain America, is hated by everyone.

John Walker is the personification of what the USA pretend to be vs who they really are.

Wyatt Russell’s performance as John Walker is absolutely phenomenal, the ending of that episode was so perfectly written and acted.

He is a perfect counter to everything that Steve Rogers stood for and that makes him a really compelling secondary antagonist.

He was a joke at first but now we're legit scared of John Walker.

A lot of this John Walker hate turning into “steve is the only cap” “Steve is irreplaceable” “only Steve can carry the shield” and it feels like it’s not just Walker some people are rejecting. Sam could become a victim as well. Giving up the shield was definitely a wrong decision.

I find it interesting that when the comics have a new version of an existing hero there is a lot of internet pushback when it's a black/gay/female version of the character and here it's a white guy replacing a white guy and the world is losing it's mind.

He’s just so universally hateable lmao. But everyone knows he’s not seriously the new cap but just a temporary setback, so I think there might still be some of that pushback lurking under the surface.

How did John Walker pass a psych eval. That dude is a NUT CASE. I think its down to two reasons:

1. I know from personal experience some major things can go easily missed during a eval

2. The serum enhances everything about a person both physically and emotionally so something small that may have been missed in a eval would have been bigger


Also look at that maniac. Clearly smiling after what he just did to that man.

When you spend over 70 years building up the Captain America legacy and John Walker ruins it in 7 seconds. 

Steve can kill Tony, but he never let his anger take over no matter how badly hurt Bucky was. But John Walker brutally killed Nico.

Like what Zemo said "There has never been another Steve Rogers".....

Out of all of the movies with Steve Rogers in it, I have never seen his shield covered in blood.  John Walker is making me very much sick.

John Walker used the shield to take off someone’s head? call that de-CAP-itation.

Don’t forget that John Walker killing an unarmed, unresisting person is a metaphor for police brutality. 

John Walker is quite literally a war criminal which is honestly the best representation of the United States so he really is living up to the idea of Captain America

Steve was always too good for the title.

The whole point of John Walker is that his actions are the opposite of the Captain America ideology and it will come to the point where it’s indefensible. Flaws in a character make them so much more compelling. It was always meant to reinforce why Sam should have the shield.

The fact that John Walker would rather spill blood than talk to Karli shows us that he's not fit to be the new Captain America.

I really love what they’re doing with John Walker. Wyatt is killing it and I really hope that they keep him around for a while after TFATWS.

I really hope after or during TFATWS that Jhon makes his own shield(steals vibranium) and costume and becomes a recurring villain for Sam and or Bucky. With his own Identity and twisted ideology.

I'm assuming he'll come back in The Thunderbolts. He's too solid of an actor to throw away after this. Especially with the layers they're building with his character. He's crushing it out there. Shame about the death threats. That sucks. 

I am hoping for a government sanctioned Dark Avengers. People with similar power sets as the main avengers. Since half are dead or missing. Or maybe call them the Ultimates. Red Hulk, Wyatt Cap, someone in an Ironman armor, white widow or madam masque, a resurrected Kilmonger. But Thunderbolts is strictly Zemo's team to start. Which it'd be great for the Thunderbolts to take down the Dark Avengers.

Whenever you feel stupid, just remember that John Walker thought he had a chance against the Dora Milaje. 

"The Dora Milaje have jurisdiction wherever the Dora Milaje find themselves to be" and then proceeding to hand John Walker’s ass to him is extremely pleasing to me.

The Dora Milaje giving everything TFATWS fans want by finally kicking John Walker's ass. I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT!

John Walker was seriously getting his ass whooped like this and Bucky said 'looking strong John" Lol!

Yeah sex is good but have you tried watching John Walker get his ass kicked by the Dora Milaje? 

So after that episode, I think we can all say that John Walker’s going places. not heaven, but places. 

None of the episodes so far have even come close to disappointing. I'm loving this show so much the fight scenes are still bangers. We got more about Karli and of course John Walker is crazy.

I am so glad this series is hitting all the right notes of a superhero TV show.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Philippines observes the Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor in honor of all our heroes

Wazzup Pilipinas?!

Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor is a nationwide regular holiday celebrated annually on the 9th of April. 

Today, we commemorate the fall of Bataan during World War II and the start of the “Bataan Death March”. 

This holiday is to pay tribute to the greatness and heroism of our Filipino fighters during WW2. 

Today marks the Day of Valor otherwise known as “Araw ng Kagitingan". We must not forget the people that fought bravely for our country’s independence and freedom. 

The Philippines observes the Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor in honor of our heroes who offered their lives for our freedom. 

Today, we hail our modern heroes -the frontliners at the hospitals, the barangays, and on the streets for keeping us safe. 

Valor is defined as great courage in the face of battle. In today’s time, this battle is against the virus that has plagued the world.

Just like the defenders and healers of our nation, let us continue the fight for a better Philippines.

Bravery comes in all forms. This is a salute to all our heroes!  

Today is not just an ordinary day. Today is a day wherein we honor all our heroes of the past and as well as our modern-day heroes. They gave their tomorrow for our today. With that, we are forever grateful. 

In commemorating Araw ng Kagitingan, Vice President Leni called on Filipinos to find hope amid dark times and to be ready to make sacrifices for the greater good, as shown by the country’s soldiers who died in World War II. 

The commemoration of the Day of Valor teaches us to honor the courage of our forefathers and the sacrifices of our frontline workers today.

These acts of heroism remind us to be altruistic, patriotic, and fearless.

What we need are men and women with the following attributes:


Show us what you got.

Keeping silent isn’t choosing peace. 

Silence is not peace.

Choose peace.

We remember our great heroes who fought the battle. But we all must also find the greatness within us to fight and conquer our own battles.

Now that another superpower is expanding its sphere of influence and blatantly stealing territories from my homeland, it’s super shameful that the ones who are supposed to protect our nation are the ones letting these foreign power take over without a fight.

What can the Filipinos do against China if the President himself can’t even defend the country? It’s beyond Asia right now. There are a lot of territorial conflicts happening, and it’s more on political.

So to Westerners, if you see Asians being angry with China, see if they’re at risk of getting invaded first before telling them they’re racist.

It’s not your place to say anything, after all.

In the Philippines, we remember the brave, heroic, and patriotic men and women who fought to defend this country now being ravaged not by guns, cannons or tanks but by the incompetent leadership of a psychopath.

May we be reminded that the victory of toppling the WW2 Japanese forces was made possible through the struggle of the Filipino masses. 

The HUKBALAHAP, through its guerilla tactics, played a central role towards freedom.

The Americans, meanwhile, only re-entered the battlefield when the Filipinos are already in the cusp of victory -- and grabbed credit as the country's saviors. 

79 years have passed by, the imperialist-capitalist US, and China, haunts the country with its exploitative interests.

Let us be reminded as well, similar to how the masses achieved victory from colonial forces during WW2, the collapse of modern-day imperialism lies in the collective, revolutionary struggle of the masses.

Arouse, organize, mobilize! Down with US and China imperialism!

A Day of Valor. 
A Day when We Fell. 
A Day when We swore to Rise Up. 
Let’s Take A Swear Again....
Never To Fall For Theatrics Of Any Politician!

Here’s to the selfless, everyday heroes who take on extraordinary tasks! 

We stand with every Filipino who continue to bravely fight for what is right in this country! 

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stay Connected.

May the Filipino be inspired to be more fearless and united in overthrowing the dictator.
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