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DOE, EU Push Energy Sustainability, Resiliency

E-Power Mo for Sustainability - Participants in the 3-day Joint Planning Workshop of the Department of Energy and the Access to Sustainable Energy Programme in a group pictorial at Camp Punta Fuego, Batangas.

The Philippine government is pursuing its thrust to promote energy efficiency, sustainability and total electrification.

This was the message conveyed by the Department of Energy (DOE) to the European Union (EU) and World Bank (WB) as they conducted a joint planning workshop for the Supported Access to Sustainable Energy Programme (ASEP) from August 30 to September 1, 2017 at Camp Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas.

“The DOE is prioritizing the delivery of quality energy service to our people, not only in the business districts but also in the rural areas”, Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi explained.

The objective of the ASEP is to assist the Philippines in expanding sustainable energy generation to meet growing economic needs and provide energy access to the poor and marginalized sector in accordance with the Philippine Development Plan.

The objective was also emphasized during the Philippine-EU ASEP conference held last March 9, 2017, signaling the start of the joint undertaking between the DOE, EU and WB.

The workshop aims to reacquaint the participants with the organizational structure and implementation mechanism of ASEP and its components to improve inter-agency coordination and streamlining of the overall implementation process.

ASEP will be implemented through three components: Component 1, the “Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Pillar (ASEP-TA)”, Component 2, the “Investment Support” managed by the World Bank, and Component 3, the “Call for Proposals for Pro-Poor and Climate Resilient Innovative Energy Solutions” directly managed by the EU Delegation.

“With all the program's key players gathered in one venue, we aim to seek each other's concerns, insights and suggestions to be more synergized in our approach towards carrying out the ASEP”, Cusi said.

The DOE expects the participants to be more updated on the different implementation mechanisms and roles of ASEP players after the joint planning workshop with hopes that this will further strengthen the agency’s E-Power Mo Campaign, designed to empower consumers by providing them information and options on the intelligent utilization of energy resources.

Participants in the event included representatives from the ASEP-Technical Assistance Team, European Union Delegation to the Philippines, World Bank and DOE’s partner government agencies: National Electrification Agency (NEA), National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR).

Sony’s AXN to Produce New Original Series, ‘The Elements’ Starring Master Illusionist, Cosentino

Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia announced today a new original series for AXN featuring Australia’s top magician, illusionist and escapologist, Cosentino. The four-part series, entitled The Elements, will captivate audiences with Cosentino’s mesmerizing street magic, large-scale illusions and death-defying escapes all themed around Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

The filming kicks off this week in Singapore before Cosentino takes his magic on tour, filming against iconic backdrops in Taipei, Manila and Kuala Lumpur. Various popular Asian artists, including singers, actors and models will join Cosentino as he performs his spell-binding stunts, creating a raft of “how did he do that?” moments.

Cosentino has quickly become a global star within the magic industry. He is a multiple winner of the prestigious Merlin Award (magic’s version of the Academy Awards) including acknowledgement as the ‘International Magician of the Year’ and the ‘International Escape Artist of the Year’.
Virginia Lim, Senior Vice President and Head of Content, Production and Marketing, said, “The Elements supports our vision to create a pipeline of original, locally relevant series that engages our viewers both on screen and via social platforms. As a world-renowned illusionist, Cosentino made his AXN debut as a guest star during the Asia’s Got Talent finale episode in 2015. We’re thrilled to partner with Cosentino again to usher in his magic revolution in Asia.”

Commenting on The Elements, Cosentino said, “I am thrilled to be embarking on this new partnership with AXN, who is the undisputed leader of English language broadcasting across Asia. I am very proud of what we have created with The Elements series. The concept of the shows and the magic and escapology contained within them is unlike anything else that has been seen before”. 

The Elements will premiere in early 2018 first and exclusively on AXN.
@AXNAsia / #AXNAsia /

UP Sanlahi Proudly Presents Grassroots

This September 2017, the UP Sanlahi Alliance will celebrate its 42nd Anniversary through GRASSROOTS. Join them as they showcase different cultures representing different provincial, regional and ethno-linguistic backgrounds of our nation. Witness the solidarity, camaraderie and unity amidst diversity of the different organizations composing the alliance through participating in their events this coming September.

Line-up of Activities:


Sanlahi brings you the most enjoying quiz show aiming to promote awareness about the facts, trivia and information about the Philippines. While you enjoy, you also get to refresh stock knowledge and learn new facts. Join our quiz show on September 13, 2017.


The alliance pioneers the widening awareness and appreciation of the time-honored cultures and traditions among fellow Filipinos. Be one of us by joining Pabilisanlahi, our culturally-relevant amazing race. See you all on September 18, 2017.


Ever heard of a pageant that promotes the different cultures from within our country while at the same time promotes gender equality? Be the first one to be updated about this competition and about our contestants. Watch out for some exciting twists and surprises as September 28 gets nearer and nearer day by day.


On October 24-27, the UP Sanlahi Alliance will be posting an Exhibit about its constituent organizations at the AS Lobby, Palma Hall, UP Diliman. Know more about them by visiting the exhibit. Don’t miss it out!

GRASSROOTS is presented to you by UP Sanlahi Alliance and White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio. Also brought to you by South Republik and Orange Segment. With special thanks to Barenaked, The Men’s Room, and Chubby Chicken.

Connect with Sanlahi! For inquiries, please contact Gin Mig – 09260325071 or Kint – 09288067518. You may also email us at or message our Facebook page at

Beyond Innovations Welcomes The Heos Family by Denon

The leading and most respected Audio-Video and smart home systems technology solutions provider in the Philippines, Beyond Innovations welcomes The Heos Family by Denon.

This event, held at Cities Events Place attended by the Denon and Beyond Innovations executives, dealers and selected members of the press to witness the launch of a wireless music system that allows consumers to control all their music effortlessly from anywhere in their homes. By introducing these acoustically sculpted, stylish and powerful multi-room wireless speakers to Philippine terrain it aims to deliver uncompromised entertainment experience.

Since the year 2000, the year of its conception, Beyond Innovations has firmly believed that by providing advanced and state-of-the-art but cost-effective technologies for its consumers, it will not only make the lives of its consumers sound beautiful but moreover, make life with technology entertaining, pleasurable, effortless and convenient.

Superb craftsmanship, precision engineering and impeccable performance are the core foundation for Denon; by transforming, elevating and enhancing the entertainment experience. With passion, artistry and of course, technology as the key elements for their drive in producing top class products; Heos makes the cut for the Denon difference.

Simply put, Beyond Innovations is more than thrilled and pleased to add the Heos series along with several quintessential products by Denon. Moreover, Beyond Innovations and Denon would like to continue make beautiful and harmonious collaborations that only they can deliver.


Consumer audio is accessory to Music Source; historically there has been a single dominant force. Over time the source has changed for either performance improvement, or convenience.

GP (Gramophones) to LP’s (Long playing) - Better sound quality, more durable media, and longer playing, improved performance.

LP to Cassette – Gave a huge decrease in sound performance but significantly more convenient. Easier to use in car and on the go, could make own recordings, and allowed building playlists.

Cassette to CDs – Had better sound quality, more durable, better all round.

CD to MP3 (iTunes) – Has lower sound quality, but very convenient. (1000 songs in your pocket!)

Today: Pre-eminence of iTunes is fading; kids under 25 are not buying iTunes content, iTunes music shrunk for the first time ever over the last year while global music sales grew for the first time since 2006. There is no longer a single dominant source.

Cloud sources
Internet Radio, rebroadcast of terrestrial AM/FM stations. i.e. Tunein.

Personalized Internet Audio
Subscription services, pick and play any song, build playlists etc, i.e. Spotify
We (Denon) believe there are four pillars required to be successful in today’s environment. The first is having cool rocking multi-zone players, second is an easy setup, third is simple beautiful controller apps, and finally online music services.

Heos delivers in these four categories with a gorgeous product line-up, the fastest wi-fi setup available, a fantastic app that looks and functions great, and finally Heos brings the top Cloud services in three categories: Internet Radio, Personalized Radio and Subscription Services.

HEOS System

HEOS is a wireless music system that allows you to control all your music effortlessly from anywhere in your home. All you need is one or more HEOS speakers and the free app. The free HEOS app instantly gives you multi-room audio control, and it can be installed on as many phones and tablets as you like; Commanding music in every room from any device. Use your multi-room audio system to group several rooms together and play the same song- perfectly synchronized in party mode! Or, play a different song in every room when everyone wants to dance to their own tune.

No need to purchase any additional hardware

Reliable connection with no playback drops within your existing Wi-Fi network

Up and running in just 4 steps!

Holds all your music services settings globally (passwords, playlists, history)

Each HEOS device has its own EQ setting


The HEOS system allows you to choose from a huge selection of music sources. From Internet Radio, and Online Music Services to your own Smart Devices, USBs, PCs, and NAS!

HEOS allows everyone to bring their own music and music services accounts to the party. Select music from anyone’s device or account without the need to reconfigure the system for each user – the idea is that everyone with the app can play DJ and contribute to the party’s soundtrack regardless of which device they have or which services they subscribe to.

HEOS can stream almost any digital audio format! It supports:
WMA up to 192kbps
AAC/Mp3 up to 320kpbs
ALAC/WAV/FLAC up to 24bit/192Khz
DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz


All of the Heos speakers (1,3,5,7) feature advanced digital signal processing that gives great sound from a very small form factor (The chip is tiny which gives more room for speakers!). On top of this, all the speakers can work as a Stereo Pair for an even better audio performance. Each speaker supports Bluetooth that enables it to stream audio even without a WiFi network, and a USB input for mass storage for more options in music sources. You can also listen to your favorite tracks when your smartphone is connected to the HEOS 1 and charge your device at the same time! The USB port provides a 5V/1A output, the same as regular phone chargers.

Heos 1 – The HEOS 1 provides custom dual drivers, including a wide range mid-woofer and precision dome tweeter. The enclosure is sealed for humidity resistance making it ideal for use in a damp environment and the HEOS 1 can be wall mounted for installation anywhere.

Heos Go Pack – The Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack attaches to the HEOS 1 base, with easy twist-on/twist-off attachment. It gives up to 6 hours of play back on a single charge. The included silicone splashguard provides protection against splashing water, making the HEOS 1 the ideal wireless portable speaker for outdoor fun - use it poolside or on the spa deck with confidence.

Heos 3 – The HEOS 3 is a dual driver design with 2 Class D amp channels. The HEOS 3 can also be wall mounted, and is small enough to put wherever you need big Heos sound. It is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms.

Heos 5 – The HEOS 5 is a 5 driver system with 2 custom designed tweeters, and 2 mid-woofers powered by 4 Class D amp channels, along with a passive radiator. It gives absolutely amazing sound from a discreet and stylish powerhouse. It is ideal for medium to large rooms.

Heos 7 – The HEOS 7 is the ultimate in wirless speaker performance! It features 7 drivers including 2 passive radiators, 2 custom tweeters and mid-woofers, and a large subwoofer powered by 5 dedicated class D amplifiers. It is built with rich and genuine materials with a brushed metallic apex for a stylish yet solid build.

Heos Link – The Heos Link transforms your current AVR of HiFi system into a HEOS zone. The link is a pre-amplifier that features analog, optical, and digital coax audio outputs, and a 12V trigger along with the ability to control legacy devices over IP or with the IR output via the Heos App. It also features Analog, USB, and optical inputs for source variety.

Heos Amp – The Heos Amp transforms any pair of speakers into a HEOS zone. It features 2 channels with 100 watts into 6 ohms with the latest Denon Digital Amplification. It also has analog, USB, & optical inputs for source variety, along with a subwoofer pre-out for those who like a little more bass.

Heos AVR – The Heos AVR is a 5.1 receiver that features 100 watts per channel at 4 ohms with support for 4 HDMI inputs (4k/HDCP2.2/HDR/Dolby Vision). It has the ability to add wireless surround speakers (Heos 1/3/5/7, Heos Amp) as well as passive 3rd party speakers. Never miss a moment and use the Heos bar and App to share TV sound throughout the Heos Eco system.

Heos Home Cinema – The HEOS Home Cinema sound bar features bi-amplified mid-woofers and tweeters with advanced DSP processing. Working in perfect concert is the included wireless subwoofer with dual 5.25” drivers. It delivers powerful deep bass with flat response and low distortion thanks to precision DSP audio tuning.

Heos Bar – The Heos bar features a discrete 3 channel speaker system (Front Left/Right, and Center) with support for 4 HDMI inputs (4k/HDCP2.2/HDR/Dolby Vision). It has the ability to add wireless surround speakers (Heos 1/3/5/7, Heos Amp) and the optional Heos Wireless Subwoofer. Never miss a moment and use the Heos bar and App to share TV sound throughout the Heos Eco system.

Heos Sub – High performance deep bass without the wires. Add it to any existing Heos system wirelessly, not only does it work with the Heos Bar or AVR but also with single or stereo Heos speakers, the Heos Link, Heos Amp, and the Heos Drive.

Heos Drive – Designed by custom integrator specialists for custom integrators. The Heos Drive offers versatility to custom integrators that want to have the HEOS system. It offers 4 zones in one cabinet (8ch x 60W @ 8ohms) with bridge mode capability for high power output. It is truly versatile with pre outs in each zone, 2 optical and digital inputs, 4 analog and usb inputs, 4 12V trigger, and 2 Ethernet inputs. Both the speaker level and pre-outs for each zone are enabled. It also has active cooling and includes 2 rack ears for easy installation and placement.

Kapekonomiya Reporma: An Educational and Open Discussion on the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Bill

The UP School of Economics Student Council (UP SESC), UP Economics Towards Consciousness (UP ETC) and Nescafe proudly present Kapekonomiya Reporma: An Educational and Open Discussion on the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Bill.

Hear from some of the best and well-known tax reform champions and experts on September 28, 2017, 4PM to 7PM at the School of Economics PCED Auditorium.
This is a free and public forum which aims to have a multi-perspective view of the tax reform, using the lens of economics at the forefront. This event is in partnership with ClickTheCity, DZUP, Maroon FM, Wazzup Pilipinas, and our official coffee sponsor, Nescafe!

Join the discourse! Be informed of the state’s most pressing issue.

For more information, visit us at or you may contact us at

The UP School of Economics Student Council (UP SESC) is the official student government of the School of Economics, mandated to uphold excellence through service.

The UP Economics Towards Consciousness (UP ETC) is a duly recognized academic political organization based in the School of Economics.

Together, they strive to promote consciousness and social involvement among students regarding relevant issues significant not only to them, students of the academe, but to the national community as well. This will be the 8th installment of Kapekonomiya.

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Get Extra 18% Discount on Bookings!

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With the acquired partnership of with BDO, Metrobank, EastWest Bank, PNB and GCash, cardholders are now entitled to an additional 18% discount just by providing the first 6 digits of their debit or credit card upon booking.

Debit card and credit card holders of BDO can just log on to and provide the first 6 digits of their card in order to avail the additional discount. Upon entering some necessary details, customers can now proceed to their preferred payment option, with the additional 18% discount reflected on their total payment.

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Debit and credit card holders of PNB are also entitled to the 18% discount. They just have to login at Upon logging in, they will be asked to provide necessary details to validate and complete the booking process then the 18% discount will appear on their final payment.

Travelers who don’t have cards from any of these banks may still avail of the additional 18% discount if they have a GCash card and use it on their hotel bookings. They just also have to provide the first 6 digits of their GCash card as they proceed with their hotel bookings via

What’s great is that the additional 18% discount applies to both Principal and Supplementary card holders!

Using debit and credit cards at has never been more convenient and rewarding especially now that it comes with an additional 18% discount! is loaded with promos, partnerships and offers that will surely give its customers plenty of discounts so everyone can travel more!

Please visit to check out the latest promos and offers!

DOTr and Singapore Team Up for Possible Development of Intelligent Transport System in NCR

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) will sign today, 31 August, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Singapore government for the possible development of an intelligent transport system (ITS) to ease traffic congestion in Metro Manila.

Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade will sign the MOU with CEO Kong Wy Mun of the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE), an agency of the Singapore government. The signing will be witnessed by government officials from both parties.

Under the MOU, SCE agrees to help the Philippines improve its traffic systems by sharing Singapore’s best practices in traffic and transport management, and introducing their ITS.

The MOU likewise states the willingness of both parties to collaborate in terms of recommending and adopting suitable traffic management policies and use of ITS, which include the installation and implementation of various traffic control systems, as well as the utilization of congestion management, traffic enforcement and surveillance, and incident management systems.

SCE, an agency formed by Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to promote international trade, and to link Singapore companies globally. It also shares Singapore’s expertise in public sector development through partnerships with foreign governments and other multilateral entities.

Nuclear Experts Assist DOE in Nuclear Policy Development and Bataan Nuclear Power Plant Assessment

Representatives from the Department of Energy (DOE), National Power Corporation (NPC) and Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) together with experts from the Russian nuclear agency ROSATOM inspect the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

As part of determining a national position on the utilization of nuclear energy, the Department of Energy (DOE), National Power Corporation (NPC) and Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) embarked on a pre-feasibility study to determine if the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) can be rehabilitated. The study was made with the assistance of Russia's atomic energy corporation ROSATOM.

“Russian nuclear agency ROSATOM provides the study for free as part of the cooperation between the Philippines and Russia,” DOE Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi revealed on Thursday.

The study is an offshoot of the strengthened cooperation forged by the Philippine and Russian governments during the meeting of President Rodrigo Duterte and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow last May.

The DOE's Nuclear Energy Programme Implementing Organization (NEPIO) headed by DOE Undersecretary Donato Marcos will define the scope of work for the pre-feasibility study.

"There will be six working groups with specific tasks and programs of activities that will form part of the said pre-feasibility study," Marcos said in a press conference at the NPC Nuclear Village in Bagac on Wednesday.

“These working groups have been established to undertake the study that will last for about two months starting first week of September,” according to Usec. Marcos.

The Structure Stability Analysis Group focuses on selective visual and instrumental inspection, the estimation of their residual life and service life, listing of materials for repair and replacements and the assessment of facilities suitability level for operation.

The Functionality Analysis Group specializes in the instrumentation and control, electrical, mechanical and ventilation equipment, electrical parts/cables and design.

The Documentation Group covers the collection and analysis of existing documents about BNPP, evaluation of compliance with design safety, analysis of safety concept, elaboration of the list of risks and the assessment of design licensability risk.

The Result Analysis working group will determine the construction scope and cost, equipment needed, net revival cost calculation and financial risks and assessments.

There is also a Report Preparation Group, which will come up with the integrated overall schedule of BNPP revival, preliminary assessment on expenses and cost estimates and more importantly, the technical report bearing the preliminary conclusion on the possibility and conditions for the plant’s revival.

Finally, the Working group 6, the Owner’s Support and Assistance, will provide the personal protective equipment, conducive working conditions, office equipment, food and transportation, construction laboratory and approval of the audit program.

The BNPP was visited by the participants to physically assess the work requirements of each working group.

Marcos led the Philippine delegation together with Department of Science and Technology-PNRI Director Dr. Carlo A. Arcilla and NPC Asset Preservation Manager Engr. Mauro Marcelo, Jr., Djurica Tankosic, Worley Parsons, President of Global Nuclear, and Leos Tomicek, Rusatom Overseas Senior Vice President of Nuclear Projects and Project Curator of ROSATOM headed the foreign experts audit team.

The DOE assures the people that it is careful, stringent and comprehensive in formulating a national position for the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy in the country.

Nuclear resource persons flash the E-Power Mo 👊🏼 sign during the ocular inspection of Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).

Nominate Someone Today for the Ripple Awards

Nomination will close in a week!

The Love Gala organization encourages everyone to nominate for the Ripple Awards individuals who have contributed in changing the landscape of HIV advocacy in the country as nomination will end nearly a week from now.

The Ripple Awards is the highlight of the maiden Love Gala, the Asia’s Premier Charity and Awards gala which is happening on World AIDS Day (1 December).

Unveiled on 9 August 2017 with Miss Universe 2015 and Love Gala Ambassador Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and Taguig City officials, the Ripple Awards will honor Ten (10) outstanding individuals for their immeasurable contributions in raising awareness, erasing stigma and giving better opportunities for people affected by HIV and its related effects.

To nominate, visit

The Ripple Awards nomination deadline is on 31 August 2017.

Anyone from the following areas of expertise can be nominated who have greatly influenced the domestic and/or global movement on the HIV advocacy:

• Business (HIV policy in the workplace, companies, programs for business)

• Youth (program for the youth sector, youth-initiated)

• Academe (educational institutions, school organizations, program for schools)

• Government (legislators, LGUs, government organizations)

• Media & Advertising (digital, media organizations, media programs)

• Influencer (individual)

• NGOs (NGO-led programs)

• PLHIV (support groups, individual)

• Medical (hospitals, doctors, clinics, medical practitioner)

• Arts (films, stage play, artworks, artists)

The organization believes that “a single person's act of love can start a wave that can save millions of people.”

Meanwhile, the Love Gala is a collaboration of private and public institutions and youth-oriented organizations including the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Black Maria Productions, Decent Image of South Signal Association (DIOSSA), Dentsu, Pinoy Plus Association Incorporated, Positibong Marino Philippines, Sustained Health Initiatives of the Philippines (SHIP), Taguig City Government, Team Mag, The Red Whistle, The LoveYourself Incorporated and the US Embassy.

Moreover, the gala is powered by Better Together, an initiative founded by Dr. Antoine Bondaz and Mr. Kenneth Kwok, which empowers the future generations in Asia and beyond.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Merienda Time Just Got Even Better with FamilyMart

If you’re looking for a tasty snack to keep you charged for the rest of the day or something to solve those hunger pangs before you get home for dinner, FamilyMart’s merienda favorites are your go-to snacking options. The popular Japanese convenience store satisfies your snack cravings any time of the day without breaking the bank.

For only P39 each, you can have your pick of Pinoy snack favorites like savory Arroz Caldo or Lomi, and sweet Champorado or Ginataang Halo-Halo.

FamilyMart’s merienda gets even better from 3PM to 5PM, because you can get extra savings when you grab their delicious Merienda Treats! Try out winning combinations like delicious Hakaw or juicy Stuffed Fish Balls together with a 12oz Taro slush, or flavorful Lobster Balls or classic Corndog with a 12oz Calamansi Zing for only P59 – for savings of P13!

And if you’re up for a popular type of Japanese food people widely enjoy, FamilyMart’s Ebi Tempura is a great in-between dish for P79.

FamilyMart has got you covered all day whenever you’re looking for a quick bite to eat. Head on over to your nearest store when you’re feeling like it’s time for a delicious and filling snack.

For updates, exciting products, and awesome deals, like and follow FamilyMart Philippines on Facebook, @familymartph on Instagram, and @FamilyMartPH on Twitter. For store locations or more information on FamilyMart Philippines, log on to

FamilyMart is the 2nd largest convenience store chain in the world with over 18,000 stores across Asia. In the Philippines, FamilyMart has branches in Makati, Ortigas, Quezon City, San Juan, Manila, Mandaluyong, Marikina, and Fort Bonifacio Global City.

Kalinisan Unveils Klin 365, an Innovative10-in-1 Solution, at WOFEX 2017 

Kalinisan Chemicals Corp., a 100 percent Filipino-owned company, launched its game-changing Klin 365 cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing product at the recently held World Food Expo (WOFEX), an event that was cheered by prospective clients who are lured by its simplicity, cost-saving and environment-friendly features. Klin 365 is a 10-in-1 solution that can be used as a dishwashing liquid, degreaser, odor eliminator, floor cleaner, fly repellent, glass cleaner, hand sanitizer, table cleaner, table and urinal cleaner, and as a sanitizer for plates and other kitchen utensils.

This product aims to simplify cleaning and sanitizing operations geared towards restaurants, fast food chains, commissaries and hotels. 
“We received lot of enquiries from a number of companies who trooped WOFEX and were searching for pioneering products that they can use in their operations. They were asking for demo trials,” said James Bernardo, who founded the company and is also its chief executive officer. Even before it was unveiled at this year’s WOFEX held on August 2-5 at the World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center, Klin 365 has already generated a significant amount of interest from some of the country’s biggest restaurant chains, who are now pilot testing the product, said Bernardo. “This will be big. As far as we are concerned, there is no company in the Philippines right now with this kind of product that combines the functions and features of 10 different products into one. It’s a game-changer in terms of product innovation,” Bernardo, a seasoned entrepreneur and a licensed civil engineer, said. 

Because of its 10 in 1 feature, using Klin 365 will translate into an estimated 15-20% percent savings for customers, said Glenys Arizo, Kalinisan's president. 

“The 15 to 20% percent savings is on the product alone, excluding other savings from labor, storage space, inventory, cleaning supplies, time and energy,” said Arizo, who is a licensed chemical engineer. “Klin 365 is very easy to use and therefore helps save time for the kitchen crew.” 
Klin 365 is also environment-friendly since it can treat wastes thrown into rivers and other bodies of water. 

“Right now, the country’s main problem is chemical wastes. So when we were developing it, we also thought about how to come up with a product that’s not harmful to the environment. When we dump it, Klin 365 can help treat the wastes because of the enzymes,” Arizo explained. 

Because the company wants a product that has not been seen in the market yet, it took Kalinisan around two years from the time of Klin 365’s conceptualization to its eventual launch. There are plans to also introduce Klin 365 to other countries in Southeast Asia as well as in China, said Bernardo. “That’s the ultimate goal – to launch it outside of the Philippines. We are looking at Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, to take advantage of the ASEAN integration. We want to be pioneer in Asia that introduced a 10-in-1 product that simplifies cleaning and sanitation for the food service sector” Bernardo added. 
This year marked the seventh time that Kalinisan has participated in WOFEX. The company first showcased its products in WOFEX in 2010. 

September Sizzles with the Hottest Asian Entertainment

This September, GEM continues to keep your heart racing with the best of Asian entertainment! Turn up the heat with Japanese drama My Lover’s Secret and Chinese period drama Le Sacrifice. Then cool down with the comedy special Pretty Proofreader Deluxe, which premieres same time as Japan!

My Lover’s Secret
Burdened with a dark family secret that he has been hiding for 11 years, law student Rei Okumori (Fukushi Sota) is unable to maintain relationships with anyone. But when he falls in love with a fellow law student, Sawa Tachibana (Kawaguchi Haruna), he finds happiness for the first time in over a decade. As the couple plans their marriage, a stranger threatens to reveal everything about his darkest secret. How far will Sawa go to accept Rei after his secret is exposed?

My Lover’s Secret premieres 7 September, every Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm, first and exclusively on GEM.

Life is going well for Etsuko Kono (Ishihara Satomi) since she began working at her dream job in the editing department. Just as everything, including her love life, has become fulfilling, the newly-hired chief editor fires a veteran staff member. Etsuko stands up to the coldhearted editor to no avail, and she is transferred out of the department! Adding insult to injury, a young and cute editor is assigned to work with her writer-boyfriend. What will Etsuko do when both her career and love life are at stake?
Pretty Proofreader Deluxe premieres 20 September, Wednesday at 8pm, same time as Japan, first and exclusively on GEM.

Le Sacrifice
At a young age, Shu Man (Eva Cheng) has been nicknamed the ‘unlucky girl’ as unexplained tragedies follow her. Despite this, she grows up to be a kind-hearted lady who wants to help the people around her.

Two brothers from the Lin family who are unrelated by blood compete for her attention and love. The Lin brothers have grown up with each other competing for everything in their life including their family’s love. In troubled times of war, their family business is at stake. Will Shu Man succeed in her love life as well as her career?

Le Sacrifice premieres 18 September, from Monday to Friday at 8pm, first and exclusively on GEM.

GEM is available on SKYCable Channel 116 in Metro Manila and on Channel 222 in Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, and Baguio.

7 Best Drinks that you need for Weight Loss

Living in a society where everyone is brand conscious and care about their reputation, it is essential to have a healthy lifestyle.

You have to look perfectly well while going out in the company of your friends. And that’s only possible if you take care of your body and diet. Having a slim and fit body doesn’t only make you look beautiful but also boosts your confidence. Now to get a perfect physique we think dieting and starving are some of the best ways.

Actually they are not, as it will make your immune system weak and you won’t get proper nutrition. To lose weight all you need is some homemade natural drink instead of heavy workout or exercise. Just to start, get some coffee beans and a coffee maker.

You can see some of the best coffee maker reviews to buy the finest coffee maker.

Here are some best drinks that are known for weight loss.

Green Tea:

Green tea is a standard beverage in our daily life. With time, it is gaining more and more popularity because of its potential for weight loss. The flavonoids caffeine present in green tea is useful for fat oxidation. Also, it helps in boosting metabolic rate and insulin activity.


1 cup water
Tea leaves or powder

Boil the water and then add leaves in it. You can prepare it the way you like.

Raw Honey and Cinnamon mix:

The raw honey and cinnamon are the natural ingredients that are good for health and skin as well. The antioxidants present in cinnamon helps in cleansing the blood and weight loss. Having this drink in the morning helps in improving your digestive system and increasing metabolism. It results in weight loss without affecting your diet.


1 cup warm water
1 Tsp Honey
2 Tsp Cinnamon

Mix honey and cinnamon in water until it is mixed perfectly. Remember not to put the honey when water is hot; as it inactivates all the healthy enzymes of honey. This drink also aids in increasing our energy level.

Black Coffee

Black coffee is the best drink to lose weight. People often think that coffee increases your weight and makes you fat.

But the case in rather opposite, it is the sweeteners, milk, and cream in the coffee that makes you fat. Coffee is a calorie-free beverage. The caffeine present in coffee contains antioxidants that increase body temperature hence increasing the metabolism. Also, it provides you extra energy that keeps you fresh for a longer time. Check out the best coffee maker reviews to buy yourself a coffee maker.

Once you have it, start having a cup of black coffee every morning and you will see incredible results yourself.

Lime and Raspberry Juice:

Lime is enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants that are good for fat loss. In addition to detoxification, it boosts your digestive system and makes your liver healthier to increase secretion of bile and acids. On the other hand, the raspberry contains ketones that are responsible for cutting calories. Also, they are very healthy for skin growth. Blend all the ingredients in a blender and enjoy your healthy drink.


1 Lime (juice)
½ Cup Water
Chopped Raspberries

Ginger and Lemon Water:

Lemon contains a right amount of ascorbic acid that is antioxidant and essential for digestion. Lemon also produces white-blood cells that enhance the immune system, hence resulting in weight loss.

Also, pectin fiber present in lime keeps your stomach full for a longer time. Therefore you won’t feel hungry. Ginger is widely used as folk medicine. It works as an appetite suppressant and helps in losing fats.


Fresh Water
Grated Ginger
Lemon Juice

Mix them in a jug and drink one glass daily.

Cucumber and Grapefruit Drink:

Cucumber is known as antidiuretic that is essential for detoxifying liver and removing the toxins and calories out of it. Also, it keeps the body hydrated. Grape fruit is enriched with Vitamin C which increases the metabolic rate and works as an immune booster.


½ Sliced Cucumber
1 Slice Lemon
1 Medium Sized Grapefruit
Mint Leaves
1 Cup water

Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend until they are mixed thoroughly.

Fat burning Detox Water:

Fat burning detox water is an ideal drink you need to lose weight. All you have to do is just add a sliced apple and cinnamon powder in a jug of water. Whenever you feel thirsty, have a glass of it. Apple will serve as an appetite suppressant, and cinnamon helps in increasing metabolic rate.

Powering Marinduque

Marinduqueños are now assured of additional power supply as a new diesel-fired power plant has been inaugurated on Friday (25 August) in Barangay Bantad, Boac Marinduque with Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi as guest of honor. The Boac Diesel Power Plant has five (5) modular generating units with a capacity of one megawatt each.

"Projects such as this diesel plant allows us to empower our communities, giving Marinduque the hope to dream bigger for a brighter future. It a prelude to our vision of total electrification for all our rural areas nationwide."

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi, NAPOCOR President Pio Benavidez, House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Pido Garbin and the Chairman of the House Committee on Energy Congressman Lord Allan Velasco were welcomed by Marinduque Governor Carmencita Reyes, Marinduque Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MARELCO) General Manager Gaudencio Sol and the MARELCO Board of Directors.

Between the Sky and Earth in Siquijor with Viviana Riccelli

In preda ad un’allucinazione. Dream Mode. “Between the Sky and Earth in Siquijor”, Viviana Riccelli’s latest exhibit explores unconscious depths that form figures and eventually transforms into a spatial picture, observing different divisions of lines and shapes coupled with tonal colors that imbibe the mood of the image. It invites the viewer to glimpse through an angle, a window of a perhaps temporal scene of a place and of longing for it. This describes perfectly the current ordeal of some people in the world nowadays, a desire to settle yet always moving, a desire to move yet always settling.

Her affinity with the vortex is a majestic portrayal of mystery and whirlwind adventure, foregrounding her present locality of Siquijor, a mystical island center of the Philippines. The vortex entangles you into its deepest center, fanning over different colors and expressions and completely envelopes the viewers into its imagery and illusion.

Viviana Riccelli has studied art extensively in Rome, Berlin, Venice and Cairo. She continuously explores the Philippines as part of her study on experiencing different cultures, forming her perception, and discovering her deep-set love for painting and drawing. She has been under the apprenticeship of famous American Abstract Expressionist movers such as Nicolas Carone and Beverly Pepper. She extends her knowledge through teaching for Verocchio Art School and Art Center in Umbria.

October 7-28 2017
Opening Reception: October 8, Saturday at 4pm
210 Loring St. 1300 Pasay City

12th National Civil Engineering Summit

If society is the human body, then Civil Engineering is the skeleton. Civil engineering serves as the framework for all societal functions. By connecting lives through bridges, moving industries through roads, reaching newer heights through skyscrapers (literally) and sheltering people through houses, civil engineering remains a pivotal part of modern society. As overwhelming and difficult as it may appear, service makes pursuing the field a much fulfilling experience.

Get ready to be equipped with the knowledge that’ll help you take on the field with ease as this September, the UP Association of Civil Engineering Students (UP ACES) once again brings back the biggest civil engineering event in the country. On its 12th year, the National Civil Engineering Summit is set to give the ultimate civil engineering experience.

On September 6, the NCES kicks off with Jumpstart, a thanksgiving celebration and an opening ceremony for the grandest civil engineering event in the country!

Up next is InCEthink on September 9, featuring various events that target high school students from various schools.

InCEthink is set to provide a background on the field of civil engineering to foster interest among high school students in pursuing the field. The event features InCEthink: High School Career Talk where various professional civil engineers introduce the field by sharing their experiences, InCEthink: Civil Engineering Lab Tour, an interactive experience showcasing the Institute of Civil Engineering and of course, InCEthink: Bridge Building Competition where the team that builds the most effective and cost-efficient bridge takes home the trophy and a cash prize.

On the 14th and 15th of September comes the much awaited National Civil Engineering Symposium. With over 4000 participants from all over the country, the National Civil Engineering Symposium boasts as the largest gathering of civil engineering in the Philippines. With the theme of Reconstruct: Forging the Nation's Advancement Through Service and Innovation, this year’s Symposium aims to promote a nationalistic approach in pursuing civil engineering. Well renowned speakers will share their experiences, expertise as well as insights on how we can build the nation not just as Filipino civil engineers, but civil engineers for the Filipino people. Held outside the University Theatre is the Civil Engineering Job Fair, an interactive experience for students to connect with various companies and institutions where they can submit their resumes and expand their network.

Simultaneously held at different locations in UP Diliman are the Civil Engineering Lab Tour where college students from different universities get a first-hand experience on the cutting edge facilities of the Institute of Civil Engineering, AdvanCE: The Six Fields of Civil Engineering-- a more extensive preview of each of the six fields of civil engineering, and the Civil Engineering Company talk an event that extends to the 16th where well-known companies showcase themselves.

The NCES concludes with the National Civil Engineering Quiz on the 16th, where over 120 teams from all over the country compete for the championship. The NCEQ boasts its whopping 100,000 peso total cash prize and with a new addition of a prestigious revolving championship trophy.

The teams must answer various challenging questions that will surely test their knowledge in the field of civil engineering.

The National Civil Engineering Summit awaits you, future civil engineers!

Fr Robert Reyes, Student Leaders File Petition for DOJ Secretary to Inhibit at Kian Delos Santos Case

A group of student leaders and law students are filing a petition in the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Tuesday for Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II to inhibit himself from the probe on Kian Delos Santos’s slay.

The group is joined by the 'Running Priest' Father Robert Reyes known for his unique protest actions against corruption and Father Flavie Villanueva, SVD, who advocates for reformed drug addicts.

The group, made up of 4 universities and groups around Metro Manila, say that Aguirre has “already prejudged the case” following his statements that Kian’s slay is “blown out of proportion” and the witnesses may have been “brainwashed”.

“It is our view that the DOJ Secretary’s involvement in the case of Kian de los Santos is detrimental to having a thorough and impartial investigation of the case.” Kathleen Benavidez of UP Law School said.

The students responded to Aguirre’s remarks that they are “uninformed or ill-motivated” in filing for him to inhibit.

“Aguirre, the Fake News king, has chosen to undermine us rather than respond to the growing call for him to keep his hands off the case,” Student Council Alliance of the Philippines OIC Secretary General Jeza Rodriguez said. “His attempts of muddling Kian’s case is widely-publicized and we have his quotes on our petition.”

The students also cite Aguirre’s record of whitewashing cases of police abuse by downgrading the charges against the 19 cops accused from murder to a bailable offense homicide in the case of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa last November.

“Aguirre will defend Duterte’s murderous anti-drug campaign to death,” Karla Yu of Millennials Against Dictators said. “Having Aguirre’s hand into the case will end with having no justice for Kian at all.”

The group is made up of students from Bukluran UP System, UP College of Law, Student Council Alliance of the Philippines and Millennials Against Dictators.

The groups are calling for the Office of the Ombudsman to conduct the preliminary investigation for this case instead, citing its impartiality and neutrality.

Ben Askren Vows to Put Swedish Foe in Wrestling Clinic

Even though there are many combat practices in mixed martial arts, undefeated ONE Welterweight World Champion Ben “Funky” Askren stands firm on the notion that wrestling is the most vital discipline in the sport.

In the constantly-evolving arena of martial arts, many competitors and coaches are still striving to discover what training formula results in consistent success.

Wrestling has been often regarded as the best foundation in the sport as numerous wrestlers transitioned easily into the sport, including Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, Daniel Cormier, Brock Lesnar, Chuck Liddell and Frankie Edgar.

Throughout the course of mixed martial arts history, wrestlers have shared the cage with other practitioners on numerous occasions.

In the current state of the sport, wrestling has become a necessary requirement for combatants to extensively learn.

“If you’re going to ask a lot of the mixed martial artists, they’re going to say that wrestling is the number one martial art to learn,” Askren said.

Askren is highly regarded for his outstanding wrestling background that earned him two NCAA Division I national championship trophies and the privilege to represent the United States at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

While many children were motivated to first pick up a basketball because of Michael Jordan or kick a soccer ball because of David Beckham, Askren was a little different.

Growing up in the Midwestern United States, a region traditionally known as a hotbed for amateur wrestling, Askren was motivated by the spirit of competition and wanted to participate in a sport where he could be the master of his own fate.

“What really attracted me to wrestling was it was a one-on-one sport, and you make or break your destiny. I did not like to let other people control my destiny. I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. I wanted it to be my fault if I won, or my fault if I lost, so I guess I had a hard time with other people having control over my outcomes,” he shared.

Askren had long planned switch to mixed martial arts and conquer that sport once he hung up his wrestling boots.

Following his 2008 Olympic campaign, Askren made the transition and has flawlessly translated his impeccable grappling skills into his growing skillset.

The 33-year-old American has been perfect in competition, amassing an immaculate professional record of 16-0 with 1 no contest en route to becoming the ONE Welterweight World Champion.

“Being a champion is more than wearing a gold belt around your waist,. It is a lot about how you live, and a lot about how you affect others around you by the way you live and train,” Askren explained.

Askren plans to show everyone just how good he is once again on Saturday, 2 September when he defends his ONE Welterweight World Championship against Swedish contender Zebaztian “The Bandit” Kadestam in the main event of ONE CHAMPIONSHIP: SHANGHAI, which takes place at the 15,000-capacity Shanghai Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai, China.

A tall order is in front of Askren as unlike the Olympian’s previous opponents, Kadestam is armed with a dangerous striking game as he possesses a top-shelf Muay Thai skillset with knockout power.

Kadestam made headlines last May when he defeated Santos as the little-known Swede had been completely dominated in the opening two rounds of the contest before pulling off a miraculous knockout in the final stanza.

Askren admitted that Kadestam’s shocking conquest of Santos nearly five months ago caught his attention.

“He is tough and he is durable, and that showed in the match with Santos. He took some hard shots, but stayed in there and kept competing,” he said of the Swedish standout.

Although he stakes his undefeated record and the coveted ONE Welterweight World Championship title against a dangerous foe like Kadestam, Askren believes there is nothing his opponent can do that will prepare him for what is about to come.

"It does not matter what my opponent's strengths and weaknesses are because at the end of the day, I have got the trump card. He cannot stop my wrestling, then he is going to be on his back, and he is going to get beaten up,” he declared.

“I will come across the cage, I will grab you, I will put you on your back, and I will punch you until you ask the referee to stop me from doing so. The other option is that I am going to make you tap,” Askren added.

For the past eight years, dating back to his professional debut in February 2009, his unstoppable strategy has worked brilliantly for Askren, who does not see any reason to stray from his strength.

“I am really effective at what I do. I never made a secret of it, and I always played to my strengths, and that is something a lot of people get away from. They do not play to their strengths, and I always play to my strengths, and I have been very focused and determined on what I do. So far, it has worked out well,” he stressed.

With his superb wrestling pedigree, Askren plans to exhibit another masterful performance as he shares the ONE Championship cage with a ferocious striker like Kadestam.

“Although Zebaztian Kadestam might be an underdog, I am not taking this match lightly. I know the feeling. I’ve been in that situation. Nobody should write off an underdog. But this is what I can assure. Wrestling has always been my bread-and-butter. Once I get you on the mat, it’s a matter of seconds before I finish you,” he guaranteed.

​For more updates on ONE Championship, please visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and like us on Facebook at

Hitachi Accelerates Customers’ Hybrid Cloud Initiatives with Enhanced Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Offerings

New Hitachi UCP RS Offering Integrates VMware Cloud Foundation to Simplify Hybrid Cloud Journey

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501) and VMware Global Innovation OEM Partner of the Year, today announced Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) RS series, a fully integrated, software-defined data center (SDDC) rack-scale platform, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation™. Hitachi UCP RS enables customers to embrace hybrid cloud for faster time to market and pay-as-you-go economics. It also gives customers the freedom to optimize their IT investments by leveraging private and public cloud as an agile extension to their business. UCP RS provides flexibility to customers to either deploy integrated SDDC stack or build their own using Hitachi’s vSAN ready node and VMware software.

Alongside the launch of Hitachi UCP RS, the company has enhanced its hyperconverged system Unified Compute Platform (UCP) HC. Hitachi UCP HC all-flash and hybrid systems are now enabled with non-volatile memory (NVMe) and new sixth-generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors to deliver faster performance and reduced operating costs, maximizing business value for customers. This enhancement allows for higher performance, lower latency and accelerated workloads through the use of modern data center technology.

John Gilmartin, vice president and general manager, Integrated Systems, VMware said, “Hitachi’s strong track record of innovation led them to be recognized as VMware Global Innovation OEM Partner of the Year at VMware Partner Leadership Summit 2017. This new Hitachi UCP RS solution powered by VMware Cloud Foundation is no exception. The solution improves productivity, delivers faster time to business value and accelerates the customer’s ability to realize the true power of their data.”

“Open questions exist regarding the extent to which advances in SDI technology can support a common virtual data center foundation upon which improved end-to-end IT service interoperability, resilience, elasticity and agility across a hybrid cloud infrastructure can be effectively realized,” according to Market Trends: Software-Defined Infrastructure — Who Can Benefit? (Gartner, June 2017). In addition, the report states that, “Given the current state of public cloud service deployment and the maturity state of SDI, one of two options is possible: The first is an application-independent, common virtual data center infrastructure that can run atop an existing private data center infrastructure, a public cloud service or a combination of the two. This variation is called infrastructure-upward.”

Understanding the new demands placed on IT by data center modernization initiatives, Hitachi has collaborated with VMware to develop the fully integrated, turnkey Hitachi UCP RS system to deliver reliable IT infrastructure for hybrid cloud deployments. Hitachi UCP RS also helps to minimize the complexity and guesswork of deploying and managing IT by uniquely automating provisioning, managing and monitoring for SDDCs, giving customers a competitive advantage, and delivering faster time to market and high availability of business applications.

“Our deep, collaborative partnership with VMware has led to the creation of powerful systems and innovative solutions that help our customers modernize their IT environments and put data at the center of their business,” said Bob Madaio, vice president of Integrated Solution Marketing at Hitachi. “With the launch of our UCP RS in addition to advancements in our hyperconverged UCP HC, Hitachi is empowering our customers to transform their IT environments, accelerate hybrid cloud deployments and further their digital business initatives.”

Hitachi UCP Portfolio
The UCP family of converged, hyperconverged and rack-scale systems provides enterprise, departmental and cloud service provider environments with a simple path to IT modernization and digital transformation. UCP solutions enable IT organizations to accelerate time to production, automate operations and reduce administrative costs by providing prevalidated, pretested and factory-built converged and hyperconverged infrastructure systems.

Product Availability
Hitachi UCP RS is generally available to customers and partners now in all regions. For more information, visit

Lazada Philippines Hosts Online Marketing Solutions Event on How Brands Can Win on Ecommerce

Last August 10, Lazada Philippines held its first Marketing Solutions Workshop at F1 Hotel in BGC. Entitled How to Win on Ecommerce, the objective of the event was to showcase various tools and technologies that, when applied to a company’s digital marketing strategy, can propel an online business to success. The event was well-attended by Lazada’s brand partners including Disney, Canon, Casio, JBL, Pedigree, FitBit, and Bench.

Lazada Chief Marketing Officer, Tristan de Belloy, talks about Lazada as a marketing platform for brands

Reputable names in the ecommerce industry spearheaded the different online marketing solutions sessions. Lazada Philippines Co-Founder and CEO, Inanc Balci, briefly explained the local ecommerce landscape which brands must understand to thrive in the online retail space. His session was then followed by a keynote presentation by Lazada Philippines Chief Marketing Officer, Tristan de Belloy, who emphasized that Lazada is not only a selling destination for brands but is also an efficient marketing platform on its own. De Belloy expounded on the new tools developed by Lazada such as brand traffic performance reports, sponsored product ads, and its live streaming capacity via Lazada Social TV - all of which brands could use to improve sales.

Google Country Head, Ken Lingan, mentions that the new generation of Filipino netizens are mobile first

Country Head of Google Philippines, Kenneth Lingan, shared his thoughts on winning in a mobile-first market as the accessibility and demand for smartphones is rising fast. The last session was led by Ash Mandyhan, Philippine Lead for Client Solutions of Facebook, who shared how brands need to rethink the way they use social media.

Ash Mandyhan, Philippine Lead for Client Solutions of Facebook, shares that screen shopping is the new window shopping

The Marketing Solutions Workshop was an overall success, with brand representatives taking home key insights and learnings on how to sharpen their digital marketing strategies. In sharing its expertise on online business, Lazada Philippines strives to contribute to the overall growth and success of the local e-commerce industry.

Clarification: Sec. Tugade's Driver's License Application Only For Demonstratio

This is to clarify the issue regarding the issuance of a driver’s license card to Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade during the rollout of the plastic cards with 5-year validity yesterday, Aug. 30, 2017 at the LTO main office in Quezon City.

Foremost, Secretary Tugade applied for a driver’s license card for DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY.

Secretary Tugade only wanted to test how fast the new system is in renewing/applying for a driver’s license, from encoding of the driver’s data into the system up to the printing of license cards.

In fact, he was clear in saying that he intentionally placed errors in the application form, which demonstrates that his purpose was not to get a license but to see and check if the system is efficient, and see for himself how long an encoder rectifies such a mistake.

Please also note that after the demonstration, Secretary Tugade instructed LTO Chief Edgar Galvante to immediately erase his data in the system and cancel the license issued to him.

After the demonstration, Secretary Tugade likewise recommended to the LTO chief to study how to minimize human (manual) intervention on the part of LTO personnel in the processing of driver's license application so as to minimize, if not eliminate, "fixing" and corruption.

We hope this clears any confusion.

Thank you.
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