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The Reasons and Benefits Of Studying The Chinese Language

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Chinese has become one of the most popular languages in the world right now majorly because of trade and interaction. China has a lot of business opportunities making businesses venture out into their market. As a culture, Chinese boasts of a very rich culture because of its traditions and values. That is precisely why people are eager to learn Chinese.

About China

The Chinese esteem human beings very highly no matter their status or position in life. Their culture also puts a lot of emphasis on selflessness as a human virtue, and when you decide to learn Chinese, it is important to understand their culture. China is a tourist attraction area, and tourists mainly visit the country because of its culture and to celebrate its unique festivals. To make the experience unforgettable, most of them learn Chinese.

The Chinese want to understand you

In a quest to enhance their relationships, some people learn Chinese. This is because relationships are of extreme importance to the Chinese. Festivals and family events such as birth, baptism, graduations, and weddings are celebrated to bring people together and honour life. It is ordinary to see different cultures having a Chinese wedding or decorating their houses in Chinese themes because of the belief that their marriage and homes will be filled with love and happiness.

The knowledge for a business

Some people learn Chinese for communication purposes. With globalization, people must interact in schools and businesses. The language barrier can be very frustrating and can also cause confusion and misunderstandings. We want to communicate with our Chinese friends and it, therefore, becomes mandatory to learn Chinese. The Chinese society places a lot of emphasis on friendship such that before they engage in business with anyone, they must first establish trust and confidence with their partners. When conflicts arise, they choose to solve it amicably and in peace. Some businesses also choose to outsource some of their functions to China because of cheap labour and flexible laws that promote their businesses. To communicate the instructions and goals of an organization, the responsible department such as human resource or personnel department needs people to learn Chinese. This will save on finances needed to hire an interpreter.

How to start

If you have a desire to learn Chinese, you need to understand the languages and symbols used. Mandarin is the most common language and knowledge of symbols allows you to know how to write and pronounce them. Some people decide to attend Chinese School Beijing not only because Beijing is China’s capital, but also because of the firsthand experience of Chinese culture and different study programmes available. All one needs to do is apply for the programme online from beginner to advanced learners. The programme is tailor-made to suit the needs of the learner whether it is for general or business life. If unable to attend the School in Beijing, Summer Chinese courses are available for students who are on summer vacations and are planning to make their vacation an opportunity to explore the Chinese culture.

Learning a new language is never an easy task and sometimes, it can be very stressful. However, when you study Chinese, there are ways of making the course fun through videos, podcasts and social networking sites with Chinese friends.
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Mathematical Epidemiology: A contribution of Mathematics in Strengthening the Philippine Public Health and Medical Care Systems

The UPLB Mathematical Sciences Society proudly brings you the 30th Mathematical Sciences Week (MathSci Week), with the theme, “Mathematical Epidemiology: A contribution of Mathematics in Strengthening the Philippine Public Health and Medical Care Systems”. This is an annual event of the society composed of a long-week celebration of knowledge and academic excellence. The MathSci Week will run from the 15th to the 19th of October 2018.

Part of the 30th MathSci Week is the 31st Southern Tagalog Invitational Mathematical Challenge (MATHEMATCH), which will be held on October 15 at the SEARCA Auditorium at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos. This is a Mathematics Quiz Contest for Junior and Senior High School Students from schools in the CALABARZON and MIMAROPA region.

Also, The Annual Search for the UPLB Math Wizard will be held on October 18 at Math Building Lecture Hall in the University of the Philippines Los Banos. The winner will compete in UP Diliman for the The Annual Nationwide Search for the Math Wizard. During this week long event, different activities such as Puzzle of the day and Puzzle of the week, Teacher’s Seminar and Poster Making Contest will be conducted by the organization. An Exhibit at the Math Building Lobby will also be displayed in relation with these year’s theme.

For more information, you may contact Rojhun Macalinao, the Vice President for Scholastic Division at +639 057 385 547.

Organizational Background:

The UPLB Mathematical Sciences Society (UPLB MASS) was established in 1973 and has been one of the duly recognized academic organizations in the University of the Philippines Los Banos since then. For over 40 years, the UPLB MASS, a recognized Youth Serving Organization (School Based) by the National Youth Commission, upholds its goals of contributing to the development of the Filipino Nation by cultivating deeper appreciation and wider application of Mathematical Sciences. The society continues to inspire and showcase the beauty of mathematics through different activities.

Eating in Manila on a Student Budget

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Are you looking for a food guide in Manila? Chances are you’re a student of the city’s numerous colleges and universities that offer education in a wide variety of degrees. Eating in Manila, which is one of the world’s top most densely populated cities with about 171,301 people per square mile, could be quite an adventure since restaurants and food joints are everywhere.

Choosing the ones that won’t upset your budget could be tricky, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, you’ll find affordable places in Manila to eat on a student budget as well as tips to remain safe and full.

Places to Buy Food

Quiapo Market

The Quiapo Market is one of the largest street markets in the whole country which is located in the area of the Quiapo Church. There, you’ll find a wide range of products from clothes to utensils, but what we’re interested in is food. You can find pretty much everything available in the Philippines, so it’s great for both finding ingredients and prepared dishes and snacks.

The prices are set by haggling, so you’ll have an opportunity to negotiate prices you find reasonable.

Sabroso Street Food Market

Another street food market in the Metro Manila area that you should also check out. It has an official Facebook page where you can get information on working hours, new products, and more. If you read the reviews of customers on Facebook, you’ll notice that many of them praise the place for “cheap prices” and “value for money.”

Sabroso is extremely popular among locals, so they often upload images of products to social media they take here (for example, check outphotos made at Sabroso by Instagram users). So if you’re looking to get some ingredients to prepare your own dishes or eats for cheap prices (the prices here are often set by bargaining, too), feel free to visit this market.

Robinsons Place Food Court

Shopping malls are great occasional dining and movies, and Manila has a good selection of them. Robinsons Place, for example, is one of the largest shopping malls in the country located behind the campus of the University of the Philippines Manila. The place has an unbelievable food court which is even rated by Trip Advisor as #20 of 939 restaurants in the city.

It has a great selection of different foods, including vegetarian-friendly ones, and offers affordable pricing. For example, you’ll find local, Chinese, Mediterranean, and other cuisines there: home-cooked meals, seafoods, fast food, grilled meat, and sizzling steaks. The court is popular among local students because of cheap prices and tasty food, so chances are you’ll have to wait for a seat during lunch hours.

Agno Food Court

Basically, Agno is a just a group of food stalls and vendors that sell foods at under 100 pesos. But they have become incredibly popular among students of the nearby De La Salle University with a population of more than 20,000 learners. Agno has an official Facebook page where you can get fresh information about the place and even become one of the vendors.
At Agno, you can get a variety of foods for cheap prices, including siomai (traditional Chinese dumplings), pastas, taco salads, grilled meat, burgers, and home-cooked meals.

Tips on Eating in Manila on a Budget

Learn to be a Good Negotiator

As it was mentioned above, prices at public food markets are often set by bargaining, so it’s time to learn this art.

When I studied in a foreign country, I used to go around to find out what kind of money locals pay for products I needed,” says Henry Bernardo, a digital marketer from Write My Essay for Me. “Also, I would try to determine the seller’s lowest price before paying, and if it doesn’t match the price I want, just walked away. If the seller hesitated, I offered to pay in cash right away, and I succeeded lots of times!”

Separate Needs from Wants

The cost of living for a student in Manila is lower compared to Western countries; for example, according to Expatistan, one person could comfortably live for about $600 per month (rent included). However, this doesn’t mean that you should buy yourself coffee every time you stumble upon a Starbucks, because the cost could rise rapidly.

Cook your Own Meals

If you like cooking, you’ll love living in Manila because of all the public food markets. The ones described above are just a small part of what the city has to offer, so feel free to search for marketers in your area. They offer lower prices for groceries than most supermarkets, so buying there could be a great option to save money and still enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals.

Pay with Cash

It’s easy to accumulate a large amount of debt using credit cards, so try to pay for everything with cash. This will help to avoid overspending.

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Regional Youth Leaders United to Break Cultural Barriers for Peace

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In line with the country’s celebration of the Peace consciousness Month and in observance of the international day of peace, Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition, an independent non-partisan national alliance of young leaders and youth organizations in the Philippines, together with the Rotary Satellite Club of Fort BGC Titans, Rotary Club of Fort Bonifacio Global City holds the Philippine Intercultural Youth Convention (PIYC) 2018, with the theme “Breaking Cultural Barriers, Empowering Young Leaders,” on September 22-23, 2018 in Great Eastern Hotel, Quezon City.

The convention was opened with a keynote address from the former Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary, Ms. Gina Lopez, “It is not money nor staff that brings change in the society. It is the commitment to integrity and love, and the youth should know this as you will inherit the country.”

Other distinguished speakers include DOLE Undersecretary Ciriaco Lagunzad delivering the message of President Rodrigo Duterte and DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello III, Commissioner Teddy Co of the National Commission on the Culture and Arts, Director Mary Grace Pascua of the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples, Irish Inspirational Speaker and Best Selling author Mike Grogan, Landbank Director JV Hinlo, and Past President Oliver Alvarez of the Rotary Club of Manila Magic.

PIYC 2018 provides an opportunity for different ethnic groups in the Philippines to exchange knowledge of their culture and heritage, and for young leaders to engage and have a close encounter with government officials and experts in various development fields.

The convention had six sessions which discussed the youth’s developmental priorities based on a national survey done by SKC in 2017. These includes Peace in Diversity with Ms. Jasmine Suleik of the United Nations Youth Advisory Board Philippines and Mr. Elmer Albacete of the AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines as speakers, moderated by SKC Sultan Kudarat Governor, Mr. Kaharudin Gumaga Dalaten. The Health and Social Welfare session had UN Youth Advisory Board Ph Chairperson Neil Lomibao, Dr. Dexter Galban National Chairperson of the Philippine Society of Health Advocates for Policy Engagement, NVAP President Engr. Emer Rojas, and DOH Director Dr. Rodolfo Antonio M. Albornoz as speakers.

Speakers for the Quality and Accessible Education for all session are DSWD Assistant Secretary Rhea Penaflor and Commission on Higher Education Director Joselito Alisuag. In-hand Abra Foundation Executive Director Carmelita Bersalona shared about youth opportunities in the bamboo industry while Mr. Rodne Galicha of the Climate Reality Project PH and Mr. Vermon Timbas of the DENR-EMB spoke during the Climate and Environmental Action session.

In a press conference held during the PIYC 2018, Datu Pax Ali Sanki-Mangudadatu, President of the Sultan Kudarat Association of Youth Organization said in his statement, “There can be unity in diversity. If every one of us with different backgrounds from different institutions can come together, we can do great things. Even the small things, we can do in the greatest ways.”With this, Mr. Ramil Tolledo of the AFS Philippines added, “Peace should be achieved by having interaction among different cultures. It is what makes us relate with each other, promoting peace and our different advocacies.”

Being among the latest personalities that symbolize the significance of embracing the diverse Philippine culture without any form of discrimination, Mr. Norman King, the first graduate of the University of the Philippines from the Aeta community delivered in his statement, “Alisin natin ang diskriminasyon; huwag tayong maglagay ng isang invisible barrier na naghihiwalay sa kayo at kami, palaging dapat mayroong tayo. Bigyan natin ng isang makulay na kwento ang ating henerasyon, gamit ang kaibahan natin bilang lakas sa pagkakaisa na maabot ang ating mga minimithi.”

SKC National President and Rotary Satellite Club of Fort BGC Titans Chairman Mr. Ellirie Aviles on emphasizing the main purpose of PIYC 2018 said,“We encourage the youth to engage in their communities and take on leadership roles. We are not just the future – the youth is today. We should take action and not wait for tomorrow to come. Nananawagan po tayo sa lahat na makialam, makiisa, at makibahagi, at sama-sama nating palakasin ang sigaw ng kabataan.”

“We need to be united to be able to do actions that will result to beneficial permanence. Let us unite by promoting better understanding of the various cultures in the country. By breaking these cultural barriers which hinder growth in our communities, starting among the youth, we are empowering our people and helping the country’s efforts towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable development goals,” he added.

Focused on discourses in culture and sustainable development, PIYC 2018 unifies the Filipino youth to define its role in building a better future while remaining rooted in Filipino heritage.

The convention was organized in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Labor and Employment, AFS intercultural Programs Philippines, and the Korean Cultural Center. And supported by SKC’s advocacy partners, the Rotaract Clubs of Fort Bonfacio Global City, San Francisco Del Monte Malaya Achievers, and Zamboanga City West, and the GANAP QCPU.

General Overview of the CCNA R&S Certification Exams

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Today, the networking is one of the most important areas of concern, because of the use of the  worldwide computer network used by the majority of the users. The computer network means the interconnection between the number of computers and the permission or access to their data and resources. The network system with the interconnection of autonomous computers forms an integrated computing system using the networking software. It is possible to have the geographical distribution of computer communication for exchange of data and information. The networking system provides a number of advantages to the users, such as:

  • Simultaneous execution of processes
  • Coordination of the activities with each other
  • Exchange of information and data
  • Communication and transfer of data

The network consists of a hardware and software system for performing work on the creation of computer networks to allow the communication between computers. Therefore, there is a need of engineers who can understand the network hardware and software systems. Cisco is a company that provides hardware and software components for a networking system. Hence,it becomes necessary for engineers to be trained in network systems and system operation.

Such a training program conducted by Cisco is known as CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate. This is the associate-level certification that it is regarded as a Cisco career credential.

The candidates who want to achieve the Cisco CCNA R&S certification should pass the certification exams. These tests are designed to show the knowledge, skills, and ability of individuals. The networking engineer needs such skills as network installation and operation of the network of different varieties. The maintenance is an important function when the candidates need to troubleshoot problems with a small and corporate network. The candidate must know the routing and switching system and their basics. A network engineer must implement a network security and authorization system that supports the security of IP addresses and network protocols. The engineers should understand the TCP/IP and OSI models used in IP-based networks and systems. There are various WAN technologies whose operation and configuration of ISO devices are known. VLANs are used in an enterprise system with advanced dial-up networks that define IP routes and traffic management systems using an access list.

The CCNA Security certification exams are provided in the areas of networking fundamental, LAN and WAN technologies, software and hardware of network system, security and management of the system, and wireless technology. The examinations dumps provided by check the ability of candidates to work on the networking technology such as design of network, hardware construction, software system and security, maintenance and testing of the network system.

The field of the networking is developing rapidly because the employers are interested in recruiting the certified engineers for such advanced technologies as wireless networking, security, administration, cloud computing, data center establishments, etc. Therefore, the CCNA R&S tests have the questions relating to these areas.

The networking engineers need to know the network fundamentals better, and they should be able to understand the network settings and concepts. These CCNA R&S examinations deal with these basic concepts and understanding, thus, the candidates who will pass the exams may have jobs such as:
  • Network technician
  • Network engineer
  • Network software engineer
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Development engineer
  • Research engineer
  • Network security engineer
  • Network administrators
The following certification exams offered by PrepAway CCNA Certification Practice Test 200-125 Exam Questions and Answers are associated with the CCNA Security certification. An individual should take one of them to become a certified specialist. You can pass the exam with dumps & training courses.

200-125 CCNA: This examination contains 60-70 questions and lasts 90 minutes. It measures the individuals’ knowledge and ability associated with network fundamentals, WAN and LAN technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, infrastructure security, services, and management.


100-105 ICND1: This certification test is an hour and a half exam with 45-55 question assessment. It verifies the skills and knowledge of candidates related to infrastructure maintenance and services, network fundamentals, LAN switching technologies, and routing technologies.

200-105 ICND2: The exam consists of 45-55 questions with a time duration of 90 minutes. It confirms that an engineer has the knowledge and skills associated with IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, infrastructure maintenance, infrastructure services, WAN and LAN technologies.
The exam passing score is not published by Cisco since the examination questions change without notice.

Undoubtedly, the candidates with the CCNA R&S certification can hope for a bright future in such advanced area as networking. The individuals who have earned this credential, can declare themselves as highly qualified professionals.Therefore, those candidates who pass the CCNA R&S exams will receive excellent job opportunities with a high pay hike. The average salary of the CCNA R&S certified specialist ranges from $260,111 to $ 921,142.

Epson Philippines Celebrate 20 Years of Leading the Show

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Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) celebrated today its 20th year anniversary at the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in BGC, Taguig City.

On its 20th anniversary celebration, Epson Philippines expressed its commitment to strengthen its presence in the business and office segments in the country. Eduardo Bonoan, marketing director for Epson Philippines, shares that customers can only expect greater things from the brand for 2018.

“We boldly predict a strong 19 percent growth by the end of the fiscal year 2018 and, we are confident in achieving this because of the continued support of our partners,” added Bonoan. “We aim to enable more partners from even bigger segments by bringing the right products and solutions to the right market.”

20 years on, Epson continues to dominate in the highly competitive inkjet printer and projector industry. In the first half of 2018, Epson’s inkjet printers posted a market share of 55%, as reflected in the latest Hardcopy Peripherals Report of marketing intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC). On the projector business, the latest FutureSource Projector Report showed that Epson continued to lead with a 55% market share in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

To sustain this growth, Epson Philippines continues to launch inspired innovations for customers, starting with the branding of its flagship L-series printers to Epson EcoTank printers. The EcoTank brand successfully aligns Epson Philippines with the rest of the Epson markets around the world, and carries the brand’s same inkjet legacy of offering quality printouts with more value for money in a refillable tank printer. Along with the branding of its L-series inkjet printers, Epson Philippines also introducedits new high-speed T-series large-format printers available as desktop or floor-standing models, marking Epson’s entry into the low-to-mid range CAD plotter market.

As the company marks another milestone, Epson Philippines dedicated its celebration, dubbed as20 years Leading the Show, to express its gratitude to customers, trade partners, employees, and stakeholders for their continued support over the past two decades.

Among the highlights of the celebration was the recognition of Epson’s extensive partner network which includes its sales and service partners, as well as business support service providers who have worked with Epson for 20 years. Epson employees, who have been in service for five, 10, 15, and 20 years, were also given awards and recognition during the event.

“We started as a modest Representative Office here in the country, which eventually grew into a full-fledged marketing and sales arm known as Epson Philippines Corporation in 1998,” said Toshimitsu Tanaka, Managing Director (SE Asia), Epson Singapore and President & Country Manager, Epson Philippines. “From then on, we have grown, rapidly, due to the hard work and creativity of our dedicated employees, as well as the strong support of our trade partners and colleagues, who have journeyed with us through the years.”

Since its inception, EPC has introduced various products, services, and solutions to the Philippine market. With its obsession to detail and ability to create new products and technologies from the ground up, it has become a trusted company that offers the latest cutting-edge printers and projectors for various market segments.

The company has also expanded its presence nationwide, especially with the opening of its solutions offices in Cebu and Davao. It also has an extensive network of 137 Authorized Service Centers, 465 dealers and 875 stores across the country.
“The story of Epson Philippines is a testament to how a humble beginning can reach great heights, through the hard work and creativity of our dedicated employees, and the strong support of our partners and colleagues,” said Tanaka. “We hope to achieve bigger milestones in the coming years as we press on in bringing innovations that can make a difference to our customers' lives.”

Cover photo:

From L-R: Cris Sanchez, EPC Sales Director; Juliet Real, EPC Business Support Director; Eduardo Bonoan, EPC Marketing Director; Toshimitsu Tanaka, ESP Managing Director and EPC President and Country Manager; Akifumi Takei, Epson Precision Philippines, Inc. (EPPI) President and Hideto Nakamura, Epson Vietnam General Director and former EPC President lead the toast during Epson Philippines 20th anniversary celebration at the Grand Hyatt in BGC.

Epson PH Unveils Innovations that Dominate

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Epson Philippines unveiled its latest innovations to its trade partners and the media as it holds this year’s ‘Grand Launch: Innovations that Dominate’ at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in BGC, Taguig City.

The introduction of the new models of Epson’s business laser projectors, SureColor T-series of technical printers, as well as EcoTank printers, the new brand name for Epson Ink Tank printers, marks the company’s full force commitment into penetrating the corporate market while maintaining its consumer base presence.

“As a tech company, we are dedicated to delivering the precision and performance that companies need to achieve their business goals. The launch of our new inkjet printers and projectors is our way of strengthening our efforts to further enable our customers in exceeding their vision,” said Christopher Sanchez, Sales Director, Epson Philippines.

Business Laser Projectors

Starting from the new business laser projectors, the EB-L510U, EB-L610U, and EB-L610W deliver bright and true-to-life colors thanks to Epson’s 3LCD technology. This series of laser projectors have a brightness range of 5,000 to 6,000 lumens. They also come with the WUXGA feature, which has a display resolution of up to 1920x1200 pixels perfect for larger screens.

The new projectors also have a laser light source technology of up to 20,000 hours and flexible lens shift with center lens position, providing virtually maintenance-free experience for the users.

These new laser projectors are also compatible with a wide range of external devices. The additional ports, which now include HDMI and HDBaseT™ Connectivity, are ideal for large venues, may it be in large classrooms or meeting rooms.

The HDBaseT™ can transmit Full HD video, audio, and control at low cost through a single cat 5e/6 cables or higher, up to 100 meters. These features provide a better and more efficient viewing experience for the users through its seamless connectivity and usability.

Entry EcoTank L-Series Printers

Meanwhile, the newest additions to Epson’s Entry EcoTank L-Series printers are the L3110 and L3150, which feature key specs improvements.

These printers are also among the first set of units that were unveiled after the recent branding of Epson Ink Tank printers as EcoTank printers, featuring the revolutionary ultra-high-capacity ink tank system, which replaces cartridges.

The Epson L3110 and L3150 printers have an integrated ink tank design that comes with a spill and error-free ink refilling process and produces a smaller carbon footprint compared to its predecessors, L405, L360and L80 models. They are also more compact while boasting an ultra-high page yield of up to 7,500 pages of color printouts, as well as up to 4,500 pages of black printouts. The L3110 and L3150 printers also have borderless printing of photos of up to 4R size.

Furthermore, the new L3150 can connect to up to eight devices, making it easier for users to print and scan directly from their mobile devices.

Mono EcoTank M-Series Printers

Meanwhile, Epson brings three new models to its EcoTank Monochrome series printers, namely M1100, M1120, and M2140. The flagship M2140 printer now incorporates the PrecisionCore print head, bringing improved nozzle technology with increased print resolutions at 1200 x 2400 dpi and water-resistant printouts with sharper texts. These printers boast of their pigment ink, suitable for printing business-quality documents.

The new Monochrome series printers also have a print speed ranging from 15ipm and 20ipm, which is on par with entry laser printer models. As compared to laser printer models that use heat technology, the Monochrome series produces lower power consumption, which translates to a lower electricity bill and less carbon footprint.

Other key specs of the new models include integrated ink tank design; shorter initialization time; easy, spill-proof, and error-free design; and Barcode Printing Mode, which allows them to print using a barcode.

SureColor T-Series Technical Printers

Lastly, Epson also expands its Technical Printer product line, the SureColor T-Series, to the entry-to-mid-range printer market with four new models all under a 3-year warranty.

The new printers – Surecolor T3130 / T3130N 24”, SureColor T5130 36”, SureColor T3430 24”, and SureColor T5430 36” – feature PrecisionCore Micro TFP Print, along with the UltraChrome XD2, a four-color all pigment ink that deliver prints with vibrant colors and lines for corporate product and CAD/GIS print.

In this series of printers, users will see a combination of features, including 4.3” LCD Color touchscreen, versatile media handling, and anti-dust design. The new printer models also have integrated connectivity (WiFi Connect, AirPrint, USB direct print), allowing users to be virtually connected anywhere with the capability of connecting to any of Epson’s A3 scanners for a more seamless printing.  

“Innovation has always been at the forefront of everything we do. With our obsession with ‘verticality’ and details, we ensure to bring cutting-edge technologies to our customers. We hope that this launch will prove to be memorable to everyone as we turn our big ideas into reality,” said Toshimitsu Tanaka, Managing Director (SE Asia), Epson Singapore and President and Country Manager, Epson Philippines.

foodpanda Joins #AyokoNgPlastik Movement of WWF for their #GoGreen Campaign

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As the world continues to veer away from the use of plastics in exchange for more eco-friendly alternatives, foodpanda, the on-demand food delivery service in the Philippines, continues its #GoGreen initiative by partnering with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines, the 26th national organization of the WWF network, for its #AyokoNgPlastik movement. The movement aims to combat the over usage of single-use plastics in the day to day lives of people by encouraging the use of more sustainable materials. 
Starting next month, everyone has the option to join the movement when opting out for plastic cutlery and choosing to donate Php 1.00 or Php 5.00 per order to help WWF-Philippines in their battle against plastic waste.

“We, at foodpanda, believe that the partnership with the WWF-Philippines strengthens our vision for the #GoGreen campaign. I am excited for this collaboration, as we are talking about two pandas colliding and joining forces to help decrease the use of plastic,” says CEO for foodpanda Philippines, Iacopo Rovere.

To date, foodpanda has almost 10% of their restaurant partners participating in the opt in/out cutlery across its three key cities: Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Davao. By partnering with WWF-Philippines, foodpanda will be able to increase the reach and impact of its #GoGreen campaign. , Not just for the environment, but for the businesses involved as it allows restaurant partners to save money from cutlery costs.

”This partnership with foodpanda against the use of single-use plastics - the first food delivery service to join us in protecting the environment. Together with foodpanda, we will continue to paint the world green (and pink),” shares President of WWF-Philippines, Jose Angelito Palma.

With this partnership, foodpanda hopes to make a difference in the way plastic waste is perceived and reduce the overall environmental impact of food packaging waste. If you already have easy access to cutlery or if you do not need it for your meal, foodpanda encourages you to consider opting-out from cutlery to help reduce plastic usage and help WWF-Philippines’ movement.

Araneta Center BusPort, GCash Team Up for More Convenient Payment System

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Offering more expediency to its patrons, the Araneta Center BusPort (ACBP) has partnered with GCash to add another convenient mode of payment: GCash’s “scan to pay” technology.
Offering more expediency to its patrons, the Araneta Center BusPort (ACBP) has partnered with GCash to add another convenient mode of payment: GCash’s “scan to pay” technology.

Passengers will just have to download the GCash application on their smartphones, register an account and deposit an amount on their digital wallets at any of GCash’s 15,000 partner outlets in the country. They will then just have to tap the “Scan QR (quick response)” code option on the app, point their camera to the QR code available at the ACBP, and pay.

This new option is a testament to Araneta Center’s commitment to making the lives of its patrons more convenient. With another seamless payment scheme available, ACBP passengers who use this option no longer have to go through longer lines and bring large amounts of money to purchase their tickets—safe and practical.

“Araneta Center is always looking for opportunities to make it more convenient for our mostly young and digitally-savvy customers.  GCash provides a powerful and convenient payment method for them to transact on the fly.  We are now able to offer another seamless and efficient cashless payment platform with the use of QR code for over-the-counter transactions in our BusPort,” said John B. Castelo, Araneta Center Inc.’s Senior Vice President for Business Development, who, along with other Araneta Center bigwigs, attended the launch at the ACBP last July 31.

“The GCash QR will enable the Araneta Center BusPort to service its customers with convenient, secured and seamless payment experiences. For instance, with the GCash scan to pay feature at ACBP, customers can easily pay the exact amount for their tickets using their phones. They no longer have to wait for loose change, or even stand in line for a long time,” added Anthony Thomas, President and CEO of Mynt, the operator of GCash.
The new payment option also cements ACBP’s reputation as a one-of-a-kind premium bus terminal in the country.

Boasting of first-rate facilities, reliable security, updated announcements and information, the ultramodern ACBP is the central stopover of those going to and coming from Central Luzon, Southern Luzon, the Bicol region, Visayas, and Mindanao.

 Last June, it started offering to its patrons the availability of booking their trips online and payment of their tickets through their credit cards. 

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Mynt VP of Business Development Mr. Jose Luigi Reyes explains Globe’s GCash cashless payment to Araneta Center Inc. Senior Management Consultant Mr. Rowell Recinto 

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Present at the launch of GCash QR Code cashless payment system at the Araneta Center BusPort were Mr. Antonio T. Mardo, SVP Operations, Araneta Center Inc. (ACI); Mr. JM Aujero, Head of Merchant Solutions–Mynt;  Mr Luigi Reyes, VP Business Development–Mynt; Mr. John B. Castelo, SVP Business Development, ACI; and Mr. Rowell Recinto, Senior Management Consultant, ACI

Get Ready for an Action-Packed Weekend with the Sony BRAVIA 4K TVs

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What is a weekend without a bit of action and adventure? The only thing better than a jam-packed weekend full of exciting plans is one without any plan at all. With incredible advances to home technology, binge watching or trying out that new game console is now smarter and more efficient than ever. Adventure is right at the tip of your fingers as the Sony BRAVIA 4K TVs take you to a TV viewing experience in a whole new way. Just imagine its top-of-the-line picture quality, sleek design, its powerful sound technology, and advanced Android TV function. You just can’t help but be ready, get set, and binge.

Watching movies and series are one of the biggest entertainment sources for anyone looking for amusement. Get inside the realms of your favorite movie or series as the future of picture quality with the ultimate brilliance of 4K clarity brings you inside its world and transcends reality. With a well-built sound system that plunges you right into action, your binge-watching tendencies will never be the same again, as the BRAVIA TVs elevate your cinematic experience. With you on the best seat in the house, you can dedicate a blissful time of your weekend to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

The Game Plan
Let’s be honest, when it comes to gaming, it is a vicious cycle of play-sleep-play-repeat. Upgrade your game night with friends as you battle out the throne for the next weekend gaming warrior. The BRAVIA 4K TV experience makes a world of difference for your full gaming potential. The range of BRAVIA TVs provide the essential elements of an ideal TV for gaming that is also future-proof and allows you to maximize its use. Try on the game mode that would better accommodate picture processing to keep up with the rapid demands of your video games.

Keep the Sportsmanship Alive
Watch your favorite sports games in style with the BRAVIA 4K TVs, as it uncovers every detail of a swing, a dunk, or a kick in clarity with the features of an HDR TV. It is an all-around winner with the flawless picture quality thanks to pro-level calibration and a crowd-pleasing audio output that would make it seem like you are at your favorite arena. Go beyond the action and immerse yourself with a whole new experience by optimizing your picture setting that is best for sports.

Choose your own adventure and maximize your weekends at the comfort of your own home with the Sony BRAVIA 4K TVs.

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Enjoy the Perks of Going Spotify Premium with Debit Mastercard

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Playlist Starter Packs for Your Listening Pleasure

Whether it’s a carefully-curated set of gems for the selective music geek or a spontaneous mix of familiar bops anyone can jam to, a good playlist can spell the difference between a boring commute and a fun one, an awkward gathering and a memorable party. While constructing your own one-of-a-kind musical collage can be fun, the sheer range of choices on everyone’s favorite streaming platform can make it difficult to know where to start.

Not to worry though, because Debit Mastercard has come up with starter packs to set you off. Go over these mini-playlists and add your own to create the ideal mix. You can use your Debit Mastercard to avail a Spotify Premium 60-day Free Trial, and enjoy its ad-free, offline listening features from now until November 15, 2018.

On the road. Trips to the beach or Tagaytay often take us through charming scenic routes and long, open highways. Roll down your windows, let the breeze in, and remember that getting there is always half the fun!

Song Suggestions: Tears for Fears’ classic hit Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Carly Rae Jepsen’s saxophone-laden pop confection Run Away With Me, and Chance the Rapper’s jubilant rap hit No Problem.

The Dad Jams. Admit it—we all steal from our dads’ playlists sometimes. With a sizeable collection of old records and greatest hits albums to dive into, you (and dad) will have no shortage of groovy tunes to sing along to.

Song Suggestions: Earth, Wind & Fire’s That’s the Way of the World has a seriously addictive rhythm, while The O’Jays’ Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love) is one of those songs everyone has heard at one point and loves instantly.

Guilty pleasures. You may be a tad embarrassed (just a tad!) to reveal these songs as part of your playlist, but they’re there, and you know every single word to each.

Song Suggestions: Bop to Britney Spears’ instantly recognizable Toxic, and channel your inner karaoke queen/king with classics like The Bangles’ Eternal Flame and Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together.

Hangout and chill. Order a pizza, pair with your favorite beverage, and unwind with your friends with a playlist that sets the night’s relaxed, easy tone.

Song Suggestions: SZA‘s beautifully-layered R&B record The Weekend, Daniel Caesar’s sweet, slow Get You, and pop rock sensation UNIQUE’s fresh and catchy OZONE (Itulak ang Pinto).

Work it out. Pair your workout sessions with a playlist that goes hard. Catchy, energizing tracks help set your pace and push you to finish strong.

Song Suggestions: That beat on Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE just makes you want to lift three times your body weight. Migos’ Stir Fry and Kanye West’s aptly titled The New Workout Plan will have you spinning or running the treadmill.

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