Saturday, September 12, 2020

#JusticeForFabelPineda for Justice Denied

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Remember Fabel? The young girl who got raped and killed by two policemen in San Juan, Ilocos Sur.

Today, the Acts of Lasciviousness case filed by Fabel against her rapist, policeman Marawi Torda, was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Policemen in the Philippines got away with raping an underage girl who was gunned down after filing a case.

She was raped. She went out to file a case at her local police station on July 2 and was denied a request for an escort home. On the way home from the station, she got gunned down and was shot 5 times. She was only 15.

Today, her case got dismissed. How can they just dismiss the case? Is it not enough that she was raped and shot (5 tImeS)? She stood up for herself but in the end, the government gave another point to police brutality.

i can't stop thinking about the fact that Fabel's case was dismissed only because of the fact that her signature wasn't affixed in the affidavit.

Torda and Randy Ramos, another policeman who raped Fabel's cousin, remain in police custody to face four other administrative cases.

Rape-- the crime Fabel filed a complaint on-- is not one of the four remaining unresolved cases.

Let that sink in.

She found the courage to speak up and fight and they what? They killed her. And now the court dismissed her case. HOW FUCKED UP CAN THIS COUNTRY GET I AM SO F*CKING TIRED OF THE INJUSTICE FILIPINOS GET.

How can we ask for protection to officers from harassers when they're the one who harasses us?

To see our justice system fail every day breaks my heart for every human being that has been victimized, families who have lost so much, and to our future which is also at stake.

When will justice be served right?

My heart is aching for this girl! JUST HOW FUCKED UP CAN THIS COUNTRY GET??

The only case dismissed was the one Fabel made personally. There are still other cases awaiting the perpetrators. Fabel's death, the rape of her cousin, the polices' drunkenness on duty and their failure to submit the girls to proper authorities.

So i wouldn't say the fight is over now. There's still hope for #JusticeForFabelPineda

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