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Why Should Ajmer Be Your Next travel Destination?

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Ajmer is a famous city, thirteen km from the tourist heaven of Pushkar. It possesses the peaceful lake of Ana Sagar and is itself circled by the sturdy Aravalli Hills.  

Ajmer is the most significant place of Rajasthan in terms of Islamic history and heritage.  You can find amazing architectural spots, religious destinations, and much more at this place.

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The Role of Water Purifiers and Their Maintenance

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It is great news that you are using a water purifier in your space. You have to ensure that your family is safe and healthy. Dirty water would always trigger dangerous health issues. You have to ensure that you take the precautions so that nobody falls sick because of dirty water.

It’s not just about buying the purifier

You know to buy a water purifier is not sufficient. You have to maintain it properly to make sure that harmful contaminants don’t contaminate your drinking water. One of the most vital steps for the maintenance of your water purification system is to change the filter infrequently. 

But the question here is how often should you actually change the filter?  And even if the need arises when should you get the task of Water purifier repair done?

A filter is the best defense system of your water purifier, filtering harmful pollutants from polluting your drinking water. It is the reason it is essential to maintain and change the Smart RO filter on time. 

It is suggested to change your sediment, carbon and DI cartridges every six to eight months and RO membrane every two years. While it is a good recommendation, it can be deceptive as well. The rate at which cartridges get tired depends on the level of impurities present in your supply tap water and how much water you do filter by making use of your RO purifier.

Change it as per your usage

Consider changing cartridges on the basis of the gallons of water that have passed through them. In case you make use of your RO purifier to generate large quantities of pure water, the cartridge is probable to get exhausted within three months. 

In case you don’t change it, the filter gets soaked by contaminants. These contaminants and dirt pass into your water in case not changed on time. In turn, these are absolutely harmful to health.

For your information, RO water purifiers could have three to twelve stages of purification, and hence, it is vital that you schedule your filter change when it is due for replacement. In an ideal sense, you should replace your filter every six months or after purifying three thousand gallons of water.

Sediment filter

Upholding your sediment filter is also important. It helps you drain out the sediment, filth and slit. A clean sediment filter guards the RO membranes from dirt. In case you don’t change this filter, the dirt is going to reach the membrane and soil the water that passes through it. This filter has to be changed at least once a year.

Carbon filter

The carbon filter is helpful in eradicating chlorine and other damaging contaminants. It is also responsible for eradicating all sorts of odors from the water. You should get your carbon filter replaced at least once in a year.

RO membrane

The membrane of the RO system is semi-permeable. In case you take great care of the sediment and carbon filters, the membrane would just need to be changed after you have consumed 4 - 6k of water volume. 

It could be higher or lower and it depends on the TDS of input water. The replacement schedule shall be based on the consumption of water in your space or household.

Check for drips and leakages

In case you notice any types of drips or leakages in your RO system, make sure you call an expert or professional immediately to fix it. 

In case you don’t fix the problem right away, it might cause serious damage to your water purification system. The sooner you get the issue fixed, the better it would be.

Annual maintenance is also important

Even if you don’t really use your RO filter much, you must call a professional to replace the filters every year.  These professionals would do the proper cleaning and replacement of parts and fix the issues of drips and leakages.

The good news is that your RO purifier is going to function well for years to come if you maintain it in a proper manner. Don’t even try to replace any of the filters on your own. 

It is better if you always hire professionals for maintenance jobs. Always take a contract from the brand and not from any of your local service provider to get the job done right at the first time. It really makes a great difference.

Isn’t it too costly?
You know what if you think about the hospital bills, the treatment costs and the medicines; you might find the rates and prices of water purifiers and their maintenance negligence. Moreover than anything these purifiers don’t eat up your income in bulk. 

One you use them you are going to find effectivity in affordability. The cost of these purifiers is always reasonable if you look at the results they cater you.

How to choose a right purifier?

It is true that every water purifier company out there is claiming that they are the best. But do you think what they are saying is true? Don’t forget that these companies have blanket statements to make. 

You have to evaluate the value and effectivity of products before you spend on them. What you can do is you can do your homework.  
You should:

-          Find out the type of water you have in your house or space. Is it too hard or soft?

-          What is the source of the water in your space?

-          Do you think that the water is heavily polluted?

-          What is the pressure of the water you get in your space?
Once you have these things in mind you would be able to make a more sound and sensible decision.

Do the comparison

Comparison is always the key to effective results. You need to find out the worth of different service providers. After all, when you purchase a water purifier it is not a day today affair, it becomes a life time facility for you.

Thus, since you know a lot about the maintenance of purifiers and how you can make a right choice; you should get a water purifier right away.

Starting 'Em Strong with Cheez Whiz

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Cheez Whiz is your kid's breakfast partner to prepare for anything!

Childs play is getting more challengingkids nowadays are more active than ever, taking on challenges in the classroom, at home and beyond. Kids need all the nourishment they can get to fuel them not only for their day, but for also for a stronger future.

A great day starts with a great breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day for a reason: kids need the right vitamins and nutrients to do their best in school, have the most fun at playtime and be productive even at home.

As parents, we can help our children stay strong throughout the day, most especially through the food that we set on the breakfast table. For over 50 years, Cheez Whiz has been kids breakfast and merienda favorite. With its strength building nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus, Cheez Whiz is not only delicious but its nutrients can help prepare kids for the moments where they will need strength.

Spread Cheez Whiz on just about anything your kids want to eat for the first meal of the day, no matter what activities they have to face. A grueling P.E. class? A mind-bending quiz bee? An action-packed field trip? Cheez Whiz can definitely help kids Start Strong. Now, your child can be ready for anything.

Cheez Whiz Brand Associate Erwin Lalaguna, Mondelez Category Manager Anna Sapitan, Scarlett Kramer, Gummy Carlos, Bettinna Carlos, Cheez Whiz Brand Manager Hanz Lao, Gavin, and Chesca Kramer, are your partners to keep our children strong.

Last June 5, members of the media and their kids were gathered to experience the first-ever Cheez Strength Builders Camp with its newest ambassadors celebrity mom Chesca Garcia and kids Scarlett and Gavin Kramer. Children were able to enjoy fun physical activities that showcased their strength, powered by a Cheez Whiz breakfast. The Strength Builders Camp featured four (4) interactive zones and five (5) active zones where they get to complete exciting physical activities.

“We can help our children to stay strong throughout the day, most especially through the food that we set on the breakfast table. Cheez Whiz can definitely help kids Start Strong. Give them a delicious and more importantly, nutritious breakfast powered by Strength Builders. So, now, your child can be ready for anything. Not only is Cheez Whiz delicious but its nutrients can help prepare kids for moments where they will need strength,” said Hanz Lao, Cheez Whiz’ Brand Manager.

“A good breakfast is important to me and my family. We all lead an active lifestyle from having an athlete husband to children who are student athletes. That is why a good and balanced diet is followed in our home. The kids need Strength Builders such as vitamins, minerals and nutrients to get them through their day, keeping them healthy, strong and focused. I love it when I see that my kids still have the energy to do other things that are just as important like reading a book, doing arts and crafts. It's a good combination and balance for their physical and mental development,” Chesca-Garcia Kramer shared.

Available at all groceries and supermarkets, Cheez Whiz comes in different variants, Original, Pimiento, and Mild, and in different sizes and prices: 450g Jar (P156), 220g Jar (P79.25), SUP 220g (P72), SUP 115g (P39.25), SUP 62g (P25) and 24g Sachet (P10).

To know more, like CHEEZ WHIZ on Facebook and Instagram at @CheezWhizPH.

Airlines Sign Pledge of Commitment to Support NAIA Decongestion, Develop Sangley Airport, and Improve Passenger Convenience

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In a monumental act of unity and proof of faith in government, five (5) Philippine-based airline operators committed to support the decongestion of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), develop other gateways in the country particularly Sangley Airport in Cavite, and improve the convenience of the air-riding public, through the signing of the Pledge of Commitment and Support today, 26 June 2019, in Pasay City.

The initiative proceeds from President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive to decongest the country's main gateway and enhance the comfort and convenience of air passengers.

Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur P. Tugade and Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat led the signing ceremony, which was participated by Cebu Air President and CEO Lance Gokongwei, AirAsia President and CEO Dexter Comendador, Philippine Airlines Officer-in-Charge Vivienne Tan, PAL Express President Bonifacio Sam, and CebGo Vice President for Corporate Affairs Paterno Mantaring Jr., who attended on behalf of CebGo President and CEO Alexander Lao, as signatories.

Secretary Tugade commended the support of the airlines, noting their role in enhancing the travel experience of airport users.

“We thank Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, PAL Express, and CebGo for uniting in this goal of providing comfort to the Filipino people. This initiative is a testament to the many ways the government and private sector can work together to solve problems. However, I am expecting that this commitment will not just remain a piece of paper, but will be implemented effectively and felt immediately by our passengers,” Secretary Tugade expressed.

The transportation chief likewise expressed gratitude to Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Director General Jim Sydiongco, and Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) Executive Director Carmelo Arcilla for their relentless pursuit of improving aviation and airport service for the Filipino people.

“We would not be here today without the solidarity and hard work of our air sector. It is through their efforts that we are elevating the level of service to provide a comfortable life to Filipinos,” Secretary Tugade said.

The commitment aims to address the growing demands for air travel in the Philippines, particularly at the NAIA. Since prior 2016 until 2018, NAIA’s annual passenger traffic increased from 36.5 million to 45 million, which is 130% of its design capacity. Number of flights rose by 5.75%, resulting in an escalated utilization of airport slots per hour by 22.2%, or from 36 to 44.

In her message, DOT Secretary Puyat highlighted the importance of transport infrastructure projects and initiatives in tourism.

“We thank DOTr Secretary Tugade for making this signing of commitment possible. DOTr is a close partner of the Department of Tourism in our vision to improve the tourism sector. The life blood of Philippine tourism is accessibility and connectivity. Infrastructure is critical in the continuing growth and sustainable development of our country’s tourism. We believe that we need to match the excellent hospitality of the Filipino people with the same level of infrastructure and facilities,” Secretary Puyat said.

Improvement of On-Time Performance

Under the Pledge of Commitment, signatories committed to review the flight operations of their respective airline companies to rationalize flight numbers, aircraft movement and rotation, as well as the usage of slots and flying rights, to improve on-time performance.

Signatories also committed to support the development of mechanisms of discipline in the event of flight aberrations within their control. They will cooperate with government and other regulatory agencies that have the authority to determine actionable or punishable occurrences.

Development of other airports

Additionally, signatories pledged to support the development and promotion of other gateways especially Sangley Airport in Cavite for possible viable operations to decongest NAIA.

Secretary Tugade has ordered the accelerated construction of additional facilities at Sangley Airport to 24/7 to meet the operational timeline set by President Duterte for the military air base to commence general aviation and turboprop operations in November of this year.

Improved Passenger Convenience

To raise the level of comfort and convenience of passengers at the NAIA, signatories shall disseminate accurate and timely information to the public through all available avenues and platforms, including social media and public announcement systems inside terminals and even while inside the aircraft, in instances of flight delays and cancellations.

They shall provide and distribute meals, snacks, and refreshments to passengers, consistent with the Air Passenger Bill of Rights.

Likewise, signatories should endeavor to support the operation of DOTr Malasakit Help Desks in various airports, through the distribution of their own “Malasakit Kits” to passengers, whenever applicable. These kits contain essential travel items such as, but not limited to, drinks, light snacks, wet wipes, and hand sanitizers, among others.

Following the signing of the pledge, airline officials reiterated their commitment to help improve the country’s aviation and airport service.

“We thank everyone here for the collaboration and support to enable us reach the common ground and work towards a common goal, that is, to make the air travel convenient to all Filipinos. We accept responsibility and accountability to provide positive and collaborative solution,” Gokongwei said.

“We need to have a balance between safety and efficiency for full on-time performance. Too much of one will mean failure of the other. It is imperative that we not only do the right things, but we should also do things right,” Comendador emphasized.

“We lean to support each and everyone, not just in air transportation, but the rest of the nation. I hope that PAL will be part of the private entity that can help the government, including the President, in putting forward the Philippines and make a very good future ahead of us,” Tan added.

Top 6 Things You Should Know About Medanta Hospital

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Medanta-The Medicity is a multi-specialty medical institute located in Gurgaon, Haryana. The hospital has been specifically modelled to match the standards of medical institutes such as Stanford University Medical Center in the US and Mayo clinic. Since its inception in 2009, the hospital has seen rapid growth and saved the lives of many. Medanta Hospital is one of its kinds and offers unmatched healthcare services to its patients. Some of the best things about Medanta Hospital are –

Unmatched health care facilities

World Class Infrastructure – Medanta has a massive 2.1 million sq. ft. campus with more than 1,600 beds and housing facility. Each floor in the hospital is dedicated to specialization so that nothing is complicated or mismanaged. To ensure that patients feel the visual connection with the outside environment every patient space has windows which allow the natural light to seep in. This helps to cue the patients time cycles into the natural cycle of the sun.

Best team of doctors

The hospital has the most efficient team of doctors who are well-qualified, trained and are known for developing innovative and revolutionary procedures. Some of the doctors in the hospital have been awarded the prestigious ‘Padma Bhushan’, Padma Shri’, Dr B. C. Roy National Award’ and ‘Marquis Who’s Who in the World’ awards. The dedicated team of doctors is never away from the patients and is available for assistance around the clock. The Medanta Hospital Doctors aim to provide the best medical treatment to the patients.

Ensuring the comfort of patients’ families

The hospital has been so designed that there is ample space for the patient’s family and dear one to relax. The hospital rooms have a separate sofa alongside the bed of the patient, to make sure that even the family members are able to rest. Also, there are night lounges for the family members to relax when they cannot stay along with the patients. The hospital has easy access to food and other basic amenities that would be needed by the people who are with the patients.

Compassionate Staff

The staff at the hospital right from the janitors to the persons who serve food is compassionate and enthusiastic about providing the best services to the patients. They ensure that the patients feel at ease and there is nothing that would hamper their course of treatment. The staff is available around the clock for any sort of assistance that a patient would require.

Inculcation of alternate therapies

The hospital doesn’t only run on allopathic medicine or surgical procedures. Ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and unani procedures are also taken into account to ensure that patients get relief. Sometimes patients are given a concoction of ayurvedic medicines prior to undergoing treatment to reduce the discomfort that may occur as a side effect of the treatment.

Specialized Treatment

The hospital is divided into floors and each floor can be considered as another hospital. Patients do not have to rush to different counters to understand the process; rather the staff helps them at every step. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and thereby, provides the best diagnosis and treatment options to the patients. Even the most complex cases are treated carefully at Medanta hospital with the help of the excellence of the doctors, staff and modern technology.

The idea of Medanta hospital was conceived in the year 2003 to deliver high quality and affordable health care services in India. Medanta hospital has been specifically made to ensure that the patients receive the most efficient and personalized treatment. Apart from providing the best medical care, the hospital sets an example for other medical institutes. If you are looking for a world class health care facility in India, then Medanta-The medicity can be the right option for you.

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MARINA Celebrates Day of the Seafarer; Launches SID

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To recognize the immense contributions of seafarers, not only in the Philippine economy, but also in the international seaborne trade, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has celebrated the "Day of the Seafarer" at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) on 25 June 2019.

The annual global event, which was coordinated with the International Maritime Organization (IMO), was organized around the theme of gender equality and also linked with the slogan of the upcoming World Maritime Day on 26 September 2019, "Empowering Women in the Maritime Community."

Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade, through Undersecretary for Maritime Fernando Juan Perez, extended his greetings to all the seafarers and the MARINA for continuous effort and hardwork in developing the maritime industry.

"My heartfelt congratulations, as well as to the hardworking men and women of the MARINA. We have achieved leaps and bounds in the development of the Philippine seafaring industry. Mabuhay ang mga manlalayag na Pilipino," Secretary Tugade stated.

For his part, MARINA Officer-In-Charge Vice Admiral Narciso A Vingson Jr commended Filipino Seafarers for their huge contributions and emphasized that the agency is one with the world in celebrating the Day of the Seafarer.

"Today, we especially recognize the gallantry and service of our Filipino seafarers who are conquering high seas to provide for their families and keep the economy humming through shipping. Our snappiest salute fittingly goes to the industry’s unsung heroes," Vice Admiral Vingson said.

The MARINA's celebration of the Day of the Seafarer also included the mass oathtaking of new Merchant Marine officers who successfully passed the MARINA examination, a talk about mental wellness, a battle of the bands, and a concert, as well as the processing of Certificate of Proficiency (COP), Certificate of Competence (COC), and Seafarer's Identification and Record Book (SIRB).

Meanwhile, in a video message, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim also recognized the important role of women in the international maritime industry.

"To everyone in shipping – you are missing out on a huge talent pool if you do not recognize and empower women in the workplace. Join our Day of the Seafarer campaign and get on board with gender equality at sea," IMO Secretary-General Lim said.

Launching of SID

During the event, the MARINA also formally launched the Seafarer's Identity Document (SID).

The SID is developed in compliance with the standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention No. 185 or the Seafarers’ Identity Documents Convention 2003, as amended.

Generally, the SID will facilitate Filipino seafarers’ shore leave, cross border, transfer, and repatriation even without a visa.

Direk Adolf Alix: “Anita Linda is a Living Storyteller of PH Cinema”

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Award-winning filmmaker Adolfo Alix, Jr. expressed his admiration for veteran actress Anita Linda during the “Sandaan: Dunong ng Isang Ina” event organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) to honor the veteran actress' contributions Philippine cinema held last June 16, 2019 at the Cinematheque Centre Manila.

“She is a living storyteller of how the Philippine cinema evolved. So banggitin niyo lang po sa kanya ‘yung isang pelikulang nagawa niya, and she will tell you wonderful stories about how the film was made, what anecdote she has with the director or co-actors, which I think is a great testament to the entire history of cinema,” said Adolfo Alix, Jr. at the event. It was part of the commemoration for Sandaan: the One Hundred Years of Philippine Cinema and Mother’s Day, and was attended by Anita’s family and friends, people she has worked with, and guests from the media.

Director Alix has worked with Anita in various movies, including “Presa” and his recent film “Circa,” which reaped the White Light Post-Production Award at the Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Film Forum (HAF) last March.

FDCP Chairperson and CEO Mary Liza Diño handed the achievement award to Anita, who is considered the oldest living actress working in the Philippine film industry. “On behalf of FDCP and the entire industry, we are very happy that we are awarding you this recognition. Maraming-maraming salamat po sa pagiging isang ina sa aming lahat, for being one of the country’s living treasures. You are a living movie legend to all of us,” said FDCP Chairperson and CEO Mary Liza Diño during her speech.

Ruel Pambid, Jr., Anita Linda’s nephew, also took pride in having Anita Linda as his aunt. “Nagpapasalamat kami sa FDCP because, at 94 years of age, binigyan niyo ng parangal ang isang Anita Linda. Although of course, we didn’t really look at her as such an actress [but as family]. We’re very proud of her accomplishments because none of her brothers and sisters, none of her nephews, nieces, none of her apos followed in her footsteps. Not one of us became actors or actresses, but we would, of course, relish the fact that the late family produced one such stellar personage in Philippine cinema, and I cannot be more proud that I’m related to Anita Linda.”

A free screening of the widely acclaimed Anita starrer film “Adela” by director Alix was held during the event.

Meanwhile, “The Life of Anita Linda: An Exhibit” at the Cinematheque Centre Manila showcased the different stages of Anita Linda’s life as an actress as well as memorabilia from her career.

Suzuki Sealed Sweeping Victories at the Super Series Nationwide Championship - Davao GP

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Team Suzuki secured a dominant win at the midway round of the Super Series Nationwide Championship by bringing home six trophies and five championship titles at Davao GP coupled with an
outstanding turnout of its one make races – the Skydrive Sport Cup and Raider Breed Wars.

Team Suzuki-VMan Racing

Team Suzuki-VMan Racing April King Mascardo sure did not disappoint his Davaoeño fans by giving them a remarkable performance at Davao GP. After his failed attempt in sealing a podium win last year on his home ground, Mascardo ensured that his comeback would be big by taking not just one but three championship titles. The Davaoeño rider’s confidence in the practice and qualifying session was
so evident that he was able to secure all of the pole positions in the races he championed in - the Super Underbone Sealed Engine, the Super Underbone Open and the Super Scooter Sealed Engine
categories. He even improved his best lap time at 24.489 from the qualifying session to 24.402 at the final race of the Super Underbone Sealed Engine category using the powerful Raider R150 Fi.

Mascardo led by getting a holeshot, breaking away from the pack and then maintaining his race pace until the last lap. His succeeding races seemed like a replay of his first race performance bringing the
crowd to their feet every time he crossed the finish line.

The same scenario went with Rmand Salandanan who was also a consistent topper at the Skydrive Sport Cup securing the Pole Position and championship title in the category at Davao GP. The Regional Underbone Grand Prix (RUGP) running exclusively in Visayas and Mindanao in the
Novice/Intermediate category was also claimed by Roel Rubin and Djereck Ondillo with their Raider R150 Fis who finished at the 1st and 2nd Runner Up, respectively. Nikko Nambatac on the other hand, took home the 3rd spot at the Raider Breed Wars – Raider R150 FI while the rest of the team showed an overall good performance with their respective bikes.

The Skydrive Sport Cup and Raider Breed Wars

The enthusiastic crowd of Davao was as equally intense as the rich pool of riders who participated at the Skydrive Sport Cup and Raider Breed Wars. Registrants of the Suzuki Skydrive Sport Cup easily got
a good grip of the beginner’s bike making it a perfect companion for rookie and novice riders. It was the top rankers Rmand Salandan (Champion), Polo Arellano (1st Runner Up) and Deo Pondoc (3rd Runner Up) again who emerged victorious during the race. An all ladies category for the Suzuki Skydrive Sport Cup also ran for the first time to give way for young female riders who wanted to experience the new fashion scooter on the racetrack. Grabbing the podium for this were Yna Marie
Enriquez (Champion), Angelie Sala (1st Runner Up), and Richelle Del Rosario (2nd Runner Up).

Meanwhile, the power and performance of the Raider R150 Fi was showcased once again in Mindanao with the following winners: Polo Arellano (Champion), Deo Pondoc (1st Runner Up), and Nikko
Nambatac (2nd Runner Up). The Skydrive Sport Cup and Raider Breed Wars are powered by Racing Boy and Pirelli.

Team Suzuki will head back to the racing arena at Bacolod GP on the 4th Round of Super Series Nationwide Championship on July 14

Philippine All-Male Choir Returns from Concert-Competition Tour of Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland

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Filipino all-male choir ALERON returns to Manila after a successful month-long European tour, having performed around Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.

Under the theme of Exploring Identity, the tour’s highlights include emerging victorious at the 2nd Limburg Male Choir Festival in Germany, winning championships in the Men’s Vocal Ensembles and Male Choirs Open categories.

The only non-European choir in the roster of participants, ALERON was also awarded the Special Prize of the Hessian Prime Minister, a distinction given to the group that earns the highest score across the entire competition. Its Ensemble Director, Christopher Arceo, was among the two conductors awarded the Special Choirmaster Prize, along with Matthias Rajczyk from Germany.

The Festival was organized by the Cäcilia Lindenholzhausen, one of the most prominent and leading male choirs in Limburg an der Lahn, known to be the center for male choir singing in Germany.

Following its success in Limburg, ALERON took part in the Svenska kyrkans gosskörsförening’s (Swedish Church’s Boy’s Choir Association) Gosskörsfestival (Boy’s Choir Festival) held in the verdant, lakeside municipality of Rättvik. The annual festival brings together boy’s choirs from all over Sweden, serving as an avenue for choral education and fellowship among its participants in an entirely non-competitive setting.
In celebration of its 25th anniversary this year, the festival featured ALERON Ensemble Director Christopher Arceo as its first non-European guest conductor, working with the combined forces of around 300 male choristers in the performance of choral pieces including Vivaldi’s Gloria, Händel’s Hallelujah Chorus, Åhlén’s Sommarpsalm, Poulenc’s Laudes de Saint-Antoine de Padoue, Tallis’ Hear the voice and prayer, and works by Filipino composers Nilo Alcala (Kaisa-isa Niyan) and Eudenice Palaruan (Nonot Kamo Kanako).

ALERON’s travels saw the group performing in numerous iconic venues such as the Uppsala Cathedral (the largest church in the Nordic region), Linköping Cathedral and Lund Cathedral, where the group provided music for a High Mass in culmination of the Pilgrimsvägen Skåne Blekinge's 10th anniversary, a hiking journey for devotees centered on spirituality and God.

Visiting and performing for Filipino communities in Stockholm, Bochum and Basel also served as an integral part of the group’s journey: singing at the 11th Filipino Marian Pilgrimage at the Zisterzienserkloster in Bochum, Germany on June 8, and performing a concert and Mass at the Clarakirche in Basel, Switzerland on June 14 and 16.

ALERON also had the privilege of meeting with Ambassador Leo Herrera-Lim (Philippine Ambassador to Denmark) and Ambassador Denis Yap Lepatan (Philippine Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein), who invited the choir as a guest of honor at the 121st Independence Day commemoration held at the Philippine Embassy in Berne last June 15. The Embassy presented ALERON in a feature concert at the Yehudi Menuhin Forum on the same day.

ALERON first came into existence in 2006 as the alumni ensemble of the Ateneo de Manila High School Glee Club under the leadership of its current Ensemble Director Christopher Arceo, and continues today composed of male choristers from diverse backgrounds. The group has been a consistent recipient of financial grants by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in support of its international endeavors.

In continuation of its season theme of IDENTITY, ALERON will be staging a homecoming concert on July 28, 2019. Visit ALERON’s official Facebook page at for more details.

Go Negosyo, DTI-Mentored Enteps in Iloilo

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"Most probinsyanos have so many disadvantages in so many things. So, normally the next thing you'll do is to work harder because you have to compensate for the things that you're not familiar with, the things that you don't know much about. So I think that's one trait that if you have so much disadvantage stuck on you, against you, you'll tend to exert more effort. If you recognized that, then it will become your advantage."

Double Dragon President and CEO and Founder of Mang Inasal Edgar “Injap” Sia II inspired his kababayans through his message in the 19th rollout of Go Negosyo’s Mentor Me On Wheels at the Northpoint Event Center, SM City Iloilo last June 21, 2019.

In his message, he added: “You can start small and if you plan properly and you work hard to execute your plans, it's still possible for you to grow to a certain size and successfully compete in a nationwide scale just like how we did our business. So I think, to all of my kababayans, you just have to really carefully study whatever you want to achieve and then once you've studied the industry, the terrain, you have to execute passionately, and to really work hard. It's not optional for you to have some sacrifices, that's your contribution to be able to reach your goal to grow the business. For me, it is the inspiration that it’s possible for a probinsyano, like me, to start small and grow."

Go Negosyo in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and through the help of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Council (MSMED) brought the free mentorship to the City of Love which catered more than 400 and was mentored by 50 mentors.

MMOW program was led by Jerry Clavecillas, Director of Bureau of Small Medium Enterprise

Development - DTI and was joined by Rebecca M. Rascon, Regional Director of DTI- Region 6, Maria Corazon Bulatao, President and CEO of Quad X, Rey Lapid, President & Founder of R. Lapid’s Chicharon & Barbecue, RJ Ledesma, Co-Founder of Mercato Centrale Philippines, and many more mentors!

Aside from MMOW, Go Negosyo also conducted its second rollout of MME in Region 6. Together with DTI, Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprise Development (BSMED), MSMED Council and esteemed partners who joined forces with the aim to supplement graduates of KMME and KAMMP and link them to financial institutions and market platforms.

MME featured three forums on Money, Market, and Digital. Business matching and business consultations on banking institutions, microfinance institution, financial tech institution, digital market platform, mall/supermarket representative, and cashless payment provider were also presented.

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San Isidro to be the Cacao Capital of Davao del Norte

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Local agricultural players pledged to make the municipality of San Isidro become the "cacao capital of Davao del Norte" in a stakeholders forum organized by the Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) last July 19.

Representatives from the local government, business sector, community leaders, farmers and PEF trustees as well as its program committee members met to lay down their visions to contribute in the area development of the municipality.

"This is a welcome development for us because San Isidro is a fourth-class municipality. We need the support from other stakeholders to cope up with the limitations," Municipal Administrator Allan Delideli said.

San Isidro has 3,600 hectares of cacao farms and is known for its tableya and cacao beans production.

Aside from developing the cacao industry, the participants also discussed strategies to cope up with the falling prices of copra, with inputs such as intercropping cacao with coconuts, good farm practices, value-adding, and improving the quality of nuts.

According to PEF Executive Director Roberto Calingo, the stakeholders forum became opportunity for everyone to strengthen partnerships and cooperation.

“(This is an opportunity) para mapakinggan kung paano magkakaroon ng pagkakaisa ng pananaw kung paano pauunlarin ang kabuhayan ng mga pamilya at kung paano papalakasin ang cacao commodity," he said.

For her part, PEF board vice chairman Carmencita Abella said that the convergence of all stakeholders is a step towards improving opportunities for the farmers in San Isidro.

"Ang punto ng ginagawa natin ay maitaas ang income ng farmers,"she said. "Hindi natin maiingat ito kung hindi tayo magtutulungan."

The stakeholders forum is part of the two-day visit by PEF board and program committee members to look into the Foundation's efforts in developing the agricultural value chain in the municipality.

The group visited model and demo cacao and coconut farms, as well as local enterprises of the Laak Multipurpose Cooperative and Chokolate de San Isidro.
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