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Bato Dela Rosa says probe will only demoralize the PNP

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"Senator Bato dela Rosa, former national police chief and alumnus of the country’s premier military school, says it would demoralize cops if they were probed for the killing of 4 soldiers in June."

"It will rub more salt to the injury" Maybe you mean to the wound. Bakit balat-sibuyas ba ang mga pulis?

Whose injury? The PNPs? Excuse me. That quip is not a typical PMAyer's line. Papaano kaya iyang bokal na iyan nakapasok at nakagraduate sa PMA? Malakas ang backer?

It's plain and simple kashungahan. What happened to the rule of law, quo vadis, Pilipinas?! Did he just said to just sweep the garbage under the rug?

I think the Philippine Army and the Filipino people would want to find out if there are indeed links between the Jolo police and the Abu Sayyaf. After all, it's a small piece of land and yet the police could not seem to enforce peace and order in the province. I think you're reluctant to investigate those links because it will open a can of worms within the PNP ranks. It will reveal that the police hierarchy is festering with worms eating at its core.

B. S.! so what if they are demoralized?! That's they're problem which they have to deal with. That failure falls in the hands of the PNP senior officers. That doesn't mean justice will stop for these type of people. The soldiers were executed, they didn't have a chance to defend themselves and they were all shot from behind.

We believe the result of the probe will benefit the public more than the ego amongst few rogue cops whom this 'alleged demoralization' mostly would 'creep' upon. Not the good cops who are already satisfied with good salary and dedication to serve the country. Bottom line, find the truth, investigate with political will all suspects, no exception. Demoralization? This excuse is a thing of the past. It will demoralize the collaborators of true terrorists. Bakit mas mahalaga ba ang demoralization kaysa justice? Hindi kaya mas nakaka-demoralize sa mga matitinong pulis kung pati sila madadamay sa mga kalokohan ng ibang pulis?

Kaya malalakas sng loob ng mga pulis patola na yan e kasi may PROTECTOR! May ENABLER. What is this fool hiding? Sarap butasin ang ulo nitong si “sarap buhay” tapos hulugan ng piso para naman magkalaman.

Bababa ang morale nila, bibigat naman ang bulsa. May nag-utos sa mga iyan. They were mere pawns.

Kahit ibuhos pang lahat ang kaban ng bayan sa kanila sa pasuweldo, all government employees as well, hindi pa rin sila mawawalan ng reklamo. Walang pinagkaiba sa mga rallyists. Only we can enjoy lasting peace if saboteours are flushed out. Marami pa ring raket na nangyayari not only ths Abu Sayyaff thing

Demoralization happened several times before in the PNP and AFP, but never been a major issue to turn back to their  oath of alligance.

I have yet to hear something sensible coming out of this senator's mouth. No logic and obviously very defensive. There is no investigation yet, but he has taken a stand already. Clearly this guy is not worthy of even a soldier’s salute, nor of being called honorable.

This is a clear proof why we should not take Bato's recommendation of death penalty. He is just obviously showing that selective implementation of justice is ok for him. He is a one-sided senator. Puro pabor lang sa PNP ang iniisip at hindi ang pangkalahatan.

Sabi ko na nga ba hindi lang buhok ang nawala sa ulo ng senador na ito. Sa pagkalagas ng buhok, may nakasamang nasa loob kaya ganyan ang katwiran. Ingat-ingat sa mga buhok natin at baka may makasama sa pagkawala. Ilang sundalo at sibilyan ang namatay tapos gusto niya pagtakpan?

Seeing Bato in the senate is demoralizing and depressing too. Kaya siya pinatakbo ay para lang sa votes at mabraso kung anuman gusto ipasa ng admin. Shut up na lang sana siya. Walang laman ang ulo kasi.

Why not call for a fair investigation, instead? That will settle the issue. Let the probe put into effect. Majority of the people heading into the mountain barangays is because of the abuses of the PNP and not the military. Majority of people joining rebel groups are also the abuses done by the PNP. Yet, the military is the one trying to clear the mess being initiated by the PNP. The Senate and Congress should clean up the PNP. According also to a politician from Davao City, the PNP is the source of corruption in the country.

Justice should prevail because injustice breeds discontentment in the ranks!

Let justice be for the 4 soldiers killed because only the guilty ones will be prosecuted and it will not demoralise the PNP as a whole.

Application of technology in treating migraine

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The use of technology has already made everything easy in performing tasks that will generally benefit humans. According to the application of technology in treating migraine, a migraine device, and other neuromodulation devices are used in the control of the different body systems by either enhancing or suppressing it. 

The use of neuromodulation devices is very effective in reducing the severe pain associated with migraine attacks. In the application of neuromodulation devices for treating migraines, the device makes use of a certain voltage of electric current or magnet depending on the device model to evaluate the on-activities in the brain. 

That’s not all because most of these devices have the ability to prevent or stop a severe migraine attack that’s on the way. These positive effect of technology in health produced by the neuromodulation devices aid in the stimulation and modulation of the brain nerves. These devices are very portable to carry around as the design structures are mostly made to fit around the head. 

Since the introduction of the neuromodulation devices for treating migraine headaches, no side effects have been recorded. Meaning that the device is risk-free to use according to FDA who approved it. Here are ways of which the application of technology is used in treating migraines: 

Pain relief without pills

Not everyone likes the use of the pill for relieving their migraine pains, especially when most of these pills have side effects. The use of a migraine device can easily terminate the vital effects of migraine headaches without even taking any drugs. The process won’t even have you worrying about any side effects because it has none. As a patient suffering from the attacks of migraine headaches, you only need to turn this device on twice or three times a day. Another amazing thing about the neuromodulation devices is that you can even use them when you are also taking medications.

Providing easy to use wearables

Just as explained above, most of the migraine treatment devices are designed as a wearable technology, which makes it accurate in reading the body system when worn. An example of these devices is Cefaly, which is professionally approved by the FDA. The Cefaly migraine device that uses its electrical capabilities in the stimulation of the body nerves and muscles that are located around the head to reduce your migraine pain.

Portable devices that can be used anytime

Apart from Cefaly, there are other portable neuromodulation devices that can be used anytime. The neuromodulation devices can be used depending on the individual condition suffering the migraine attacks. This can be determined and prescribed by the neurologist treating the patient after a thorough examination.

Devices are created based on past data or information

Technological development mostly depends on the use of past defected information to recreate something with more potential. The use of migraine devices is still going on and there’s no doubt that in next few years to come, several breakthroughs will be made. For example, the Cefaly wearable device was introduced in the United States around 2013 as the first potential device for treating migraines. However, several breakthroughs and new developments have been developed since then to now with the aid of past recorded data and information.

Providing competent and self care devices

The migraine wearable devices are now leading a role in the treatment of migraine headaches. This is possible because of the technology’s impeccable accuracy and effectiveness in preventing migraines. Several brands have emerged today in the development of migraine devices with a solid aim of eradicating the severe effects of migraine headaches from everyone.


The application of technology for medical treatment is a creative improvement in treating severe illnesses like migraine headaches. Each of these migraine devices performs different tasks based on their features. For people that don’t like taking medications as the treatment method of preventing the vital effects of a migraine headache, using a migraine treatment device will gradually stimulate tour nerves and body muscles back to its original state and eradicate migraines.

Chadwick "Black Panther" Boseman Dies of Cancer

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"He was a gentle soul and a brilliant artist, who will stay with us for eternity through his iconic performances over his short yet illustrious career. God bless Chadwick Boseman" -  Denzel Washington

"It was the highest honor getting to work with you and getting to know you. What a generous and sincere human being. You believed in the sacred nature of the work and gave your all. Much love to your family..." - Mark Ruffalo

Chadwick Boseman, who featured as a main actor in Black Panther, dies of cancer at 43 years of age.

I'm beginning to think Thanos was real and that he clicked his fingers at the start of 2020.

It’s like 2020 is being run by Thanos as he is acquiring all the stones and about to snap his fingers.

Chadwick Boseman was really fighting two battles. One was against thanos, and the other was his cancer.

He really battled Thanos, Killmonger, and half the Avengers, all whilst battling cancer as well. Quite literally a legend. He will not be forgotten.

Black Panther will always be one of the coolest movies I’ve ever watched all because of Boseman!

That final clip of Black Panther leading the charge against Thanos in the ‘Portals’ scene of Endgame will never be the same again. Rest easy Chadwick Boseman. Thank you for filling our hearts with so much excitement at the movies. There will never be another Black Panther!

I wish, Thanos for once, could just snap his fingers and you’d still be here, Cancer-free, with us.

You did good champ! Who's going to play your role? Gone to soon!

I’ll never forget the chills I got when Captain America looked like he was gonna get killed by Thanos then Black Panther came out.

No more Black Panther. They couldn’t have beaten Thanos without you. Love you 3000.

Rest in power, king. Wakanda Forever!

"In my culture, death is not the end"— King T'Challa

WWF-PH Welcomes Robi Domingo as the Newest Addition to the Panda Family

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The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines welcomed Robi Domingo to the Panda family as the newest addition to their roster of celebrity ambassadors, helping the organization spread awareness on the importance of planetary health to human health.

The actor, who rose to fame as a finalist in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, shared that his 2017 documentary series, which brought him to different parts of the country, inspired him to use his voice and platform to promote environmental conservation.

“I got to go and see the different parts of the country, from places like Mt. Apo to Malapascua, and every trip I would say, ‘Wow, ang ganda ng Pilipinas’. I want to share these amazing stories to the people, and by working with WWF-Philippines, they [people] will learn the value of environmental conservation. I firmly believe in the thinking that if we take care of the world, the world will also take care of us”, Domingo said.

Growing up in an environmentally-conscious household inspired Domingo to adapt sustainable practices in his lifestyle—from simply bringing his own tumblers and utensils, to lessen single-use plastic consumption. He also bikes as much as possible to reduce carbon emission, and even insists on going digital for project scripts to lessen paper use.

The pre-medicine graduate joins fellow Ateneo alumna Janine Gutierrez as the organization’s newest National Youth Ambassador, and will work together with the WWF-PH National Youth Council (NYC) to encourage active participation from the youth sector in environmental conservation. Despite being the newest addition to the group, Domingo showcased great chemistry with the NYC during the Conservation Conversation: Wild Youth livestream event last August 28, discussing facts about the Tamaraw, the world’s rarest and most endangered buffalo, and raised funds for Tamaraw Conservation in Mindoro.

As a self-proclaimed “kuripot”, Domingo also aims to shed light on how being environmentally pragmatic can lead not only to financial gain, but also saving lives and the planet in the process.

WWF-Philippines looks forward to working alongside Robi to urge everyone, especially the youth, to #ChangeTheEnding for the planet and make a difference for current and future generations of Filipinos.

Namjoon of BTS Compares their relationship with fans is like “Nutella and bread” and Jungkook went “What!?”

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“Describe your relationship with your fans in one word”

Jungkook: love... love
Namjoon: Nutella and bread
Jungkook: .... what?

Namjoon’s brilliant mind is always on like standardized test mode. ARMY is to BTS as NUTELLA is to BREAD. Get on this level, y’all. 

Namjoon said their relationship with Army is like “Nutella and bread” and Jungkook went “What!?”

Namjoon first saying their relationship with army is like "hamburger and Coke" and now saying its like "Nutella and bread"

When someone speaks food to you, there is a deeper soul to soul connection there. As they say the way to a man's heart is through his tummy or stomach.

He is in exploration to find a word that exceed the word "love". And he nailed it everytime.

How about Soju and beer next time?

Or is that just the headspace I’m in right now??

"Joonie" has been expressing his love for Army through food pairing analogies and this is just another reason to love him more. Though that is three words...hehehe

Why is Namjoon the cutest person in this world?

And Taehyung said Army are his BFFs. He keeps saying we’re his best friends?? Im so endeared.

Though, while everyone keeps talking about JK’s little WHAT?!, have you noticed Tae’s WTF face & Hobi’s fond smile when Joon said “Nutella & Bread”?

"If you ever feel alone, just remember that Taehyung called us his best friends, Jungkook called us love, Joon called us Nutella and bread, Jimin called us his future, Hobi called us his hope, Yoongi said we’re always together and Seokjin called us his Earth."

#Nutella #BTS #WazzupPilipinas

Blackpink and Selena Ice Cream Gets Called Out for Using Moses in the Song's Lyrics

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Toxic Armys and Blonks be blaming Lisa just because she said "Moses" but didn't say anything when other songs drag religions to their songs like "Oh my God," "You're my religion," "Jesus Christ," and others.

Moses maybe literally a Biblical reference but it has been used for decades in TV shows, songs, movies, etc.

But I guess blackpink is the only artist who can't use it? Why all the bashings?

Y'all are trying to cancel Blackpink and Selena for literally a stupid reason. I’m sure that when they sing “play the part like Moses” they could be talking about Moses, a famous Nigerian football player who plays in Italy. Lol!

It was literally to praise Moses, keep your dirty mind to yourself. Also, don’t be a hypocrite. When BP do it, it’s all disrespectful and no excuses, when other people do it, it’s OK to have a double meaning behind it. Honey that ain’t right, boo!

The lyrics are so simple. It literally said "If you cant be a great man like Moses or even come close to his level then don't come into my life. Moses is the standard. It was a compliment. The writer, Bekuh Boom, explained it above. They are putting him on a pedestal. If you still can't understand it then you might as well cancel everyone.

The song is literally praising Moses, and BTW was used by countless of artists, but it's only offensive when Blackpink did it?

Like how could you come up with something that fast when an explanation was right there in front of you? Y'all never give a shit when some artists used his name in their lyrics, but suddenly you're offended because Blackpink said it.

A lot of KPop songs with the lyrics "Oh My God" to them but it's not offensive, while Moses is?

I just realized that the ice cream that Lisa was holding is a reference to moses that parted the red sea to save the people.

Is it because "God" is a label, not a name? Moses, however is a prophet throughout abrahamic religions? But God is the highest among everyone. He recieved the 10 commandments from Him. Moses worshipped  Him.

God is a label about someone who is a divine being. It's not necessarily a name like Jesus, for example. If that would be Jesus or any other gods in any religion, then that would be deemed as offensive. In Moses's case, it was his name, not his title of being a prophet.

Among Us: Toxicity in the game is dominating on the phrase "Pinoy pride"

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So we're proud even though we're being called toxic? The amount of stupidity in people nowadays. Is this what happens when you can't get out for days?

As of now, toxicity is dominating on the phrase "Pinoy pride". Wala na silang pake kung 'toxic' na tawag sa atin ng mga foreign people kahit totoo naman. It's not funny y'all, even if it's "sArCaSm" yah sayin! We're being hated by other countries. What a huge shame on us.

Already expected this to happen when Among Us started to gain traction. I understand that some Filipinos are not well versed in speaking english but you have to keep in mind that Filipinos aren't the only ones playing the game.

Wrong grammars are fine as long as you can communicate with each other. Also for the people being toxic in-game you may find what you're doing entertaining but it's pretty annoying to the people around you. Just stop! You're giving others a hard time. I know toxicity will never disappear and I agree, and being toxic from time to time is pretty entertaining, but it's getting out of hand to the point that it needs to be stopped or lessened one way or another.

Of course, I'm not trying to generalise. I know not everyone's like this. I feel like I'm gonna get alot of hate after writing this, but screw it, somebody has to speak out.

Do you realize these behaviours can sour a person's look towards the majority of Pinoys? As a Pinoy myself, I am sometimes disgusted for being one. Why? Because of what the majority of media see of us Filipinos. And that's why its a BIG issue in our community.

They ruined my playing experience too, but I don't think I will eventually learn how to play this game stupidly like how they play it. What was supposed to be a puzzle/strategic game, becomes a joke for Pinoys.

Is it justifiable when it comes to fellow Pinoys because most grew up in a toxic environment? But remember, others didn't and we have to treat them with the proper respect and care they also grew up with.

Ano ba mainly mga ka-toxican ang ginagawa ng ibang mga pinoy? Hindi ba kabilang na doon pagta-Tagalog sa English servers? It's called common courtesy.

Also, common sense na dedicated na nga ang server for English speaking peeps tapos magta-Tagalog pa tayo? Gawa na lang tayo ng room, name it "Filipinos only" or whatever suits us. Other countries don't care if our English is perfect. The point here is to know how to respect.

IQ is not even a measurement of how good we are in English...Look at China, even Korea or Japan...  All of them have better educational systems than us, but most of their citizens do not know how to speak English. Whereas, most Filipinos can communicate with foreigners well even if our grammar or sentence construction is not that good.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit ganyan halos lang ng Filipino. Well, that's one of the reasons. Ang mas malala talaga is yung mag bo-vote tayo ng walang ka-clue clue man lang.

For those planning on trying the game, pero mukhang discouraged na dahil mga "I don't care, lolo niyo long hair" aabutan nila doon.

IDK, but some are saying they are now getting a lot of hates from foreigners, even other Asians too, just because they're Filipinos. This never happened to since Among Us came out. Many had fun with foreigners and now when people know you're a Filipino, they'll diss you.

I respect many players having fun with no toxicity or death threats. But for those others going wild, they are obviously sad, ugly and lonely trolls still living in their parent's basement.

With retards like those causing toxicity in the game, we'd soon be equivalent to Chinese tourists known for shitting in the middle of the road, being loud and obnoxious and spitting at staff members when they're not happy. Continue showing we're dumb and uneducated so we'll soon be called the online Chinese tourists.

Do you really think "having fun" is an excuse for being toxic? I guess eto talaga ang effect ng immaturity sa mga pinoy gamers noh? Hindi titigil kahit nakakasakit na ang pagiging toxic. Hindi lang naman tayo lang ang naglalaro sa game eh. Learn to be considerate sa ibang players. Patience can reach a certain level. That's the problem with most Filipinos, we don't know when enough is enough.

We're probably one of the most hated countries on the planet now. Heck, even our fellow Filipinos hate their nationality. I really care much about how others view us though. I know that we ain't all bad, but we should encourage our fellow gamers to be more considerate and kind.

To the minority of Pinoys who know respect, is it best that we hide our race in the dark to avoid being shamed by the international media?

I think being toxic is a part of us. We're hospitable in person but IDK why some become toxic when it comes to online games or any online application. Are these suppressed feelings wanting to get out? Is there too much hate inside of us?

All I could say to our foreign friends, please don't judge a country as a whole just for a few or even many citizens being rude or misbehaved in the game.

I don't talk much when I play, I also say that I'm new to a game if I play a new game so they won't expect much. That is how we should be playing in any game - disciplined and respectful, even in the game we call life.

*Cover image credit to Mark John Solver

Friday, August 28, 2020

ONE Championship Thailand Exclusive Media Zoom Session With Denice and Drex Zamboanga

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ONE Championship recently held an exclusive Zoom conference call with Philippine media late Wednesday, 26 August, 2020. In attendance were sibling martial arts duo, top women’s atomweight contender Denice “The Menace” Zamboanga and her older brother Drex “T-Rex” Zamboanga.

The two ONE Championship athletes participated in a short Q&A session with the media ahead of their respective bouts at ONE: A NEW BREED -- a live, closed-door, audience-free event scheduled for this Friday, 28 August in Bangkok.

Denice is scheduled to face Thai national judo champion Watsapinya “Dream Girl” Kaewkhong in a three-round mixed martial arts contest.

“My preparations for this fight have gone very well. I’m on weight, in fact, even a little under. I’m very excited for my next fight. This card is also special because I get to perform on the same night as my older brother Drex. I’m excited for his ONE Championship debut. Hopefully, we will both be successful in both of our fights. The goal has always been to become brother and sister world champions,” said Denice Zamboanga.

“I took this fight because I want to stay active, especially now that national borders are still closed. I grabbed the opportunity to fight in Thailand, since I’m already here. I’m not underestimating my opponent (Watsapinya Kaewkhong) at all. At this level, every opponent is top notch. Once everything goes back to normal, I know I will meet Angela Lee at some point. We’ve trained very hard. Our conditioning is great. We have a great game plan heading into this matchup.”

On the other side of the spectrum, 27-year-old Drex Zamboanga is ready to make his first appearance in the ONE Championship ring. Drex will take on Thai amateur mixed martial arts champion Detchadin “Detchpool” Sornsirisuphathin also in a three-round mixed martial arts contest.

“Everything has gone good so far here in Thailand. Even if we went on lockdown, we still got some good quality training in. We’re blessed to have the support of the Filipino people, and our Thai friends here. I’m glad to be in ONE Championship, making my debut. I’m happy and this is the first time me and Denice will be on a huge card together,” said Drex Zamboanga.

“This is also the first time I will perform in such a huge event with no audience. I’m inspired by the thought of my family back home watching me fight. This gives me extra motivation to put together my best performance. In fact, millions of fans around the world will be watching, so I have to showcase my skills and give it my all. I’m very excited for this Friday night. This is the biggest stage for mixed martial arts in Asia. It’s a completely different level. The ONE flyweight division is stacked with amazing talent, including my idol Demetrious Johnson, so I’m inspired by the possibilities. I welcome whatever challenges may come.”

Catch ONE Championship's Zamboanga Siblings at ONE: A New Breed on Friday, August 28, on One Sports and One Sports+.

*A copy of the audio file of the Zoom media availability with Denice and Drex Zamboanga is attached in this email

**Quotes in this media alert have been translated from the Filipino language

For more updates on ONE Championship, please visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and like us on Facebook at

Save the Children Philippines raises concern on children’s welfare after twin bombings in Jolo

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Save the Children Philippines denounces the twin bombings in Jolo, Sulu that killed at least 14 and injured several others, including children, on Monday, August 24.

“It is unfortunate that at the time when the country and the world are battling against the COVID-19 pandemic, children still experience armed violence and continue to face its devastating and life-long impacts,” said Atty. Alberto Muyot, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children Philippines.

He said the bombings which occurred in heavily populated areas could disrupt the essential services including healthcare, water and sanitation, as well as peace and security in the province.

Save the Children Philippines, through its offices in the cities of Iligan and Cotabato, work in partnership with the government and ministries of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) in promoting sustainable peace through education, livelihood, and health support to deprived and marginalized children and their families.

The child rights organization, in its global campaign Stop the War on Children, emphasized that children suffer in conflict in more severe ways with lasting implications than adults. This include the indirect consequences of conflict such as displacement, breakdown of health services, water and sanitation, and school closures.

“Save the Children Philippines is deeply saddened upon hearing about the recent bombing incidents in Sulu where victims included innocent Bangsamoro children. Children in Mindanao have been subjected to immense suffering due to these ongoing armed conflicts," expressed Edwin Horca, BARMM Team Leader of Save the Children Philippines.

"These events prompt us to be more rigorous in upholding our mission in protecting the children, making sure that violence against them is no longer tolerated,” Horca added.

Save the Children Philippines, with support from the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), is implementing the ReACh 2 TEACH project in conflict-affected areas in Mindanao, including Sulu, to ensure that children will continue to have access to education through the provision of temporary learning spaces (TLS) and learning materials, and at the same time, capacitate teachers to handle psychosocial first aid and psychosocial support, and equip them with adequate teaching kits.

Save the Children Philippines advocates for peace education, resiliency, and protection of children’s rights among the men, women, and youth of Marawi City. In partnership with the government of Japan, through the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the child rights organization implements the Restoring Learning and Livelihoods project for short-term emergency employment and longer-term livelihood development of adults, as well as the provision of culturally, age-appropriate, gender and con´Čéict-sensitive learning opportunities for boys and girls.

Philippines commits as major international hub for crew change

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Philippines, through the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), on Thursday committed itself to becoming a major international hub for crew change before the 39th Meeting of the Maritime Transport Working Group of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and its Dialogue Partners such as China, Japan, Korea and the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This is the first time that the meeting was held virtually amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

MARINA Administrator Robert A Empedrad, who headed the Philippine Delegation, said that the Philippines as a responsible member of the international maritime community continues to cooperate with Member States for the facilitation and safe movement of the world’s seafarers noting their importance in the stability of the global seaborne trade. As a major provider of seafarers to the global labor market, he further mentioned that the Philippines has already opened the Ports of Manila, Bataan and Subic for international crew change and that the country is looking forward to the opening of its other international ports for this purpose.

“Given that seafarers play a crucial role in local and global maritime community, the welfare of these key workers should be of prime importance. As such, our maritime sector is working diligently to activate crew change hubs in the country to give maritime vessels the avenue to refresh their manpower, and to provide relief to our hardworking seafarers,” Empedrad said.

“They are the lifeline of the world’s economy as such they are our essential workers. In the Philippines, our seafarers are our indispensable partners for our country’s economic development."

Philippines’ Maritime Initiatives amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

At this meeting, Administrator Empedrad assured that the Philippines continues to exert its utmost effort to keep the maritime industry afloat through a “whole-of-government approach” amidst the pandemic.

At this unprecedented time, he ensured that the supply chains, including the maritime sector in the Philippines, remain operational with the implementation of several measures such as the: 1) use of automated systems to lessen face-to-face transactions; 2) creation of a Shipping Protection Office, which protects both domestic and international shippers against unreasonable fees and charges imposed by the shipping lines; 3) decongestion of ports; 4) issuance of directive for all domestic shipping lines to provide cargo space and allocation for agricultural and food products, and providing preferential cargo rates; and 5) extension of STCW certificates for seafarers that are still on board ships.

Philippines’ Initiatives on the Implementation of Maritime Transport-Related Measures Under Kuala Lumpur Transport Strategic Plan (KLTSP)

The Kuala Lumpur Transport Strategic Plan (KLTSP) 2016-2025 is a 10-year masterplan for the ASEAN transport sector, which aims to enhance regional economic integration.

One of the projects under the KLTSP is the ASEAN Single Shipping Market (ASSM). Administrator Empedrad provided updates on the progress of the Pilot Project regarding the operationalization of ASSM, and coordination efforts to support the sustainability of Davao-General Santos-Bitung route Ro-Ro operation. The ASSM aims to improve the region’s logistics performance and international competitiveness.

Aside from ASSM, the Philippines conveyed its support and participation in the succeeding phase of the “Advanced Personnel Training Program for Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)” project as its ports acquire more VTS facilities and equipment to improve the delivery of service to stakeholders. The VTS refers to the marine traffic monitoring system established by harbour or port authorities.

Further, Administrator Empedrad also conveyed the country's support to the ASEAN’s proposed project relating to the “Conduct of a package of ASEAN-China Maritime Transport Studies”. The said study aims at maximizing the potential of maritime trade between the ASEAN region and China through the assessment of economic benefits of the shipping network, and identification of possible cooperation areas.

This Year’s First ASEAN Maritime Transport Working Group (MTWG)

The 39th ASEAN MTWG meeting aims to provide updates on the status and implementation of the measures and strategic actions on maritime related programs, projects and activities under the KLTSP 2016-2025.

The said meeting was attended by the ASEAN Member States delegates from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and the Philippines. It is likewise participated by the dialogue partners from Japan, China, Republic of Korea and International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The ASEAN MTWG Meetings are being conducted twice a year to monitor the progress in the implementation of the KLTSP (2016-2025) and to discuss various ASEAN transport-related initiatives.

19 New Whale Sharks Identified in Donsol Throughout 2020

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines has identified 19 new individual whale sharks in the waters of Ticao-Burias Pass Protected Seascape (TBPPS) since the start of 2020.

Nestled between the provinces of Masbate, Sorsogon and Albay, the TBPPS is a critical ecosystem that is home to numerous endangered marine species, including the whale shark. The area is rich in marine biodiversity – but development work in the surrounding provinces poses a threat to local ecosystems.

The conservation organization also reports 50 returning individuals, for a total of 69 unique whale sharks spotted since the start of the year. This makes for a total of 733 whale sharks documented in the region since monitoring began in 2007.

The whale sharks were identified as part of WWF-Philippines’ ongoing effort to protect the TBPPS ecosystem. WWF-Philippines has operated sustainable tourism activities in the region since 1998, in a tripartite partnership with the LGU of Donsol and the Department of Tourism Region 5. Whale shark populations have risen since then, and the municipality of Donsol has developed into a third-class municipality.

Tourism activity in the TBPPS remains on hold under ongoing lockdown measures. Despite this, however, WWF-Philippines maintains its daily whale shark monitoring operations.

“It’s important that we continue our whale shark monitoring efforts despite the lockdown. It’s our obligation as WWF-Philippines to continue monitoring activities, and to let the world know of the whale sharks of Donsol and their importance to their ecosystem,” said WWF-Philippines Donsol Project Manager Jun E. Narvadez. The International Union for Conservation of Nature, or IUCN, currently lists the whale shark as endangered.

“Our Butanding Interaction Officers, our spotters, they all help us monitor the whale sharks. This is a community effort that helps both the whale sharks and the people of Donsol. Hopefully by November, we’ll be able to restart our tourism activities again,” added Narvadez.

WWF-Philippines has continued to provide support to the community of Donsol throughout the current pandemic. With your help, we can continue to #ChangeTheEnding for our whale sharks.

Cover photo: A whale shark in Ticao-Burias Pass Protected Seascape, or TBPPS, off the coast of Donsol, Sorsogon. 19 new individuals were sighted in the area throughout 2020. Photograph © WWF-Philippines

19 new individuals and 50 returning whale sharks were identified in the Ticao-Burias Pass Protected Seascape, or TBPPS, throughout 2020. Photograph © WWF-Philippines

Whale shark individuals are identified by the pattern of their spots. Each whale shark possesses a pattern that is unique to them, making them easy to differentiate. Photograph © WWF-Philippines

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe set to resign for health reasons

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan's longest continuously serving prime minister, after taking office in 2012, is set to resign for health reasons.

Two hospital visits in one week sparked questions about whether Mr Abe's health was deteriorating.

He had been due to serve until September 2021. He has not revealed what the visits were for but one is reported to have lasted nearly eight hours.

He has suffered from the disease ulcerative colitis for many years but his condition is thought to have worsened recently.

In 2007 he resigned abruptly from an earlier term as prime minister because of his struggles with ulcerative colitis, a chronic condition affecting the large intestine, that he has lived with since he was a teenager.

Officials from his governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) have previously dismissed speculation that he would step down, saying the prime minister's health is fine.

On Tuesday one of his aides told Reuters that he thought Mr Abe would fulfil his tenure.

Akira Amari, head of the LDP's tax panel, dismissed the suggestion that the prime minister would dissolve parliament's lower house for a snap general election soon.

"There won't be a snap election for the time being," he said.

Still, rumours have persisted about Mr Abe's growing fatigue as he fields growing scrutiny for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when approval ratings for his cabinet have dropped.

Under Japanese law, an acting prime minister would step in temporarily if Mr Abe were unable to perform his role, with no limits on how long they can stay in post.

Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, who is also finance minister, is first in line, followed by Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga.

An acting prime minister cannot call a snap election but they lead on other matters such as treaties and budgets until a new party leader and premier is chosen.

A resignation or an announced intention to resign would trigger a vote within Mr Abe's LDP to replace him as president.

This election would be followed by a parliamentary vote to elect a new prime minister.

The winner would hold the post until the end of Mr Abe's term in September 2021.

No surprises in 2020 NOI.PH Finals

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De La Salle University Senior High School’s Dan Alden Baterisna, who won a bronze medal at the 31st International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in Baku, Azerbaijan last year, backed up his top-ranked status as he scored 609 points to place first in the recently-concluded National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI.PH), held online last August 8-9.

Coming in second was Steven Chua of British School Manila, who scored an impressive 574.54 points. Baterisna received a gold medal and Php 6,000 cash prize, while Chua secured silver and Php 3,000.

With the finish, they automatically clinched two of the four spots on the Philippine team in the IOI.

The NOI.PH Finals was participated in by the top 31 finishers out of 148 during the national eliminations held in January. The finalists each solved five challenging programming tasks in each day’s five-hour session. Contestants used their programming and analytical skills to create data structures and algorithms to solve each task using a program.

Also securing places in the top 10 were:

3rd place – Steven Reyes of Saint Jude Catholic School (565.74 points)

4th place – Dion Stephan Ong of the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School (503 points)

5th place – Frederick Ivan Michael Tan of Philippine Science High School – Main (493 points)

6th place – Rapahael Dylan Dalida of PSHS Main (468.08 points)

7th place – Ron Mikhael Surara of PSHS Bicol (449.68 points)

8th place – Enruco Rolando Martinez of PSHS Main (273.96 points)

9th place – Harvey Shawn Chua of PSHS Main (271.9 points)

10th place – Marc Joshua Ayalde of PSHS SOCCSKSARGEN (268.11 points)

The remaining two slots in the national team will be filled after a training session among the top finalists.

NOI.PH President Marte Soliza congratulated the winners and urged the finalists to do their best in the training session.

“The organizing committee would like to thank the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) for their generous support for the event. We would also like to thank our volunteers from Ateneo de Manila University’s (ADMU) Computer Society of Ateneo (CompSAt) and the University of the Philippines’ Association for Computing Machinery (UP ACM), as well as our testers and illustrators for helping out. We hope for your continued support as we move to the selection of our delegation to the International Olympiad in Informatics 2020,” Soliza said.

Likewise, DOST-SEI’s Director, Dr. Josette Biyo, congratulated NOI.PH for a successful full-online national finals.

“Informatics as a field is something exciting for young Filipinos and we are very glad that the NOI.PH leads in developing the innate analytical and computing talents of our students. We congratulate the winners and look forward to their journeys, not just in the IOI, but in their other endeavors,” Biyo disclosed.

The IOI 2020, which was originally set in July in Singapore, is moved to September 21-22 and will be held online.

Let's Hold Business Showers to Help Our Friends Start Their Business

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We hold baby showers, so why don't we have business showers as well?

Anyone remembers the original concept of Tupperware Party before it had a different meaning?

Always support and give much love to friends who begin their journey to becoming aspiring entrepreneurs.

Don't ask for "Kakilala Discount". Support your friends and their business ventures. Don't take advantage.

If you start a business and your target market is your pool of friends, don't expect much. Don't expect anything at all. Most probably your first customers will be strangers not family, friends and relatives because they're the ones who will definitely ask for "free taste and discount."

It is easier to sell to strangers than friends.
As jack ma said, friends will yield as you start, but when you succeed and celebrate, they are all present.

Most of the time, people that you don’t expect to support you are the people who will patronize your business and appreciate what you are doing. Your friends are just waiting for discounts, promotions or freebies and giveaway stuff.

They'll also pretend that they are happy for you but in reality "super inggit" sila sayo kasi posible kang umangat sa kanila.

Here, we'll copy the idea then flip it a bit to destroy the competiton. It goes against our ingrained crab mentality. Ang pinoy e puro talangka.

Just invite family and friends that also have a business, so they'll know its hard to earn money. And anybody who says: “Wala bang discount?”, or “Anong freebies for friends?”, their invites will be cancelled.

If you invite family and friends that has no business with salary man mindset only. Then thats what you get. A demand for discount and freebies.

Sadly, starting a business in the Philippines has a better chance to succeed if you keep it to yourself until it's done. If you want to know more about starting a business, you can find relevant information at 

Well, this might sting, but has anyone heard of the saying - "Show me your friends, and I"ll show you who you are"

Author Paulo Coelho defends KPop All-Boys Group BTS from critics

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"To all those who are always criticizing @BTS_twt,  the most important band in the world: please watch a few videos:  I am sure you gonna change your mind." - Paulo Coelho

BTS fans are probably so kilig everytime Paulo Coelho tweets about BTS. Like... one of the best authors out there recognizes, appreciates their talents and what the real impact of of these men are.

I know BTS is big these days, but didn't expect this kind of tweet coming from Paulo Coelho.

Just imagine the day all the people answering you will realize that BTS is a KPop group.

I still cant believe Sir Paulo Coelho is an ARMY...a lil 7! A borahae bish, a shooter and troop, one of us.

Hey! We can't call Paulo Coelho a Borahae B-word. We'll give him the honorary title of the *drum roll*  -,' Borahae Bard ,'-

The fact that Paulo Coelho is a BTS shooter barely registers in my brain. I'll always defend you when brazilians badmouth you. I promise.

I won't even have proper arguments because i've never read his books. I only read The Alchemist ages ago and it's not really my thing but I still argued like i knew all of his work.

The portrayal of the one female character in The Alchemist caused me to grit my teeth in anger the entire book...but I do love Paulo Coelho’s love for BTS!

I respect him for the energy he puts into praising BTS like they deserve.

I’m happy to see someone who has a big platform support BTS always!

#AngKuwentoNatingDalawa continues with #TayoSaHulingBuwanNgTaon now also on Netflix

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Can you explain to me? What has become of us? With words released, we can never take them back" - Urbandub

#AngKuwentoNatingDalawa continues with #TayoSaHulingBuwanNgTaon, starring Nicco Manalo, Vera, Anna Luna, and Alex Medina. Directed by Nestor Abrogena for TBA Studios.

After a long wait, Isa and Sam are back. It hurt last time, and it still hurts now. 

I don't know about you all but Tayo sa Huling Buwan ng Taon's (TSHBNT) intro and outro are one of the realest and finest out there, from the words to the scenes. Watch na! Check out "Us, at the End of the Year" on Netflix.

Also, don't forget to watch Ang Kuwento Nating Dalawa (AKND) too on iFlix. 

I re-watched ‘Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa’ the other night and boy that film looked so lo-fi next to #TayoSaHulingBuwanNgTaon. ‘Tayo’ is probably Tey Clamor's best work so far. Credits to Nestor Abrogena too for coming up with the visual philosophy for the film.

"Some feelings are better left unsaid
Some stories are better left untold.
Some memories are better left forgotten."

Heartbreaking and confusing, Tayo Sa Huling Buwan Ng Taon gives you mixed emotions and leaves you dumbfounded with its plot. It is by far one of the most heartbreaking films I've ever seen. Grabe yung kwento ni Sam at Isa, and of course, mas grabe pa nung isinama na si Anna at Frank sa story. Mas masakit ang TSHBNT kesa sa AKND, at least for me. Sana huwag muna kayong papasok sa isang relationship kung hindi pa kayo tapos magmahal ng iba and kung feeling nyo hindi pa kayo buo from the past heart break. Kasi at the end of the day sobrang kawawa yung taong pinili mong bubuo sa iyo. Masisira ninyo lang yung isa't isa. Promise hindi healthy! (tsaka sobrang bulok na nung hahanapin ko lang muna yung sarili ko. 

The trailer captured the smallest details, big leaps, the ordinary life-like talks, the what-ifs, and getting lost in between relationships, etc.,

I find it hurtful for their respective present partners, when they met and seek answers thru old Manila.

"Kung bumaliktad man ang ikot ng orasan
Ikaw ay aking hahawakan, ika’y hahagkan
At kung eto na ang huli, ang ating huling sandali
Sinta, pangako pipiliin ko na ang manatili"

Tayo Sa Huling Buwan Ng Taon reminds us not to enter in a new relationship if we're not completely over with the past.

Maganda siyang panoorin, gusto ko yung mga Pinoy movies na ganito. Yung hindi mainstream na hindi mukhang cliche. 

“Anong nangyari satin?”
“We got lost.”

Sobrang clear ng sagot yet so vague.
Sobrang babaw yet the emotions were so deep.
Sobrang unapologetic ng decisions yet full of regrets.

Well done, direk @nestorabrogena 

Some takeaways:

(Closure) It's hard to go on with your life especially when your past is pulling you back. Kapag hindi ka pa talaga completely over a person, it's best not to engage in a romantic relationship. You can't help but to bring up unresolved issues from the past.

(Compromise) When you're in a relationship, you really have to make sacrifices. It's also important to ask yourself if you're that willing to give things up for the person you love. Make wise choices for long term and crucial situations.

The classroom is dark, and Sam is in that room. Meaning Sam is enveloped by darkness. But when Anna shows up late, she opened the door of that dark classroom. Anna is Sam's light in his darkness.

"..nagbabakasakali na sa hinagap ng hininga
sa simula ng katapusan at katapusan ng simula
Mapawi ang pananabik, masambit muli ang pangangamusta."

It got tasteful cinematography. 

It features familiar and beautiful locations in Manila. There are places in the film that I would love visit/revisit someday.

This is a kind of spoiler, but remember that AKND started with Sam's scene in Katipunan Station. The only station involved in #TayoSaHulingBuwanNgTaon is Legarda Station.

Compared to AKND utilizing the beauty of DLS-CSB, no place or building (except for "El Hogar") is used. 

And the soundtrack? Bagay na bagay! Really helps with the story-telling; hindi basta nilagay lang.

Impressive acting from the actors. I definitely love Anna Luna @anaj_luna and her character so much. Nicco Manalo is one awesome actor! When "that scene" was dropped, I fucking teared up until Isa and Sam's final scene. Manalo and Luna show good chemistry. Their interactions feel so natural and convincing. Vera evolves from her previous work, while still maintaining the Isa that we knew. 

Pambansang Oppa Vlogger Emman Nimedez is also in the movie. Our legend must be so happy in heaven! Team Payaman is surely happy, too! 

It still has the same charm of #AngKwentoNatingDalawa but more mature.

"I promised myself that time and again, I will always hope to see you.
And if time turns back, I will hold you
I will feel you
I will pull you too
So you can feel you are not alone spinning around the sun that I created
To see light in the dark" 

Elements from "Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa" like restraint and subtlety in storytelling, captivating shots, and awesome musical scoring remained the same, or even better.

#TayoSaHulingBuwanNgTaon is a really deep movie that didn't just focus on love and romantic relationships, but also how it affects life and choices.

It was a good film. Simple yet profound. Sending out a message done artistically. 
It's not the big scenes but those small poignant moments that make the movie work for me. Loved the beginning & the end. More movies like these please. 

It has improved a lot from its premise. It never lost its charm: the rawness of the picture and how it depicts reality. At the end, time is really just that, time. Sometimes, it doesn't really heal you.

The movie offers more questions than answers. Seriously, you cannot leave the cinema without asking the cosmos, "What fucking happened?" I guess we will see more of Sam and Anna.

Take the story as it is. There are no attempts to complicate it as the conflicts feel so relevant and familiar. The movie lets you bask in the overwhelming emotions of "what ifs," but still makes you think what you could have done considering the dilemmas in involved.

Kinda frustrated on the ending of TSHBNT that I'm crying for all of them but especially for Anna. Frank made the best decision. It's kinda weird but I'm really hoping to see what happens to Frank and Anna's life now. The movie’s so good. It will keep you guessing until the last minute, just like AKND.

Self love, and art of letting go were the key lessons of the movie. 

Hands up to the writers and casts! 

Thank you so much, AKND and TSHBNT for the overflowing feels for the past few years.

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