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5 Steps for Buying a Campervan in New Zealand

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So, you’re planning to visit New Zealand? Have got a week off and prepared to explore this beautiful country? 

New Zealand is an island country situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. There are many beautiful places to visit throughout the country. From the country’s epic scenery to the beautiful waterfalls, there is so much to explore. 

There are many travelling options available to explore this great country. One can use the public transportation system or do Couch surfing and move with the locals. 

But, that’s not the case with everyone. Many people want to experience the culture, interact with the locals, etc. There are many places in the country like rural towns, coastal roads, etc. where it is challenging to reach by public transport. Hence, travelling the country with a  Campervan can be a good idea!

You can buy a new campervan, or you can buy a used one which is in excellent condition. In this way, you can save a lot of your precious money and use it elsewhere. 

Following are some practical and easy-to-follow steps which can help you to buy a campervan in New Zealand:

Step 1: Sort-out your priorities

Before deciding to buy a campervan, you must be cleared about what exactly do you want? You should know about your budget. You should be clear about the compromises you can make if the campervan is not similar to your need. 

If you’re planning to modify your campervan, you must make sure that the engine of the campervan should be in good condition. Later than, you can change the look of the campervan in whatever way you would like to do. 

Step 2: Facebook groups or Car fairs

After you have decided the exact type of campervan you want, now the time is to find one. There are many Facebook groups where you can join and look for the right kind of campervan you want. In these groups, people usually post their selling and buying requirements of the campervans. You can join any region-specific Facebook group and find the right ad.  

These ads are posted by the locals or the travellers like you who have also bought those campervans in the same way as you were trying to obtain. These campervans are generally in good condition because mostly the travellers sell them and have already maintained their shape.  

If you’re unable to find the right one for you, you can also visit This website contains a large variety of campervans for sale. You can also visit websites like TradeMe,, etc. to find a campervan for you. These sites are the local marketplaces and offer you to see a wide variety of the campervan.

Step 3: Get your campervan inspected

It is essential to have a thorough inspection of the campervan before you buy. Many times, people usually sell a thing when it is going through some problems or if it wasn’t working correctly. Hence, it is MUST check anything before buying precisely. You can hire a mechanic to get it checked. 

If you’re buying the campervan through a car fair, don’t rely heavily on the mechanic present there. Usually, they have a deal with the fair organizers and also pass a vehicle even if it was suffering from the problems. 

You can hire a mechanic from outside the car fair and get the campervan inspected. Although they will charge more than the on-site mechanics, but believe me, they’ll be worth it and will help you to buy the right campervan. 

Step 4: Pay for the van

After you have selected the campervan and thoroughly get it checked, it’s time to pay for the van and make it your’s. You can directly take out the cash from your ATM and make the purchase, or you can transfer the money in the seller’s account by using online services like TransferWise. 

They will automatically do the currency conversion for you. Before moving the money in the seller’s account, you can check the rate of the campervan in your currency to have the exact idea of the total cost after the currency conversion rate. 

Step 5: Get the paperwork and Insurance  done

After buying the campervan, it’s time to do some critical paperwork. The paperwork of putting a vehicle in your name is quite simple. You can even get it done without the presence of the previous vehicle owner. Just take the registration card along with you at the local post office and get the work done. Make sure that your vehicle has a valid inspection sticker. 

Although it is not compulsory to have vehicle insurance in New Zealand, you can buy one to avail the benefits that come along with it. Purchasing insurance will cost you for as low as $250. 

For more info about buying a campervan in NZ please check the following link:

FACINE 26 Opens Call for Entries


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Filipino Arts and Cinema, International recently announced its call for entries to the 26th Annual Filipino International Cine Festival to be held in October at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco. The festival holds the distinction of being the largest and longest-running festival of its kind in North America.

FACINE 26 will select 8 to 9 full-length films that will be eligible to vie for awards in its main competition section this year. A panel of three jury members will select the winners, which will be announced in a closing ceremony after all screenings are completed. Competition entries should be San Francisco premieres. Awards to be given in this competition are Best Film, Direction, Performances by an Actor and Actress in Lead and Supporting roles, Writing, Editing, Cinematography, Visual Design and Aural Design.

A parallel competition for short films will also be held and they will vie for the Best Short Film award to be chosen by a separate panel of three jury members. A Viewer's Choice award will be decided online.

All entries by media artists of Filipino descent, regardless of number of entries, genre, subject and style, will be considered. Entries shall be no more than 120 minutes in length. Non-Filipino filmmakers may submit the works, but the subject must be on the Filipino. There is no registration fee.

If in a language other than English, all entries must be with English subtitles and shall be submitted in DVD or online. If online, send entries via Vimeo link or YouTube link to the address that will be sent to the interested party. Entries in DVD format may be mailed to this address:

Mauro Tumbocon, Jr., Director, Filipino Arts & Cinema International (FACINE)

537 Jones Street, PMB 2643

San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

Submission deadline for screeners, either online or by mail is on May 31, 2019, 11:59 p.m. PST.

For link to Rules and Entry Form, please send an email to

For further details, carefully read the “Rules of Entry and Screening License Agreement” indicated in the submissions link to be provided to any interested party.

FACINE continues to showcase Filipino independent cinema – both from the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora – because Tumbocon believes that it is “valuable for strengthening our ethnic/national identity in a multi-cultural society like America.”

He added that the festival “provides a venue for engaging our community in issues relevant to us and to build a sustainable audience/market for Filipino cinema in the US. I believe this is doable given the sheer number of Filipino population in America, but dependent on how we are going to promote our work, reach out to untapped audience, and have FACINE be a financially sustainable organization.”

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MARINA Promotes Quality Management on Shipbuilding, Ship Repair Industry

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The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has promoted quality management on shipbuilding and ship repair (SBSR) industry through an intensive workshop on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 on 10 – 11 April 2019.

ISO 9001:2015 focused on the implementation of an organization’s Quality Management System (QMS) for the consistent provision of efficient public service and implementation of effective business processes.

Fifty (50) representatives from various shipyards in Mindanao were briefed on the MARINA Circular 2018-02 or the SBSR – Quality Management System (QMS) and its draft amendments based on stakeholder suggestions raised at the 2nd National Shipyards Convention held in Cebu City on November 2018. 

Some of the suggestions made were a more relaxed compliance policy, specifically for small shipyards in the country, and more reasonable worker requirements, such as hiring a permanent naval architect only for facilities engaged in shipbuilding and ship repair.

The MARINA also partnered with the Department of Trade and Industry – Bureau of Philippine Standards (DTI-BPS) to encourage the stakeholders to consider applying for ISO 9001:2015 certification through the presentation of its benefits such as more disciplined workforce, efficient operations, and commendable services.

“Being ISO 9001:2015 - certified shows that our SBSR facilities are leveled or even better compared to the services offered by international shipyards. Our collective efforts to upgrade our facilities will result to a modernized SBSR industry, as envisioned in the 10-year Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP),” MARINA OIC Vice Admiral Narciso Vingson Jr said.

The workshop will also be conducted in Cebu City and in Manila this year to cater to SBSR stakeholders in Visayas and in Luzon respectively.

Padayon: The 22nd Dulaang ROC Playfest

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For 21 years, Dulaang ROC has held its tradition of welcoming non-ROC members to a play competition at the end of a successful academic year. This 2019, the theatre organization will have its annual Play Competition entitled “Padayon: The 22nd Dulaang ROC Playfest” wherein participating teams from inside and outside UA&P must produce the chosen script of the same theme provided for them and compete against each other for the Best Overall Production Award with a cash price of Php 10,000. 16 certificates will also be given for those who will win the special awards such as Best Group Dynamics, People’s Choice Award, Best Director, Best in Script ad Story, Best in Marketing, Best Production Design, Best in Lighting Design, etc. 

This year, chosen scripts will revolve around the common theme Padayon, a Visayan word that goes deeper than what it may seem, “moving forward” or “onward”. Instead, Padayon will be expressed as a journey towards a destination by showcasing the process on how people work together or even how a person decides to think and act in order to reach their goal/s. Hence, through this play competition, Dulaang ROC continues to be true to its mission in developing people’s skills and appreciation for theater arts and promoting Filipino playwrights and culture. They also aspire to help make people aware of our nation’s padayon as a culturally diverse country; and as it develops into a society that strongly patronizes its own roots and culture.

For Dulaang ROC’s 22nd Playfest, they will showcase 5 plays: ‘Bulong,’ ‘Away Bata’, ‘Bangkay Bust,’ ‘Kapit-Bisig,’ and ‘Liwanag ng Mata’.

Moving Forward from the Domino Effects of Someone’s Death. The first play entitled ‘Bulong’, written by members of Teatro Paulino (SPCP), Kimverly Jane M. Javier, Alexandra M. Santelices, Jenn Keizha C. Tena and also directed by Kimverly Jane M. Javier, is a play about the Filipino culture of “bulong”. Kitty, Celine, EJ, and Prescila discover their wishes as they whisper on the tombs of people who cared for them, of whom they love and loved, of strangers, and of whom they could have met. But, will they really be able to realize what they desire to happen in their own lives?

Onwards to Unity despite Differences. The second play, ‘Away Bata’ written by John Encela and directed by Diosary Timbol, members of Tanghalang Lykeion (LPU – Cavite), is based on the creationism story of Bathala, Ulilang, and Galana. It is about two chieftains of two rival tribes in ancient Cordillera who must unite for one purpose. Little do they know, this pact of unity might bring danger to both tribes. Will the two tribes successfully create a pact which could lead them to their goal?

Moving Forward from Regretful Mistakes. The third play is a Filipino folklore entitled ‘Bangkay Bust’ written by Nico Vicente and directed by Paul Lou Guerrero, members of Dulaang ROC (UA&P). The story is about Julius, who is being hunted down by “aswangs” for blessing dead bodies, making them inedible for “aswangs.” After being cornered into an abandoned warehouse, he makes a bet with the “aswangs” chasing him. Tensions start to arise with each challenge being thrown but only one thing seems to be clear. In the end, what exactly will be Julius’ end? This play may seem simple but there is more to this than just a game of cat and mouse.

Continue to Fight for the Filipinos’ Rights. The fourth play entitled ‘Kapit-Bisig’, written by Juan Cabrera and directed by Timothy Guevara, also members of Dulaang ROC (UA&P), is inspired by the story from the strike of the Sumifru Banana Corporation workers. In the play, plantation farmers and factory workers of the Del Sanay Banana Corporations plans to go on strike after facing harsh working conditions, unlivable wages, lack of benefits, and harassment from paramilitary forces. Led by union leaders Minda and Eric with solidarity from church people and militant youth activists, they lay out their plans, discuss their problems, and highlight the importance of going on a strike in the first place. Will they succeed or will their efforts be put to waste?

Moving Forward from “I” to “They”. Lastly, the fifth play, was written by Jesca Canto & Red Hernandez and directed by Jesca Canto (UA&P) entitled 'Liwanag ng Mata'. In this story, Bathala’s death causes conflict to occur within his sons and daughters after leaving without any will. Apolaki, the prideful eldest son, and Mayari, the eldest daughter, justifies their position to replace their father as the next powerful deity of the Sky. Who will win and replace their father’s position?

Find out the full stories of ‘Bulong,’ ‘Away Bata’, ‘Bangkay Bust,’ ‘Kapit-Bisig,’ and ‘Liwanag ng Mata’ by watching Padayon, Dulaang ROC’s 22nd Playfest which will be held on April 24-26, 2019 at UA&P’s Dizon Auditorium.

Ticket prices are as follows:

P250 - Regular/Outsider/Alumni
P200 - UA&P/SPCP/LPU Student
P180 - UA&P/SPCP/LPU Scholar

Contact Us:

Janelle Marcelo - 0916 218 0698
Isaac Ramento - 0906 904 8614

Dulaang ROC’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts - @dulaangroc

Next year, Dulaang ROC will continue to open their doors for non-ROC members to join Dulaang ROC’s 23rd Playfest. Through this production, the theatre organization aspire for more people who have passion for theatre to come and join the next coming annual play competitions and generally in producing stage plays.

Top WordPress Blog Tips for Every Website Owner

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Have you ever given a thought about what would your perfectly designed, user friendly, and feature-rich website do without proper search engine optimization?

To be very frank, top search engine platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing are all bots at the end of the day and hence they are unusually very careless about your website design and navigation. They are more concerned about relevant topic, quality content, good focus keywords and other SEO norms which will get you in the list of most searched website.

Moreover, building a website is a very tricky thing because there are so many things to take care of. However, WordPress makes everything as easy as flickering your fingers. It is such an open source website which is one of the most efficient content management system and therefore popular world wide.

However, there are many things that you can use for your wordpress website which enhances your website for more organic traffic and to boost rankings. Here is a complete guide for wordpress which comes in handy for every blogger or wordpress website owner.

#1 Wordpress site safety should be your first concern

It is basic human nature to secure everything that comes under their dearest possession. Consider your wordpress site as your own precious creations and therefore you need to ensure its security first.

There are many things which you can do to secure your wordpress blog:

Reduce the amount of login attempts. For that you can install the Login Lockdown plugin. Reducing the amount of login attempts prevents yyour wordpress site from brutal force attacks.

You can spread awareness of wordpress password security for all users, so that they can also be prevented from such attacks.

You can also enable a two-way authentication factor to your wordpress site.

#2 Usage of SEO strategies is a wise decision

If you think that you are already one step ahead by using a wordpress site then it is partially incorrect. Wordpress blog also needs as much amount of seo as any other blog.

The difference between 500 visitors per day and 1,000 visitors per day is the factor where seo has been used and where it hasn’t been or how well it is used. Here are some guide wordpress developer seo, which every blogger or website owner must try:

Use effective tools for keyword research such as SpyFu. Google Adwords is supposedly the best in the seo field.

You can also integrate a wordpress seo plugin like Yoast which will help you in analysing the seo techiniques for eeach of your blog.

It is very important to put targeted keywords annd focus keywords in a balanced amount so that it does not seem like you have stuffed keywords for your wordpress blog.

Your meta title and meta description should be search engine optimized as well. The content for these two criteria should be such that it attracts visitors to know more, or at least is most relevant to their question.

Sharing is a big part of blogging. There is literally no point in writing blogs if you are not exposing it to the online users. Share your blogs on social media platforms to increase your organic trafffic and to bild your reader’s community.

#3 Create your own impression

“First impression is the last impression” – Anonymous

Whoever has said it is indeed true, it is not important how you write your blog, but it is very important to hit your audience with your first impression of a wordpress blog. According to human behavior, they slowly start relating to a thing, which they know for a long time.

Therefore it is important that if you have started writing blog with a particular style and a particular tone, do not change it. If change is unavoidable, then you can change it after giving it one or two years. The reason is simple, website or blog page that keeps on changing, confuses the people which results in increased bounce rate and low traffic.

Always be consistent. Make a calendar and set plans for posting your blog. Say suppose, every Monday to Wednesday will be blog writing day, whereas every Friday and Sunday will be your blog posting day. Do not disrupt the synchronization because it breaks the reader’s attention towards you.

Use a specific color palette, theme and template for your blog. It creates a relativity among the users.

Use different fonts to highlight certain points. Google bots catch those highlights very fastly.

Wordpress is a very innovative way to spread your name across the digital kingdom; get down to the business now to make your own brand.

EGGsplore: A Fairytale Adventure at Enchanted Kingdom

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Give your kids a chance to test their skills and explore their capabilities with our Easter Sunday festivities!
Enchanted Kingdom presents 'EGGsplore: A Fairytale Adventure', free entrance to all kids up to 12 years old all dressed up in Easter or Fairytale/Royalty inspired costumes—princess, wizard, or bunny, any is excellent as long as you work your ‘fit!

Be one of the first 100 kids to register so you can participate in the shows and activities such as Easter Egg Hunt, Cenakulo Rock Kids, Chubby Bunny Challenge, Jazz Up Your Easter Egg, and Easter Costume Contest. Waste no time and head on to the Group Sales Office of Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa to register from 10:00AM to 12:00NN on April 21, 2019 Sunday. Dress your best and you’ll be blessed!

Plan your trip accordingly and make the most of Sunday’s Best! Visit for updates.

Wireless Slip Ring And Its Features

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Slip ring plays a very important part in supplying electrical power. Wireless slip rings have no carbon brushes and no more metal contact. The wireless slip ring is transfer data and powers without any wire. 

It means to say it is a wireless connection with the magnetic field that is created with colls and are placed in the stationary transmitter and rotating receiver. The wireless slip ring is basically a traditional slip ring. 

They are typically used in an operating environment. They required less maintenance. This can be transferred limited between colls. They can transmit power to the magnitude in the same volume.  Wireless is used as a Bluetooth, spread spectrum FHSS, hopping is offered alternative data.

In the fourth generation, the system will use the internet, big data analysis, sensors, and delivered more. If you use this system in the place of slip ring so, it is proved very beneficial. The system will play a role is about 4.0 in the industry. 

It is also enabled data across the devices, HMIs, enterprise, and machine. If you use wireless connection instead of slip rings then it can set up easily and quickly. The radio also used a wireless connection. The radio can be used with antennas and with the radiating cable. 

Actually, the wireless slip rings are not used as a mechanically so, there have no features mechanically. Wireless slip ring has a connection of 360 Degree continuous rotated at unlimited rpm. It has high efficiency, high availability, supply power for rotating, and mobile instrument equipment. 

It is a real solution to customers for engineering that is available in the market. It does not require cooling and lubrication. It is increasing the time and reliability. The integrated wireless data that support most industrial protocol in which include RS485, CAN-BUS, J1939, ETHERNET, RS422, PLC 4 TO 20 mA. 

Wireless provides the function that the people move freely and easily in and around the machines or process the application. This function is used to remove the older way of communication. The SHDSL used different carrier frequencies. 

This slip ring can change the parameter directly and efficiently. The wireless proved successful by upcoming challenges of data. The WSN is performing optimally.  The wireless sensor network has 14 wireless connections that make it possible to exist with other wireless connection.

The slip ring performs very well but with the passage of time, it gives poor performance. Today’s generation used mobile phones, laptop, internet, Wi-Fi, tablets, and etc. These all products are considered as wireless slip ring. 

The wireless used the battery that supplies current and you can take these things anywhere without a heavyweight. It is considered on live batteries and never uses any wire for signals, any wire for current, any wire for power.  

What are the wireless slip ring features an electrically
1-    Circuits                                         1 pair and USB 2.0 sinal
2-    Working voltage                             5 volts
3-    Compression strength                     300 volts at 50 Hz
4-    Insulation resistance                      200 Mat 300 VDC
What is the wireless slip ring features mechanically?
1-    Working speed                              0 to 150 pm
2-    Inner diameter                              20
3-    Lead wire length                            USB 2.0 A
4-    Contact material                            Noble mental
5-    Housing material                           Aluminum allay
What is the wireless slip ring features as an environment
1-    Working temperature                - 20 Degree C ~ + 60 Degree C
2-    Working humidity                          < 60 % RH
3-    IP                                                IP 54
The remark
1-    Application                                      /
2-    Service year                                  > 10 million turn
3-    Other                                             /
The application introduction is here
1-    Detecting instrument
2-    Turn table inductor
3-    Robots
4-    Intelligent devices
5-    Industrial contact chain
6-    Cooling machines and pallet loader
7-    Medical instrument
8-    Fitness machine
9-    Industrial control chain

USB terminal

The USB is another wireless slip ring example that advantages and characteristics detailed there. The wireless is basically found in a female terminal, male USB terminal, little return loss or plug loss, it has stable transmission, no package for loss, and core loss. 

Noble metal contact, long service life, military cladding technology, very low bit error rate BER and high SNR signal to noise ratio. The customer wants wireless products for their uses. 

One of the biggest issues is market demanded wireless and also they need communicate speed is about 1 sec and get 200 ms to 700 ms it is actually enough. The best part in wireless slip ring is allows sensing and networking in different places. 

There are many advantages in wireless so; the user needs to adopt this application. In wireless have many guidelines and resources that are helped to select the suitable device and strategy. 

Its networking and communication are very fast. The wireless is the transmitter and digital controller also.  The wireless is the second nature in the mainstream.

The people loved this wireless slip ring and slip ring connector. Because make it easy to travel anywhere with your required electric thing that is wireless. The wireless is commonly good for general HMI tasks. 

It is easy to integrate with Ethernet networking. The reducing cables and aiding operating flexibility is good enough benefit of wireless. Now the new invention is incomplete without a wireless connection. 

It is easy to change the position of the wireless. It’s not a heavy machine. It easily moves here and there. Some wireless slip ring examples

1-    Wi-Fi
The network that is attached without wire is Wi-Fi. It is a WLAN product that is based on the IEEE 802.11 which allows providing an electronic device for exchange the data and it is connected with the internet without any use of wire.

2-    ZigBee
It is a specification for a protocol that is used to create PANs. It built in size small and low in power. It is based on IEEE 802.15 that is also a founder of wireless HART and ISA100

Federal Land Responds to Rising Demand for Branded Luxury Condos

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Branded residences are gaining ground globally, propelled primarily by the coming together of real estate developers and hotel operators to meet the rising demand for luxury high rise living by an expanding ultra-wealthy market.

According to the 2019 Branded Residences Report, a Knight Frank Global Research report, the preferences of the wealthy are diversifying offerings in the market. To date, there exist over 400 branded residences around the world and about 30% of these are in Asia.

Aside from the prestige in adopting this new kind of address, the report shares that interest in branded residences has skyrocketed for factors to do with developer quality, services, physical amenities, building maintenance and management, and investment yield potential. All of which are offered in these taller and newer landmarks, attracting higher premiums compared to generic residences with price differentials of up to 132% in some parts of Asia.

In the Philippines, Federal Land Inc., a prime real estate company driving industry growth for 47 years has moved aggressively in this market, investing in building luxury high-rise homes with internationally-acclaimed names in hospitality. Its most recent offering is Grand Hyatt Manila Residences, a two-tower luxury residential development, adjacent to Grand Hyatt Manila hotel. The condominiums and the hotel bearing the brand of Grand Hyatt serve as the icons of Grand Central Park, Federal Land’s 10-hectare mixed use development featuring the most upscale residential, business, commercial and retail establishments in North Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The move to develop condominiums that solely carry the Grand Hyatt brand in Southeast Asia is a response to the next wave of luxury residents, going beyond the amenities and services and extending to 5-star experiences that separate this form of living into a completely new category.

The launch of Grand Hyatt Manila Residences South Tower, the second tower, draws buyers by leveraging its success from the first tower and harping the value proposition of hotel-like living expressed in terms of the building’s design that melds style and functionality; spacious units; thoughtful amenities; and resident support such as concierge, housekeeping and security services for utmost comfort and convenience.

Pushing the bar of premium living, Grand Hyatt Manila Residences homeowners also get easy access to more luxurious offerings at Grand Hyatt Manila hotel, plus a highly coveted Globalist Membership to the World of Hyatt Loyalty Program, which affords special privileges like priority room bookings and reservations at the hotel’s prestigious restaurants like The Grand Kitchen, The Cellar, The Lobby Lounge, No. 8 China House, and The Peak.

Buying into this luxury and exclusivity requires an investment of about P360,000 per square meter for two bedroom and three bedroom unit options. Grand Hyatt Manila Residences South Tower is a low density condominium of three zones, limited to 188 spacious residential units. Three-bedroom configurations go as far as adding in a den and private garden space for some units. Exclusivity increases as one goes higher - eight units for low zone, four units for mid zone, and two units for high zone. Residents can expect innovative eco-friendly functions and customized furnishings, European no less, within the space.

This new standard of living set by branded residences for the affluent is seen to further grow in the country. Federal Land, being among the first to recognize and set this trend locally, is fully committed to continuing its investment in this category through Grand Hyatt Manila residences South Tower.

To know more about Grand Hyatt Manila Residences South Tower, visit or come by its showroom at the ground floor of Grand Hyatt Manila Residences, 8th Ave. cor. 36th St. Grand Central Park, North BGC, Taguig City.

MARINA hosts 2nd APEC Strategy Planning Meeting for Seafarers

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The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) hosted the 2nd Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Strategy Planning Meeting for the Seafarer Excellence Network of the Asia Pacific (SENAP) on 03-05 April 2019. The Korean Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology (KIMF) assisted in organizing the three-day meeting.

The SENAP is a comprehensive network that promotes information sharing and skills transfer between the seafarers, the academe, and other industry stakeholders.

At the three-day meeting, the APEC delegates finalized the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the establishment and the sustainable operation of the SENAP. The APEC member economies also discussed the development of a seafarer career path from maritime education and training, pre-sea service, recruitment, sea service, post-sea service, and further professional development.

KIMFT President Lee Dong Jae emphasized the importance of extending support and sharing of best practices among experts in the production of efficient maritime workforce in the APEC community.

“With the strong cooperation between APEC economies, the establishment of SENAP has taken shape to what it currently is – a substantial platform for achieving seafarer excellence through a network of maritime education and training best practices, capacity building programs, as well as maritime policies and regulations across the region,” KIMFT President Lee Dong Jae said.

The MARINA likewise encouraged the APEC delegates to be unwavering in their efforts to promote the welfare of the seafarers and the development of the maritime industry.

“We continue to beam with pride because of the passion and unity among APEC member economies to develop a maritime workforce known for their professionalism, moral standards, and excellence in service. Let us implement greater efforts to promote skilled maritime labor mobility within the APEC community and other nations in need of our seafarers,” MARINA – STCW Office OIC Executive Director Rear Admiral Virme Torralba said.

Jumpstart Your Summer at Enchanted Kingdom!

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Student Ka-Summer EKstravaganza Promo
School’s out and that can only mean one thing—SUMMER’S FINALLY HERE!

Spend the sunny days in the best way possible—chill out with your squad at Enchanted Kingdom, the country’s first and only world class theme park.

To help you beat the heat, we’re offering a special P750 Regular Day Pass rate bundled with a FREE CUP of Ice Monster to students upon presentation of their valid school ID.

Our Student Ka-Summer EKstravaganza Promo is open to ALL students, as they present their valid school ID. They can avail only one (1) Regular Day Pass per ID, per day. This promo runs from March 31, 2019 to May 26, 2019 only.

Tickets may be purchased at the Front Gate ticket booths, Group Sales Office – Santa Rosa, and Makati Sales Office. All tickets cannot be rebooked nor be used in conjunction with any other promos and discounts.

Visit to see the Park schedule and plan your trip to Enchanted Kingdom! See you there!

Vigan Airport’s Runway Extension Project Breaks Ground

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The Vigan Airport rises to meet a more robust passenger demand through the groundbreaking for the runway extension project today, 08 April 2019.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr), Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), Department of National Defense (DND), and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), together with the provincial government of Ilocos Sur, led the groundbreaking ceremony of the airport development project.

Once completed, the PhP69-million runway extension project will enable Vigan Airport to cater to bigger aircrafts, which means more flights and more passengers for the airport. 

“When we build and improve our nation’s airports, we are also building platforms for mobility and connectivity that usher in economic and social development. Through this project, Vigan will be more accessible to Filipinos who wish to witness its historical charm. And we know that with more people coming in to Vigan, more jobs come to life for our kababayans,” said DOTr Secretary Arthur P. Tugade, who was represented in the groundbreaking ceremony by Undersecretary for Aviation and Airports Manuel Antonio Tamayo.

The Vigan Airport Development Project is among four airport projects that proceed from the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by the DOTr and the DND in November 2018. The AFP Task Force for Infrastructure Development, headed by M/Gen. Felipe Bejar, will implement the airport projects through funds downloaded from the DOTr.

The infrastructure development project of Vigan Airport was launched to address the growing demand for improvement in the airport serving the general area of the Ilocos Region. Aside from the runway extension, projects such as the runway site acquisition, expansion of Passenger Terminal Building (PTB), construction of an Administration Building, and improvement of Vehicle Parking Area (VPA) are also in the works.

Vigan Airport, classified as a community airport by the CAAP, currently caters to general aviation aircraft. In just a span of two years, passenger volume has tripled in Vigan. From a record of 14,645 passengers in 2016, the airport was able to register 47,856 passengers for 2018, a compelling indication that Vigan is swiftly gaining an influx of passengers.

The City of Vigan, which also serves as the province’s capital, is located on the western coast of the island of Luzon, facing the South China Sea. Well-known for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city boasts of cobblestone streets and unique architecture that fuses Philippine building design with colonial European architecture.

How to Use YouTube as a Teaching Tool

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YouTube has revolutionised our world, providing users with countless hours of entertainment all over the world. It is also a source of knowledge and education which is would be a shame not to utilise in the classroom. Whether you chose to create your own content or use pre-existing content it is a great tool to help further the education of your students.

Finding what’s relevant

There are millions of videos on YouTube just waiting to be watched at the click of a button, but they certainly aren’t all relevant to your students. When creating your lesson plan, it might be that a video is the best way to explain something. The students will enjoy it and hopefully remember it better too. The hard part is finding the right video. There are plenty of channels with a focus on education, all you need to do is search for them.

Ted-Ed, Expert Village, Brightstorm and Big Think are all examples of such channels but there are many, many more. You will need to find one aimed at the right age group and education level to meet the needs of your students. This should be explained in the about section on the channels, so you shouldn’t need to watch all of their videos to find out. “By using the education channels, you shouldn’t need to look far before you find what you need,” says William L. Holt, author at BoomEssays and UkTopWriters.

Create a playlist

A YouTube video doesn’t have to be a one off. It’s something you can use throughout the term, on different topics or even set as homework. It will help to engage the students in a more visual and entertaining learning method which seems relevant to them. Most of them will have used YouTube plenty of times before, so it won’t be like you’re introducing them to something totally new. It can provide a welcome break from reading tasks without having to cut back on learning.

Plan around a video

The videos can also be a tool to help you out. If you find a good video which explains your topic really well, you can use that video to help create your lesson plan. Creating a lesson plan around the video will help to provide you with inspiration as well as having a tool you can go back to again throughout the lesson. You can create questions and learning activities around the video to make your students learning more interactive.

Give it a go

Anyone can upload to YouTube and that means you can too. Why not try creating your own video for your students? It’s easy to use and will help your students if they need to go back and check something from their lesson. “You can include any visual materials they may need and highlight any important times in the video. The best thing to do will be to keep it short and to the point so your students stay engaged,” adds Loretta D. Lovell, content strategist at British Essay Writer and EliteAssignmentHelp.

How the right videos can change the classroom

Finding the right video to share with your class can completely transform a lesson. Not only will it be a nice change of pace for the students it should also get them more engaged. Many students find it easier to learn from visual stimuli. The right video will help to stimulate discussion in the classroom, it may raise questions that you or your students hadn’t considered before. The videos don’t have to be educational, you can use any video that’s relevant to help provoke thought amongst your students.

You have access to a plethora of videos which are free, this is useful for you and your students. They won’t need any special equipment as long as they can access a phone or computer with internet access. It also gives you a place to archive your teachings, so they can access it anytime, particularly handy when they’re revising for exams. The right video can transform your teaching and your students learning all with the click of a button.

Chloe Bennet is an educator at Australian Help and Big Assignments. She is absorbed with article writing and is a constant contributor to her blog at Academized website where she touches such topics as education, college tips and tricks etc.

Cupping Competition Showcases Quality of Ifugao Coffee

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Twenty coffee samples will be rated for their quality in cup and taste in the 1st Coffee Cupping Competition to be held on 16 April 2019 in Asipulo, Ifugao.

The Peace and Equity Foundation, in partnership with Philippine Coffee Board Inc. (PCBI) and Hojap Multi-Purpose Cooperative (HMPC), spearheads this coffee cupping and bean grading competition to boost promotion of the local coffee industry in Asipulo, Ifugao.

The event is in line with Hojap’s coffee productivity program that seeks to increase the income of 400 Asipulo farmers through quality coffee bean production. Coffee farmer-members of HOJAP submitted one kilo of coffee to be subdivided for grading, roasting and sampling.

Each entry received feedback and recommendations from coffee experts from the PCBI based on their aroma, flavor, acidity, body, uniformity, balance, sweetness, and cleanliness.

The grand prize winner will receive PHP 15,000. Second and third placers will also get PHP 10,000 and PHP 7,000, respectively.
The awarding ceremony on April 16 coincides with the town’s Kulpi Ad Asipulo celebration or rice festival. In Ifugao, the kulpi is celebrated after the planting season to ask the gods and spirits for a good harvest.

The PEF and Hojap MPC have been partners in the development of Asipulo farmers,
with PEF investing in farmers’ enterprises to meet the quality and productivity
requirements of a changing global coffee industry.

Car Gadgets To Address What Every Driver Wants In 2019

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More people in the Philippines are getting behind the wheel and looking for improved experience when doing so. In 2017, we saw 10,410, 814 vehicles were registered in the country and 1,040,108 of those vehicles registered were cars. In addition, the car gadget market has exploded with new devices in the past few years, all aimed at improving the driver and passenger’s driving experience. These gadgets can be a great help in making your drive hassle-free, smooth and in some cases, save you in an unexpected situation. Whether you're a local or new to the area and looking to explore the beautiful attractions in the Philippines, check out a few new must-have additions for your car.

Bluetooth Enabled Key Finder

One of the most common items that people tend to misplace is their keys. Thanks to Bluetooth enabled gadgets such as the TileMate and other Bluetooth key trackers, those moments where you just can't seem to recall the last place you left them will become a thing of the past. Key finders were around before 2019, but new versions and upgrades continue to take the market by storm. While you have the more expensive versions such as Orbit’s HButler ($29 or ph 1512), other more budget-friendly versions like Nonda’s IHere ($13 or ph 678) is just as good and comes with a rechargeable battery. Simply placed on your keychain, the device also allows you to connect the key finder to your phone as well.

Sweat Absorbent Steering Wheel Cover

The Philippines is known for its tropical and sometimes humid climate. In some months (particularly May), temperatures can reach up to 32 degrees Celsius or higher. These conditions can promote the sweaty road trip for many drivers, particularly on long drives. That is where sweat absorbent steering wheel covers come in handy. Typically, drivers use steering wheel covers for added grip or design. New gadgets such as the A-Lighting Coarse Flax Cloth Automotive Steering Wheel Cover can keep your hands dry and helps to prevent slips. This is a great little hack to help your steering, and in turn, improve your control when driving your car.

Solar Powered Tire Pressure System

Any driver will testify that it always pays to be prepared for emergencies when driving. This includes the standard protocol of storing a spare tire and accessories to change a flat tire if it ever occurs unexpectedly, and of course, taking the time and gadgets to monitor your vehicle for any problems. Take advantage of the sunny weather in the Philippines and include a solar powered tire monitoring pressure system such as Zeepin’s Solar Powered Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The sensors are attached to each of your tires and alerts you when there is a leak or low pressure. This is a handy gadget to have, and helps to reduce those 'Oh no!' moments where you are caught unaware. As a bonus, it is solar powered, meaning there is no remembering to replace batteries or spending additional money to maintain the device in its lifetime.

Multi-Port Phone Charger

Gone are the days where the driver and occupants in the car will fight over the car charger. Now there are car chargers on the market with multiple charging ports available. Brands such as Incipo, PowerBear and Aukey now offer dual port USB models for any price range. PowerBear’s model boasts the ability to charge your mobile to 75 percent battery capacity in just under 45 minutes. The Aukey Dual Port Car Charger With Quick Charge 3.0 comes in at a reasonable $19 (or ph 990) while the pricier Incipregisters costs $35 (ph1824). The latter comes equipped with a lightning cable which is already built in. If you're willing to go high tech, consider a wireless car charger like the model offered by VanMass. It supports phones between 4 and 6.5 inches, and comes with great adjustability for optimal viewing when driving.

So if you're looking to upgrade your driving experience, look no further than these suggestions. They are a great starting point and cover some of the main concerns for drivers, including diagnostics, control and comfort - with a few added bonuses too.

Rehabilitated Marinduque Airport Reopens to Commercial Flights

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Nearly six years since halting its commercial flight operations, the Marinduque Airport has now resumed commercial service with the completed rehabilitation of its Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) and extended runway.

The development of the Marinduque Airport, located in Barangay Masiga in the municipality of Gasan, was initiated to address the growing demand for commercial aviation service in the Southwestern Tagalog region.

Operating since 2010, the Marinduque Airport had its last regular commercial flight before rehabilitation in May 2013.

Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur P. Tugade led today’s inauguration, expressing that the development of the Marinduque Airport forms part of the Duterte administration’s transport infrastructure campaign to enhance mobility and connectivity throughout the country.

“In making the Filipino life comfortable, as instructed by President Rodrigo Duterte, I want the farthest regions and the farthest provinces to be connected with one another, and integrated to Metro Manila. Maganda 'ho that we put things in the right order,” Secretary Tugade said.

For the airport’s PTB, improvements include the replacement of accordion walls with glass walls, and the installation of air conditioning units, CCTV cameras and X-ray machines, making for a more convenient, safe, and secure airport facility.

Additionally, a more efficient runway comes into play with the completion of its concreting project last 9 November 2018. The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) extended the usable length from what was previously 1,400 meters of asphalt runway into a 1,534-meter concrete runway that will allow the airport to accommodate turbo prop aircrafts such as ATR and Q400.

The newly-rehabilitated Marinduque Airport will further undergo improvement projects until 2020, which will include the provision of a canal, power house, communal toilets, and the construction of a covered pathway and waiting areas.

With a rehabilitated PTB and extended runway, Cebu Pacific officially launched its inaugural flight on 1 April 2019, servicing Manila to Marinduque and vice versa. Flights will operate thrice a week during Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Secretary Tugade added that the DOTr will work closely with the Department of Tourism (DOT) as the development of the Marinduque Airport is seen to deliver a boost to the province’s trade, economy, and tourism.

"Nandito 'ho kaming lahat, ang DOT, maging ang mga kinatawan ng aviation sector para ipakita sa inyo na suportado namin ang programang ito at ipinapakita ang kahalagahan ng Marinduque sa aviation ng Republika ng Pilipinas. Handa kaming makipag-ugnayan nang sa ganon ay matulungan kayo na mamayagpag ang turismo dito sa Marinduque,” the transportation chief said.

Also present in the inaugural ceremony were Marinduque Governor Romulo Bacorro, DOTr Undersecretary for Aviation and Airports Manuel Antonio Tamayo, Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal, DOTr Assistant Secretary for Communications Goddes Hope Libiran, DOT Assistant Secretary Myra Paz Abubakar, and CAAP Deputy Director General for Administration Ricardo Banayat.
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