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#JusticeForFabelPineda for Justice Denied

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Remember Fabel? The young girl who got raped and killed by two policemen in San Juan, Ilocos Sur.

Today, the Acts of Lasciviousness case filed by Fabel against her rapist, policeman Marawi Torda, was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Policemen in the Philippines got away with raping an underage girl who was gunned down after filing a case.

She was raped. She went out to file a case at her local police station on July 2 and was denied a request for an escort home. On the way home from the station, she got gunned down and was shot 5 times. She was only 15.

Today, her case got dismissed. How can they just dismiss the case? Is it not enough that she was raped and shot (5 tImeS)? She stood up for herself but in the end, the government gave another point to police brutality.

i can't stop thinking about the fact that Fabel's case was dismissed only because of the fact that her signature wasn't affixed in the affidavit.

Torda and Randy Ramos, another policeman who raped Fabel's cousin, remain in police custody to face four other administrative cases.

Rape-- the crime Fabel filed a complaint on-- is not one of the four remaining unresolved cases.

Let that sink in.

She found the courage to speak up and fight and they what? They killed her. And now the court dismissed her case. HOW FUCKED UP CAN THIS COUNTRY GET I AM SO F*CKING TIRED OF THE INJUSTICE FILIPINOS GET.

How can we ask for protection to officers from harassers when they're the one who harasses us?

To see our justice system fail every day breaks my heart for every human being that has been victimized, families who have lost so much, and to our future which is also at stake.

When will justice be served right?

My heart is aching for this girl! JUST HOW FUCKED UP CAN THIS COUNTRY GET??

The only case dismissed was the one Fabel made personally. There are still other cases awaiting the perpetrators. Fabel's death, the rape of her cousin, the polices' drunkenness on duty and their failure to submit the girls to proper authorities.

So i wouldn't say the fight is over now. There's still hope for #JusticeForFabelPineda

Former Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle tested positive for the coronavirus

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Vatican confirms that Cardinal Tagle, head of the Vatican's evangelization office (prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of People, Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith or "Propaganda Fide") and a key collaborator of Pope Francis, has tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the Deutsch Twitter account of Vatican News, the Cardinal has tested positive for coronavirus after arriving the Philippines.

Confirmed by Holy See Press Office Director, @CardinalChito 'has no symptoms' and is in quarantine in the Philippines. This marks the first leader of a Vatican Dicastery to test positive. His last meeting with Pope Francis was Aug 29. But he tested negative only last September 7 so there is no worries he could have infected the Pope.

Vatican adds that it is checking with people who have been in contact with Tagle in recent days. The window of possible transmission appears short.

Cardinal Tagle is one of the most progressive Church leaders. It's sad that some DDS Filipinos are happy because Cardinal Tagle tested positive for COVID-19. They're happy because Cardinal Tagle is one of the critics of Duterte's inhumane administration.

Duterte even claimed that Cardinal Tagle was "fired from his post due to meddling in politics" when in fact, Cardinal Tagle was promoted by Pope Francis as the second Asian Cardinal-Bishop, the highest rank next to the pope.

Lord, we pray for his healing and speedy recovery.

Get well soon, Cardinal Tagle!

Friday, September 11, 2020

Pagsibol: Food security program for low-income communities

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The “Pagsibol” fund-raising campaign aims to plant the seeds of food security in low-income communities through sustainable food sheds – or climate resilient food production facilities – to help hundreds of families all over the country cope with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.

BPI Foundation, the social development arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), recently partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines) for this program to provide long-term, sustainable farming solutions for low-income urban and rural communities. The fundraising initiative will be launched in the last week of August as part of BPI’s 169th anniversary celebration. To know more about BPI Foundation and its initiatives, visit:

Photo caption:
From left: BPI Foundation Executive Director Owen Cammayo and WWF-Philippines Executive Director Joel Palma meet virtually to sign the agreement that will help ensure food security in the country.

FDCP and The Manila Times Partner for Sine Sandaan in TMT Online Streaming Platform

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Amid the current pandemic, even the film industry has found it necessary to explore creative ways of sharing and continuing to thrive. The internet and online streaming, in particular, has been a significant tool for providing such platforms, as the industry continues to hold events while maintaining necessary safety protocols. With this, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) led initiative ‘Sine Sandaan’ is now the latest to make use of online streaming, as FDCP partners up with The Manila Times Broadcasting Corporation (TMT) to launch the online movie streaming platform ‘Sine Sandaan on The Manila Times TV.’

Through ‘Sine Sandaan on The Manila Times TV’ FDCP and TMT will celebrate the closing of 100 years of Philippine Cinema by providing an alternative exhibition platform for the Philippine film industry. The program premieres on September 18 and is scheduled to run for 13 weeks. The FDCP-TMT partnership will provide online streaming access to FDCP co-produced films through The Manila Times TV’s online platform. The online streaming initiative is one of several events held by FDCP concluding the one-year celebration of Philippine cinema’s centennial year, Sine Sandaan, which kicked off at last year’s Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. 

FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño with The Manila Times President Dante Ang

FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño expressed her excitement for the initiative saying, “‘Sine Sandaan on The Manila Times TV’ is one of the ways through which we can continue to support and exhibit our film industry despite these difficult times. It is important for the industry to not remain at a standstill and continue to find ways to exhibit their works to the public.”

Chair Diño also spoke about the perfect match for FDCP and The Manila Times to collaborate, as the FDCP looks for ways to broaden the reach of Philippine cinema and as TMT expanded its reach to digital platforms. She said, “The Manila Times TV is a new platform of The Manila Times as they shift to this ‘new normal’ and as they shift to digital platforms, because they want to access more audiences and have a bigger reach. I am honored, and FDCP is privileged to have our Filipino independent films to be part of this goal of The Manila Times TV.”

“Through this initiative, we will be showcasing the best of Philippine cinema to a broad public. The initiative will bring avenues of support to our film industry and we hope fans of Philippine cinema will appreciate the films that will be available through the free ‘Spotlight section’ and the budget-friendly ‘Master’s’ section.” 

One of the films to be available in the 'masters' section is Lino Brocka's 1975 realist classic, Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag

Sine Sandaan on the Manila Times TV will feature a ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Masters’ section. Under the ‘Spotlight’ section, film-lovers can expect a showcase of contemporary, up-and-coming filmmakers and their films such as Ang Mga Kidnapper ni Ronnie Lazaro (dir. Sigfreid Barros Sanchez), Bahay ng Lagim (dir. Celso Ad. Castillo), and Sigaw sa Hating Gabi (dir. Romy Suzara). Films in the ‘Spotlight’ section will be available for free.

Meanwhile, the ‘Masters’ section will feature world-renowned Filipino auteurs and projects including Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag (dir. Lino Brocka), Pagdating sa Dulo (dir. Ishmael Bernal), and Genghis Khan (dir. Manuel Conde)., Films in the ‘Masters’ section will be available through an affordable pay-per-view library. Both ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Masters’ sections on Sine Sandaan on the Manila Times TV will be accessible to cinephiles around the world. 

The partnership began with a call from Dante Ang to Liza discussing how they could support the Philippine FIlm Industry.

President of The Manila Times Dante Ang commended FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño “for her bold and creative initiative to partner with The Manila Times TV for the benefit of our Independent movie producers. Liza’s initiative demonstrates her compassion and concern for our movie producers” he said.

Ang additionally emphasized the importance of the partnership during these trying times for the film industry, saying in a statement “For creativity to bloom, it must have an outlet or a space; like a bird, it can only spread its wings if it is free; not caged. Sine Sandaan will provide that space. It will be an avenue for creative expressions. An avenue our movie producers can take advantage of in showcasing their works of art.”

Sine Sandaan on The Manila Times TV is part of a festive and eventful September for FDCP. Alongside the launch of the online streaming platform, FDCP will also be holding an online edition of the Film Industry Conference, an expanded online edition of the Full Circle Lab Philippines, an online social media campaign in the #SineWikainChallenge, and the launch of the National Registry mobile app. These events come prior to the online edition of the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) scheduled for this coming October.

#ArawNgMagnanakaw Trends On Ferdinand Marcos' Birthday

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Even if I am a resident of Ilocos Norte, I refuse to acknowledge this day as a special day.

Other than being the day of the worst terrorist attack in America, the Philiipine government has made this a special commemorative day in Ilocos Norte to remember a fallen dictator which many of them still look up to as their hero.

9/11 is really a tragic day. In the US it is remembered for the terror attacks that led to the collapse of the World Trade Center in New York. In the Philippines, it should be known as the #ArawNgMagnanakaw.

A bill declaring September 11 as a non-working holiday in Ilocos Norte in honor of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, to be known as "President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Day." is a complete turnaround of what we've known for years. It is a slap in our faces, especially the victims of Martial Law.

Why should a law commemorating the birth of a former president be an issue? The simple answer is that it is contradicting historical facts and existing laws. It is like we've been thrown into a different dimension or at one of the multiverses of the DC and Marvel world.

On this day, never forget the atrocities of the dictatorship. Never forget those who were the victims of that administration.

They hurriedly buried his well-preserved remains at the Libingan Ng mga Bayani to the disgust if the majority, letting his equally guilty spouse Imelda Romualdez Marcos free inspire of a court order, and let the billions of illegally accumulated wealth remained unreturned, and now they forced us to accept a day in honor of a Guiness Records holder recognized as a crook?

A Guinness World Record holder for the Greatest Robbery of a Government is not something to be proud of....and yet this government is somewhat helping to revise history.  It is uncanny that we have two holidays that contradict themselves. How low can this government go?

Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos was a Filipino politician and kleptocrat. He's not a hero. He didn't do anything heroic.

He's a killer. A murderer. A robber. A Hitler-wanna-be. A clown. A big joke in our history.

He's a dictator, plunderer, human rights violator, not a hero. He shouldn't be stanned.

May his name be heard across all lands of our nation to remind us how cruel and horrible person he is. To remind us the darkest era of our modern time. And together we shall fight for #NeverAgain

Bewildered if you still defend and support the Marcos family despite the numerous atrocities they’ve committed and we're confirmed not just within the country but globally. Celebrating #ArawNgMagnanakaw translates to paying homage to a murderer and being an enabler of this good-for-nothing government.

Happy birthday to our worst president of the Philippines. Oh sorry, there's still Duterte currently seated in Malacanang. But do we really need to wait two more years before we could officially proclaim him as worst than Marcos?

More of Marcos' legacies, in remembrance of #ArawNgMagnanakaw (from the Martial Law Museum:

The Filipino people must not be too forgiving nor too forgetful especially when it is the dictators, like Ferdinand Marcos, who are benefitting from it.


If We Can't Have #AcademicFreezeNow, #InclusiveAcademicFlexibility is a Must

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"Halos lahat din nang mga nag eenroll humihiling parin ng academic freeze gawa ng wala naman silang natututunan dahil. Maraming dahilan yan. Isa na jan yung napaka bagal nating mga internet services pangalawa more on nag papasa nalang ng mga module yung mga kapwa ko estudyante dahil nga ONLINE CLASS masyadong inaabuso ng IILANG MGA GURO yung pag sstay ng mga estudyante sa bahay. Kesyo hindi daw kami pwede umalma dahil nasa bahay lang kami edi marami silang ibibigay na gawain. And in fact napilitan lang naman yung ibang studyante na mag enroll gawa ng mapag iiwanan sila nang taon. At eto pa di pinapansin yung pag sasaad ng nga estudyante sa #AcademicFreezeNow mas pinag tuunan nila ng pansin yang white sand sa manila bay. Oo maraming mag sasabi na estudyante lang ako at wala akong alam sa mga nangyayare pero sana SANA LANG bigyang pansin naman natin yung mga taong humihingi ng pansin. Sa bansa kasi natin kelangan mo muna maging mayaman, maganda, makapangyarihan para lang mapansin ng nakakataas." - Angelo Gallardo, student

Quality Education amidst a pandemic?

Maybe we can let go of our call of freezing the school year for now,, but there's a new call we want to insist!

It is only possible if there is Academic Flexibility and Ease to provide learners with more options to choose on how to study during this pandemic.

As a laudable response for a better learning experience among the students, it is just and right to have such which will firmly benefit both the educators and the learners.

Can't the government see that students are already suffering? The system is only causing the students stress and anxiety. They are not learning anything!

No one is learning in this kind of system. It's like they are passing requirements for the sake of grades and not for the sake of learning anymore.

We're calling out the government/DepEd to have a better, concise and concrete plan.....and please prioritize those things which need to be prioritize.

We deserve better than this.

Fix the system!!!

"I agree. Hindi nakikinig itong gobyerno sa kanilang mamamayan when they are supposed to serve us being "public servants" kaso mga privileged "diktador" pala"

"Totoo. Lahat ng kilala kong nago-online class na ngayon, kita ko ang epekto sa kanila. Yung kapatid ko namamayat sa stress dahil sobrang daming papers na pinapagawa. Yung mga pinsan kong high school naman nasstress kasi pawala-wala ang internet sa bahay nila. Nung una akala ko kayang-kaya ang online classes, hindi pala ganun kadali."


#CancelNetflix Trends Over Cuties' Sexualization of Young Girls

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"Controversial French film “Cuties” — about a young Senegalese girl in Paris who joins a “free-spirited dance clique” to escape family dysfunction — has spawned a new backlash against Netflix by critics who allege it goes over the line in portraying children in a sexualized manner.

The hashtag “#CancelNetflix” was the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter in the U.S. Thursday, after “Cuties” premiered Sept. 9 on Netflix.
petition on calling on Netflix customers to cancel their subscriptions over “Cuties” and other content on the streaming service “that exploits children and creates a disturbing vibe,”

Thousands on Twitter call for a boycott of Netflix using a trending hashtag #CancelNetflix following the release of a controversial French film “Cuties”.

The movie had faced backlash for “sexualising children” and promoting anti-Muslim sentiments.

Demand Netflix to stop objectifying 11 year old girls and enabling pedophilia! 

Is it time we all end our Netflix accounts?  Are little kids sexualized and abused in Cuties? Don't we need to cancel Cuties instead of Netflix?

If you watch 11-year-olds twerk, you’re a pervert.

If you direct 11 year olds to touch themselves on camera, you’re a pedophile.

If you support Netflix making and airing #Cuties, you’re enabling abuse.

I know soft porn when I see it! I also know pedophilia when I see it. I am absolutely disgusted by watching 11 yr old girls grabbing their privates and pushing it in the screen like it’s for sale! WHAT IS THIS? 

Netflix’s reason for this movie is “to show sexualizing children is bad.” This is like saying murdering is bad, in fact, I’m going to murder someone to show that murdering is bad. Netflix really fell down.

However, it’s mind boggling that people want to #cancelnetflix instead of canceling the real issues. Yeah you can cancel Netflix for giving the movie a platform/distributing but also cancel these to pedos.

Susan Rice, Michelle Obama and Barack Obama are all associated with Netflix in very significant ways.

Why aren’t they rushing out to denounce this?

If they ever get to the point where they start defending paedophilia to own their political opponents, they are so far gone they'll need serious help.

Pedos be like: “They finally made a movie for us!"

The children were barely 11 years old. They didn't even have all their teeth grown.

What kind of pedophile does it take to come up with a scenario where a child will reveal his femininity? This baby is not even a girl! Racist-pedophiles!

Pedophilia is a crime. Child pornography is a crime. Stop sexualizing minors and normalizing pedophilia. This is fucking disgusting.

BACfilms is the same company that has a 13 year old topless in damn trailer it is not just netflix it is a pattern. Running naked fully nude with grown ups in a scene in the trailer.

A director on the Cuties set and a choreographer told 11 year olds to simulate sexual moves repeatedly. What they did should have them charged and registered as sex offenders. 

Imagine a director on set shouting, yes girls shake that *** to 11 Year Old Girls and the cinematographer zooming in and taking shots from all angles.

Dance is an expression. But this dance style it's kinda inappropriate for kids, the expression and the image the kids wants to show to the audience is seductive which its not a good image for them because this dance move is focus on being sexy and shit.

I don't know who approved this sh*t, but anybody who instructs children to act in a sexual way is a predator and a pedophile.

This is not okay. Has never been okay. Will never be okay. Hollywood and the rest those that “rule the world” can try to push to normalize this on us but we will fight back harder.

Why not use 18 yr olds? They still put those kids in that situation. There were still ADULTS with cameras zooming in on young girls, ADULTS suggesting they do things. They exploited them.  Does Hollywood itself not use adults as teens?

Can you guess what popular film festival gave "cuties" an award? 

It was Sundance! Child porn winning an award at Sundance Festival is why Hollywood Executives/Studios need to raided by the FBI.

Also, Sterling Van Wagenen, Oscar-winning filmmaker and co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival, has been charged with sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl. 

Something else that should be acknowledged: Rotten Tomatoes gave this vile movie an 88%. 

Matthew Lucas thinks pedophilia is “nonsensical controversy”

Monica lauds the director for being unafraid to explore pedophilia.

The pedophilia enablers are rampant on twitter too. 

Where the hell are the parents of these kids?

Too bad... This girl is too beautiful, she could have been in a movie like Stranger Things but instead they put her in a child porn adult movie, with no good reason for why?! But I wish her the best in her career, hopefully they didn't ruined it for her & the girls.

Is Netflix normalizing pedophilia and the exploitation of children? I know we love their shows and movies but are they more important than protecting our children? Is it time to #CancelNetflix and send a message? 

If a grown man girls to shake their ass in front of him, then he's a pedophile!

But in Hollywood, pedophiles call it filmmaking.

Generally speaking, I get annoyed by people who boycott companies for minor political differences, but Netflix has crossed a line that transcends politics. My belief in free speech ends when you start marketing pedophilia to the masses. 

If you are apart of the population that “isn’t seeing the problem” with this movie, you’re the problem.

Pedophilia should NOT be normalized.

Bully Us All You Want, But There Are Many Reasons Why You Should Love Filipinos

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There are so many reasons why to love my country, the Philippines. But the best reason why it is more fun in the Philippines is because of its people.

Thus, it is surprising why some would think negatively of my countrymen.

In particular, there was this recent trending topic involving Filipina Tiktoker Bella Poarch involving her tattoo with the Korean symbol that offended Koreans. The Tiktoker apologized, but the hate of those certain Koreans were too toxic to quickly forgive this she got bullied on social media....and among the hurtful words were thrown towards the Filipino people, generalizing us as a whole with unflattering words such as "uneducated" and "short."

Pinoys relationship with each other is sibling like. We fight, mock, and insult each other. But when other people say bad things about us, we are ready to even lift Thor's hammer just to hit on the head those who belittle our race.

Insulting any race and country is never right. We Filipinos may have good hearts and friendly in nature, but we are never silenced when we are not treated just. We strongly stand and raise our flag.

Yes, we are proud to be Filipino. We are proud to be Pinoys and would always raise our flag wherever we go, whether to visit or stay for good, we would never turn our backs to our fellow Filipinos, and we will never ever feel disgraced of our country, the Philippines.

Aside from making the hashtag #CancelKorea trend on Twitter, Filipinos also made the hashtag #Philippines trend as well by flexing several photos of the different destinations in the country.

Now that Koreans are apologizing with the hashtag #SorryToFilipinos, I hope Filipinos likewise stop from making racists comments about them too. We should trend the hashtag #CancelRacism instead of cancelling out the entire country of Korea since we are sure those who bashed Bella do not represent the entire country. Let's learn, forgive and move on. Enhance our diplomatic relations with each other instead.

We can't beat racism with racism. Neither can we defeat one's stupidity with another stupidity. Why cancel the whole country for the idiocy of some of their citizens?

Criticizing a whole country for what some said is prejudice. Acting as if all Koreans believe in this way. How they approached the situation and said was absolutely out of line, but that is not Korea and never will be.

Filipinos shouldn't be toxic either. We also have oyr shortcomings - addiction to social media and other online content including games and online kasyno, over infatuation to foreign entertainers like KPop and JPop idols, excessive splurging on the latrst mobile phone models, and overeating since there are so many food establishments that opened up in our country.

There are racists & idiots everywhere. Were you among them? Well it is never too late to change as well.

After all, we are Korean KPop's biggest fanbase. The KPop artists do not deserve to be included among the hated Koreans.

Here are more reasons why many people all over the world loves the Philippines:

We have the longest and the happiest Christmas Celebration (starting from September to December)

Filipinos are hospitable (magiliw sa pagtanggap ng panauhin) - we would gladly receive you in our homes and serve you with the best that we have.

Filipinos are respectful - we use "po" & "opo" whenever we talk to someone older than us and we do the "mano" gesture as a sign of respect to our elders. This is why foreigners prefer Filipinos to take care of them.

Filipinos are resilient - no matter what challenges, disasters, and failures we face, we always rise up from any calamity or tragedy with a smile on our faces. Always.

Filipinos are creative and resourceful - we improvise and make use of the resources available on hand to create and produce what we need.

Filipinos are generous and helpful - we share even the littlest we have to others who need it the most. This can also be witnessed during disasters when the spirit of "Bayanihan" is awakened in the hearts of Filipinos.

Filipinos are responsible, dependable, dedicated, and hardworking - we are proud to have these genuine traits which makes us the preferred workers of many employers

We will keep using the hashtag #Philippines to promote how beautiful and amazing our country is. Of course, as mentioned earlier, It's more fun in the Philippines because of the Filipinos.

Join us in sharing on social media what we love about the Philippines or what makes us proud to be a Filipino! Let's all show the world that there are a multitude of reasons why everyone should love, and not hate, Filipinos.
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