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How To Become A Successful Webcam Model

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There is simply no denying that cameras have changed the way that we are interacting with each other. Heck, there was a time when you could only send flowers or presents to your loved one in a different state. That is certainly no longer the case at all thanks to online video services. People from across the globe can now use such services to communicate face to face via cell phone, computer, or tablet. Many people are now even choosing to watch others on camera 24/7 as a means of entertainment.

Looking for something intimate, looking for some gaming-related, or maybe you are just looking for a good conversation. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find someone offering these services online. If you want to become one of these webcam models and make thousands of dollars, there are a few things that you are going to need to be prepared for in advance.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

This statement should not be taken more literally. You are running your own business when you choose to become a webcam model. It will be you that is that face and representation of your company. It will be extremely important that you make a good impression on your customers. And, the best way to do just that is by always putting your best face forward. Don’t go on camera without looking your best, make sure your hair is fixed, and most importantly, allow your personality to shine through. You have to think of webcam modeling as something like an interview. You wouldn’t go in for a job interview looking all unkempt, would you? No, and you don’t want to represent your company in the same light.

Get Experience

Luckily, there will be thousands of individuals that you can model after. Running a webcam business is not easy. It not only takes a lot of nerve, but you have to know how to keep your visitors engrossed. Depending on the server that you are signing up with, you will likely have access to a variety of different chatbots. You can use these chatbots in unique ways to interact with your viewers. That being said, you’ll want to see how other individuals are playing this out. And, this will be easy to do, as all you have to do is check out other webcam girls videos. These girls have been modeling on camera for years now and know exactly how to deliver what their customers want. Watch them for a couple of weeks, learn their routines, and see how they keep things interesting in their chat.

Making Eye Contact

Maintaining direct eye contact with someone in real life can be somewhat intense. Luckily, it isn’t as intense in the modeling world, but it is just as important. If not more important. This doesn’t mean that you need to stare directly into the camera ever very seconds. This would be kind of weird. Just make sure that you address the camera with your eyes when you are answering questions or performing services that someone asked. Keep things personal and you’ll be rolling in the credits.

Friday, May 8, 2020

What kind of benefits we have with bitxt bitcoin software?

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On the off chance that you are simply beginning in bitcoin, at that point there are a few things you should think about. 

Wikipedia permits a person to trade cash and perform day by day exchanges uniquely in contrast to you regularly would.

That is the reason you have to set aside 
the effort to acquaint yourself with it before utilizing it for significant exchanges. That is the reason bitcoins ought to be treated with a similar consideration and security as the cash in your financial balance. 

Furthermore, significantly more so are now and again. The bitxt software is absolutely very useful to earn and to invest safe in cryptocurrency bitcoin online and that is 
beneficial also.

Consistently protected

Like reality, your bitcoin wallet ought to consistently be protected. Bitcoin makes it conceivable to move from anyplace on the planet, and rapidly. You despite everything have unlimited oversight over your cash. 

What's more, thus, even such stunning highlights have exceptional security impediments. Bitcoins, be that as it may, give a more significant level of security when utilized effectively. Recollect that it is your sole duty to embrace great practices to secure your cash. 

Bitcoin exchanges can't be switched 

Be that as it may, this sum can be discounted by the individual who got the assets. What you don't discover is progressively about caring when managing individuals and associations.

It is most secure to keep up a decent notoriety with respectable, set up establishments. 

Organizations  additionally should be careful about installment demands sent to clients, as bitcoin gets grammatical errors and doesn't permit a location to be sent to an inappropriate location. It's as yet a smart thought to take additional safety efforts. 

Protection with bitcoin

It requires some push to secure your protection with bitcoin. All Bitcoin exchanges are openly secure and for all time accessible on the system, implying that anybody can see bitcoin address exchanges and parities.

The personality of the individual behind a location isn't yet known - except if that individual's data shows up at the hour of procurement. 

That is the reason it's suggested that bitcoin cards be utilized just a single time. It is a great idea to embrace great practices since it is your obligation to secure your protection. 

Uncertified bitcoin exchanges 

Being non-refundable doesn't start bitcoin exchanges. Rather, the exchange gets an affirmation score that shows that it is so hard to turn around them. 

Every confirmation takes seconds and now and again a limit of an hour and a half, and midpoints ten minutes. In the event that an 
exchange pays an exceptionally low charge or is in any case insignificant, the main affirmation may take longer. 

It is really actual thing to make extra money by investing in bitcoin then it is fact and possible %100 for each person. 

There are lots of facts and possible valuable profit margin you can avail with it easily and earn as much as your investments.

Enchanted Kingdom Takes Part in the Call for ‘Bayanihan’ to Help Healthcare Workers

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Though the enhanced quarantine may have halted operations for the first and only world-class theme park, Enchanted Kingdom took the initiative to support healthcare workers in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. A team from EK facilitated the distribution of raincoats as an alternative to Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and food items to several hospitals in Santa Rosa, Laguna and neighboring towns.

Rounding up the medical units that received these tokens of support are:
St. James Hospital
Santa Rosa Hospital & Medical Center
Medical City Santa Rosa
Ospital ng Biñan
Global Medical Center Cabuyao
New Sinai MDI Hospital
Perpetual Help Hospital- Biñan
Binan Doctors’ Hospital
Unihealth Southwoods
8 LB Hospitals
Community Hospital Santa Rosa
J.P Rizal Hospital
Las Piñas General Hospital

The Park's commitment to support local communities is one way to keep the magic alive, even during these overwhelming, unprecedented times.

To get more information and updates, please visit Enchanted Kingdom's official site : or go to

NASA, partners launch virtual hackathon to develop COVID-19 solutions

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The U.S. space agency National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA), European Space Agency (ESA), and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are inviting coders, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, artists, and technologists to participate in a virtual hackathon May 30-31 dedicated to putting open data to work in developing solutions to issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the global Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge, participants from around the world will create virtual teams that – during a 48-hour period – will use Earth observation data to propose solutions to COVID-19-related challenges ranging from studying the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and its spread to the impact the disease is having on the Earth system. Registration for this challenge opens in mid-May.

"There’s a tremendous need for our collective ingenuity right now," said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. "I can’t imagine a more worthy focus than COVID-19 on which to direct the energy and enthusiasm from around the world with the Space Apps Challenge that always generates such amazing solutions."

The unique capabilities of NASA and its partner space agencies in the areas of science and technology enable them to lend a hand during this global crisis. Since the start of the global outbreak, Earth science specialists from each agency have been exploring ways to use unique Earth observation data to aid understanding of the interplay of the Earth system – on global to local scales – with aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak, including, potentially, our ability to combat it. The hackathon will also examine the human and economic response to the virus.

ESA will contribute data from the Sentinel missions (Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-5P) in the context of the European Copernicus program, led by the European Commission, along with data from Third Party contributing Missions, with a focus on assessing the impact on climate change and greenhouse gases, as well as impacts on the economic sector. ESA also is contributing Earth observation experts for the selection of the competition winners and the artificial-intelligence-powered EuroDataCube.

"EuroDatacube will enable the best ideas to be scaled up to a global level," said Josef Aschbacher, director of Earth Observation Programmes at ESA. "The pandemic crisis has a worldwide impact, therefore international cooperation and sharing of data and expertise with partners like NASA and JAXA seems the most suitable approach."

JAXA is making Earth observing data available from its satellite missions, including ALOS-2, GOSAT, GOSAT-2, GCOM-C, GCOM-W, and GPM/DPR.

"JAXA welcomes the opportunity to be part of the hackathon," said JAXA Vice President Terada Koji. "I believe the trilateral cooperation among ESA, NASA and JAXA is important to demonstrate how Earth observation can support global efforts in combating this unprecedented challenge."

Space Apps is an international hackathon that takes place in cities around the world. Since 2012, teams have engaged with NASA's free and open data to address real-world problems on Earth and in space. The COVID-19 Challenge will be the program’s first global virtual hackathon. Space Apps 2019 included more than 29,000 participants at 225 events in 71 countries, developing more than 2,000 hackathon solutions over the course of one weekend.

Pinoy developers used NASA's free and open data to solve real-world problems on Earth and space.

Many Filipinos participated in this annual hackathon since 2016. Recently, a dengue mapping forecasting system was developed by data scientists from CirroLytix using satellite and climate data with the goal of addressing the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. This web application, called Project AEDES won globally for the best use of data. "Earth observation data has the potential to be used in fighting epidemics and outbreaks threatening humanity nowadays, as well as to analyze its socio-economic impact," according to software developer Michael Lance M. Domagas, who led the Philippine hackathon in collaboration with De La Salle University, PLDT, Department of Science and Technology, United Nations Development Programme, and the U.S. embassy. The very first Philippine winner used citizen science and environmental data to develop a smartphone application informing fishermen the right time to catch fish. ISDApp is currently being incubated at Animo Labs.

Space Apps is a NASA-led initiative organized globally in collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton, Mindgrub and SecondMuse. The next annual Space Apps Challenge is scheduled for October 2-4.

Registration opens May 12.

#SpaceApps #SpaceAppsPH

"Upstart 10 for 10’ online mini-concert fundraiser set on May 9

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In line with its 10th year anniversary in the theater community, Upstart Productions proudly presents UPSTART 10 FOR 10, an online mini-concert fundraiser on May 9 – 8 pm at Facebook page – Upstart Productions.

UPSTART 10 FOR 10 shall feature ten artists namely Topper Fabregas, Rony Fortich, Jenny Jamora, Carla Guevara-Laforteza, Lorenz Martinez, Shiela Valderrama-Martinez, Jill Pena, Felix Rivera, Ice Seguerra, and Reuben Uy.

The repertoire will include ten songs from Upstart Production’s first musical, BREAKUPS & BREAKDOWNS by Joel Trinidad and Rony Fortich.

The show aims to solicit donations for the benefit of the theater professionals behind the scenes — stage managers, prop masters, dressers, set builders, and the unsung heroes, who have lost their means of livelihood during this current pandemic.

In line with this project, we hope that you can help us promote our show online to invite people to watch UPSTART 10 FOR 10 and donate to our beneficiary.

We thank you for supporting Upstart shows for the last ten years, and we hope you can help us show our gratitude to the people backstage, as well.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Shutdown during Lockdown: Cease and Desist Order on ABS-CBN

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Ihihinto ng ABS-CBN ang broadcasting ng 42 television stations, 10 digital broadcast channels, 18 FM stations, at 5 AM stations nito sa buong bansa bilang pagtalima sa utos ng National Telecommunications Commission.

FYI, Only the broadcast thru air wave is shutdown not the entirety of the network's operation. ABS-CBN can still air thru online like that of social media.

Also, shutting ABS-CBN as a company is a different story. The government did not shut down the network but only bar it from using the air waves. Remember it's a privilege not a right.

If ABS-CBN is true to it's commitment to serving the people, it has to follow the order while at the same time appeal to court. The network has all the capital and machineries to exhaust all legal remedies.


Hindi naman dahil sa 'way of reporting' or how biased ang ABS-CBN kaya sila na-shutdown.

Isa-isahin natin mga cases nila. OK?

1. Selling of their TV PLUS Digital Box eventhough hindi sila kumuha ng license for it to sell and it wasn't registered in NTC.

2. Adding 'sister-channels' like Cinemo, Yey Channel, etc. under their company name but not registering it to NTC.

3. Unpaid 'due taxes' issued to them and not cooperating with the higher authorities since late 2014.

4. Asking for pay-per-view for KBO MOVIES when under their signed contract it's called FREE TV meaning FREE TO AIR, FREE TO WATCH.

5. Lastly, operating their registered channel under the name of one franchise as ABS-CBN, wherein they only registered one channel, but they have 'channels'?
– Baka i-bash niyo ako.

Yes, my TV PLUS kami.

I also enjoyed their shows and find it entertaining, specially AC CHANNEL bcoz KDrama is lifee nowadays.




Palalampasin nalang kasi fave channel mo?
I beg to disagree.

May point yung NTC.

In this time of crisis we need to be as one.
Pero, paano yung mga pamilya noon na nagwowork sa Cable Companies na nawalan ng work because of TV PLUS and its 'cable channels'?

Sad din ako, but when it comes to ILLEGALITIES one should shoulder it's CONSEQUENCES.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

New Hitachi Vantara Virtual Storage Platform Drastically Lowers Data Storage Costs and Simplifies Data Infrastructure Management for Midsize Enterprises

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Industry-Leading 4:1 Data Deduplication Delivers a Guaranteed 75% Improvement in Storage Capacity

New Hitachi Ops Center Software Features AI-Driven Management Tools To Radically Simplify Storage Provisioning for AI, ML and Containerized Apps

New EverFlex From Hitachi Vantara Provides More Choice To Help Customers Move To Pay-Per-Use Consumption Models That Lower Cost and Reduce Risk

Hitachi Vantara, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), today introduced Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E990, the company’s new storage platform for midsize enterprise customers.

The E990’s high performance and low latency supercharge business applications, and industry-leading data de-duplication guarantees storage cost reductions. Hitachi Ops Center’s powerful artificial intelligence (AI)-driven management software can also dramatically simplify storage provisioning for AI, machine learning (ML) and containerized applications. The E990 with Hitachi Ops Center provides an NVMe all-flash option for Hitachi Vantara’s family of solutions for midsize enterprises, adding to a broad portfolio of powerful infrastructure solutions that feature best-in-class performance and include Hitachi’s signature 100% data availability guarantee for businesses of all sizes.

With the vast spread of COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, numerous countries, including the Philippines, have regulated counter measures to manage the situation. Public and private sectors have rolled out work-from-home operations to ensure and protect the health and safety of their employees. However, medium and large enterprises then are challenged to secure their own company’s data while remote working.

Business continuity for medium and large enterprises, in times like these is only efficient if companies are willing to also invest in their cloud and storage infrastructure. 

The company also unveiled EverFlex from Hitachi Vantara, a program that provides simple, elastic and comprehensive acquisition choices for the E990 and the entire Hitachi Vantara portfolio. EverFlex adds consumption-based pricing models that range from basic utility pricing, to custom outcome-based services, to Storage as a Service. It will align IT spend with business use for midsize enterprises, enabling effective ways to lower cost, avoid wasting capacity and eliminate disruption. 

Industry-Leading Deduplication Reduces Storage Costs

With data volumes forecast to rise to 23%1 and data storage budgets growing only 10%2 on average, midsize enterprises urgently need solutions to reduce storage costs. The new Hitachi VSP E990 with Hitachi Ops Center delivers industry-leading 4:1 data deduplication – twice that of Hitachi’s closest competitor – guaranteeing to free up 75% of storage capacity.

AI-Enhanced Management Tools Radically Simplify Storage Provisioning

Industry analyst firm 451 Research, now a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, suggests 43%4 of storage buyers feel unprepared to support increased future demands. Hitachi Vantara VSP E990 combined with Ops Center directly addresses this challenge. Ops Center’s AI-enhanced management streamlines storage delivery by up to 90%3 for demanding applications. It also reduces manual storage provisioning tasks by up to 70%3 and delivers root cause issue analysis four times faster to accelerate troubleshooting.

Trusted Performance That Won’t Break the Bank

Hitachi Vantara VSP E990 addresses the data infrastructure reliability challenges that many enterprises continue to face: One-third of enterprises still suffer outages5 or significant performance degradation as a result of storage reliability issues. VSP E990 delivers Hitachi Vantara’s long-standing leadership in reliability to midsize enterprises at a price point they can afford. It features an all-NVMe architecture with the industry’s leading and lowest-cost IOPS (as low as $0.03 per IOPS) and ultra-low latency for the most resource-hungry business applications.

Predictable Pricing and Flexible Consumption

New EverFlex adds greater choice in consumption-based pricing models that make pricing predictable for cloud-like storage usage. It starts by enabling customers to pay only for what they use and align technology spending with business use to reduce costs by up to 20%3, eliminating the need to pay for the essential reserve capacity that every installation needs. Added services are available to further reduce costs and avoid disruptions to business by providing outcome-based operational services that help deliver more consistent service levels without placing additional burden on staff.

VSP E990 Is Supercharged for Partners, Too

The VSP E990 is ideal for partners to deliver innovation and benefits important to midsize enterprise customers. Hitachi Vantara continues to invest in its predictable, profitable and pioneering partner program with enablement tools, marketing resources and incentives designed for distributors and resellers focused on midsize enterprises. Read the blog post by Hitachi Vantara Channel Chief Kimberly King to learn more about the opportunity VSP E990 presents for partners and to read commentary from the company’s global partner community.

Supporting Quotes

“With its Virtual Storage Platform E990 system, Hitachi is upping the ante in midrange storage. The VSP E990 is an all-NVMe system that is both storage-class memory (SCM) and NVMe-over-fabric (NVMEoF) ready, can scale to nearly 6 million IOPS and well over 16 petabytes of effective capacity, provides a ‘no questions asked’ 4:1 data reduction guarantee based on just compression and deduplication, and is backed by Hitachi’s 100-percent data availability guarantee,” said Eric Burgener, research vice president, Enterprise Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies, IDC. “Midrange enterprises that need room to grow for their mission-critical workloads should look at the compelling value proposition offered by the Hitachi VSP E990.”

“The VSP E990 is really compelling, especially the software,” said Eros Tibor, Team Coordinator, Central European Data Center Compute & Storage Team, KBC Group. “I would buy it.”

“Hitachi Vantara has led the industry for decades with proven, reliable data solutions that are time-tested for performance, availability and scalability and backed by our pioneering 100% data availability guarantee,” said Brian Householder, president, Digital Infrastructure, Hitachi Vantara. “Our new VSP E990 with Hitachi Ops Center completes our portfolio for midsize enterprises, putting AIOps to work harder for our customers so they can work smarter for theirs.”


Hitachi VSP E990, Hitachi Ops Center and EverFlex are available globally from Hitachi Vantara and its network of partners.

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The bestseller books of New Zealand of this decade

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New Zealand is responsible for creating a lot of great minds. Amongst those minds, there are several authors whose works are appreciated all across the globe.

These authors have created so many masterpieces that have glorified the vast history of domestic and international literature.

New Zealand has a vast number of incredible readers as well. The authors get the confidence to write more. This way, these authors have produced some bestsellers as well.

Here, we will talk about some of the bestsellers of New Zealand in recent years.

Here are some bestseller books of New Zealand:

Mister Pip – Lloyd Jones:
Mister Pip is a masterpiece by Lloyd Jones of New Zealand. The scene is set on the brutal Civil War in Papua New Guinea, where Mister Pip, the main protagonist, tells you the story of how an eleven-year-old Matilda Laimo. And a whole class get mesmerized by their elderly European
School Teacher Tom Watts.

Reading them passages from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
Mister Pip was the bestselling book in New Zealand in 2007. At Montana New Zealand Book awards, it grabbed the Montana medal for fiction and poetry.

Besides, it was amongst the shortlisted books for the man Booker Prize. Furthermore, it won the Commonwealth prize for writing. This tells us how deep effect this 2007 book has had in the minds of the people in New Zealand.

The Vintner’s Luck – Elizabeth Knox:

The Vintner’s Luck explores the relationship between the vintner named Sobran Jodeau and an
angel (Xas) who comes back to visit him on the same night every year.

Vintner’s Luck won the inaugural Tasmania Pacific Region Prize and the 1999 fiction prize at Montana New Zealand
Book Awards for sure. It has also received praise from critics like Michel Larsen of the NZ Herald.

My name was Judas – CK Stead

This was a completely different new take on the world’s best-known story of Judas Iscariot.

In this book, CK Stead considers Judas as an old man who is now looking back at his childhood friendship with Jesus, and the different events that led to the infamous crucifixion of Jesus.

According to the writer of this book, Jesus was not all the world thought he was and how Judas saw him even through his ‘miracles.’

NZ Listener, in this book, has said that in this story, we can see Judas as a poet who knew the sense of power and danger in Jesus’ words. It said this is going to rank amongst the best works of a distinguished author.

You can opt for these books with to get some discounts from this website.
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