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Should Sex Education Be Implemented at an Early Age?

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"Sex was God’s gift to mankind, it is beautiful but was mainly designed for married couples. Sadly, this God’s gift was twisted and always given a negative connotation."

"We embrace Western Liberalism kaya our society is decaying. Other Asian countries are still traditional when it comes to parenting. We should go back to our roots na traditional, strict, and conservative."

The statements above no longer applies in today's society. Many are already liberated and experimental when it comes to sexual acts even at a young age. Youngsters should have knowledge about this too to prevent early pregnancy and transmission of sexual disease.

I do think that it's important to educate teens about the matter. Why do you think some teens try drugs and vapes? They are curious. Im not saying sex is a drug because it's human nature. HIV/AIDS rates among teens are surprisingly high and growing. Why would you prioritize the old Filipino mentality when its clearly not working.

Halos lahat kasi ng teenager ngayon mapusok at curious dahil sa mga pinapalabas sa TV at movies that highlights sex between teenagers and consenting adults. Our local TV networks and cinema producers exploit young celebrities and sell sex as an attraction. It is debatable whether they are only mimicking what happens in real life, or they are mindsetting us to believe it is the reality.

There were times during our high school days that our teachers will try to discuss courtship and a bit of sex. It was always chaotic. It will end up giving malicious ideas to students. Especially if it's done with girls and boys together in the classroom.

Sex is indeed a sacred thing pero in our times I highly doubt it is still perceived that way. Early knowledge for young people is a must lalo na sa young age na uncontrollable ang karamihan sa kabataan in the consumption of information. Walang age discretion ang access sa mga content over the Internet. Kaya overpopulated tayo e, walang proper Sex Ed. Puro pakitang taong decency, walang practicality.

Thus the need for sex education. The question is, "is it time for the kids to learn about sex?"

Is it a must and appropriate for Elementary or High School students?

Sex education is a broad topic. It can start as early as 2 years old at nagsisimula yun sa parts of the body. Dapat ituro sa bata ang tamang tawag. Mag-e-evolve ang lesson depende sa age.

Habang tumataas ang grade level, lumalawak at lumalalim ang explanation.
Hindi mo naman ituturo sa bata yung act itself. Pero kailangan i-level mo sa edad ng bata ang explanation at yung totoo.

Reality check. May access na mga kabataan sa computer, may cellphone, marami silang napapanood sa social media, and according sa survey din, mas marami ang nagiging batang ina sa Pilipinas kaysa sa ibang bansa dahil nahihiya silang  pag-usapan ang sex lalo na sa bahay. Nahihiya po sila sa magulang nila kaya po kung sa school na lang ituro hindi nakakahiya. Iba na po ang kabataan ngayon. Yung iba grade 6 pa lang may boyfriend na. Mas madaling magdalaga ang kabataan ngayon, mas madaling maimpluwensiyahan.

Kaya mas maraming maagang nabubuntis dahil bulag ang mga kabataan. Imbis na nagagabayan sila, mangmang sila sa usaping sex, kaya sila-sila ang nag-eeksperimento.

Isa sa main reasons bakit nagaganap ang pre-marital sex is because sa lack of knowledge ng isang adolescent. Kung mas maaga sanang naituturo sa eskwelahan at tahanan na mero’ng kaakibat na resposibilidad once na ikaw ay nabuntis o nakabuntis, Wala sanang over-population at unwanted pregnancies.

Keeping the younger generation in the dark won't help or give them the necessary knowlege to be responsible. We can keep our conservative values to ourselves and not shove it up everyone's throats.

Yung sex ed ay tinuturo upang huwag gumaya sa mga magulang na hinde alam ang family planning. Yung sex ed ay para alam ng mga kabataan kung pano umiwas na maagang maka buntis or mabuntis.

Uulitin ko lang. Malawak ang topic na Sex Education na pwede i-cover ng iba't ibang subject sa school-Science, Religion, Social Studies, MAPEH.

Sa bahay talaga nag-uumpisa ang lahat. Pero yan kasi ang kinalakihan ng madami. "Conservative" pero mali. Tinatago, kinakahiya. At ang kabataan, habang tinatago, lalong nagiging curious.

Some see the word "sex" and give an immediate violent response, like it is an evil thing that shouldn't be uttered. Dapat nga parents ang unang nag eeducate sa bata para hindi na taboo kapag naintroduce na iyong topic sa school. I remember when we had our biology class, may mga classmates ako dati na parang hiyang hiya ng banggitin ang mga human body parts, like it was a sin to name the reproductive parts.

Sex education doesn't mean you have to teach the youths how to have sex. Sex education tackles about the anatomy and physiology of our reproductive organs and cells. It also teaches the consequences of premarital sex, teenage pregnancy, sex without protection, etc. It warns us against sexualy transmitted infections such as HIV and AIDS. These lessons could not be easily tackled at home and most (if not all) parents are not knowlegeable about these matters. Dami talagang mga ignorante sa sex education so I agree na dapat gawan ito ng comprehensive plan para maging subject at ituro sa mga teenagers.

Sex education should not be about sex per se, but about: reproductive health, the importance of consent, what to do when you are being sexually harassed, how to manage emotions/attractions, managing relationships and how to spot an abusive relationship, VAW, among others.

Kasi naman basta sex education, iisipin agad ay iyong actual intercourse mismo.

It's about the morality, the pros and cons. Teaching them not to be promiscuous even when they're single. Proper hygiene, self-defense, stuff like that.

Advocating sex education is good, kasi hindi na mafefeel ng kabataan ang curiosity na nararamdaman nila. Mapprevent din neto ang teenage pregnancy. Kelangan maging open minded sa ganto. Kaso hirap satin pag may "sex" na term, masama at bastos na agad nasa isip.

It doesn't mean they will teach you how the deed is done, it means learning how your (and the opposite sex's) reproduction system function and how to take care of yourself. Knowledge is vital, it is never wrong. Ignorance towards your own reproductive health can not be solved by just being too spiritual.

Mas magkakaron ng takot ang mga bata huwag gawin yung mga "mali", kung may knowledge sila tungkol sa functions ng reproductive parts nila at kung paano nabubuntis ng maaga or nakakakuha ng sakit.

Dapat ituro ang monthly cycle and what happens, so we know when we are ovulating, how our egg cell are fertilized and develops into embryo, etc. It helps to know your own body functions too. With this knowledge, we would set a plan on when to prepare for it, diba?

Mali ang mga Pilipino kapag nakarinig ng salitang "sex"-- malisya agad nasa isip. Ang hirap i-round about nitong kamangmangan na ito. It will take generations bago maging logical at clinical ang mga tao dito. We were brought up in a very wrong way, and I think the system keeps this up to keep us ignorant and overpopulated, hence, with also lack of education...would keep the people in power their places.

Possible topics covered in sex education:
Human Development (including reproduction, puberty, sexual orientation, and gender identity)

Relationships (including families, friendships, romantic relationships and dating)

Personal Skills (including communication, negotiation, and decision-making)

Sexual Behavior (including abstinence and sexuality throughout life)

Sexual Health (including sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and pregnancy)

Society and Culture (including gender roles, diversity, and sexuality in the media)

How about we educate children about parental responsibility and financial responsibility? We teach  them about sex but neglect to teach them that sex comes with responsibility and financial obligations.

Yes sex is part of life but it is important to educate our children responsible parenthood as early as possible. Responsible parents must provide food, clothing, shelter and education. They also our need our love and care, time and guidance. I really discouraged my children to enter in lovelife when they were at young age.

There's always a right and a good time for everything. Each stage of life is a preparation for another level or chapter.

If children are not well guided in various important aspects by their parents, there are too many possibilities that their children would make unnecessary decisions once they get older. Educating children to become fully human and fully alive should start from the parents. Other sectors of the society like schools, for instance, will just be providing follow ups and reinforcements of values being inculcated and practiced by parents at home which are expected to be emulated by their children. If those basic and vital responsibilities of parents are consciously practiced at home, teachers' main responsibilities at school won't be divided. Children, on the other hand, are aware of what aspects of life should be prioritized first.

We should teach our kids and the youth the value of money, resources, skill, time and perseverance, how to start and manage businesses, what careers to take, etc. if one wouldn't be able to finish school. Teach and show them that there's a bigger world out there just waiting to be occupied--and no, I'm not talking about textbooks. I'm talking about the actual life and reality. Do that, and everything will follow. One of the problems with our education is most times we tend to get stuck with what is written in our textbooks.

Because we teach kids (boys especially) sex ed, they start thinking with their dicks more so than their brains. What we should also teach them is proper social skills on how to act around girls. We're too focused on champagne problems such as sex that we forget the actual obstacles in getting laid.


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Anak: Hindi po sure. Group project po kasi.

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