Friday, September 11, 2020

Bully Us All You Want, But There Are Many Reasons Why You Should Love Filipinos

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There are so many reasons why to love my country, the Philippines. But the best reason why it is more fun in the Philippines is because of its people.

Thus, it is surprising why some would think negatively of my countrymen.

In particular, there was this recent trending topic involving Filipina Tiktoker Bella Poarch involving her tattoo with the Korean symbol that offended Koreans. The Tiktoker apologized, but the hate of those certain Koreans were too toxic to quickly forgive this she got bullied on social media....and among the hurtful words were thrown towards the Filipino people, generalizing us as a whole with unflattering words such as "uneducated" and "short."

Pinoys relationship with each other is sibling like. We fight, mock, and insult each other. But when other people say bad things about us, we are ready to even lift Thor's hammer just to hit on the head those who belittle our race.

Insulting any race and country is never right. We Filipinos may have good hearts and friendly in nature, but we are never silenced when we are not treated just. We strongly stand and raise our flag.

Yes, we are proud to be Filipino. We are proud to be Pinoys and would always raise our flag wherever we go, whether to visit or stay for good, we would never turn our backs to our fellow Filipinos, and we will never ever feel disgraced of our country, the Philippines.

Aside from making the hashtag #CancelKorea trend on Twitter, Filipinos also made the hashtag #Philippines trend as well by flexing several photos of the different destinations in the country.

Now that Koreans are apologizing with the hashtag #SorryToFilipinos, I hope Filipinos likewise stop from making racists comments about them too. We should trend the hashtag #CancelRacism instead of cancelling out the entire country of Korea since we are sure those who bashed Bella do not represent the entire country. Let's learn, forgive and move on. Enhance our diplomatic relations with each other instead.

We can't beat racism with racism. Neither can we defeat one's stupidity with another stupidity. Why cancel the whole country for the idiocy of some of their citizens?

Criticizing a whole country for what some said is prejudice. Acting as if all Koreans believe in this way. How they approached the situation and said was absolutely out of line, but that is not Korea and never will be.

Filipinos shouldn't be toxic either. We also have oyr shortcomings - addiction to social media and other online content including games and online kasyno, over infatuation to foreign entertainers like KPop and JPop idols, excessive splurging on the latrst mobile phone models, and overeating since there are so many food establishments that opened up in our country.

There are racists & idiots everywhere. Were you among them? Well it is never too late to change as well.

After all, we are Korean KPop's biggest fanbase. The KPop artists do not deserve to be included among the hated Koreans.

Here are more reasons why many people all over the world loves the Philippines:

We have the longest and the happiest Christmas Celebration (starting from September to December)

Filipinos are hospitable (magiliw sa pagtanggap ng panauhin) - we would gladly receive you in our homes and serve you with the best that we have.

Filipinos are respectful - we use "po" & "opo" whenever we talk to someone older than us and we do the "mano" gesture as a sign of respect to our elders. This is why foreigners prefer Filipinos to take care of them.

Filipinos are resilient - no matter what challenges, disasters, and failures we face, we always rise up from any calamity or tragedy with a smile on our faces. Always.

Filipinos are creative and resourceful - we improvise and make use of the resources available on hand to create and produce what we need.

Filipinos are generous and helpful - we share even the littlest we have to others who need it the most. This can also be witnessed during disasters when the spirit of "Bayanihan" is awakened in the hearts of Filipinos.

Filipinos are responsible, dependable, dedicated, and hardworking - we are proud to have these genuine traits which makes us the preferred workers of many employers

We will keep using the hashtag #Philippines to promote how beautiful and amazing our country is. Of course, as mentioned earlier, It's more fun in the Philippines because of the Filipinos.

Join us in sharing on social media what we love about the Philippines or what makes us proud to be a Filipino! Let's all show the world that there are a multitude of reasons why everyone should love, and not hate, Filipinos.

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  1. Koreans are still humans like us, so yes racism cant beat racism.


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