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Mu Sigma Phi Sorority to Hold Brilyante 2019

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In celebration of the 85 years that have passed since its humble beginnings in 1934, the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority has continued to uphold a legacy of unparalleled sisterhood, self-denying service, outstanding scholarship, and dedicated leadership both within and outside the walls of the UP College of Medicine with a line-up of events to empower the geriatric community under its advocacy of Aging and Longevity, including the much awaited Brilyante.

The first Brilyante was a benefit gala dinner and fashion show directed by no less than one of the country’s most celebrated fashion directors, Mr. Robby Carmona. It was held in 2009 in celebration of the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority’s 75th year with distinguished designers, celebrity models, and prominent physicians from the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority and Fraternity all gathered as one, braving the runway in tribute of the women who have fought or are continuing to fight the battle against cervical cancer.

Now on its 85th year, Brilyante 2019 is joined again by Mr. Carmona and it aims to celebrate women empowerment and a beauty that knows no age limit. The fashion show will feature works from some of the country’s most prominent and promising designers namely Albert Andrada, Mak Tumang, Michael Leyva, Rajo Laurel, Edgar Madamba, Nina Inabel, and Rustan’s. Proceeds from the benefit event will be going to the Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health, assisting in its efforts to develop 27 national geriatric centers across the country through health and human resource training.

Brilyante 2019 will be held on August 31, 2019 at the new five-star Sarus Grand Ballroom of Marquis Events Place at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tickets are priced at Php 6,000 (Gold) and Php 4,000 (Silver), both of which will include a three-course meal and a souvenir program. Join the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority on its 85th year as it proves that age is no limitation — that with each passing year we only become more brilliant, more luminous through time. Order your tickets now at or text Trina Villanueva at 0917-676-7166. You can visit Brilyante’s facebook page: for more details. See you there!

Label: Brilyante 2019 Team of designers and organizers, from left, Ronnie de Guia (representative of designer, Albert Andrada), Clein Gudalao (representative of designer, Mak Tumang), China Prado (representative of designer, Rajo Laurel), second representative of designer Mak Tumang, Dr. Lilibeth Genuino (Mu Sigma Phi Sorority), Chin Vista (Mu Sigma Phi Sorority), Wynona Dela Calzada (Mu Sigma Phi Sorority), Dr. Mitos Cating-Cabral (Mu Sigma Phi Sorority), Mr. Mel Meer (Bergamo CEO), Director Robby Carmona (SAGA Events Inc.), Dr. Angel Bandola (Mu Sigma Phi Sorority), Nina Corpuz (representative of designer, Nina Inabel), Moppet Aquino (SAGA Events

PIA Launches Automated Human Resource Management System

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The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) is gearing towards implementing a more efficient web-based electronic human resource management system.

This, after PIA Director-General Harold E. Clavite appproved the contract between PIA and Asiagate Networks, Inc. for the provision of a software that will integrate systems and processes to ensure easy management of human resources, business process and data of PIA.

“We want a very efficient HR system which is key to operationalize an excellent business operations system. This is part of upgrading plans of our systems and processes that PIA management has committed to pursue," Clavite said during the kick-off meeting with Asiagate on Tuesday to discuss the requirements which launched the first phase of the project.

Asiagate Project Manager Amor Ebue discussed HRMIS processes as well the specific implementation time frame.

Ebue explained, the web-based HRMIS would enable PIA to generate reports on personnel information, trainings, leave status and personnel performance – allowing management to make the right decisions and manage human resource more efficiently and effectively.

The whole system features a tool that would support fast and efficient transactions and processing of resources, expedite recurring tasks through automation, upgrade technologies making them more open, flexible and scalable, support additional or newer processes or services requiring automation.

Ebue stressed that this is a fully integrated system that consists of the following modules, personnel information management, attendance and logs management, leave administration, payroll, compensation benefits, employee discipline, personnel services, dahsboard and calendar notifications, and self-service employees'portal.

The HRMIS also supports the HR Systems required in the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) of the Civil Service Commission which includes recruitment, selection and placement, learning and development, performance management, and rewards and recognition work streams.

PIA has been accredited by CSC under Level II Maturity for PRIME-HRM in 2018 and was recently conferred the Bronze Award. With the HRMIS in place, the Agency may qualify for Level III Maturity by 2020.

The first phase of the project was launched this week and the entire project implementation is expected to be completed by November 2020.

According to Clavite, the complete roll-out of such system is expected to strengthen the integrity and reliability of HR processes within the Agency, thus enhancing employee satisfaction and organizational productivity.

Photo caption: PIA Director-General Harold E. Clavite discusses the HRMIS togetwith PIA officials and personnel representatives from Asiagate Network, Inc. (Photo by William Ronquillo/HRDD)

DOE Lays Down Action Plan to Resolve Palawan Power Woes

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The Department of Energy (DOE) has laid down the roadmap for action that would address the persistent power woes hounding Palawan during the meeting of the DOE-led Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee and Task Force Palawan Electric Cooperative (IACC-TF PALECO) with the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) and PALECO representatives, which was held on 25 July in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi created Task Force PALECO earlier this year to conduct an exhaustive assessment and audit of the power situation in the province. This included the determination of the root causes for the frequent power outages, as well as the consolidation of all recommendations from other concerned agencies into the Task Force’s Final Report.

Among the findings of TF PALECO were the uncoordinated synchronization of the protection system of PALECO and the National Power Corporation’s (NPC) transmission lines; obstructing vegetation along both the long NPC transmission lines and PALECO distribution lines; overloaded substations; the unstable temporary generators; derailed coal power plant; and the slow coordination among various government agencies on distribution line maintenance and improvements.

“We immediately directed PALECO and all relevant government agencies to carry out the recommendations in the final report of the Task Force. The livelihood of consumers and the operations of crucial infrastructure, such as hospitals and government offices hang in the balance. We will not stop working until we finally bring this power issue to an end,” Secretary Cusi stressed.

One of the major problems identified in the audit is the existence of a heavy vegetation problem on the NPC transmission lines in Palawan, especially in the southern towns. To solve this, the PCSD, through the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR), will issue PALECO a special permit for the transportation of the required tools and equipment to be used for the necessary tree cutting and clearing operations. The NPC likewise guaranteed the immediate upgrade of its line protection devices, which minimize the effects of transmission line trippings.

Meanwhile, the National Electrification Administration (NEA) has activated the “Task Force Kapatid” program, which would involve the active participation of 10 electric cooperatives (ECs) to help with the rehabilitation of PALECO. Under this program, the participating ECs will be deploying six engineers and 60 linemen to help PALECO until October 2019. The necessary tools and equipment to effect improvements in PALECO’s distribution system will also be provided.

Furthermore, Palawan Governor Jose C. Alvarez, head of the PCSD, assured the DOE of its efficient coordination with Local Government Units (LGUs) in securing all relevant certificates needed by PALECO.

During the meeting, PALECO also had the opportunity to discuss the progress it has made in the implementation of the action plan it has previously submitted to the DOE. Their presentation prompted various public and private stakeholders to pledge their support to the local EC and guide it towards the necessary steps to effectively and efficiently improve the power supply condition in Palawan.

DOE Undersecretary Vice Admiral Alexander S. Lopez (ret.) led the presentation of the IACC-TF PALECO, together with Assistant Secretary Redentor E. Delola, and DOE-Electric Power Industry Management Bureau Director Mario C. Marasigan. PCSD Executive Director Nelson P. Devanadera and representatives from NEA, NPC, DENR, as well as officials from LGUs, Non-Government Organizations, and the Western Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, were also in attendance.

According to Secretary Cusi, PALECO will have until the end of 2019 to complete its rehabilitation. “As members of the energy family, it is our primary duty to provide reliable, stable, and affordable electricity services to our countrymen. Help will always be given to those in need of it. However, we must also ensure that those of us in the energy sector are serving our people in the best manner at all times,” he concluded.

Advocates to Convene in Largest Youth-led Peace-centric Cultural Event for Peace in September

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With the country’s recent development towards unity through the establishment of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), a new beginning for peace springs not only in the region but throughout the Philippines. Along with peacebuilding, this aching part of the country has been longing for sustainable development in securing its future, and it is high time to put the youth in its center.

Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition, an independent non-partisan national alliance of young leaders and youth organizations in the Philippines, together with the Rotary Satellite Club of Fort BGC Titans of Rotary International District 3830 supported by the Pilipinas Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization and many other partner agencies, will be hosting the Philippine Intercultural Youth Convention (PIYC) 2019, with the theme "New Beginnings for Peace, New Challenges for Development," on September 21-22, 2019 in Tanghalang Bautista, Quezon City University, Quirino Highway, Quezon City.

The PIYC 2019, a DILG and NYC endorsed activity aims to provide a platform for the exchange of Philippine cultures and discussions on national issues that highlight the role of the youth in peace and development. Philippine government leaders as well as non-government and international partners will enrich forums on youth in peace, peace amidst diversity, vulnerabilities in conflict, and the essence of peacebuilding in the attainment of quality education, poverty alleviation, access to healthcare, and sustainable livelihood.

Two days of uniting youth leaders across Philippine regions, tribes and Indigenous people’s groups, PIYC 2019 will also bring the country’s rich cultural experience in one venue through segments such as the Cultural Festival, an exhibition of cultures, a cultural networking night, and many other cultural presentations. Its aim to engage the youth with government and non-government actors that will also be facilitated with a flow of plenary and breakout sessions.

The road to sustainable development is founded on the stability of peace, and PIYC 2019 hopes to integrate the Filipino youth in building this strong foundation.

You may register at to be a part of the biggest youth-led peace-centric cultural event in the country. The event is also open for partnerships with organizations who can send a delegation of more than ten youth leaders.

For inquiries, you may reach the organizers at

PIA Develops Strategic Communications Curriculum for PMA

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The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) explore areas of cooperation on developing a curriculum on communication and public information for the Academy.

In a meeting, PIA Director-General Harold Clavite presented the Agency’s programs and services, capabilities and networks anchored on the Philippine Information Highway, a flagship program of PIA that can be of help to the PMA.

He discussed two proposals- a short-term module on strategic communications and a curriculum on the National Strategy Management Program Major in Strategic Communications.

Clavite, who is also a board member of the Philippine Army’s multi-sector advisory board (MSAB), expressed his intent of institutionalizing the ongoing engagements of PIA with the military’s civil military operations across the country. The engagement of PIA and the Philippine Army was likewise strengthened in the information management and strategic communications support group of Task Force Bangon Marawi, headed by Clavite.

Dr. Joey Alagaran, head of the PIA’s Policy and Communication Research Division detailed the 54-hour course outline as to theories, concepts, processes and practices of Strategic Communications including national security administration.

On the proposed BS National Strategy Management Program, Alagaran identified the curriculum’s objectives to develop the cadets communication creativity, critical thinking and collaborative skill; equip them with decision making/implementation capabilities and engagement on Strategic Communications and integrate the knowledge and skills and discipline from their military program.

PMA Dean of Academics B/Gen. Cheston Valencerina cited the need for collaboration saying that communication is “winning the war by not firing a bullet.”

Clavite further emphasized the need for future military officers to be adept with the latest trends in strategic communications and multimedia strategies in the advent of increased usage of the internet and new media platforms.

Further exchanges of ideas and inputs ensued between the Academy’s faculty members and PIA regional heads present in the meeting.
Witnessed by Asst. Supt B/Gen. Nestor Florence DC Rayos and Commandant B/Gen. Bartolome Vicente Bacarro, the tie-up is hoped to be realized with the forging of a PIA-PMA Memorandum of Understanding this year.

PUP SLP to Show Reimagined Verison of 'Rody Vera's Ang Unang Aswang'

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Sustaining and further bettering its passion and service for arts, culture, and the people, Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sining-Lahi Polyrepertory (PUP SLP or Polyrep) is set to showcase their 39th theater season opener production titled 'Ang Unang Aswang' by the renowned playwright, Rody Vera, and to be directed by Marcus Belisario, this coming August 2019 at Tanghalang PUP.

Polyrep creates a theme or framework to synthesize its works every theatrical season, and for this 39th season, the formulated theme is called Nena.'

Nena comes from the Spanish word 'NAY-nah' that is usually being used as term of endearment just like love or sweetheart in the English language. It is the innocent essence of colonization and decolonization in our country, it as well transitive, and liberating as an art.

There will be four phases for Nena: 1. Kaakuhan, 2. Kamalayan, 3. Kasarinlan, and 4. Kalikasan. The 'Ang Unang Aswang' production will stand for the first phase of Nena which is 'Kaakuhan.'

(Read more about Nena and its four phases:

The 'Kaakuhan' phase with 'Ang Unang Aswang' as its production, aims to dig and discover our missing history. To find and heal the wound caused by the lost sense of identity.

Furthermore, 'Ang Unang Aswang' wants viewers and audiences to be critical and question things, particularly about the morals and standards.

The show's synopsis is as follows: A night when the moon is in full, on a desert, a new born baby swallowed a heart of a banana tree. As the time passed by, the baby has grown with the help of a dog, cat and a wild pig who stands as her mother. Away from the city, the girl lives happily until she encounters a man that will change his life. The man will introduce to her both love and pain. It is a story of love, failure, abuse and pretentions. To raise questions and open discourse about morality, truth, and judgement is the challenge.

Although 'Ang Unang Aswang' has been staged many times by different theater companies in distinct ways, including Polyrep's version last 2016 as part of 35th theater season, current PUP SLP will recreate and revitalize the story in another level. Marcus Belisario, the director, highlighted the reimagination of this 'Ang Unang Aswang,' that will have a surprise because of its 'never seen before' factor.


About Us:

Sining-Lahi Polyrepertory, also known as "Polyrep," is the resident theater organization of the Polytechnic University under the University Center for Culture and the Arts, celebrating 39 years of artistic excellence.

Tanghalang Ateneo to Open 41st Season with Dolorosa on April 15-31 at the Doreen Black Box

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Tanghalang Ateneo, the longest-running theater company of the Loyola

Schools of the Ateneo de Manila University, will kick off its 41st season, "Écriture

Féminine | Sulat-Babae: The Women's Season," this August with a full-length

version of Peter Zaragoza Mayshle’s Dolorosa.

Multihyphenate Jenny Jamora (33 Variations, Every Brilliant Thing) will direct the

material, which was originally a one-act play and part of the Virgin Labfest 14 staged

readings last year.

Set in three periods of Philippine history, Dolorosa tells the story of a family whose

devotion arms the women to face the tides of historical change. During the Spanish

occupation, a wooden statue of the Mater Dolorosa, crafted by a master sculptor from

Paete, Laguna, is mysteriously lost. In the Japanese era, Pilar, the sculptor’s

granddaughter, discovers her powers of astral projection and is visited in an

apparition by the Sorrowful Mother, tasking her to search for the missing statue.

Decades later, on Good Friday, Pilar’s three daughters reunite to piece together the

rediscovered statue, while anxiously waiting for the arrival of their estranged

mother, who has spent fifteen years in America for strange reasons difficult to


Boasting a predominantly female cast, Dolorosa attempts to reconcile the relations of

family, nationalism, sexuality, and faith; exploring the definition of womanhood

amidst the changing tides of history — ever tenacious, often misconstrued.

Comedienne and film/theatre actress Bibeth Orteza plays the role of Pilar in her 70s,

who has mysteriously returned to her daughters after a fifteen year disappearance.

Ron Capinding plays the role of Mariano, a native of Paete during the Spanish

occupation, and sculptor of the Mater Dolorosa from whom the play takes its name.

Claudia Enriquez doubles as Elena, Mariano’s wife who goes on to join the growing

Filipino rebellion, and Claudia, the oldest of Pilar’s three daughters.

Rainbow Gutierrez doubles as Victoria, Pilar’s mother during the Japanese

occupation, and Alicia, the second of Pilar’s daughters.

Zoë de Ocampo doubles as Pilar, a twelve year old during the Japanese occupation,

and Juliana, the youngest of Pilar’s daughters.

AJ Umali plays Padre Galiano; Mariano’s sponsor for the crafting of the Dolorosa,

Pablo; Pilar’s father, and Tasyo; an arbularyo.

Sabrina Basilio plays Chedeng, a subversive during the Spanish occupation, and

Mitring, a market vendor during the Japanese occupation.

Dani Capinding, Francesca Dela Cruz, Kat Dizon, Kim Donato, and Shaun Ocrisma

play the five Marys, respectively representing different titles of the Holy Mother.

Tanghalang Ateneo’s Zarya Almocera, Darl Alba, Nicole Chua, and Mekaella

Mendoza complete the cast as members of the ensemble.

The artistic team is completed by production designers Ben Padero and Carlo Tabije

(Heneral Luna, Siargao), movement designer Jomelle Era (Desaparesidos), lighting

designer D Cortezano (Desaparesidos, Marisol), sound designer Arvy Dimaculangan

(Desaparesidos, Every Brilliant Thing), graphic designer Zoë de Ocampo (Alpha Kappa

Omega, Stop Kiss), photographer Jojit Lorenzo, vocal coaches Robin Aronson and

Rachael Swartz, and dramaturg and current Ateneo Creative Writing major Elise


The show will go onstage at the Doreen Black Box (Areté, Ateneo de Manila

University) from August 15 to August 31, 2019, from Thursday to Saturday.

Thursday and Friday shows will be at 7:30PM, while Saturday shows will be at

2:30PM and 7:30PM.

For ticket details and other inquiries, contact Heinrich Catan at 0923 081 9919.

Connect with Tanghalang Ateneo online through the following social media



Twitter: Instagram:

#DolorosaTA #TA41 #ÉcritureFéminine #TheWomensSeason

Proven Tips To Compare The Prices of Moving Companies

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Whether you are moving for the first time or have done it before, the reality is that moving house is always a daunting task. There is a lot to do in your plate, besides getting over with the nostalgia of leaving a place you have been rooted in for long. But, you have to move on, no matter what. Luckily, you always have a ray of hope in professional moving companies, when it comes to making your move easy and successful.

Moving professionals are experts of moving jobs and understand your moving requirements well. They offer you comprehensive support in making your move organized, time-bound and damage free. You can choose from the many moving companies in the region and take their help. However, you must not forget that moving is an expensive process and you will need funds to hire the professionals.

So, does this mean that hiring professionals always burns a hole in your pocket? No, it does not. Thanks to the wide-spread selection of moving companies, you can always find a reliable moving company that offers you the best moving quote for your moving requirements. Cheap moving companies offer you the best moving estimates after evaluating your inventory size, distance of the move and time of the move. But, again, finding an affordable and reliable moving company at the same time can be stressful.

You will have to ask for moving quotes from various companies and then compare the quotes with each other. With all those financial details included and different services listed under each estimate, it takes no time for the comparison to become intimidating. You might make uninformed decision which could ruin your move and leave you without any funds.

Luckily, there is always a way out and so is in this case. There are tips from the professionals that help you compare the prices offered by different companies & make it an easy job. So, let us get started and discuss 5 top tips to compare moving quotes:

Make sure you have a moving quote to compare with

Pretty confusing, isn’t it? Yes, there are companies that make it even more confusing for you by not offering you the price at the first. They do not offer an estimate for the services required to move your household. If you hit any of such company, which do not offers you the estimate, consider it as a red flag. A reliable company will always enquire about your moving inventory, request an in-house visit to estimate the price and then offer the best estimate. Usually, the companies that do not offer a moving cost comparison resource estimate come up with last minute hidden charges to make a huge bill. Make sure you get an estimate beforehand to save yourself from uncomfortable situation later on.

Cheap is not always good

While we all are searching for a cheap moving help, it is not always the best to find a cheap moving company. You cannot compare a company’s potential based on the price tag it offers. You must always consider whether or not the price is reasonable. A company that offers you cheap price for a huge job will compromise on one thing or another to make ends meet. The services of such company won’t be up to the quality standards and you certainly do not want to play with your expensive belongings.

How company fixes the price?

It is very important to know as how a company reaches to an estimate for the move. You must ask them how they derived the price that they are quoting. A company with experience and reputation will have a defined method to do so. Also, the best moving companies will offer you several quotes with changes in the services they offer, the way they move your items and more. Vague responses and no response to the moving method is never a good sign.

Have lots of bid to consider:

You aren’t going to find the best mover in the first go. So, it is better to reach out to as many companies as possible. This will offer you choices and you can compare better. Never ever settle for the first mover you meet.

Evaluate the company:

Once you have narrowed down the list of the potential companies, it is now time to assess each one of them. Review the company and dig into details such as moving practices, moving experience, customer’s rating and testimonials. You can also reach out to various rating platforms that offer an honest review of moving companies.

Finding cheap moving companies is a must to make your move affordable. But besides being pocket-friendly, the company must also be reliable and expert in what it does. Use these tips to find the best company, on whom you can rely for making your move easy, organized and off course affordable.

The Best Destinations to Travel with Your Friends in the US

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Traveling with a group of friends, even your closest ones, can be daunting.

Most often, picking a destination can be extra challenging, because let's admit it, we all have one friend or a group of friends that makes the entire planning stage a bit of a hassle.

Despite the challenge that comes with different personalities, at the end of the day, you still want to travel to a place that everyone in the group will enjoy.

So, we've scoured the globe (well, the internet ‒ that is) to search for the perfect places in the US that everyone, even the hard to please bunch, will enjoy.

For the Foodie Friend: Houston

If eating delectable tasting dishes is a priority for everyone in your group, then Houston perfectly fits the bill. From food trucks to fusion cuisine, Houston gives foodies a lot of opportunities to indulge their taste buds. While you're at it, take your group for a Tex-Mex tour, and indulge yourselves at Midtown or the heights afterward.

On the other hand, if food isn't everyone's top priority, but you still need an unforgettable food experience then check out UB Preserve. What's great about this restaurant is that it offers dishes that were inspired by the city's most popular eateries in the area. If you want to have a taste of Houston's culinary and cultural diversity, then it's definitely worth checking out.

For Your Friends Who Won't Drive: New York

Not everyone from your group of friends will love a good ol' road trip. For others, it's their worst nightmare to be all cramped up in a car just to get to their next destination. To avoid being in this kind of scenario, book yourselves on a trip to New York.

New York has one of the most extensive transportation systems in the entire country, so you can spend an entire trip there, without having to be behind the wheel. All of the city's airports can be accessible via public transport, so as soon as you land, you can easily catch a bus or a train to go to wherever you need to go.

The great thing about the city is that all its main attractions are conveniently reachable, thanks to its substantial public transit system. You can easily take the subway going to Central Park, Yankee Stadium, Empire State Building, and so on.

If the weather's excellent, you can even ride the Staten Island Ferry to get breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty as well the skyline. After a long day of exploring the city, take the subway back to your accommodation even in the wee hours of the morning.

When the trip ends, not only will you realize that you've saved up a lot of cash to car rentals and parking fees, but it also saves you from the headache of being stuck in traffic, and whining friends asking you impatiently, "are we there yet?"

For Your Friends Who are on a Budget: St. Loius

If some of your friends have a limited budget to spend on their vacation, go to a place that has plenty of things to see, but with a lower price tag. St. Loius is the perfect destination to go to.

Filled with free attractions and appetizing restaurants that are just within your price range, St. Louis is excellent if you want to plan a budget-friendly getaway.

Culture seekers will love the History Museum, Art Museum and Science Center. The best part is that all of these facilities are free of admission. Nature lovers will appreciate the 1,300 acre Forest Park, which is also where the Saint Louis Zoo is located.

Drop by St. Louis Walk of Fame as you browse some shops in the area before eating at the iconic Blueberry Hill or the local favorite Salt + Smoke. Before you leave, get an up close and personal at the Gateway Arch for free.

For Your Friends Who Want to Unwind: Miami

Miami is excellent for your friends who want to escape from work commitments, have gone through a recent breakup, or just anyone who wants to have plenty of good vibes on your upcoming trip. Check-in and book a spa treatment at the Standard, Miami Beach. While you're there, you can also participate in the stand-up paddleboarding.

Embark on a walking tour, and go sight-seeing at the Ocean Drive, and grab something in the area's most notable restaurants. After you're done with your daytime activities, take the time to recharge on the city's vibrant nightlife. Most clubs and bars open until 5 am.

For Your Friend Who Doesn't Have a Passport: Hawaii

If one of your friends doesn't have a passport, yet still want to enjoy a far-away getaway, then we recommend Hawaii. There's no other state like it, thanks to Hawaii's unparalleled climate, and unique, one-of-a-kind culture, including the best luau in maui, that has been passed down for generations

Going here is a five or six-hour flight from the nearest state. Get your adrenaline rush as you go see an active volcano on the Big Island and hike a waterfall in the beautiful rainforests of Kauai. Swim with the sea turtles of Maui, or enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Oahu.

For Your Friends That Are Itching for a Road Trip

If going for long road trips isn't on everyone's vocabulary, don't compromise your vacation by being in a car for too long. The Southwestern United States has wide stretches of desserts with a number of cities and national parks.

Visit the bustling city of Phoenix, and drop by the Grand Canyon. Take a sunrise tour at Monument Valley, before venturing to Antelope Canyon. Then, work your way to Zion National Parks before you head to your final stop ‒ Vegas.

When it comes to making the most of your United States vacation and spending your precious day-offs with your closest friends, picking the ideal location is essential. Also, spending some days, weeks, or months time traveling will give you a deep sense of appreciation of what the country has to offer.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Strengthen the ‘Unbreakable Siblinghood Bond’ With Designer Rakhi Online

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‘Rakhi’ is the symbol of the pure relationship of brother and sister. Sisters smear their brother’s forehead with tilak and tie a thread of love, generally on their right wrist. It is followed by puja or aarti, sweets, and long life wishes. Brothers are expected to return the best efforts of sisters by offering attractive gifts and a promise to protect them in every situation.

Send Your Love to USA, At Doorsteps of Your Brother

‘Love knows no boundaries’. If you love your brother and want to convey your feelings like every year you do, distance should not matter at all. An auspicious festival like Raksha Bandhan should never lose its pure essence just because your brother is away to the USA. You can quickly Send Online Rakhi to USA without many efforts. Do not think much and place an order of lovingly designed rakhis to express your deep love and affection for your dearest brother.

A graceful designer rakhi combo can truly express your efforts to make your brother’s day more special. A pretty good range of attractive rakhi packs including flowers, chocolates, dry fruits, and sweets is easily available online. Selecting a suitable rakhi combo online can surely save your time and energy to celebrate the special day with more enthusiasm.

1) Heart-winning Designer Rakhi with Roses and Chocolates: ‘Truly Affectionate Combo’ is perfect for making the Rakhi Day special for a brother staying away from home in the USA. It includes charming red roses fifteen in number, 16 balls of Ferrero chocolate and two rakhis along with roli-chawal containers.

2) Stunning blue peacock ‘Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi Set’: The set includes two beautiful designer rakhis with stone studded elegant blue peacocks along with roli-chawal containers. Exciting add-ons gifts are also available at online stores which can be delivered as per your choice of delivery option. What are you waiting for now? Help your feelings to reach to your brother as quickly as possible by free shipping service to the USA.

3) One of its kind ethnic ‘Ginni Rakhi’: This auspicious ‘Ginni rakhi’ is available with the complimentary delight of angoori petha to give extra sweetness of your love. The online portals give you the special privilege to get your parcel delivery at your convenience. Many online stores like gives you the option of same-day delivery, midnight delivery, and Express Delivery.

4) Designer Rakhi Set with Choco Surprise: This exclusive combo contains a set of two brilliantly designed rakhis and Cadbury’s ‘fruit & nut’ chocolate. You can choose the best out of hundreds of such designer rakhis to send to your loved ‘bhaiya-bhabhi’.

A trusted online store like delivers a vast range of rakhi collection all over the USA. The exclusive collection includes different categories like fancy silver rakhi, Zardosi rakhi, kids’ rakhi, designer rakhi, bhaiya-bhabhi rakhi, bracelet Rakhi, zardosi rakhi, Rudraksha rakhi, and premium rakhi online.

5) The Beautiful Designer Platter: This majestic platter contains a multi-colour beaded rakhi, one red &white beaded pearl rakhi, one designer beaded and crystal-studded dry fruit ‘Thali’ containing cashews, almonds, and roli-chawal containers. The crunchy dry fruits will ensure good health of your brother in addition to adoring his wrist with exclusive designer rakhis.

Rakhi Bazaar provides you all you need and that too with customization according to your taste. You just need to write the accurate address where you want to deliver your parcel and rest will be taken care of by So, shop online to save your time. Scroll down the huge variety of rakhis to choose the best for your beloved brother.

Brightest Stars of Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino Come Together for PPP3 Grand Fancon

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Get the chance to get up close and personal with your favorite artists! Take a selfie, jam, and dance along with top celebrities as the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) 2019 launches the PPP3 Grand Fancon at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay on August 31, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), the PPP3 Grand Fancon is an interactive and one-of-a-kind experience that will let you and your family and friends have a memorable time with your favorite stars and the biggest names in the industry.

The entire venue will be filled with interactive booths and mockup sets of each PPP 2019 film entry which will allow you and your barkada to immerse into the world of the films and your favorite artists’ characters.

The PPP 2019 Grand Fancon will be packed with activities and stage performances that will consecutively run the whole day, including the stars’ live music performances of the PPP 2019 movie theme songs. In addition, there will be various talks, makeup 101s, meet-and-greets, Q and As, and even karaoke singing sessions.

The star-studded event will feature celebrities and artists of PPP 2019 films top-billed by Sue Ramirez and RK Bagatsing from “Cuddle Weather” by Rod Marmol; Gabbi Garcia, Khalil Ramos, and Ben & Ben from“LSS (Last Song Syndrome)” by Jade Castro; Paolo Ballesteros, Christian Bables, and Martin del Rosario from “The Panti Sisters” by Jun Robles Lana; McCoy de Leon, Jameson Blake, Paulo Angeles, and Mark Oblea from “G!” by Dondon Santos; Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual  from “I’m Ellenya L.” by Boy 2 Quizon; JC Santos and Arci Muñoz from “Open” by Andoy Ranay; Jean Garcia, and Jay Manalo, and introducing Junyka Santarin from “Watch Me Kill” by Tyrone Acierto; Anita Linda, Gina Alajar, Laurice Guillen, Jacyln Jose, Elizabeth Oropesa, Ricky Davao, and Enchong Dee from “Circa” by Adolfo Alix, Jr.; Angie Ferro, Yves Flores, Meryll Soriano, and Maria Isabel Lopez from “Lola Igna” by Eduardo Roy, Jr.; and Gloria Sevilla, Vince Ranillo, Suzette Ranillo, and Alora Sasam from “Pagbalik” by Hubert Tibi and Maria Ranillo.

Whether you’re jowa-less or happily in love, you are sure to get kilig as the night will be capped off with a romantic concert by “LSS (Last Song Syndrome)” lead stars Gabbi Garcia, Khalil Ramos, and indie folk-pop band Ben&Ben.

Fans will also have the chance to win cool freebies and merchandise from different PPP 2019 films. There will also be exciting games and special performances by surprise guest artists.

But wait, there’s more! In line with the celebration of Sandaan: the One Hundred Years of Philippine Cinema, the first 100 attendees who will be able to complete the activities will automatically win festival passes!

Up to 500 PPP festival passes—which will let you watch all 10 PPP 2019 film entries—are up for grabs when you win the bingo, hourly raffle, or other fun activities at the PPP3 Grand Fancon.

Themed “Pamilya, Pagkakaibigan, Pag-ibig,” PPP 2019 will be a week-long celebration and exclusive screening of quality and diverse films from September 13 to 19, 2019 in all cinemas nationwide. PPP 2019 will be the grand kickoff for Sandaan.

The PPP3 Grand Fancon is presented by FDCP and co-presented by Frontrow Entertainment in partnership with the Cinema Exhibitors Association of the Philippines (CEAP) and sponsored by CMB Film Services. Other sponsors include Fire and Ice Productions, ThinkBIT Solutions and with media partners,, InqPOP!, and Solar Entertainment.

Admission price is at P99 only, which will provide all-day access to the event’s simultaneous activities and a chance to win PPP festival passes, freebies, and merchandise.

Tickets can be purchased through SM Ticket outlets. Admission guidelines will be announced soon.    

How to Dress Luxury after 50 Years

Wazzup Pilipinas!

With age, any woman already has a well-established idea of ​​her own style - in clothes, makeup, hair, rhythm and quality of life, finally. But many, having crossed this glorious frontier, think about changing their image, and each of us has his own reasons. How to dress after 50 years?

For a woman after 50 years old, it is quite natural to desire to attract attention to herself and, most importantly, to like herself. What is so surprising? So, here are 10 small female fashion advice to help you look perfect even after 50.

Don’t go Extreme:

The most important and important rule that many women violate with sad regularity is to go to extremes. This means that one puts on a short top with the image of Mickey Mouse, and the other - grandma's gray skirt to the floor. Know the measure: short shiny shorts will not make you younger, and an old lady's blouse will only aggravate the situation. The right decision is elegant silhouettes, classic styles and the absence of strange decor elements.

What to Show & What to Hide?

It is natural that your figure is not as taut as 20 years ago. This does not need to be afraid, because of this, you do not need to be upset. Just learn to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. Do you have beautiful calves or an attractive neckline? Wear knee-length skirts and V-neck blouses.

Wear Shapeless Clothes:

Returning to the question of a beautiful and elegant silhouette. Forget about hoodies, strange stretched sweaters, insanely wide trousers. Only size to size and only semi-fitted things (but not tight!)

Comfortable Clothes:

Still, it's time to forget about the very narrow skirts, heels of 15 cm and sliding jeans. Wear something that will be comfortable for you (this is not a tracksuit!). Clothing should not constrain, compress or constrain movements. Remember once and for all: the outfit should sit on the figure.

Remember the Heels:

Does heel shoes lie in the closet and “walk” only on solemn occasions? This is the wrong approach to business. Just buy at least one pair of really comfortable and stable mid-heeled boats.

Ignore Heavy Jewelry:

Another extreme, in which sometimes women fall into age. To wear many, many expensive jewelry at the same time and turn into a Christmas tree. We understand that jewelry is an indicator of wealth and luxury, but nevertheless it is better to stick to modest accessories for everyday style. At least without diamonds of 20 carats.

Be Simple and Elegant:

Let's leave the experiments with trends for young girls, okay? Eternal classic is what a beautiful woman after 50 needs. Fitted pants, a feminine blouse, a stylish jacket will never go out of style. As they say, simply and with taste.

Wear Stylish Coat:

Have you bought a cool fitted coat of a gentle shade? Pick up ankle boots for him and consider that you are ready for spring and autumn. Forget black or gray and don't be afraid to get dirty - a light coat will make your look great.

Wear Attractive Colors:

First of all, you need to understand what colors suit you. Perhaps you had enough time to figure it out. For example, pale blue instantly makes you younger and more attractive, and yellow is strictly forbidden. From this and build on. Meanwhile, if you are a little over 50, stylists recommend paying attention to light pastel shades: beige, ivory, brown, white, gray.

Carry Small Handbags:

Try to avoid large knapsacks that look more like grocery bags. Carry clutches or neat, medium sized handbags - they will never spoil your elegant look.

Shake, Rattle and Run Engkan2!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Run and Watch in Horror as Philippines Mythical Creatures joins our celebration ensuring the most excitingly fun horrific funrun yet in the Philippines!

Enjoy our Annual Trick or Treat, Cosplay Competition and Halloween Dance Party!

PROMO 4+1 Until August 11
Online Registration still Open:



Liwasang Ulalim, CCP Complex Pasay City on Oct. 26, 2019
6:30pm Assembly Time
Inclusion of Racekits

Race Inclusion:
- Singlet / Race Bib / Finisher Medal / Pumpkin Basket / Loot Bag with freebies
- Singlet / Race Bib / Finisher Medal / Finisher Shirt / Mask / Finisher Shirt / Loot Bag with freebies
- Singlet / Race Bib / Finisher Medal / Finisher Shirt / Mask / Halloween Headband / Finisher Shirt / Loot Bag with freebies

Registration Fee
1K - Php850.00
3K - Php950.00
5K - Php1050.00

The Best Iced Tea Maker Useful To Us

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Tea, one of the most enjoyable drinks, can be easily prepared with the help of a good tea maker. Most people like to drink this beverage because it is good for health. It helps reduce heart diseases and stroke. It keeps the mind alert and helps fight fatigue. Using these machines, different types of tea can be easily made. Iced tea is one of the most used beverages.

There are different types of machines that can be used effectively to make this beverage. These machines must be selected according to their size, characteristics, brands, ease of cleaning and so on. There are sleek machines that are ideal for modern homes and offices. It's easy to buy these machines at reasonable prices from many online and offline stores. If you want to buy the best iced tea makers so here you can have at

Features in iced tea makers

One of the most advantageous features of these machines is that they help ease the drinking process. Making different types of tea leaves requires different techniques and time. Before choosing to buy these machines from online and offline stores, it is important to understand these simple factors. Iced tea beverages can also be purchased at online stores at affordable prices.

Most of these devices are available in different colors, sizes and features depending on their purpose. There are both electric and manual machines that can be used to drink. Online stores have different machines that have different features. Besides electric machines, there are anti-corrosion machines, stainless steel machines and so on. There are special types of machines that are light in weight and effective in many ways.

Making both tea iced and hot

Some machines are manufactured with dual features. It is possible to cook both tea and coffee in these machines. Electric machines are even more useful. Using these machines, it is possible to make a variety of drinks and hot drinks. With the help of these machines, soups, hot chocolate and so on can be easily made. Electrical machines contain many features such as detachable bone, auto cut off system, water level indicator and removable filter and so on.

In addition to these varieties, there are also iced tea makers that can be easily purchased at online stores at affordable prices. Most of these machines are easy to use, clean and maintain. This dishwasher is safe and consumes alcohol quickly. These devices have specially designed filters that allow for easy filtration of beverages. Some of these can also be used as a brewery for wine makers.

Online shopping of iced tea makers

Most well-known online stores are stocked with various liquor machines. These machines must be selected based on their specific characteristics and advantages. Different tea maker brands are available at affordable prices. Most of these brands sell their products through online stores. There are attractive colors, shapes and styles of machines manufactured by some of the world's most famous companies.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

United as One Energy Family

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi (center) on Tuesday (6 August) met with National Electrification Administrator Edgardo R. Masongsong and Electric Cooperative (EC) Party-list Representatives at the sidelines of the National Electrification Administration’s (NEA) Golden Anniversary celebration at the Philippine International Convention Center.

During the meeting, Secretary Cusi underscored the importance of uniting all the members of the energy family to work together in fulfillment of the Duterte administration’s Total Electrification Program.

“We in the energy family have our respective mandates to carry out. For decades, electric cooperatives have been the government’s partner in rural electrification. I encourage our ECs together with the LGUs to be creative – let us be innovative in finding ways to bring electricity to our kababayans in the countryside, most especially those living in the remotest, most far-flung areas so that no Filipino is left in the dark,” he emphasized.

In photo (L-R) are Representative Godofredo N. Guya of the Rural Electric Consumers and Beneficiaries of Development and Advancement (RECOBODA) party-list, Representative Presley C. De Jesus of the Philippine Rural Electric Cooperatives Association Inc. (PHILRECA) party-list, Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi, NEA Administrator Edgardo R.Masonsong, Representative Adrian A. Ebcas of the Ako Padayon Pilipino party-list, and Representative Sergio C. Dagooc of the Association of Electric Cooperatives (APEC) party-list.

Strategic Email Marketing is Incomplete Without a Quality Email Verifier!

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Email marketing has always been a very influential platform. Lately, marketers have become more creative in using email marketing for uplifting the brand. It is no more only a promotional platform, rather emails are used to build a strong brand, customer loyalty, and content marketing. Retail site Goop, for example, covers a range of stories on health, lifestyle, food, etc. Goop is able to synergies audience interests with informative content pieces and connects them with relevant products. Such content pieces are circulated in the form of a newsletter which in turn promote sales. Content mapping strategy has worked extremely well for Goop.

Another amazing example is that of Amazon. This retail giant uses the power of recommendation to generate higher sales. The recommendation engine of Amazon has helped them to come up with an amazing email marketing strategy. The retail giant studies the browsing history, purchase history and other details of the users to come up with a list of product recommendations. Such a form of creative email marketing strategy is exceptionally helpful in business growth and adds value to the brand since you are providing consideration to customer wants.

But all the above-discussed strategies are working only when the brands are able to reach the right user. High-quality data help the brands to enhance brand positioning, generate higher sales, cut down cost as well as create a good customer experience.

What makes the email database of poor quality?

The database quality is hampered basically due to 4 major reasons:

1. Channels used for data collection- Businesses uses multiple channels for data collection. On average 3-4 channels are used to collect data including lead forms, point of sale, etc. The research report shows that 15-40% of the data collected from POS have the worst quality. Even if 10% of the data so collected is invalid, it can do a lot of damage to a company that has data in millions.

2. Manual Error- Human error is another big reason that leads to poor database quality. Human error is unavoidable. Data shows that 60% of businesses accept that human error is the biggest roadblock for them especially when it comes to database collection. A small space or missing character will make a huge difference in the case of an email address. 20% of the email addresses collected manually are invalid as reported by most of the organizations.

3. Third-party Data- 24% of the companies buy third-party data for promotional campaigns. Such third-party data run a higher risk of invalid data. Without validation check when an email campaign is shot using such bulk databases, the probability of getting a high percentage of undeliverable is pretty good. In such cases, hard bounces and spam rates are huge which impacts your sender reputation. Not only will your campaign result gets hampered but it is also the brand image that is at stake. The email service providers or popularly known as ESPs block the domains which are marked as spam. When your email lands in spam folder, your brand does not come up well off.

4. Periodical decay- the time factor is also a reason leading to the decay of email databases over a period of time. Even if you have ensured that your database is authentic and valid, you have to run your database for a periodic validation check to ensure that you filter out the dead email ids. Around 2% of the emails in database degrades every month. Such decay results due to various reasons like the user changed job, abandoned old email or server blocking promotional mails and so on.

What should I expect from an Email Verifier or Email Validation tool?

Although some level of control can be maintained you cannot ensure that the complete database is clean. A certain percentage of spams are acceptable and are experienced across industries. The ESPs would blacklist a sender when the spam rate goes beyond the acceptable count. You should pay attention to the email campaign report. In case you notice a gradual increase in your bounce rate you should run your database through a validation check.

Email verifier addresses the following issues:

  1. Identifies invalid, junk and dead email ids from the data pool
  2. High bounce rates due to the invalid data count
  3. Email communication to a large percentage of invalid email ids lead to Poor Sender Reputation
  4. Your emails do not land in the inbox of the user
  5. Overall campaign performance is bad and does not fetch desired results

How to use an Email validation tool to ensure quality data collection?

1. API Integration- Email validation tools provide API integration facility. This helps in immediate email validations. Such API integrations are extremely useful when you are collecting leads via POS or Lead Forms. In both cases, if the user/ customer fills in a wrong or invalid email address, they can be immediately notified to key in a valid email address for further processing.

2. ESP Integration- Email service provider integrations can help you to validate your database instantaneously before taking an email campaign live. You can directly send the data uploaded in your ESP to the email verification tool to verify the data instantly. There is no hassle of downloading and re-uploading the verified data back to the ESP. You can directly export the verified data to your ESP and take campaign live using the same.

3. CRM Integration- Integration of CRM with Email verifier helps you to in formulating a well-structured email workflow without worrying about being the spam or bounce issues. Incorporation of email verifier inn such email workflow ensures data hygiene.

4. Third-party data Validation- The quality of the email addresses bought from a third party should always be checked before putting into use. Unverified data when used for promotional campaigns, will not give desired results. Moreover, you will expose yourself to various risks from poor sender reputation to domain blacklisting.

5. Periodic Validation- Engaging your customers is a smart way to do brand recall activity as well as it contributes towards easy conversions. Once in 3-4 months, you should run the database through a validation process to eliminate email ids which have decayed over the due course.

Email verifying tool can contribute in a crucial way towards the success of your email marketing initiatives. A tool like Clearout processes the email addresses using 20 plus validation checks to ensure the email id belong to a real person.

Email marketing is an integral part of effective marketing communication and strategy. It is a very impactful platform that helps businesses to generate new revenue opportunities. Businesses attribute the platform for the effectiveness of marketing communication but solely strategy will not suffice. Data plays a very important role in the success of email marketing. A very well framed strategy also fails if the data used is of bad quality.

Author Bio:

Author Name: Supriya Sarkar

Supriya Sarkar is a digital marketing consultant with a digital experience of over 6 years. The dynamic characteristics of the marketing industry due to technological advancement has always kept her amazed. She likes to be a lifelong student observing the world with awe and continuous zest to learn. She has worked on portfolio companies helping them in various digital activities including email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, performance, and growth marketing.



MARINA Directs Additional 4 Shipping Companies to Serve Iloilo – Guimaras Route

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has directed additional (4) shipping companies to serve the Iloilo – Guimaras route pending the investigation on the capsizing of three (3) motorbancas at said route Saturday, effective immediately.

Through a letter directive pursuant to Section 12 of Presidential Decree No. 474 issued yesterday, 05 August 2019, Montenegro Shipping Lines Incorporated and Tri-Star Megalink Corporation shall deploy one (1) Roll-on / Roll-off vessel each, while Ocean Fast Ferries Incorporated and 2GO Group Incorporated shall deploy one (1) fastcraft each to address the current passenger traffic at the Iloilo – Guimaras route.

This is in addition to the directive given to FF Cruz Shipping Corporation to increase their schedule of voyage frequency from one to two round trips per hour in the said route by deploying two (2) RoRo vessels.

Yesterday, 05 August 2019, the MARINA has suspended operations of all passenger motorbancas operating the Iloilo – Guimaras route, while the agency conducts a thorough safety standards assessment and evaluation in relation to the full implementation of MARINA Circular 2016-02 or the “Revised Rules on the Phase Out of Wooden-Hulled Ships Carrying Passengers in Domestic Shipping”.

The temporary suspension will remain until such time the MARINA has ensured that all safety concerns of motorbancas are properly addressed. The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) shall enforce the advisory on the temporary suspension, until further notice.

The MARINA continues to remind operators to ensure maritime safety at all times by observing the latest weather forecast, conducting proper risk assessment, and applying control measures, as needed.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Should Students Be Sent to the Next Grade Even If They Have Not Passed the Current One?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Not all children master a curriculum equally well. If a student fails to elaborate course materials, absorb necessary information volume and receives bad marks, a school administration may decide on grade retention, which means that a learner has to spend one more year before entering the next academic stage.

This uneasy decision that should be taken after analyzing evidence of student’s inability to cope with educational responsibilities. Moms and dads usually feel upset, try to convince a teacher that one has made a wrong conclusion about their kid. That is why it is important for educators to present disappointing news in the softest form possible and not pour it on parents’ heads at a parent-teacher conference.

Experts from Pro-Papers have prepared this article to inform you about causes, advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives of grade retention.

What are the reasons to retain a student?

Many factors can lead a teacher to this step. In most cases, the thing is in a child’s low development level. Although students learning in one class usually have the same age (+/- 1 year), some of them may be less mature than peers. It is difficult for them to work at a common pace, undertake academic duties and perform assignments prescribed by a curriculum. Professors believe that it is better to give such kids more time to get accustomed to school life. After a lengthy adaptation period, they have every chance to reach a development level appropriate to their grade.

One more popular reason for retention is poor academic performance. But it is very important to determine factors causing underachievement before leaving a learner for the second year. If teachers’ mistakes will not be corrected, a person will just lose precious time in vain. If used unreasonably, as a cure for everything, grade retention can bring more harm than benefits.

Sometimes, educators retain students who are not motivated to learn. But this is the wrong approach. It seems that teachers prefer to get rid of a child rather than seek ways to interest one, improve their qualifications and apply new methods. Unfortunately, many kids suffer because of their mentors’ unprofessionalism.

Bad behavior also may stimulate retention decision. Some students are way too active, cannot sit calmly and silently at lessons, concentrate on learning material, which is associated with immaturity. Such situations are usually observed in younger grades.

Grade retention pros

Teachers insist on this measure because it helps young people to catch up, not feel like losers in their class and avoid lowering self-esteem. Kids begin to excel once appearing in a grade appropriate to their developmental level. Younger students who find it difficult to adapt to school life enjoy familiarity and stability, cease to be shy, become more confident, participate in class activities and discussions. Retention is especially effective if educators place an emphasis on the most problematic areas, help children to eliminate knowledge gaps and conduct work on errors.

Grade retention cons

As was said above, the decision about extending a grade for one more year may be rather painful, which is explained by some downsides. Research shows that there are many students who were retained and eventually leave school before graduation. It seems to them that they waste time in vain and it is even not worth trying to excel in studies if a curriculum turned out to be way too complex. In the teenage period, such young people prefer low-paid work to ineffective learning. Even though they may acquire good practical skills at their first jobs, further career advancement is impossible without basic education.

Grade retention can prevent normal socialization, especially if a student spent several years in a peer group and loses the possibility to learn together with one’s friends. It may be challenging to get accustomed to new people, make a good impression and deserve high social status in a class. If a learner is not very sociable, such changes may cause depression and lowering self-esteem.

Retained students are usually physically bigger than other kids, which sometimes becomes a reason for self-confidence and arrogance. If classmates talk about such person’s low intelligence, one may apply physical force, develop aggressive behavior style and turn into a bully.


Retention is useful for far not all students, in far not all situations. Professors should not sacrifice students’ time without substantial reasons. Serious counseling work should be conducted to understand why educational failure turned into a steady trend, whether staying in the same grade for one more year is the only way out, what alternatives may be used to save learner’s time.

It is important to warn young people about retention threat, give them some options for avoiding it. There are cases when educators do not pay due attention to student’s results during a school year, do not make any attempts to help one catch up, blame this person for laziness and irresponsibility.

More caring teachers notice learners’ weaknesses at early stages, develop individual curricula placing emphasis on tricky disciplines and topics, prescribe objectives that should be achieved to move to the next grade. Professors receive regular reports, provide guidance and assistance if there are some challenges.

Some educational institutions invite persons facing retention threat to attend summer school, work more profoundly on material they failed to absorb while studying a course with other students.

EGS Elite Recaptures Men’s Open Crown in NBA 3X Philippines 2019 presented by AXA

Wazzup Pilipinas!

National University Uno dominates women’s category

Cavite-based EGS Elite celebrated on court as MPBL player Mark Anthony Doligon, made the final shot in the Men’s Open division to beat the TVL Cavs, 22-14, and reclaim the Men’s Open title in NBA 3X Philippines 2019 presented by AXA to secure their fifth title in six years. In the Women’s Open Division, National University Uno defeated National University Dos to win the NBA 3X title for National University (NU), which was previously held by Perlas Pilipinas in 2018.

Returning for the ninth consecutive year, NBA 3X Philippines were headlined by Denver Nuggets’ Monte Morris, NBA Legend Muggsy Bogues and 2019 NBA Champions mascot, the Raptor. The 3-on-3 tournament featured more than 1,000 participants representing 260 teams across divisions for boys (under-13, under-16, under-18, and open category), girls (under-18 and open category), Celebrity Division featuring local personalities, and AXA Division.

In the Celebrity Division, Team Uy Uy Uy, composed of Dominic Uy, Vince Hizon, Yuri Escueta and Miko Abello, defeated Calix comprised of Xavy Nunag, Nikko Ramos, Jutt Sulit and Marxx Monterola. The AXA Division saw Bank Assure: Born Ballers outlast AAA2 of Head Office in their finals. In addition, SKAPRO, Caloocan Supremos and Caloocan Supremos 1-A emerged as winners in the Boys Under-13, Under-16, and Under-18 Divisions, while FCPC captured the Girls Under-18 title.

NBA 3X Philippines presented by AXA follows the launch of AXA’s newest brand campaign, “Know You Can,” which reminds its customers that a better life is within reach if they believe it can be achieved. Aligned with AXA’s mission of empowering people to live better lives, the campaign will feature a prominent sports figure who embodies self-belief on and off the playing court.

AXA Philippines is the presenting partner of NBA 3X Philippines 2019. In addition, Gatorade, Nike, PLDT-Smart, and Vivo will serve as official partners. Official NBA broadcast partners are ABS-CBN S+A, Basketball TV, and NBA Premium TV.

For more information on NBA 3X Philippines 2019 and the registration process, fans can visit and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

For more details on AXA Philippines and their product offerings, visit and follow on Facebook.

The following is a complete list of division champions of NBA 3X Philippines 2019 presented by AXA:


First Name
Last Name
Sizco Jeane
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Laguna
Prince Redd Tristan
St. Michael’s College of Laguna
St. Michael’s College of Laguna
Khean Gabriel
Colegio de San Agustin, Laguna


First Name
Last Name
John Vincent
Systems Plus Computer College
John Paul
Systems Plus Computer College
Carl John
Systems Plus Computer College
Jolan Christian
Systems Plus Computer College


First Name
Last Name
Karlo Jeremiah
Systems Plus Computer College
Andrei Christian
Systems Plus Computer College
Nickos Andrei
Systems Plus Computer College
Adrian Jemmuel
Systems Plus Computer College


First Name
Last Name
Mark Anthony
Arellano University
Far Eastern University
John Vincent
Quezon City
Jay Bren
Quezon City


First Name
Last Name
Julia Rose
First City Providential College
Alecxia Nicole Rillera
First City Providential College
First City Providential College
Karen Demesa
First City Providential College


First Name
Last Name
National University
National University
National University
National University


First Name
Last Name
James Kenneth
Christian Antonio
delos Santos
delos Santos


First Name
Last Name
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