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Calaca, Batangas: Priceless Memories of Our Province

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What about summer? Summer, is the much-awaited season of every student. It is our time to unwind, relax, and chill-out and our break from doing sundry school assignments, exams, and projects. This is the same reason why we aim to make the most out of this season. But in what way can we best spend our time during summer? My previous April-May has again proven that it is always best to spend vacation time with the people closest to your heart.

During my summer days, I was forced by my mom to go to my province at Calaca, Batangas to visit our relatives and to join in the celebration of the town's festival. We usually go there at least two (2) times a year. In all honesty, I would normally want to just stay home in Pasig City than to go to our provincial rest house maybe because of my flashiness/vanity.

But our recent trip to Batangas knocked all my reservations and hesitations out. For one, I got the chance to breathe in the cool and fresh air as we viewed the infamously beautiful Taal Volcano. Taal Volcano is known for being the second most active volcano in the Philippines. Along our way to our province, we managed to see the breathtaking scenic spot as we passed on the zigzag road of Tagaytay (sometimes called as Bitukang Manok).

Daranak Falls of Tanay, Rizal : Dadanak ang Saya Dito

Wazzup Pilipinas!
My summer vacation was full of surprises and activities. We’ve gone to different places to ease the hot weather. I attended review classes in preparation for the UP Examination. My cousin celebrated her birthday and my Aunt got married last April. Indeed, Summer 2013 was fun at all.

We had our review class in the Ateneo Campus and their campus was very big, as the others say; it was one of the elite campuses in the Philippines. I had the leisure time with my friends; talked and study together; roaming around the campus. How I’d wish we can be like that everyday.

As a sequel for my vacation, we went to a certain place called as “Daranak Falls”. If you want a taste of nature but hate long travel time then I believe this one suits you.

Parkwood Village Pool in Maybunga, Pasig : My First and Last Splash

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Every student awaits their two month vacation or also known as summer. Not just students, but also the working mass. Everyone is all eager and anticipating this couple of months where you get the chance to relax and unwind from all the hustle and bustle of school or office life. Nobody can deny the fun that summer offers to everyone. 
Here comes the outing, camping and other recreational activities that include the jaw dropping sights from different beaches of which these activities are held.

But let’s admit that not everyone is enjoying their vacation. Just like me, most of the time, we only stayed home.

Kuhala Bay Resort in Cardona, Rizal : Grab the Moment and Go For It!

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How do we define summer? – A time in a student’s life to rest or to travel? An opportunity for us to learn something timely? Or to just have fun and spend quality time with friends and family?

Well for me, summer is a time to enjoy simple things in life without spending too much money.

Some people might have traveled to different places with their families, some just spent their time at home, watching movies, playing games and surfing the net. But some people, like me won’t just allow summer vacation to go to waste. Every day is an opportunity to have fun, to get out under the sun and to accomplish a thing or two you can’t normally do because you are too busy with school works.

So how was my summer vacation? – Was it fun? Was it worthwhile? Definitely, YES! So How did I enjoy it and spent my time wisely? It’s simple, do the things you will enjoy and always go for it. It’s not actually the “things” you will enjoy, it’s the moment with your friends, while doing those things, you will enjoy.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Family Reunion During the Hottest Summer Ever

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When you say summer, it's something like a vacation for the students or maybe also for some employees. Summer is also a time when you feel like you're going to burn and look like charcoal, sweat a lot, and suffer heatstroke because of the extreme heat. In short, it’s so damn hot!!!

Summer for me was not just a time to rest from all the schoolwork and the usual household chores, or just staying indoors all afternoon staring infront of my computer browsing through the Internet or playing my favorite computer games.

I was also able to visit my grandmother because of a special annual occasion. Every summer in our family there’s always a family reunion that we attend to. But this time, when we came over to the reunion venue, my eyes have gone wide open because of the shock - we were so many - there was a lot of us!!!

Robotics Training in UP Diliman

Wazzup Pilipinas!

For me, summer is when we take a two month break from school and is usually the boring part of the year. From the past 10 summers (except last summer), I usually do nothing apart from sleeping, liking pictures on Facebook, eating food, and watching time pass by. However, for the first time, I’ve been productive last summer.

Last month of April, I’ve done nothing aside from playing, chatting, eating food, and sleeping. This is also the month of my birthday. I felt that my birthday was just an ordinary day, nothing happened special apart from the greetings on Facebook. As the days passed by, I decided to play basketball so I can be a little bit productive.

A teacher messaged Reinelle and I to join the training on Robotics sometime last week of May. At first, I don’t want to come because I’m lazy and the last week of May is the time that I will have my “true vacation”. However, as the days go by, I realized that I need to be more productive so I decided to come. This is also the week that someone from the review school called to remind me about the upcoming review classes.

Pangasinan : Fascinated With The Butanding, San Fabian Beach and Our Lady of Manaoag

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What comes to your mind when you heard the term summer? Is it all about the time to have fun? Is it about having no home works? School works? Group projects and the stuffs?

For me, summer is about having quality time with the people I treasure the most and it is my family. It is about bonding with them after those busy days in school.

The most unforgettable summer of my life is when we went to the beautiful province of Pangasinan. Pangasinan is known for its delicious food like mangoes, boneless bangus and the Calasiao puto. It also has awe-inspiring beaches, marine parks and waterfalls, not to mention the ever-famous Hundred Islands. Pangasinan is definitely a treasure trove for the senses that is worth exploring again and again.

Philippines 1st Premier Business Expo Soon to be Launched

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Recently, 130 advocates gathered at the new SMX Convention Center Taguig, located at the 3rd level of SM Aura Premier, to strengthen the SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS SECTOR for the upcoming PHILIPPINE SME BUSINESS EXPO 2013 - “Your Business Gateway.”

They are preparing for the launch of the Philippines' 1st Premier Business Expo dedicated to nation building, empowering of SMEs and nurturing Entrepreneurship.

Finance Guru, Randell Tiongson, Marketing Mentor, Josiah Go and Beauty and Wellness Advocate, Cory Quirino and many more are expected to grace the event happening only a few days from now.

WebGeek DevCup 2013

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Through WebGeek DevCup, you will have the great chance for you to meet fellow developers wherein you can challenge them and prove yourself. This hackathon will pull out all you’ve got under a limited time frame. You’ll also learn how to define your project scope; that is, if you know how to anticipate what would be the usable and demonstrable features of your app by the end of the hackathon. This year, we're targeting 40 to 50 teams of participants. You would surely meet a lot of interesting and like minded people during the event.

August 17 to 18
WebGeek DevCup 2013

WebGeek DevCup 2012 Highlights

Andres Bonifacio Mail Art : A Call to Participate

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Andres Bonifacio: Nagpakilos ng Digma, Unang Pangulo ng Bansa!

A symbolic mailing of artworks to be held on July 7 2013 Diklap 2, Pagtitipong Sining: Bahay Nakpil, Quiapo, Manila 2;00 PM (Manila Time) brodcast live, simultaneously with other artists allover the major cities in the Philippines as well in Europe, Australia, USA, and Asia....

Bonifacio 150 Committee will continue to received Artworks till October, 2013.

All artworks with returned address will received a limited edition Bonifacio 150 postcard.

All received Mail artworks will be exhibited on November 30, 2013, Bahay Nakpil, Quiapo, Manila...

Day of Valor Art Exhibit and Poetry Reading

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A Visual Poetry Collaboration!

Day of Valor is a collaboration that explores the role of art in addressing and reconciling the gap between action and intention within the Self and within society. Based on the literary work of Pauline Lacanilao, visual artists Sean Andrew Cura, Sandra Dans, and Katrina Teh, bravely venture into the divided terrain of decision-making, whence they emerge, if without answers, with something much more beautiful.

Thursday June 27 at 8 pm

The Big Bad Wolf - Ground Floor Fairways Tower 5th Avenue cor McKinley Bonifacio Global City

Rex Smith Live in Concert at Widus Resort and Casino

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You take my breath away, Simply Jessie, Let’s make a memory… these are the few signature songs of the 80’s pop heartthrob, Rex Smith. He is perhaps best known as an early '80s pin-up idol. He is a multi-talented performer whose natural singing ability has led him to a successful career as a singer and actor.

It is a chance of a lifetime to see a performer of Rex’s caliber on June 23, 2013 at Widus Resort & Casino
Manuel A. Roxas Highway, 2023 Clark, Pampanga, Philippines.

GeekFight Trivia Night

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An all-out music/performance-oriented GeekFight. Where better to do that than at PETA, with its awesome audio setup? :D

This June's game is "The Hills Are Alive!" The categories are:


+ Since we got a lot of participation in last month's poll, the Vox Populi mechanic is retained! We'll open a poll on the main GeekFight page for category suggestions that are relevant to this game's theme. The most-voted category as of 11:59pm on June 14 will make it into the game!

Moveable Feast Supports Sustainable Food

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Moveable Feast's farm-to-table experiences and initiatives support the transition to a sustainable food future by educating people about the benefits of sustainable agriculture (how food is grown and raised) and by connecting farmers, foodmakers, businesses, and others along the value chain in an effort to increase everyone's stake in our local food system.

By helping consumers make better food choices, we can help minimize the environmental damage caused by shipping foods thousands of miles, supporting organic and sustainable farming practices, and by encouraging consumers to 'reduce their foodprint'.

Read more about their mission:

Mindburst Food For Thought at the Mind Museum

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Explore the science and connection between the planet’s health and your personal eating habits. Spark your curiosity and engage your critical thinking as we celebrate the diversity of taste and the aesthetics of food. Join us for a fascinating look at the world we eat.

12 p.m. - 6 p.m.
FOOD FAIR & SCIENCE BITES Interactive Stations
Browse and buy from booths bursting with fresh, succulent home grown flavors

1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
"How big is your FOODprint?"
"Decoding your Food"
"Mango Mania"

Club Manila East of Taytay, Rizal : It's Better Than The Usual

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What is summer? People say summer is when you can go swimming to different beaches, show your sexy body by wearing summer clothes and get tanned. Other says it is when you can sleep anytime of the day, eat everything you want, watch movies and go anywhere. Yes, we all have our own definition of summer. For me, summer is when our family should visit my relatives at our province in Visayas, go swimming in near beach and sleep late just because of endless stories of my cousins and grandparents about their lives. Before, that’s what summer for me is.

This summer, we didn’t go to our province. I don’t know why, but all of us were busy. My parents go to work, also my brothers, since they’re done with their studies. And I, for the preparation for the UPCAT, went to an UPCAT Review. We’re all busy so we decided to go somewhere where we can have fun while not consuming a lot of our time at the same time. 

King of the Cage Sets Up Office in the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

President and Founder Mr. Terry Trebilcock and Mr. Ray Young , Chariman of KOTC Philippines express their high hopes and aspirations that King of the Cage Philippines will be one of the most sought after fights here in Asia and the World.

King of the Cage, also known as KOTC, is an MMA promotion based in Southern California, USA. It was founded in 1998 by Terry Trebilcock. KOTC is known for honing both up-and-coming and seasoned fighters. This year, the distinguished breeding ground of MMA fighters will be having its franchise in the Philippines.

KOTC signed recently signed a multi-year with a private equity group headed by international businessman Ray Young and finance expert Michael Brown. The group will be setting up an operating company in the Philippines for the purpose of promoting and developing multiple live events and bringing weekly broadcast television shows throughout the country.

Bodog Nation Succesfully Launched the Fire Yourself Campaign

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Bodog Nation recently launched their 'Fire Yourself', a recruitment campaign designed to find more smart, talented people to join this multi-cultural, rapidly growing international company.

Bodog Nation conducted its Open House events last June 17 and June 20 at its Makati and Quezon City sites. Applicants were welcomed to immerse the ''work hard, party hard" culture of Bodog.

TV presenter, nightclub owner and self-styled "eventologist", Tim Yap was the special guest at the Open House event which gave smiles to the candidates aspiring for the several positions available at Bodog Nation.

Polident Gives You Healthy Life in Every Bite

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With all the junk food and so called "fast food" available everywhere and in every corner and almost everywhere you look, one can't help but wonder if the eating habits of Filipinos will ever be improved. But sadly, there is a need to go horribly fast especially in the busy business or commercial community of the Metro.

Unless you're the business owner or an executive of the company, such busy schedules forces us to succumb to buying quick and less quality food. It also makes us want to hurriedly eat fast with monster-like chewing that we both damage our teeth in the process and do not properly digest our food due to huge chunks coming in making it a great effort for our digestive system to deteriorate our food. What us worst is for the senior citizens who are wearing dentures. They can't afford to eat fast due to the worry that their false teeth may slip or dislocate while they're chewing on their food.
Old age sometimes becomes a burden when our physical abilities of yesteryears has diminished into a weak physical state. This includes our previously stromg teeth which most of us may have lost one by one due to decay, and replaces by dentures to keep up appearances.

Eagles and Their History Is Now Available on DVD and Blu-Ray

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Here's the official press release for the History of the Eagles.

Universal Music Group has acquired the exclusive DVD/Blu-ray rights to History of the Eagles, the iconic band’s acclaimed documentary, which is set for release last April 29. This exceptional three-disc set includes History of the Eagles Part One and History of the Eagles Part Two, as well as Eagles Live At The Capital Centre - March 1977, featuring never-before-released performances from the Eagles’ two-night stand at Washington, D.C.’s Capital Center during the legendary Hotel California tour.

History of the Eagles will be released in both DVD and Blu-ray two-disc configurations – all with 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo audio. A Deluxe Box Set will be released as a limited edition, complete with all three DVD discs (Parts One & Two, and, the bonus 1977 Capital Centre live concert); a 40-page hardback book featuring still photos from the films, all presented in a bespoke hard case box.

Instagram Now Has Videos! Goodbye Vine?

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Video on Instagram will bring us another way to share our stories to the world. We no longer need to settle with just a static image, when we go to take a photo on Instagram, we’ll now see a movie camera icon. Tap it to enter video mode, where we can take up to fifteen seconds of video through the Instagram camera.
They've also added thirteen filters built specifically for video so we can keep sharing beautiful content on Instagram. When we post a video, we’ll also be able to select our favorite scene from what we’ve recorded as our cover image so our videos are beautiful even when they’re not playing.

"I just started on Vine and I think I won't continue using it anymore now that Instagram has video, with pretty advanced features, by the way. Goodbye, Vine.

Wazzup Pilipinas Meets Whats Up Manila at the WU! Fest


Wazzup Pilipinas!

Wazzup Pilipinas meets What's Up Manila for the WU! Fest. The event will be on July 6 at 12 noon to 10 pm. That's on a hopefully lovely rain-free Saturday at A. Venue Makati Avenue in Makati City.

Tickets cost Php 300 each and the first 500 attendees get free t-shirts, beers plus a lot more awesome surprises.

Oh, I should emphasize that there's the lovely ladies from Hooters attending to some of the booths! Photo ops? Need I say more?

Apparently, yes! but I will let you check out their events page for the updates on what to expect from the WU! Fest.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's More Fun in Ateneo De Manila University

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March 23 2013 was the start of my summer vacation. And it started so "boringly" because I planted myself to a chair facing the computer and sometimes in the front of TV. My summer was not that so exciting but it went calmly even if I didn’t go to some far places.

April 22, 2013 was our scheduled day for our first day of review classes in Ateneo De Manila University. I went there for more than once already to watch volleyball but I still didn’t memorize how to get there.

Our first day was sort of a very funny experience because we commuted early in the morning and hustled with other people. We did that because we have no choice - we’re afraid to be late. And that happened ‘til the end. The rooms assigned to us were air-conditioned so I’m very thankful but after some hours it got cold - so cold.

Puerto Galera : Let's Go to the Beach, Each. Let's Go Get Away

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Do we have the same meaning of the word SUMMER? ‘Cause for me, summer means beach. It is the best time to go under the sun, hear splashes of water, plus of course hot sand from noon ‘til afternoon and then will get cold in the evening. If yes, then high five!

But before that, we went to Calapan, Mindoro to attend my cousin’s debut first. 2 hours bus ride plus 2 hours Roro ride. She had this airlines theme because she’s currently studying in UST right now having Management Tourism as her course. Everything was wonderful; the place, the food, and the vibes inside the venue.

Day after her debut, we rode a private car for 1 hour on the way to Puerto Galera. We stopped first on what they call as Tamaraw Falls and then after that… Puerto Galera!

Rainforest Adventure Experience in Pasig

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Oh so you are asking me about my summer vacation? Well it is up to you if you would call it an enjoyable vacation or not but for me it is for I am not the type of guy who always wants to go out of my comfort zone. Well here goes my summer vacation.....

I really intended to go out of town with my parents this summer vacation but as luck would have it, we did not have an out of town hence I only stayed in my house all summer long, the only thing we got out is when we went to Rainforest Park and have a nice picnic after going to church at Victory Pasig with my uncle and aunt together with my cousins.

Live Life to the Fullest

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Summer is the most awaited season especially to us, students. Everyone wishes to spend their summer vacation according to their plans. Last summer, I learned to value my family, friends and everyone around me. Since, I finished another year of being a student as a Junior High School, and that made me sad because it’s the most memorable year for me.
When the school officially ended the classes, I made a list and immediately planned the places I will visit. I wrote Boracay, Puerto Princesa Palawan and especially Subic because my Lolo owns a house and farm there, it serves as our family’s gathering place.

My relatives organized an outing so I immediately packed my bags and bought everything I need. I prepared all these one week before the outing because I was too excited and we rarely meet each other because of works and schooling.

April 5,2013 (Friday) one day before our Subic outing, it was my sister’s graduation. She graduated fourth year high school. The ceremony lasted for four hours, I was drained and I wanted to go home. We were homebound to have a celebration and suddenly my uncle called and said a bad news, my Grandmother died.

The Medical City Launches its TMC Patient Portal "TMC Partner Link"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Patients need the best service possible from both their hospitals and doctors, and that includes easy  and convenient access to their medical records for immediate referral. It will be best in an onliune world of today that these information could also be accessed online anytime and anywhere.

The Medical City (TMC) launched today an innovative service that provides its patient-partners with easy and secure access to their medical records via the Internet, free –of-charge.

Dubbed “TMC Partner Link,” the on-line facility allows patients to view their laboratory and radiology diagnostic results, as well as discharge summaries wherever they are. It also features various health trackers that enable patients to monitor their vital signs via a graphic interface. “For now, we have trackers for blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and weight,” says Dr. Mike Muin, Health IT Head of The Medical City. “What’s unique about these trackers is that they are integrated with our hospital Electronic Medical Records, and allow doctors to monitor their patients without frequent hospital visits. It fully embraces the concept of patient partnership beyond the walls of the hospital.” TMC Partner Link however does not provide medical advice, so patients should still consult their doctors for proper interpretation of the diagnostics and symptoms.

PRO-FRIENDS Launches New Mobile Site For Better Customer Service

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I recently attended the launch of the mobile-friendly website of Property Company of Friends, Inc., more popularly known as PRO-FRIENDS, one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the Philippines, and was established by a group of dynamic individuals who espoused a common vision of creating communities and transforming lives by providing affordable, good quality homes.

What was admirable with this event was that instead of going directly to discuss about their new mobile site, they included a short seminar at the start of the program that talks about Mobile Marketing. The seminar discussed the current and emerging technologies and trends - of how the world has gone mobile and continuously advancing towards more enhanced technologies that support mobile access. Mobile marketing access is therefore ongoing and is perceived in the future as the way people will gather information to help them in their decision making.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DOTC Secretary Abaya Wants Answers on Masbate Sinking

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya has given orders to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to work with the Board of Marine Inquiry (BMI) in order to resolve the MV Lady of Carmel Roll-on Roll-off Ship mishap in Masbate without delay.

“Now that the Office of Civil Defense, the Coast Guard, and the Philippine Navy have already exhausted their search and rescue efforts and begun retrieval operations, our immediate objective is to determine what circumstances led to this unfortunate incident,” Secretary Abaya declared.

“We want to find out what really happened and we will do whatever is necessary within the purview of the DOTC, to avoid such accidents in the future,” Abaya added.

The Board of Marine Inquiry (BMI) is tasked to investigate the accident, for the purpose of identifying its cause, as well as concomitant liabilities, if there are any.

Relive Memories and Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Wazzup Pilipinas!
Watch the Pop Icon, Nonoy Zuniga in his reunion show with his former band, FBC Rebirth formerly known as The Family Birth on July 06,2013 (Saturday) at RJ Bistro in Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City. Showtime is 8:30 p.m.

A Different Kind of Celebration is a repeat of last year’s full pack show in the same venue. This is a show of Nonoy in the Philippines after his concert in Sydney, Australia and before leaving for U.S. for another series of shows.

FBC Rebirth is still composed of its original members and dubbed as the longest performing live band with its original members in the Philippines. Members are composed by its lead vocals Toots Almazan and also acts as the leader of the band. Other vocalists are the versatile Jiji Sanchez, Teddy Flores and Amor Laurico. Jess Balmaceda on keyboards, Sammy Villarin on drums, Danny Trias on guitar, Gee Carlos on bass guitar, Dexter Ansay on saxophone, Nilo Villanueva on trumpet and Edwin Valente on trombone.

Doing the front act is the sexy composer-singer and dancer Anna Melissa with the Crib band. Anna will also sing her own compositions especially Nalusaw her career single.

Hacienda Isabella Giveaway in 2 Days

Wazzup Pilipinas!

My article for Hacienda Isabella will come out in a couple of weeks . However, while everyone anticipates that we are giving away a gift certificate to one lucky person. In exactly, 2 days the Hacienda Isabella giveaway will start and end at the end of the month. This is your chance to win a 3000 pesos worth of food at Hacienda Isabella.

Go here to find out how you can win the gift certificate.

Meanwhile, take a look at what you could enjoy when you win the contest:

Epson Empowers Partners To “Shift Into High Gear”

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) recently met its valued partners to honor them and prepare them for a more aggressive Fiscal Year.

It held a series of events to honor the company’s top trade partners and to prepare them for a more aggressive 2013 fiscal year. With the theme ‘Shifting Into High Gear’, the ‘kick-offs’ were held at the Discovery Suites in Ortigas, Solaire Resort and Casino in Pasay, and Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

The events highlighted Epson’s commitment to empower its partners as exemplified by Epson’s consistent support to their businesses, updates about the latest digital imaging technology innovations, and product showcases.

Summer Destinations : Three Hotels in One Summer

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last April, I spent each day doing nothing. I got used to 'Eating-Internet Surfing-Sleeping' routine. For me, the whole month turned out so B-O-R-I-N-G.

But then, 'tadaaaaah !' the month of May came! On the first week, we were called by my aunt and asked us if we want to join them. We immediately approved and joined them on our first 'summer get-away'.

Three hotels in just one summer! Talk about hotel hopping. From one hotel to another, it surely made my summer vacation truly memorable.

Club Manila East : Not So Simple After All

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This is just my summer experience but I enjoyed it very much. Last summer, I wasn’t expecting my family would have any swimming vacation at any beaches or resorts. But when my mom told me that we will be going to Club Manila East for some swimming, I jumped with joy.

Club Manila East is an inland resort that is located in the highly urbanized municipality of Taytay, Rizal. It is ideal for anyone looking for a quick out-of-town get-away. For those who live in nearby Metro Manila cities like Pasig, Marikina, Manila, San Juan, Mandaluyong, or Taguig, traveling to and from the nearby provice of Rizal shouldn't take more than 1 or 2 hours.

As the day comes closer, I couldn’t do anything but the usual. Clean the house and make the bed in the morning, wash the dishes, play DOTA for 3 hours and do other chores. 

Detective Conan, League of Legends and Chess...and Review

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Probably most of students out there hope to have a happy vacation. But some of the students don’t have money or time to go to places such as pools, resorts, etc. But some students take summer as an opportunity to review and learn something new in some aspects.

In the first month of summer, I registered in a review center in Katipunan. First, I only join because I believe that I can be with my former classmates. But it came out that I’m the only one that studies in Pasig City Science High School in our room. But I didn’t quit only because pf that senseless reasons. I continued to study and review for my own sake. I continued to excel. There comes a day that we were told to take a simulated UPCAT test. It is not that I’m arrogant, I just wanted to tell that I had the highest score in Science and Math fields in that said test. I just want students like me to continue to strive in spite of problems and hardships when it comes to relationships and friendships. I also widened my circle of friends because of that review.

Poctoy White Beach in Marinduque : Push the Summer! Full Power!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“What time is it? Summertime! It’s our vacation. What time is it? Party time! That’s right, say it loud. What time is it? Time of our lives, anticipation. What time is it? Summertime! School’s out. Scream and shout “, a song from High School Musical. Summer is a season where we can do various things after the school period and move away temporarily from the problems we are experiencing. It is the time to relax and enjoy the days we couldn’t do during the work days. People have different ways and styles to have fun in summer.

First week of summer, I’m just surfing the net, watched television and eat bunch of foods until me and my mother decided to have a little yet productive summer job for me where I sold sandwiches and coolers and I earned a lot from it. Thanks to my dad who provided me money to start my business.

Month of April, my family and I went to Marinduque, our hometown, to celebrate the 50th birthday of my dad in Poctoy White Beach.

Thai Bistro: Authentic Thai Experience

Wazzup Pilipinas! 

There's a new hub to check out! Thai Bistro was opened August 13, 2012. It is proud to offer authentic Thai cuisines and have always aimed to prepare superior and enjoyable dining experience. Thai Bistro offers a full menu of mouthwatering specialties to choose from.  The owner of the restaurant, Ms. Cecille Chang, has trained under the supervision of a chef of the Royal family and she made sure that all her cooks and personnel can deliver each dish with the highest quality standard.

Thai Bistro provides a healthy alternative to the traditional Filipino diet. The restaurant is using fresh ingredients that are quickly cooked in order to preserve their nutrients and delicate flavors. It is a common knowledge that an authentic Thai recipes has to have a great variety of traditional and exotic herbs as well as spices to be able to create the unmistakable Thai flavors. Eighty five percent of ingredients of Thai Bistro are imported from  Thailand, including the rice that they serve. Each dish is being prepared exactly the way a Thai dish should be prepared.

The Foods

Appetizers / Starters

Mieng Kham (Php180)
One of Thai Bistro appetizers. The leaves used for this appetizer is fresh hand picked personally by Ms. Chang from her backyard. You can remove the chili but I suggest you try it with one. 

Calamba, Laguna : Bored and Heartbroken

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I hate SUMMER VACATION! For me, summer vacation is boring. Summer vacation means no stipend and summer vacation means being heartbroken. Every night of my vacation, I cried a lot. I don’t eat that much because I don’t have my appetite. I don’t socialize with my family and my friends. Well that is another story I’m just here to tell you my vacation. This time I spent my vacation in our province, Laguna, particularly in the city of Calamba.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Aroma Beach Resort in Aklan : Hidden Paradise…Undiscovered Gem.... Family Outing Is Best


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Have you ever been to the beaches in the province of Aklan those with fine sands, clear water, and also some beautiful Rest houses? Often when people will hear the word “Aklan” and the beach, they’ll always think its Boracay but how about their other beaches, isn’t also as beautiful as Boracay. (Look at the picture above)

This undiscovered gem that I’ve found to be our hidden paradise is where my family and I spent our Family Outing during the summer. It is called The Aroma Beach Resort. It really is so wonderful that even if I am having some problems about some private matters, I completely forgot about it. I don’t whether it is because of the place or maybe just because I am spending it happily with my family. But I’m pretty sure the ambiance of the place helps it.

Globe Offers Widest Range of LTE-Enabled Smartphones

Wazzup Pilipinas!

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Bestest Is Better Than The Best

Wazzup Pilipinas!

If you are still thinking that a student can never be so busy and much more productive, well now I’m telling you. You are so wrong. Because I just had the busiest, most memorable and the "bestest" summer in my whole life.

When I say "bestest", it’s better than the best. It exceeded all my expectations and lead me a lot of realization. Wanna know what I did for the whole summer? Curious? Guess. Maybe you’d think I went malling and malling and buying and shopping over and over again. Or maybe I spent the whole summer visiting the different landmarks and touring the beautiful places in the Phillipines. NOT. I would not even count that as productive. What I did was a whole different level of fun. I practically spent the whole summer attending summer class, reviewing for the CETs at LSC and going to school for the summer training in order to become a CAT officer.

Binangonan, Rizal : My Bizarre Summer at my Grandma's House

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In a stressful and hectic schedule that was happened last school year.

In a hectic and stressful days, my whole system shouting to have a break! That is why we have a quality time with my family. And our first destination My Grandmother’s place.

My Bizarre summer was like this, we went to my relatives in Binangonan, Rizal - a simple place but rich in mango trees. From our house in Pasig it takes 30-45 minutes to go there. As we travelled, I felt so nerve breaking because it takes 1 decade to finally be back where my oldest siblings spend their childhood days. And the fact that meeting again my grandmother named Godofreda.

I don’t spend quality time with her before when my family decided to move in the city. But I heard a lot of good things about her. And the thing that I admired to her was despite of her age (She is 92 years old) she is still stronger that we can’t really imagine.

Laguna: It's More Fun in Caliraya Resort

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It’s been a while since my family had a very nice vacation. Well, not just your average vacation. The one where you would get totally spoiled and have the time of your life. And since summer came in with a very stressful heat wave, we decided it was time to experience that again.

Thanks to Metrodeal (a website which gives away discounts and vouchers), we were able to find a resort for a very good deal: a two-days and one-night stay at Caliraya Resort in Laguna, with all-you-can-eat buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It even comes with admissions to most of their facilities, including the zip line, pools, and so much more. Now that is a great deal! We were accompanied by my friend Bianca and her parents, which are also my parents’ friends.

Jed's Island Resort in Bulacan : Huling Hirit sa Tag-Init

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I was in Bulacan with my cousins last summer. We went to a resort named Jed’s Island Resort located along McArthur Highway, Calumpit, Bulacan. It has 11 swimming pools, function rooms and 50 deluxe air con rooms, 2 hanging bridges, 4 hectares of man-made fishing lagoon, function rooms, boating on a man-made lagoon and spacious parking area.
is one of the largest resorts in Bulacan with 11 swimming pools, function rooms and 50 deluxe aircon rooms, 2 hanging bridges, 4 hectares of man-made fishing lagoon, function rooms, boating on a man-made lagoon and spacious parking area. - See more at:

is one of the largest resorts in Bulacan with 11 swimming pools, function rooms and 50 deluxe aircon rooms, 2 hanging bridges, 4 hectares of man-made fishing lagoon, function rooms, boating on a man-made lagoon and spacious parking area. - See more at:
It started out as the private resthouse. Then consisting mainly of a native cottage and one swimming pool, the property covered only a few hundred square meters, until engineering development started in 1994 to see the construction of nine other swimming pools, deluxe air-conditioned and open native cottages, a must-photograph hanging bridge, a stylized waterfall, and several private or jacuzzi islands.

We enjoyed the different giant figures there. Jed’s is resort which provides fun and at the same time pools for their customers.

All Hands Beach Resort and Zoobic Safari in Subic : An Alluring Experience on a Summer Paradise

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Whenever I hear summer, I always think of it as a stress reliever. Students like me are always looking forward on having a break such as summer. This year, my friends and I went to Subic, Zambales. We went to All-Hands beach resort and Zoobic Safari.

It was my second time in Subic but the view still took my breath away. The calmness of the sea and the warm smile of the people augmented the relaxing factor of this place. This beach also has beautiful white sand which makes it more alluring. I prefer to stay in beaches like this because it’s not crowded and it’s not noisy. Some beaches are made for partying but everytime I have my summer getaway, I want to spend it on a quiet and relaxing place.

Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna : A Time to Remember at my Favorite Theme Park

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Every summer has a story, but this year it’s more like a novel.” – Anonymous

Who would have thought hundreds of memories can fit in a two-month vacation? Every day was a day to remember. I never knew summer could be that memorable and fun for me. I used to be at home, lying on soft white linen couch when in fact I can go out and enjoy the summer heat. Well, I kind of regret I didn’t make the most out of my previous summer vacations. But now that I had an ultimate summer experience, I promised myself to be as adventurous as I was this summer.

Monday, June 17, 2013

From LSC to Sitio Antonio Wave Pool Resort in Bulacan

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I always look forward to summer. During this period I wouldn’t have to worry about school activities. It’s the time when I can sleep all day, have movie marathons, go out of the town, seat in front of the laptop for a couple of hours, and eat everything life has to offer. But doing this things everyday for two months is really exhausting. I tend to think almost every minute on what to do next.

This summer, I decided to enroll at Loyola Student Center (LSC) to take away boredom and to review for the upcoming college entrance exams. It’s located at Ortigas and I have to take a trip using an fx for about 30 minutes to get there. I hate travelling alone because my head feels like it is spinning and I feel like throwing up every time I ride a moving thing (Oh yes! Even an elevator). But I endured it and finally got used to it after several days. It was fun. The teachers were amazing. I really learned a lot. The review lasted for a month.

Rainforest Adventure Experience in Maybunga, Pasig : Summer Vacay? It's More fun in RAVE!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Probably after going through a year of late nights sleep, procrastination, solving the unending x and y, and memorizing microbiological terms, no one can never wish to spend their summer on the beach or going on a trip. But for an incoming fourth year student in a science oriented school, summer is the busiest, most boring and the saddest season have ever been.

Spending the full month of April in reviewing for college entrance exam in the morning, attending advance summer class in the afternoon and another intensive review in the evening, who will say that I have the time to enjoy summer 2013?

JohnDel Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas : Lazy Days and Sun-Tanned Skin

Wazzup Pilipinas!!

Students like me have always been excited for summer vacation. This is the perfect time to do all the things that we want. We can sleep all day long, use the computer for several hours, stay up late watching movies or anything that we can’t do when we have classes. We are free from homeworks, projects, exams and other school stuffs that give us headache and stress. Honestly, my summer vacation is not that productive but still I enjoyed it because I’m with my friends and family.

Swimming with my classmates was a great start for my vacation. We have planned to have a swimming with the whole class but unfortunately only half of us joined. Even though were not complete we still have fun together. We started in the morning and finished late in the afternoon. As a result, all of us have tanned skin. Our sunburns hurt but its okay because we really enjoyed the company of each other.

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