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LCUP Fetes Malolos Culinary Pride Nanay Mercy Antonio

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Six Students Prepare Six-Course Molecular Gastronomy Dinner

La Consolacion University Philippines (LCUP), in cooperation with Malolos Vice-Mayor Gilbert “Bebong” T GATCHALIAN, made local history by awarding 80-year-old Nanay Mercy ANTONIO — heir to the secret heirloom recipe of the famous empanada de kaliskis de Malolos, named at the suggestion of late food historian and family friend Mila ENRIQUEZ—a Certificate of Recognition for being a proud and living Maloleño culinary artist and heritage standard-bearer.

The family has been serving the crispy paper-thin clad pies since 1820 to guests like Dr Jose Rizal and Gat Andres Bonifacio and Presidents Manuel L Quezon, Sergio S Osmeña, Carlos P Garcia, Elpidio R Quirino, Ferdinand E Marcos, and Joseph E Estrada coming to Malolos all the way from Manila. “May nag-alok na sa akin na gumawa nito sa Maynila, pero pinili ko na manatili dito sa Malolos.”

Lola Mercy, who came in light blue short-sleeved barong and slacks—“Ganito talaga ako noon pa” referring to her manly mien and manners—with grandchildren and great-grandchildren, has been making the paper-thin crusted (so delicate they crumble noisily with every bite) meat pies since she was 7 years old.  Now that she’s gradually losing her sight, she has passed on the trade secret to two granddaughters who help her out every day.  

Vice-Mayor Gatchalian with the support of LCUP through Chef Jeremy MALCAMPO—Assistant Dean of the College of International Tourism and Management and Manager of Café Barcelo Malolos and Food Services and a good friend since our student days—promised not only to continue to seek out, recognize, support, and preserve Maloleño heritage by awarding recognition to its heritage artists.

Vice-Mayor Bebong also promised to further help out the family by “securing a patent for the recipe of the empanada de kaliskis de Malolos, so that the family can receive royalties whenever the recipe is produced elsewhere.”

Kudos to Cultural Heritage Preservation, Vice-Mayor Bebong! Long live Philippine Arts and Culture!

UPLB SJDC Proudly Presents Verve 5: Devitrify

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On its 18th year anniversary, the UPLB Street Jazz Dance Company launched the BREAKOUT campaign. Carrying the tag line “All Set, All Out”, the group had the vision of surpassing their limits and being the best they can be all throughout the Academic Year 2016-2017. With this concrete goal in mind, the group rived boundaries to achieve things they have never done before.

UPLB SJDC kicked off their 2016 competition season at the Luzon elimination leg of Crissa Campus Dance Synergy 11 and Ego Supreme Crew Wars 3, where their all-female team Fatale ranked 1st place and all-boy assemblage Beaux successfully made it to the finals out of 40 participating colleges in Luzon.

The group gave a heartwarming routine at the debut of VIBE Dance Competition in the Philippine shores. Emerging as one of the 20 finalists out of 75 applicants, SJDC brought to Manila stage something they have been keeping at the confines of Los Baños. Their “Make You Feel My Love” piece left the Ateneo Henry Irwin Lee Theatre audience in awe, with some even shedding a tear.

SJDC also conquered the first ever Isuzu Danz Max Championship, with Fatale bringing home the championship title for the college division and Beaux finishing at 4th place in the open division. The ladies of SJDC competed against familiar faces in the collegiate dance scene, beating PUP Power Impact Dancers at 2nd and FEU FEUsion at 3rd place. The all boys team, on the other hand, battled with crews from all over Metro Manila.

Oyayi Is Gawad Tanglaw’s Best Children’s Show for 2016

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Oyayi, CBN Asia and National Council for Children’s Television’s newest program for TV, was awarded Best Children’s Show at the 15th Gawad Tanglaw Awards held Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

Oyayi, a Filipino word meaning “lullaby,” is based on a children’s storybook written by Fernando Rosal Gonzalez. Oyayi features a bunch of cute and perky endangered-species-friends who are on a mission to protect their island home. Oyayi teaches timeless lessons such as love for family, appreciation for culture and arts, and preservation and love for the environment. Oyayi also seeks to ignite the younger Filipino generation’s passion and love for country and to encourage them to become responsible citizens.

“We come alongside the parents in teaching values to their children,” shared CBN Asia’s Executive Vice President-COO,
Robert John Tan. “We want to influence them in a positive way,” he added.

Pictured above is Mr. Robert John Tan and Oyayi lead actor, Icko Gonzalez, with the Gawad Tanglaw Award for Best Children’s Show.

For more updates and information, follow Oyayi on Facebook! Visit!

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Yokocho Japanese Food Court at Victory Food Market in Baclaran

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Ever since I turned into a blogger, my shirt size grew from a Medium to an Extra Large and my waistline probably turned double since I couldn't fit in my old, but still fine jeans, anymore. In my line of work, food is everywhere, and I just couldn't help but eat everything that's new for me or devour the tried and tested culinary greats.

All events would always have something served to its guests and thus the buffet spread has kept on calling me to please myself with all that they can offer. Even the pika-pika or finger foods would always have something tasty, and for the a la carte which I adore because of the creative plating, I couldn't resist trying everything on the menu.

May it be Chinese, American, Vietnamese, etc, or the local delicacies from the different provinces and regions of the Philippines, we Filipinos could not help ourselves taking pride of how we all love to eat. Adobo, Sisig, Sinigang, Litson, or whatever, we do think about what should be our national dish but why pick one when all of them are so yummy.

This is why we welcome all new and incoming restaurateurs or chefs who invest in the Philippines to tickle the fancy of Filipinos. Regardless if there are so many competitors, what is important is you have amazing recipe to come up with fabulous dishes that will surely impress the masses, or even the most critically-discerning foodies.

We definitely turned Japanese that one fine day at the Yokocho Japanese Food Court located at the 4th floor of Victory Food Market in Baclaran which is just opposite the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help also known as Redemptorist Church but we all love and know colloquially as the Baclaran Church.

NAITAS Travel & Trade Show 2017

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Since the travel season is already upon us, and school is on summer break, we expect many to be making various plans for their travels. Itineraries will be set to their preferred destinations for both local and foreign trips. There's going to be another huge demand for transportation services, hotel and resort accommodations, souvenirs, theme park and tourist spot visits, tour guide requests, and a lot more that would boost our country's tourism effort to the max.

It is such a great thing that many travel expositions, trade shows and fairs are being organized to gather many travel and tour providers for the convenience of consumers, both local and foreign tourists.

Among them is the NAITAS Travel & Trade Show for 2017 which offered up to 80% discount on outbound and inbound travels as well as on tourism allied products and services when we make bookings and purchases onsite. 

The event is organized by the National Association of Independent Travel Agencies, Inc. (NAITAS), one of the country's biggest travel and tourism association, in partnership with the Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotions Board Philippines.

A Family Staycation Weekend at Taal Vista Hotel

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Aside from the cold weather, Tagaytay city is famous for the picturesque sight of the Taal Lake. This is the in demand view that everyone looks forward to. This is also why most establishments offering a great view of the Taal Lake are benefiting a lot from the influx of tourists who want to take a gander of the magnificent postcard-like view of this amazing wonder of nature.

Everyone could not say that they have been truly to Tagaytay without that epic view of Taal Lake among their photos included in their selfies, groupfies and other photo ops may it be with their DSLRs, point and shoot or smartphone cameras. It is just an enigma that Tagaytay, a part of Cavite, is the city raking in tourism interest even though the place is part of Batangas.

But as they say, this is a beauty that is best seen from afar, and where we can marvel at the wonderful creation of nature bringing joy and fascination to everyone who sees it. Just be also sure that you are pointing at the correct Taal volcano as many are making mistakes on this particular fact. It becomes a laughing matter when even Filipinos themselves do not know the real one.

As mentioned earlier, the cold climate in Tagaytay is also a reason why people are coming there for vacation either during summer breaks or weekends. It is the next best choice of reaching a colder temperature compared to Baguio city.

This is why we were thrilled with our family weekend staycation scheduled on April 8 and 9, because we get to temporarily leave the hot and humid weather in Metro Manila, and experience a more bearable one in Tagaytay city. The best part of all is we get to stay at the Taal Vista Hotel which flaunts the best view of the Taal Lake. Besides that, the Sky Ranch is just right beside the hotel offering the Sky Eye and other park attractions that would surely entertain us during the weekend staycation.

An added bonus is the transportation service provided by the hotel where they got the Avis transports service  for our pick-up and drop-off from our residence in Pasig to the hotel and vice versa. The driver picked us up on the early morning of Saturday for an almost three hour travel to Tagaytay.

We also got to dine at their Veranda buffet restaurant for lunch on our first day and breakfast the following morning, and our first night a la carte dinner at their Taza Fresh Table, but we'll tell you all the details of our dining experience at both Veranda and Taza Fresh Table on a different blog post. It deserves their own separate stories so we could give you the magnificent and yummy details about our meals.

The game room had a billiard table and an air hockey table. We were also informed we could use an Xbox that they could put out if we want to play with it; however, we were informed that the games are also old ones. So they may be referring to the old Xbox version.

Aside from the two restaurant and the lounge where you can also order, the hotel also has a swimming pool, gym, game room, spa, business center and plenty of rooms of different sizes at both their Lake View and Mountain View hotels. They have a small section beside the Taza Fresh Table restaurant where you can buy souvenirs from a few stalls there. Not too many choices but there's bound to be something interesting among those items being sold there.

The Lake View part is the newer hotel that is right beside the Sky Ranch area. There's practically a gate between the two properties so I could imagine just walking through there. But I guess that gate is only used for special occasions as we don't see anybody entering or exiting via that way.

We had two rooms at the 4th floor of the Lake View part of Taal Vista Hotel. One for me and my wife, and another one for our three kids. This overjoyed my kids since they could have one room all for their own privacy. My wife and I can say the same thing and with smiles from ear to ear.

Both rooms have two beds, but we got the room with the grand view of the Taal Lake, while they got the one with a view of the Sky Ranch. The rooms were moderately decorated. It is not similar to the newer or top hotels way back in Metro Manila, but they are comfy and spacious enough to accommodate conveniently more than two people.

Our room had something extra - sweet treats compliments of the hotel. Our kids quickly devoured them even before we got all settled in.

The only difference from the Mountain View part of the hotel is that there is no bathtub on our rooms. The swimming pool, gym, entertainment center and spa are also located at the Mountain View part. But its a short walk from both ends of the hotel so there's no problem at all. But maybe they could build another pool at the Lake View portion since it the pool was already a bit crowded when we visited it before lunch time.

The gym had nobody there when we dropped by so it gave us an opportunity to try the equipment out. However, most were only on manual control and a bit outdated already.

At the game room, we tried both billiard and air hockey table where I won in billiards while my youngest kid emerged triumphant in air hockey.

The second day was a bit more relaxed as we enjoyed the comfy beds of the hotel. We went out of our rooms early in the morning to have breakfast at Veranda. When we were roaming around the hotel,  we discovered a mass ongoing at a ground floor function room that the hotel turned into a mini chapel. It was Palm Sunday so we always make it a point to attend church during that particular event where "palaspas" could be distinctively seen carried by church-goers.

The hotel allowed us to extend our check-out time until 4 pm so we could start traveling back home in better weather late in the afternoon. A different driver drove us back home, but we managed to go have some snacks first at Balay Dako where we had some Bibingka, Pancit Antonio and Lumpiang Sariwa. Afterwards, we stopped by The Pink Sisters church nearby to say a short prayer and explore the place in a quick tour, before going back to the van and finally returning home.

It was undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments since it was our first time staying at Taal Vista Hotel. I have visited the hotel several times in the past but only to attend events there organized by the Department of Tourism so that kept me only seeing the lobby and grounds.

That weekend allowed us to explore every corner of the hotel and be amazed of how beautiful this property really is. If you are not aware yet, it is owned by the SM group of companies just as like the Sky Ranch. For me, this is very precious real estate property that many would want to own it just in case SM sells it, but I'm sure that would never happen since Taal Vista Hotel has become almost iconic in Tagaytay already.

Travel, Work and Play with Targus Seoul 2017 Collection

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Targus Inc., a leading brand in laptop cases and accessories, recently unveiled their Seoul 2017 Collection, the all-rounded solution to travel, work and play.

Embedded with new and advanced features, the Seoul 2017 Collection is multi-functional, making it suitable for all sorts of activities for both men and women. Reliable and highly compact, the Seoul 2017 Collection features two sizes: 15.6” and 14”. The newly launched Seoul 2017 Collection comes in four different colours that exude warmth and vibrancy.

Warm and Refreshing Colours
To showcase that unique personality

With an array of colours lined up in the Seoul 2017 Collection, both men and women can expect to find one that showcases their unique personality. Inspired by urban lights, the backpacks come in two varying tones – one reminiscent of the night, giving off a trusty and matured vibe while the other a reminder of warm city lights.

The 15.6" Seoul Backpack comes in three different colours – black, turquoise and rust. On the other hand, 14” Seoul Backpack comes in two varying colours – black and plum. For a modern and low-key look, opt for the backpack in black and rust. Those seeking a refreshing and delightful burst of colours will fall in love with the turquoise and plum backpacks. Furthermore, the backpacks come in printed inner lining. 

DOE Pitches Energy Opportunities to ASEAN Investors

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Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Alfonso Cusi said Thursday that there is a big business opportunity in the Philippines' energy sector that investors from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) can take advantage of.

"We're inviting energy investors from ASEAN. The ASEAN summit is an opportunity for us to drum up to our neighbors that there is this development happening in the Philippines and they can participate," Cusi said after attending the closed door quarterly roundtable of the Wallace Business Forum at Shangri-la Hotel, Makati City.

Cusi said the potential business opportunity in energy is the result of the government's ambitious infrastructure program dubbed "Build Build Build."

"We're going to build the energy supply for the infrastructure," said Cusi.

"From 2016 to 2030, 17,300 megawatts is needed to support the Ambisyon 2040 development plan of the government for the Philippines. An additional power of 26,000 MW from 2030 to 2040 or a total of 43,000 MW from 2016 to 2040 is needed to support the infrastructure projects," Cusi said at the second round of Dutertenomics Forum on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Cusi is optimistic that investors will come in.

4th Tour De Cebu Launch at Trans Sport Show 2017

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The Performance and Classic Enthusiasts Club (PACE), together with the Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC) and Tradeshow International Inc., (TSI), recently launched the 4th Tour De Cebu on April 21, 2017 amidst the many project show vehicles and car enthusiasts at the recent Trans Sport Show for 2017.

Tour De Cebu is a three-day "Mille Miglia-inspired" historic and touristic rally scheduled on October 20 to 22 with regularity race covering 1,000 km across the Visayas. It is open to sports cars manufactured from 1972 or older. All entrees are subject to technical scrutiny led by a committee headed by the Grand Marshall. A minimum pass rate is required in order of participation to be green-lighted. Major factors for passing include authenticity, period correctness, mechanical soundness and safety.

The official list for eligible sports cars shall be based on the official list as compiled by MSCC. Refer to PACE grants limited exception for the following:

Classic cars manufactured on or below the cut-off date of 1972 with high historic value or unique provenance in the Philippines. Classic period correct Race or Rally Cars manufactured on or below the cut-off ate of 1972, especially exhibiting high historical value or prestige. Run off sports car models beyond the manufacturing cut-off of 1972 are allowed pending technical consensus.

Culinary Samplers from Heaven at Madrid Fusion Manila 2017

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The 2017 Madrid Fusion Manila brings together once again the culinary expertise of many great chefs and restaurateurs from all over the world to the Philippines. It is such a great [pleasure to be among the officially accredited media to cover the event. I don't really know where to begin because there are so many stories to tell especially when the event happened for several days, and participated by so many of our best and brightest food experts. I am proud to say that we have constantly been outdoing our greatness from the previous years. The Philippines have enough talent to proudly showcase to the entire world.

As expected, the first day begins with many opening ceremonies from the formal launch to the ribbon cutting, and even before that was the press conference for media. The days I spent at the event was overwhelming for I got to taste so many awesome samplers from all over the country and the world. I am doubly excited to taste their full version someday. But it was better that they just gave away samplers because with so many giving them out, you won't have enough room in your tummy for everything.

Naturally, you will be tempted to try out everything, and take a second or third serving if the dish was really good. In my case, 90 percent of the dishes that I've tried were more than just satisfying. Was it me or I just love to eat? I am adventurous too in my preference so I welcome all kinds may they be spicy or uncommon. With so many chef being very creative with their masterpieces, there's no telling how many creations were served during those days, and I am proud to have been a part of this event.

So I met Chefs for the first time like Chef Tatung, and met again the likes of Chef Claude Tayag. Got to do a video selfie with the Department of Tourism -Tourism Promotions Board (DOT-TPB) Chief Operating Officer (COO) and celebrity Cesar Montano, also a photo ops selfie with the Secretary of Tourism, Wanda Tulfo-Teo, plus a lot more personalities involved with food and drinks. But the best of all is the opportunity to witness Filipinos emerging as top choices for food preference. Though the country is open to global cuisines, the Filipino dishes remain to be among our favorites.

When PRs Become Unfit for Their Job

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How about you guys? What are your comments or reactions regarding these posts about a PR who was said to be rude to a media during an interview at an event where a very popular singer was the brand ambassador. I guess the brand should be aware of this as they may be affected by this issue too. It's better that they do something about it soon before this controversy explodes uncontrollably.

Do you agree that PRs should be courteous and respectful to both media and bloggers regardless of the situation (relaxed or under pressure)? On and off promotional events or campaigns? Should they avoid talking bad or malicious about anyone (whether personally or via online and social media posts)? Bad-mouthing is such a serious offense that they should advocate for mouthwashes.

Kudos to the shout-out rant by an editor of one of the leading newspapers in the country. May there be more of her who are outspoken and gutsy enough to tell the world that she deserves proper treatment. There are ways to do things discreetly, and that should always be the case for PRs.

I have to commend her fellow media friends for the support they are giving her. I hope bloggers would also do the same and stand by with their colleagues when they encounter the same problems with PRs. It's time to stop being "sipsip" and tell our stories as it happens. No more sugar-coating and false or pretentious advertising. Tell the real story without any hesitation.

However, there are so many great PRs out there that should be praised for keeping their minds sane regardless of how badly behaved some personalities are. These are the PRs and their agencies that should be given awards and recognition. May they continue to flourish and remain successful.

Finally, the mentioned rude PR should reflect on this latest issue about her. She needs to realize that there's definitely something wrong about her. Apparently, this PR was moonlighting. The moonlighting issue is already beyond ethical. The rude behavior towards a media who was just trying to do her job is inexcusable. Who knows what else she is doing behind the back of her multi-national company who already asked the victim to remove the company's name from any post because the event was not officially under them. Raket pa more!

I can now rest my case.

A Memorable Family Bonding Moment at Buddha-Bar Manila's Magical Easter Sunday Celebration

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Easter Sunday was made extra special for the children at Buddha-Bar Manila's Magical Easter celebration.

Amidst the gigantic Buddha glaring from the second level, kids were treated to several games, artsy activities, and a magical show, plus a hearty lunch, on a Sunday where the Easter bunny came out form a magician's hat!

Parents bonded with their kids as they played through the different fun challenges and recreational activities specially organized by Buddha-Bar Manila.

I got hooked with the design your own cookie that's shaped like an egg (or was it a huge water droplet? Lol!). The kids got to use their a mix of their favorite frosting colors, together with tiny marshmallows, color-coated candies, rainbow sprinkles and many other edible decors to enhance their creativity. The best part of the challenge is someone gets to win for the best design, and they all get to eat their creations afterwards.

All the challenges would entails some lucky kids to win toy prizes from Buddha-Bar Manila. I love that portable basketball ring!

All children present were also given loot baskets and cupcakes the moment they entered the place so that meant smiling faces already at the very start of the day.

Filling up both parents and children was the sumptuous buffet spread from delightful salads, to yummy main entrees, all the way to sugary sensational desserts of many varieties. There is no doubt the kids enjoyed these treats as well.

Pilyo Cheesecake Soufllés in Iconic All-Time Favorite Bibingka Flavor

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I don't know any Filipino who can resist eating our iconic all-time favorite "bibingka"  or rice cake that is often seen when the holiday season is around. Though there are some street food stalls and restaurants that still cook them even after Christmas, they are still a rare find making them rare treats for those craving of these delicious rice cakes.

Now, there's an alternative to having the traditional "bibingka" because a couple originally based in Australia has conceptualized the Cheesecake Soufllés in Bibingka flavor! This means Christmas everyday and would also satisfy your craving for cheesecake as well!

We met with the people behind Pilyo Cheesecake Soufllés accidentally through an event held at their restaurant, and after several months we were actually aiming to reunite with them to feature their place. However, they were in the process of re-conceptualizing their business, but they offered instead another one they were currently doing home-based. They were referring to Pilyo which offers Cheesecake Soufllés of different varieties, and among them is the bibingka-flavored!
"We put the cheek in Grandma Filo's food using a playful approach reflective of Australian culture whilst paying tribute to traditional flavours. So come and shout “wala 'yan sa lola ko!" (that's nothing like my grandmother's!)."
My luck that bibingka happens to be an all-time favorite of mine. I don;t need to wait for Christmas for I can eat bibingka everyday. Still, it is very much appreciated that Pilyo has taken "bibingka" to the next level...and that level is delish all the way!

Go All-Natural with Electrolyte-Infused Roar Sports Drink

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Can you bear the heat this summer?

Now, imagine being under the sun ding your favorite sport like basketball, volleyball , or even just running or brisk walking? That would surely make you frown not only because of the heat but also of the dehydration you're sure to experience if you are under that scorching sun.

Those under the shades are already complaining, what more those who are perspiring outdoors. Be also wary that dehydration may cause damage to your health including giving you sunburn and skin diseases. Getting a dried throat and sore eyes also would lead to serious complications. This is why being hydrated is very important.

But you don't need to be an athlete or fitness buff to require proper hydration. As news and events bloggers, we keep on running from one news-worthy event to the next for our media coverage. And if you are without a car, this means hopping from one public transportation to the next whether it's the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) or Light Rail Transit (LRT), taxi, jeepney, bus, tricycle, or even the pedicabs. If we have the budget, we could take the Uber or Grab cars, but that would mean spending extra.

Now, it would have been easier if there's no more need to walk (or run) if all places are connected by public utility drop-offs or pick-ups, but it's not so there's still the need to perspire some more to reach our destination. This is why I always keep an extra shirt to prevent me from seemingly showering in sweat.

To keep myself hydrated, thank goodness I had the Roar Sports Drink with me at every occasion. It is my life-saver to keep myself composed, relaxed and definitely away from dehydration. The best thing is I got my hands on the rainbow samplers - different varieties or flavors so I could taste each one.

Now I'm craving for more as my stock is already at zero.

Two Fold Productions Proudly Presents Traverse: Reinventing Contemporary Tour Guiding

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Itching to travel the world? Turn your passion into a profession! In collaboration with the University of Santo Tomas College of Tourism and Hospitality Management – Travel Management Department & Marsman Drysdale Travel Inc., the Class of 3T2’s Two Fold Productions will be conducting an event that will tackle the multi-faceted and important role of the tour guiding profession in the tourism industry.

Let Two Fold Productions take you into the majestic world of “TRAVERSE: Reinventing Contemporary Tour Guiding.” The said event will be held on May 8, 2017 from 1:00 - 7:00 PM at the 2nd Floor Ballroom, Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building, University of Santo Tomas, España, Manila.

The event aims to:

1. Present an overview of issues and trends in line with the tour guiding profession in the Philippines;
2. Develop the students’ interpersonal skills for effective verbal and non-verbal communication;
3. Propose professional insights that would benefit the travel management students through various talks from professional tour guides;
4. Build an attitude of service excellence and permeate students with holistic values that are essential in the tourism industry; and
5. Advocate a culturally sensitive and ethical tour guiding where respect is present and shared.

Stay connected by liking their official Facebook page @twofoldproductions and following them on Twitter @2FTRAVERSE and on Instagram @twofoldproductions so you will not miss out on any updates.


National Search for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schools

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PLDT wireless subsidiary Smart Communications is supporting anew the search for the most eco-friendly and sustainable schools in the Philippines. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is accepting nominations for the “2017 National Search for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schools” until April 28. Entries can come from public and private schools and universities, elementary to college levels.

“The competition seeks to encourage schools to become more actively involved in environmental issues at a practical and local level,” said Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Assistant Director Jacqueline Caancan in a statement. “It recognizes academic institutions with the best eco-friendly programs and activities.”

“Smart supports the efforts of the government to raise environmental awareness among the youth,” said Ramon R. Isberto, Smart public affairs head. “Through this search, we hope not only to educate them about taking care of the environment but also help them realize the importance of being sustainable and resilient.”

Winners will be announced in November as part of the activities for the National Environmental Awareness Month and Clean Air Month.

This is the fifth leg of the bi-annual search, which began in 2009 and aims to increase environmental awareness among the youth, according to Caancan.

The competition is organized by DENR-EMB in cooperation with the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, Smart Communications, One Meralco Foundation and other partners.

Winners will receive cash prizes and plaques of recognition. For the national level, which consists of college, high school and elementary categories, the first prize is P50,000 for each category; second prize is P40,000 and third prize is P10,000. For the regional level, a certificate of recognition and P15,000 will be given to winners in each category.

Interested schools can register at and submit their entries to their respective DepEd division or EMB regional offices. For more information, contact EMB-DENR at (02) 9284674 and (02) 3765610; email, or visit,, and

Smart has been working with the government and other partners to address the needs of the country in the areas of education and environment, as well as disaster preparedness, health and livelihood. One of its programs is a youth learning activity called the TNT Tropang Ready Disaster Preparedness Caravan which tours state universities and colleges nationwide.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

UP Playwrights' Theater Proudly Presents Angry Christ

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Your Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas is a proud media partner of UP Playwrights' Theater's Angry Christ.

It's the newest play has already started its initial run and features Nelsito Gomez in the leading role as Alfonso Ossorio in a 1950s setting in Negros province. The play is about a Fil-Am artist whose contemporary work, life, love, sexual identity and other chapters of his life were brought to fore by prolific playwright Floy Quintos.

Noted actor Kalil Almonte will play Nel as Anselmo and is also debuting his acting prowess for UP Playwrights' Theater together with Nel. Dexter Martinez Santos, director of ANGRY CHRIST noted that. "The play is not to be missed because it carries valuable messages of relationships, inner conflict, love, what really is important in life."

The Angry Christ is set to run from until May 14 2017 (Wednesdays to Fridays at 7:00 p.m.; Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m.) at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, 2nd Floor Palma Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

For ticket inquiries, you may contact Arkel Mendoza at 0917-9673616 or

SM Youth Go-See Season 2

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14 finalists. 7 weeks. 2 winners.
The much-awaited return of the #SMYouthGoSee is here.

Last year, we produced the biggest digital youth model search and reality show in the country with more than 3,000 hopefuls that we called the SM Youth Go-See. Over the span of 5 episodes, we tested the final thirteen contestants on different challenges that depict the qualities of being SM Youth brand ambassadors. After 5 tough weeks, we proclaimed Kaila Estrada and Kyle Perry as the winners of our first season.

Fast forward to today, they introduced and lead the second season auditions which once again gathered 3,000 hopefuls online. We opened the floor again to search for the next male and female ambassadors of SM Youth that will join our current roster of talents that include last year's Kaila and Kyle together with Tommy Esguerra, Richard Juan and Janna Tee. From the thousands who auditioned online, we picked the final fourteen contestants who came from different parts of the world, representing today’s Filipino youth. Diversity is one of the most important aspects for this season as seen in our selection of finalists. Since the first season, we’ve never imposed on a certain look, height, body type or age in the auditions. This season’s finalists include not just models but a thespian, a poet, a television and film actor, a singer, a student leader and more to represent today’s multifaceted generation.

The competition has gotten bigger and tougher more than ever. In seven weeks, we will determine SM Youth’s next two ambassadors who we will cultivate to become the next big names in the entertainment and lifestyle industry following the success and footsteps of Kaila and Kyle. We invite you to witness the journey of our finalists in the digital realm as the SM Youth Go-See premieres on May 01, 2017 at 9PM via Facebook LIVE and on our YouTube channel.

For more details, visit,, and follow @SM_Youth on Twitter and Instagram and the hashtag #SMYouthGoSee.

Technology Alone Can’t Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats – ePLDT

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Due to the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), information is being collected at an unprecedented rate, with much of it being highly personal and confidential. It is because of this that cybersecurity is of much greater importance today.

ePLDT, an industry-leading provider of digital business solutions to enterprises in the Philippines, is warning local companies that employing data security software and hardware  is not enough to combat cyber-threats. This is according to its newly appointed head of cybersecurity.

“Companies that focus on data security technology alone unfortunately do not understand cybersecurity,” said Angel Redoble, Chief Information Security Officer of ePLDT. “Because a single attack can affect every department of a company, cybersecurity therefore should be approached holistically by integrating it in every aspect, not just in technology. To do this, a company must first focus on having a strict protocol or process and must have the right people who are skilled to combat different kinds of threats. Once these are integrated with the appropriate technology, a company can achieve business resiliency.”

This crucial insight follows on the heels of Ernst & Young’s Global Information Security Survey of 2016 and 2017 which reveals that 64% of 1,735 firms surveyed, which includes Philippine companies, admitted that they have zero or mere informal threat intelligence programs. Moreover, 42% do not have an agreed communications strategy or plan in place in the event of a significant attack.

Jollibee and CityMall join STI in Nation-Building

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Industry stalwarts Tony Tan Caktiong, chairman and founder of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), Edgar “Injap” Sia II, chairman and CEO of DoubleDragon Properties Corporation and CityMall Commercial Centers, Inc., and Eusebio H. Tanco, executive committee chairman of the STI Education Services Group, Inc. (STI ESG), broke ground on April 21, 2017 to officially mark construction of the first phase of the STI Academic Center and CityMall in Tanauan, Batangas.

The groundbreaking also marked the signing of a joint venture agreement among STI, and the families of Mr. Tan Caktiong, and “Injap” Sia II for the establishment of the agricultural school/commercial complex. Designed to accommodate 5,400 senior high school and college students next school year, the academic center will stand on a 35,114 square-meter property at Soledad Park Subdivision, Barangay Darasa, Tanauan, Batangas. Meanwhile, the CityMall will house affiliated brands such as Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Chowking, Red Ribbon, Highlands Coffee, SM Savemore, Watsons Pharmacy, Ace Hardware, SM Simply Shoes, BDO, ChinaBank Savings, and SM Appliance. The property is located in the main commercial area of Tanauan, Batangas.

Three months ago, STI and Tony Tan Caktiong signed a Memorandum of Understandingin an effort to boost agricultural education in the country through a farm-to-table school that will offer agricultural courses including managing quick-service and gourmet restaurants.

"My experience in JFC has given me unique perspectives on the challenges and importance of having a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality agricultural products. I am excited with this collaboration as it will help to uplift the agricultural and related sectors through education, another potential means for us to contribute to nation-building," Tan Caktiong said.
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