Saturday, September 9, 2017

Looking Back to Retell My Story

".....tell me a bit about yourself, what your interests and passions are, and what your schedule is like ( you already have a full-time job you're happy with? How many hours per day can you work?) and add me on Skype....."

My very first experience in writing for others was when I contributed a few articles to a tech magazine starting 2004, but had written for our school newspaper while in college, and church newspaper while still looking for a job after graduating in 2003. 

My last job as an employee was working for the United Nations as their ICT officer in 2005. After only 3 years, believing I've earned enough, I setup my own tech-related business (gaming shop and tech services like repairs, networking, maintenance, etc) in 2008, but it ended abruptly only after a year when typhoon Ondoy flooded our business. Everything went under the murky flood waters in a matter of hours.

I started blogging since 2008 while I reopened my business, but only on a personal level, then went into blogging professionally (full time) by 2013 when I got so many invites to attend events like product launchings, press conferences, bloggers events, product reviews and media partnerships. I closed my ga me business that time and concentrated on providing online services. Monetizing my blog was a lot more promising since many businesses were strengthening their online presence.

This was only after I became a voluntary correspondent for a popular online publication for around 6 months back 2012. The short stint with them as senior writer opened up a lot of opportunities for me as the invites kept coming in. I left them to setup my own online publication in 2013.

Eventually got so many awards and recognitions from different award-giving bodies, got invited to guests on TV and radio shows, co-hosted a few radio shows, got some speaking engagements, and lately had my own radio show with livestreaming on Facebook and YouTube for one season (13 episodes) that ended just last month. It was not as profitable compared to running an online publication.

I was offered to host my own TV show too, but is thinking twice since I prefer writing instead of setting up my own lifestyle show...and the real reason is - the co-production cost and search for sponsorships may be too much to handle. :)

Thus, right now, the only thing that keeps me busy, as of the moment, is my blog, my family (with a daughter that is also the Editor-in-Chief of her college newspaper), and worrying about the recent rampant killings in the Philippines, especially now that there are youths being killed as well. 

I usually blog (including social media postings) and rants, from morning until midnight...but is of course looking to contribute again for publications that pay. It will be an additional source of income aside from accepting sponsored articles with backlinks on my site, and the numerous media partnerships.

I can write about almost anything since I am fairly curious about everything. I get challenged by deadlines, but prefer to take my time since artists need more time to connect with our moody creativity :)

The last time I used Skype was way back 2003 when I got interviewed for a job. In the Philippines, we now chat more on Facebook instead. But I would be willing to open a new account again (since I don't remember my existing account's password anymore) if needed.

Crowdsourcing for Lei of PNA

I think there's going to be an opening soon at the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

Well, a certain Lei might be needing some help with the editing process as he or she even accidentally published the editor's comments and instructions as part of the title for their articles.

Somebody was indeed in a hurry,  rushing for the deadline, or simply that the task of final release was assigned to a newbie.

However,  immediately after a few netizens took notice of the mistake,  the article quickly went down and the site suddenly went under maintenance.

Do they need a new Editor-in-Chief?  Or do they have a new publishing platform?

Who knows because I haven't reached out to them to get their side of the issue.

The hell with us!  It was a simple mistake.  They must be busy working on deadlines down, or up, there especially that the administration is in deep shit with all the youth killings by cops, Pulong and Mans involvement in smuggling (shabu?) and that dragon tattoo supposedly linking the Davao Vice Mayor to the Chinese triad, and also how they made September 11 a non-working holiday to commemmorate the birthday of a late dictator.

By the way, anybody knows who Lei is?

I'm sure he or she can shed light to all these questions. This is not a serious issue though. Just a technical glitch, perhaps. But poking fun and aggravating issues to greater proportions is what majes articles sell,  especially on a slow day when we've written all that needs to be written about EJK.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Immune Ba Ang VIP Sa Tokhang?

VIP lang ang exempted sa Tokhang.

Kahit pa drug lord, kung maraming pera naman, sa Malacanang pa iimbitahan iyan. Pero kung ikaw ay dukha, malamang patay ka na at sasabihing nanlaban, nakipag-putukan o nang-agaw ng baril.

"Walang kahihitnan ang War on Drugs na iyan. Ang problema ng bansa ay mga gahaman na pulitiko na hinahayaang sa iilan lamang napupunta ang oportunidad at biyaya. Mga inutil na ahensiya ng gobyerno na mas pinapaboran ang mga korporasyon at oligarch.

Mabibilang mo kung sino-sino ang mga natatanging "Anak ng Diyos" dito sa Pilipinas - mga mayayamang pamilya na pag-aari na halos buong bansa.

At ang kakulangan sa edukasyon para matuto ang lahat. Kaya hinahayaang nilang maging mangmang ang mga tao ay para di sila maging mapanuri. Maabutan lang ng kaunting halaga o groceries, akala mo superhero na yung nagbigay.

Kailangang matuto ng tao para malaman kung sino ang tamang taong mamumuno sa atin. Hindi yung kung sino lang ang may kayang gumastos ng milyon-milyon, pero Hindi naman qualified. Walang alam kundi magpa-cute sa camera. Sadyang photo ops lang ang habol para masulat sa dyaryo na namimigay kunwari ng tulong.

Saan pa ba nila babawiin ang kanilang ginastos kundi sa kaban ng bayan. Sino ba naman ang maglalabas ng malaking pera para lang maglingkod eh magagawa naman natin yun kahit wala tayo sa pwesto.

Once na magkaroon ng posisyon sa gobyerno, akala mo VIP na sa lahat ng pagtitipon. Eh di ba public servant sila, so taong bayan dapat ang umupo sa magarbong silya.

Kahit ano pa sabihin nila, may motibong iba ang mga iyan. Lalo na ngayon maraming drama dahil malapit na naman ang eleksyon. Siguradong maraming pasabog na naman tayong mababalitaan."

Ang VIP treatment at hindi dapat napupunta sa mga public servants. Sila dapat ang nagbibigay sa atin ng special tender loving care and attention.

Kapag dumarating tayo, hindi dapat tayo pinaghihintay. Hoy, yung forced tax contribution ko ang nagpapasweldo sa inyo. Ako dapat ang nauunang pinagsisilbihan!

Tanga lang kasi ang peg ng karamihan. Nakakalimutan na tayo dapat ang boss at hindi yung ating binoto.

The PCOO Is Not Stupid!

On the contrary, the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) is not weak or stupid.  It just doesn't have enough good news to share to rise above the rising fact that DUTERTE IS A MASS MURDERER.

The only way they could disseminate something positive is by fabricating news. Sadly, they are not fiction writers.

If it comes out directly from the President's dirty mouth, how is PCOO going to twist and turn that to something positive or beneficial to them?

Hey, I can't possibly blog that Duterte is humane, when I hear him encouraging everyone to kill, lambast foreign allies, joke about raping women, lawyering for the Marcos family,  defending erring cops, and cursing the opposition. Do we even talk about his failure to do what he promised during campaign period....and what seems to be trivial like declaring Marcos' birthday as a non-working holiday in Ilocos, we know that the issue here is thicker than any layered cake you can bake.

When you try to make me come up with something good out of nothing, I might as well resign and write about showbiz chismis instead. At least in showbiz,  everyone knows it's all make believe and everyone is acting.

Bloggers should counter all these effort to depict him as our saviour. There are now movements trying to justify his deplorable statements and actions. We need to be critical enough to distinguish between fact and fiction.

Duterte has been digging graves ever since he entered politics, do not let him put us underground even with the promise of a luxurious coffin and a band playing our favorite songs.

Oh, but I blog about the accomplishments of his agencies, but the proliferation of fake news by his followers mostly hiding behind the anonimity of social media is upsetting.

Build Me An App To Replace Business Cards

Print is dead? But why do we still need to print business cards?

Even the tabloids, broadsheets, and magazines are closing down. The only reason they are still here is because they belong to a bigger network of businesses who still find print media as influential and prestigious eventhough they've lied about their readership justvto attract or keep advertisers.  I see more of these prints as "pambalot ng tinapa" rather than being read.

But even radio and television are extinct to the eyes of Millenials. Just finished chatting with a college student and confirmed he has never watched TV all his life except for a few glances. His daily source of information is online.

Exchanging business cards among new acquaintances has also been a culture. Thus, it is nothing more but a formality. You'll see yourself setting aside those cards once you have his email and contact number on your phone.

I've been wondering why someone has not yet developed an app that would automatically get my contact information from my smartphone and send them over via Bluetooth, wifi, NFR,  or any other technology. to the other person's smartphone.

That would surely be cool.

Gamma Partners with Viber for Optimised Ad Formats

Gamma forges strategic partnership with Viber to bring optimised ad formats to brands, agencies and media buyers in Asia

Collaboration will see Viber gain immediate access to a single integrated platform for global demand and efficient monetisation of inventory

Gamma today announced a strategic partnership with Viber that will provide high quality, optimised and interactive ads to brands, agencies and media buyers in Asia. Gamma’s SSP platform will raise more demand for Viber’s premium inventory programmatically, through hundreds of ad partners and networks.

By utilising Gamma’s proprietary technology and premium inventory, agencies can access display and video ads on both mobile, desktop and applications that can significantly increase their brand presence.

Dirk Jacobs, Managing Director, Gamma said: “Asia is increasingly becoming digitalised, and consumers have fueled the growth of cross platform consumption for advertisements. We are thrilled to be working with leading communications provider Viber to ensure that their inventory are fully optimised and achieving their monetisation goals together.”

Gamma previously announced partnerships with MediaMath and POKKT to increase programmatic ad yield for publishers as well as to provide advertisers access to premium ad space in Asia.
Learn more about Gamma’s digital advertising offerings at

Behold the Yamaha Sight

Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. launches the Yamaha Sight which is a clear indication of the brand’s vision for the industry. The new motorcycle is an expression of efficiency, simplicity, and performance. What makes this machine even more special is its Fuel Injection that gives improved acceleration. The performance F.I. technology of Yamaha maximizes not just efficiency; it releases the full potential of the machine. The Yamaha sight is also equipped with a disc brake. This creates excellent rigidity balance in combination with the special brake pads helping provide braking force proportional to the rider’s input. The overall sharp design of this new machine is stunning because of the dynamically flowing lines that really catch your eye. The active color graphics presents a magnificent style that striking and captivating.

It has a 115cc air cooled engine that has a new fuel injection system that contributes to an improved feeling of acceleration. The adoption of a spiny sleeve with excellent cooling properties contributes to a more stable performance. An easy-to-read instrument panel design with gear-position indicator gives the rider an effortless experience.

The Yamaha Sight includes and abundance of features. The sharp headlight is equipped with a bright incandescent bulb that gives a clear view of the road. And on the other end, a sporty tail light illuminates from behind. The Stylistically designed Aluminum Grab Bar gives form and function. Its 9L compartment is compact enough to carry tools or travel size items. You can rest easy with the anti-theft technology of the key shutter that assures access to the motorcycle is only for the key holder. The muffler is complete with a protector and gives off a pleasing exhaust note. The 4L tank capacity gives excellent range for travel.

The Yamaha Sight has an SRP of 59,900 for the spoke wheel edition that is available in Black Raven and Red Metallic. The Cast wheel version has an SRP of 62,900 and is available in Yellow Hornet and Black Raven colours. You can find it in all Yamaha 3S Shops and Multi-brand stores nationwide.

Technical Specifications


Engine type - Air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Cylinder layout - Single cylinder Bore x Stroke - 50.0 × 57.9 mm
Compression Ratio - 9.3:1
Displacement - 114 cc
Maximum Power - 6.4 kW @ 7,000 r/min
Maximum Torque - 9.5 N•m @ 5,500 r/min
Starter System - Electric and Kick Starter Lubrication system - Wet sump
Engine Oil Capacity - 1.0 L
Fuel System - Fuel injection
Clutch Type - Wet, Centrifugal, Shoe and Multiple-Disc
Transmission Type - Constant mesh, 4-speed
Gear Ratios - 1st= 2.833 (34/12) 2nd= 1.875 (30/16) 3rd= 1.353 (23/17) 4th= 1.045 (23/22)


Length X Width X Height - 1,940 mm × 715 mm × 1,075 mm
Wheelbase - 1,235 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance - 155 mm
Seat Height - 775 mm Curb Weight (with oil & full fuel tank) - 96 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity - 4.0 L


Frame Type - Backbone
Front Suspension - Telescopic
Rear Suspension - Swingarm
Front Tire - 70/90-17 M/C 38P (Tube type)
Rear Tire - 80/90-17 M/C 44P (Tube type)
Front Brake - Disc Brake (Hydraulic Single Disc)
Rear Brake - Drum Brake (Mechanical Leading Trailing)
Headlight - 12V, 32/32Wx1
Meter Panel - Analogue with Gear Indicator


Ignition System - TCI (Transistor Control Ignition
Battery Type - 12V / 3 Ah / NTZ4V

Ilabas Ang Dragon Ni Paolo Duterte

"Some of the Duterte fanatics would scoff at the relevance of the tattoo not knowing that in China (triads) and Japan (Yakuza, the Japanese mafia), tattoos are strictly required to become a member of these secretive crime groups. It also symbolizes rank and stature. The more tattoos the higher the rank. It is also an effective way in hunting out a rat (police asset) and a traitor #BasaBasaPagMayTime" - Paolo Angelo Florenda

Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte should have just shown his tattoo, rumored to be a dragon and symbolizing his connection with a triad, at the Senate hearing.

Invoking his right to refuse to answer to avoid self-incrimination was what we were waiting for to prove he indeed has something to hide. We all know that when you can't speak entirely about everything, there is the intent to hide and deceive.

There are no cute dragons inspite of how many times children's cartoons or storybooks depicts some as cuddly and sweet. And though they are more likely fictional, their representations signifies more than just a drawing or animation to instill some sort of strength, or bring fear to those who sees them.

The Game of Thrones TV series has some of scenes about dragons, but we don't see them in every episode. Mainly because they are expensive to produce through CGI effects.

Likewise, unlike ex-cons or tattoo enthusiasts, some would never show off their tattoos if it serves as their entry to an exclusive group.

Naiiintindihan ko kung bakit maraming bashers sila Trillanes, Hontiveros, etc.,

Sila lang kasi yung matatapang na handang kalabanin ang mga kalokohan nila DU30.

Lubos-lubusan ang paninira ng iba. Instead na maglabas sila ng galit laban sa kanila, patunayan na lang nila na mali sila. Puro dakdak, wala namang ebidensiya.

At least sila Trillanes may mga testimonials coming from other people. When you invoke your right to refuse to answer to avoid self-incrimination, it only means you are hiding something and do not intend to tell the whole truth.

Yung mga detractors like Gordon, mas kapani-paniwala sana kayo kung about the issue ang kinokontra ninyo kaysa puro mura at paninira sa pagkatao lang.

What's the point of appearing at the Senate when you won't cooperate and answer every question? Di hintayin na lang nila na mag-file ng case laban sa kanila. Saves the taxpayers' money, wala pang sindakan o pataasan ng ere among the personalities involved. They just want exposure from the media.

Masarap Ba Ang Cooking Ng Ina Mo?

"Nakakaloka... di talaga nawawala ang cooking ng pageant.. magic sarap ang peg ng sahog ng show" - Jao Arcano Ko

That was one of the hilarious comments given after an apparent expose of irregularities happening at a certain beauty pageant.

I've heard of similar stories since we can see that these kind of events have become a profitable business already.

You'll hear several forms of beauty and talent searches ongoing and coming up every year whether they are newly-crafted or a franchise of an international version.

There would be others who have even sold their creations or franchise and created new ones afterwards.

It's all about who gets to acquire or attract sponsors for their pageant. The more supporting brands, the better for both candidates and organizers.

However, there would always be rumors how money or profitability would still outshine any effort to find the truly deserving winners.

Hahaha! Kahit saan naman may niluluto. Dagdag-bawas sa sahog, timpla at maging sa mga sandok, kutsara, tinidor at kung anu-ano pa, dahil in the end, everything is still business as usual. Kailangang kumita kahit sa adbokasiya.

Kaya hindi ako bilib ng 100% sa mga kaganapan sa mundong ito. Foundation, outreach, NGO, charity institution, CSR program, public service, lokal man yan o UN, at kahit ano pang churva, may kumikita pa rin behind the scenes.

Maraming pagpapanggap, pero tanggapin na ganyan na talaga. Bihira na may makakadaupang-palad ka na pure ang intentions, dahil lahat tayo ay may pangangailangan - sobra-sobra lang ang pagkagahaman ng iba kaya nagiging obvious masyado.

At syempre, kapag may natalo o naagrabyado, may maglalabasang baho - putok man yan o bad breath, maaamoy rin yan, dahil kahit anong pigil ang gawin mo, lalabas pa rin eventually yang utot sa puwit mo!

Marjorie Ann Artes of Caniogan is 2017 Mutya Ng Pasig

I made it half-way to the announcement of Mutya ng Pasig 2017 winners.

The Top 5 finalists assured of titles were candidates 5 (Rose Ann Mendros of Barangay Dela Paz), 7 (Karen Nicole Kiang of Barangay Kalawaan), 8 (Princess Jessamine Samson of Barangay Sumilang), 9 (Karen Baldoza of Barangay Sumilang) and 10 (Marjorie Ann Artes of Barangay Caniogan) who emerged as grand winner and hailed as the 2017 Mutya ng Pasig.

The other titles are Mutya Ng Pasig-Kalikasan, Mutya Ng Pasig-Kalikasan Kalinga, Diwata Ng Pasig and Lakambini Ng Pasig.

I went up on stage to take both photo and video selfies with the new queens and also asked them to do the iconic Wazzup Pilipinas shout-out.

My exclusive interview with the grand winner already has more than 16K views on Facebook, while the other videos from the coronation night are not as viral. I also have a short message from the mayor of Pasig herself, Ms Maribel Eusebio. You can check them out at

Also got photo selfies with the mayor and her husband, also a former mayor of the city, Robert "Bobby" Eusebio.

Hosting the grand coronation night is Robi Domingo and Aya Fernandez, Miss Teen Earth and Little Miss Earth Philippines 2015.

 #WazzupPilipinas #PambansangBlogger #MutyaNgPasig2017

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ramblings of a Paranoid Old Man

He tried to control someone but the turn of events made that someone realize who deserves his friendship more. That someone left him and his pesky group of misfit bloggers whose only concern were to kiss the ass of their sponsors.

We don't take people under our wings only to forcibly brainwash them to believe our distorted reality. We don't remove what makes them genuinely unique - their pure and real perception towards reality. We don't teach them to ignore or hide the truth just to benefit our sponsors. As part of media, we are expected to share only the real stories for the benefit of the people.

If writing about the truth is wrong, then we do not want to be right anymore. We will continue to write about our true experience.

Now we know who the kiss-ass versus the kick-ass bloggers are.

Yes, we are disrupting the blogging community because it is turning into a money-making machine filled with manipulated and controlled "news" that could very well be called fake rather than real, truthful and sincere news and information.

We are sorry but we feel that the public needs to be aware of what these group of bloggers are doing to the community. They need to be exposed for what they truly are - Nothing but ass-kissing bloggers who just wants to keep the opportunities within their circle of friends who agree to their ass-kissing atrocities.

Life is too short to fear their deeds no matter how many they are. If it only takes a few to stand up against the many,  we are ready for the challenge. We will continue to expose those who masquerade their true intentions.

Below is a horrendously revealing message sent by a blogger to a fellow blogger. The latter decided he wants nothing of their ass-kissing so he left the group. But the former thinks there was a third party who "manipulated" the latter. On the contrary, it only took their self-righteous paranoia for the epiphany.

"Please do not save or change the world if you cannot even save yourself. You are putting your blogging career in danger by associating with _______, and ________.

Grabe na ang issues and still you are siding with them. Yes you are friends but you have to see what they are doing is wrong in the blogosphere and PR world.

People are angry to them because of what they did and what they are doing wrong. If you cannot see that, I'm sorry we cannot be in the same side.

Until you have come to the realization of what is right, I'm sorry I cannot be your friend because your principle and mine is not same anymore. See what it has brought to you and how it brought your dark side. People sees you as a traitor and walang utang na loob that's what I got upset that all my hard work trying to improve your reputation (not mine) went down the drain.

I showed ______ your pm sa _______ fb page and the comments and threats and disrespect that you have given to both me and _______ who took you under our wings.

I have not done anything to you for me to deserve all the threats you gave me, including _______ who patiently listens and advice you. Walang kang utang na loob.

You have chosen ________ and I wish you all the best. Kung mali ako, mali rin si _______, I think it means what is right. Don;t be blinded and be influenced by _______. You have not seen the evil in him yet. He wants revenge and put me down. For what? What did I do to ______? You are being manipulated now by him as everybody is saying.

Only when you admit that you are wrong and will no longer take side with _______, only then you can be in the light side again.

You cannot shine light when the darkness envelopes you.

Save yourself and be the light you want to be. Peace of mind comes only when you don't have guilt because what you are doing is right.

Good luck my former friend.


Profiles of a Bigtime Blogger: LOOT Who's Talking!

"Do you like loot? Do you enjoy having so much loot that you don't know what to do with it? Does the thought of drowning in a sea of loot" ever comes to mind?"

LOOT who's talking? The life and times of a loot blogger.

This is fictional yet realistic.

"Hey, look mom! I attended a product launch event and I got a cool shirt that says I LOVE BRAND X!

At the second event where a presscon was held for several politicians, aside from my token mug, I won a tumbler in the raffle (inside was a envelope containing cash).

At the third I went home with a notebook and pen, and got an extra umbrella for being the early bird, at their movie screening.

Wow! the fifth one gave us free entrance to their concert next week, and a discount voucher to a spa.

OMG! the sixth event let us feast on a hefty dinner and let us bring home the leftovers.

I got to do a selfie together with my fave celebrity at the seventh event...and got an autographed book.

The eighth promised to send us product samples for review next week. I can't wait to try them out soon.

While the ninth gave us GCs in exchange of a favorable feature about their services, and WTF, I won a new smartphone in the raffle.

Last but not the least, we partied with unlimited booze until 1 am at the tenth event. Also got a free ride back home on an Uber.

I wrote well, mom! I promoted all of their events on my blog and social media accounts. I even highly recommended them to my friends personally.

Also, somebody wants to add their links to one of my articles for USD100, and I agreed.

Yey! Inside my room is a stack of boxes containing all the loots I got from all the previous events that I attended, and more keeps adding to it after every event ..... almost everyday I come home with something new. Many times lucky with raffles, bloated with all the food served, and other bloggers tag me along at their events too.

Of course, I return the favor, and invite them as well. But sometimes there would be limitations to the slots so I need to keep some events exclusive for me.

At the end of everyday, if you ask me what really motivates me, it is not the loot that we get but rather the experience of being part of a few who get special access to events.

Not everyone gets the same privileges, and I'm proud for the opportunity.

Look, mom! I made it to a status where your thoughts and opinions matter. Where they believe you are influential enough to make a difference.

Are you proud of your eldest son? You should be!

Hey, I plan to leave a legacy! I want people to remember me as somebody whose iconic. ,.... even through his shout-outs.

After all, nobody else asks almost everyone to do the iconic Wazzup Pilipinas shout-out.

Hey, did I mention that a few of these events were not satisfactory? Some were above, but some were below, our standards?

I don't call myself as the Pambansang Blogger for nothing. But it means something greater for me, and not superiority.

***Entirely fictional yet realistically honest. Based on facts (and from experience), yet not intended to portray or define a single person.

Build an Empire of Games with Seagate

Storage requirements get to be the primary needs of content creators like bloggers or vloggers because we constantly need space to store or backup our photos, videos and other data.

I keep finding myself figuring out why I keep lacking the memory or hard drive space to save my content. In this world where most of us are now conveniently have access to many information, or we are the ones who create them, we are left to wonder if we could rely on the cloud to store our data, or collect storage drives to keep them for future use. Those who want to be sure would do both, but those with less budget may opt for just one solution.

Seagate is giving us the options, and though they are targeting gamers at their recent event, almost everyone else that requires storage could look into their new portable or mobile drive offers.

In partnership with DJI, the two also has a solution to aerial drone shots storage with the Fly Drive. True enough, it is convenient and looks tough enough to be used in the field.

We did a live video coverage via Facebook Live but encountered sound errors. Hiwever, we also recorded on video some parts so please do check them out on our official Facebook page.

My impression is that this product launch is timely since we are now in need of resources to store our videos for our upcoming television show. If all goes well, we would soon have our own TV show as originally planned a few years ago.

We need brands like Seagate to provide storage for the videos and photos that we would also need for simultaneous features on our online platforms like blog site and social media pages.

Get Rich Schemes Learned from the National Camella Day

Wanna be rich?

The National Camella Day held on August 27, 2017 at Vista Mall Taguig is where opportunities to be rich opened up to just about anybody old enough to refer possible house and lot buyers. This is a campaign where anyone could easily become a millionaire....rather a billionaire, if you play your cards right.

Former Senator Manny Villar personally led the ribbon cutting ceremonies officially opening the campaign.

We all know that the best investment that you'll rarely go wrong with is "property" or specifically real estate, or most times referred to as house and lot. The lot aspect is more rewarding since it rarely depreciates compared to a house, but most developments package the two to make the offer more attractive since you could almost immediately settle in and live in the house after hooking up all the basic utilities like power and water.

Camella offers incentive packages that would benefit even non real estate agents or brokers. Though ordinary people would sort of become competitors, it would become a challenge for the long-time real estate sellers to double their efforts.

We've had live video coverage and interviews with Camella peeps at the launch of their referral campaign, and we are indeed excited with it. Check out our official Facebook page for the livestream.

Our only concern is monitoring the referrals since not all buyers tend to decide instantly. They normally take their time, look into other options, check their budget and capacity to pay, discuss with their partners or families, etc., before they go for it.

So just in case you were the one who gave him or her the idea, the sale may go to another person who happens to be around when the person finally decides to push through with the purchase.

Unless the buyer is given clear instructions to stick with the original referrer, your commission opportunities could get lost through time.

Still, rewards go to those who persevere. If you are indeed eager enough to get rich, you'll pay close attention to your referrals. Keep an open communication with them to track when they finally give in to the best decision they will make.

There are no losers in this campaign for everyone gets to be rightfully rewarded.

#NationalCamellaDay #WazzupPilipinas #PambansangBlogger

Miss World Philippines 2017 Winners

Congratulations to the Miss World Philippines 2017 Winners announced on September 3,2017 and held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena


Miss World Philippines 2017 - # 15 Laura Lehmann
Miss Eco Philippines - #32 Cynthia Cynthia Thomalla
Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas - #9 Teresita Senn Marquez
Miss Multinational Philippines 2017 -# 35 Sophia Senoron
1st Princess - #3 Glyssa Perez
2nd Princess- #24 Zara Carbonell

Congratulations !!!

Photos by Edmund Chua


The WIMp Strikes Again

Nakakahiya talaga itong si WIMp.

Patuloy ang pagyayabang at pagdiscriminate sa mga lower-ranking online publications. Parang di sila nanggaling sa pagiging baguhan. Eh alam naman ng lahat kung bakit marami silang views dahil marami rin silang "refurbished" articles. Most people go to their site just to read their scandalous, controversial and "chismis" articles.

Pero sa isang event nila na B2B or Business to Bloggers, they associate with all kinds of bloggers - same lower ranking bloggers they avoid for media partnerships.

Don't be a WIMp.

Who needs a site that practices unfair competition in the industry. If they are truly at the top of the industry, they do not need to backstab and demean others to retain their standing.

Stop threatening event organizers, PRs and brands that you will back-out of media partnerships if you are joined by lower ranking publications. Di ba mas maganda na mas marami ang nagtutulungan to promote, just as what you do at the B2B event?

Play fair, WIMp!

#DontBeAWIMp #WIMp

Stop the Killings for We are All Losing This War

Sadly, what Duterte supporters are doing right now is to counter the gory deaths of the three youngsters by posting stories about drug users that supposedly commited horrendous crimes as well.

You now wonder if they are also searching for the truth about the accussations against the cops, or intent to justify the lies with other crimes.

Parang awa na ninyo. Magkaibang issue po iyon. What we are fighting for is the obvious savagery of these cops who were supposed to be our protectors but are seen doing otherwise.

You cannot justify the deaths of these youth with the crimes of others. OK lang ba pumatay agad-agad without due process of law dahil lang sa hinala? Kahit pa sabihin nating guilty sila, noone has the right to kill people, especially the youth who still have many years to change for the better.

If you still believe these government leaders deserves to stay in power, then there will be plenty more deaths coming our way. They may not be directly involved, but they are encouraging the people under them to commit crimes.

The culture they are promoting is absurd. Nobody deserves death, torture, or even public shaming to fight a war that could only be solved if we prioritize education. Make it as our primary recipient of the biggest share of budget. When people are educated, they will stop voting for the wrong people.

We invest not only on the youth but also to train everyone else in entrepreneurship or setting up their own businesses.

Sustain this move by the assurance of providing affordable basic necessities like food source, housing options, etc. that could now be easily availed by having many entrepreneurs running their own businesses. We should not let businesses be monopolized by only a few to enable fair competition.

There should be more provider of other utilities like electricity, water, phone and internet connection, etc.

I believe no one will resort to drug use or trade if they are educated enough to know better, have better options and are happy with their lives.

This administration is doing the lazy man's way of resolving crimes: Kahit suspected pa lang, patayin na para sigurado. Matanda man o bata, walang kawala. May bonus pa tayo pag na-reach natin ang quota. Kaya inosente man yan o guilty, dagdag pogi points pa rin yan kapag ating nadali. Madali lang naman lusutan dahil wala pa ring body cam. Sabihin lang natin na nanglaban o nang-agaw ng baril. Siguraduhing tepok para walang aberya. Tours, Activities and Transfers Promos

Get to win prizes from partners when booking for your next trip, activities and transfers at your chosen destinations. You'll also get up to 65% discounts on the said activities, and guaranteed cheapest price compared to walk-ins and from their competitors because they check out the rates on a weekly basis to remain competitive.

At a media launch held on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at the Black Olive restaurant over at Capitol Commons, Kapitolyo, Pasig city, management shared their latest promos that offers extra perks, incentives or freebies to their customers like GCs and lowest rates from their partner establishments like Tree Top Adventure.

We also got live video coverage and interviews that are posted on our official Facebook page at htttp:// so please do watch it.

Go to the link for more details.

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Who Should Be Held Accountable for These Deaths!

The Philippines is decaying....and what are we doing about it?

Let this image haunt us of what is truly happening around us. I fear for our children because this administration is rotten to the bone....whether they admit it or not, they caused this to happen.

Let us make them accountable.

When they ushered in a supposedly war on drugs, there has been many questionable scenarios. "Nanlaban" or "nang-agaw ng baril" are the primary excuses yet there were no witnesses to validate these claims but rather counters instead.

The so called "serve and protect" has become "slay and persecute" in so many dreaded ways....aggravated by a President who encourages killing even the suspected.
No more due process of law.

Execute! That is the order.

We may not be able to kill the weeds by just trimming them. We need to uproot to permanently end the infestation. But then again, we may still find ways to put them to something useful. After all, they are still living things that deserve a place in this world.

Do not kill the other useful plants in the process, or even those that were slightly tainted by the weeds. There are still plenty of hope for them.

Our gardener is wise enough to know even the undesirables could be turned into something attractive.

Fear, Anger, Disappointment, Frustration...

We saw this coming when the one who won as President is widely known as a shady character with very little diplomacy.

Perhaps now the people who voted for him are now enlightened. There are insurmountable evidence that cops were responsible, what are we waiting for?

Let us act now before it is all too late.

We don't want our children to live in this kind of world where justice seems dim because the leaders themselves are responsible for creating a culture of violence.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

DOE To Bring E-Power Mo! To The Visayas

As part of its commitment to empower energy consumers and stakeholders, the Department of Energy (DOE) will bring the E-Power Mo Campaign to Cebu City on 7 September 2017 at the Marco Polo Hotel.

Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi said, "We empower energy consumers and stakeholders through education on their energy options, so that they can make informed choices.”

“Through E-Power Mo, we can provide the people from the Visayas vital information on recent developments in the energy sector, including but not limited to policies, programs and plans,” he added.

The E-Power Mo Energy Investment Forum and Stakeholders Conference will highlight energy programs, opportunities, development plans and policies, financing and best practices.

The six (6) breakout sessions will focus on the following energy topics:

Breakout Session 1: Downstream Oil and Natural Gas Sector, which will include discussions on the Philippine National Standards for petroleum, standards compliance monitoring for consumer safety and protection and the development plans in the emerging natural gas industry.

Breakout Session 2: Upstream Sector, which will zero in on matters surrounding the proposed “Philippine Conventional Energy Contracting Round” for coal at petroleum.

Breakout Session 3: Renewable Energy (RE) Sector, which will cover latest RE policies, such as net-metering, green energy option and renewable portfolio standards.

Breakout Session 4: Power Sector, which will focus on the merits of the Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) policy. The implementation of RCOA intends to provide consumers more power to choose their electricity suppliers.

Breakout Session 5: Alternative Fuels and Energy Efficiency Sector, which will involve presentation of roadmaps for energy efficiency and alternative fuels, energy management systems, and programs on auto-LPG, electric vehicles and emerging energy technologies.

Breakout Session 6: Consumer Sector, which will consist of various consumer concerns, including the understanding of the energy supply chain, energy safety practices and labeling program gender and development in the energy sector, RE as energy of the future, and lastly, making of an energy smart consumer.

The conference will also launch the documentary "Lampara ng Pangarap" (Lampara sa Pangandoy in Cebuano) which tackles options in coping with energy poverty using alternative energy technology and solutions.

Last July, the DOE launched E-Power Mo in partnership with the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) and Philippine Information Agency (PIA) at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City.

E-Power MO serves as President Rodrigo Duterte’s energy policy agenda with the following objectives:

1. Develop and utilize the energy resources available to Filipinos for wealth creation and global competition (E-POWER MO);

2. Undertake safety and savings measures through energy efficiency (E-SAFETY MO);

3. Secure the delivery of quality, reliable and affordable energy services (E-SECURE MO); and,

4. Empower consumers through a wide range of options in utilizing conventional, renewable and alternative energy sources. (E-DISKARTE MO).

PSYSC Proudly Presents the 2017 National Science Club Month


For 46 years, the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs (PSYSC), has been duly recognized as a national organization that promotes science, technology, and environmental awareness. This year, PSYSC proudly presents the 2017 National Science Club Month (NSCM) with the theme, “EarthBeat: Excavating the abyss, Pulsing the current, Steering the youth as Stewards of Science and Technology.”

During this month-long, nationwide celebration, PSYSC invites teachers, students and science enthusiasts to actively participate and contribute in the science clubbing movement. This year, NSCM focuses on the fields of mineralogy, hydrology, and renewable energy. The four main sub events are as follows:

National Science Clubs Summit (SUMMIT): September 9-10, 2017 Philippine Science Olympiad Eliminations (PSO): September 9. 2017
I Teach Science Seminar (ITSS): September 9-10, 2017
Math-Sci-a-Ka: September 23, 2017
Philippine Science Olympiad National Finals (PSO): September 30, 2017

For more information, feel free to contact the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs at (02) 332-8151 or send a message through You may also visit them at or like their page at

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Chef Bachour In Manila: Cocktail Night with World-renowned Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour

"You're the only blogger I invited" said the organizer at the Bachour in Manila cocktail night and media launch. With the exception of a writer from PhilStar who also blogs, I was the only blogger present at the very first event of the world-renowned pastry chef. They have another blog as a media partner, but they were a no-show. "I notice details like that, and appreciate your presence" the organizer said something to that effect.

Thank you also to Chef Antonio Bachour for inviting me to his most special days of stay in the Philippines. He said I should not miss September 6 because there will be a buffet. It must be a buffet of desserts, pastries, sweets and other sugary delights. I was just going to attend the big September 10 concluding event at the Greenfield District, but he convinced me to be there on September 6 too.

To the chef who would always give me the thumbs up everytime I try to take his photo, it would be a pleasure to see him in action as he works on his sweet creations.

Later that night he said "See you again on September 6!" reminding me again before he left with his wife and pastry chef, while I still stayed at a couch at Discovery Primea to upload the videos I took from the event. The traffic going home may take me awhile before I get to upload so it's better I take advantage of the speedy Internet connection of the venue.

"Thanks, and see you! Bye!" I said. Of course, I will be there! It isn't everyday that somebody famous personally invites you. It will be an honor.

Chef Antonio will be conducting daily events at the Greenfield District from September 4 to 10. Where exactly? I asked for direction and found out it will be in the building opposite Soho Central Condominum. This is at the corner of Shaw Boulevard and Mayflower.

Check out more of our photos and the videos from the cocktail night at our official Facebook fan page at

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