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Top 5 Off-Plan Projects to Invest in Dubai

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If you’re finally ready to take steps to invest in an off-plan projects in Dubai but you don’t know where to start, this article will help you with your decision and will identify the top five off-plan projects you should invest in Dubai.


Located conveniently near Dubai’s media and internet city, the airport, and a mall, the Madiant Jumeirah Living is a master-development with approximately 60 resort-style properties. Car access is limited, and the community has been designed with the environment in mind, so you can be sure you and your family will be safe in this serene community.

The future of living will come alive in Dubai Creek Harbour, one of the new projects by Emaar. The community Is located by the historic Dubai Creek, making it a waterfront community. The community will be home to the highest sky garden in the world and its plaza will include shops, parks, office spaces, and residential spaces.


New projects by Dubai Properties include the illustrious Villanova property which will offer three- to five-bedroom townhomes and villas. Find your home at Villanova, which will feature modern Spanish architecture surrounded by playground areas, sport facilities, family areas, a mosque, and even a school.


Bluewaters residences in Dubai is one of the new projects by Meraas. Bluewaters Residences apartments is a waterfront island property that features a wide selection of penthouses, townhouses, and apartments for sale in Dubai. The area is perfect for families, giving you a waterfront lifestyle in the big city. The Ain Dubai, the world’s tallest observation wheel, as well as Caesars Palace are both located on the island!

Another of the new projects by Emaar include, the Emaar Beachfront property. The community will be made up of 27 towers that will include apartments, ranging from one to four bedrooms. Emaar beachfront apartments will give residents access to a 750-metre string of beach inaccessible to others!

Top real estate brokers in Dubai are ready to help you invest in one of these amazing off-plan projects! Investing will save you money and will help you earn more money, following its construction.

You can also breathe easy when investing in these off-plan projects in Dubai as you will be completely protected by law from fraud and hold-ups in the building process.

6 Small Space Decorating Ideas To Steal

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With the property market certainly booming in Dubai and with new projects by Meraas popping up, there are certainly many options to choose from. With so many gorgeously decorated apartments for sale in Citywalk, you’ll want your apartment to stand out too.

Here are six small space decorating ideas to help your home stand out from the rest:

1: Utilize The Space Under the Staircase

The space under the stairs is often times one of the most neglected spaces in a home. Depending on the space that you have to your disposable, you can transform it into a bookshelf or even a small office.

2: Suspend Curtains and Shades As High As Possible

This is an easy and cheap designer trick. If you want to make your ceiling look higher and by extension, to make your small space appear larger, opt to hang your curtains as high and as wide as possible. That way, the window itself will also appear much wider than it actually is.

3: Utilize Smart and Versatile Furniture Pieces

Smart furniture not only adds more functionality to your space but it can also add a level of decoration to a room. Opt for pieces which have more than one purpose. Ideally, these pieces should work for you rather than just taking up space.

4: Use A Loveseat Instead of a Large Sofa

Sometimes, a three seater sofa isn’t absolutely necessary especially if you’re low on space. Opt for a loveseat which comfortably seats two persons. Not only will it save space, but will also act as a statement piece in any room.

5: Throw Away Your Extra Chairs and Make Use Of Built-In Seating

Extra storage is also necessary in order to keep most of the clutter at bay. Therefore, rid your space of extra chairs that just add to the clutter and utilize thoughtful built-in seating which adds another dimension to your space.

6: Utilize Expandable Racks

Be sure not to centre your attention on spaces such as the living area and the bedroom. Laundry area and kitchens also need attention too. Use expandable racks and shelves for added storage and organization.

Having a tiny apartment doesn’t mean that you have to compromise a stylish décor for space and functionality. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds and have a small dwelling that is comfortable and most importantly, one that suits your tastes. After all, with the numerous gorgeous studios and apartments for sale in Citywalk Dubai, you can certainly find ways to maximize your dwelling too.

6 Design Tips To Decorate Your New Dubai Townhouse

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With many townhouses for sale in Dubai, you should be able to find a property that you truly love. But sometimes, even though you may have found your ideal home, there may still be a few things that you would like to tweak to make it a true representation of yourself. Therefore, here are six design tips that would help you along this journey:

1: Mix Contemporary with Traditional

It is quite common to see a mixture of Arabian décor which is known for being lavish and customary along with modern attributes which are known for being bold yet elegant. With so many gorgeously decorated townhouses in Arabian Ranches, you’ll want your townhouse to stand out too.

Accentuate your home with lively colours and jewel tones while using white walls to bring out the drama even more.

2: Go Green

Add a touch of green to your space to create an oasis. It is quite refreshing due to the fact that Dubai is a city built from the desert. Not only is it refreshing, but also reduces the amount of pollutants in the air while balancing the humidity in the air. Beyond its amazing benefits, in the grand scheme of things, decorating your home with your favourite foliage is certainly an inexpensive way to add colour and elegance to your townhouse.

3: Shed More Light By Adding Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors can instantly add more light to your townhouse in a relatively inexpensive way. More light also transforms a space by making smaller spaces seem larger. Decorative mirrors are also an inexpensive way to add a touch of style/art to an empty wall.

4: Update Your Space With The Use Of Paint

Due to the fact that the humidity, as well as the heat, isn't conducive to applying and maintaining wallpaper – which is also another inexpensive décor tip, it would be more appropriate to add few coats of paint. A fresh paint job can do wonders to any room without being a major expense to you.

5: Accessorize with Rugs

Adding in some trendy rugs not only adds texture and colour to any room but it also adds personality. It also adds a functional aspect as it protects your expensive floor from wear and tear – especially in the areas that receive a lot of foot traffic.

6: Add Unique Storage Space To Your Restroom

All the townhouses for sale in Dubai come equipped with restrooms. Therefore, don’t overlook your restrooms. Add efficient storage to minimize clutter and maximize space.

6 Reasons to Move to Dubai

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Dubai is an attractive city to many expatriates and with tax-free salaries, lavish lifestyle and year-round warm climate, it’s no wonder why it is deemed paradise to anyone looking to escape a dreary and mundane atmosphere for one full of excitement.

Here are 6 reasons to move to Dubai.

1: It’s One Of The World's Safest Cities

With strict laws and a well-respected police force, crime levels in Dubai are very low. This does not mean that you should put a target on your back by doing things that you typically wouldn’t do, but generally, you can enjoy the city with almost no risk or threat. Matter of fact, Dubai's serious crimes index has dropped by 38 per cent in the past 5 years, therefore, it’s proudly classified as one of the safest cities in the world.

2: Warm Weather

If you’re coming from a climate which experiences cold and sometimes harsh weather, this warm climate would be a wanted change for you. Dubai essentially has one season – summer, therefore it’s usually quite warm. The best temperatures can be experienced from November to March with an even hotter temperature around June to October.

But don’t fear, when the temperatures get warmer, this is more of a reason for you to stay indoors whether its shopping or enjoying the entertainment, since every place is air-conditioned, you’ll be fine.

3: Tax-Free Living and Numerous Free Zones
Not only does a tax-free salary means more money in your wallet, but you’ll also have more money to enjoy the many activities, the many luxuries that this city has to offer as well as apartments for sale in Dubai.

Additionally, foreign businesses can also benefit from “free zones” which offers attractive concessions and a generous amount of investment incentives. Therefore, not only does this attract tourists but foreign entrepreneurs too.

4: Booming Property Market

The emirate of Dubai is saturated with lovely homes so if you’re looking to invest in the Dubai property market or are simply considering a move; Dubai is the place to be. Hot projects like Madinat Jumeirah Living, Port de La Mer by Meraas, Bluewaters Residences, Emaar Beachfront apartments have been garnering interest from both, local and foreign investors. With so many agencies and developers within the Dubai property market, it’s not hard to source apartments for sale in Dubai.

5: Well Connected To The Rest Of The World

You can be almost anywhere in Europe, Asia and Africa in under eight hours from Dubai’s airport. This is extremely convenient for the exceedingly large expatriate community therefore; it’s quite easy to travel to your country. Also, for those hotter times of the year, you can easily find a new and exciting holiday destination.

6: Reliable Transportation

If you are relocating with a family, this is definitely a factor which is extremely important when moving to Dubai. When it comes to transportation, the system is quite efficient with the use of trains, buses and taxis. No matter which neighborhood you choose to reside in, public transportation is usually easily accessible and is also quite affordable too.

Tips for Cheap Essay Writing Service

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How to Improve Social Media for Your Small Business

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Starting to improve social media with social media marketing tools can be overwhelming for your small business. However, you do not need to rack up a lot of followers or possess a slick brand campaign to utilize these tools that are budget-friendly effectively. Social media is among the best ways of connecting to potential clients. In case you are not present on main networks, you could be missing out on the audience that is ready to communicate with the brand you own. The use of social media for the small business does not need to be expensive or scary. You can use the tips below to improve your social media, drive sales, build awareness, and reach new markets.

Start with a plan

A good business strategy starts with a robust program. Using social media marketing tools is not different. Because it is easy to employ and you can spring for free, it may tempt you to dive in and start posting. However, without a plan, there is no way of knowing what you want to achieve with social posts and no way of measuring if you get there. Taking some time to create a plan for social media, it will make sure that all social efforts support your business goals.

Decide on the right platforms

Do not make assumptions about where the audience is spending their time on the internet. Your instinct may tell you that you have to skip Facebook and put the focus on Snapchat and Instagram if your target market is millennials, but data shows that eighty-two percent of the millennials use Facebook. Remember that you can employ various social channels to reach diverse audiences or meet different goals of the business. Understand how to achieve particular audiences will help you.

Know your audience

The use of social media marketing tools for your small business allows you to micro-target the audience, but you need to understand your audience. When you compile data on the current customers and digging deep analytics of social media, you can develop a picture of the person that is buying from the person that is doing online interaction. You will revisit the social media plan to include ways of reaching many people like them.

Build relationships

The benefit of unique social media marketing tools compared to other channels of marketing to allow to talking directly to followers and customers. You will build relations with time, in the place of asking for sale up front. That is a reason as to why ninety-three percent of individuals that follow small-sized and medium-sized businesses plan purchases from the small and medium enterprises they support. When individuals engage with your ads or organic content, it becomes possible to come in and reply, helping in building trust and form early stages of customer relations.

Diversify Your Efforts of Marketing

Never place all your eggs in a single basket. Like other offline marketing tools, you need to diversify all online marketing efforts. Does it mean you need to build a presence on all social media sites? No! What it means is that you have to become focused on your target audience. In the place of focusing on customer demographics, consider putting your focus on the customers you desire. That data will tell you the social networks you need to be spending your time on.

As you continue learning on ways of using social media marketing tools for your small businesses, the social sites of choice will become apparent.


On the front of social media marketing tools, it is the small changes that will make an impact when it comes to social media marketing success. You do not require a social media presence or following on each site. You need to input in data, tools, and strategy behind your efforts. You will soon see that you can employ social media tools for the business without breaking the bank or feeling overwhelmed.


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Crowdsourcing for More Information About The After Six Club

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The turn of events is getting a lot more interesting. We may be uprooting a bigger scam network here.

For a background to the issue, please check the link below

Below are several screenshots of what we currently have about The After Six Club....gathered with the help of some concerned people also wanting to expose the people accused as scammers:

1. We currently have only their email address and a mobile number, plus an incomplete (and recently changed) office address: 28th World Plaza ..when before it was 7th Avenue BGC...still incomplete.

2. Although DTI was able to send the mediation notice via their email address, we still need their exact address for DTI to send over the hard copies on the next step...They may deny ever receiving the mediation notice via email.

3. The address we see from their Facebook page is incomplete and quite vague: 28th World Plaza Bonifacio Global City(BGC). Unclear if they are referring to the floor or the street.

FYI, World Plaza is at the 30th, and it only has 27 floors. Surrounding areas of World Plaza are 4th, 31st, 5th, and 30th.

We believe we also saw a different address before the change: 7th Avenue BGC. 

Checking their website (as seen from one of the screenshots here, they did update their address only a few hours ago: 15 hours as of today December 21 at 10am.

4. In a video being played on their website. We see familiar faces that could mean this is even a bigger network to go against. One of them is the one handling the so called biggest Business to Bloggers gathering connected with the supposedly biggest online publication or blog.

5. Now, we are feeling very sorry to the attendees of the Drew Binsky Meet and Greet, especially those who actively posted on Facebook in an effort to win the contest. 

6. We tried searching the business name of The After Six Club if registered with DTI. Nothing came out from the search results. (Screenshot attached)

7. We also tried to search for their site's WHOIS details. Their registration is private. (Screenshot attached).

8. If you will visit the daddyblogger dot com website now, you will be redirected to some unknown link. Somebody reported it as a link to a virus or something similar.

We are sure more developments will be revealed as most of these info were sent to us by concerned people directly involved in the online industry with an equally honorable motive - to change the status quo of the industry, so as to make things better.

It seems these organizers have covered their bases, and are also already cleaning up their tracks. Well, at least they have been flagged.

Thank you to all those concerned and those who took the time to reason with us. We want to use this as a case we could learn from. If we fail, at least we made an effort. We would never know if we are strong enough until we've battled it out. Learning from the failure will definitely make us stronger for the succeeding battles. If we are successful, then it is truly something to celebrate about.

We definitely do not want to have regrets if we give up this fight just because we may be going against powerful forces of influential and we'll-connected individuals and groups who may try to discredit or mock our personalities instead of directly answering the accussations.

We do not know why some would try to defend the actions of Kassy Pajarillo of The After Six Club and Ricky Shetty of Daddy blogger dot com, but as long as there are also people behind our backs, the fight will continue. 

Check Wazzup Pilipinas on Facebook for more updates.

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Kaon Na 'Ta of Negros Occidental to Showcase Noche Buena Delights

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Kain Na! Food & Travel Festival of the Department of Tourism (DOT) culminates with a “star-studded” Christmas edition-Ilonggo style this coming December 19-21 at the Ayala Malls Capitol Central in Bacolod City.

“The finale event in Bacolod City, aptly titled ‘Kaon Na Ta!’ Food & Travel Festival, is envisioned to capture the joyous spirit of Christmas in the Philippines with noche buena delights as its traditional centerpiece,” says DOT Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat.

This week’s event will be the seventh edition of the food-travel fest series in partnership with the Ayala Malls Group that was launched simultaneously in Legazpi City, Albay and Cebu City last October, followed by events in Cagayan de Oro City in November; and in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna and Davao City early this month.

“The Bacolod cookfest, which will feature international culinary luminaries like Margarita Fores, is a fitting culmination to our efforts to promote awareness about the Philippines’ rich and diverse gastronomy and establish the country as a world-class food hub,” Sec. Puyat pointed out.

Sec. Puyat said the event, which will be participated in by the local government units and various tourism stakeholders, will also celebrate the triumph of newly-crowned Miss Universe Catriona Gray. Going into the pageant, the beauty queen has gone out of her way to champion Philippine tourism.

In addition to Margarita Fores, other prominent chefs who will serve their special recipes for degustation include Nico Millanes, Don Colmenares, Joeri Arro, Patrick Go, Niño Laus, Kalel Demetrio and JP Anglo.

Native delicacies, bamboo products, handcraft items, fresh fruits and vegetables will also be on display Wednesday through Friday.

The series represents DOT’s version of the Kain Na! food fair pet project organized by Sec. Puyat during her tenure as undersecretary at the Department of Agriculture (DA). The DOT chief has also held its own version of Philippine Harvest, an agro-industrial fair where farm produce were showcased.

To help boost food tourism, the Ayala Malls Group agreed to make available its branches in the key cities to serve as Kain Na! venue for the three-day events, free-of-charge.

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Political Thriller Film Project ‘Filipino’ Wins Top Prize at Singapore Project Market

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A film project from the Philippines stood out and won the prestigious Cre8 Co-Production Award during the Southeast Asia Film Financing Forum (SAFF) Project Market, beating out 15 projects from Southeast Asia. The project-in-development titled Filipino by Mel Allego wowed the jury for its powerful storytelling and potential to be commercialized and co-produced globally. Allego took home a co-production deal worth up to $200,000 from Cre8 Productions.

“I always have had (these) thoughts and ideas about my experiences living in contemporary Philippines. I wanted to do a film that is something nonconventional, and get people thinking about what is correct, what is incorrect–against the backdrop of the current uncertain socio-political landscape,” said Allego.

Set in Cebu, it tells the story about a journalist who sneaks through the blockade and inevitably gets caught up with five individuals cornered in a deadly chess game between fundamental extremists and higher powers.

The SAFF Project Market is back for its fourth edition this year to offer opportunities for investment and co-production to feature films from Asia and Europe and featured five (5) Filipino projects in its slate, including:

Ani (The Harvest)
Science Fiction, Coming-of-Age
Producer: Toni Zuniga
Director: Kristine Zuniga

Bangsa Badjao
Drama Thriller
Producer: Suzanne Richiardone/Jessel Monteverde

Director: Jessel Monteverde

Feminist Action Drama
Producer: Bianca Balbuena and Kriz Gazme
Director: Gino M. Santos

John Denver Trending
Drama, Social Satire
Producer: Sheron Dayoc and Sonny Calvento
Director: Arden Rod Conde

Launched by ScreenSingapore in partnership with the Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA) and Ties That Bind: Asia/Europe Producers Workshop (TTB), the annual summit was established in 2015 to bring together key players in the international film industry and promote fruitful collaboratios.

Meanwhile, in line with the celebration for the Philippine cinema’s 100th year anniversary, the Singapore Media Festival (SMF) puts the Philippines in center stage as this year’s country of focus. The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) was the lead agency in the Philippine participation to the SMF, and brought together thirty (30) companies including film buyers, producers, service providers, distributors, and animation agencies to attend SMF-established events, including the Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) Leader's Summit and SAFF Conference.

The SAFF Project Market 2018 was held from December 5 to 7, 2018 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

FDCP and Nabunturan Gov’t Inaugurate Cinematheque in Compostela Valley

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Residents of Nabunturan and neighboring communities can finally enjoy a unique cinematic experience and access diverse film programs as the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and the Municipality of Nabunturan inaugurate the Cinematheque Centre Nabunturan last Monday, December 10, 2018.

The Cinematheque’s inauguration ceremony was spearheaded by FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño and Mayor of Municipality of Nabunturan Chelita C. Amatong. It was also attended by Executive Director Wilfredo Manalang, Admin and Finance Head Emilita Alquiza, Alyssa Jane Mernelo of Department of Budget and Management (DBM), and members of the Board of Trustees Anna Abalahin and Atty. Rochelle Macapili-Ona. They received a warm welcome from the Cinematheque Centre Davao team led by Distribution and Exhibitions Division Lead Officer Dustin Guillermo, Jamir Mallari, and Rejh Castillon.

The Cinematheque is an alternative venue for screening a diverse set of films as well as for hosting film development programs and various events that cultivate film culture and unify the community, such as workshops and symposiums.

The 92-seater cinema was built by the FDCP in partnership with the local government of Nabunturan, which donated an 800-square meter lot for the building. It is the first Cinematheque under the leadership of Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño and the first establishment sponsored by FDCP built from scratch, as the others were refurbished structures.

Despite not having a formal cinema house, Nabunturan residents made creating a film community in the region possible. FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño hopes to strengthen the passionate filmmaking community of Compostela Valley even more with the construction of Cinematheque.

“I’m so excited to be able to share the rich and lively world of cinema with the Nabunturanos and I hope that you can take advantage of this opportunity because this is where we can come together as one community. Maraming-maraming salamat po. This is yours. Make it relevant to you and make it personal to you,” said FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño during the Inauguration. 

The event was followed by the ceremonial unveiling of the plaque and blessing of the Cinematheque. A screening of Kip Oebanda’s Liway concluded the historic event.

The Cinematheque Centre Nabunturan’s inauguration ceremony was held last December 10, 2018 at 3:00 PM at Layug Avenue, Purok 13 beside SPED, Central Elementary School.

DOE: Nuclear Energy Issues Up for More Public Consultation

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Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi announced today (December 18) that the Nuclear Energy Programme Implementing Organization (NEPIO) has ironed out several issues with the country’s vision of nuclear energy.

This was verified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)-Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) mission during the ceremonial turnover of its review results on Monday afternoon (December 17) at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. 

DOE Undersecretary and NEPIO Head Donato D. Marcos accepted the INIR findings together with other NEPIO members.

“The results of this INIR mission are the fruits of our hard labor. Our NEPIO remained dedicated and determined to address all the gaps within the two-year period on nuclear feasibility studies,” Sec. Cusi said.

“The results will help us focus our efforts on the identified issues, accelerate the legislative process and prepare the national decision,” he added.

According to IAEA’s Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section Head Milko Kovachev, the NEPIO has followed a systematic approach in finalizing the country’s nuclear power strategy and completing the associated infrastructure development.

The INIR team noted that the NEPIO has completed several studies and a draft legislation addressing nuclear safety, security and safeguards. In addition, the establishment of an independent regulatory body is already being reviewed at the Philippine Congress, as information on the matter is being disseminated to the public for stakeholder engagement. 

The recommendations of the INIR team include involving a broader range of stakeholders to complete the work required to enable a national commitment to introduce nuclear power, and developing a legal and regulatory framework that ensures and demonstrates a commitment to safety, security and non-proliferation.

Other aspects include enhancing the approaches to human resource and leadership development, nuclear fuel cycle options and electrical grid impact, and adapting the existing national frameworks for emergency preparedness and response and nuclear security.

The INIR team also identified three good practices that would benefit other countries considering the introduction of nuclear power in the areas of legal framework, stakeholder involvement, and site and supporting facilities.

The INIR missions are based on the IAEA Milestones Approach, with its 19 infrastructure issues, three phases and three milestones. INIR missions enable IAEA member-state representatives to have in-depth discussions with international experts about experiences and best practices in different countries.

The results of the INIR mission are expected to help the member-state to develop an action plan to fill any gaps, which in turn will help the development of the national nuclear infrastructure. 

“It is high time we put the framework in place to bring nuclear power into the energy mix. We should learn the lessons from the past and catch up with the missed opportunities,” Sec. Cusi concluded.

Balikbayans are All Smiles as SM, BDO Hold a Heartwarming Christmas Tribute to Overseas Filipinos

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Piolo Pascual takes a selfie with the audience following his performance at SM-BDO’s “Pamaskong Handog” Christmas tribute to Overseas Filipinos held recently at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall

Going home for Christmas has turned out to be a very pleasant surprise for some balikbayans this year as SM and BDO welcomed them with plenty of surprises, giveaways and raffle prizes through their annual “Pamaskong Handog event, recently held at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

The event, especially dedicated for the overseas Filipinos and their families, is now on its 7th year and is said to be SM and BDO’s biggest, most heartwarming Christmas celebration ever held since 2012.

Pamaskong Handog was indeed a day full of laughter, entertainment and raffle prizes as the event brought to the stage today’s most in-demand artists – Piolo Pascual; Sam Milby; Moira Dela Torre; “Tawag ng Tanghalan” finalists TNT Boys, Anton Antenor Cruz and Jenny Gabriel; comedian Donita Nose and hosts MC and Lassie. Pamaskong Handog also featured BDO’s social media personality dubbed as Boss Teteng whose Facebook videos garnered millions of views for his funny and entertaining tips for Filipinos overseas as well as SM’s cheerful elevator girl Cheridel.

Some of the balikbayans couldn’t hide their joy and amusement, saying the event is the first of its kind they’ve ever experienced. “Nagulat ako. May ganun pala. Ang daming surprises and giveaways.  said, 65-year old Erminda Clarito, who works in Canada for almost 30 years. 

53-year old Bernardo Vergara, who works in Saudi Arabia for more than six years also shared, “First time ko naramdaman ang pagpapahalaga sa aming sakripisyong mawalay sa pamilya, parang family bonding na rin namin ngayong Pasko”.  

Amid the challenges of working abroad, some balikbayans shared that providing for their children’s education is their primary reason in choosing to work abroad, and will continue to do so for their families’ future. For Evangeline Buno, who works in Macau for almost 30 years, “Motivation ko ang apo at mga anak ko. With BDO, parang katabi mo lang ang pamilya mo, Hangga’t kaya ko magpadala, gagawin ko.Totoo rin yang we got it all for you ng SM. Lahat ng kailangan ng pamilya ko kumpleto, Salamat sa SM at BDO”.

Violeta Suyong, who recently retired after working for 31 years in France, was able to send her three children to good universities. “More than 20 years na ako sa BDO. More than everything, it’s their service. Yung retirement ko natatanggap ko ngayon sa aking BDO account”.

Susana Batalla, who’s based in Italy, was also proud to share about BDO Remit’s quality service and her family’s fondness of SM saying “Lahat sa pamilya ko, pinag-open ko ng Kabayan Savings. Ang aking pamilya ay napagsisilbihan ninyo.  Maganda ang asikaso ng BDO sa akin sa Italy, lalo na ang service ng mga staff. Lahat rin kami ay suki ng SM. Walking distance lang sa amin”.

BDO Remittance Senior Vice President and Head Genie Gloria said“Christmas is the time when Overseas Filipinos are excited to spend Christmas with their families. This is why Pamaskong Handog has become our annual tribute to our kababayans as we would like them to feel welcome and honored while they are here. We also make sure that our products and services as well as the other efforts of the bank such as special events are anchored on their needs, not to mention our international offices’ active participation in Filipino community events overseas. This year’s Pamaskong Handog event was also held in time for the International Migrants Day.”

SM shares the same mission of giving honor, gratitude and joy to the overseas Filipinos in return for their hard work and sacrifice. The goal is to make them feel special and let them experience once again how Filipinos celebrate Christmas,” said Supermalls Joaquin San Agustin, SVP for Marketing of SM Supermalls.

SM and BDO’s synergistic collaboration does not end with Pamaskong Handog as more joint overseas Filipino events are lined up for 2019. The partnership of the largest chain of shopping malls and the country’s biggest bank goes a long way given both of the institutions’ extensive branch network all over the country.
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