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Should You Get a Job as a Content Writer?

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When you think about it, most industries wouldn’t exist online without digital content. Think of news companies, eCommerce, video streaming networks, blogs and everything else in between.

Content is the engine that powers online industries. Content writing, in particular, helps search engines like Google match millions of Internet users with the information they’re looking for.

That means there’s a lot of work for content writers. Every industry that uses content to market its products requires content writers. And sure enough, there’s a huge demand for great writers. But is content writing a good career path?

Understand Content Writing

Content writing is the practice of writing, editing and publishing information for the web. As a content writer, your job is to create blog posts, product descriptions, technical white papers, sales copies and social media posts.

When it comes to skills, you need the ability to write original, informative, and engaging content. If you choose to become a copywriter, you need to be persuasive.

Copy writers aim to convince readers to buy a product as soon as possible. On the other hand, SEO writers produce content aimed at helping a website rank high on Google.

How Do You Find Paid Gigs as a Content Writer?

The vast majority of content writers work independently as freelancers. They may sign up for accounts on content writing sites like Upwork and Fiverr. Or, they may work alongside web designers, SEO agencies and marketers.

Where you choose to find content writing work influences your work flow and income. Content mills like Upwork and Freelancer have the lowest pay rates. Agencies have much higher pay rates. But they demand quality work. Agencies also specialize in other areas like SEO, PR and influencer marketing.

Many of them specialize in specific industries, though. If you get contracted to work for an online gambling SEO agency, you will mostly help create iGaming SEO content. If you partner with a company that does web design for eCommerce sites, you will specialize in creating online shopping related content.
Benefits of Working as a Content Writer

If you’re wondering if you should become a content writer, perhaps the following benefits may persuade you:

Work from Home

Most content writers work from home. Some prefer to work at coffee shops. Or, they travel around the world while working inside hotel rooms. Bottom line: content writing provides freedom.

No need to deal with work colleagues. No need to drive an hour to work every morning. And you don’t have to work during the normal 9-5 schedule. If you love to work at night, all you need is to find writing jobs with flexible deadlines.

This job flexibility makes content writing a perfect hustle for a lot of people. From stay-at-home parents to college students, anyone with some free time can sign up for content writing jobs.

Great Source of Income

Content writing is a source of income to millions of people around the world. Some of them do it part-time while others depend on content writing as their primary source of income.

Can you live comfortably on income made from content writing alone? Yes, you can. But don’t quit your day job just yet. If you’re a new writer, focus on learning how to become a proficient writer.

After some time, start looking for writing jobs on the part-time. Spare a few hours after work to write one or two SEO articles. Once you have great skills, you can decide on turning writing into a career.

In case you’re wondering, there’s no specific pay for content writers. It all depends on your skills and who you work for. As mentioned, content mills pay peanuts.

As such, look for work on job boards like ProBlogger and Smart Blogger. Better yet, work with SEO, web design and digital marketing agencies—most of them have content writing departments.

Lots of Writing Options

Content writing gives you the freedom to write about your favorite topics. Think about it. You can write for blogs if you enjoy reading blogs. You can create e-Books, write technical papers, questions and answers, How-to-Guides, white papers and sales copies.

Specialization helps you become an expert at a topic you love. It can also help you command better rates. Let’s say you specialize in writing email copies. You will get paid better compared to someone whose main specialization is writing manuals.

That said, it’s in your best interest to target multiple niches. The explanation is that you’re more likely to get steady workflow when you work different industries compared to specialize in one area.

You Become Knowledgeable in Many Topics

Content writers do a lot of research on a wide range of topics. Today, you may have a job centered on World War II. Tomorrow, you might have to write about the best TV shows of all time.

If you specialize in one niche, say crypto, you can easily become a crypto thought leader in a few months. And there are plenty of benefits in being knowledgeable on one or more topics.

For example, you could become a social media influencer. Or, you could create a blog. Then you could share your expert opinions and inform people who are less knowledgeable on the topic.

You Develop Vital, Persuasion and Marketing Skills

Writing content for the web turns you into more than a writer. You become a marketer—a master of persuasion. And these are highly valuable skills in lots of industries.

If you can persuade people to buy products, you can become a successful entrepreneur. In fact, many skilled writers own online businesses. They market products through affiliate websites. Or they start eCommerce businesses.

With that in mind, it takes time to become a truly proficient content writer. But that’s alright. Once you become an excellent content creator, the big bucks will follow you.


If you’re passionate about writing, content writing is a good career path. All you need is a computer, stable Internet connection and the will to become skilled. There are plenty of niches in the industry. And there’s the freedom to work for others or create content for your own blogs.

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Qatar National Day 2022 Logo

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Since the establishment of the State of Qatar, and from generation to generation, the Qataris have faced many challenges, which revealed in the past as well as in the present a deep awareness of their ability to respond to all the adversities of nature and the challenges of development in all its types.

For decades, the major historical events in which the Qataris have fought heroically and made dear sacrifices, constituted landmarks of their identity. Their national unity was the source of their strength. 

Its signs were born while they were defending their homeland. It inspired them to unite under one banner just as it had inspired Qatari youth, led by Sheikh Jassim bin Muhammad bin Thani, with the dream of establishing the state.

Throughout the course of their history, the Qataris were able to strengthen their national unity with the grace of God. They gave many examples of their sincerity, humility, and the ability to fulfil promises and face many challenges and diculties. The promise of the 2022 World Cup is nothing but an extension of those promises made by the Qataris to themselves and to the world in order to win civilizational challenges. It would not have been fulfilled on the ground, had it not been for their adherence to their national unity, which made them proud of their belonging to their homeland and loyalty to their leadership. It also became a symbol of the values that grandparents and fathers planted in them, to be a deposit for future generations.

All generations with all their components have been working on one ship with solidarity and pride, moving faithfully in the direction of civilised progress. Thus, the Qataris make their epics in the present with their work, values and their constant aspiration to a better future for their country, just as their ancestors recorded their epics in the past. Their unity will increase their determination to achieve their goals and realise the social, cultural and economic challenges that face their modern state in its intertwined relations with the world.

Community builders empowered to build better communities with

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From the online bulletin boards of local villages and cities, online marketplaces, fan groups, school associations, and even home improvement pages, Filipinos have continued to remain active in participating in their numerous online communities as a go-to source for discussing their favorite topics with like-minded netizens.

More and more companies, interest groups, and organizations are building communities to create deeper, more meaningful relationships with and among their users and members. According to market research company GWI, in 2020 alone, 76% of all internet users participated in an online community, a statistic that has annually increased by 2% over the past 3 years.

With the rise of online communities today, builders and innovators are expected to carry out the operational work of reaching members and managing offline and online events — all while nurturing genuine and authentic connections with their followers.

Today, community leaders can do away with using multiple platforms and save hundreds of hours on administrative work through streamlining various operations, made possible using Nas Company’s newest platform, is the latest tech platform released by global content creator and founder and CEO of Nas Company, Nuseir Yassin. equips community leaders with modern, intuitive tech solutions that make it easier to start and manage a growing online community.

Connect and communicate with members

One of the biggest challenges community managers face is reaching their audience, especially with the ever changing algorithms of the most popular social media platforms. Community managers have turned to smaller niche groups on group chat platforms. However, this presents its own problems, such as it being easy for members to get lost upon joining. solves this by functioning as a management layer on top of existing chat platforms like Facebook Groups, WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram, or Slack. Managers can use it as a tool to provide community members context on what conversations to expect through a custom community landing page. also includes a unique feature called Magic Reach that allows community managers to send emails and messages to their communities. This intelligent messaging feature automatically finds the best way to send messages to community members. The tool is designed to learn how users or members prefer to be contacted, and which platform they are most active in.

Create and manage events

Aside from consistent communication, community builders also aim to create perfect events both in-person and virtual for its members.

From setting calendar invites to creating virtual meeting rooms, to making an event page and setting up a registration form, simplifies the process of creating and managing events. By filling up three basic fields, community managers can automatically generate a personalized Zoom link shared to its members, which will lead them to a customized event page. Through the platform’s feature of sending and saving notifications to the members’ calendars, emails, and the mobile app, community managers can expect higher attendance and engagement rates. The platform can also be programmed to handle the member authentication to ensure exclusivity. And, should there be an admission fee to join these events, a hassle-free payment processing system can also be set-up by the manager.

Make communities sustainable

All the longest existing communities include monetization. This is why includes monetization features that allow community managers to earn in order to sustain their community.

From membership subscription fees, exclusive content access, and event participation, creators can set-up their communities to be free, paid or even NFT-gated. This means that members are given several payment options that can be fulfilled through credit or debit cards, PayPal, and even crypto.

Filipino Communities started using in its early stages

Prior to its official launch, Filipino communities started using in its beta stage and have demonstrated great potential in the market.

Philippine Country Head of Nas Company Jacqueline Maye Lim said, “We at Nas Company aim to enable the creators, entrepreneurs, marketers to add value to their members through our platform. We have seen early signs of this in our beta launch where we have amazing communities that help their leaders build a deeper connection with their audience enabling them to solve their problems and add value to them. Whether it’s about finding alternative employment, or simply saving on important life milestones, communities are everywhere.”

Barangay Virtual Assistants (VA), more commonly known as Barangay VA, is one of the largest communities on Facebook with over 30,000 members. Despite the number of followers, community leader Jam Blauta shares that he can’t reach all thousands of his followers.

“As a community manager, I need to easily secure my audience and reach them instantly whether through SMS or email. The reality is, the number of social media followers doesn’t matter anymore that when you post content, you only reach 10% or sometimes even less. This is why is the best thing that has happened in helping me reach the community of virtual assistants.”

To date, over 10,000 aspiring virtual assistants are using, where they are educated, trained and given free advice and online courses on how to get employed.

Another up-and-coming group is Camille Fornela’s The Budgetarian Bride, an online community of brides, grooms, and wedding planners, who come together to discuss budget-friendly nuptial options and real experiences on wedding planning. Today, The Budgetarian Bride’s community has helped almost 4,000 soon-to-be married Filipinos plan their dream weddings without breaking the bank.

“Having multiple content formats available in one platform and connectivity to existing ones is essential in growing my community,” said Fornela.

Yassin awarded community leaders Jam Blauta and Camille Fornela in an exclusive community meet-up held at the New Frontier Theater last November 12, 2022. He highlighted their success in engaging local audiences in their respective communities that are transforming Filipinos’ lives.

Visit to know more about how you can create your own communities today.

About Nas Company

Nas means people. Nas Company is on a mission to build community products that bring people together. Nas Company has successfully built communities over the years and are now building tools and integrations that will allow others to manage engaged communities faster and better than ever before.

About Nuseir Yassin

Nuseir Yassin is the founder and CEO of Nas Company and Nas Studios with over 50 million followers across the world. and Nas Academy are housed under Nas Company with the mission to Bring People Together by building innovative education and community tools for creators.

Photo 1: Founder and CEO of Nas Daily and Nas Company Nuseir Yassin awards Community Creator Jam Blauta of the Barangay Virtual Assistants (Barangay VA) for being the first community to gather 10,000 members in Nas Company’s newest community platform,

Photo 2: Founder and CEO of Nas Daily and Nas Company Nuseir Yassin recognizes Community Creator Camille Fornela of The Budgetarian Bride for reaching over a thousand followers in the beta stage of Nas Company’s newest community platform,

Photo 3: Founder and CEO of Nas Daily and Nas Company Nuseir Yassin, together with his team from Nas Company in the Philippines, pose for a group photo with the attendees of the ‘Nas Daily Community Meet-up’ held last November 12, 2022 at the New Frontier Theater, Quezon City.

SSS launches WISP Plus, the newest retirement savings scheme for members

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The Social Security System (SSS) introduces the Worker’s Investment and Savings Program (WISP) Plus, its newest retirement savings scheme for SSS members.

In a press briefing, SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Michael G. Regino explained WISP Plus is a voluntary retirement savings program offered exclusively to SSS members in addition to its regular social security program.

“We have been spearheading the concept of work, save, invest, and prosper to our members. WISP Plus is a program both for saving and investing. It is an affordable and tax-free savings scheme which will allow our members to save by contributing to the program and invest because their money will generate earnings,” Regino said.

The SSS Chief further elaborated that WISP Plus serves as an additional layer of social security protection apart from the retirement benefits that they will receive from the regular SSS program until their retirement.

“For as low as P500 per payment, SSS members can already contribute to the WISP Plus and pay their contribution anytime. We offer our members investment earnings based on rates higher than those provided by banks,” he added.

WISP Plus would cater to all SSS members, regardless of their membership type, declared monthly earnings, and last posted monthly salary credit (MSC).

The current WISP is another provident fund program which is compulsory for SSS members who are contributing to the regular program under the MSC that exceeds P20,000. It was mandatorily implemented in January 2021 as part of the amendment in the SS Law last 2018.

Interested SSS members could join WISP Plus by accepting the terms and conditions of the program using their My.SSS account. They can only apply for WISP Plus once, and membership in the program has no expiration.

Moreover, they should not have filed any final benefit claim, such as retirement or total disability benefits, to qualify for the program.

Regino added that individuals who applied for their SS number online through the SSS website could easily enroll in the program after receiving their respective SS numbers.

At present, SSS is already implementing two voluntary provident fund programs---the Flexi-fund Program for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) residing overseas, and the Personal Equity and Savings Option (PESO) Fund offered to members living in the Philippines and paying the maximum monthly contributions. The two programs will eventually be part of the WISP Plus.

Meanwhile, Regino also announced during the press briefing that starting January 1, 2023, the new SSS contribution rate will be 14 percent, a 1 percentage point increase from the current 13 percent. This is part of the implementation of the Social Security Act of 2018, and this will also be advantageous to the SSS members in the form of higher benefits.

For employed members, their employers will shoulder the 1 percent increase in the contribution rate. On the other hand, individual paying members, such as self-employed, voluntary, non-working spouse, and OFW members, will shoulder the whole contribution rate since they have no employers.

He also noted that at the same time, SSS will adjust the minimum and maximum monthly salary credits (MSCs), which will serve as the basis for the monthly contribution of a member. The minimum MSC will become P4,000 from the current P3,000 to P4,000 while the maximum MSC will be increased to P30,000 from the current P25,000.

PACU taps UN Sasakawa Laureate for Climate Smart Academia 2050

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In an effort to improve the climate change mitigation and adaptation capabilities of the country’s higher educational institutions (HEIs), the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU) recently launched “Climate Smart Academia 2050.” The long-term, nationwide program aims to:

· Develop Net-zero Emission (NZE) or Decarbonization or Low Carbon Diet Roadmap for the academic sector through the Green House Gases (GHGs) accounting; 

· Develop and implement a Climate Change Adaptation-Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (CCA-DRRM) Solution for the country; and

· Conduct regional trainings, capacity buildings, and consultation workshops on climate and sustainability financing

To achieve these goals, PACU enlisted the aid of UN-awarded science diplomat Glenn Banaguas. As president and founder of the Environmental and Climate Change Research Institute (ECCRI), Banaguas established the “Climate Smart Philippines” to bring science to the public and capacitate all levels of stakeholders in addressing disasters and preventing losses from climate change and other hazards.

“It is an honor for me to be able to help our country’s future generation of leaders to become more empowered and better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow,” Banaguas said.

“Moreover, this initiative helps extend and complements our existing efforts to provide public and private schools across the country with much-needed climate and resilience competencies.”

For his pioneering work, Banaguas received the prestigious UN Sasakawa Award for Disaster Risk Reduction, the Asia Leaders Award for Sustainable Leadership, and other international accolades. He is also the Chairman of the ASEAN Science Diplomats and the US-ASEAN Fellows for Science and Technology, and a member of the EU-Asia Expert Panel for Climate Diplomacy and Environmental Security. He is also the Executive Fellow of the renowned Geneva Centre for Security Policy in Switzerland. Recently, he was chosen as the distinguished Lee Kuan Yew Senior Fellow in Public Service, the most prestigious programme in Singapore.

The PACU is the oldest and most esteemed umbrella organization of private institutions of higher education in the Philippines, originally established in 1932 as the Association of Filipino Private Universities and Colleges (AFPUC) at the suggestion of patriots Justice Jose Abad Santos and Conrado Benitez. PACU aims to contribute to nation-building through transformative private higher education in a deregulated environment imbued with a global perspective and anchored on social responsibility and mutual cooperation.

Denim Jacket vs Trucker Jacket: How Do They Differ?

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The trucker jacket is credited with beginning its voyage in the 1920s and has since maintained its status as an iconic wardrobe essential for rough and androgynous fashion. Consequently, the style of denim jackets is heavily influenced by the trucker jacket. Are you curious about what a trucker jacket is? The traditional American trucker jacket is a great choice for an upper layer that can be worn throughout the year. In the spring, you can use it as your primary layering option, and in the winter, you can add it to your collection of winter coats.

These jackets design was greatly inspired by the well-liked denim trucker jackets, and some of the most distinguishing characteristics of these jackets include the waist-length cut, a button front fastening, buttons at the cuffs and chest pockets, and the signature vertical or slanted seams that run from the front chest pockets to the waist. Which one do you choose between a trucker jacket vs denim jacket in a contest?

What is a Trucker Jacket?

In the 1990s, a new name—trucker jacket—was adopted, reviving the label formerly used by Japanese denim collectors for the third kind of jacket. Prior to its formal release as a trucker jacket, it was known by an unofficial, internal moniker.

Denim and leather remain the two most common and well-known fabrics for trucker jackets, and each have their perks and drawbacks. Denim trucker jackets are popular because they are comfortable, durable, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. On the other hand, leather trucker jackets, such as Tan Nubuck Leather Jacket, are not only fashionable but also tough and protective.

The Original Trucker stays true to the classic, form-fitting trucker design. In addition to a well-defined shoulder construction, it also features a uniformly snug overall appearance. Denim composed of 98% cotton and 2% elastin retains its shape for a tailored and sophisticated appearance with just the appropriate amount of stretch.

Trucker jackets are built to withstand frequent wear and tear. Its primary function is in the sorting of the cloth needed to manufacture the jacket. Denim fabric thickness and durability are important factors in determining how quickly a trucker will wear out. The design, layout, and care schedule are other critical aspects.

Origins of the Denim Trucker Jacket

The Levi Blouse, also known by its manufacturing number 506, was a top half piece designed to go with Levi Strauss' renowned blue jeans. Exactly 9 ounces of sanforised material were used. It is also known as "double heavy extremely strong quality," or XX, denim as the blue trousers date from circa 1905.

It had a simple yet useful shape, being short and rectangular to facilitate mobility and having double pleats along the front. To offer the wearer more space, the stitches running between the pleats might be taken out.

The design was completed with a single stitched chest pocket and a silver buckle cinch somewhere at lower back, although both features would be changed for subsequent editions to include an extra buttoned cover for the pocket and a bronze buckle.

Although it had been referred to as Quantity One (thus Type I) for the first time over 20 years earlier, in 1917, the name "Blouse" would stay in use until 1938, when the move to "jacket" was affected within Dude Ranch Duds western apparel catalog.

Denim Jacket vs. Trucker Jacket: What's The Difference?

Trucker jackets are a specific kind of outerwear, distinct from denim jackets in terms of both design and pattern. In contrast, a denim jacket would be a garment constructed from denim fabric rather than any other kind of fabric since the quality of the fabric plays a significant role in this type of jacket.

● As a particular kind of jacket, the trucker jacket is characterized by its V-shaped panels. You could make such a garment from almost any material if it could keep its shape.

● When compared to traditional leather jackets, they are intended to provide a snugger fit all over the body.

● Denim fabric, which is used to produce jeans, is strong and sturdy, therefore jackets made from denim fabric are known for their durability and reliability.

● Denim's constantly evolving fashion value ensures that the trend won't ever go out of style. Such jackets are typical of the laid-back style.

Denim Trucker Jackets

Unlike sports jackets, denim trucker jackets can't be styled up or down to fit the requirements of almost every occasion's dress code.

Some people who are highly into fashion would wear a denim jacket over a formal tie and shirt (and even a vest), but this is not a good look since the two pieces of clothing couldn't be more different.

Denim trucker jackets, on the other hand, are adaptable in that they match with almost all the items in your casual wear collection.

What is a Denim Jacket?

A denim jacket is a timeless piece of clothing that is worn by individuals of all ages. They often have a pastel blue hue, not unlike that of denim, and are put together in the same way. Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple for today's youth no matter the season.

Denim is a strong cotton fabric with a warp face and a weft that is stitched across at least two warp threads. Denim fabric, a twill weave, must have diagonal ribbing to distinguish it from cotton duck.

The use of natural fibers in its construction gave it the aura of a healthy commodity. Stretch and Lycra denim, for example, are made these days from synthetic fibers thanks to technological advancements.

Therefore, denim jeans may be made from either organic or synthetic materials. Depending on the cut and construction of the jacket, denim jackets may be divided into many levels. These denim categories include basic, standard, and premium options.

The original blue color came from an all-natural indigo dye. As a result of its excellent compatibility with cotton fabric, natural blue dye was selected for dying these garments. Cotton fibers absorb most dyes when heated, but indigo color remains on the surface.

Main Differences between Trucker Jacket and Denim Jacket

● Although trucker jackets have a standard cut and style, denim jackets are more freeform.

● Despite the 1880 introduction of denim jackets to the market, the trucker jacket didn't appear until 1905.

● While denim jackets are traditionally fashioned from jeans, trucker jackets may be manufactured from any fabric, like leather, cotton, etc.

● Compared to denim jackets, which often only last 3-4 years before they start to look worn out and ill-fitting, trucker jackets are a better investment.

● As a result of the many different materials that may be used to make them, trucker jackets are more expensive than denim ones.

The denim jacket and the trucker jacket are two examples of jackets that have been modified in various ways due to differences in design, cut, and fabric. Over time, a new kind of garment called a trucker jacket gained popularity. These jackets are distinguished by their v-panel construction and their ability to be crafted from almost any fabric. Denim jackets are perennial favorites because of their rugged good looks and the fact that they can be made to resemble any other kind of jacket while still being made of durable denim fabric. The principal distinction between them is the use of different types of fabric and different types of patterns. Denim jacket vs trucker jacket which one to choose depends on your preference and choice which one you like the most.

"Goodbye Princess" makes waves across the internet with almost 42 million views

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Tia Lee (Lee Yu Fen) Announces Global Launch of #EmpowerHer Female Empowerment Campaign After Making Worldwide Return

 Tia Lee (Lee Yu Fen), a global C-POP singer, film and television actress, and fashion icon, today launched the global #EmpowerHer campaign following the successful release of the "Goodbye Princess" music video (MV) on 9th December 2022. It has already achieved significant success with over 1 million in 10 hours after premiere, and within 5 days after the premiere, the viewership on Tia's YouTube channel exceeds 26 million viewership, breaking the record for C-pop songs. As of now, "Goodbye Princess" garners an overwhelming combined almost 42 million views on YouTube and Weibo, the MV marks Tia's comeback as a global solo artist and her bold resurgence as she rises above and conquers her past challenges.

With "Goodbye Princess" symbolising Tia's evolution into a new, empowered and uplifted version of herself as she explores her new world, the global #EmpowerHer campaign aims to reinforce the song's themes of female empowerment and encourage all women to bravely embrace their true selves, become stronger and build a more promising future.

The Creation of the Global #EmpowerHer Campaign

Inspired by her own personal journey and renewed inner strength, Tia launched the #EmpowerHer campaign to rally women and girls worldwide to believe in themselves, say goodbye to stifling obstacles, and stand up taller and stronger in the face of any adversity. Overall, the campaign aims to support and promote the 'Female Empowers Female' concept and benefit as many female-centric charitable causes as possible on a global scale to create a greater good for the global female population.

The campaign's selected beneficiaries include Daughters Of Tomorrow in Singapore, Beats By Girlz and Women in Music in the United States, Teen's Key in Hong Kong, and more. As the #EmpowerHer campaign hits its stride globally, donations will be channelled to these beneficiaries during the campaign period, supporting their operations and goals to build a better future for women.

To get the ball rolling in support of these charities, each view of the "Goodbye Princess" music video will help to empower women around the world. Every time a viewing benchmark is met a donation will be made to the #EmpowerHer campaign, one of the biggest initiatives to support the empowerment of women worldwide. The #EmpowerHer campaign will split up to a maximum of HKD3.8million (approximately USD$480,000) between the selected charities. Tia chose the figure 3.8 million because of its significance as the date of International Women's Day, March 8th.

"Our goal is for every young woman to have the opportunity to follow the path they envision for herself. In our eyes, success is when young women become independent, confident, and capable of making their own decisions. Tia's journey of resilience inspires not just our girls and young women, but also the world – giving us the confidence to believe that we are all unique and each of us has the potential to create a future filled with more possibilities than we can even imagine. Thank you for such a meaningful initiative! It is a pleasure to be one of the beneficiaries of the #EmpowerHer campaign," said Rachel Chow, Resource Development Manager, Teen's Key Hong Kong.

"Donations like those from the #EmpowerHer campaign allow Women in Music to educate, empower, and advance women in the music industry. We're delighted to be included alongside other non-profit organisations working to create change," said Nicole Barsalona, President, Women in Music.

"Daughters Of Tomorrow'' is delighted to be the benefiting charity for the launch of Tia Lee's "Goodbye Princess" and the #EmpowerHer campaign, which seeks to inspire, uplift and empower women. This resonates with DOT's mission of empowering women through economic means, enabling them to uplift their families," said Fannie Lim, Executive Director of Daughters Of Tomorrow. "We recognise that every person has their own journeys – milestones to check, circumstances to overcome and aspirations that they wish to live for. Recognising that everyone has dreams of their own, our role is to cheer each one towards creating a better tomorrow for themselves. We wish Tia Lee great success in empowering many more women during this campaign."

"Beats By Girlz is delighted to be a part of the #EmpowerHer campaign. We have a shared vision of empowering women and gender minorities through music and are happy to be doing this work in partnership with Tia Lee," said Erin Barra, Executive Director, Beats By Girlz.

Rise of the Global #EmpowerHerDance TikTok Dance Challenge

Dancers around the world have risen to the challenge of covering the signature choreography to "Goodbye Princess" on the short-form video platform TikTok, featuring energetic yet rhythmic full body movements and a signature 'goodbye' hand gesture. The upbeat, unabashedly feminine choreography embodies a revitalisation of Tia's mind and body after overcoming past challenges in the fashion and entertainment industry, setting her free to express her own strength.

Among the earliest dancers and personalities to have joined the dance challenge include globally renowned Australian-Filipino dancer and choreographer, Hannah Balanay, Australia's most popular creator on TikTok last year. She is best known for her dance to Dua Lipa's song "Don't Start Now", which went viral on the platform.

Hannah Balanay initiated #EmpowerHerDance TikTok Dance Challenge

The emergence of this dance challenge has birthed the hashtag #EmpowerHerDance, which contains all the videos of the dance covers and further lends strength to the global #EmpowerHer campaign.

Tia Lee has championed female empowerment throughout her career and has made it a key focus of the "Goodbye Princess" campaign. Prior to releasing the MV, Tia launched an associated 6-part animation series that told the tale of her journey in the music and entertainment industry through a creative synergy of music, animation, and fashion videography. Her story of bravely overcoming obstacles resonated with many, garnering a viewership of over 100 million within a month and putting the pre-release campaign well on track to become the most successful engagement campaign of all time by a C-Pop artiste.

Beyond her music, Tia has also advocated for female empowerment in beauty and fashion. She has joined many A-listers such as Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys on the covers of popular magazines such as Vogue and ROLLACOASTER, and has used these illustrious platforms to spread her message of inner strength and empowerment – as well as to inspire other women with her story, which is built on a strong foundation of persistence, hard work, and self-belief.

The "Goodbye Princess" MV and full pre-campaign series with complementing fashion videography can be watched on Tia's social media channels.

Sulong-Agham multilingual children's books launched at UPD-CS

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The newly-launched Sulong-Agham series of multilingual children’s books aims to inspire Filipino children to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by showcasing the lives and work of Filipino scientists.

Professor emeritus and “Doktor ng Dagat” author Dr. Rosario Torres-Yu (fifth from left) is joined by UPD-CS MSI marine scientist Dr. Deo Onda (4th from left) and UPD-CS dean Dr. Giovanni Tapang (6th from left) at the Sulong-Agham book series launch at the UPD-CS Admin Building, December 12. Looking on are (L to R) SSI vice president Prof. Jose Monfred Sy, DFPP chair Prof. Schedar Jocson, UPD-CAL dean Dr. Jimmuel Naval, UPD-CS SAPA associate dean Dr. Lillian Rodriguez, UPD-CS MAPA associate dean Dr. Eizadora Yu, UPD-CS FARM associate dean Dr. Marian Roque, and SSI president Cheeno Marlo Sayuno. Photo credit: Andro Sampang

Born out of a collaboration between the UP Diliman College of Science (UPD-CS) and non-profit organization Supling Sining, Inc. (SSI), together with the UP Diliman College of Arts and Letters Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikang Pilipino (UPD-CAL DFPP), Sulong-Agham was successfully launched last December 12 at the UPD-CS Admin Building.

Limited signed copies of the first book in the series, "Ang Doktor ng Dagat," were given out at the event, which was graced by the author, former UPD-CAL dean and professor emeritus Dr. Rosario Torres-Yu; and the titular subject of the tome, pioneering oceanographer and marine scientist Dr. Deo Florence Onda of the UPD-CS’ Marine Science Institute (MSI). Written in Filipino, Cuyonon, and English, the storybook touches on Dr. Onda’s life and work as the first Filipino and one of the first humans ever to explore Emden Deep in the Philippine Trench — the third deepest place in the world’s oceans.

Following the successful launch of this first volume, Dr. Torres-Yu announced that the next title in the Sulong-Agham series will tackle the life and work of famed Filipino biologist Leonard Co.

The Sulong-Agham book series on the lives and work of Filipino scientists, available in Filipino and other languages.

Dr. Torres-Yu also talked about how “Doktor ng Dagat” began as a passion project during the pandemic. It was, for her, a creative spark of hope at a time when it was most needed: “Sa karanasan kong ito, lalong lumakas ang paniniwala ko na ang malikhaing imahinasyon ang naging sagwan ko sa pag-gaod sa dagat ng takot, kawalang pag-asa, at lungkot upang matuklas ko ang misyong lumikha ng mga kuwentong magbubukas sa mga batang Filipino sa mundo ng agham.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Onda fondly recalled how he all but stumbled into becoming a scientist, initially pursuing a biology degree as the first step to fulfilling his parents’ wishes for him to become a medical doctor. However, he quickly discovered that his interests were elsewhere: “Habang nagba-Biology, doon ko narealize na hindi biyolohiya ng tao ang gusto ko. Isang araw, sumulat ako sa mga magulang ko. Sabi ko sa kanila na hindi na ako magmemedisina. Gusto ko na lang ituloy ang pagiging biyolohista, at maging isang marine biologist pagkatapos.”

He also looked back on the thrill of his adventure in Emden Deep. It was a scary once-in-a-lifetime experience that he just couldn’t pass up: “Ilang beses lamang ba nagiging balita ang isang siyentipiko? Ilang beses lamang ba nagiging kuwento sa buong bansa ang kuwento ng isang siyentista? Napakalimitado. Napakakaunting panahon. Napakakaunting oportunidad.”

But Dr. Onda quickly added that the real story at the heart of “Doktor ng Dagat” is much bigger than himself; it’s about the liberation and empowerment that comes from following a dream. “Sinasabi ko po lagi, ‘yung kuwento ng Emden Deep, mas malayo pa siya sa kuwento ko. Kuwento ‘to ng mga batang nangarap, nangangarap, at tinutupad ang mga pangarap nila. Sana ‘yung kuwento ng Doktor ng Dagat ay maging inspirasyon ng mga batang wala masyadong oportunidad sa buhay. Sana maging daan rin siya para mangarap sila at ‘yung mga taong tutulong sa kanila ay maging inspired rin para tulungan sila.”

UPD-CS Dean Giovanni Tapang wrapped up the launch by highlighting the rarity of children’s books that feature scientists, and his hope that the Sulong-Agham book series could help children see scientists in a more positive light. “Importante na magkaroon tayo ng mga ganitong klaseng libro para bigyan ng ibang klaseng pagtingin ang mga kabataan natin na maganda maging isang siyentista, mag-aral ng agham, kasi ito ang kailangan natin sa ating lipunan ngayon.”

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Thursday, December 15, 2022

A Brief Guide to Get Clients and Contracts for Your Dump Truck Business

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The truck industry is rapidly rising and is attracting many individuals. But in the process, it can be tough to find clients when you start dump truck business. Even if you have years of experience in the dump truck industry, there's no guarantee that your business will succeed. But with a little hard work and determination, you can make it happen. This article will cover some simple steps to help you get noticed and get contracts/jobs for your dump truck business.

Points to Keep in Mind to Get Clients

As of 2022, there were 28,418 dump truck services companies in the US, an increase of 0.7% from 2021. There are a few essential points to remember while getting clients:

Make the Rounds at Construction Sites

● Talk to the foreman.

● Talk to the project manager.

● Ask for referrals and job application information from other contractors who have worked on the site. If you don't get a referral but still want to bid on jobs at that location, ask for a site tour so that you can see what's going on firsthand before submitting your bid.

● Ask for copies of the project specifications—this gives you an idea of what work has been done there in the past, how much space is available for equipment parking and staging areas, etc.

● Ask for copies of their job bids—this will help give you an idea of what prices they were bidding versus yours per unit (dump truck).

Use Your Network, Especially Your Family

You can also use your network, especially your family. It's important to know that not everyone will be willing to help, and you want to be sure that those who do are qualified and have the same values as you. If they don't, they may become more of a liability than an asset.

Reach Out to Owners of Other Dump Truck Businesses

If you've already been working in the dump truck business, then there's a good chance that you know people who own other dump truck businesses. These are the best people to talk to about getting new clients and contracts for your business.

The first step is finding out where these business owners are located by searching for them on Google Maps or LinkedIn. Then, simply ask them if they have any work for you! You can also offer them referrals from your current customers if they need help finding more work around town.

Go Local with Your Small Business Marketing

You must market to local businesses to get clients and contracts for your dump truck business. Local businesses are more likely to need your services, use them again, and refer you to their friends and family.

For this strategy to work, however, you must have a solid reputation in the community as someone who provides reliable service at a fair price. You should also be willing—and able—to provide on-site service when needed.

Post on Job boards and Freelancer Sites

Posting on job boards is a good way to find clients. Job boards are an excellent place to find clients who need a dump truck business, and they can help you reach lots of people with your services.

Job boards offer various options for finding customers, like posting your resume or posting an ad for your services. You might have to pay for these ads, but it might be worth it because they will reach many more people than other ways of getting clients.


To start a dump truck business, you must ensure you know how to reach out to your clients. Or even before that, you have to make sure that you know the ways or platforms where your potential customers can start your client search. Moreover, if you want to own many trucks to expand your business, you will need a professional driver with a proper license, CDL training, and insurance.

Monday, December 12, 2022 Launches “Pay with QR” to Speed Adoption of Cashless Payments for Everyday Transactions

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The Coins Wallet is now compatible with the QR Ph standard, the national QR-based payment system developed by the Philippines’ central bank., ("Coins" or the "Company"), the Philippines' leading digital wallet provider and crypto exchange platform, today announced the launch of “Pay with QR”, a new feature that will allow Coins Wallet users to make convenient cashless payments to merchants and businesses throughout the country.

“We are very excited to launch our new Pay with QR feature on the Coins Wallet, a service which will make everyday transactions easier not only for our users, but also for millions of small business owners across the country,” said Chief Executive Officer Wei Zhou. “The adoption of cashless payments is a major enabler for financial inclusion because it opens up a whole new world of opportunities for marginalized communities that have previously lacked access to formal banking solutions. We are proud to throw our support behind QR Ph, a great initiative from the Philippines’ Central Bank that we believe will accelerate digital adoption by providing a unified national standard for QR code payments. We will continue to play our part by working closely with the local governments to push the Philippines into the digital payments age.”
Starting today, Coins users can simply click “Pay with QR” within the Coins app, scan the QR code displayed by a participating merchant, and enter the payment amount to complete their transaction instantly. Pay with QR is compatible with QR Ph, the QR payment standard for the Philippines developed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the Philippines’ central bank. It is based on the Europay-Mastercard-Visa (EMV) system, which is considered the gold standard internationally for fast and secure payments.
The QR Ph system will allow merchants and small business owners to display a single QR code that is compatible with multiple digital wallets, including QR Ph codes are already in use at large nationwide chain outlets like Jollibee, and Coins has expressed its interest in working with the BSP and local governments to accelerate their adoption in places like public markets, sari-sari stores, motorized tricycles, and other small businesses. With almost 80% of payments in the Philippines still made in cash, there is ample opportunity for digital tools to help local businesses operate more efficiently and boost local economies.
Coins’ mission is to serve as the gateway between the worlds of Web2 and Web3, and its digital wallet offering allows millions of users to spend both cryptocurrency and fiat money where it matters most: in the real economy, as part of everyday transactions. Pay with QR represents a significant expansion of payment options for Coins’ 18 million plus users.

To encourage Coins Wallet holders to explore this new payment option, Coins is running a limited-time promotion which will allow both new and existing users to earn free Bitcoin rewards for using the Pay with QR feature. Details, terms and conditions are available at


Launched in 2014, is the most established crypto brand in the Philippines and has more than 18 million users. Through the easy-to-use mobile app, users can buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies and access a wide range of financial services. is fully regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and is the first crypto-based company in Asia to hold both Virtual Currency and Electronic Money Issuer licenses from the central bank. For further information, contact
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Jordan Brand Expands its Wings Scholars Program to the Philippines, Breaking Down Barriers to Higher Education

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Incoming college students will pursue dream courses at Ateneo De Manila University

Jordan Brand Wings Scholars Program, the brand’s community impact platform that provides education opportunities for youth who need it most around the globe, has brought the full-board college scholarship grants to the Philippines. 

Six high school graduates will receive four-year scholarships to Ateneo de Manila University and pursue the course of their choice. Jordan Brand partnered with children’s rights organization Bahay Tuluyan to identify the six young students who are now part of the global community of Wings Scholars pursuing their dreams of excelling in life through quality higher education.

In partnership with Bahay Tuluyan, each Wings Scholar will also receive skills training, career guidance and mentorship throughout their 4-year tenure at the university.

“Showing up for basketball culture is core to our purpose at Jordan Brand,” says Craig Williams, Jordan Brand President. “And when you think about the community in Manila who shows so much love for the game, it only makes sense that we would bring Jordan Wings to them, to extend this spirit of excellence.”

Kiefer Ravena, Ateneo alumni and Jordan Brand’s first Filipino athlete who currently plays in the B. League, Japan’s men’s professional basketball league, welcomed the six scholars to the Jordan Family. “Ateneo de Manila University instills in its students a spirit of excellence through education and a commitment to give back to the community – a value which now connects the six scholars with the Jordan Brand Wings Scholars Program’s own purpose. With the power of these two organizations behind them, the path for these scholars is bright and I wish them every success in their future,” Kiefer says.

So far, the Wings Scholars program has been launched in the United States, China and France. The Philippines is the first country in Southeast Asia to join the global initiative which has funded more than 2,886 students since 2015.

Meet the Wings Scholars from the Philippines, Class of 2026.

Sports-minded J├╝rgen San Agustin from Ateneo de Zamboanga will pursue a BS in Management Information Systems, specializing in analytics. He desires to be an NBA analyst one day. Lean Villar, a volleyball enthusiast, wants to become a clinical psychologist to promote mental health & wellbeing and will major in psychology.

Czarina Leviste will take up a BA Health Sciences degree with an aim to provide free health services to more people in the future. Harriet De Leon who has been exposed to special education through her parents, will major in political science and aspires to open doors to education for all kids one day.

Science-inclined badminton athlete Adrian De Guzman wants to make the most of his education. As a student of B.S. Computer Science, he wants to give back to the community and the future generation. Math-whiz Coleen Reyes will take up Applied Mathematics and masters in Data Science and aims to create tools that will help change the game for those who seek mentorship, guidance and education.

This first group of Jordan Brand Wings Scholars is scheduled to graduate in 2026.

Blurring the Mundane and Monstrous: by: THEATER produces their first ever live production “MATAKOT KA SA…”

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Matakot ka sa… Saan nga ba?

by: THEATER (byTE) is a production house composed of student-artists under the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s Theater Arts Program and Production Design Program. The company serves to reinforce existing Filipino societal issues and strengthen its artistry, heritage, and culture.

"MATAKOT KA SA..." is a metaphor for the Philippine's political climate. It is a statement of chaos and a wake up call for the characters and audience on who we should fear literally and figuratively. The play tackles how each character wears and faces their fears. As the title presents, it evokes a test of morals and beliefs.

As Filipino folklore is known, in the play, these creatures tell their struggles mirroring mundane "human” lives. As Numputul disrupts the peace in the barrio because of hunger, Tikbalang and Nuno will unravel the reasons for their silence and power, beyond what their identity is known for, particularly in voicing their issues.

"MATAKOT KA SA..." premieres live on December 7, 2022 & December 13, 2022 at 6/F Blackbox Theater, Design and Arts Campus, Benilde School of Arts, Culture, and Performance and will be streaming via starting December 14 until December 21, 2022.

In a world where mythical creatures are humanized, how do we distinguish the good and the evil?

Maybe humans are not so different from these creatures after all.

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