Sunday, September 6, 2020

Saving the Seeds for Future Use, Growing Our Own Food to be Self-sustaining

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Urban gardening has gained a trending popularity as many people staying home during the quarantine period found planting as a means to destress while some saw it as an opportunity to support a living. But aside from ornamental plants, we could also grow our own fruits and vegetables.

We also need to let some veggies mature so we can collect seeds from them to guarantee a continuous source of food.

Sustainable living is more than just harvesting, We also need to store seeds for safekeeping and future use.

This is why I'm drying up some papaya and calamansi seeds so I could store them for future use.

We could truly grow our own food right at our own yards, whether front or back, or even plant in pots or containers at the balconies or window ledges of our condos or hotels to be self-sustaining Plantitos and Plantitas.

While I germinate the lemon and corn seeds in a moisted tissue paper.

If I had a bigger space, best if land, I would have a mini vegetable and fruit farm by now...all grown from kitchen scrap....or is it the lack of space that's challenging me to be more resourceful!?

Reuse, Recycle, Repurporse....there's so much we could do for a self-sustaining existence.

We could really grow (at least some of) our own food if we are given the time, opportunity and resources.

Instead most of us were taught in school to get employed working for other people, depending on the wages they'll give at the end of every month, when we could also work smarter for ourselves.

Imagine harvesting what we will eat for the day direct from our own yard, or from the balcony of our apartment, or from containers by the window sills of our condo.

Fresh, clean and cared with love.

Life is a cycle, but it can be more than one cycle.

We plant seeds, we nurture them while they are sprouting until they become seedlings, we maintain them free from harmful pests while nourishing them with nutrients, we then enjoy the produce during harvest time, then we plant new seeds again...from the same fruits they gave us.. whether it's vegetables, fruits or others via several ways of propagation.

But remember that planting new seeds doesn't mean we have to settle for what we have right now. We don't need to wait until our current plants have withered and died. We can always plant new seeds,or cuttings, while we are still enjoying bountiful harvests from our first plants.

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