Thursday, September 10, 2020

Bella Poarch sends out the not-so-friendly message "Baoninam" to Korean bashers

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"A reminder to all of you.

Pangasinan is the name of the province which means "a place of salt-making."
Pangasinense are the people.
Pangasinan is their language.

Pangalatok is an offensive word for us. It means Pangasinan na may katok (baliw or crazy). Stop using that word.

Moreover, baoninam means tangina."

Bella Poarch is trending again with her tweet of "Baoninam" which means "P*ki ng Ina mo" in Pangasinan. Apparently she hails from the Pangasinan province.

Im Pangasinan “Baoninam” is an amalgam word that if you disect will reveal

“Bao” (vagina)
“nen” (of)
“inam” (your mother)
= Bao+nen+inam -> “Baoninam”
Which equates to “Putanginamo” or “Puke ng ina mo”

"Masantos ya kabwasan ed sikayon amin!" I'm so glad and thankful for the people who educate our fellow Filipinos about Pangasinan. Thank you so much. "Inar-aro ta kayon amin."

From what I know, Pangalatok is the historical name of the language. It's the Ilocano who gave it that meaning not too long ago: "Pangasinan na may katok sa ulo." It'd be sad if they are bullied into dropping an authentic name just because of another group's racial remark.

Also, I think Pangasinan as language is applicable term in English, whereas Pangasinense is based on Hispanic or Filipino term.

"Pangasinan or Pangasinese is spoken by about 1.5 million people mainly in the province of Pangasinan."

An excerpt from Eat Bulaga's Miss Millennial with Miss Pangasinan clarifying that Pangasinan refers to three things: the land, the language and the people.

It is a bit confusing if Pangasinan can also be used to refer to the people of Pangasinan. So Pangasinan is the name, the people, and the language of the province?

Since Pangasinan is trending. Allow me to invite everyone to come visit & spend time in Pangasinan. Splurge with what the province can offer.

Pangasinan is one of the tourist-magnet destinations in the Philippines. It is known for its several popular tourism spots, like the Hundred Islands and the Bolinao Falls.

Check out the Hideaway Sea & Beach Resort on the above photo

Busay Falls located at Bani, Pangasinan

Here are some of the beaches as posted by @TheWaitingShed who only had a month to do it, and she can only travel during weekends. She just missed to visit Agno and Eguia because she developed a horrible ear infection to the point that she was partially deaf in one ear. She aims to finish what she started soon enough.

I must say the province of #Pangasinan is really underrated. But every election period, no one forgets the province. Tsk tsk tsk.

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