Saturday, October 17, 2020

Vicky Belo and Ivana Alawi Carwash Challenge

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Vicki Belo just joined Ivana Alawi in a fun car wash challenge in her latest YouTube vlog. 

The celebrity doctor invited Ivana over to her house for some “girl bonding” and recreated the sexy actress’ viral car wash challenge."

And why is this on the headlines? Basically because the two names are celebrities. That's the only reason...and it's the Senior Citizen Edition of Ivana"s carwash challenges.

A friend of mine said that Vicky Belo could be considered as the female version of Hugh she welcomed seductress Ivana Alawi to her Playgirl mansion.

The challenge was to find out who has the biggest fake tits....errr...I mean, who can wash a car with the best sex appeal.

Truth is, you cannot compete with the younger generations in terms of physique. With her success, i think its better for her  to act her age, it is sexier.

What people are saying:

"Katanda tanda na.. kayaman-yaman pa.. kulang sa pansin pa din"

"Queen of scandal...??? Remember Katrina and the Careless Whisper background...."

"Jusko. Nagmumurang kamyas. Piso isang tumpok. Naalala ko tuloy si Motherother Sitang."

"Sobrang bait nyan ni Ivana... Wish ko maging close sila ni Hayden.. basta ako nag aabang lang ako online."

"Mas ok kung si Haydhen Ang kasama ni Ivana mag car wash. Papanoorin Yun"

"Huwag po masyadong tatawa, Doktora, at baka mapunit yung mukha"

"Hindii rin natin siya masisisi. Walang customer sa clinic dahil sa pandemic kaya sinamahan nalang si baby Ivana para kumita sa social media. Go Doktora. Ipagpatuloy mo lang yan. Kung diyan ka masaya, suportahan ka namin"

Seriously, only Filipinos know how to slam someone for aging beautifully. But could the use of "plastics' be considered as aging beautifully?

Well, we have different opinions about it. If it makes them feel better about themselves, why not. Nobody is forcing anybody into plastics. And it's not right for people to judge those who want to use plastics. 

What's not beautiful is shaming and bashing someone for her personal choices. Getting plastic surgery doesn't invalidate the value of someone.

She's beautiful and she makes other people feel confident about themselves. I don't see the harm in that. 

She never said anything about competing with Alawi's youthfulness. Lol. Can't this simply be a publicity stunt? Can't she just enjoy her beauty while she has it? She's nearing Mother Sitang's age so let her be.

Btw, where is Hayden Kho while this is happening? Was he the videographer?

Remember Korina doing the headbanging with Sitang? We'll that's the closest thing to this carwash challenge.

Shame on you for judging a powerful, passionate, and kind woman. Doktora, palibre sa clinic after the pandemic, ha.

But if we really are going serious, I'm sure Vicky Belo knows this will happen. Insults will fly, but still maniacs will soar all over their videos because Ivana is there. Not because of the good doctor, but the lady who has been flaunting her sexuality to "pandemaniacs."


Port of Cebu activates crew change hub

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Following the successful dry run to test its operation protocols on Thursday, the Department of Transportations (DOTr) confirms the activation of the crew change hub at the Port of Cebu on Friday, 16 October 2020.

According to DOTr Assistant Secretary for Maritime Narciso Vingson, after several consultative meettings with the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for Crew Change, Regional Task Force Central Visayas (RTF-7), and the Cebu Provincial and Local Government Units, the crew change protocol of Cebu has been approved. Further, the Cebu Provincial Government issued Executive Order No. 27 dated 14 October to confirm the activation.

“Cebu is a strategic location for crew change, as it is at the heart of the Visayas. With the approval of the Port of Cebu as a crew change hub, the port can begin to facilitate the process for arriving and departing seafarers coming to and from the Visayas. We thank all our partners, especially the Regional Task Force 7, the Cebu Provincial Government and the Cebu City Government, for their strong and unwavering support since the planning stage. The whole-hearted cooperation and close coordination afforded to the team made the swift activation possible,” Asec Vingson said.

For his part, Office for Transportation Security (OTS) and One-Stop Shop (OSS) Head Raul Del Rosario said that the OSS Cebu has been organized, with the Cebu Ports Authority (CPA) as lead and Secretariat.

“We have established the OSS here in Cebu Port, with the CPA as lead and Secretariat, so that seafarers can undergo a smooth flow of processing, especially in terms of ensuring their health. Mahalaga ho itong OSS upang mas mapabilis at ligtas na makauwi ang mga marino, lalo na ang ating mga kababayang matagal nang nasa laot at sabik na makapiling ang kanilang mga mahal sa buhay,” Usec Del Rosario shared.

Cebu Port Authority (CPA) General Manager Leonilo Miole said that the Port of Cebu will now start receiving requests for crew change from both domestic and foreign-registered vessels.

"This is a milestone not just for the Port of Cebu, our maritime partners, and our seafarers, but also for Cebu, in general, as this is also seen to generate economic activities and revenues," GM Miole said.

The crew change hub at the Port of Cebu will serve (1) Filipino seafarers joining a ship docked in the Philippines for overseas (outbound), (2) Filipino seafarers leaving a ship (inbound), (3) foreign seafarers joining a ship docked in the port from an airport (airport to ship) and (4) foreign seafarers leaving a ship docked in the port to an airport (ship to airport).

GM Miole has assured the public that safety protocols are already in place to avoid any possible transmission of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) during crew change operations.

Based on the crew change protocol approved by the DOTr and the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID), all arriving vessels at the Port of Cebu will be anchored at the designated anchorage or docking site authorized by the CPA and the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).

Disembarking seafarers must observe health and safety protocols such as disinfection, handwashing, social distancing and wearing of full personal protective equipment (PPE) - face mask, face shield, gloves and hazmat suit.

On arrival at the Port of Cebu’s OSS facility, seafarers must then immediately proceed to the registration booth and undergo mandatory swab testing procedure.

After completing the OSS procedures, seafarers must immediately board their assigned vehicles that will take them to their designated quarantine facilities as approved by the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) while waiting for the results of their swab tests. The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) will be responsible for the Quarantine Facility accommodations of the seafarers while waiting for their swab test result.

For embarking vessel crew members, only seafarers with negative COVID-19 test results and a Certification of Containment will be allowed to board vessels. Health and safety protocols must also be observed by all embarking crew members.

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Regional Office 7, headed by Director Marc Anthony Pascua, is at the OSS to ensure that all concerns of seafarers are addressed. Meanwhile, the PCG Coast Guard District Central Visayas, led by its Commander, RADM Jose William U Isaga, is in-charge of providing service support and maritime law enforcement during crew change operations.

The activation of crew change hubs in the Philippines was directed by DOTr Secretary Tugade to help address the global need for the fresh crewing of vessels, and to ensure the health, safety, welfare and employment of seafarers, as they can only serve on board a vessel without a leave only up to 11 months, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO) 2006 Maritime Labour Convention (MLC).

Crew change hubs in the country will primarily benefit seafarers, who are stranded onboard ships with expired contracts due to imposed travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

Aside from the Port of Cebu, the Philippines also operates crew change hubs at the Port of Manila, the Port of Capinpin in Bataan, and at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Meanwhile, the ports in Batangas and Davao are waiting for the activation of their respective crew change hubs.

Master Hanz Cua: Still Up to His Feng Shui and Predictions?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Hanz Cua was the Jose Mari Chan of the Chinese New Year. 

Before 2020, people were listening to Hanz Cua. 

Today, they roll their eyes at him. 

It's what you call progress, guys. But I feel so frustrated that a pandemic had to hapoen before you were all enlightened.

He was the one who said 2020 will be a “strong, prosperous and lucky year.”...but look at what happened. Lol.

Feng shui expert Hanz Cua stood by this  forecast as he reminded the public that feng shui predictions, which are based on the alignment of stars, only serve as a general guide...and that 2020 is not yet over...yet is an understatement.

Now that statement just emphasized why we should not trust him again. If it's not a reliable, then why follow it at all.

Am I the only one who, everytime I see the latest shitstorm happening in 2020, think back and silently curse Hanz Cua for predicting how “lucky” 2020 is going to be?

2020 is almost over, and still there has been very little good news and even worsen by this sorry excuse for a government.

I think it is safe to say, the master is a disaster.

Before Master Hanz Cua there was Zenaida Seva. Whatever happened to her?

Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang ating kapalaran. Gabay lamang sila. Meron tayong free will. Gamitin natin ito.

Feng Shui is another Chinese belief that many have successfully instilled to the lifelines of Filipinos, and sadly it has manipulated us to even spend not just out of respect but also as a probable means to get luck and fortune. Look at how we even celebrate Chinese New Year and apply their customs and traditions in the Philippines. Most of these beliefs would be humorous if not for the widely circulated usage of these "superstitions" in all media.

It's a commercial invention designed for you to spend more than what is necessary. Out of this is an opportunity to sell items that are not necessarily of use or function but merely as decorations to represent a made-up event.

"Astrology is fake 

Fung shui is fake 

Hanz Cua is a master of none

Scam ang mga iyan!" -  @Attorneycorny

Is it true that laurel or bay leaves can be used to attract money and good luck?

And the so called Master Hanz Cua is saying if we put bay leaves in our wallets, it won't run out of money.

I should love this for being a Plantito, but.... deep up inside my head I'm looking for any logical and scientific reason this would sound sane....but can't find any.

We respect, but it shouldn't mean that we should also Implement even if they are totally absent of scientific and logical explanations.

I have a money tree or most specifically a chestnut tree but I'm not really keeping it as a lucky charm. It just so happened that it grew on our backyard on its own so we made it part of our plant children. Not because we believe it will make us lucky. Luck could only be attained if you work hard and smart, while meeting the right people at the right time. It's more likely a sitcom when situations are favorable and you end up laughing in the end.

For Laurel plants, are they truly lucky? Check out what I got from a forum:

Since ancient times, people believed that if small leaves of a laurel plant were spread out in all corners of a dwelling, it would remove all the negative. It is believed that the laurel absorbs the negative energy accumulated over the long years of living in this room. After all, each house has its own energy, and it is filled with both positive moments of the owners’ life and negative ones.

*A wreath woven from a bay leaf protects from thunder and lightning;
*A dwelling in which the leaves of a plant are laid out will never be robbed;
*Leaves of a plant save from diseases;
*If you wear laurel in your pocket, it will save you from troubles and misfortunes;
*If you smell the fragrant leaves of the plant, it will give strength and relieve fatigue of the body;
*The leaves of laurel under the pillow will guarantee only good dreams;
*Laying crossed laurel leaves under the rug at the threshold will bring good luck to the house;
*Before the wedding, the laurel leaves laid in the shoes of the bride and groom will bring long and happy life to the newlyweds;
*There is a belief that if you take five bay leaves and tie them with scarlet string or a thick woolen thread, and then attach such a composition over the front door, then everyone living in the house will be accompanied by good luck in all matters;
*If you hang a bay leaf above the baby’s bed, then no one can jinx the baby.

Yes, there's nothing wrong if we follow them as long as you're not totally relying on their promised "magical powers."

There are no enchantments, neither credible astrological or face and palm readings and interpretations that could interfere with our luck. The tools they are using are not based on any Science and Technology. They're nothing but what makes fantasy and fictional movies fascinating to watch. These ancient knowledge are nothing more but wisdom acquired in the absence of Science during those yesteryears where most of our elders are amazed with everything unexplained yet.

Now that Science is here. There's no more need to believe in these nonsense.

Book your ride now with OWTO

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Competition is an advantage mostly for the consumers. We do not really benefit with a monopoly, duopoly or from a limited few choices who could easily dictate prices at their whims without even considering the market. The consumers would have no choice but to give in to the brand.

Thus, when new players enter the same industry we should cheer and support them. They will eventually improve prices or rates, services and quality, among others, which would greatly be a plus factor for the public.

Unless they would connive with one another, we are assured of getting the best offers as each and everyone will surely improve their offerings.

Fair. Safe. Filipino.

I guess the latter should be equally important but never to disregard the other two since we need to require every player to be fair and safe of course. It is but a must to every brand to enable those attributes for the benefit of every Filipino, and being a Filipino brand is also a big bonus because who else should support but primarily our own countrymen.

When ride-hailing apps started in the Philippines, there were Easy Taxi, Grab Taxi, Uber and a few who took a peek but never really showed their full faces.

Then it got down to only Grab that evolved into many different businesses including food delivery. Naturally, that's where the problem started.

Just like in telecommunication, we need more players from the same field to enter the fray, so as not for the monopolies to prey on us. Did you see what I did there?

Luckily, there's one gearing to join the ride-hailing app industry but would they succeed amid the popularity and dominance of Grab?

Btw, why put down the Facebook page of OWTO Philippines?

The OwtoPhl page is a platform wherein drivers/partners sent in their concerns and inquiries wishing for a swift response that will help sustain their livelihood in this time of Pandemic. 

It is a venue wherein we give jobs through announcements and that is also widely used for customer service to the riders.

We are appealing to Facebook about the restoration of Facebook page of OWTO

Please put it back up!

#DefendLizaSoberano and #DefendReinaMaeNasino from Mark Lopez

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A certain Mark Lopez's or a Twitter account @MacLen315's controversial statements and comments against actress Liza Soberano and Reina Mae Nasino went viral and earned lots of comments from netizens.

Why are these kind of people coming out from every corner and jumping into the bandwagon of hate to redtag people as terrorists? Are those who openly speak what's on their mind to be considered as enemies of society, or should they instead be praised for letting everyone know that we deserve better than the shit they are normalizing?

Calling all LizQuen fans: please, tapusin na natin ang salot na red-tagging hindi lang kay Liza kundi sa lahat ng progressive forces na nagmamahal sa bayan. Ireport Ang lahat that goes off their common and reasonable sense.

So speaking up for women's and children's rights is terrorism now? 

Isn't this already grounds for libel?

Liza was absolutely right to work with GABRIELA and speak out to defend Filipina women. She has grown to be brave. But for having a progressive voice, she is being fed to the wolves by these smelly-ass DDS led by these asswipes.

Sino ba siyang? As if naman maniniwala sa kanya ang mga advertisers ni Liza.

Is he a rabid DDS propagandist!? But less famous than Mocha, Byron (Banat By), RJ Nieto (Thinking Pinoy), Krizette, Sass, and that attorney Trixie, but just as vicious.

Mark Lopez twitter account is not officially his-from a source.  But did he gave consent to the tweet?

And if ever it is truly from him, instead, I told my kids never to follow a certain Mark Lopez...fake account or not.

Let your words backfire on you and make it LOUDER!

It’s so unwise and unjust of Mark Lopez to deprive Liza of her natural liberty to talk about unfair treatment of women. He didn’t only make a supposition, but made a libelous accusation that Liza’s a leftist.

The tweets from Mark Lopez are libelous. 

If you do not take any legal action, he will do the same thing over and over again to someone more vulnerable. I pray that you advise Liza judiciously and give him and other RED TAGGERS their day in court.

This is not my first time to see his posts. I've seen one on Facebook and I tried to comment, but the number of people pushing him on to rant against a certain celebrity was infuriating. I can't believe the evil people in this country continue to live with their conscience.

Tama na ang dami na nga na masamang nangyayari sa mundo, dumadagdag pang mga ito. Dapat bigyan ng leksiyon at kasuhan na  iyan para hindi na pamarisan.

And all for clout eh? Attention-seeking people out here really be deliberately saying the dumbest stuff to get engagements huh. You are one unfortunate excuse of a human being, Mark Lopez. I hope you don't get to be in that same situation.

How does asking for empathy and basic human decency equate to feeling entitled?  

This person forgets that an accused, even someone who is detained for a non-bailable offense, is deemed innocent until proven guilty. 

Hindi pa kasi siya nabibigyan ng posisyon sa gobyerno kaya todo-kayod ang paninira kagaya ni Jay Sonza sa paghahasik ng lagim.

To the 1,000+ people who liked his post, think hard before liking. Between Liza & Mark, who do you think can sow hatred & terrorism?

If you want to find the real definition of danger, seek it in this administration. 

People are saying Mark Lopez is one of them.

Parents, if you love your children, never ever trust Mark Lopez and the people, if you can still call them that, they defend and worship.

He is not only a danger to society, he is the real threat that we must be warned about. His tweets show nothing but hatred towards those who loved you. 

They're the very devils emerging from hell, spreading havoc on humanity. The reason why this current regime is a nightmare.

Speaking for children's or women's rights is never an activist act nor a terrorist act. And it will never be. Period.

Mark Lopez interpretation of democracy is different from all Filipinos. He use political narratives to construct the perspectives of Filipinos by creating elicit pathos or misconceptions rather than the truth that should be provided.

The words coming out from Mark Lopez’ mouth are just a manifestation of how fanaticism and stupidity affect someone’s ability to think like a human-being. They are all just monsters.

Netizens are saying that this @MacLen315 is nothing but the real TERRORIST and a danger to society. Mark Lopez is like Maximilen Robespierre, Joseph Goebbels, and John Wilkes Booth on steroids. 

He is not only ranting against and accusing Liza Soberano of being a terrorist, he is doing the same to a mother, however wrongly suspected as a terrorist, but recently lost her baby yet treated far worst than the scumbags this government has given VIP treatment.

Nakalungkot na may mga taong bulag na sa katotohanan ay wala pang puso na nilait ang pagdadalamhati ng isang ina na namatayan ng anak; habang ito'y nasa piitan dahil sa isang depektibong kaso at kwesyonableng pag-aresto ng estado. 

Kapag hindi ka galit sa ginawa nila sa mag-inang Reina Mae Nasino at Baby River, malala ang problema mo. Dapat magtaka, mabahala at matakot ka na sa sarili mo. Patunay ‘yan na hindi ka na normal. HINDI KA NA TAO‼️ 

How cruel can a person be? I refuse to accept that this is the "new normal" we are living now?

Kalusugan at Nutrisyon ng Mag-Nanay Act for strong healthcare to prevent deaths of newborn and young children

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Many are calling for the effective implementation of Republic Act No. 11148 “Kalusugan at Nutrisyon ng Mag-Nanay Act” that provides life-saving healthcare, services, and resources to pregnant and lactating mothers and newborn babies to fulfill the rights of every child to health and survival, protection, and development.

Atty. Alberto Muyot, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children Philippines lamented the untimely death of three-month old baby River, daughter of jailed activist Reina Mae Nasino, who succumbed to pneumonia and complications from diarrhea last October 9, 2020.

“Every child has a right to survive, and the government has the obligation to do all it can to support parents and guardians in providing healthcare and nutrition, particularly access to breastmilk, so children will not die of preventable causes,” said Muyot.

R.A. 11148 also known as First 1,000 Days Law guarantees the right of every child to access exclusive breastfeeding during the first hour of birth up to six months, and continuous breastfeeding up to two years.

“Baby River was reportedly born underweight and has weak lungs. She has the right to get access to proper health and nutrition, including breastmilk, even if her mother is a person deprived of civil liberty,” said Muyot.

Dr. Amado Parawan, Health and Nutrition Advisor of Save the Children Philippines, said the death of baby River could have been prevented through early recognition of the signs and symptoms of acute respiratory distress syndrome such as fever, cough, and difficulty of breathing. Severe cases of pneumonia and diarrhea should be referred promptly and given the appropriate care at the nearest health facility by trained health care providers.

The First 1,000 Days law, seeks to implement quality essential maternal, neonatal, and child health and nutrition during the first 1,000 days of life – which covers the period from conception to two years old through multi-sectoral participation and sustained support from local government units (LGUs), government agencies, and civil society organizations.

“Breastmilk is considered as the first vaccine for babies since it provides many anti-bodies against diseases. Babies should not be separated from their mothers so that breastfeeding will be initiated early and for exclusive breastfeeding to be successful. This is the reason why rooming-in is encouraged and skin-to-skin is promoted under the Unang Yakap program of the Department of Health,” said Parawan.

The Philippines marks its 30th year of ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), and the government, implementing agencies have the obligation to fulfill the rights of every child to survival, protection, and development, to have access to health and education even in times of emergencies, and protection from all forms of abuses, exploitation, and violence.

Save the Children Philippines has advocated the enactment of the First 1,000 Days to fulfill the rights of every child to survive, to grow healthy, and to have a future.

#PlantTheirFuture: Buy Plants and Save a Child’s Future

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A clean and green environment is crucial to the health and development of children. In line with this sustainable development goal, Save the Children Philippines is launching #PlantTheirFuture, a fundraising campaign that cultivates care for plants, and supports the learning needs of children in poor households amid the pandemic.

Ornamental agriculture has gained a trending popularity as many people staying home during the quarantine period found planting as a means to destress while some saw it as an opportunity to support a living.

The campaign invites everyone, most especially the ‘plantitas’ and ‘plantitos,’ to help deprived and marginalized children to get access to education while doing their hobbies and caring for the environment.

Through a partnership with Long Live Plants, supporters can purchase a 6 x 6-inch Dragon Tail plant in a woven basket for only Php 995.

Each plant purchased will provide a basic learning kit to a child under Save the Children’s Project ARAL (Access to Resources for Alternative Learning) that will support the learning from home of underprivileged children in Caloocan, Navotas, and Malabon, as well as in Southern Mindanao.

Naida Pasion, Chief Business Development Officer of Save the Children Philippines, said while classes reopened last week, millions of children are still at risk of being left behind due to lack of access to learning materials, including devices and internet connection.

“Christmas is about giving, and as we nurture plants at home, so too can we support children’s continuing learning at home and help ensure a better future for them. This season, let’s express our gratitude for the life that we have, by giving back to our children, to our environment through the #PlantTheirFuture project,” said Pasion.

Plantitos and plantitas may order the Dragon Tail plant by sending a message to Long Live Plants on their Instagram and/ or to Save the Children Philippines via e-mail at Shipping fee will be shouldered by the donor/ buyer.

Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. In the Philippines and around the world, we give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We do whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share.

Why You’ll Want To Use Adult Chat Sites

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Over the years, you’ve likely noticed that more and more people are using the Internet to find sexual partners. They’re searching long and hard to find dating candidates. You’ve likely done this as well. You’ll discover that using the Internet to hook up with women is one of the best options. You’ll easily be able to find gorgeous women who are interested in hooking up with you. You’ll want to use adult chat sites to your advantage.

Below, you’re going to learn more about adult chat sites and the benefits they offer.

Beautiful Women

First and foremost, you should know that adult chat sites are going to put in touch with gorgeous women. You’ve likely searched your entire life for a beautiful woman to no avail. Now, you have the chance to seal the deal. You can conveniently chat with a stunning girl using your computer. These websites are convenient and fun. Furthermore, they’re a convenient way to interact with gorgeous women.

If you are looking for a sexy woman who wants to chat with you, it is time to sign up for one of these websites.

Always Safe

When you head out on a date, you have to worry about your safety. You never know what is going to go wrong. You need to make sure that you go above and beyond to protect yourself. If you don’t, you might run into a stranger who has bad intentions. To avoid this problem, you should make sure that you know who you’re dealing with. Alternatively, you should use safer methods to find a date. You’ll find that using a sexchat is an excellent choice.

You can use these websites without any risks. They’ll help you protect yourself from bodily harm and other dangers.

Always Fun

Another thing to note is that these chat sites are going to provide you with hours and hours of fun. You’re likely tired of sitting around your home. You’re sick of being locked down due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Aren’t you ready for a change? If you’ve answered yes, you’ll want to visit one of these sites. You can guarantee that you’re going to have a good time when using these sites. When you’re chatting with a gorgeous woman, you’ll have a good time.

You’ll love every second of your conversation. If you’re looking for a good way to entertain yourself during the pandemic, you should try using these websites.

Who Knows?

Finally, you should know that these websites could lead to something else. Who knows? There is always a chance that your chat session will lead to a deeper relationship with a stranger. You may fall for this individual and they might fall for you. You could easily find the love of your life by using these adult websites. What more could you ask for? By signing up for an adult chat site, you’ll be able to chat with a gorgeous woman, develop a relationship with this person, and have lots of fun.

You’ll want to use these sites because they’re safe, exciting, and so much more.

LTFRB Opens Provincial Bus Routes from Davao and Pampanga to Metro Manila

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Alinsunod sa kautusan ni Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur Tugade na magbukas ng mas maraming ruta ng nga pampublikong sasakyan, nagbukas ang LTFRB ngayong araw, 16 Oktubre 2020, ng karagdagang ruta ng mga provincial buses mula Pampanga at Davao patungong Metro Manila.

Ito ay ayon sa naging desisyon ni Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte at ng buong Gabinete na aprubahan ang mga rekomendasyon ng Economic Development Council (EDC) na naglalayong makatulong sa pagbangon ng ekonomiya.

Nakasaad sa Memorandum Circular 2020-051 ang pagbibigay-daan ng LTFRB sa pagbubukas ng Provincial Bus Routes papasok ng Metro Manila. Bawat ruta ay dumaan sa masusing pag-aaral ng ahensya at sa pakikipagtulungan ng Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) at mga lokal na pamahalaan.

Narito ang mga binuksang provincial bus routes:

1. Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga - Araneta Center, Cubao
2. Davao City, Davao Del Sur - Sta. Rosa Integrated Terminal, Laguna

Mayroong 5 units para sa ruta ng Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga papuntang Araneta Center, Cubao, samantalang 14 units naman ang pinayagan para sa ruta ng Davao City, Davao Del Sur hanggang Sta. Rosa Integrated Terminal, Laguna.

Mananatili naman ang mahigpit na pagpapatupad ng 7 COMMANDMENTS para sa mga PASAHERO, DRAYBER, OPERATOR at KONDUKTOR ng pampublikong transportasyon:

1. Magsuot ng face mask at face shield
2. Bawal ang pagsasalita, pakikpag-usap o pagsagot ng telepono
3. Bawal ang pagkain
4. Kailangang may sapat na ventilation
5. Kailangang may frequent disinfection
6. Bawal magsakay ng symptomatic passenger
7. Kinakailangang sumunod sa appropriate physical distancing (one seat apart)

Ang mga health and sanitation protocols na ito ay alinsunod sa rekomendasyon ng mga health experts na kinakailangang isapuso at sundin ng mga pasahero, driver, konduktor, at maging ng mga operator.

Patuloy na magbubukas ang LTFRB ng mga bagong ruta ng PUV sa mga susunod na araw.


#DefendLizaSoberano Against the likes of Vlogger Maui Becker

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Eh ngayon mukhang wala kang alam na ‘yung Gabriela ay salot sa lipunan, miyembro ng mga terorista at komunista, rebelde, NPA, front ng NPA. At wala kang ka ide-ideya. E kung ganyan na wala kang kaalam alam Liza, e manahimik ka. At hands off our children, Liza, you stupid b****,” - Vlogger Maui Becker

A vlogger accused actress Liza Soberano of becoming a member of an alleged communist front after she participated in an online seminar by the youth arm of women’s rights group Gabriela. 

“Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano joins Gabriela Youth, a front of the Communists!” the description of a Youtube livestream by a certain Maui Becker read:


Go to YouTube guys and report the content. Maui Becker, shame on you! 

To whoever this Maui Becker is, Liza is coming for you gurl!! You messed with the wrong woman.

I am pretty sure that is not even his or her, or whatever it is, freaking real name. That's most probably an alias as what people who have something to hide, same as those who change their names on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and never uses their own photos as profile pics.

Proud pa itong Maui Becker na DDS siya, nahaluan na yata ng dolomite ang utak?! 

The devil works hard but DDS trolls work harder talaga noh?! Now, the other side also has their own troll farm for sure, or not they would admit it, but almost all political personalities and celebrities do hire their own PR team to manage their image especially their online presence.

So I watched her live on YouTube, grabe halatadong paid troll. Walang basehan puro opinion lang, tapos gutom pa sa atensyon. I think she mentioned and hashtagged every issue out there. Ambababaw naman.

Seriously, there's a lot of red-tagging going on and mainly because even the government is encouraging this as their own officials are guilty of accusing even their own members of the government as among the terrorist groups. 

When being an activist fighting for rights and shouting out sentiments becomes immediate suspects for terrorism, we are afraid that this administration is no longer serving the people but harrasing us to follow them as dictators.


Vid link:

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Earthquake felt in different parts of Luzon

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I thought someone was shaking me awake. But no. It's a strong earthquake. 2020 be hitting hard. 

Damn #EarthquakePH, this is the second time my wet dreams had been disrupted...

Reports are coming in of an earthquake felt in different parts of Luzon at 4:07 A.M. Did you feel it? 

A magnitude 5.2 earthquake was recorded in Looc, Occidental Mindoro at 4:06AM on Saturday, according to Phivolcs. 

I knew it, I wasn't just dizzy. It was really an earthquake. Stay safe, everyone!!! 

Earthquake Information No.1

Date and Time: 17 Oct 2020 - 03:52 AM

Magnitude = 2.6

Depth = 010 kilometers

Location = 13.75N, 120.20E - 007 km N 61° W of Looc (Occidental Mindoro)

The Philippines kept on experiencing earthquakes the past few days until now. Lots of places here were experiencing a high magnitude of earthquakes. I do really hope that there would be no more earthquakes for the next few days.

Filipinos still should prepare ourselves because we don't know if there would be another to strike our country again in the next days and if there is and it has higher magnitude than the previous ones, at least we are prepared.

#Earthquake #LindolPH #QuakePH #EarthquakePH #EarthquakeOccidentalMindoro

#WhatsHappeningInSouthEastAsia: Humanity Trampled Upon by Governments

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What's wrong with the governments of Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines? Why is everything so bad?

What is happening to South East Asia?

Is this the work of the Corona or Covid-19 virus? Is the pandemic becoming a pandemonium?

A new law is declared in Indonesia, but we have no idea what the law actually said cause there are 5 versions of it, with the 812 pages claimed to be the final one, get thinner because there's a change of paper size.

Since yesterday, Indonesia has held several demonstrations against the government which enacted laws that harm the people

Same thing is happening in Thailand and the Philippines.

We Filipinos experience the same way as our neighboring countries experienced with this kind of abuse of authority. Sending lots of love and prayers for both Thailand and Indonesia.

The people who've sworn to serve and protect their country are doing the opposite. they are abusing their power. they aren't listening to us. we need to be louder.

Best clowners goes to:
Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines

Congrats on becoming the funniest government in 2020! Thousands of people get arrested, kidnapped, even died as ur rewards. Well done!!

Please take a moment to learn about what’s going on in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone fighting for their rights and freedom. Please stay safe!

It's a sin to close your eyes when you already know what happened. please pray for us, thais, and indonesians who are fighting for our rights against the government. 

The world needs to know what's happen now!!

Police start to take action on protester, i see human but no humanity. Its getting worst, for everyone who fight, please stay safe.

I don't mind to be a slave for my own country, 


Freedom of speech is a Human Right.

We stand with Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

We stand for Justice!

We all need real Democracy! Violence is not an answer !


Let's hold hands together for a better future


This is so heartbreaking, as if the virus is not only killing humans, but also humanity.




"People should not be afraid of their governments. Only governments should be afraid of their people." -V for Vendetta


Friday, October 16, 2020

Filipino Small-Scale Tuna Fishers Eligible for Prestigious International Ecolabel

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The municipal fisher organization Philippine Tuna Handline Partnership (PTHP) officially began its journey towards earning the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Ecolabel on the 3rd of October, 2020, with its Announcement Comment Draft Report (ACDR) uploaded to the MSC website.

The PTHP works specifically within the Philippine Small-scale Yellowfin Tuna Handline Fishery. Members of the PTHP deal exclusively in Yellowfin Tuna, or Thunnus albacares, which is among the Philippines’ main fishery exports.

The MSC Ecolabel is widely recognized as being among the strictest marine ecolabels in circulation. The presence of the MSC ecolabel on fishery products is an assurance that it was sourced and harvested sustainably.

Due to the strict guidelines of the MSC, as well as the high costs and capital requirements that go into both the evaluation process and in maintaining the label’s strict requirements, only mostly industrial and commercial fishing and processing companies have been able to obtain the MSC ecolabel so far. The PTHP organization would be the first small-scale fisher operation in the Philippines to obtain the MSC ecolabel, should they pass the evaluation process.

Small scale handline fishing is seen as a sustainable solution to existing overfishing problems. The gear used in small scale handline fishing is highly selective compared to other fishing gears, which makes them more environmentally friendly in comparison.

The milestone comes after almost a decade of support from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines’ Partnership Program Towards Sustainable Tuna (PPTST) in helping the PTHP meet the stringent requirements of the prestigious ecolabel. 

The project has been spearheaded by WWF-Philippines, together with WWF national offices in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Together with the WWF network in this effort is New England Seafood, Inc., Waitrose Ltd., Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer, Bell Seafood, Swiss Coop and Seafresh, who have supported the PTHP and other handline fishers across the globe since 2014. WWF-Germany, together with Swiss Coop, Bell Seafood and Seafresh, has funded the effort since 2011. Public sector bodies such as the Development Bank of Germany (DEG), the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and LGUs in Mindoro Strait and Lagonoy Gulf also lent their support to the program.

The PTHP’s bid for MSC certification is a direct result of an effective multi-stakeholder partnership between the public and private sector and civil society, both local and international. The milestone is representative of many stakeholders coming together to empower small-scale fishers through the PTHP.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our small-scale fishers. In an industry that is dominated by big commercial interests our fishers are making  stand for themselves by telling the world that there is, indeed, space for small-scale, sustainably sourced seafood,” said WWF-Philippines Project Manager Joann Binondo. Binondo has worked closely with the fishers of the PTHP since 2011. Through WWF-Philippines, she has trained them as sustainable fishers, ready to meet the guidelines of the MSC.

Small scale tuna fishers will have access to high-end export markets across the world as well as better returns on their fishery products through the MSC, further explains Binondo. Trends in sustainability in developed markets have put a premium on sustainably sourced seafood. 

The Philippine Small-scale Yellowfin Tuna Handline Fishery earning MSC status would also serve as a business case for sustainably-sourced, small scale seafood.

“This isn’t just about the ecolabel. This is about our fishers choosing sustainability, something that they did of their own accord. That is part of the message we want people to see - that our fishers are capable, and their seafood is the best,” added Binondo.

WWF-Philippines will now be handing the reins of the certification process entirely to the PTHP for the MSC full assessment process. The MSC, among other fishery stakeholders, will be assessing the organization based on its ability to meet the requirements established by the MSC. The WWF network will play a supporting role as an MSC key stakeholder.

Jen Barangan: I'm no longer a flight attendant

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“Effectively today October 16, 2030. I'm no longer a flight attendant. I just lost a job that I dearly love.

It might be the end of my time with Cebu Pacific, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be the start of yours. When this pandemic ends and we are all clear to travel again, the skies will need you and it is now your turn to follow your dreams”- Jen Barangan

When Jen Barangan is trending, you know she really is a good influence to her subrcribers and followers. 

Jen inspired so many aspiring flight attendants. We all know that she will fly again! We are all rooting for her! Everything happens for a reason and this could be a preparation for something bigger. 

Another door will be open for you, that's for sure  a much better one. And that door will be the answer to the question WHY? 

Whatever happens, thank you for sharing your journey as a flight attendant. One big virtual bear hugs for you. Thank you for all the inspirations and motivations. Fight! 

Your job as a FA might have ended, but I know for sure that it has not broken your wings. Continue to fly high; I know you will.

Sometimes these rough paths we take are just a few steps to an endless smooth ride to whatever gift God has prepared for us.

A very tight hug for you, Jen. You will surely soar higher in His precious time because you are naturally amazing in all aspects.

“I did not expect you to lift me up when Im down. I just expect you to be on my side while im trying to lift myself up" - Jen Barangan

This is definitely the reality that we are all struggling. Holding back my years now.

Do you know why I love her? Because she's so pure and kind. Imagine, even though she's having a living nightmare, she's still pushing us to achieve our dreams. She's still motivating us even though she's the one who really needs it right noe. Thank you again, Jen. Until our next take off! 

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