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Save the Children Philippines launches online fundraising campaign “I Pledge to Save the Children

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Save the Children Philippines launches the “I Pledge to Save the Children” campaign that aims to raise funds for programs that will help children learn, survive, and be protected every day and in times of emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

In celebration of the child rights organization’s 40 years of lifesaving work for and with children in the Philippines, individuals and groups are invited to make a pledge to save the children by simply visiting Save the Children’s giving platform, selecting the program they wish to support, and setting up their own fundraising pages.

The pandemic exacerbated the challenges children have been facing in terms of education, health and nutrition, and protection. In 2020, 2.73 million learners were not able to enroll according to the Department of Education. Health and nutrition of children are also being compromised with the disruption to health center operations and the inability of many families to meet their basic food requirements due to loss of income and livelihood.

Donations collected from the campaign will all support Save the Children’s programs that seek to address these issues by giving children and their families access to learning kits, health and nutrition services, parenting support materials, and hygiene essentials and clean water.

“The rights of children must not be forgotten even as we face challenging times. With our four decades of experience working for and with children, we remain determined to deliver lifesaving programs that will meet their emerging needs,” said Atty. Alberto Jesus Muyot, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children Philippines.

The organization’s ambassadors Xia Vigor, Katarina Rodriguez, Ria Atayde, and Liza Soberano are leading the campaign and have set up their own fundraising pages. Xia Vigor will be supporting children’s continued education while Katarina Rodriguez’s fundraiser benefits the monitoring of young children’s nutritional status. Ria Atayde made a pledge to help keep children and families safe during the pandemic while Save the Children’s latest ambassador, Liza Soberano will raise funds to provide children and their families the necessary support to adjust to the new normal.

“Being a supporter of the organization myself for the past years, I have seen how the collective action of donors can bring meaningful change in the lives of children. We are calling on everyone who can, to support our programs for children by either making a direct donation or setting up your own fundraising page,” said Soberano.

Other celebrity supporters of the organization who have made the pledge to save the children include Andi Eigenmann, Pia Wurtzbach, Bianca Guidotti, Carla Lizardo, Adrian Lindayag, and journalist Angela Lagunzad, among others.

To donate or set up your own “I Pledge to Save the Children” fundraiser, please visit:

International Silent Film Festival Manila Launches Silent Film Competition on its 15th Year

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Mit Out Sound, the country’s first film lab on silent filmmaking, will culminate with a Silent Short Film Competition at the International Silent Film Festival Manila in November

On its 15th year, the International Silent Film Festival Manila (ISFFM) has stepped up efforts to promote silent filmmaking in the Philippines by establishing Mit Out Sound (MOS): International Silent Film Lab 2021

The ISFFM is a joint partnership among the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), Embassy of France in Manila, Philippine Italian Association, Goethe-Institute Philippinen, Instituto Cervantes de Manila, and Japan Foundation, Manila.

Established in 2007, the ISFFM is among the few remaining silent film festivals in the world and the first and oldest Southeast Asian silent film festival. It is an awaited cultural event among cinephiles and music lovers as it brings together film classics and Filipino musicians on the same stage to perform and reinterpret stories.

Through the online MOS: International Silent Film Lab, the ISFFM aims to encourage the production of silent films and discover new talents who will be mentored by local and international filmmakers on story development, editing, technicalities, and other elements of silent filmmaking to better translate their visual narratives.

The ISFFM committee will choose 10 filmmakers to undergo the intensive MOS film lab. The FDCP, through its Film Cultural Exchange Program (FCEP), will conduct all MOS activities, including the Visual Storytelling Lab, Safe Filming Lab, and Editing Lab sessions that will be held via Zoom.

Participants will each be awarded a production grant worth PHP 50,000 to produce their silent shorts that will premiere at the Silent Short Film Competition in the 15th ISFFM in November 2021.

During the festival’s culmination, incentive awards will also be given: Best Film Award (PHP 20,000 with trophy and certificate), Jury’s Special Prize Award (PHP 10,000 with trophy and certificate), and Jose Nepomuceno Award (PHP 15,000 with trophy and certificate).

“Philippine Cinema has lost most of its early silent films. This sad reality inspired the creation of the first Mit Out Sound: International Silent Film Lab in order to revive the interest in silent filmmaking and enhance the expertise of Filipino filmmakers in creating unique and quality films,” said FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño.

She noted that silent filmmaking is crucial in the history of Philippine Cinema because the first movie produced and directed by a Filipino, “Dalagang Bukid” by Jose Nepomuceno, was a silent film. The classic’s release date of September 12, 1919 was the basis of the declaration of Sine Sandaan or One Hundred Years of Philippine Cinema.

Since the production of silent films only appeals to a few filmmakers, the ISFFM has issued a nationwide call for entries by amateur and professional filmmakers aged 16 and above.

With the theme “Reimagining the Past with the Present,” the MOS: International Silent Film Lab seeks to celebrate film retrospective and pay homage to Philippine silent cinema. Submissions must present the filmmakers’ artistic and contemporary reimagination and recreation of any of the following Filipino silent film classics:

● “Dalagang Bukid” by Jose Nepomuceno

● “Ang Tatlong Hambog” by Jose Nepomuceno

● “Ang Manananggal” by Jose Nepomuceno

● “Moro Pirates” by Jose Nepomuceno

● “Mang Tano, Nuno ng mga Aswang” by Jose Nepomuceno

● “Tianak” by Jose Nepomuceno

● “Mali-Mali” by Jose Nepomuceno

● “Estrellita del cine” by Jose Nepomuceno

● “Miracles of Love” by Vicente Salumbides

● “Patria Amore” by Julian Manansala

● “Oriental Blood” by Carmen Concha


Interested filmmakers should submit the following requirements in an organized Google Drive folder with a shared viewing setting to until June 18, 2021:


● Presentation deck of the story treatment (Applicants may submit a maximum of two treatments.)

● Accomplished application form

● Official government ID

● Portfolio of past works


To download the application form and view the full mechanics, visit and for inquiries, contact Ms. Julienne Calugcug at or

Long-term study proves BENEO’s Orafti®Synergy1 reduces infection duration for infants in first year of life

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A recently published study from an EU-funded project[i] demonstrates that the prebiotic enrichment of infant formula milk with oligofructose-enriched inulin (Orafti®Synergy1) reduces the duration of infections in the first year of a baby’s life.

The study is part of the EARNEST[ii] project (EARly Nutrition programming-long term follow up of Efficacy and Safety Trials), an EU-funded integrated initiative. It was conducted across multiple sites and was a prospective, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. It involved 160 healthy term infants who were exclusively formula-fed and aged younger than 4 months at the outset of the study. The infant formula was either enriched with 0.8 g/100 mL of BENEO’s Orafti®Synergy1, a chicory root derived prebiotic, or an unsupplemented control formula. These were given until the babies were 12 months old.

The findings showed that both formulas were well-tolerated and safe. However, the babies that consumed the infant formula enriched with Orafti®Synergy1 had significantly shorter infection episodes, compared to the control group. In addition, the total daily crying time for those consuming the prebiotic formula was lower and their stools were significantly softer throughout the 12-month period.

Anke Sentko, Vice President Regulatory Affairs & Nutrition Communication at BENEO, comments: “The research results are especially exciting because they reflect the first year in a baby’s life for the first time and show that the duration of infections was significantly reduced by the group consuming formula enriched with Orafti®Synergy1. Without a doubt, this is good news for both babies and their parents. With the right choice of ingredients, formulas can be improved by enriching them with prebiotic oligofructose-enriched inulin and brought closer to the gold standard of breast-feeding.”

This is the third study using 0.8 g/100 mL Orafti®Synergy1 with infants proving safety, good tolerance and health benefits, but is the first study with Orafti®Synergy1 of such a long duration. It also adds to the growing evidence of the positive effects of prebiotics on a baby’s gut microbiota linked to their inner defence system. In this respect, a healthy colonisation of the gut microbiota with beneficial bacteria seems to be of high importance for the proper development of the immune system.

As a recognised prebiotic, oligofructose-enriched inulin, BENEO’s Orafti®Synergy1, feeds beneficial Bifidobacteria in the gut and thus positively influences the microbiota. Breast-fed babies’ microbiota is characterised by a high count of Bifidobacteria, which positively influences the gut environment. While not every child is able to benefit from breast feeding, this study shows that with the prebiotic enrichment of infant formula, it is possible for them to gain a stronger inner defence system, improved stool consistency and other benefits.

Louie Sangalang keeps his cool amid physical ordeals, roller coaster emotions and nerve wracking mind games

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Louie Sangalang is literally the last man standing in The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition -- the last male candidate in the running for the US$250,000 job offer to be the protégé of ONE Championship chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong and his chief of staff at the ONE Championship Global Headquarters in Singapore.

Sanggalang has had a strong performance so far in the reality series, impressing no less than Sityodtong with his business acumen and creativity, especially in his team’s business proposal for a travel insurance app that would give travelers peace of mind and convenience once travel is resumed. Sangalang was project leader for that task.

Other candidates took note of his strategic and seemingly scheming game in the first eight episodes, however. But Sangalang is unperturbed by other people's opinions of him.

Truth be told, he's just going with the flow, he says. He knows all too well the unpredictability of being in what is touted as the toughest The Apprentice in history.

"I didn’t really have a gameplan coming into the competition because I didn’t know what to expect," he said. "So my preparation was quite simple: I told myself that I’m just going to be my best professional self and practice mental toughness, then I will adapt to the situation along the way."

From there, Sangalang’s mantra was to “expect the unexpected”. His strong belief in and practice of stoicism toughened him up and gave him a sense of balance from which he can draw from an inner strength.

It is the same mindset that saw him weather failures and life challenges that would have easily felled others. His rebellious youth, a bout with alcoholism and depression, and then stomach cancer in his 20s were formidable setbacks for Sangalang. But phoenix-like he conquered all those and went on to be the first Filipino cancer survivor to finish the North Pole Marathon. He became an MMA champion in 2018, an Iron Man finisher the same year and is now a successful business person.

In The Apprentice, Sangalang made it a point to give 110-percent in every physical task and boardroom challenge and is the only candidate among the 16 to stay undefeated as a project manager. Six male candidates from the United States, Singapore, New Zealand, and Japan have been eliminated as were female candidates from Singapore, Germany, Thailand, the United States and the Philippines. Now Sangalang is up against all-female competitors from the US, Indonesia, Russia, and Venezuela.

Being the thorn among roses means nothing to Sangalang. What matters is proving one's self, especially with what's hanging in the balance, he said. "Chatri found strong characteristics and abilities in each one of us, So, it doesn’t matter whether you're male or female. We're here and there's a reason why we're here. Probably Chatri sees some greatness in us that he believes he can unlock once he chooses 'the one.'"

Sangalang, however, is in it to win it and he vows to do everything in his power to win The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition.

The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition is showing across Asia on AXN, the show’s official Asian broadcast partner, with markets to include Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

The first season of “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition” consists of 13 episodes and will be seen in the Philippines on Thursdays, 8:50 pm on AXN cable network and on Mondays at 9 p.m. on One Sport.

Completion of construction works of the Bicol International Airport

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Department of Transportation (DOTr) Sec. Art Tugade assured that the construction works of the Bicol International Airport will be completed within the year while the partial operability segment of the PNR Bicol is targeted up to the second quarter of 2022.

To ensure that the big-ticket infrastructure projects in the region remain on track, Secretary Tugade visited Albay yesterday, 13 May 2021, to lead a series of inspections with other DOTr and local government officials.

*BIA Inspection*

First stop of the scheduled inspections is the much-awaited Bicol International Airport (BIA), of which construction works are 24/7 since last year on the directive of Secretary Tugade. The transportation chief said the DOTr and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), under Director General Jim Sydiongco, will be pushing for the nonstop construction works at the airport to meet its target completion date within the year.

“Hangarin ko ho na matapos ang konstruksyon, at maging operational ang Bicol International Airport bago matapos ang taong ito,” Secretary Tugade said.

The BIA, known as the “Most Scenic Gateway” of the country, is now at 82.22% overall progress rate after 13 years of delay. Once operational, it is expected to serve a total of two (2) million passengers every year.

“Matagal na panahon na pong hinintay ng sambayanan, lalo’t higit ng mga Bicolano, ang pagtatapos nitong Bicol International Airport. Bago pa tayo dumating, mayroon nang tatlong groundbreaking ang nagawa rito. Ngayon ho, malapit nang matapos ang aktwal na konstruksyon nito,” Secretary Tugade added.

Moreover, in terms of job generation, 755 jobs were created during the airport's construction phase while 1,100 more indirect jobs await locals once the airport becomes operational.

“Dahil sa tuloy-tuloy na trabaho, inaasahan natin na makapagbibigay ang proyektong ito ng kabuhayan sa ating mga kababayang Bicolano,” Secretary Tugade said.

At present, the Package 2A of the BIA, which covers the construction of landside facilities and other buildings, is 94.40% complete, and is targeted to be completed this month.

Meanwhile, Package 2B, covering the construction of the PTB and runway extension, as well as the construction of the taxiway, drainage, and other site development works, is 68.14% complete, and is slated to be completed by June this year.

In addition, ongoing works for the embankment, and construction of access road and slope protection is now at 52.50% and is being eyed for completion this coming October.

*PNR Bicol inspection*

Secretary Tugade and team DOTr also inspected the alignment and the future location of the depot station of the PNR Bicol or the PNR South Long-Haul Project in Legazpi City, Albay.

The DOTr and the Philippine National Railways (PNR) eye the partial operations of the San Pablo, Candelaria, Lucena, and Pagbilao segments between the first and second quarter of next year. Meanwhile, the full operation of the PNR Bicol Project is slated for the third quarter of 2025.

To recall, the DOTr signed a contract for the Project Management Consultant of the PNR Bicol in 2018. Moreover, the basic detailed design for the Civil Works Package 1 (Banlic, Laguna to Daraga, Albay) is already finished.

The DOTr and the PNR also target to publish within May and to award the Civil Works Contract Package 1 in the third quarter of this year.

Additionally, the on-site activities are ongoing for the PNR Bicol project, including a Land Parcellary Survey, and the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment.

“Inaasahan po natin na makapag-award po tayo ng unang contractor itong 3rd quarter ng 2021. Ongoing na rin po ang pag-aacquire natin ng mga lupa,” said DOTr Undersecretary for Railways Timothy John Batan.

About 560-kilometers long, the PNR Bicol railway line runs from Sucat, Parañaque in Metro Manila to Matnog in Sorsogon, and from Calamba to Batangas. Once operational, PNR Bicol is expected to reduce travel time between Manila and Legazpi from 14-18 hours to just 6 hours with regular commuter trains and 4.5 hours with express trains.

Around 20,000 jobs were generated during the construction phase of the rail project and is expected to generate 10,000 more local jobs once it becomes operational.

*Turnover of Pantao Port from PPA to Albay LGU*

Meanwhile, during the Bicol visit, Secretary Tugade, with Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) General Manager Jay Santiago, also committed the turnover of the administration and operation of the Pantao Port in Libon to the Provincial Government of Albay under Governor Al Francis Bichara effective June 1 this year.

Secretary Tugade assured that the transfer of the Pantao Port from the PPA to the Albay LGU was the subject of a thorough study.

“Matagal na hong mayroong exchange of communications, negotiations, at mga dayalogo d'yan. ‘Yung dayalogo kanina nagbigay ng punto pinal sa matagal nang pinag-uusapan,” the DOTr Secretary explained.

“Sa pamamagitan po ng paglilipat ng administrasyon at operasyon ng Pantao Port ay inaasahan po natin na ito ay mas mapapakinabangan ng Lalawigan ng Albay dahil ito po ay magagamit doon sa mismong pangangailangan ng probinsya para po mapaunlad rin ang ekonomiya at komersyo 'di lamang sa Libon kundi sa buong Albay,” GM Santiago said.

PLDT Enterprise drives digital transformation of Lipa City for improved public services

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PLDT Enterprise recently announced its partnership with the City Government of Lipa to roll out digital services that will help improve governance and the delivery of public services for its constituents.

Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups recognizes the importance of supporting government especially in its infrastructure needs, saying “it is imperative that we are one with the government to improve the delivery of critical public services during this unprecedented and very challenging times. PLDT Enterprise reiterates this commitment with the establishment of its partnership with the Lipa City Government aimed at transforming the LGU’s digital capabilities.”

Lipa City is 86 kilometers south of Metro Manila and is the most populous city in Batangas. The so-called “Little Rome of the Philippines” is home to several historic Catholic churches, convents, seminaries, Catholic schools and retreat houses, and local businesses which can fully leverage and maximize the benefits of its IT Infra Enhancement Project, as this will widens its coverage to more residents and businesses in the area.

PLDT’s Premium iGate Internet, with its unparalleled connectivity founded on the country's most extensive fiber optic backbone, and Voice Communications solutions, built on the country’s strongest and wide range communication infrastructure, will assure the city of connectivity that is reliable and resilient.

Lipa City Mayor Eric Africa said that as part of his Digital Roadmap for the city, he wants to improve and enhance his LGU’s IT infrastructure. With PLDT’s Premium iGate, SIP trunks and #MyNumber soon to be operational on a broad scale in the LGU, this will become a reality. He says that “the people of Lipa City deserve no less than the best service, and I am particularly grateful that PLDT Enterprise has partnered with us to provide the best service solutions to enhance Lipa’s digital infrastructure. This will not only be cost-efficient, but more importantly, it will allow us to provide better and more efficient public services using advanced technologies. To be able to streamline operational processes and centralize the LGU’s Internet, data and voice communications will help eliminate long queues and even red tape.”

Despite the continuing challenges of the global health crisis, PLDT Enterprise and the City Government of Lipa are upbeat on this partnership. The global standards and features of PLDT Enterprise’s Premium iGate, SIP trunks and #MyNumber will address pain points of Lipa residents and enable the city to have a world-class Information and Communications Technology infrastructure. This solid improvement in their digital landscape is projected to attract more businesses to set up shop in this emerging key city.

"Through this partnership, we at PLDT Enterprise aim to transform the local public services of Lipa that will enable the LGU to better help its citizens most especially in these times of need," says Vic Tria, PLDT FVP & Enterprise Revenue Group Head. "We signify our commitment in supporting Lipa LGU with our innovative technologies and services to boost their transformation initiatives."

For more information on PLDT Enterprise and its partnership with Lipa City, visit #

Musica Europa 12 : A virtual choral festival and concert of champions

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Musica FEUROPA, Far Eastern University’s annual choral festival with the European Union Delegation in the Philippines as its principal partner proudly presents
Musica FEUropa 12,a virtual series of concertsfor the first time on May 15, 22, 29 and 30, 2021.

Musica FEUROPA 12 will celebrate the power of music with choral groups sharing
their virtual performances to showcase both Philippine and European pieces for the public to see, hear and enjoy.

Musica FEUROPA aims to elevate the standards of participating choirs by using the European guidelines for competitions. It prepares Filipino choirs to participate in European choral competitions and fosters an openness to cultural exchange.

The main purpose of Musica FEUROPA is to make it one of the definitive festivals in the choral circuit, first in the Philippines, then in the world:

--- To promote the European Union in the Philippines, particularly through its music during the European Union Month of May;
--- To expose Filipino choirs to the works of European composers; and
--- To give equal importance to the works of Filipino composers.

As in previous years, highly respected Adjudicatorsfrom the Philippine choral circuit will be present in the first three concerts to provide constructive feedback to each of the selected choirs.

The adjudicators are as follows:

Anna Abeleda-Piquero,
Mark Anthony Carpio,
Dr. Ed Manguiat,
Ramon Lijauco, Jr.,
Jonathan Velasco, and
Dr. Maria Theresa Vizconde-Roldan.

Some of these adjudicators will return for the finale on May 30 to conduct their choir in
the Concert of Champions.

The latter will feature various Filipino choirs who have won not just in Musica FEUROPA
but bigger competitions in the Philippines and abroad.

Invited choirs will submit videos of past or virtual performances of one piece in an official EU language by a composer from the EU, one in any Filipino language or dialect by someone of Filipino descent and the Ode to Joy in German.

The deadline for submission of entries is May 18.

Musica FEUROPA 12 will happen via Zoom.

All Musica FEUropa 12 concerts will also be posted on its YouTube Channel and that of the FEU Center for the Arts.

Musica FEUROPA 12 is also brought to you by 98.7 DZFE, official media partner.


8 Important Things to Consider When Booking a Hotel

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Traveling for either business or leisure is no longer a new concept and neither is making hotel reservations online. Many choose to do so because of the convenience of settling everything with just a few clicks rather than making several calls to their travel agent. While many seasoned travelers know better than to book the first hotel they see online, some fall prey in trusting captivating advertisement photos—only to be disappointed by the real condition of their rooms when they arrive at the hotel.

If you don’t want to make a similar mistake and ensure you get what you pay for, here are eight important things you need to consider when booking a hotel.

Guest Reviews

The best way to know the real condition of the hotel you are looking at is by reading customer reviews. Many guests are willing to share their experiences and honest feedback. Through the reviews, you will notice a pattern on the similar things people are praising or complaining about. This can help you get more information about the hotel from the guests’ perspective.

When reading through the reviews, take note of both the positive and negative ones too. There may be a few discontented guests that may have been too fussy and complained about almost everything. A good gauge is to see the majority of the reviews. If you see one or two complaints, these may be isolated cases or something the hotel has yet to improve on. On the other hand, a series of praises may mean the hotel strives to provide excellent service to all its guests. Also, you may want to check if the hotel responds to the feedback and tries to resolve the issues immediately. This could mean they value what their customers have to say about them.

Guest reviews can also help keep you updated if a part of the hotel is under renovation or an amenity is temporarily unavailable because of the timely feedback that customers leave. You can typically find these reviews on the hotel’s website, their official Facebook page, and other trusted review sites.


The location of the hotel needs to be safe and practical for you as this could affect your entire trip. You want to make sure that you can safely go back to your hotel in case you end up staying out late. Also, you want to have an idea of nearby restaurants and cafes.

If you are on a business trip, you want to easily get to the central business districts from the hotel. You don’t want to spend so much time on the daily commute. In line with this, make sure to have several modes of transportation available as well. If you are on a budget, it’s good to have options like a ride sharing app rather than just relying on riding a taxi, which may be costly.

Most hotels have brief descriptions of their location with an online map. But it’s always good to check on online maps like Google Maps and see the hotel’s exact location and the establishments in its vicinity.

Wi-Fi Connection

Internet connectivity is now considered more of a utility rather than a luxury, especially for those with a digital nomad lifestyle.

Although most hotels provide free Wi-Fi, some may charge a small fee for a high-speed connection while others limit access to one device at a time. This may be a problem if you have multiple devices or if you are sharing the room with another person. If you need to stay connected throughout your stay, you may want to ask the hotel about it before placing a reservation. Also, be cautious of how some hotels will advertise “Free Wi-Fi” but it will only be available in the lobby or other common access areas.

Complimentary Breakfast

All guests appreciate complimentary breakfast. It’s very convenient and can help save you from having breakfast elsewhere. While some hotels offer a more affordable room rate if you exclude breakfast, consider this carefully if the price difference is small. You may save more by having breakfast in the hotel than in other cafes outside.

Early Check-In and Check-Out

Early check-in can be very helpful and convenient, especially if your flight allows you to arrive hours before the normal check-in time. Some hotels allow you access your room as soon as it’s ready. On the other hand, if your flight departs in the evening, a late check-out may save you from spending hours waiting at the airport.

It’s always good to communicate with the hotel staff before your arrival and see if they will allow you to check-in early or check-out late without any additional costs. Some can be understanding with your request, as long as the room is available. If not, you can ask them to hold your luggage while waiting.

Health and Safety Protocols

With the new health standards in place nowadays, many hotels have taken up new protocols to ensure the safety of their guests and staff. You may want to keep yourself informed on the essential and additional precautions they are implementing. This can also help you prepare in case you need to make special arrangements during your stay. For example, they may encourage to settle all payments online and to have contactless check-in to reduce human contact.

Special Needs

Some travelers may be traveling with people who have special needs. If you are traveling with an infant, you may need to request a bassinet. Similarly, a person with a physical disability may need elevator access and an elevated toilet seat. Also, you may need to check if pets are allowed in the hotel. Those that do may even provide a dog bed.

Discounts and Promos

Every traveler likes discounts and promos. When booking a hotel, be on the lookout for offers that will give you the most savings. You may also avail yourself of loyalty cards for certain hotels to get additional benefits. While you’re at it, check the prices and see if there are any hidden fees. Make sure you read the fine print when it comes to taxes and clarify them with the hotel. You want to avoid being surprised when settling the final fee.

These are just some of the important details you don’t want to skip when booking a hotel, whether it may be through an online travel agency or directly on the hotel’s website. It’s always good to do some research first. You may end up saving more like when you choose to have a direct booking at Kabayan Hotel through their website.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Julian Felipe Reef is Ours!

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Roque downplays swarming of Chinese ships in Julian Felipe Reef, claiming the feature is 'far away' from Philippine landmass, 'we never possessed that reef.'

Malacañang  said the Philippines was never in possession of Julian Felipe Reef, an area in the West Philippine Sea that hit the headlines due to the presence of hundreds of Chinese ships there.

How can we ever hope to assert our position in the WPS if our own officials appear to contradict each other, diminish our claims, or make jokes about an important source of livelihood for many Filipinos. 

Another indicator that the Duterte government lacks coherent, sound and independent foreign policy. Expect contradictions within the regime.

Hindi mo na rin sure to si Locsin. Doble kara kasi minsan.

This is government incompetence in motion.

May bagong ibinebenta ang Duterte admin

Palace: PH never owned Julian Felipe reef. It’s not part of our Exclusive Economic Zone

Is this the script China want them to memorize?

Treason to the max!

Palace spokesman Harry Roque falsely claimed that the Julian Felipe Reef is not within the West Philippine Sea. The NTF-WPS issued a statement in March saying the reef is located around 175 nautical miles west of Bataraza, Palawan and is within the PH EEZ

The nearest landmass to The Julian Felipe Reef is neither China nor Vietnam. It's Palawan, Philippines. 

I manually checked how far Julian Felipe reef is from Palawan using a map. The result was 200.04 miles.

I assume that's land miles so that means, converting it to nautical miles, Julian Felipe reef is well within Philippine EEZ.

Why is Malacanang taking the side of China again? This is very alarming?

Department of Foreign Affairs, Sec. Teodoro Locsin Jr. said  International diplomacy should be left exclusively to the DFA hours after Roque  said that the Julian Felipe Reef wasbeyond the Philippines' exclusive economic zone.

Foreign affairs is the domain of the Executive Branch. But what if there are discordant voices in the EB? Poor us. It used to be legislative v executive but Duterte's confusion has gone down to his men to the detriment of the Filipino people.

"The DFA, therefore, reiterates the demand of the Secretary of National Defense that China immediately withdraws its fishing vessels and maritime assets in the area and vicinity of Julian Felipe Reef and in the Philippines’ maritime zones."

Nagmamarunong ba si Roque o sinasadya na ipamigay na lang ang mga Philippine properties dahil utos ng poong Duterte?

The problem with Harry Roque, he is using the SpOC office to give his opinions on any matters that he wants to. He is supposed to be just a messenger and will speak for the Pres without passing any personal comments. He seems confused of his own role.Ang hitad madaldal pa loro!

Vietnam's Grierson Reef & China's Hughes Reef are close to Julian Felipe Reef. UNCLOS reiterated the intl Law of the Sea, that the shoreline of a country is the basis to measure EEZ. Thus, the Julian Felipe reef being only 175M from PH shoreline is our territory. 

Julian Felipe Reef is 175 nautical miles (324 kilometers) west of Bataraza, Palawan. 

That’s within The Philippines' EEZ (200 nautical miles or 370 km from our shores).

Julian Felipe reef is 1,060km from China. That makes it 3x farther from China than The Phils.

Kung hindi po natin ipaglalaban ang ating Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), lahat po ng nakakulay pula ay mawawala sa atin. Kasama sa malaking karagatan na nakakulay pula ay ang Julian Felipe Reef. Iyan po ang totoo. 


Ang layo ng inaangkin ng China. May nagkabayaran na ata kaya ayaw na talaga ipaglaban. 

Sana malabas sa TV ito for public info.

....and the circus continues

Sana merong Tagalog na primer o Frequently Asked Questions re WPS. Malaking hamon na labanan ang disinformation campaign ng rehimeng Duterte sa dikta ng gobyerno ni Xi Jinping. Kabilang ito sa estratehiya ng Sinicization, ang hegemonya ng imperyalistang China.

When China says consensus reached through dialogue means we are not leaving the Julian Felipe reef, nor the West Philippine Sea. 

China will be china, "as far as the eyes can see, and beyond that, historically, is mine."

Kung mawala man sa atin yan, dapat kasuhan ang mga may kagagawan at persona non grata na rin sa Pilipinas ang buong angkan nila.

So what is the next move of this government?  


Evil minded dugyot administration made matters worst for the Filipinos 

Julian Felipe Reed is ours. Period!

Sana nagkamali lang at bawiin kasi it is not true. But knowing this Duterte administration, they would insist on their evil plans for the downfall of the Filipinos.

This case is plain and simple. Duterte doesn't care about the WPS or whatever property within our EEZ. He doesn't care about the millions of Filipino fisher folks who are losing their livelihood because of his deliberate inaction regarding our claims in the WPS.

Naiiyak ako. Nagngingitngit ako sa galit. Napakahirap maging Pilipino na walang magawa para sa sariling bayan. 

Nakikiusap ako sa lahat ng makakabasa nito. Magparehistro kayo. Bumoto tayo ng tama. Sana magkaroon tayo ng tamang pagpipilian. Nakakasawa na.

We can’t wait for Duterte's term to be finished. Sana naman sa darating na election bumoto tayo ng iba. 

Hindi DDS hindi Dilawan hindi Artista we need true leadership yung hindi ka-away ang kapwa niya Pilipino.

My heart weeps for our country.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Our middle fingers offered to our joke of a president

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Duterte said that his supposed election promise to ride a jet ski to challenge Chinese incursion in Philippine waters was a "pure joke" and that those believed it were "stupid."

Sad Campaign hanggang sa pamumuno, JOKE LANG. 

This is what you get from electing a clown. You get the whole fucking circus. 

Sad thing is, it was a serious question asked by a fisherman fighting for his livelihood.

In 2016, he was asked by a fisherman on what he can for them and their livelihood.

Fast forward to present, is he seriously telling this man and his 16M supporters that they are stupid for believing in him?

Hindi lang siya #DutertePalpak, #DuterteMandurugas pa pala. 

No words can explain the STUPIDITY of this man. He is vomit!!!

If it was a joke, then his candidacy is null and void. Somebody should take over his leadership.

People should have known it was a joke. What people believed was the passion behind that joke to defend Philippine territory. People are not “stupid” they were hopeful at that time. Words like STUPID and JOKE, I think that’s Duterte's administration. 

The Joke President in Phil history, for 6 yrs of  joke with 16M joke voters! Wtf..sana ganun na lng lang tlga so we could turn back the time.

Now take this fat ass healthy middle finger u fucked up President. He deserves every curse known in the world. You should rot in hell while still alive for being our worst nightmare.

What can we expect? Eh JOKE TIME lang naman talaga presidency niya. He is the WORST. 

This is what happens when an alcoholic, seemingly brain-damaged, toddler finds himself on a podium and gets his hands on a microphone. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the worst President in the history of the Philippines. Walang bayag. Walang silbi. Walang palabra de honor. Lahat ng sinasabi niya ay pawang katawa-tawa lang. Payaso sa kanyang circus government.

Clearly, you are just plain stupid if you still support Duterte up to this day. 







Monday, May 10, 2021

My Lives Behind the Proscenium by Celia Diaz Laurel book launch set on May 29

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

How does one celebrate her 93rd birthday in this time of pandemic?

CELIA DIAZ LAUREL - Mother, wife, philanthropist, writer, painter, thespian, theater production and costume designer is all setto launch her latest coffeetable book
aptly titled‘MY LIVES BEHIND THE PROSCENIUM’ on May 29 via Facebook Live.

The book is dedicated to the following women and men whose encouragement and confidence helped her become an actress namely: Mother IMMACULADA (Assumption Convent); WILFRIDO MA. GUERRERO (UP Dramatic Club, University of the Philippines); SONIA RIFKIN and DOÑA TRINING LEGARDA (Manila Community Players); JAMES B. REUTER S.J.(Ave Maria Players and The Cathedral Players); CONSTANCE WELCH (Drama Department, Yale University); BEHN CERVANTES (who persisted in urging her to write this book about her life in the theatre); and husband SALVADOR ‘DOY’ LAUREL, who understood her calling and allowed her to grow not only as an actress but as a person.

The book chronicles the life that Celia Diaz Laurel led with chapter titles: Stage-struck at Five, Wartime Years, Dramatic UP Days, Yale Years, Back to the Stage at Repertory Philippines.

“Celia has written an entertaining story about her theatrical life in a straightforward, simple, style that not only will give the curious reader an insightinto her life and the social milieu of her time but is a historical narrative of the early years of Manila theatre and the personalities who were part of it. She writes about her early personal life as the background for the successful career she carved out for herself—not only as an actress but as a set and costume designer,” wrote Joy Virata in the foreword of the book.

Celia Diaz Laurel shares her insights about her book.“To become a painter one needs a medium such as charcoal, pastels, watercolor, oils or acrylic. Armed with an instrument such as a brush, a palette knife, or even your fingers to apply the medium on any surface you choose, you are free to paint anywhere you please - indoors or outdoors. But to become an actor one needs a good script, a director, actors to work with, a producer, a stage, lights, and most of all---an audience.

Not too many realize that the positive energy from an audience is an essential ingredient that makes, or un-makes, a show.

To win an audience everything behind the proscenium must transport the audience to another world - the imaginary world - that becomes alive and real on that stage when the lights go on.

The scenery is the audience’s first contact with the imaginary world. A perfect set establishes the mood, the time, and the place of the scene that unfolds.

Unless one has all the above elements, the desire to become an actor will remain an unfulfilled dream and your promising talent may just dissipate before an opportunity comes for you to be recognized. Your passion for the theater may, like dewdrops, drop into the sea of frustration – unfulfilled. I felt I most likely would become that dewdrop since I was painfully shy. Who could have caused opportunities to come my way? Not once did I audition for a role during my forty years behind the proscenium. My more than a hundred roles were blessings from above!

Living more than a hundred lives behind the proscenium made me understand the human heart. From my first role to my last –
I offered each performance as a sign of my gratitude to my Heavenly Producer.”

MY LIVES BEHIND THE PROSCENIUM is edited by Suzie Laurel-Delgado and Cocoy Laurel; Dulce Festin-Baybay (Editorial Consultant), Miriam R. Castillo (Project Coordinator), Sarah L. Sanz (Photo Editor),
Nestor Amador Malgapo Jr. (Book Design and Cover). Printed by GA Printing.

For book reservations and inquiries, kindly please contact Ms. Jenn Tejada c/o 88697298 Mon. - Fri. 1pm - 5 pm.

Online orders can be placed on May 29 Facebook Live launch/CeliaDiazLaurel.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Need Custom Badges

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Badges have been used for many decades on different occasions. The business industry has not been left behind. Establishing custom badges for your business is a unique way of creating a positive impression on customers. A badge is a more recent promotional product that is gaining popularity as a form of advertisement. If you are looking to promote your company, then using badges could be an ideal option. There are many reasons why a company needs to use custom badges for their business. Here are the main reasons behind custom badges:

Custom Badges Are More Affordable

Your business needs all forms of promotion to reach potential and prospective customers maximally. However, some promotional products are far way expensive to manage. Suppose you are looking for the most cost-effective promotional product for your business. In that case, custom badges from sites like could be the ideal option for you.

Besides being expensive, many promotional products that have been in the market take more time to create. The main advantage of using a badge is that many people can put it on almost anywhere, reminding prospective customers about your company. There is a specific place for the customer with custom budge to add value to your promotional campaign.

It Creates a Personal Feeling

It is human nature to love being at the receiving end of free stuff, even if it is the badge. If you give out your company badges, your prospective customers may find it as a more significant effort you’re your company. Design your badge such that it bears the additional message that’s more than just your logo. Doing so will remind your customers how important they are in your business. Upon seeing such messages, the chances of sharing those messages with your future customers are much higher

A Badge Is More Lasting Than Business Card or Flayer

Promotional products like a business card or flyer are helpful when it comes to advertising a particular company. However, many times, such products will get lost in a short time. A customer badge, on the other hand, is likely to stand a taste of time. The customer is not expected to throw away something that is still be used. Unlike a business card, which is just paper, people will keep the budget longer. The badge will serve its purpose as long as it is in your customer's possession. It will remind your customers about your business during that time, and most of them will reach out to your customers whenever they need your services.

Easy To Identify

Some advertising products like business cards or flyers may bear your company name and logo; however, they are often quickly forgotten. A badge, on the other hand, is beautiful and more eye-catching to many people. With an impressive little design from Sites such as, your customers will recognize your company instantly upon seeing the badge. They will always associate your badge with your company. Your customers are likely to show off your badge if a well-designed, attractive design.

We don't need Nayong Pilipino as a mega vaccination site

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Razon lashes out at Nayong Pilipino for opposing vaccination site.

The Nayong Pilipino Foundation opposes the vaccination facility, saying trees would be cut. Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr responds that it is 'inappropriate for the NPF to equate the fate of 500 ipil-ipil trees' with Filipinos' lives. 

The tycoon said its management was putting more importance on easily grown ipil-ipil trees than the millions of Filipinos who would be inoculated at the proposed site.

Malacañang on Nayong Pilipino executives opposing construction of mega vaccination center: 

All GOCCs (government corporations) are under the supervision of the President and their decision should not contradict the important mission of saving lives.  

My thoughts :

Sa dinami dami ng lugar sa bawat city bakit sa Nayong Pilipino? Eh ang layu-layo nyan from cities. We need to protect the very few green areas in the Metro. Why not convert existing facilities instead? Stadiums, basketball courts, schools, etc? Imagine assigning the Veteran’s golf and Wack-Wack golf courses and even SM and Ayala malls as vaccination sites (instead of Nayong Pilipino, for example) Unless someone needs to make money.

Lack of planning on the vaccination sites will force us to cut down trees. 

We should not allow it ! It’s desecration of our nature and our Filipino tradition.

Of course, a billionaire who doesn't care about the environment and all he cares is money. Good luck preparing for climate change guys!!!

For someone with a surname that translates to 'reason' in English, Razon can't seem to give a well-thought reason to justify cutting down trees.

Try using your billions to look for other sites. Create mini vaccination centers across the metro, to better manage crowd control.  

Cutting down the trees planted in Nayong Pilipino is so freaking unnecessary when there are a lot of available venues that we can use for the vaccination site. This pandemic is just temporary, the effect of the trees we will lose are permanent.

Not only is a vaccination center a bad idea because of the big probability that the crowd it will draw will hasten the spread of the virus, cutting down a forest, especially in an urban area desperate for greenery, is dangerous for the environment. 

Let me reiterate, we should bring the vaccines to the people. These mega-vaxx hubs will just be a super-spreader of the virus if the people are concentrated in one place. Stop disguising that this is for the safety of the people when there are much better possibilities for wide vaccination.

I don't see any point of building a mega vaccination site, because only a few will have the capacity to go there... bakit hindi natin ilapit sa tao ang vaccine? Pwede naman po swab cab bakit po ba ilalayo pa po ang vaccine. Iba po balak ng mga yan. Pagkakakitaan na naman nila yan.Kasi Razon and Galvez is thinking Long term plan. Nayong Pilipino Casino.

Why build a mega vaccination site from scratch? Can’t we rent existing venues like Araneta and MOA? Why cut 500 trees for this? 

e. g. LGUs distributing the vaccines to their respective barangays. Hence, the residents won't have to travel up to Nayong Pilipino under the scorching sun, avoiding the increase in the risk of infection.

Why need to centralize everything? They always want what's easier for them, but harder to reach for people. Where is the inclusivity?

Matrapik na nga yung lugar, ipagdidiinan pang ilagay duon. samantala, ang daming bakanteng lupa next to SM Mall of Asia! besides, it's only temporary.

Ifi indeed Mr. Razon's intention is pure why not open the Enrique Razon Sports Complex in DLSU Taft or better yet the Solaire Resort and convert these facility into a mega vaccination Site. Jaan walang ikacut na trees and ready and available na agad.

Razon et al should not be thinking of bringing hundreds of thousands of people into one place just to get inoculated. That’s impossible.

If only those trees in Nayong Pilipino could express their feelings. Sayang yung mga puno! Sino kaya nag plano? Mukhang hindi pinag isipan ng mabuti, Magkapera lang! Sinong baliw nag suggest putulin mga puno doon?

A vaccination site no one can get to is useless. New Nayong Pilipino is currently one of the least-accessible locations 

Raz/on is plainly just looking for parking rights on the land to build a casino later. Playing along with that is stupid, complicit or both.

Having multiple, tiny vaccination distribution points is the best way to deploy vaccines. It limits people moving around instead of, “Ok! Let’s go to Nayong Pilipino!” 

If each barangay has a distribution point then people don’t need to travel. They just need to *walk*

Yan ang issue ko with manila vaccination roll out Dami tao sa pila nakakatakot though you can't blame them kulang sa tao.

Ang daming walang job… we could not train them to jab? And the government can’t spend money on it?  2-in-1 economic stimulus?

We don’t have vaccines yet so there is time to train. May time sila to do those ridiculous simulations, but none to hire people or setup the necessary infrastructure to distribute vaccines? 

I’m sure there are a multitude of ways to do it better.

It's also stupid at this point to build a mega-vaccination center anywhere because you're essentially wasting time and money on infra rather than actually delivering vaccination.

Wala or very little kickback kasi if they use existing venues. If they build a new buildingg na overpriced plus equipments na overpriced imagine how much money they can steal. Kaya gigil na gigil sila. Sobrang sama ng politika talaga. Garapalan!

Actually brgy halls, basketball courts are the best places to do it. bring the vaccines to the people, not the other way around. you limit people movement, limit exposure of people with comorbidity to possible asymptomatic people, etc. Also keep the numbers small para Hindi maging crowded at virus super spreader..

It should be mobile vaccination, which is  faster and  no heavy lines,  no palakasan, because every street would be served faster without skipping a home.

It's such a dangerous, slippery slope to justify cutting trees with crude arguments like this. There is a way to grow and develop our society without this utter contempt for the environment - sorry, the language drips with it.

Let's make some noise! 

1. Urge Mr. Enrique Razon to utilize existing structures in his properties as mega-vaccination centers - Demand Mr. Enrique Razon utilize malls, gymnasiums, and other already existing built structures, like Solaire Theater as vaccination facilities.

2. Contact the DOT and Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat to save the urban forest and be more practical

3. Question DOT regarding the use of government land by private entities, citing Presidential Decree No. 1445 the Government Auditing Code of the Philippines.

4. Pressure DOH, DENR, DPWH, and IATF, and Congressmen and Senators.

5. Post why it’s important to save an urban forest and heritage space for future generations, rather than spend on a temporary facility, which will go against social distancing. - Use the hashtags #SagipinAngNPFUrbanForest #SavetheNPFUrbanForest

Metro Manila already has terribly few urban green public spaces - necessities to ensure a livable and breathable city. Not only that, but a lot of these remaining green spaces in the metropolis are only accessible to the privileged and the elite.

The general public needs such open spaces as well to spend time outdoors while maintaining social distancing and COVID-19 protocols. When these spaces are taken away, the public resorts to other existing, less safe spaces. Remember Gubat sa Ciudad in Caloocan?

Also, Metro Manila as a concrete jungle certainly does not help with climate change and pro-environment approaches. We NEED trees and green spaces like this to survive. 

To encourage people to plant trees while destroying such green spaces is quite ludicrous, don't you think?

Instead of wasting resources and destroying green spaces like this, I say we open such spaces to the public and utilize existing facilities with vast interior spaces such as malls and casinos as COVID facilities.

Not only do we get to keep green open spaces, but we also get to use facilities underutilized because of the pandemic. 

The stupidest thing about this discussion is that Nayong Pilipino was never an accessible destination even before the pandemic. The only people who can get there easily are those with cars. Who can go to this mega vax site anyway.? Only the rich like Razon and Galvez...and their families.

Well, having good judgement has never been known as a characteristic of this government.

Clowns are running this circus, what else can we expect?

Panginoong mahabagin,

iligtas mo po ang bayan namin mula sa mapaglinlang na mga magnanakaw sa pamahalaan na walang hanggan ang kasamaan, kaganidan, at kataksilan. Kilalanin mo po ulit kami bilang iyong bansang hinirang. Amen. 

College Professor spearheads Project Luntian Cavite, promotes ecological awareness

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Professor Julio Castillo of Chiang Kai Shek College has gathered students, residents and other civic individuals in launching “Project Luntian Cavite”, to address concerns towards protecting the natural environment from destruction and pollution held at the Belmont Subdivision clubhouse in General Trias Cavite.

According to Castillo, Cavite’s proximity to NCR, the rapid urbanization and migration of people coming from Manila and other provinces has severely affected the ecological and environmental condition of once clean and green province.

He added, “we cannot stop the ongoing development and progress of the province”. What we need is to promote basic waste management procedures and system, help in the greening efforts of the community and educate them on proper disposal and recycling.

The group will continue to spread environmental education in the different barangays of Cavite and will promote massive campaign on this cause.

Meanwhile, MBA students of Chiang Kai Shek College participated in tree planting activities to support the project’s initiative. Dean Rolance Chua in a statement says that the school’s community extension program is important to strengthen student’s moral ascendancy awareness.

The Project Luntian Cavite hopes to encourage public agencies, homeowner’s associations, business groups, the media and church organizations to support the campaign.

It also pushes for the implementation of Republic Act 9003, or the ecological solid waste act of 2000 providing for an ecological solid waste management program.

They added, RA 9003 should have a strong support mechanism that will implement, managed a systematic, efficient, integrated and sustainable waste management program and initiatives to become more effective.

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