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On World Food Day, foodsheds offer hope in lockdown-stricken communities

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When the lockdowns started in March 2020, a lot of families had to suffer immense hunger and poverty stemming from the closure of businesses and absence of reliable sources of livelihood.

In a pitch to help communities escape the cycle of pandemic poverty and hunger, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines introduced the Foodshed Farming System - a compact, protective, regenerative, and diversified food production system that adopts natural and green farming technologies to produce healthy and quality vegetables and poultry products for the community.

A foodshed model is pre-fabricated, modular, and made of locally available materials with a production area of 60 square meters. Built with the support of various partners including BPI Foundation Inc., WWF-Philippines was able to establish a total of 44 foodsheds throughout the country, bringing food and livelihood security for many communities.

Hunger remains a significant problem for the Philippines, made worse by the ongoing pandemic. A study from Social Weather Stations conducted between the months of April and May revealed that approximately 16.8% of Filipino families experienced hunger in 2021. According to projections from the Asian Development Bank, the pandemic likely pushed poverty incidence in the Philippines to 20 percent in 2020.

Through foodsheds, WWF-Philippines project manager Monci Hinay said communities can be assured of a stable food source while practicing ecologically friendly practices.

“As we celebrate World Food Day, we need to be reminded that as the pandemic continues, poverty and hunger are also prevalent among the poorest and remote communities. Through our foodsheds, we help change the bleak ending facing our kababayans by empowering them to become food secure in an environment-friendly way. Foodsheds represent the very best of our values - resourcefulness, helpfulness, pakikipag-kapwa, and bayanihan,” Hinay said.

Capable of growing a variety of crops with little cost to land or natural resources, each foodshed is an efficient and independent system. Employing technologies and practices like hydroponics, vertical farming and waste recycling, each foodshed provides communities with a wide variety of accessible food for less waste. An important feature of the foodshed program is the introduction of agri-business, which helps communities generate income from their own produce, which also addresses the lack of income of community members. Through foodsheds, WWF-Philippines is building sustainable food systems that stretch from farm to plate.

Cover photo: Community members pack crops from their food shed in preparation for the marketplace. Food sheds bring the promise of sustainable prosperity for rural communities. Photograph © Alo Lantin / WWF-Philippines

Youth artists hold “Art for Conservation Conversation” and virtual reality exhibit to bring back Philippine forests

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While nature sometimes seems far and detached from the daily lives of Filipinos living in urban centers, a group of young up-and-coming artists in the Philippines want to use their art to bring the beauty of nature back into the minds of people.

“The aim of ‘Project: KAGUBATAN’ is to use the power of art to make an impact for our watersheds and forests in the Philippines,” organizer Gab Mejia, National Geographic Explorer and World Wide Fund (WWF) Philippines National Youth Council (NYC) Member, said.

“It might not be immediately clear for most Filipinos, but forests have a multitude of benefits in many aspects of our life that we take for granted such as clean water, clean air, food, livelihood, and many more,” Mejia said.

The project will stage an educational webinar series at 5pm on October 18, October 30, and November 19 and a virtual forest exhibit that will be launched on November 10. At least 8 young Filipino artists from different mediums are collaborating on the project.

Funds raised from the artworks will be donated to WWF-Philippines’ reforestation project in the Ipo Watershed with a target of 1,000 seedlings. The funds will also support the Bantay Gubat in the Ipo Watershed led by the Philippine Parks and Biodiversity and the Bantay Danaos of the Agusan Marshlands led by Youth Engaged in Wetlands.

“The diverse young artists work on different mediums of art from photography, painting, to digital illustrations with subjects related to the interconnected relationships of people, nature and culture,” Mejia said.

“We hope this virtual forest exhibit and educational webinar series can inspire new artists around the Philippines to take on this journey of curiosity, creativity, and to ultimately drive positive impact for nature and culture, to create beyond themselves for the betterment of our environment,” he added.

The artists participating in the exhibit include:

The virtual reality forest exhibit will allow audiences to immerse themselves in an environmental journey following a river that goes from lush mountain forests down through agroforests and eventually to wetland forests. It will showcase artworks by the artists showing forest landscapes, endemic flora and fauna, and people who depend on the forests.

Webinars dubbed “Art for Conservation Conversation” will feature artists along with WWF-Philippines’ Forest for Water program manager Paolo Pagaduan to engage and educate audiences about the importance of forests and the Ipo Watershed. In recent years, the watershed’s forest cover has dramatically dropped from 85% to just 40%.

“Water does not just come from the faucet. Most of Metro Manila’s residents are probably not aware that 96% of their water supply comes from the Ipo Watershed. The natural environment there reliably keeps water clean and fresh as a form of ecosystem service, so it is important that we protect and conserve it as much as possible,” Pagaduan said.

Mejia believes that art and storytelling are powerful tools to connect humans with nature and the Conservation Conversation series will be one way to bring the beauty and importance of nature closer to Filipinos.

“As we humans crave intimacy and relationships, art gives us a profound understanding and depiction of the world and the diverse environments we navigate in,” Mejia said.

“This exhibit sheds light on the forests of the Philippines and its invaluable role in providing solutions for these environmental issues. We hope it also empowers and inspires a new generation of local artists to create and pursue a career in the arts working for the conservation of nature,” he added.

Learn more about the Ipo Watershed and WWF-Philippines’ Forest for Water program here:

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CHAMP Cargosystems PH signs with PLDT Enterprise for ePLDT Calling activation

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CHAMP Cargosystems—the most successful global IT provider dedicated to the needs of the air cargo industry, providing integrated services for cargo carriers and their distribution partners worldwide —recently signed a strategic partnership with PLDT Enterprise, together with its ICT arm ePLDT, for services that would enable their international offices to be more operationally agile and connected amidst the changing demands of the new normal business landscape.

The IT solutions company is the first onboarded customer of ePLDT Calling for Microsoft Teams, a cloud-based phone system that allows businesses to combine their communication and collaboration systems in a single platform.

This hybrid telephony and video conferencing solution is designed by ePLDT highlighting the integrated features of Microsoft Teams, robustness of PLDT SIP connectivity and reliability of VITRO Data Center. Now employees, customers and stakeholders can call, chat and connect together real-time and seamlessly.

In over seven global offices of CHAMP Cargosystems with more than 450 employees worldwide, this solution will help ensure quality reliable calls with built-in security and privacy from Microsoft 365.

“This partnership with PLDT Enterprise will allow us to achieve our goals in providing accelerated IT solutions, services and support for our air cargo and aviation regulator customers. In the air cargo industry context, it is imperative to have reliable, fast, and secure connectivity and communication services that will allow us to collaborate faster and do our business optimally. We believe that PLDT Enterprise is the perfect partner for that,” said Philips Manalaysay, Managing Director of CHAMP Cargosystems Philippines.

CHAMP Cargosystems provides services to over 100 airlines and 200 customers worldwide, including GSAs and Forwarders, over 300 handling stations, more than 1,500 stations spanning across 100 countries, over 3,000 connected forwarders, and over 15,000 users worldwide. Members of the CHAMP community can exchange information securely using industry standards processes and formats, with over 300 million processed messages and 20 million shipments annually. CHAMP Cargosystems’ applications portfolio spans core cargo systems, enterprise systems and community and distribution services, compliance services as well freight forwarding solutions.

“We are pleased to kickstart this partnership with CHAMP Cargosystems Philippines. PLDT Enterprise always values the trust and support of our clients and we commit to providing excellent services that would propel them towards meeting their goals,” said Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups.

With ePLDT’s ICT expertise and Microsoft 365 certifications, CHAMP Cargosystems is assured that its groundbreaking solution ePLDT Calling for Microsoft Teams is professionally implemented and supported and shall be continually enhanced.

“It is our aspiration to fortify our enterprise accounts of the best ICT and connectivity solutions that will maximize their business capabilities. Such is our dedication to CHAMP Cargosystems. We thank you for your patronage and trust, and you can anchor your long-term plans with PLDT Enterprise,” said Vic Tria, PLDT First Vice President and Enterprise Revenue Group Head.

For more information, visit

Mercury Hackathon 2021: All About NFTs

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TL;DR 🚀 Mercury Hackathon 2021 is a 6-week blockchain virtual hackathon hosted by Tribe and AngelHack, in association with Filecoin, IPFS & Flow that presents up to USD $120,000~ of prizes in FIL & FLOW tokens. Participants are invited to innovate and build projects on the Filecoin, IPFS or Flow protocol.

About the Hackathon

AngelHack is proud to announce that we’re partnering with Tribe to host this online 6-week hackathon is designed to bring together the brightest creators and innovators from around the globe to challenge boundaries in the world of blockchain technology. Join us from September 20 — October 31 2021, together with the experts from Filecoin, IPFS & Flow for Developer Hour sessions, technical workshops and a whole lot of adventure and fun.

With up to USD $120,000 in prizes for grabs across 3 tracks and 14 prize categories, participants get to look forward to being the best integration project, the best browser integration project and more.


Spanning 3 tracks and 14 prize categories, we’re excited to announce that approximately USD $120,000+ worth of Filecoin & Flow tokens are to be given out.

Note: Each participant is only allowed to submit a project for one (1) track.


Integrating Filecoin and Flow’s decentralized storage technology with NFTs

Top 3 Best Combined Use of Filecoin x Flow Projects: USD $8,000 | $5,000 | $3,000

Top 2 Best Filecoin x Flow Artists & Creators Projects: USD $8,000 | $5,000

Best Filecoin x Flow NFT Value Store Project: USD $8,000

Best Filecoin x Flow Browser Integration Project: USD $8,000

Best Filecoin x Flow NFT Badge Generator Project: USD $8,000

Best Filecoin x Flow Video Game Assets NFTs Project: USD $8,000


Best use for Filecoin and/or IPFS and/or the following decentralized storage services:, Estuary, Slate or

Top 2 Best Filecoin/IPFS Projects: USD $7,500 each

Track 3: FLOW

The implementation of blockchain-enabled application built on Flow, across consumer-facing NFT dapps, creator-oriented services, crypto primitives with Decentology tools and more

Best NFTs Collateral-based Project: USD $7,500

Best Fractional NFTs-based Project: USD $7,500

Best Composable Smart Contract Project: USD $7,500

Best Implementation of Cadence Language Pillars Project: USD $7,500

Best Use of DappStarter Flow Foundation Project: USD $7,500

Best NFT Distribution Project: USD $7,500

Best Use of Non-Custodial Marketplace Project: USD $7,500

Who can join? 

· Anyone with a stable internet connection & 18+ years old

· Maximum of 4 participants per team and minimum 1

When is the hackathon? 

· 20 September — 31 October 2021

· Registrations open here at

How to participate in the hackathon?

1. Register for the hackathon.

2. Form and register your teams over (Refer to instructions on the Participants’ Guide).

3. Ideate and brainstorm the next big thing.

4. Check out the resources parked under the ‘Resources’ section in the Participants’ Guide to navigate your way through on building on the Filecoin, IPFS & Flow protocol.

5. Connect with your mentors on the Mercury Hackathon 2021 Slack channel during Mentor Office Hours.

6. Plus, join us for workshops to learn and explore while connecting with like-minded individuals.

7. Build your project!

8. Reminder to submit your project before Sunday, October 31 2021 at 9:25 PM UTC +5:30 | 11:55PM UTC +8.

Hackathon Schedule

From now till the 31st of October, we have activities planned for every single weekday of the week (yes, you read that right) so that no matter your level of familiarity with building with blockchain, we are here to get you well-equipped for the hackathon!

Plus, a structured learning pathway with consolidated resources is made available for your consumption at your own pace. Read and watch all the resources in the Participants’ Guide to help you gain a better understanding to build on Filecoin/IPFS and Flow protocol. 

The fundamental judging criteria are as follows:

1. Design

2. Novelty

3. Technical Complexity

4. Mass Usability

5. Creativity

6. Social/Environmental

Strap on and suit up — let’s get ready to rumble.

May the force be with you. 

Register here today.


About AngelHack

AngelHack is a global innovation organization, founded on the idea of bringing creators together. Companies from all over the world have chosen them as their partner to engage developers with their technologies through hackathons and events. AngelHack has created an incredibly diverse and global community of change makers and developers. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.

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Top 8 Side Effects Of Corn That You Need To Know

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Do you want to find out the side effects of corn? Here are the details given below that can help you to prevent getting these conditions.

Corn is one of the most popular foods that is used to create many other products such as cornflakes and others. Most people do not think twice before having corn as they are sweet, tasty, affordable, and come with plenty of benefits. What could go wrong with eating corn right? Well, a lot of things can go wrong if you are not careful. It comes with a lot of side effects that can make you fall sick.

This is one of the reasons why were cornflakes invented. Unlike corn, cornflakes do not come with these side effects. You will be able to stay safe by eating cornflakes. But if you are eating corn, here are some of the side effects that you need to know about. Make sure to go through each of the side effects to learn in detail.

Although there are plenty of side effects available, all of them are not as deadly as the other ones. Some of the mild side effects are easy to get rid of. So, we are going to talk about the top 8 side effects of corn that can become bad for your health. Take a look below to find out more about them.
1. Pellagra Risk

One of the most common ones is the pellagra risk, which is very high from corn. If you consume corn in a high amount, you have a high chance of getting pellagra risk. Pellagra is not deadly; it appears when you have a deficiency of vitamins. Also, when the niacin in your body becomes low, you can get pellagra. You can take the help of vitamin-rich foods to get rid of pellagra.

2. Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are the most common side effects that you can get with eating corn. Some of the common symptoms like swelling, rashes, vomit, and others come with corn. Some people who have diseases like anaphylaxis and asthma attack have a high chance of developing these allergic reactions.

3. Causes Flatulence And Bloating

Corn is known to contain a very high amount of scratch. So, when you are consuming corn, it breaks down and causes a lot of gas. If someone consumes a lot of corn, then it can cause flatulence and bloat.

4. Bad For Diabetes

People who are diagnosed with diabetes need to stay away from eating corn. They have a higher chance of getting sick by eating corn. Corn is known to contain a high level of carbohydrates. This can elevate blood sugar levels and cause many complications for people who have diabetes. So, if you have diabetes, it is advised not to consume corn.

5. Causes Diarrhea And Intestinal Irritation

Eating corn might feel good but make sure that it is roasted or processed. Eating raw corn is not good for your health. It can cause some severe conditions like diarrhea, intestinal disorders, and clothes. If you find any symptoms of these diseases or conditions, then make sure to contact the doctor and get treated immediately. Also, try to roast the corn before eating it to get the best taste and stay safe.

6. Stomach Upset

Most people choose corn due to the high amount of vital nutrients and fiber in it. No doubt, these are some of the things that you need to stay healthy. They help to flash out the bad toxins from your body and help you to get better health. Even eating a lot of cereals can cause stomach cramps and indigestion. So, make sure that you are not consuming a lot of corn that is not good for your health.

7. Osteoporosis

There are people who depend on corn for their diet and help to reduce their weight. While it is very effective to maintain a good diet, you need to look for other options. The corn diet is responsible for causing osteoporosis. Corn contains a very low amount of calcium. So, only eating corn will make you get a low amount of calcium in your body and help you stay safe from all bone-related diseases.

8. Tooth Decay

Last but not least, Tooth decay is very rarely seen with corn. However, as corn contains a lot of sugar, it can cause tooth decay in some people. Although this is a rare condition, you need to make sure that you are safe. Make sure to brush your teeth very well and eat some other foods along with corn.


Corn is a very famous food that comes with lots of benefits. Many people depend on it to get a very good diet and reduce their weight. However, there are many things that you need to keep in mind while eating corn. 

Kacee Christian is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. She is the co-founder of Exclusiverights. She contributes to many authority blogs such as Voiceofaction, Techrab, worldtech24, Newsstoner, Worldnewsinn.

The Purpose of Educational Platforms

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According to online publication Rappler, the Department of Education insists that education should persist despite the pandemic.  Although there have been requests for academic freeze until 2021, the Department of Education (DepEd) insisted that education of millions of Filipino students should not wait. 

According to Bernardo (2020), Education Undersecretary Nepomuceno Malaluan said that the call for "academic freeze" was an unpopular position considering that over 24 million students have already enrolled for the recent year, where they had learned through distance learning modalities, like modular, virtual, and flipped distance learning. 

SDO Pasig had developed these means in order to cater the needs of its learners, and to attain objectives such as to deliver effective, time-bound education within technology-driven communities and to ensure that time – which is believed to be a valuable resource – will not get unattended. 

In further addition, the Schools Division Superintendent, Ma. Evalou Concepcion A. Agustin conceptualized of having learning materials suitable for the pandemic. With this initiative, Schools Division Office of Pasig City, in partnership with the local government unit, spearheaded by Hon. Ma. Regis Victor N. Sotto, Pasig City Mayor, came up with locally developed self-learning modules.

The Local Government Unit provided the gadgets such as tablets and laptops for all its learners, whereas SDO Pasig developed the self-learning modules to be lodged to the said gadgets to be distributed to all the learners, so support is most certainly there. 

There are 18 modules per quarter per subject area per grade level for a total of 72 Self-Learning Modules in a year per learning area. In the case of kindergarten, 6 Learning Modules per quarter are being utilized. 

In addition to the Self-Learning Modules, Key Stage 1, namely, Kinder, SPED, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 also have their printed Self-Learning Packets. These are the exercises or activities extracted from the Self-Learning Modules for them to answer and practice to decrease the students’ exposure to gadgets.

Other platforms utilized by teachers in delivering the teaching-learning process include the virtual method, through MS Teams, and Flipped method, through Facebook Messenger. All of these methods are meant to avoid setbacks in education despite the pandemic.

Written by: Hannah Krystelle Del Rosario


Bernardo, J. (2020). DepEd rejects calls for 'academic freeze'. Retrieved from

Magsambol, B. (2020). FAST FACTS: DepEd's modular learning. Retrieved from

Vaping Basics: Choosing the Ideal Nicotine Strengt

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If you want to switch to vaping, ensuring that you choose the minimum nicotine level is crucial. Now, you may think that nicotine is only an essential part of people who smoke. But even when it comes down to quitting smoking, nicotine plays a quintessential role. It's the alkaloid found in the plants of the nightshade family, such as tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers. Only the tobacco plant consists of an abundant amount to extract and refine. Nicotine gets synthesized in the laboratory, but its process is way too expensive.

Nicotine works as both relaxant and a stimulant, and it results in different effects like alertness, calmness, and mood elevation. It is psychologically and physically addictive. That's why a majority of vapers use e-juice with some nicotine level. Commercial e-liquids are available in an array of nicotine strengths, even the ones that include no nicotine. Vapers prefer using them with the ones that contain nicotine. As vape juice gets sold with nicotine, choosing its right strength becomes essential for a beginner. You can also try search for hyde vapes disposable near me On this note, here's presenting the vaping basics when selecting the ideal nicotine strength.

Understanding the Different Nicotine Strengths

If you are a beginner and want lower strength, it is imperative to understand before choosing correctly. So, here are the types of nicotine strengths that you need to learn before buying vape pod devices:

· 0 mg nicotine – The nicotine-free option becomes perfect for social smokers who want to enjoy making vapor rings. It's ideal for hobbyists who wish to perform the Irish Waterfall from the comfort of their house.

· 3 mg nicotine –It happens to be the lowest level of nicotine that you get in the liquid (until you mix it with 0mg and dilute it). It is best for the ones who have reduced their intake.

· 6 mg nicotine –It's the nicotine strength with low-level and gives you a nicotine buzz that you seek.

· 12 mg nicotine –It's for the average vapers. You can get this one if you want to start vaping to experience a high effect.

· 18 mg to 20 mg nicotine –It's a high nicotine level for those who want to get through the serious impact of vaping. The juice's strength may also dictate the type of device you require because not all vapes are manufactured similarly.

Low Vapor vs. Medium Vapor vs. High Vapor

Before choosing the nicotine strain, you need to understand the differences between low, high, and medium vapor. Follow the representation below for an in-depth insight into the matter:

Type of Vapor (formation of cloud) - Low Vapor (Discreet clouds)

Regular nicotine - 12-24 mg/mL

Nicotine salts - 30-60 mg/mL

Type of Vapor (formation of cloud) - Medium Vapor (Clouds, but not massive variety)

Regular nicotine - 6-12 mg/mL

Nicotine salts - 20-30 mg/mL

Type of Vapor (formation of cloud) - High Vapor (Big clouds)

Regular nicotine - 1.5-6 mg/mL

Nicotine salts - 1.5-6 mg/mL

The Right Nicotine Strength That Stops You Smoking

As previously said, you must select a nicotine level that permits you to vape and quit smoke. If you still feel the desire to smoke, you may require a greater nicotine concentration. If you believe your nicotine level is strong, you can vape less during the day and select a lower nicotine strength. You'll immediately realize if you've picked a nicotine level that's too strong. You may encounter the following symptoms:

· Headache

· Mild nausea

· Dizziness

· Coughing

If this occurs, do not worry; simply discontinue vaping, and the symptoms will subside shortly. On the other hand, you can say whether you have picked a nicotine strength that is too low. You may need to vape considerably more than average, or you may still want to smoke. In such a case, choose an e-liquid with a slightly greater nicotine concentration. It is OK to change the strength of your nicotine. It doesn't matter if you have to go with a stronger e-liquid; as long as you're vaping instead of smoking, you're well on your way to quitting for good.

Understanding the Relation Between Vaping Technique and Nicotine Strength

You may check the vape lingo banded about MTL and DL. So, what are they?

· MTL Is the Mouth to lung

It's traditional to inhale that a majority of people use. You draw the vapor from the e-cig into your mouth and inhale it.

· DL = Direct lung

Here, the mouth part gets bypassed. All you need is to take one long draw from an e-cig and inhale it straight away.

Let's have a glimpse at why you might require using the two different draws:

The MTL draw can be forgiving when it's about nicotine strength. It's a technique that most vapers make use of. It means that you can comfortably use strengths from 0.0% to 1.8%.

You would not usually direct-lung vape on the high nicotine strength. The reason is plain and simple. It uses the technique where you need a more significant throat hit to produce more vapor. Thus, the 1.8% e-liquid is not uncomfortable for vaping via directly inhaling. Most vapers who DL vape make use of the low nicotine strength around 0.0% to 0.3%.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right nicotine strength is of supreme importance. Unless you are knowledgeable about your nicotine strength, you will not get a great experience. Before navigating e-liquid marketing, it is imperative to learn some essentials. You need to understand what mg means percentage values on the e-liquids. Regardless of where you order from, you need to know what you are getting. And that's the most important thing. Before nailing it on your first try, never give up.

DOST-SEI’s extends deadline for Indie-Siyensya filmmaking plum

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Science filmmaking competition, Indie-Siyensya, is extending the deadline for submission of film entries to October 30, 2021.  


The contest, organized by the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI), is open to all Filipinos who may join as individuals or in groups. 


There are two categories: the “Youth Category” for high school, tertiary school and out-of-school youth aged 13-20, and the “Open category” for college students, teachers, amateur filmmakers, and even science professionals. 


Entries must be short documentaries which should have a running time of up to ten (10) minutes. The films must be relevant to the theme “The Scientist in Me,” which can be a documentation of personal experiments or explainers of scientific phenomena relevant to communities. 


“We want to give more time to our aspiring filmmakers and science communicators to craft their masterpieces. We also realize the challenge presented by the pandemic in doing films, that’s why we extended the deadline,” said DOST-SEI Director, Dr. Josette Biyo. 


Films will be judged based on scientific content, execution of idea, and film techniques. At stake for each category are trophies and cash prizes worth Php 100,000 for the Best Film, Php 50,000 pesos for the second prize, and Php 30,000 for the third prize. Two entries (one per category) will also win Viewers’ Choice award with a prize of Php 20,000. 


For contest mechanics and other information, interested participants may visit or

First time voters pool money to rent ride for voters registration

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As voter registration resumed this week, first time voters in Quezon City launched the Byaheng Bagong Botante campaign to encourage more youth to register with their free jeepney ride service.

Akbayan Youth helped pool money from youth registrants in solidarity with the youth who cannot register because they cannot afford a ride to COMELEC.

“Nasa driver’s seat tayo sa susunod na halalan dahil mahigit kalahati sa mga rehistrado ay youth voters. Ngunit marami sa ating mga kapwa kabataan ang hindi nakakasabay dahil hirap silang makapunta ng COMELEC (The youth is in the driver’s seat this elections with more than half of registered coming from the sector. However, a lot of young people are left behind because they can’t afford the fare to COMELEC,” Benedict Atega of Akbayan Youth Quezon City said.

“Ngayong patungo sa bagong destinasyon ating bayan sa halalan sa susunod na taon, huwag nating hayaang maiwan sa byahe ang mga kabataan (Now that the country is going towards a new destination with the elections next year, the youth should not be left behind),” Atega said.

“Ang ating pakikiisa lang ang ating puhunan. Simple pero mahalaga ang layunin ng Byaheng Bagong Botante: Ang makalahok ang lahat ng mga kabataan sa pagkapanalo ng kanilang mga pangarap. (Our solidarity is our driving force. Our aim in Byaheng Bagong Botante is simple: All young people should have a chance to join in winning their dreams for their country),” Atega said.,

The campaign route started in Sandiganbayan along Commonwealth Avenue and ended in COMELEC near SM North..

Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Palawan expressed gratitude to DOTr Secretary Tugade and GM Santiago for newly-completed 3 port projects in Palawan

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The Provincial Government of Palawan formally recognized the efforts of Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Art Tugade and the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), under the leadership of General Manager Jay Daniel Santiago for improving mobility and connectivity in the province with the completion of three (3) port projects.

Through Provincial Resolution No. 15884, series of 2021, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Palawan expressed its “sincerest gratitude” to Secretary Tugade and GM Santiago for the newly-completed Port of San Fernando in El Nido; the Port of Bataraza in Brgy. Buliluyan; and the Borac Port in Coron which was finished on 19 March 2021.

“Through the resolute leadership and political will of DOTr Secretary Tugade and PPA General Manager Santiago, the people of Palawan have now fulfilled its long-awaited dreams of enhanced connectivity and mobility across parts of the country and even the BIMP-EAGA region,” the resolution states as signed by Palawan Vice Governor and Presiding Officer Victorino Dennis M. Socrates, and approved by Palawan Governor Jose Ch. Alvarez.

Secretary Tugade and GM Santiago’s support and commitment to the people of Palawan are manifested in their projects which aim to boost economic progress not only in Palawan, but the entire MIMAROPA region as well, the resolution further stated.

“Kami 'ho ay nagpapasalamat sa lokal na pamahalaan ng Palawan sa pagkilalang ito na siyang nagbibigay sa amin ng kumpiyansa upang magpatuloy. Malapit sa puso ni Pangulong Duterte ang Palawan. Ang mga natapos naming maritime port projects
dito ay patunay na tuloy ang pagtupad namin sa adhikain ng Pangulo na bigyan ng kumportable at kumbinyenteng buhay ang mga Pilipino,” Secretary Art Tugade said.

“Patuloy kami sa pag-upgrade ng ating mga port project para mas maganda at mas maayos ang serbisyo sa ating port users. Target namin na ma-improve ang iba pang mga pantalan sa lalawigan para may alternate port sa Southern Palawan bukod sa Puerto Princesa,” GM Santiago, for his part, said.

The three completed Palawan port projects, namely the Port of San Fernando, Port of Bataraza, and Port of Borac are among the 465 total seaport projects of the DOTr and PPA completed under the Build, Build, Build Program since the Duterte administration took over in 2016.

These port projects aim to help link the island province to other parts of the country and to nearby countries.

Jabra Elite 2: True wireless freedom. Reinvented.

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The plain white box or packaging of the Jabra Elite 2, featuring "customizable music and powerful bass" says " Welcome to Superior Sound" and they also proudly stated that they scanned 62,000 unique ears to engineer these "compact, comfortable earbuds, using our advanced technology to deliver the incredible sound you want," in a premium design. The statement continued with "They'll change the way you think about sound on the go. This is true wireless freedom. Reinvented."

The package comes with the earphones contained inside the charging case, a USB charging cable, extra eartips, and a small safety information and warranty brochure.

So our question to evaluate the product are the following: 

Does it make an impression with its looks or appearance (shape, color, texture)?

Naturally, the looks is always the first thing we see in everything we encounter. That's why brands need to create a memorable first impression with impact by making their product recognizable and immediately able to address the needs of their target consumers.

For a wireless earphone, I do prefer it to look small yet elegant. Bulky and colorful is too intimidating and distracting. I don't want people to be staring at me and trying to figure what's sticking out of my ears.

I like the dark colors for my gadgets. Light colors would be among the last choice since it's easily prone to visible dirt.

The matte finish has been always preferred compared to glossy ones that leaves fingerprint smudges. It would be a "eeww" moment when you see smudges whiles the earphones are inserted in your ears.

The Jabra Elite 2 earphones are available in Dark Gray and Navy blue color options.

Either of the two could be my choice, but since the latter is a newer option, compared to the usual black and gray, I would pick the navy blue color first, then the dark gray as my second choice. 

The only slight hassle for me is the difficulty in identifying between the left from the right earphones since even the labels for L and R (indicating left and right) are of the same color. Though you could interchange and they would still work, there are functions that are only available on the specific earphone.

For someone like me who has a poor eyesight. My vision impairment makes it hard for me to distinguish between the left and right. They could have embossed the L and R indications so I could identify even by touch.

Is it durable enough for continuous usage, under the elements, or frequent wearing?

We need to consider the materials used especially for something that we put in our ears. 

Jabra says their eargels  or eartips are rainproof and made of silicon - both on the unit and the replacement or extra pieces included in the box.

I do appreciate the extra eargels so I could have some spares when the ones on the earphones have already suffered from frequent use.

The wireless earphones are not a one size fits all but you could say it's a one size comfortable for all.

The brand even used sustainable, FSC-certified materials and environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks in their packaging boasting all 100% sustainable, recyclable, and guilt-free.

Is it better, specifically in terms of technology features, than the previous wireless earphones we've tried?

Being a Bluetooth device, it can be automatically detected by your phone so you could pair it.

We're supposed to be able to press the buttons on the earphones but it's a bit hard and stiff considering the design. Jabra could have made it more touch-sensitive instead of buttons that you need to press.

You can download the Jabra Sound+ app to get controls for music presets or settings...the default of which is "Neutral"... and then the other choices are Bass Boost, Speech, Treble Boost, Energize but the default is actually good enough already, other features like a "Find my Jabra" option so you could use it in case one or both your earphones fell off from your ears accidentally. It is easy to lose them since it's lightweight and small so you'll appreciate that feature.

The Jabra Elite 2 earphones has a noise-isolating design. You can hardly hear the noise outside while wearing the earphones. There is little ambient noise that you could hear. Thus, I have to remove the gadget from one ear when someone wants to talk to me, and I need to hear what that person has to say...or turn off the earphones...which is a positive thing since I prefer to be immersed in my music. Just be careful when using it for situations where you need to still hear the outside world.

The sound is clear and crisp enough but not as powerful since I couldn't maximize the volume to a level as high as my previous earphones. I've already maxed out the volume of my Android phone listening to Spotify, YouTube or making calls using Messenger.

It has two mics for calls so it's really clear. I tried calling my wife on Messenger using the earphones' microphone and she could hear me well, even when I was in the bathroom making a leak, or outside while watering our plants. She could clearly identify the change of environment since there was an echo while I was in the bathroom.

The battery boasts of up to 7 hours battery life. The battery case cum charger is a fast charger that can fully charge the earphones in only 15 minutes. The box says the earphones can last up to 21 hours while inside the charging case.

The two year warranty is a bonus since many are only offering one year.

Is it affordable enough, or is its price reasonable or worth enough considering all that we have mentioned?

The suggested retail price of the Jabra Elite 2 is Php 3,795 SRP, a thousand pesos less than the Jabra Elite 3 which is Php 4,795 SRP.

It's definitely a lot better from the ordinary and generic earphones that we could get from our neighborhood gadget seller.

The Jabra Elite 2 has a limited release in certain regions that includes the Philippines and other select markets worldwide.

You may visit the Jabra PH official Facebook page: to check the product availability online or in store.

Video of the unboxing will be uploaded soon on our social media accounts, specifically on YouTube and Facebook.

Isko Moreno reveals his net worth as 70 million

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

"Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso on Wednesday said his net worth amounts to "P70 million, more or less," adding that he has never been charged of corruption. 

Moreno says he is willing to disclose his SALN.

He adds that in his 23 years in government service, he has never been charged of any corruption."

Duterte Lite still trying to undo the mess he explaining himself...It feels like Isko is on a one man explanation summit. He knows he tripped and he and his team are working nonstop trying to justify what he did and to further diminish the damage to Isko’s “good boy” image. 

Seriously, Isko. You've never been charged of any corruption?   

In 2014, ..., When he was Manila Vice Mayor, he faced a plunder complaint for allegedly pocketing P77 million in real property taxes in the capital city.

"Never been charged" could just mean he has not been caught yet. If he's honest & not corrupt he should have said, "I was never involved in any corrupt practices."

Iba ang "Hindi pa ko nakasuhan" sa "Walang ikakaso dahil malinis ako". iba yung hindi corrupt sa hindi pa nachacharge ng corruption... Pwede kasing meron pero hindi pa lang najuJulie Vega... aminin!

ABS-CBN News requested for a copy of the Mayor's SALN earlier this month, but his office has yet to provide the document.

Domagoso has yet to respond to questions about the nature of his assets and businesses.

Ilabas ang SALN nang magka-alaman na.

Willing to disclose his SALN?. Just do it. Una, this should have been public information that's easily available. Hindi yung pahirapan makuha. 

70M, 23 years in public service, saan niya kinita yan? Paano naging 70m pera niya? 23 years in government can net you 70M? 

Naging box office king ba siya during his showbiz days?.He must have amassed it when he was still in showbiz, before he joined the government or he had a very good financial advisor?

Well, I read somewhere that if a government official will not be able to define where his wealth came from, it is considered ill-gotten.

Madadaya at madadaya naman ang SALN. It has been a long and dark practice of public officials. Yun nga lang magiisip ka talaga paano siya nagkaroon ng 70M net worth whereas hindi naman milyon ang sweldo niya as a public servant. Kaya sana hinanda na niya ang SALN niya because he might have put himself into jeopardy in this statement. 

Now. I know why he is “underestimating” VP Leni Robredo because he's far more richer than her. 

Don't call himself mahirap then. Kapal! Tapos sasabihin niyang middle class siya! Sinungaling siya!? 

70 million pero yong advertisement niya sa TV magkano na ba? Kasya pa ba ang 70 million hanggang matapos ang campaign season? Expecting more donations from his benefactors?! Sino-sino nga ba?!

Kung ako papasok sa public service i-detalye ko mga pera ko kung saan galing para walang duda ang tao sa akin.Bahala sila kung ayaw ng iba pero mag uumpisa sa akin. 

It is not about corruption, Can't Isko get it? It’s about respect and his arrogance.

Ang ingay ni Domagoso lately. Trash Talker din pala si Yorme. He just keeps opening himself up to further scrutiny, not praise. Ayan napapansin na siya for all the wrong reasons.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

SMS Based E-Learning System to be launched for Bulanon Farm Schools, Negros Occidental

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Since the surge of COVID-19, many changes have been implemented to cope with the limited mobility and restrictions in different areas of the Philippines and the world. The Education sector is one of the most affected industries since the pandemic began. As the Department of Education (DEPED) continues to implement online learning for the safety of its students and educators, the need for technological advancements to bridge the gap for restrictions in accessibility is pertinent

MyBusybee, Inc. seals partnership with DEPED SDO Sagay for the establishment of an SMS-based E-learning program through BeeSuite SMS system at Bulanon Farm School on Thursday, October 13 via Zoom Application.

The company developed BeeSuite SMS for areas where internet connectivity is a challenge. The solution is a first-of-its-kind SMS-based learning platform designed to work without the internet. With the use of a computer, a GSM modem, and a SIM card, teachers will be able to conduct virtual classes, while students will only need a regular phone to attend the learning sessions.

BeeSuite SMS was developed by MyBusybee, Inc., a VAS-licensed company under the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and an accredited Cyber Security provider of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

BUSYBEE CEO and Founder Rico Hernandez maintain his vision to help build a world of opportunities for our nation by harnessing the infinite dynamics of technology and innovation. With this program, BUSYBEE aims to empower the Education sector and provide quality learning platforms for educators and quality education for learners nationwide.

"I consider this partnership as a wake-up call for all the Deped Personnel to embrace technology and to make changes in the way learning should be delivered", emphasized by SDS Arlene G. Bermejo of DEPED Schools Division Office of Sagay.

With an aligned vision and goal of innovating the Education sector, this milestone paves a way for future partnership opportunities for MyBusybee, Inc. and DEPED Sagay.

Rainy Day Alert: Is your Vehicle Ready for Heavy Downpours?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The rainy days are here. For motorists, this only means paying more attention while driving since inclement weather conditions increase the chances of accidents. Aside from making the roads slippery, heavy downpours also cause flooding, heavy traffic, and low visibility.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1.3 million people worldwide die due to road traffic crashes every year. Between 20 to 50 million more suffer non-fatal injuries.

This is also true for the Philippines. In the country’s main metropolitan area alone, the Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System (MMARAS) recorded 65,032 accidents last year, resulting in the death of 337 people. When these numbers are broken down, Metro Manila averaged 178 road-crash incidents per day, with 50,230 cases causing property damages and 14,465 resulting in non-fatal injury.

As a safety precaution, many drivers would simply slow down when it begins to rain. While reducing speed is an integral element in driving safely in wet conditions, there are several other things that motorists must be aware of when driving in the rain.

Here are some of these road safety measures, as recommended by Prestone, a proven and trusted quality brand of Auto Care fluids since 1927.

Check weather advisories.

Aside from being mindful of the community guidelines amid the new normal, it also pays to always check the weather forecast before heading out. After all, it is better to be safe than be sorry while braving a heavy downpour on the road. You might want to consider putting off the trip altogether until the weather is better.


Make sure your vehicle is in good condition. 

Since there is no telling what might happen during rainy days, it is integral to always check the vehicle’s condition before using them. Make sure that head and taillights, brakes, and even windshield wipers are working in tip-top condition.

Also, check if there are flat tires so motorists can fix them before heading out. It always pays to bring spare tires and an emergency kit with all the essentials, such as jumper cables, tools, extra batteries, reflective triangles, etc.

Always wear seatbelts, proper gear.

Seatbelts save lives. However, it is even more crucial for the driver and passengers to wear this safety equipment during rainy days. On the other hand, motorcycle riders must protect themselves from elements with waterproof or water-resistant gears, such as helmets, pads, raincoats, rain boots, or riding jackets.

Keep the headlights on. 

During heavy downpours, visibility is likely low. So, make sure that other motorists see the vehicle when it is out on the road. Drivers must also stay alert when driving and watch out for floods, pedestrians, and other vehicles. If they find it difficult to see things clearly, they need not hesitate to pull over and wait for the rain to subside. After all, everyone’s safety is more important than anything else.


Give other motorists enough space. 

The roads are more likely slippery because of the rain. That is why it is essential to go slow and give each driver more room to avoid a collision. Braking can also become more difficult, so motorists must ensure enough distance between the vehicle they are driving and the others.

To help ensure that their vehicle’s braking system works properly, motorists must regularly top their engines with essential car maintenance fluids. For instance, Prestone has developed a range of cutting-edge Brake Fluids to help them maintain their cars.

Topping the vehicle with these essential brake fluids is important because it plays a crucial role in ensuring the optimum performance of the braking system. It helps transfer the force created when a driver presses the brake pedal directly onto the wheel hub. It also serves as a lubricant for all the movable parts while preventing corrosion, which happens, more likely, on wet, rainy days.

Prestone’s range of cutting-edge brake fluids is a scientifically compounded and chemically balanced formula developed for use in all types of automobile and truck hydraulic brake systems, including those equipped with disc brakes. It is formulated to provide safe, dependable performance in the hydraulic brake system for long periods and under a wide range of operating conditions. It exceeds the performance requirements of DOT 3 and military brake fluid specifications.

Meanwhile, there is also the Prestone Brake Fluid DOT 3 for motorcycles. It is formulated for optimum performance for all disc brake systems in all types of motorcycles, requiring DOT 3 brake fluid for the master cylinders. It protects against brake failure from vapor lock, helps prevent corrosion in the brake system, and works with all brake systems requiring DOT 3.

For systems that require high-temperature DOT 4 brake fluid, Prestone also offers Prestone DOT 4 Synthetic Hi-Temp Brake Fluid. It exceeds specifications, provides excellent performance in high-temperature braking systems, and protects against corrosion for all metals within the braking system. It is suitable for disk, drum, and anti-lock braking systems (ABS).

Prestone Philippines has always been an advocate for road safety. Aside from brake fluids, it also provides other cutting-edge car care products, such as coolants, power steering fluids, and more.

To learn more about Prestone and its products, visit their website at

Rebisco Ignites Volleyball Dreams In Thailand And Beyond

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Biscuit and snack food giant Rebisco is all-out for Philippine volleyball.

The main supporter of the Philippine Men's and Women's National Teams' stint at the Asian Club Championship hosted by Thailand sees the international volleyball club competition as a great opportunity for our local athletes to get the all-important foreign exposure that will hone their game.

Noric Ng, Business Unit Head of Rebisco, said everyone at Rebisco is happy that volleyball is alive despite the global situation and that the country’s veterans and next generation athletes are able to play their game at a high level of competition.

“Rebisco is truly committed to pursue its passion for volleyball by supporting the game at all levels, from grassroots development, to competitive sports in the amateur and professional levels, and at the national level through this partnership with the PNVF,” Mr. Ng said.

Rebisco started supporting the national volleyball teams since 2017 but the three year partnership signed with the PNVF for the National Teams, enables the Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF) to run a long-term, consistent national team program by providing regular funding and participation in competitions such as this.

Rebisco’s sights are set on a podium finish in the 31st Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam in 2022.

“Our dream is to help the PNVF grow the sport and make this game an expression of the Filipino soul, locally and internationally. Our long-term goal is to make the Philippines a recognized international power in volleyball,” Mr. Ng said.
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