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Earth-Mother: A Divinity of Great Importance

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Nowadays, Greek Mythology had been fab among children and teens. From fictional books (ex. The Lightning Thief which is the first mythological book I have read) to movies, all these things were patronage by this generation. Belong to this group, I'm also a fan of Greek Mythology. Started as a reader of Rick Riordan's book when I was in third year, I now became a big fan of Riordan's legacy. I don't know what things I find great in reading mythological stories of gods and goddesses. I just like it. Period. And if I will have given a chance to meet one Greek god, I will choose Demeter- one of the goddesses of Mt. Olympus

Demeter was my all-time favorite among the gods and demigods in Mt. Olympus. She was the most generous of the great Olympian goddesses. Born as the daughter of Cronus and Rhea, granddaughter of Gaia and sister-consort of Zeus, Demeter was beloved by it's service to mankind. Derived from the word 'ge meter' which means earth-mother, she was the goddess of harvest, corn, grain, earth and season. Also known as the Roman goddess Ceres, she was remembered as the kindest god for giving people a gift from harvest, a bountiful fruits and a perfect season. Demeter was also credited for teaching people how to grow and preserve grains and rewarded for being responsible for the fertility of the lands.

Globe WIMAX Fraudsters Arrested by Police

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A series of entrapment operations recently conducted by police and Globe Telecom security personnel resulted in the arrest of three individuals involved in the illegal sale of WIMAX modems.

Arrested in the initial entrapment operation was Alvin Garcia, also known as Boy Pasay Wimax, a resident of Merville Km, 12 Access Road, Baranggay 20,1 Zone 20 in Pasay City. A follow-up operation at his residence led to the seizure of 4 Globe WIMAX modems, a computer set and around 100 pieces of Globe Sims, which are apparently used by the suspect to clone or reconfigure Sim cards for unlimited data surfing.

Police authorities also recovered from him his personal phone which showed various transactions of WIMAX selling activities confirming he is indeed Boy Pasay Wimax.

Aphrodite : Olympian Goddess of Love and Beauty

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Aphrodite is the great Olympian goddess of beauty, love, pleasure and procreation. She was depicted as a beautiful woman usually accompanied by the winged godling Eros (Love). Her attributes included a dove, apple, scallop shell and mirror. In classical sculpture and fresco she was often depicted nude. Aphrodite may have been the most attractive goddess, but according to the Iliad (the famous poem by Homer), she was a rather weak, frightful goddess.

I chose her because Aphrodite symbolizes beauty, love and eternal youth. During the early times, Greeks used to seek Aphrodite when they have problems and concerns regarding love. Aphrodite's symbols were the girdle (which she was using to compel love), the seashell and the mirror. Her sacred animal was the dove.

Hera : The Jealous Wife

(c) Alyssa Lola
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The goddess I chose was Hera. She is considered as the Queen of the Gods since she is the beloved other half of Zeus, the King of the Gods. She is one of the Olympian Gods who reside in Mount Olympus. She was an offspring of Cronus and Rhea. The pomegranate, peacock, feather, diadem, cow and lily are her symbols. Her siblings include Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hestia, Zeus and Chiron. Yes, she was his brother's spouse. Zeus and Hera's children include Ares, Enyo, Hebe, Eileithyia, Hephaestus and Eris. Her Roman counterpart is Juno.]

Hera was most known as the matron goddess, Hera Teleia; but she presided over weddings as well. In myth and cult, fragmentary references and archaic practices remain of the sacred marriage of Hera and Zeus, and at Plataea, there was a sculpture of Hera seated as a bride by Callimachus, as well as the matronly standing Hera.

Hades : The Lord Beneath the Soles, The Keeper of Our Souls.

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Lord of the dead and ruler of the whole nether world, Hades is one of the most powerful gods of “Ancient Greek Mythology”. Hades is a very interesting god for he possesses the life and death of each and every human being on earth, as believed by the ancient Greeks. Hades, in Greek terms, means “unseen” because he is trapped to rule the underworld, invisible from the surface world.

Hades is the son of Cronus and Rhea. When the three sons of Cronus divided the world among each other, Hades was given the underworld, while his brothers Zeus and Poseidon took the upperworld and the sea respectively. For a while Hades ruled the underworld together with Persephone, whom he had abducted from the upperworld, but Zeus ordered him to release Persephone back into the care of her mother Demeter. However, before she left he gave her a pomegranate and when she ate of it, it bound her to the underworld forever.

Hera : The Queen of the Gods

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There’s something about the Greek Gods and Goddesses that we like.  It may be because of their appearance (Aprhodite), their intelligence (Athena), their courage (Ares), their power (Zeus) and whatever characteristics they may have, they still appeal to us no matter what generation we belong to. And somehow we come to a point where we write something about them.  Just like what I’m doing now.  I’m going to give a tribute to one of the most known Goddesses, the wife of Zeus, Goddess Hera.

Hera is known as Zeus’ wife and I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but she is also a sister of Zeus.  They have the same parents, Kronos and Rhea, but she was raised by the Titans Ocean and Tethys.  She has 6 children namely: Hebe (goddess of youth), Eilithyia (goddess of childbirth and midwifery), Enyo (minor goddess of war), Eris (goddess of discord and strife), Ares (god of war), and Hephaestus (god of metalworking, smithing, sculpture, masonry, fire and volcanoes).  She is a very powerful Goddess not only because she is the queen of the gods, but also because she was the protector of marriage, and married women were under her care.

Globe Telecom Forges Exclusive Partnership with Viber

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Globe now offers unlimited Viber services in call, text, and mobile internet bundles

Globe Telecom seals an exclusive partnership with global technology firm Viber to offer its subscribers call, text, and mobile internet services bundled with Viber.

Globe Prepaid GoUNLI25 is a bundled prepaid offer with unlimited texts and unlimited calls to Globe/TM plus unlimited Viber Chat services without the need for Wi-Fi or additional data charges.

Available for only P25 valid for 1 day, GoUNLI25 allows subscribers to connect with contacts in any Globe network as well as with other users subscribed to other networks both in the Philippines and abroad, for as long as these contacts have Viber accounts. With Viber, subscribers can enjoy a richer messaging experience and express themselves in more exciting ways through group conversations, use of fun stickers, sharing of photos, videos, and more.

Tonkatsu...hmmm… Oishi! (Delicious)

                                             Source: Evelyn Mateo Takayama

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Have you ever tasted tonkatsu? Me, I’ve tasted it many times because I have a friend who has an aunt who lived in Japan. She cooks it sometimes so I am able to taste it. It is so delicious especially the tonkatsu sauce …hmmmm… can’t resist. I’ve also tasted the tonktsu in Tokyo Tokyo, just like my friend’s aunt’s tonkatsu,it is so delicious. Also in our house, my mom cooks it because she searched its recipe on the internet.

I know you’re thinking what tonkatsu is.Let me introduce it to you. Tonkatsu originated in Japan. It is a Japanese style breade, deep-fried, and chopped pork. It is usually served with shredded cabbage. There are two types of tonkatsu, the hireand the rosu. In serving tonkatsu, it can either be served as a single dish or as a filling in a sandwich with curry, which is called katsu sando.

The Goddess Demeter

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Demeter is the goddess of the earth, of agriculture, and of fertility in general. Sacred to her are livestock and agricultural products, poppy, narcissus and the crane. It is Demeter that makes the crops grow each year. The first loaf of bread from the harvest is sacrificed to her.She is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. However, she has the daughter named Persephone.

But her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades to be his wife in the underworld. In return, Demeter became sad and also gained anger at Persephone's loss. Demeter laid a curse on the world that caused plants to wither and die, the land became desolate. Zeus became alarmed and sought Persephone's return.

Hestia: Most Humble of Them All

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Flame Princess from Adventure Time best represents Hestia, also known as Vesta, because of her appearance. Flame Princess is one of my favorite Adventure Time character so I chose her to be my Hestia.
Of the 12 Olympians, I would choose Hestia because I admire her humility and love for peace.

Hestia is the Greek goddess of hearth and chief goddess of domestic activity. She is the most charitable that she was willing to give up her position as an Olympian to Dionysus and stay not in Mt. Olympus but on earth with the mortals.

PH Tourism Bullish To Achieve Higher Volumes As EU Lifts Ban

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Philippine tourism keeps exceeding expectations as international visitors reached 2.011 million from January to May this year, reflecting a 10.54 percent growth over 1.819 million of the same period last year. The figure represents a historic first in breaching the two-million mark in the first five months of a year.

All key tourism markets are bullish, led by Korea and the United States with a compounded stake of 39.55% in the total inbound traffic. Korea continues to secure the top rank, rallying 489,389 tourist arrivals to the country.

While the U.S. economy has yet to recover from recession, the number of American tourists leapt by 2.58 percent, with 306,056 arrivals compared with the same period last year. Visitors from Japan accounted for 179,984 or 8.95 percent of the overall visitor volume. The Chinese market, on the other hand, saw an uptick at 18.35 percent, rising to 163,879 from 138,466 arrivals. Australia has kept the fifth spot with 88,190 visitors keeping Taiwan at bay for two straight months now. Nevertheless, Taiwan generated 79,297 arrivals, possibly foreign independent travelers (FITs) who have more flexibility to pursue their travel itineraries.

Moonleaf Tea Shop Celebrates 1st Anniversary

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We congratulate Moonleaf Tea Shop The Columns Sen. Gil Puyat, Makati branch on its first year anniversary.

Special acoustic song numbers from guest performers namely Ebe Dancel, LM Cancio and Ai Dela Cruz, made the occasion livelier, and a photo-booth allowed the guests to bring home souvenir photos of themselves.

"The Caramel Milk Tea is the  bestseller, but the Hakka, Vanilla, and Wintermelon all earn raves from  bloggers. The house milk tea is sweet, simple, and refreshing."

I specifically like the Oolong and Wintermelon Milk Teas - my all-time favorites and I believe of almost everyone else of my friends. But don't let that stop you from experimenting on the other flavors and maybe you'll discover a new favorite of your own.

Iktus is the Grand Winner of the Sun Broadband Quest

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Iktus was declared as the grand winner of the Sun Broadband Quest last night, July 12, 2013 held at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan.

Iktus was originally "Icthus" which was the Greek word for "fish" mainly because the fish ius a symbol of Christianity. The band believed that the name is catchy and truly tunog-Pinoy. Iktus is composed of Carissa Panaligan (lead vocalist) and Andrei Panaligan (bass), Andrew Panaligan (drums) (hhhmmm brothers and sisters??) and Augusto Mendoza (guitar)- all hailing from the Colegio De San Juan De Letran from Calamba. The group was formed last 2005 and has already won several awards in the many band competitions they have joined throughout the years.

The band finds inspiration in both local and foreign bands like Rivermaya, Silent Sanctuary, Sugarfree, Itchyworms, Urbandub, Flyleaf, Paramore, Switchfoot and Run Kid Run.

Artemis: The Golden Arrow

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Of all the Greek gods and goddess I chose Artemis. A quick info on her background, her father was the most powerful god Zeus; but on the other hand, her mother was only a mortal named Leto. She was the first born of Leto's twins, where her twin brother was the Olympian god Apollo. Right after her birth, she immediately showed a capability of helping in giving child-birth to her younger brother.

As she grows, she develops more skills with her brother specially in the art of archery. But they had also discovered unique abilities that other does not have. She has a deep connection with the nature around her; the wildernness, and the animals. She also protects the women, helps in childbirthn and represents virginity of women. Using her archery skills she developed, she enjoyed the hunting of animals which she also protects, giving her the tilte "The Goddess of the Hunt". She allows hunters to hunt animals only at her command.

I chose her because she acts the same as a mother to everyone.She also allows anything done to an extent and duration. As one of the three virgin goddesses, she cares for the welfare of women and is heavily against violence against women. She also shows a sense of responsibility a mother should have though she hadn't gave birth to any chldren. She shows patience in every actions and tolerates misdeeds but still sentences with the proper punishments.

Olympian Gods and Goddesses

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Are you aware of the 12 Olympian gods? Many of us are addicted to stories that are related to the gods and goddesses. But do we know who  they really are? why are they here? where are they from? what are they for? who are they  to us?

There are said to be 12 Olympian gods living in mount Olympus. These 12 Olympian gods are consist of Zeus the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympians, Poseidon the god of the sea, Hades the ruler of the underworld, Hera the goddess of marriage, Demeter the goddess of harvest, Hestia the goddess of hearth, Ares the god of war, Athena the goddess of wisdom, Apollo the god of music, Artemis the goddess of hunt, Aphrodite the goddess of love and Hermes the god of thieves and commerce. We have known these gods and goddess from the very beginning. But the main question here is do they really exist?

Mutya ng Pilipinas Media Presentation and Contract Signing with Manila Ocean Park and H2O Hotel

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Mutya ng Pilipinas candidates for the year 2013 were all presented to the media after a contract signing of the Mutya ng Pilipinas President, Jacqueline Tan with its official residence partners, Manila Ocean Park represented by its General Manager, Van Kam Weng and H2O Hotel represented by its General Manager, Lily Adrid, in Manila last July 11, 2013.

All 31 beauties from different parts of the country plus other lovely ladies from other parts of the world representing the Filipino community strut their stuff on the Manila Ocean Park stage in front of the media and other onlookers.

Zandra Flores from the province of Pangasinan won as the most Photogenic and likewise as the Media favorite as voted on the spot by the media people present that day.

Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidicelli :Line Mobile Messaging App's Latest Endorsers

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They are cute and adorable little creatures that took over my cellphone lately. They cannot be stopped as they have become so addicting to collect, just like when water is poured into a Gremlin, out sprang more and more of their likes. But these somewhat like Critters are good ones, that made the usual conversation online more attractive and interesting.

They are a bunch of little Munchkins that made being connected more fun and exciting - and anticipating for more creative designs rather than using the traditional emoticons.

Yes! the miniscule misfits of the Line mobile app are overwhelmingly all over and nothing's gonna stop them from mobile app domination!

Apollo : The Multi-Talented God

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Apollo is a multi-talented creature because he is the god of music and arts, poetry, plaque and darkness, oracles, light and sun, medicine and healing, truth and prophecy, poetry, purity, athletism, manly beauty, enlightenment and knowledge. Apollo is usually depicted as a handsome, beardless youth wearing a wreath of laurel leaves and holding his bow, or a lyre.

He is the son of Zeus and Leto, and twin brother of Artemis. Zeus is actually married to Hera, the Queen of the Gods. Hera is always jealous on the women of Zeus so when she found out that Leto is pregnant and her husband is the father, she makes a way to terminate Leto’s pregnancy. By the power of Hera, she banned Leto to give birth in any part of Greece so Leto travelled until she found the island of Delos where Hera’s power cannot reach this place and gave birth on that island. Hera sent two pythons to kill the baby which is Apollo. Well, Apollo is a god which means he is immortal. Even though he is just a baby, he just shot those reptiles with a bow.

Hades : Ruler of the Underworld

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Are you familiar with Greek Mythology? Do you like their stories? Actually, many teenagers love this topics, especially the 12 Olympian Gods. They possess different powers and traits, which can be related to our personalities. With these, we tend to pick our favorites. Who would you choose to be related to you and your personality.

Hades, in Greek, or Pluto, in Roman, the god of wealth, death, and the Underworld, is one of the 12 Olympian Deities and one of the big three, Zeus, Poseidon, and him. Zeus rules the heavens, Poseidon owns the seas and oceans, and he thrones the Underworld. These deities meet in Mt. Olympus except, him. He wasn't able to be with his brothers and sisters because he needs to do his job down to the Underworld.

Hestia : The Goddess on Fire

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There are many Greek goddesses but there's one deity that I really like. She is Hestia (Vesta in Roman), the virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, and of the right ordering of domesticity and the family. According to Greek mythology, she is the first born child of Cronus and Rhea and also the first child Cronus swallowed. Hestia was named to be the eldest and the youngest of the six olympians since she was the last one to get out of their father's body.

I like her because I learned from our history teacher last year that she gave up her throne and just went near the hearth to avoid further conflict between the other gods. I admired her for such an amiable act. Other gods are greedy. They want to be more powerful than the others. But Hestia is different. She's passive yes, but atleast she doesn't have this thirst for power.

Demeter (Ceres) – Goddess of Fertility, Grain, Agriculture and Seasons


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In Ancient Greek religion and myth, they believed and worshiped “Gods and Goddesses”, whom were living in the Olympus. Only 12 of them were lucky to rule the universe and live in top of Mount Olympus. They were the “Twelve Olympians”; Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter, Hera, Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Hephaestus, Dionysus, Hermes, Apollo and Artemis. These Olympians had come to power after their leader, Zeus, overthrew his father, Kronos, leader of the Titans.

Hestia also became a part of the twelve Olympians, until such time that Dionysus came. Although Hades is an important god and brother of Zeus and Poseidon, he is not one of the twelve Olympians since he dwelled in the Underworld. Each of them has an important role for the mortals.
Daughter of Cronus and Rhea together with Hera, Hestia, Hades, Zeus and Poseidon, Demeter is one of the greatest divinities of the Greeks. Demeter was depicted as a mature woman, often crowned and holding sheaf of wheat and a torch. 

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Dionysus a.k.a. Mr D.

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Dionysus one of the half-blooded gods in Greek mythology. What's a half-blood? A half-blood is a god that has one god parent and a mortal parent. In this case, Dionysus' god parent was Zeus and Semele was his mortal parent. If you'll ask them if it's fun to be a god, 99.99% of them will say "no".

"What will you do with immortality if you're not eternally happy?"

Dionysus is one of the gods with a ridiculous birth. He was born twice so they call him "The Twice-born" because when Semele died while Dionysus was still in her womb, Zeus get the baby Dionysus and place him in his thigh and sewed his thigh back. Crazy isn't it? Many of the gods are also born with ridiculous birth. Like Zeus' siblings, Cronus ate them because of the oracle that says that his children will persuade him in his throne and they will rule.

The Child-bearer, Creator, Forebearer, Procreator, Progenitor, and Mother of Wisdom

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"He who doesn't appreciate his roots shall never succeed." - Anonymous

Athena have always been my favorite Greek goddess-the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength, strategy, arts, crafts, and skill. She is such an admirable goddess and probably the best of all.I used to idolize her for being such a beauty. Combine it with her talents and prodigy-tada!-the best goddess of all time.

But little do we know the provenance of this commendable brain goddess. The next question would be, where did SHE came from? It all goes down to the very mother of Athena who is no other than Metis. Metis is considered to be the Titaness of wisdom and deep thought. Her name was connoted as magical and cunning. She is actually a Titan and never would she be an Olympian God. But nevertheless, she is still Athena's pro-creator.

Artemis : The Greek Goddess of Hunt and Moon.

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When we heard the phrase “Greek Mythology”, the first thing that comes to our mind are the Gods and goddesses. It is said that there are 12 Gods and Goddesses that are said to be living on Mount Olympus. They are Zeus-who is said to be the “God of the Gods”, Hera-the goddess of women and marriage, Athena-the goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, Aphrodite-the goddess of beauty, Poseidon- the God of the seas and others. Among all the greek Gods and goddesses, I adore Artemis the most.

ARTEMIS was the great Olympian goddess of hunting, moon, wilderness and wild animals. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She is the twin sister of Apollo – the God of music, poetry, plague, oracles, sun, medicine, light and knowledge. The deer and the cypress were sacred to her. Her symbols are the Bow, arrows, stags, hunting dog and moon.

As a virgin, Artemis had interested many gods and men, but only her hunting companion, Orion, won her heart. Orion was accidentally killed either by Artemis or by Gaia.

Katy! The Musical : Proudly Supported by Globe Telecom

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The revival of iconic Filipino production Katy! The Musical at the Meralco Theatre from July 19 to August 4 receives strong backing from Globe Telecom, a testament to the company’s thrust of developing and promoting local talents.

“Globe is an active supporter of projects that harness Filipino talents. We are hoping that by lending our resources to an original Filipino musical, we could be instrumental in further encouraging our artists to perfect their craft as well as promote local productions not only among discerning theater aficionados but to the general public as well,” said Yoly C. Crisanto, Head of Globe Corporate Communications.

Just recently, Globe partnered with the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) on the staging of the highly-successful and long-running production of Batang Rizal, an educational, interactive comedy-musicale theater play which went on a tour around the country to give a fresh look on the life and works of the country’s national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. It featured an all original music composed and arranged by Maestro Vincent de Jesus, with the direction of Dudz Terana and written by Christine Bellen.

Artemis : I Hunt You

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One of my favorite Greek goddess is Artemis (the other being, Athena). Now what does Artemis have that makes her so special? Why do we love her? The very reason for her to be loved by mortals of today’s generation (considering that most people prefers Artemis and Athena when we are to talk about Greek Mythology) yet who only loves her bow and arrow (Yes! She does have that ONE love affair whom she killed as what they say). Why? Why? Why? So here is a brief background about Artemis and reasons why we love her (if you do) and why you should love her (cause how in the world can you not love this awesome goddess?).

Artemis is the daughter of Leto and Zeus, and the twin sister of Apollo. She is the goddess of the moon, hunting, forest, hills, virginity and fertility. She was often described with the crescent of the moon above her forehead and was sometimes identified with Selene (goddess of the moon). She was one of those forever alone people - I mean, virgin goddess. So enough with the background and prepare to be stupefied by this kick ass goddess!

Hera : The Only Queen

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Hera was the wife and one of the sisters of Zeus, the ruler of the Olympian gods. She was the goddess of marriage. She was known as the protector of marriage and married women were her peculiar care. She was the only queen of all the gods and goddesses. In other words, she was known as the supreme goddess. The Roman name of this goddess is Juno.

Don’t ever dare to steal Zeus from her if you don’t want to experience her wrath. She was chiefly engaged in punishing the many women Zeus fell in love with, even if they yielded only because they were just coerced or tricked by Zeus. It doesn’t matter how innocent the women are or reluctant, the goddess just treated them alike. Her implacable anger will keep on following them until the very end of their clan.

Apollo : The Greek God of Light

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Apollo, the son of Zeus and Leto, twin brother of Artemis, born in the little island of Delos, is known as the Greek god of prophecy and oracles, healing, plague and disease, music, song and poetry, archery, and the protection of the young.

He is also described as "The most Greek of all the gods.” Furthermore, he is also the god of Light, in whom is no darkness at all, and so he is known as the god of Truth. No lie would come from his lips.Like all gods, Apollo had a number of lovers. This could represent the different types of love, love of family, of friends, of enemies, of siblings, etc...

I chose to write an article about Apollo because he represents a few things I take an interest in. One of those things is music, and not to mention, like Apollo, I also play a string-instrument. Music has a huge impact on my life. Through music I've made a lot of amazing friends, made others feel something through my singing, and found a way to express myself when no one seems to listen.

Zeus : God of Thunder and Lightning


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Greek Mythology? It’s one of my favorite things to discuss which really amazed me on how this extra ordinary people have the capability of creating such unimaginable things. And I am pleased to tell you that this activity was able to make me feel like a real GOD which is really AWESOME !!

ZEUS god of thunder and lightning wouldn’t it be amazing if you are capable of harnessing the power of lightning and be the most powerful of them all. Zeus is one of my favorite God Mythology and that is the reason why I was able to choose to portraits him. I might say it was fantastic experienced for me that imagining myself that I am a really God Mythology, that like Zeus I have a strong power among the others. That like Zeus, I can shower my power by lightning the things that I want and how I wish it is really so true.

Before I end this, I would like to thank Ms. Del Rosario for making this project possible for me that because she requires making this project, I have got the opportunity to experience to be God Mythology even in just only a visionary way.

Demeter: The Moody Goddess

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Do you know the 12 Greek God and Goddess? Who is your favorite? What is it about them that make you interested? All of us have different opinions about these Gods and Goddesses, but for me the most interesting one among all of them is the Greek Goddess Demeter. Want to know why?

Demeter is known to be the goddess of harvest, farmland and grain. The seasons here on Earth are believed to controlled by her mood. She is also known as mother Earth. Isn’t she amazing?!

Demeter had a daughter named Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. She was taken by the Greek God Hades. Demeter’s sadness or moodiness was due to the loss of her daughter. She started being depressed and lonely which caused famine in Greece. Zeus started to worry and sent Hermes to the underworld.

Greek Goddess : Hestia

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Ever heard of the Olympian gods and goddesses?, more specifically the 12 Olympian gods? Well, they are the major deities of the Greeks, they are also known as Dodekatheon. These gods are said to live on Mount Olympus, with each possessing different powers. The twelve Olympian gods are Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Hestia, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus and Hermes. Zeus is the supreme god, he is the god of sky and thunder. He shared the world with his elder brothers, Poseidon and Hades, by drawing lots: Zeus got the sky and air, Poseidon the waters, and Hades the world of the dead (the underworld). But the one I admire the most is Hestia.

So, who is Hestia? She is part of the twelve Olympian gods and goddesses. Her Roman name is Vesta. Goddess of the hearth and of the right ordering of domesticity and the family; she was born into the first Olympian generation and was one of the original twelve Olympians, until she gave her throne to Dionysus in order to keep the peace, making her the most generous and gentlest of the gods. She is the first child of Cronus and Rhea, eldest sister of Hades, Demeter, Poseidon, Hera, and Zeus. Also the eldest of the Olympians.

Hestia is the youngest and the oldest in the family. She received the first offering at every sacrifice in the household. In the public domain, the hearth of the prytaneum functioned as her official sanctuary. With the establishment of a new colony, flame from Hestia's public hearth in the mother city would be carried to the new settlement. She sat on a plain wooden throne with a white woolen cushion and did not trouble to choose an emblem for herself. Most Greeks actually worship her. She is the most kind and humble of all the Olympian gods.

These traits of hers made me admire her from all the other Olympian gods and goddesses. That is how simple she is. She doesn't want any quarrels, so she gave her throne to Dionysus. Simplicity really is beauty.

Greek Goddess of Wilderness : Artemis

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ARTEMIS was the great Olympian goddess of hunting, wilderness and wild animals. Artemis was really Apollo's brother and described as the relation between a husband and wife so seldom it was said that it was Artemis was Apollo's wife. Artemis was like Apollo's female counterpart, armed with bow n arrows and sends death and plague among men, women and animals. She was beaten by Goddess Hera in a contest of gods during the Trojan War. She tricked the Aloadai Giants to kill each other who were planning to storm the Olympus. Artemis was really Apollo's brother and described as the relation between a husband and wife so seldom it was said that it was Artemis was Apollo's wife. Artemis was like Apollo's female counterpart, armed with bow n arrows and sends death and plague among men, women and animals.

Athena the Wise

Drawn by: Maria Christine P. Tuazon

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Who are the 12 Greek Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus? Who is your favorite among them? Each Gods and Goddesses have their unique and special traits. They also have interesting stories about their birth, parents, and life. All of them are interesting to study, but for me the most interesting is the Greek Goddess Athena.

Who is Athena?

Athena is the daughter of Zeus and Metis. Her Roman name is Minerva. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Quite a mouthful right? That’s why I find her interesting.

They said that when Metis was pregnant with Athena, she was inside Zeus’ belly. Zeus taught that he was able to save himself from having a child that is much stronger than him, but he was wrong. He was too late. When Metis gave birth, Zeus’ head ached and he asked his son Hephaestus to open his head. When his head was opened Athena came out with her armor (Goddess of strength, strategy and skills) which is said to be from her mother. Even though all of that happened, they say that Athena is still the favorite daughter of Zeus. Because of that story I started to think that because of the way she was born, she was called the Goddess of Wisdom.

Sean Strickland Retains King of the Cage World Middleweight Title

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Special thanks to the Philippine Star for the following details of the results of the King of the Cage fight night at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Sean Strickland dominated Yusuke Sakashita to fashion out a unanimous decision victory and retain his world middleweight crown in the King of the Cage (KOTC) Championship before a big crowd at the MOA Arena in Pasay City recently.

The Strickland-Sakashita duel highlighted the explosive 11-bout card in the event which featured foreign and Filipino mixed martial arts stars, backed by Booster-C Energy Shot and graced by former former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and UFC mixed martial arts referee and former fighter Herb Dean. 

Travelife Goes Digital with Travelife App

Wazzup Pilipinas!

From print to television and online, Travelife Magazine goes digital worldwide with the launch of the Travelife App, bringing the finest of travel and lifestyle to the Apple iOS and soon on Android. Now you can read and watch Travelife anytime anywhere.

The Travelife App adds exciting digital features to Southeast Asia's leading travel and lifestyle magazine exclusive to iPad users all over the world. These features range from special effects, photo galleries, videos, interactive buttons and even booking features. Travelife App readers can also enjoy watching Travelife TV's Frequent Flier show and read the Travelife blog as these popular Travelife media are integrated in the app.

iOS DevCamp 2013

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Globe Labs is very pleased to host the 1st ever iOSDevCamp Philippines on July 12 to 14, 2013 at Globe Telecom - Valero Telepark.

This year is the 8th iOS DevCamp which will be held in Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California. iOSDevCamp is the annual not-for-profit gathering to share ideas and develop applications for iOS using both the native SDK and web standards.

iOSDevCamp Philippines calls the participation of developers, designers, entrepreneurs and testers, for exchange of ideas and collaborate for development projects.

An MBA or a Startup? A Forum on a Career Dilemma

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Start or Study? For friends who are going through the dilemma of starting a venture vs pursuing further studies, do join us for a forum that'll help you decide on the right path for you! Featuring prominent local startup founders and Harvard Business School alumni.

Are you Mark or Sheryl? Mark Zuckerberg may have been the famous college dropout that founded Facebook, but the company wouldn't be the success it is today without Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, who has an MBA from Harvard and and a long career in government & the private sector.

The truth is, any successful company needs its Marks (visionaries & risk takers) and Sheryls (the managerial and operating prowess). Which one are you?

Hanggang Wish Ka Lang by Stanley Chi

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Wala ka pa rin bang girlfriend hanggang ngayon?

Panoorin mo si Dudung, para malaman kung paano tinupad ni Stanley Chi ang kanyang wish na magkaroon ng girlfriend!

Pero kung hindi ka marunong mag-English, abangan mo na lang ang susunod na video ng... Hanggang Wish Ka Lang!

Title palang ang lakas makahatak, abangan pa po natin yung ibang mga susunod na episode ng Hanggang Wish Ka Lang.

4th Generation Intel Core Processor Now Available

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I attended the 4th generation Intel Core launch last night at Makati Shangri-la Hotel upon invitation from a colleague in the industry. It was a spectacular night filled with lights and sounds all over the room, plus our tables were adorned with cute cupcakes with superhero-inspired designs, and a bunch of superhero action figure toys of the likes of Batman and Spiderman, to name a few. The main screen also has a somewhat superhero figure with a number 4 on his chest depicting the 4th generation Intel core.

I even thought there will be a mascot somewhere that will show up all of a sudden, but nah! I just got myself contented of taking pictures of what was previously mentioned plus the lady models dressed up in something like futuristic tights - starry starry nights or superheroines wannabes.

The night was also spent tweeting  "4thGenCorePH" as I am enjoying updating my Facebook and Twitter followers of what was going on at the event - the time when they did a demo of all the exciting new features made possible by the 4th generation Intel core.

Anne Curtis Smith : Top Celebrity Endorser of the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Eraning the coined named "Annebisyosa" which a comination of her name and the word "ambitious" or "ambisyosa" in Tagalog, Anne Curtis has really been very ambitious in her past achievements. I believe she would have not gotten this far if she only relied on her beauty.

She was courageous and ambitious enough to try everything out there even if it's not really her forte. She couldn't really belt out a "birit" to the max songs. She couldn't really go smooth pro dancing like the experts, but she has done all of that because she had the guts to believe in herself.

Though sometimes her performances are becoming to be a joke or turning into a comedy skit every now and then, the audience, supporters, crowd, the "masa" are loving her for it.

She simply evokes a sweet and down-to-Earth pleasant everyday neighborhood cute girl everyone adores.

Repertory Philippines’ Theatre For Young Audiences Set To Unveil “ Alice In Wonderland ” On August 17

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In celebration of its 21st year of producing well-loved musicals for children of all ages, Repertory Philippines’ Theatre for Young Audiences proudly announces its 2013 offering with the staging of ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

For over 150 years, ALICE IN WONDERLAND has captivated children with its timeless and whimsical story written by Lewis Caroll. The classic tale is now re-told in an enchanting adaptation with Book by Jim Eiler. Music by Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy. Lyrics by Jim Eiler.

With toe-tapping lively music and highly-spirited dance numbers, ALICE IN WONDERLAND follows Alice through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole in a whirlwind of twists and turns through an enchanting Wonderland. In this whimsical fantastic journey, Alice meets all of Wonderland's famous and popular residents brought to life with full flair and color including: the King & Queen of Hearts, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Gryphon, Mock Turtle, Dormouse, Mad Hatter and March Hare, the Dutchess, Cheshire Cat and of course, the White Rabbit, and a whole world of characters for the audience to enjoy.

From Greenhouse Construction To Hand-Woven Products: Benguet Student Leaders Do Their Share For The Community

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Student leaders from various Benguet universities may be busy working on their diploma yet they are also embarking on various environmental and livelihood projects designed to benefit their respective communities.

Projects include the construction of trellised greenhouse, creation of environment-friendly water bottles, learning innovative ways to recycle plastic materials, livelihood management training, and establishment of hand-woven product outlet.

They are the result of the Leadership Communities (LeadCom) program of the Ayala Foundation, Inc. (AFI) in cooperation with Globe Telecom and youth-oriented non-government organization Active Aid Partnerships. Select students from universities in Benguet were chosen to participate in a three-day workshop to develop, inspire, empower and nurture them into becoming future leaders of the country.

Benguet is one of the Communities of Practice (CoPs) of Globe, the company’s way of giving back to the community where it operates. CoP brings together various advocacies and initiatives of Globe delivered through partnerships with community-based non-government organizations, barangay leaders, and youth beneficiaries.

SGV & Co Serves as Official Tabulator for Globe Telecom Media Excellence Awards

Wazzup Pilipinas!   

SGV & Co., the country’s largest multidisciplinary professional services firm, will serve as official tabulator for the second Globe Telecom Cebu and Davao media excellence awards this year.

“SGV’s participation in this important undertaking will further lend credence to the determination of winners. With its reputation and track record of having a high level of professional and ethical standards, we can assure everyone an honest and error-free counting and validation of votes,” said Yoly C. Crisanto, Head of Globe Corporate Communications.

The 2nd Cebu Media Excellence Awards (CMEA) is slated on the third week of September to coincide with the Cebu Press Freedom Week celebration which commemorates the dark days of martial law when the basic right to press freedom was curtailed. On the other hand, the 2nd Davao Media Excellence Awards (DMEA) is scheduled in November. Both awards aim to encourage media excellence in the fields of civic, investigative, and explanatory journalism.

PHIL SME Expo Presents SME Leaders Talk

Wazzup Pilipinas!

THE PHILIPPINE SME BUSINESS EXPO – “Your SME Business Gateway”, the country’s premier business expo to be held at the SMX Convention Center Taguig, located at the 3rd floor of SM Aura Premier, on July 12 to 14, lays down a roster of prominent personality to speak during the three-day event.

On this three-day expo, participants and visitors will get the latest industry insights through the country’s leading business experts and leaders. Visitors will also be able to enjoy exciting discounts and raffle prizes which include gift certificates, an iPad and a brand new car.

Register online for FREE at and get updated through Facebook: and Twitter: via #EmpoweringSME.

Social Innovation Camp Philippines 2013

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Social Camp Innovation team thought you might like to know that the Social Innovation Camp Philippines 2013 call for ideas is now open!

We're looking for the best ideas that use technology to change stuff that matters. Over one weekend from September 13-15, 2013, we're bringing together some of the best of the software developers and designers with those at the sharp end of social problems at Manila.

Our mission will be to turn six back-of-the-envelope ideas that could change the world into social start-ups in under 48 hours – complete with working software.

You've got until August 02, 2013 to send us your idea that uses the web to create social change and you could be joining 80 other participants to try and make it a reality. The top team from SI Camp Philippines will join the top teams from other cities at the end of the year for a final regional camp.

Further details can be found at - or you can read on to find out more about how Social Innovation Camp works.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Impersonating the Goddess of Hunt and Moon

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The daughter of Leto and Zeus, and the twin of Apollo. Artemis is the goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility. Sometimes, she is also called the Moon Goddess. Artemis was one of the Olympians and a virgin goddess. Her main vocation was to roam mountain forests and uncultivated land with her nymphs in attendance hunting for lions, panthers, hinds and stags. Contradictory to the later, she helped in protecting and seeing to their well-being, also their safety and reproduction. She was armed with a bow and arrows which were made by Hephaestus and the Cyclopes.

Being associated with chastity, Artemis at an early age (in one legend she was three years old) asked her father, the great god Zeus, to grant her eternal virginity. Also, all her companions were virgins. Artemis was very protective of her purity, and gave grave punishment to any man who attempted to dishonor her in any form.

It's More Fun in the Philippines Website Upgrade

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Have you seen the new homepage of the It's More Fun in the Philippines website? Notice the button links to their foreign offices as well as the social media buttons that makes sharing easier!

You may also click on the bottom right panel to access the Department of Tourism website for online accredition, press releases, statistics and other info.

Visit the website at and share the fun!
Congratulations to the Department of Tourism on the new website. Easy to navigate. Simple design but full of life and exciting colors. Very enticing images of things to do and great places to be. Makes me want to be there. Good job.

Marian Rivera at FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party

Wazzup Pilipinas!

And here's your Nation's Finest: Marian Rivera!And so the ‪#‎FHM100Sexiest‬ Women in the World Victory Party turned out just as what everyone hope it would be: The sexiest place to be in the Philippines for at least one night.

The people had spoken and voted for her. There is no need to bash since she definitely deserves the title. Look at that body... To all the bitters and haters, sorry but there are more people who voted for her.

Congrats Marian! You deserved that spot. :)) Kitang kita naman. Angel Losin? LOL! puro curves ng taba.

Globe Telecom Has New Head for Broadband

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Tattoo secures broadband stronghold with a new leader.

Globe Telecom recently appointed seasoned marketing professional Gilbert Simpao to lead its Tattoo broadband business, which has been enjoying strong performance with a string of remarkable growth in terms of revenues and subscriber base. Simpao takes over Nikko Acosta who will lead the Enterprise Segments Group of Globe Business.

As former Managing Director of global consumer goods giant Unilever Philippines’ Personal care categories, Simpao brings with him a wealth of experience in sales and marketing to a consistently-growing and profitable segment of Globe. Tattoo currently leads the industry with its game-changing and innovative broadband offers.

Gala Awards Celebrities Support Wazzup Pilipinas!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Celebrities support the Wazzup Pilipinas community of bloggers.

The photos were from the Gala Awards night held at 1Esplanade a few nights ago. It was an evening of star-studded performances by the G-Force, Belly dancers, Jay-R and Micah Javier, and Dulce.

Fellow bloggers persuaded me that night to prepare an improvised fan sign for the celebrities present at the event.

I used to do video invites starring celebrities or popular figures, but I have some problems if the venue plays too loud music.

But later outside, we saw Stanley Chi, who also recognized me from a previous event a few weeks ago, after the event.  I was flattered that he remembered me and you can't imagine how I felt when he agreed to do a video invite again.

Thanks to all the celebrities!!!!

Photo courtesy of Axl Guinto
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