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PLDT Enterprise partners with Megaport to deliver multicloud service platform

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PLDT Enterprise announces its partnership with Megaport, one of the world’s leading Network as a Service providers, to deliver a multi-cloud service platform that aims to bridge enterprise networks in the Philippines to major public cloud service providers in different countries such as Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud, among others. 


The collaboration leads to the launch of PLDT Cloud Connect, an enterprise-grade networking solution that provides dedicated connectivity to leading cloud services with secure and dependable network performance.  


Founded on PLDT’s international Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, PLDT Cloud Connect also delivers resilient virtual connections: in the event of link loss on a primary path, the network will automatically route traffic to a secondary path for continuity.  

PHLPost launches 50th UPU Int’l letter writing contest for young people

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The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU) based in Berne, Switzerland recently launched the 50th International Letter Writing Competition (2021) for the youth to promote better understanding around the world through the post office especially during this time of Covid-19 pandemic.

The competition will focus on the theme "Write a letter to a family member about your experience of Covid-19”.

The Universal Postal Union, a specialized agency of the United Nations, says that the entire generation of children has tragically fallen to the pandemic. The 50th Int’l Letter Writing competition is an opportunity for children around the world to write about their experiences in these momentous months, and to remind everyone why literacy is very important for a child’s future.

PHLPost acknowledges the importance of family’s wellbeing by keeping each other connected during this difficult period.

The first prize entry on the national level will automatically qualify for the UPU International Letter Writing Competition to be held in Switzerland.

PHLPost said, all elementary and high school students in public and private school nationwide who are Filipino citizens and aged 15 years old and below are qualified to join the contest.

Compositions must be recent, unpublished and original letters in English, handwritten, and adhere strictly to the theme and must not exceed the limit of 1,000 words in length.

On a separate sheet of paper, the participant must indicate the number of words of the letter composition, complete name and address, gender, age and date of birth, name of school and address, grade level, and contact numbers. A 2x2 colored digital ID picture (300 dpi minimum) must be attached.

Entries sent thru private couriers shall be automatically disqualified.

The contest hopes to develop young student skills in composition and fosters their enjoyment in letter writing. It is also an excellent way of making young people aware of the important role postal services play in society – a role that has become even more noteworthy during the global pandemic.

The first prize winner will receive P15,000; second prize, P10,000; and third prize, P5,000, plus other recognitions.

For more information on the contest, call Ms. Joy Edralin-Cacho, PHLPost special project officer of the Postshop, Philately and Museum Division, at 8527-01-32., or log on to

Local entries must reach PHLPost (via post office) on April 02. The selection of semi-finalists will be done on or before April 12, 2021.

PLDT Enterprise accelerates eIndustries’ digital transformation

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The ambiguities of the pandemic have forced businesses to learn new ways to proactively respond to these uncertain times. As companies try to navigate their operations to wrestle unprecedented challenges, most found themselves making the shift to online and digital to survive, and hopefully thrive, in the new normal, while others, unfortunately, had to close shop.

As numerous companies made the shift and learned to adapt to the digital way of transacting business, e-industries were born or accelerated by necessity. These include eLearning, eCommerce and retail, eBPO, eBFSI, eHealth, eGovernment, eTravel and tourism, and eManufacturing and logistics.

Given the growth of these electronic-based industries, PLDT Enterprise, the B2B arm of the largest and only integrated telecommunications company in the Philippines, pledges its support for these e-Industries by providing fortified digital technologies like end-to-end fixed, wireless, and ICT technologies and services to help businesses cope with the signs of the times.

“We at PLDT Enterprise fully commit to helping future-proof our e-industries today by providing them tailored services and solutions to better address their business and customer needs. Through technology, our goal is not only to make a positive impact on every single business, but also to make our society and the lives of our countrymen better than before,” said Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups.

Setting the trend to address digital necessities

PLDT Enterprise first led the transformation of e-Industries last year at the height of the disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 crisis with its technological advancements to help fuel the growth and development of e-Industries today. To help e-industries understand the digital transformation, PLDT Enterprise sought the expertise of e-Industry leaders to discuss and present the details in adopting digital innovations into different businesses on Tech Talk On Air, an on-going series launched by PLDT Enterprise where e-industry leaders tackled problems, solutions and opportunities.

During the last quarter of 2020, PLDT Enterprise brought together digital thought leaders and industry pioneers from all over the world at the Philippine Digital Convention (PH Digicon 2020) where the future of digital solutions in the workplace environment were discussed and addressed. PH Digicon 2020 also featured emerging technologies that are set to pave the way for enterprises to pivot towards success in the future of work.

Recalibrating business models with improved technologies

In 2021, digital transformation is even further accelerated, recalibrating business models among organizations. PLDT Enterprise is continuously improving and developing technologies to support the expanding needs of various industries. With the goal to help businesses rediscover and reinvent themselves using technology, PLDT Enterprise will focus on providing tailor-fit digital solutions to the emerging and growing e-industries.

There have been evident transformations in key industries which have set new standards for operations and transactions paving the way, in less than a year, for e-industries to emerge or expand. Topmost on this list is the eHealthcare sector – where every aspect of the healthcare system is seen to evolve into a digital ecosphere.

Addressing the key e-Industries


The local healthcare system was the first to be affected by the pandemic. Healthcare, however, is not one to be dismissed or compromised. It is therefore PLDT’s commitment to prioritize healthcare. In response to this, PLDT Enterprise will soon launch its suite of telemedicine and eHealthcare solutions that will provide easily accessible digital healthcare services to hospitals, doctors and patients.

Telemedicine is a big factor to ease patient access to their doctors and PLDT sees this as the way of the future, enabling doctors to monitor a patient’s medical journey every step of the way. PLDT Enterprise also aims to bring this service available to the barangay-level, accessible and inclusive to all. It is indeed a changing healthcare landscape and PLDT Enterprise is committed to provide the practical solutions that will adapt to the transforming healthcare system and help make lives of Filipinos better.

During PLDT Enterprise’s Tech Talk On air last September 2020, eHealth emerged as one of the most important discussions. Even pre-pandemic, there was already had an estimated shortage of 23,000 nurses. COVID aggravated the situation further as 1,800 health workers were infected by the virus and more than 50 of them had succumbed to its symptoms. To make matters worse, hospitals across the country became full in capacity—leaving the national government and LGUs scrambling to launch quarantine and testing facilities nationwide. The sector was also faced with a shortage of rapid and PCR testing kits, hospital beds and medical equipment like ventilators.

With PLDT Enterprise and ePLDT services, hospitals and medical institutions will be empowered to provide streamlined services to patients through virtual consultations and online booking appointments. And as physical challenges highlight the difficulties in the healthcare industry, technology then helps bridge the gap between medical institutions and millions of Filipinos.


One of the most affected industries during the pandemic is the academe. Ongoing programs of PLDT Enterprise that support e-learning are the Giga Study, BEYOND FIBER, and Microsoft for Education where over 480,000 Microsoft licenses for schools nationwide have been deployed last year.

Initiatives by PLDT Enterprise for eLearning have ramped up, through partnerships with hundreds of schools, universities, colleges, and other learning institutions to make connectivity and digital solutions, eLearning tools and platforms more accessible to the education sector.

This has been part of PLDT Enterprise’s efforts to strengthen digital connectivity for the academe through robust technology solutions. Ensuring the best possible education for students while at the safety of their homes is PLDT’s goal, and its partnership with the education sector is a commitment to provide any technology requirements they need. Providing learning tools with strong and reliable connectivity during the global health crisis enables students and teachers uninterrupted education.


As people had to contend with lockdowns in the beginning of 2020, basic necessities became a difficult, if not impossible commodity to reach. In ecommerce, the transition from closed businesses to partial and full reopening compelled business owners to revisit the platforms they offer consumers, as values and priorities have irreversibly been reshaped.

At PLDT Enterprise’s Tech Talk On Air, changes in values and behavior in the ecommerce industry were discussed, and with this social transformation, insights and takeaways were offered for MSMEs.

PLDT Enterprise has long partnered with ecommerce industry leaders, and the pandemic has inspired them to ensure that the experiences and solutions mentioned are integrated into the digital platforms of these companies, aiming to make a positive impact on every single business.


With the BPO industry enjoying a steady stream of revenues and providing millions of jobs to Filipinos, the global health pandemic of 2020 greatly affected the status of most of the companies under the BPO industry. Many of the call centers were forced to switch to a Work from Home (WFH) setup, with safety and health as top priority, as well as the challenges in transportation for workers. The government-mandated lockdown implemented presented a unique and challenging situation for the Philippine BPO market, with companies altering plans and projections including remaining at the top of its game.

With this surge and continuance of WFH setups, PLDT Enterprise has committed to continue supporting the BPO Industry by offering various connectivity solutions that assure both BPO clients and employees that the shift to WFH does not hinder the continuous premium service that have always been offered to customers.

Since September 2020, PLDT Enterprise worked on migrating over 250,000 of its customers’ existing copper lines to fiber lines for a strengthened, faster connectivity. As it has always supported call centers and the BPO Industry for many years with its connectivity solutions, the global health crisis that saw entrepreneurs across all industries shift to digital technology saw the necessity for a more secure solution. The new normal that all industries are now adapting, and with the growing needs of the BPO sector, the WFH setup demanded a reliable, safe, and secure solutions.

Mitch Locsin, PLDT FVP & Enterprise Revenue Group Head, says that they have always been supportive of and committed to the BPO industry. “We are not just providing connectivity to the BPO sector. We are also providing the BPO industry with various solutions, keeping in mind what these companies need for an uninterrupted business while assuring workers of their jobs being done from the comforts of their homes.”


PLDT has always been a technology and telco provider and active participant and contributor to government initiatives. The need to ensure operational efficiency in the public sector especially with the onset of the global health crisis was critical. Digital solutions were then offered by PLDT to the local government units (LGU) for continued and smooth service to its citizenry.

Workforce planning and the need to test resiliency in working virtually including protection of citizen data was apparent. There was therefore a longer term potential for reshaping government workforce.

There were also the disrupted sectors looking to government to provide adaptive and regulatory models and a longer-term opportunity to reinvent the future of regulation.

Republic Act 11032 or known as Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018 is aimed to establish effective practice and efficient turnaround of the delivery of government services and the prevention of graft and corruption in government.

PLDT has successfully offered solutions for easy access and responsive community engagement to government. These public sector solution suite includes eGovernment Applications and Kiosks, Online payment Gateways, Contact Center Solutions, Citizen ID and Community App, Command Centers, CCTV Surveillance, Traffic Management, Smart Wifi on certain public centers, WFH solutions, and Emergency 911 Dispatch System. The collaboration and operational efficiency enables remote work for government employees and service availability and cybersecurity ensure that critical workloads and records are easily and securely accessed anytime, anywhere.


The pandemic hit the travel and tourism industry hard, suffering a great deal and with many airlines retrenching employees, hotels and restaurants closing, and tourists holding off on travel plans because of the risk in air travel.

In 2019, the Department of Tourism recorded a total 8.3 million inbound tourists, showing a significant contribution of the tourism sector to the Philippine economy. But the 2020 global health crisis has greatly overturned this, thus compelling the tourism industry to work hard and ensure that measures are put in place to mitigate the impact of pandemic.

Focus on new protocols in flying are put in place, with precautions for the airline industry being implemented, such as HEPA filters, proper sanitation, contactless transactions and operations.

Collaborations within the hospitality industry has been vital, where digital technology has been of utmost importance. The term reassurance within the industry resonates, wherein downtime should be used wisely, with business restructuring, investment and industry’s collective responsibility for hygiene, safety and security in place. Strategies are being adjusted accordingly where learnings are adapted and incorporated.

PLDT and Smart created its Traveler Digital Journey, where people are able to digitally travel anytime anywhere, being able to visit Boracay, Batanes, Palawan, and other beautiful spots, virtually. Travelers are able to book through Search Engine Marketing. An interactive map through Google maps allows user navigation. Efficiency is powered through Microsoft bookings, visit, schedule or reschedule. Payment is conveniently accepted through Paymaya or directly from establishments.

For incoming passengers, digital solutions are being adapted, such as use of Stay safe app, Google forms, QR codes all designed for contactless and safe solutions.

All other e-industries are strengthened through PLDT Enterprise Solutions

All other industries remain optimistic that despite the challenges of the pandemic, collaboration, innovation and adaption will help them recover. Manufacturing and logistics, for instance, are also in the forefront of partnering with PLDT Enterprise in ensuring that their industry remain resilient and digitally strengthened and secured.

The Banking and Financial Service Industry also rely on the reliable connectivity of PLDT ensuring customer online transactions and cybersecurity. While globally, digital transactions increased by a mere 26%, in the Philippines, the PayMaya app consumer-volume increased 2.5 times, online bills payment more than three times, and digital government transactions more than ten times. This shows that the country is above the global average when it comes to digitally transferring money to family and friends, although it remains below the global curve in terms of using mobile payment services.

“We want to make a positive impact on every single business by providing the information and communications technology requirements of enterprises across industries that will enable them to become more resilient and prepared for any other future disruption,” concluded Hernandez. 

A new ecosystem of business

The importance of shaping a new ecosystem of business is definitely essential for national development after the global pandemic. When industries embrace digital adoption, a resilient ecosystem is created where all industries synergize their capabilities to yield business outcomes that are far greater than what each of these industries could have achieved.

To learn more, watch this video or visit

Travel Gadget Essentials to Take to Your Future Trip

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It will soon be holiday time which means the time you get to go away from your normal life and explore new places. This time is so valuable and gives us all a purpose and fulfilling sense within us. Whenever we take our holidays there is always the dreaded moment when you must pack your bag. I think everyone agrees this is probably the most difficult part of any trip.
Top 5 Gadgets For Your Future Trips

It doesn't matter if you are heading away for three days or two weeks, packing what you think you will need is always a headache. There is so much technology nowadays that we all use every day, how do we decide what it is we will take with us, without going overboard and taking everything. Through this article, we will discuss the best gadgets to take with you on any trip you make.


This device is a fantastic gadget to take away on any holiday. We all need the internet nowadays so with this device you are able to connect every time, as it is a wifi hotspot. You can use this in any country and it is not too large so can fit into your pocket. Another handy feature is that it can be used for a charger as you can charge your phone from it.

Once you get a GlocalMe device for your travels you will also have the option of using two sim cards that can be placed in the device. These can be used if you desire also. Users will get around 15 hours of use with its in-built battery and it can charge your other devices for over 4 hours. This device is a good size to take away on a trip and will always come in useful, as who does not want to access the internet?

Kindle Voyage

This would be an ideal travel mate for those that love to read. With this device, you can take away your favorite books without heaping pounds of weight on your travel bag. The Kindle Voyage can hold thousands of books from your favorite writers so you can sit down after a hard day's hiking and immerse yourself in a good story.

This device can charge from a laptop in 3 hours and can give up to six weeks of reading if you read 30 minutes per day. There is an in-built light which allows you to read at night. You are also able to connect to the internet through this device. But the best thing about the Kindle Voyage is its size. It is small and light and takes no space whatsoever. An excellent device to take away with you, especially if you are a keen reader.

Fitbit Versa

This is a very useful gadget and serves so many functions. With a Fitbit Versa, you have the ability to use it for your exercise needs, it also allows you to listen to your favorite music from it. The most convenient part about this device is that it sits on your wrist like a watch, so takes up little to no space. You are also able to track your sleep and count the steps you do every day. So with this device, you get so many useful functions.

This is a great choice to take away with you as it will keep you active and healthy. There is no need to get lazy when you are on a holiday and Fitbit Versa will not allow you too. This device helps you stay healthy and has a built-in Alexa that will tell you the weather forecast and any reminders you have set. It has a 6-day battery life and is perfect as a light travel companion and any holiday.


This is an obvious choice as there are so many devices that we all use nowadays. The great thing about taking a power bank is that all these devices now have somewhere to charge without requiring an electrical socket. So for travel, this device is essential. It is a small device so can fit nicely into your luggage and is easily transportable.

With a power bank, you will be able to charge your mobile phone, laptop, or camera, and it can charge each device twice before needing to be charged itself. This is an essential piece of equipment in the 21st century and something that most people would pack away on a trip.

Ring Wifi Enabled Video Doorbell

This is something you can take away with you to give you peace of mind. With this gadget, you are able to detect any movement from your home and see anyone that presses your doorbell. You can do this as it is all connected to your phone via an app. So when someone rings your bell at home you will be able to speak to them from your phone.

This is an excellent device to take with you so you are protected. If you would like even more protection it is possible to pay a monthly subscription and you will have the ability to record what goes on at your home.


So with all these travel gadgets that are listed above, you are sure to be prepared for all possible situations on your holiday. These devices are all top quality and will certainly make your trip more convenient and successful. With the listed gadgets above, they will all fit nicely into your luggage and not be a problem to take away with you.

The one thing everybody wants when they go away on a holiday is convenience. With all these items you get that, these gadgets make life easy when you are hiking, or on a beach, or even on a boat. Technology is a huge part of our life nowadays and without it, it seems like life will stop. So these devices allow you to enjoy your leisure time, yet still, be connected to the 21st century.
Author’s Bio

Timothea Bradley is an ambitious blogger at In these challenging times for all of us, she wants to communicate more with people, share quality articles. She hopes to help someone and inspire people to move forward, despite all the difficulties that come along the way.

Prevention is still better than cure, keep your immunity strong with Dr. Zen's supplements

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As the old saying goes "Prevention is (still) better than cure!" That will forever be a reality ...well, as of the moment when you can't clone a healthy version of you yet. Unlike in the movies where we could replicate a younger and healthier version of us, our lives could not be repeated, reused, or recycled. What we do, what we eat, where we go, and how we spend our time greatly affects our physical, external and internal features, and extends to our psychological, emotional, social, etc. outlook. Outside of unavoidable external factors, don't expect to live a perfectly fine life if we don't take care of our bodies.

COVID-19 precautions should be on the top of our list for being responsible and caring in the family, community, and in the country we belong to.

By simply following and applying these necessary guidelines required by our government in our current situation today will save lives and will stop the virus from spreading.

But there's more than just wearing face masks and shields, regular handwashing and disinfecting, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings, we also need to boost our immune systems....and you could do that by including supplements in your daily diet.

There's actually no need to take supplements, only if you are sure that your food intake have all the necessary nutrients our body needs. We are also considering our regular habits and exposure to our environment notable in determining our essential requirements to keep healthy and active. Also to take note are our personal attributes that are valuable in understanding what we really need to maintain and keep. In short, not everyone has the same solution to a perfectly healthy existence. We are all genuinely unique.

However, I guess the most challenging task is determining which solutions out there are the best for us. Especially for products that are all claiming exceptional results, the promises of a better health would always depend per individual. We have different fixes for different folks. Just take the time to understand which ones that your body is positively reacting to, and that takes time and a lot of patience. What could be good for others may not work for you. What could be the most expensive, could still be the less effective. So just like a wise shopper that compares prices, benefits, and after-sales customer service in consideration, we have to try every product out there for a few months and see the differences in its effect to our bodies, understanding all the pros and cons, realizing the benefits and side effects, taking note of the affordability and convenience as well.

So taking supplements has the same expectations. We can't give our well-informed and tested feedback until we've tried them for at least a few months. We can't recommend until we see how and if they do work well to give our bodies the optimum energy it needs. But like what I've said earlier, we could only give testimonies of our personal experience. Others could get totally different effects.

But what we have to prioritize is that we should also take the necessary actions to keep our bodies at their best. So the risks are minimal.compared to the possible advantages supplements could give us. Even the most flawless piece of vegetable or fruit could or could not entirely make us healthier since we are all reiterated... genuinely unique...and thus genuinely different from each other. There's no ideal supplement for all. We can't generally proclaim one total solution to provide our bodies the essentials to keep living an active and productive life.

There are also so many "products" out there that could contribute a necessity. We don't really need to take each and every one of them. We can't possibly have all of them.on a regular basis. So reach out for the most basics, and then just extend to others to address our specific needs.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid but ), Zinc, or a little bit of everything like what multi-vitamins and minerals give such as Dr. Zen's BioComplete which also gives a bonus of Probiotics. 

Take note that theirs is the Sodium Ascorbate form. They just complied with FDA ruling on generic labeling that only the generic will be emphasized, but if you check the side panel for the formulation, Sodium Ascorbate is written. This is the non-acidic version, the gut friendly one.

I'll get back to you after a month or so of using their products so I could give you a well-informed and tested feedback.

For the meantime, you can purchase them at your favorite drugstores or online at Dr. Zen's sites, but you get special promotional bonuses if you get them from us using our promo codes per campaign. Get to try their products with me.

Dr. Zen's also have purifiers. Products to keep your breathable air pure for a healthier you. Whether it's for your home or car, they have one that you could check out at a special promo if you purchase using our link and code.

Deal 1 (15%)

For this deal, you need to put the promo code in the discount field/box and it will be applied automatically when you check out.

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Sodium Ascorbate 2+1 promo. When you order 2 boxes, you get 1 box free. However, you have to input 3 in the quantity box for the promo code to work. You need to include the free item in checking out.

Deal 3 (1+1)

Biocomplete 1+1 promo. When you order 1 box, you get 1 box free. However, you have to input 2 in the quantity box for the promo code to work. You need to include the free item in checking out.

Bimby Aquino Yap: Stressful talaga maging bakla sa Pilipinas

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I'm feeling really uncomfortable seeing some moots here making fun of Bimby's sexuality or gestures na circulating online.

Bimby just showed his feminine side and y'all immediately assumed his sexuality? 2021 na ganyan pa din kayo mag-isip?

I know Bimby has been subject to countless memes but him being effeminate or possibly being gay is none of your business, nor should you ridicule any male for being "malambot" or a female for being "too boyish". Sit your ass down.

People be advocating against homophobia, transphobia, and sexism yet still laugh on videos of Bimby, a 14 year old, showing femininity. We're not after the betterment of the society if we keep on getting entertained by homophobia disguised as a crappy ass joke.

Guys, remember the time when people made fun of the 13 yr-old-you because your voice wasn't as firm, you walk differently and you gesticulate dramatically? 

I was like Bimby growing up. And I’ve grown up to hate those who judged me for it. 

I will literally fight anyone who makes kids feel bad about being themselves.

Don't do that to Bimby. We should all know better by now how it affects a kid.

I've personally been there.. and I won't do that to any kid. It still haunts me until this very day, sometimes being cautious about it in public and alone.

Hirap ka ring maging publicly affectionate dahil dito. 

We were deprived of our safe space to discover our identity. Are we going to let that happen to others again?

And if you say everyone goes thru a bit of bullying at that age and he would learn from it, congratulations you're a boomer now.

Bimby’s expression doesn’t define his sexual orientation. Again, expression is independent from gender identity and sexual orientation. 

So what if he acts (in what we perceive as) feminine? It doesn’t make him gay. At hindi ito kabawasan ng pagkalalaki at pagkatao niya.

One’s SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Expression) is none of our business. More importantly, one’s SOGIE must be respected and celebrated. 


Yung tipong these people are the same people na galit na galit pag sinasabihang bakla mga idols nila. Regardless what his sexuality is, it's none of our business anyways. Tapos he is at the stage where he is discovering things about himself.

You all make fun of Bimby just having a great time with his mom, Kris Aquino, while we let toxic men like Gerald run around denying accountability. Gays are really defending Gerald because he’s “Masarap” and at the same time teasing Bimby for being “Malambot”.  

Bimby's sexuality is  not our business. PH gays are the most unaccepting gays .... really.

If you’re gay or part of the LGBT community tas pinagtatawanan mo si Bimby, YOU are part of the problem.

Let me reiterate. Showing femme traits does NOT equate to being gay. Not because malamya siya, or pang-“babae” boses niya, or nakatakip bibig niya pag tatawa siya bakla na kagad siya. I can see some of you bitches calling him “sis” and other gay slang words, nakaka-disappoint kayo.

Y’all the same bitches na galit sa homophobic and sky daddy preachers dahil ayaw sa SOGIE and look at what you’re doing, discriminating a MINOR. TANDAAN, JUST LIKE US BEFORE, NARARANASAN YAN NG KARAMIHAN SA MGA KABATAAN. TAYO DAPAT ANG NANGUNGUNA SA PAG-SIRA NG GANYANG MINDSET.


Yung seryoso, double standards? Hmmm.

Una, walang paternal figure si Bimby sa loob ng bahay. What actions do you expect from a teen that grew up with a very kikay mother and a queer production team? Pangalawa, just because someone is effeminate doesn't mean they're gay. Pangatlo, his sexuality is none of your business.

The Kris Aquinofication of Bimby - "your hands 'wag mong ginaganyan" it's sad, maybe she doesn't want Bimby to get bullied on the internet again ... but it's still sad.

I also felt a pang of pain when she told Bimby that. We know Kris is a great ally and she would respect whatever decision her son would make about his life, but her natural instinct is to protect him from all the backwardness, hatred, and bigotry we call "society".

Lakompake with everyone's opinion about Bimby. I am just very happy na he's comfortably sassy in front of his family and even sa camera.

I was bullied as a child dahil di ako masculine so seeing boys being happy with getting dolls as a gift and Bimby being himself makes me happy.

Sobrang aliw ako sa relationship nya with his mom, na parang BFFs lang sila. Sobrang rare kasi ng ganoon. Parang ikinaangat nila sa lipunan yung pagbitaw ng homophobic remarks.

Regardless kung gawin man siyang gawin joke ng iba or meme, knowing their families support them for their likes & personality gives me peace kasi they have a core that loves them. Kung mag-aanak kayo, dapat ganyan. If hindi ninyo kaya yang basic parenting na yan, mag condom kayo please.

Mahaba-haba pa talaga ang lalakbayin ng Pilipinas sa usaping SOGIE. Akala mo may improvement na sa surge ng BL sa market pero it's still the same plus internal homophobia against effeminate guys within the community.

Stressful talaga maging bakla sa Pilipinas. They've been fighting for their basic rights for the longest time yet some can't even perform basic human decency. "Respect" is rare.

It’s sad to think that some of us only support the gay community when it’s just convenient. Mga BL fans kunyari pero big deal naman sa kanila ‘yong feminine gestures ni Bimby. Leave the child alone and let him act the way he wants to. Fuck*ng posers.

I mean for the gays out there who did experience childhood trauma from bullying because of being effeminate, funny ba talagang kantyawan si Bimby?

Let's all remember that we're all imperfect, so who are we to judge? 

At the end of the day, Gerald and Julia are happy in a relationship, and Bimby still lives more comfortably than all of us.

The Gerald Anderson x Julia Barretto Relationship Reveal

Wazzup Pilipinas!

You all make fun of Bimby just having a great time with his mom, Kris Aquino, while we let toxic men like Gerald run around denying accountability.

"Wala po akong ghinost."

Gerald Anderson says he did not 'ghost' Bea Alonzo, but he just left a relationship, which he described as 'toxic.' But which came first - the ghosting or her relationship with Julia Barretto?

Gerald Anderson denies ghosting Bea Alonzo and admits his relationship with Julia Barretto.

So now that Gerald Anderson confirmed his relationship with Julia Baretto,I can't help but feel sad for Joshua Garcia and Bea Alonzo they deseve better , not just better but the best.

Julia had the gall to paint Bea as the one playing the victim card & some of her fans before, were asking Bea to say sorry to Julia for getting all the hate. Now that Gerald finally admitted their relationship, some people are still defending them. The issue here is that she denied being the third party. akala ko ba ‘di ka liar? haha awit sa inyo Julia and Gerald. 

Julia Barretto, epitome of a well-spoken person na kung makasalita ng mga words of wisdom about love e akala mo love guru but in reality she can’t apply it to herself. Dami pang sinabi dati about the Gerald issue but now that it has been confirmed makes her more like a clown. 


In a world full of Gerald Anderson and Derek Ramsay. Be Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Richard Gutierrez, Xi'an Lim, and Khalil Ramos. 

Derek Ramsay says "Back to you Gerald Anderson! Sa iyo ulit ang spotlight!"

Gerald basically said a whole lot of NOTHING in his interview. Just dramatics & trying to gain sympathy. And Boy Abunda tiptoeing around him asking if he “ghosted” Bea instead of asking if he CHEATED with Julia. Lost even more of the already zero respect i have for Gerald.

He kept saying “i just try to not mind the haters”, universal excuse of these celebs when they get called out. I dont even know why he’s trying to even clear his name when everyone already knows he's a scum. LMAO!

Worst part, he tried to make it seem like he absolutely had no fault in what happened. And that Bea lashing out was not justified. I hope Bea comes out and curses this shameless idiot once and for all.

Ikaw yung toxic, Gerald Anderson. You walked away, because you found another girl to play with, yet you don't have the balls to admit you ghosted Bea Alonzo. You can stop being a clown. It's not funny.

I’m fine if it’s really him & Julia in a relationship now. Everyone already knew that. What’s annoying is his GALL to even have an interview & try to gain sympathy. Bea hasn’t even said anything anymore. But he’s just shameless.

Gerald be playing the victim. You walked away when you had dinner and you think that's already a break up?

Damn, boy! And you have the audacity to call Bea toxic when you just left her hanging a pretends to be a victim of a toxic relationship?

Look who's talking?!

In conclusion, ang kapal ni Gerald. And these cheaters and garbage men really have the audacity.

I can't stand these people who are defending Julia and Gerald, especially their fans who think that the girl was also a victim in the situation when basically, she's not. Their relationship was the outcome of ruining other people's lives and you shouldn't be proud of that.

But Bea has her own history with cheating and ruining other people’s relationships as well. I don’t get why the hatred is focused only on one side.

Bea is way too smart to deserve Gerald. Thank God she left this boy!

The reason why I didn't even finish watching Paubaya's music video is because it is romanticizing cheating! Now that Gerald admitted his relationship with Julia, all that drama in that MV was for nothing. Stop romanticizing cheating! 

Paubaya is a masterpiece the only thing that I hate now is it looks like they use it to clean Julia's name through showing us JoshLia's closure then days after they reveal Gerald and Julia. lol the industry stinks!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Smart Communications adds Chris " Captain America" Evans among its endorsers

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Smart has a "Marvel"ous addition to its growing number of international ambassadors....and so they claim. But we know the truth behind this marketing gimmick.

Babagal na naman ang internet!!! 

"Yeah! But hey at least, we got Capt. America" - Smart 

Smart is always paying celebrities millions to endorse their brand rather than improving their service first and making sure the whole Philippines has a strong signal from their network. May pangbayad kay Chris Evans pero ayaw gumastos sa infrastructure kaya bulok pa rin serbisyo nila.

Funny how they can up their game on their ads but for their services? Thumbs down totally.

Rather than improve its services, Smart Communications opts to spend its millions for posturing! Haist! We dont need endorsers we need better connection. Please lang.

Using their customers’ money to pay endorsera instead of improving services. Wow, ang “smart” talaga! If they have money to spend on marketing, why not improve their services with affordable prices as bonus too? They keep encouraging subscribers to sign up yet their service remains poorer than the poorest...globally.

Just like Globe Telecom, who keeps on getting international endorsers, this doesn’t make any sense. Why pay them hefty amount of talent fee at the expense of your subscribers when that money can be used to improve the service sana?

I'm happy for your growing family but please give more focus on the service because in the end, your service will be remembered and not the ambassadors.

Kahit sinong ambassador kunin nila. They can’t change the fact that almost all of their customers are not satisfied with their service.

These foreign endorsers, don't really use the Smart Communications, so why trust them? They just accepted the offer because of the money. That shows their true personality, isn't it? This only shows you can really endorse a product without getting to experience it first hand for as long as the price is

Smart baka naman pwedeng focus muna kayo sa pagpapaganda ng serbisyo ninyo?? Mukhang nawawala kayo sa priorities ninyo ah!

Sana mas inuna ninyo magtayo pa ng maraming towers para mas mapaganda ang serbisyo ninyo, kaysa kumuha ng sikat na celebrity tapos makukunsumi lang din ang mga customers ninyo sa bagal ng Internet.

Kung ginamit nila yung TF na binayad sa kanya to enhance their service, they won't need an international star to promote their company. Their company's name will speak for itself kung the best ang service nila.

The actor portraying Captain America maybe a powerful superhero, but Smart remains to be the slowing thing in and out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bad connection. Expensive endorser. In the end your customers will leave you.

You can't fix your slow connection and bad services by getting international (especially local) ambassadors.

I think Groot would’ve been a better choice. Hindi ko sinasabing dahil mabagal si Groot at ganun din ang connection ninyo. Because Groot is...nope, mabagal nga connection ninyo.

Or the competitor is probably getting Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man so they could reco the Civil War all over again.

Smart Communications, Inc., you have been known for many years and you don't need celebrities to endorse your company. instead of paying too much to your endorsers, just add to your budget how you can speed up your service.


Jason's Survival Journey Against the Dreaded Coronavirus

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This is a success story already. A story worthy to be told to inspire others not to lose hope. 

We all experience a lot of ups and downs, mostly downs, since the pandemic started. Whether it was losing our job or business, a loved one, or an opportunity to continue with our dreams and aspirations. I think the sudden rise of interest for cooking, planting, and other hobbies were not enough to relieve all the stress caused by these lockdowns or quarantines, the probable diminishing food supplies, the limitations in public transportation, the lack of clarity for access to a cure or vaccine, brought about by the virus scare punctuated by a government we see as incompetent.

What more if we're among the ones infected by the sneaky Coronavirus. Now, that's bound to be a rightful part of our blog...or vlog, if you're like us who are active on social media that are often branded as content creators or Influencers. When even the healthworkers are not getting the best treatment, it is dreadful to realize becoming a patient would be extra worrisome.

Jason's journey is an adventure he will look back to with pride because he was able to go through it head on. He did not hesitate to upload online his "drama" to not just knock on everyone's heart for assistance but also because he believes it's his chance to educate others about the real danger brought about by this threat. Who else could better tell the life-endangering story but the survivor himself. 

Don't mind the high cost of hospitalization. Better to admit yourself to counter this virus. Our life is more precious than our savings. We"ll earn back what we lost, and more, if we recover. Life is too short to regret spending on our health.

How you see him now hasn't always been like this. He's one of the strong men I know but also one of soft-hearted people I've met. He seldom does anything offensive to irk you, and often gets along with everyone. He could run for a government position with that attitude. Never burning bridges, always accepting blog assignments even for just a minimal compensation or ex-deal. He"s fine with just having some coffee and light snacks, or even delayed tokens. He may complain behind your back, but he will never lose that amicable disposition when dealing with fellow bloggers or PR persons.

There could have been times when he almost lost hope, especially with this dilemma, but only he would know that as he keeps the struggle to himself. It is admirable that he shows courage to.inspire others to keep the strength and will to survive against the deadly virus. 

He also found strength in the people around him. "Ang daming iyo, Jayson. Tandaan mo yan. Huwag kalimutan." We are all indeed basically good when given the chance....and this goodness easily comes out when we do appreciate how the person dealt with us. Investing on real friendship has the best rewards and karma.

Kahit may sakit, panay remind pa rin sa amin na mag-iingat against Covid. Wear daw kami ng N95 mask tapos always sanitize with alcohol lahat ng incoming delivery.

Thanks, Jayson R. Biadog 

You'll get through with that damn virus. Keep on believing!

Seeing him gain this much attention, for doing something he thought could be his last glimmer of hope to help others, makes me so proud and happy that his effort to document his treatment in order to advise and inform others are being recognized not just by the people we know but by everyone else concerned with the rest of our fellowmen. 

You don't have to do everything exactly as he did. Choose your own path and use his story as your inspiration to face your own journey head on.

Remember that this is more likely not a scamdemic as what others feel but it's more like a challenge to all to keep the faith in humanity....that in all our struggles, our dear friends we touched with our presence, and even strangers with hearts of gold, would reach out and help us get through these hard times.

His hospital bills are increasing everyday and since noone is allowed to visit him in his isolated room (Room 910) we could not visit and could only send food and drinks by courier.

As expected, he needs all the help both financially (you may send to his GCash account number 09279896797) and in kind (food and drinks), as well as moral support, to keep his strength and will to survive.

Shout-out to all my friends and acquaintances, restaurant owners, PR and media/blogger friends, and everyone else who are willing to help out in whatever form. I know we are all affected by the pandemic but every little bit of help counts.

Thank you in advance!

VP Leni Robredo calls Rodrigo Duterte Unpresidential "Pikon"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Vice President Leni Robredo said President Rodrigo Duterte acted unpresidential when he insulted her for supposedly making it appear his government was flouting regulatory processes for Sinovac's COVID-19 vaccine."

Nothing new...he has never been presidential at all since he took office ...and that's just the "Humanistic" reaction of a person with an unbelievable small dick.

"Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

That's why Duterte loves insulting VP Leni when she points out the wrong or insufficient actions of this administration. He’s an embarrassment as a President of the Philippines. 

President Duterte loves insulting VP Leni because she's doing great things rather than Duterte of always urging his thoughts to be recommended and finalized without consulting the experts and even hear the suggestions of his VP.

The Pwesident thinks he has the sole right of getting hurt when someone else points out his mistakes & wrong decisions & no one else has the right to be hurt by his insults thrown at anyone he chooses to malign. 

But he’s not a human- “animalistic”is the right word. The lowest form of animal in fact.

He cannot simply manage his mouth, which is a part of his body. How can he manage the country with millions of people? 

Duterte is now the unpresidential of the Philippines. He seems to be more concerned in getting back at his critics more than the affairs of the country. You rarely hear anything worthwhile or something valuable in his speeches. He seems to always deal about all the trivialities that don’t concerns or that would benefit Filipinos. He is more concern in feeding his bruised ego.

Insults are the last resort of insecure and small minds. The same with smearing campaigns. 

Just a reminder that March is Women's Month. What a way start the month, degrade a woman.

He always have the right to react but in a presidential way and not by using foul languages that don’t fit or suitable to the office that he represents. He is taking the presidency to the gutter.

This entity Digong when humiliated, reacts like an uneducated thug, like a kangaroo as later on he'll bounce like a ball kanga and after, like a jelly as he just melts after realizing nobody takes him seriously anymore! 

Duterte is Robredo's number one campaigner if you haven't noticed yet. He is showing everyone he doesn't deserve to be president, and Robredo is the rightful one.

Duterte meltdown again..

The character and behavior of a child having a tantrum is far better than this man. The worst character on display again. Poor country and suffering people battered by pandemic and typhoons now having to bear with an incompetent insolent leader. Filipinos deserve better. We need to get rid of this devil.

The irrational attitude and very unpresidential act of the President against the Vice President, with the latter just expressing her concern about the 50% efficacy of sinovac, a constitutional right of every pilipino, is clearly beginning to draw an increasing & massive dislike of the people to the President. And in all likelihood it will draw more support for the Vice President.. Nakakahiyang President at sobra talagang Pikon..

The problem is COVID19!

The VP is not the problem!

Face the problem on Covid. The frontliners deserve the best vaccine for Covid!

Idikdik mo yan sa utak mo Duterte if ever may utak ka pa.

Unpresidential and insecure. Truth really hurts, so he wants against his detractors. What a loser!

Solenn Heussaff Accused of Poverty Porn in Her Artworks

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Art is Personal. Unpopular opinion : Solenn Heussaff could be using the location to increase awareness of the nation's poverty situation. Or this was intentional to create buzz. How you take it is totally up to you. Like I said, art is personal.

Lol I used to think that people who said that Solenn was using poverty porn were overreacting as I thought it was just one exhibit/concept. And now she comes out with a new one with the poor as the backdrop.

Solenn posted a teaser for her upcoming 3D solo exhibit to show "love, appreciation and hope for our country and our people." Solenn will hold a solo art exhibit titled “Kundiman” starting March 26.

Solenn's new art pieces will feature paintings and rug designs that she worked on for three years. 

Meanwhile, some have criticized the choice of backdrop. Some of Solenn's followers said the photo used by the actress-host to promote her upcoming art exhibit was done in bad taste. 

Solenn  literally sat in the middle of the road of a poor community in a lingerie with a photoshoot team, 

And called it ART.

What do you think? 

So I'm just here to educate sa kung ano natutunan ko after doing some research abt Solenn issue and her art.

May tinatawag pala na POVERTY PORN where they used poverty for money and fame without the intention na sugpuin mismo yung poverty. 

According to a CNN article, poverty porn involves the use of "exploitative imagery of people living in destitute conditions." 

As if we’re not sick of Erwan deconstructing homegrown Filipino dishes to make them taste like swine feed for all his failed restaurants– here comes solenn heussaff fetishizing poverty for capitalism. in a pandemic. poverty is a problem, not a concept for famewhoring.

How is Solenn bringing to light something that’s being lived through day to day by millions here? what do these people eat that’s making them so short-sighted? Swine feed? 

As an artist, I would like to emphasize the fact that in art, every detail matters. Therefore, each detail went through a thought process.

Maybe Solenn used that backdrop to implicitly tell us that our nation should be a paradise, a place for our dreams and for us to thrive. But suddenly her art doesn't fit in the paradise we dreamt of having that maybe we need to be aware of what is happening. She just expressed it.

Unfortunately, she lacked sensitivity, no matter how "good" her intentions were. Ms. Solenn, an art student, you should've known better.

If only Solenn shot this with a white background, her art piece would be more appreciated and pop out, but instead she chose this concept which (kinda) messed up the color palette of her art piece + the fact that she glorified the poverty most filipinos are going through.

She could've chosen a better background that won't glorify something AND would make sense in showcasing her art, she could've chosen something minimal para atleast the aesthetic is there + mas mag pop out yung art piece niya.... in my own opinion at least.

Posturing luxury against a backdrop of poverty contributes nothing to the interests of the urban poor, who are already marginalized economically & politically. Aesthetic exploitation is a spit in the eye.

But Solenn won't understand that bc she doesn't live in their reality.

Her recent photographs paint her worse than her previous attempt to do art for "charity." This is oppressive/privilege aesthetics, where marginalization acts as foil to one's wealth. And there she reaps cultural capital (likes, praise, etc.).

I mean, ok, mayaman ka, 'wag mo nang isaksak sa baga ng iba. Disseminating images like hers only cement (i.e., further normalize) a visual ~culture~ of poverty, a REAL issue that the inutile government needs to address!!

This was her explanation, but it's not enough. Ninotchka Rosca called her out too. Posing with a painting and a rug in front of homes of people who can afford neither is truly insensitive and only romanticizes the reality of poverty. 

"Stark contrast between the green exuberance of the painting with the colors of the rug, on the one hand, and the desolation of a poverty-blasted site where there's no evidence of life.  Between a concept and a reality of existence."

This is not for aesthetic. Gusto niya lang mapag-usapan para mapansin yung exhibit niya. Parang katulad lang yan ng movie na tililing or yung RC commercial, they're done to seek attention.

RIGHT ????  ang lala teh, she could've known something better than this, using poverty as her "aesthetic" + nawala na yung saysay ng pagshowcase ng art piece nya, nakain ng background, sobrang loud eh.

Solenn is trying to gain fame and money? Joke ka. Solenn is already rich and famous. Try to know more about her arts bago ka kumuda. SHE CAN'T "ELIMINATE" THE POVERTY IN THIS COUNTRY BUT SHE CAN HELP A COMMUNITY.

If this is done by a nobody and a poor person, i’m pretty sure people will praise it and call it ART.

If this is done by a somebody and a rich person, they will call it ARTE.

Stop being too sensitive. 

Perhaps I'll give Solenn the benefit of the doubt and see the whole exhibit myself. The idea and intent seem okay but the execution was just idk maybe haphazard and didn't take into consideration the medium it was conveyed in. 

I don't doubt Solenn's good intentions. 

But posing a glam shot in the middle of a slum area will never sit right. Just because you have good intentions doesn't mean this wasn't a bad move.

If Solenn wasn’t rich, would people think it’s still #povertyporn? If it was an unknown artist (and a poor one at that) who did this, would it receive the same flak? Just trying to understand where the “wrong” is coming from.

Art is a freedom of expression, Solenn doesn't do anything wrong. Kung masakit sa matang makita ang  salamin ng lipunan then let's help each other and start a new canvas.

Solenn is one of the best contemporary social realism painters today, but those Filipino talangka artists and critics ignore her because she's a woman. Oh she's rich and biracial too. She and other artists should be free and allowed to do whatever they want aesthetically. 

Cancel culture is toxicity. lol! Solenn is an artist and clearly her intention is pure & knowing her beautiful soul She didn't mean any harm to anyone at all. But she is guilty. You guys should sit the fuck down. Don't take this too seriously.

The first thing that came to mind is Gloc 9's "Upuan". I support her message to view the whole exhibit. One problem is what many see in Solenn's picture a celebrity doing a photoshoot. Please look at it as an artist trying to convey a message.

In an artist perspective, so many things you can make up to interpret the photo. It makes you wonder, even ask “why kundiman?”

But of course, people will see her as the famous/privilege/rich that she is known for.

They don’t consider her as an Artist. They judge her because of her social status. Others even dictate how she should do her art.

Oh yeah, Solenn can paint. I like how she frames texts and images without insulting the intelligence of her audience. No redundancy and shallowness. Her style is an artistically schooled Basquiat. Of course, hindi siya sisikat sa Pilipinas. Hija, go to the US or Europe. 

What I see is metaphor. Can we not see Solenn as the rich in this photo? See her as a person framed in her “caged/fiction paradise”that she has made; when outside of it, is the reality, the ordinary. 

But, I guess we have to see the whole exhibit first to see her interpretation. 

Solenn has since apologized for the picture, stating "I love my country and everything that makes it what it is." 

True enough, we don't need more rich celebrities raising awareness on poverty in this country. What we need are people who are able to bring solutions and tangible help to our marginalized communities.

She can’t use the narrative of the poor in her art without so much as shedding a light on who put them there and why they are there. Otherwise, it would just be performative and exploitative. She can use her power in a much better way.

I think their point is that we already know that a large part of our society is poor and that's the reality, but what does Solenn or the upper class do about it?

Quite frankly, the rich has no obligation to the poor. It's the government who should work for everyone's welfare as we all pay taxes.

"This exhibit expresses my love, appreciation and hope for our country and our people."

*shows off her luxury rug and enormous painting*

*proceeds to an impoverished area*

*poses like a bored person*

- Solenn Heussaff

Solenn is receiving flak over her choice of promotion setting.

Maybe give her art the benefit of the doubt?

Who knows? Maybe she's onto something much more than just the misconstrued promotion.

I just hope the Solenn defenders realize that art is also political and that stunt pulled by her was not to shine light on the urban poor but merely used it as a prop for her own selfish gain.

I think people quickly judged Solenn's art without waiting for her interpretation...and confused it to aesthetics when it has artistic properties. But art is always open to any opinions and she made her point by letting her audience notice that poverty is still relevant in our country.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

In response to Senator Grace Poe

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) takes exception at the apparent zeal and relentless ardor of Senator Grace Poe to unduly shut down a program of the Executive branch, meant to elevate the standards of road worthiness of vehicles, and uphold ROAD SAFETY.

Yesterday, Senator Poe alleged that the DOTr and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) are yet to officially declare that vehicle inspection at Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVICs) is no longer mandatory, and that its inspection fees were reduced to the same level as Private Emission Testing Centers (PETCs), since she said, no official documented order had been issued.

The DOTr was asked to comment on this specific assertion by the Senator, and our prompt response was to provide the media and the public with a copy of an official LTO Memorandum dated 11 February 2021, which specifically directs LTO regional directors and personnel concerned to ensure the strict implementation of the President’s order to make vehicle inspection from PMVICs non-mandatory, as well as the directive of the DOTr on lowered PMVIC inspection fees. Though not required by law, the said Memorandum has been submitted for publication at the Office of the National Administrative Register of the U.P. Law Center.

This response clearly debunked the false assertion of Senator Poe.

Now, since the senator is resorting to obfuscation and muddling the issue of the PMVICs with unfounded and unfair accusations of corruption and incompetence, allow us to set the record straight.

Senator Poe's initial statement refers to the alleged absence of a formal order or issuance. The DOTr promptly belied the claim by showing the actual memorandum. With this, the good senator then tried to re-frame the issue by dismissing the memo as an internal documentation, and not an official presentation and pronouncement for public consumption.

Allow us to remind the good Senator that when the matter of lowered inspection fees and reversing the mandatory requirement of the PMVIC was announced by Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on 11 February 2021, the DOTr and LTO fully complemented the same pronouncement by formally holding a virtual press conference, on the very same day, together with representatives from the health and environment sectors, and officers of the Vehicle Inspection Center Owners Association of the Philippines (VICOAP).

The said policy shift, as ordered, was widely announced and circulated by both mainstream and social media, with official information provided by the official spokesperson of the President, the DOTr and the LTO, and confirmed by the VICOAP.

In fact, even Senator Bong Go made a public pronouncement lauding the efforts of the DOTr to reach out to PMVIC owners and push for a pandemic special rate to ensure that no unnecessary burden is imposed on Filipinos. Hence, despite expanding the requirements for vehicle inspection and improving mechanisms to ensure road worthiness of vehicles, the cost to be shouldered by motorists will remain unchanged. The new inspection system will not be mandatory, and reinspection fees will likewise be waived.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque also made a clarificatory announcement on 12 February 2021 that what is not mandatory is the inspection through a PMVIC, not the vehicle inspection itself.

As for several other issues pertaining to irregularities and corruption on the operation of PMVICs, we stipulate the following:

In the committee hearing, we already exhaustively explained that the alleged irregularities were actually operational deficiencies, to be viewed as birth pains of a new system that can be remedied immediately. The members of VICOAP have magnanimously submitted themselves to the committee in the most transparent manner, admitting the operational lapses, and how they plan to institute corrective measures. Further, they have been openly presenting their technology-driven system, and how its modern process with minimal human intervention, can eliminate or mitigate corrupt practices, which are now intrinsic in the old and inefficient emission testing system.

All documents requested from the DOTr were immediately submitted to the committee, including links to live stream video footages of the actual and real-time PMVIC accreditation process. These included the conduct of a coin toss in case of a tie, where there is a 50-50 probability for selection for each applicant. Surely, we cannot fix or corrupt the outcome of a coin toss done publicly.

In earlier interviews, Senator Poe likewise questioned the absence of a bidding process. Bidding is not required for projects which do not involve public fund such as the PMVIC program.

As to the charge of oligopoly or that certain parties were favored in the selection, the fact that the VICOAP exists, with more or less 60 different individuals as members, belie this misguided charge.

Above all, since the Senator stipulated what we could have done as an act of good faith, we most certainly stipulate to Good Faith as well.

We believe that good faith is akin to asking for clarification when one determines a document as obscure. It can be resolved in good faith through proper, open communication between the two parties, outside the specter of a media frenzy.

Good faith is respecting the decision of the President on a policy shift through the implementation of a program, and not insisting on an outright end of a process meant to significantly change a patently corrupt practice. The last time we checked, the DOTr and the LTO are in the Executive Branch of government, and we obey the lawful orders of our Chief Executive.

Good faith is when we all recognize the system of governance and the equal footing of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial, without having to impose or insist on a policy shift beyond the scope of our responsibility.

Good faith is when we mutually recognize and respect our respective mandate, such as the Executive recognizing the oversight function of Congress. Thus, we accede and accord the proper representation when required.

Good faith is when parties accord mutual and proper respect, and trust during proceedings, and not resorting later to public pronouncements and posturing that runs counter to what was achieved and agreed upon during the hearings, because of the need to pander to populist yet misguided sentiments.

The DOTr fully respects Senator Poe as a legislator. We do not dictate upon her on how to craft laws, nor even suggest to suspend the implementation of any law she principally authored. But, to insist on encroaching on our prerogative and function to implement a program or policy beneficial to the people is altogether a different matter.

We do hope that with the committee's zealousness to look into the PMVIC, it will demonstrate the same enthusiasm in scrutinizing the current system of PETCs, their proven gross deficiency and corrupt practices which we have been earnestly trying to reform. The PMVIC is the modern, technology-driven wellspring, and a vast improvement from the dubious and inefficient PETC.

We are also seeking clarification if the committee's direction is towards a complete elimination of a motor vehicle inspection system, which is grounded on existing laws of the land, and under the purview of the Executive branch.

We do hope and pray that the committee intends to enlighten our people on the value of a motor vehicle inspection, and how our government is moving forward to significantly improve the system.

With all due respect to the Senate Committee on Public Services, we remain most committed to a resolution that will be most acceptable and beneficial to all stakeholders, and still with the end view of upholding the best interest of the people and the nation.

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