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Saturday, December 4, 2021

LPU MMA majors vie for Rotary PSA Festival 2021 awards

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Six Multimedia Arts students from the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila campus will compete for the top prizes on December 11 as they made it to the semifinals of the 5th Rotary Public Service Announcement (PSA) Festival.

Eunice Angelica G. San Juan’s “Boto Para sa Pagbabago” (Vote for Change), Mark Wilson S. Catindig’s “Kain-Basura” (Food for Trash), Dan Enrico P. Picardal’s “Billiards,” Rikki Lou Bonifacio’s “Laro Tayo, Resiklo” (Let’s Play, Recycle) and Venus Mariel Orbon’s and Lovely Rose Veroya’s “Hide and Seek” have been selected among 355 submissions from 27 different high schools and colleges nationwide.

The Rotary Club of Circuit Makati has been organizing the Rotary PSA Festival, a 30-second video making contest for amateur and student filmmakers, since 2017. Last year, LPU Manila had four semifinalists in the competition, namely Ashley Cordero’s “Alone,” Francis Alba’s “Mother Tongue,” Austin Banaag’s “TULOy Tuloy,” and Rochelle Philippe Jedidah Urag’s and James Nadora’s “Ang Ating Gubat” (Our Forest). All nine LPU semifinalists were submitted as final projects to their Fundamentals of Film and Video Production subject.

Five semifinalists were chosen for each of the seven Rotary International Areas of Focus, namely Peace and Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Supporting Environment, Water and Sanitation, Maternal and Child Health, Economic and Community Development, Disease Prevention and Treatment, and Basic Education and Literacy. All 35 semifinalists will automatically receive 2,000 pesos each.

The Top 5 winners will each be awarded cash prizes amounting to 35,000 pesos (first prize), 25,000 pesos (second), 15,000 pesos (third), 10,000 pesos (fourth), and 5,000 pesos (fifth) plus a digital certificate of recognition from the organizers. A special award for Best Direction will also be given 5,000 pesos and a plaque to the director who has exhibited outstanding direction for a video entry.

San Juan’s PSA focuses on the victims of extrajudicial killings “as violence and killings are still alarmingly increasing,” she said. “We might not see it often in the news, but it is still present. I want people to never forget about these innocent victims who died during this administration and still haven’t got justice yet.”

“As Election 2022 is slowly approaching, we are hoping for a change to avoid injustices and abuse of authority. We are yearning for an administration that is competent. Voting wisely starts with the Filipino. We should always be reminded that no one is above the law, even the president. So we have to speak and fight for the victims whose voices are silenced,” San Juan stressed.

Meanwhile, Orbon and Veroya, who are both advocates of women empowerment, shared that their PSA was inspired by “friends and family who have suffered greatly because of failed marriages and domestic violence and friends who have traumatic experiences from being physically abused.”

“We wanted this entry to be an eye-opener to the public that not everyone has the same childhood experiences, and not every child has the same safe environment, and not all women have their dreams come true when they get married,” Veroya revealed.

“The experiences we had heard from people around us made us believe how strong a woman – a mother – can be for her children, and for those who suffer from this kind of situation. We wanted them to be free because we always believe that a woman is where we all came from. A threat to her life is a threat to our own,” she added.

Catindig, who also competed at the Three Shots Film Festival last month, believes that developing opportunities for the community is a small step in building a better nation. “Listening and creating solutions for the neighborhood is one of the many ways to develop a self-sufficient community. In creating this call for action, I didn’t need to seek inspiration. I just laid the platform for the voice of the community,” he explained.

On the other hand, Bonifacio noticed his nephews playing with pinwheels made from plastic bottles while he was conceptualizing for a project. He was able to think of an idea by recycling plastics to reduce pollution for the Supporting Environment category. He added that he wants to persuade people not just to throw their trash everywhere but to use them creatively in coming up with useful projects.

Picardal, for his part, based his concept on a game. “Since the start of the pandemic, we all miss going out, doing things we normally do. I waited for the time we will get the vaccine for this pandemic, too. As we experience more and more variants, people still seem to resist getting a vaccine shot now that we got it. The concept is simple. I just based it on a game that I’m not good at but I like watching, billiards.”

Apart from getting high grades, some of the students were also motivated to work on a good project by the Rotary PSA Festival cash prizes which can help them during the pandemic.

Inclusive Education Bill gets approved at Congress’ Bicameral Conference Committee; appeals to the President for Bill’s passage

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Save the Children Philippines lauds approval of the Inclusive Education Bill at Congress’ Bicameral Conference Committee; appeals to the President for Bill’s passage

Save the Children Philippines lauds the Bicameral Conference Committee for approving the Inclusive Education (IE) Bill in time for the celebration of International Day for Children with Disabilities. It is now awaiting the approval of the president to pass it into a law.

“We thank the Bicameral Conference Committee for supporting the Inclusive Education Bill. We are now one step closer to fulfilling children’s rights to access health services and inclusive quality education, especially for those with disabilities and most impacted by inequality and discrimination” said Atty. Albert Muyot, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children Philippines.

The IE bill ensures that no learner with disability shall be denied admission and inclusion in any public or private, early or basic education school in the country. It will afford such learners with equitable opportunities to educational and support services, and programs such as capacity building for students, their families/ caregivers, and teachers.

Knowledge hubs such as Inclusive Learning Resource Centers (ILRC) will also be established by local government units in collaboration with the Department of Education (DepEd).

“All children have the right to be educated, but some of them don’t have enough access, ability, and resources. Through the Inclusive Education Bill, we will be able to experience going to school,” said Jen, a parent of a child with disability who shared her sentiments on the importance of equal learning opportunities among children with and without disabilities.

Passing the Inclusive Education Bill will be monumental for the 5.5 million learners with disabilities as it seeks to create for them a responsive system for identification, referral, and intervention, in partnership with stakeholders.

“We appeal for the immediate approval of the Bill by the President ensuring that no learner will be left behind. The IE Bill makes our educational system more inclusive by providing a safe, accessible, and supportive educational environment, infrastructures, and facilities for one of the most discriminated sectors of Filipino children,” said Sierra Mae Paraan, Basic Education Advisor of Save the Children Philippines.

Among many of the IE Bill’s other provisions are the Advisory Council for Education of Learners with Disabilities that will support the DepEd in further improving the country’s educational system, and the provision of a support system for parents to help them care for their children at home better.

“We support the Inclusive Education Bill campaign because no child should be deprived of education because of his/her disability. No child should be punished or discriminated because of disability,” said DepEd Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones.

Save the Children Philippines has been advocating for the Inclusive Education Bill and is implementing programs to aid learners with disabilities including 1) the Kabataang Aralin Sa Lahat Ibahagi (KASALI) Project which attends to the different developmental needs of children with disabilities, 2) Building Resources and Networks for the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Marginalized Urban Communities (BRIDGE) Project that helps girls and boys with disabilities in urban poor communities and informal settlements in Parañaque City to access inclusive and quality basic health, child protection, information and social protection services, 3) SCOPE Project which strengthens the capacity of organizations of persons with disabilities and other civil society organizations towards effective civil society-local government engagement and improved government accountability for persons with disabilities, especially children in the cities of Parañaque and Taguig, and the Municipality of Pateros, and 4) Project ENGAGE that ensures meaningful participation of children and youth with disabilities in governance and policy.

In a message of solidarity to Save the Children, Briones highlighted DepEd’s support in protecting the rights of learners with disabilities. “We have a duty to all learners to provide them with learning opportunities and provide them with quality education as they further their search for wisdom, knowledge, and level of preparedness for life. We hope to continue cooperating and collaborating with Save the Children in giving opportunities to children especially those with disabilities.”

ARMY dances along on Twitter with 68M Tweets as BTS returns to the live stage in LA

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The highly-anticipated 'BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LA' concert was celebrated by #KpopTwitter globally

LOS ANGELES, US - Media OutReach - 3 December 2021 - 21st century pop icons BTS' 'BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LA' tour was celebrated by fans all over the world with a whopping 68M Tweets globally throughout the tour from November 27th to December 2nd. Whether they were at the concert or not, fans came to Twitter and enjoyed the act's first face-to-face concert since 2019, using hashtags like #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA#Stage_For_ARMY#BTS#방탄소년단#BTSARMY.



BTS Permission to Dance on Stage Twitter global trends map


On the 27th and 28th November, and 1st and 2nd December, tens of thousands of lucky fans got to see BTS perform live at the 'BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LA' tour at LA's SoFi Stadium while plenty more from all over the world tuned in to the moment on Twitter.

A truly unforgettable concert, many fans gathered on Twitter to rejoice and celebrate their favourite moments both in the lead-up to the performance, and after the event. For example, we saw conversation volume peaks when Jimin Tweeted just before the first concert, when Jin and RM Tweeted after the first concert, and when BTS Tweeted their photo with Halsey who attended the third concert.

Be it to complement virtual or in-person activities, fans everywhere come to Twitter to join in the fun and have conversations about them. So, even though things appear to be slowly returning to normal again and K-pop stars reunite with their fans, Twitter will continue to play an important role to drive conversations and connections within the K-pop community.

For instance, to celebrate ARMY meeting BTS in real-life this time, Twitter launched various activations for fans, including special emojis and a Live Event Page dedicated to curating all the latest action in one place. This ensured that fans were always kept updated on all the happenings and content related to the concert - never missing an important moment.



'BTS Permission to Dance on Stage' Live Event Page


YeonJeong Kim, Head of Global K-pop Partnerships at Twitter, said, "During the difficult times when face-to-face events such as concerts were cancelled, Twitter is where fans go to talk about what's happening, as well as stay connected with their artists. While it has been more than two years since their last real-life concert, BTS and ARMY have stayed close on Twitter and their relationship is stronger than ever, such as during the band's single 'Butter' earlier this year where we saw over 300 million related Tweets in just one month. On the first day of the tour, more than 15 million Tweets were generated, far exceeding the average 10 million Tweets per day at the time of the release of Butter in May. As live concerts begin again, Tweets from fans are expected to continue to increase."

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