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Presstitutes: Mocha Uson's Unpublished Column Article on Philippine Star

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What can you say about these statements?

"Moving forward, how about the CEO/owners of these media outlets, could they use their position to affect the news reports? I think it is naive to think that they cannot influence what news reports come out and what must not; who to attack and who must not be touched. Can you honestly say that Rapplers alleged connection with CIA through the Omidyar Network does not influence them to attack President Duterte, who has been vocal in opposing USA’s use of their power to dictate us? How about the Chairman of Benguet Mining Corp. who is related to the CEO of Inquirer, can you really say they don’t influence the news at all? How about the other CEO/owner of other media outlets who are allied to Duterte’s political enemies, can we be sure that they are not using their powers to malign the President in favor of their allies?

Now, for those who refuse to believe that there are members of the press who can be paid, let me give you some examples. There are Private companies who will sometimes call for a press conference, and they will give “Presskit” to them with money inside. The press will now “review” the company but the real goal is to make the company look good. This is also the case when it comes to the press conference of some actors/actress who are promoting their movie or musicians promoting their new albums. These became normal for them but it must now be revealed and changed because they are also practicing it when it comes to politics which is already affecting our country. There is already a corruption in our press and if we want to change corruption in the government, it’s essential that we stop corruption here because they can deceive the people by painting bad and corrupt politicians as a hero, martyr, or a saint. To make matters worse, where do you think they would get back the money they used for the press?" - Mocha Uson (portion of her unpublished article at Philippine Star)

It is true that media can be controlled or manipulated, or to put it bluntly "paid off."

Pipo Short Film Wins Grand Prize in AnakTV’s Sinebata

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A short film which focuses on a boy’s dream of having his family picture taken despite the odds recently won the grand prize in the 8-12 fiction category (based on target audience) professional section of AnakTV’s Sinebata (children’s films) competition held at the Quezon City Experience (QCX) museum.

“Pipo” tells the story of a boy (Maliksi Morales) who comes up with a lot of ideas, including making up rumors to convince an old photographer (Lou Veloso) to take a picture of his family at a bargain price. Providing support as members of Pipo’s family are Chanel Latorre, Ramon Palencia, and Katherine Carel.

Through the boy’s story, the film highlights problems caused by poverty and environmental concerns. Award-winning filmmaker Richard Legaspi also pays tribute to manual film cameras and all the photographers who we often forget to thank for documenting precious moments in our lives.

Legaspi is a graduate of Ricky Lee’s 14th scriptwriting workshop and a film directing fellow at the Asian Film Academy in Busan, South Korea. Majority of his works are focused on raising consciousness and creating space for dialogue on communal issues, responsible transformation of society and creative activation through contemporary art. He is a two-time Gawad CCP winner, a Palanca awardee for his screenplay Primera Bella, a UNESCO Laureate and resident artist of Italy’s Università delle Idee (UNIDEE) and Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto.

LTFRB Warns Uber and Grab on Unreasonable Surge of Rates

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LTFRB strongly warns Uber and Grab not to take advantage of the holiday season as a reason to unreasonably surge their respective rates. LTFRB is in receipt of complaints where the surge ranges from P2,000-P28,000.00.

Also, LTFRB has not been consulted on Uber's "Upfront fares based on predictions".The commuting public is requested to report any violation, you may reach our 24/7 Hotline at 1342 or SMS/Viber: 0917-550-1342 or 0998-550-1342. You may also e-mail us pictures or screenshots of said incidents at

LTFRB reserves its right to suspend/cancel the accreditation of Uber and Grab if these unreasonable surges will persist.

Extra Judicial Killings Exhibit at Baclaran Church: Is EJK the Answer to the Drug Problem and Criminality?

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*while shopping in Baclaran* 
Me: *stops in a store* 
Sales lady: Hi ma'am! Ano po gusto nyo? 
Me: World peace! Maibibigay mo ba? 
*runs away*
Merong exhibit ang Redemptorist Church sa Baclaran of violent photos in re: EJK killings. Is this right? Korek ba sa tingin niyo ang ginawa nang simbahan sa Baclaran? Pinalabas nila na "mali ang magpatay." Okay, mali nga, bakit noong Inquisition marami din ang pinatay nang Simbahang Katoliko, including the 3 Filipino priests who opposed church's policies? The founder of the Catholic Church, Constantine the Great, was also a murderer!

The Catholic Church in the Philippines had caused the murder of Jose P. Rizal! Rizal and Graciano Lopez-Jaena (who is 160 years old today) wrote about the excesses of the Catholic Church and the "holy" orders of priests. It is not right to kill as long as you're the one doing the killing seems to be the church's motto!

Mali nga ang magpatay, pero tama ba ang ang magtulak nang illegal drugs? Hindi ba dahandahan na pagpatay rin yan ang magiging adik ka? Dapat ang i-condemn dito ay ang pagtulak at paggamit nang pinagbababawal na gamot! It is very clear na the Church is protecting the pushers and the drug lords in its recent pakulo. Ibang klase nang "lord" yata ang sinasamba nila?"

EJK has long been happening and so rampantly at that during the past administration perpetrated by DRUGLORDS towards hapless drug pushers who failed to remit their sales that the people seemed to have gotten used to it & treating it as a natural occurrence. Why is it only now that the Roman Catholic Church expressed alarmed regarding the situation? Why only now?

Outsmart Fraudsters! Beware of Scams This Holiday Season

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It is no secret that scammers abound during the Christmas season. Whether it's because people are busy and easily distracted, or simply because traditions call for quick flow of cash in December, these scammers take advantage of the holidays, getting more creative in tricking unsuspecting victims to giving them their hard-earned cash or credits.

Smart Communications is once again reminding its subscribers to be extra cautious when dealing with unknown individuals. Be aware and keep your friends and loved ones informed about these common scams and trickeries. 

1. The Pretend Pasaloader. This scammer will pretend to be someone (usually an elderly who calls you iho/iha) who mistakenly transferred to your account some prepaid load or credits meant supposedly for his family member. He will then politely ask you to give back the load. The general rule is: Unless you know and trust the person, never ever transfer load. And keep in mind the official Smart Pasaload syntax. Remember that texting to access code 808 is for transferring load to another account. 

2. The Fake Promo Master. This one's a classic. This scammer will trick you into believing that you've won a raffle or a contest (without you even joining anything). He, usually pretending to be a lawyer or an officer from a government office or institution, will ask to be called and convince the victim to deposit money in order to process or claim the prize. Do not fall for this scam (even if he invokes high-ranking officials or present you with fake DTI numbers). For Smart promos, Smart only informs its winners through registered mail and a call from the number 7777 (not a text from a regular 11-digit mobile number) 

3. The Phony Roaming Relative. This scammer will first try to earn your trust by claiming to be your relative who just acquired a new roaming number. He will also try to bait you with promises of balikbayan box items, your favorite perfume, shoes in your size, and many more. Sooner, this scammer will try to ask you for load credits, and even cash deposits. Remember the rule: always confirm and verify before trusting a stranger speaking with you through SMS and chat. Ask your other relatives, or better yet, ask the relative they are pretending to be, through other means of communication (chat, social media, etc.).

4. The Suspicious Seller. Aside from the common text scams, online fraudsters are also tracking activities and posts of interested online shoppers, especially in social media accounts of online stores. They will gather the information you post through inquiries and purchase intent and use these information to pretend to be the seller, communicating the victims through fake chat profiles. Be sure to transact ONLY through the official store or online channel. Check their contact infromation and always verify before sending the payment.

Remember, it's not a bad thing to be skeptical when receiving messages from people we do not know. Always examine and verify the identities of the people , especially when your money or credits are involved. You've worked very hard, and it's not wise to just give it all away to these scammers.

For more tips on how to detect text scams click here.

To report text scammers, click here.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Healthway Medical Renews Partnership with Regal-Beloit Asia Pte. Ltd. as Corporate Clinic Services Provider

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Regal Beloit, a leading global manufacturer of commercial, industrial, and residential engineering applications, prefers Healthway Medical to ensure employee wellness through providing superior healthcare, which happens to be what the clinic has been delivering its clients. (L-R) Regal’s HR Officer Mariane Rapadas; Facilities and Safety Assistant Supervisor Roman Angelo Munji; and HR Manager Manuel Casimiro, recently penned the renewal of their corporate clinic services contract with Healthway Medical’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing Carmie de Leon; Sales Manager Noreen Arellano; and Sales Specialist Nica Mae Buñales. “We are privileged to work once again with Regal-Beloit in providing their corporate clinic services because we are a firm believer in the philosophy that a healthy workforce translates to a productive business organization,” said De Leon.

Only One Quarter of Southeast Asian Firms Ready for Digital Leadership

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Nearly one-quarter of Southeast Asian businesses are Digital Leaders, a new study by SAP SE and Oxford Economics, the“ Leaders 2020 study” shows. This is higher than the global average of 16%; this new class of high-performing companies is reporting stronger profit growth, higher employee engagement, and cultures that are more inclusive.

These high-functioning organizations have executives who communicate a company-wide digital strategy, keep management and worker skills up to date, and streamline organizational structure.

Analysis of Southeast Asian firms in the Leaders 2020 study also affirms the business benefits of diversity, showing a correlation between those who are leading in digital transformation and those who have a heightened understanding of the importance of diversity. Digital Leaders around the world and Southeast Asian respondents are both more likely to recognize diversity’s positive impact on culture (66%and 62%, respectively), but only Digital Leaders are more likely to see the benefits in financial performance (37% vs. 25%).

Companies have become more diverse in Southeast Asia than in other regions over the past three years. Three-quarters of Southeast Asian respondents saw diversity improvements in the general workforce of their organization, and 42% saw an increase in board and senior leadership, compared with 67% and 34% globally. However, less than 40% in Southeast Asia state that their company has effective diversity programs in place, signaling more could be done, especially at the senior executive and corporate board levels.

The Leaders 2020 study also found that only 61% of Southeast Asian executives (vs. 55% globally) are making data-driven decisions, a key factor that makes a Digital Leader. It is of little wonder that only 62% of Southeast Asian executives (vs. 59% globally) feel that employees are equipped with the skills necessary to keep up with digital technology.

“A diverse workforce encourages bold, innovative ideas to flourish and in turn, presents insights which are only made possible through that diversity. It is of little coincidence that these two capabilities – leveraging data for decisions and maintaining a diverse workforce – both occur for high-performing organizations,” said Scott Russell, president and managing director, SAP Southeast Asia.

The Leaders 2020 research findings for Southeast Asia revealed at SuccessConnect 2016, the premier conference held by SAP SuccessFactors for HR and C-suite executives in Singapore, shows that it pays to be a Digital Leader:

Byline: Don’t Neglect Security in M&A Due Diligence

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Look at any M&A due diligence checklist and you’ll see the same things: financials, customer information, sales, real estate, intellectual property, contracts—and the list goes on. One thing you may not see is information security, and that can be a crucial mistake.

Like any other critical component of running a business, security needs to be right at the top of the list for M&A due diligence. When combining two companies, they often have different and sometimes even incompatible systems and data. That can create opportunities for hackers. If a company is in the news for a merger or acquisition, it’s a fair bet that hackers and data thieves are going to try their hand at breaching its security. A good business decision can turn bad very quickly if security is an afterthought.

A CFO’s job is to realize the optimal business case, mitigate the risk, and protect the company’s assets, both tangible and intangible. In addition to data, some of a company’s most critical assets are its reputation and the loyalty of customers. An acquisition can make customers of both companies apprehensive. If that’s followed up by a massive breach of sensitive customer data, the companies’ customers will flee in droves.

To avoid that worst-case scenario, here are some things to keep in mind during the M&A process.

Energy Department Prepares Contingency Measures for Storm Nina

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Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi directed the energy family and its partner agencies to prepare and closely monitor the entry of Tropical Storm (TS) Nina in ensuring minimal impact to energy facilities for the people to enjoy continuous energy supply during the holidays.

According to the weather bureau PAGASA, TS Nina is expected to make landfall over the Bicol Region, particularly in Samar, between 24 and 25 December 2016.

Sec. Cusi said, “I asked the energy family, specifically the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) and the National Electrification Administration (NEA), to prepare necessary pre-cautionary measures, especially for the speedy restoration and recovery if the storm will affect the power facilities.”

“Even during holidays, the Task-Force Kapatid will be readied for easy mobilization of assets,” Secretary Cusi added.

In particular, the Secretary also alerted the concerned electric cooperatives specifically those within the projected track of the storm of their contingency measures and to closely coordinate with concerned government agencies and local government units.

As to petroleum products, Sec. Cusi asked the oil companies to ensure prescribed inventory of fuels, especially to those communities that depend on gasoline and diesel for their daily activities, to protect oil consumers from hampered services.

On the other hand, Sec. Cusi reminds the public to immediately report to the nearest authority/ies any incidents affecting the power supply facilities and to exercise emergency and safety measures as follows:

· Charge flashlights and mobile phones
· Be informed on the latest news updates
· Switch-off circuit breaker and other electrical systems to avoid electrocution, among other electrical mishap.
· After the typhoon, check first before using the electrical systems to avoid short circuits.

“We should not downplay the possible impacts of Tropical Storm Nina. We have to consistently prepare and ensure that the generation, transmission, distribution and oil facilities are all operational before, during and even after the storm. The DOE is committed to work for the Filipinos to enjoy the holidays despite the coming of the typhoon,” Secretary Cusi concluded.

CHED Supports Broadest Access to Higher Education

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The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) supports the inclusion of an eight billion peso (PhP8B) budget for Free Tuition for all Undergraduate Students in all State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) as a special provision in the 2017 General Appropriations Act.

In the short term, this will incrementally improve enrollment rates, and will help free up financial resources for other college expenses and needs of the students. From a wider perspective, this amount will eventually increase the available income of families.

To bring the country closer to the reality of Free College Education, the Commission will work overtime to ensure that the wisdom and specific intentions of lawmakers will be accurately reflected in the Free Tuition guidelines it is set to create. CHED will coordinate with the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), the Commission on Audit (COA) and other oversight government agencies to ensure the legality of all the proposed processes and procedures in the guidelines. CHED will also coordinate with all private Higher Education Institutions, both individually and through their various associations, to help ensure their role under this new policy regime. CHED will also work closely with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) for improved complementation.

In light of issues and concerns raised by various sectors, CHED is aware of its responsibility to ensure that these funds are spent according to how they are intended. It will be guided by fairness, cost recovery and alignment of incentives.

CHED will ensure that the wide-reaching implications of this major reform in Higher Education will be brought about effectively, and any negative consequences will be
minimized. The timing of this reform is fortunate, as strong political will and a robust economy allows the country to embark on major reforms that were not possible in the past.

Issued this 23rd of December 2016 at the Higher Education Development Center Building, C.P. Garcia Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

For the Commission:

Patricia B. Licuanan, Ph.D.

Ricky Lee Releases New Book

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After five years, award-winning screenwriter and author Ricky Lee comes out with his latest book Kung Alam N'yo Lang: Mga Kuwentong Pambata Para sa mga Hindi na Bata, a collection of four stories told from the point of view of four children.

The 250-page book, which targets both children and adults, tackles topics as diverse as the search for God (Ang Nawawalang Diyos), a kid who sees letters come to life in his room (Ang Sayaw ng mga Letra), bullying in a town that has forgotten a dark secret from its past (Si Inggo at ang Santo Kuwatro), and the concept of death (Nang Mapagod si Kamatayan). It also includes illustrations by four different artists, Kenikenken (Ken Bautista), Diigii Daguna, Jether Amar and Ivan Reverente.

Lee, who grew up reading comics, said children may read his new book in order to prepare them for the real world. Although Kung Alam N'yo Lang is considered a children's book, it also appeals to adults who have forgotten how it is to be young. It is published by the Philippine Writers Studio Foundation, Inc. or Writers Studio.

Aside from being a book author, Lee is also a scriptwriter and playwright. He has written more than 160 scripts for Filipino films since 1973. Many of these have won awards here and abroad. Among them are Himala, Karnal, Moral, Brutal, Salome and other films directed by acclaimed Filipino filmmakers, including the late National Artists for Film Lino Brocka and Ishmael Bernal. His script for Salome has also been translated into English and published by the University of Wisconsin for its film studies.

Caretaker Short Film Wins Active Vista Audience Choice Award

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A short film which tackles brotherhood, parenthood and belongingness recently bagged the Audience Choice Award in the Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival short film competition.

Seymour Sanchez‘s Caretaker tells the story of a new caretaker (Rolando Inocencio) who comes in to replace the previous keeper of a vacation house of a wealthy family. He is a single parent trying to make ends meet while taking care of his two sons (Jomari Angeles and Luis Ruiz). He meets his boss (Raymond Riñoza), the owner of the house, and is informed the family will be using it for the holiday. He starts cleaning the house in preparation for the family’s arrival. Meanwhile, the owner’s son (John Paul Duray) has other plans. The caretaker is caught off-guard when the owner’s son comes home one night, with his fraternity brothers. Moreover, the caretaker is unaware that he is in for a big surprise.

Naglalahong Pamana, a documentary by Lucy Lavirotte, Jerrica Manongdo, Berna Sastrillo, and David Simantov-Levi, won Best Short Film “for giving a relevant, poignant, and sensitive discourse on a tribe’s loss of land and culture because of minings and plantations.” Manongdo also took home the first runner-up trophy for her Ipinanganak na Nakayapak short film “for taking the audience in an uneven yet captivating journey in the joys and struggles of a proletariat.” Meanwhile, Hayop by Robert Mark Liwanag got the second runner-up award “for exposing torture and violence in a harrowing narration.”

Richard Legaspi of Red Room Media Productions received Caretaker‘s award from Lourd de Veyra of film festival organizer DAKILA-Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism on behalf of filmmaker Sanchez during the Alab ng Puso: Stand Up for Human Rights program at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani last December 10.

Kamuning Bakery Opens at SM North Edsa, 1st Branch in 77 years

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Quezon City’s pioneer and iconic bakery Kamuning Bakery Café has opened a new branch on December 23 at SM City North Edsa’s East Bridgeway, 2nd floor, this is its first ever branch in its colorful 77 years history.

Founded in 1939 upon the invitation of Quezon City co-founder the media tycoon Don Alejandro Roces, Kamuning Bakery Café’s founder was Atty. Leticia “Letty” Bonifacio Javier, it was bought and revived in 2014 by writer and realty entrepreneur Wilson Lee Flores.

Kamuning Bakery Café has steadfastly continued its unique pugon-style, artisanal, no-preservatives, all hand-made and Filipino/Spanish baking traditions.

Since September 2015, Kamuning Bakery Café has also hosted the non-partisan “Pandesal Forum” where leaders and newsmakers dialogue with media and intellectuals over pugon-baked breads and excellent Philippine coffee

History of Kamuning Bakery Cafe with intellectuals, artists & reform stalwarts: Kamuning Bakery was founded in 1939 as Quezon City’s first bakery by Atty. Leticia “Letty” Bonifacio Javier and her husband Lt. Marcelo Javier (who died fighting the Japanese invaders of World War II in the Battle of Manila). It was acquired and revived in December 2013 by writer, history buff and realty entrepreneur Wilson Lee Flores, he restored the old cafe on March 20, 2015. Kamuning Bakery Cafe continues its artisanal and pugon or wood-fired brick oven baking.

Among its many colorful clients include pre-war media tycoon Don Alejandro Roces who facilitated sale of gov’t. land in 1939 at 50 centavos per square meter, his son the newspaper publisher & activist Joaquin “Chino” Roces, press freedom stalwart U.P. Dean Armando Malay, the late President Cory C. Aquino, national artists like Nick Joaquin and Levi Celerio, many showbiz celebrities, to a public school student who used to walk here to buy pugon-baked breads and is now the first female Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

For inquiries or suggestions, please call Cafe Tels: 4161637, 9292216, 4126628; Office Tels: 4126685, 4112311, 4151692, 3326066... Wilson Lee Flores 09178481818, 09188077777, 09228321888 or

*Photo above is the main branch

Hontiveros Lauds 2017 Budget with Historic Debt Audit Provision, Health Reforms

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"A historic first in the history of the Philippine budget system."

This is how Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros described the passage of the 2017 national government budget that contains a special provision mandating Congress to conduct a comprehensive audit of the country's debt.

The said provision tasked the Congressional Oversight Committee on Overseas Development Assistance to conduct a debt audit to determine the legitimacy of a list of loan agreements challenged as illegitimate. The said debt audit will be conducted in the 2017 fiscal year.

Hontiveros, who introduced the said general provision, said that the process of a debt audit is an important policy tool to unburden the Filipino people from paying onerous and illegitimate debts and beef up funding for social service spending.

"This is truly a historic first. With this provision, we commit to diligently scrutinize the country’s debts if they are indeed in accordance with the principles on promoting responsible sovereign lending and borrowing by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and repudiate the illegitimate part of our overall debt," Hontiveros said.

"I would like to commend the Senate Finance Committee chaired by Senator Loren Legarda, my fellow senators, the Executive branch and the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) for supporting the inclusion of this provision in our national budget," Hontiveros added.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Japan-Made BRP Malabrigo Vessel Commissioned to PCG

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Another Japanese-made Multi-Role Response Vessel (MRRV) has been commissioned to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).

The BRP Malabrigo, named after a lighthouse in Batangas, was commissioned in a ceremony at the PCG Headquarters earlier today, granting the vessel an authority to belong to a service and authorize her to perform the mandated mission of the agency. It is the second of 10 MRRVs built and delivered from Japan as part of the Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project.

Department of Transportation (DOTr) Undersecretary for Maritime Felipe Judan led the commissioning ceremony and thanked Japan for its continued support in helping improve the country’s transportation system. He also expressed his gratitude to the men and women of the PCG who have shown unwavering dedication to the service.

“Officials and members of the Philippine Coast Guard have the heart to serve, but need equipment and support,” he said.

MRT 3 Rolls Out New Elevators

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In time for last-minute Christmas shopping and party-hopping, the Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT 3) has installed brand new elevators in most stations for the convenience of train passengers.

Twenty-seven out of the 32 elevators will be operational and will be ready to accommodate train passengers starting tomorrow, December 23. Five other elevators are on-going replacement.

MRT-3 General Manager Deo Manalo said the new elevators would ease the commute of passengers during the Holidays. Senior citizens, pregnant women, and persons with disability will be given priority.

“The elevators would relieve passengers from carrying heavy bags especially this Christmas,” said Manalo

Department of Transportation Secretary Art Tugade will lead the inspection of elevators, to be accompanied by representatives from commuter advocacy and PWD groups.

The installation of new elevators is part of the efforts of the DOTr – MRT3 to improve over-all station experience and provide convenience to commuters. This development is also seen to reduce queues in stations especially during peak hours.

The elevators were ordered last year with the target completion set on January 2017. Further, repair and rehabilitation of escalators are ongoing and expected to be completed on February 2017.

Martin Nguyen Sacrifices Christmas Family Time in Pursuit of Future Title Shot

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Sacrifice means to give up something cherished in order to get something even more valuable in the future. This concept also applies to mixed martial arts (MMA) as the path to becoming a world champion is paved with much sacrifice.

To set foot on the pinnacle of success, all fighters must go through blood, sweat and tears in training. Moreover, MMA athletes have to be separated from their families for months to dedicate their lives to the craft that they seek to perfect.

Australian standout Martin Nguyen (7-1) had to undergo the same process as he is slated to square off with former featherweight title contender Kazunori Yokota (25-6-3) in the co-headliner of ONE: QUEST FOR POWER on 14 January.

“The life of a fighter is difficult, but I understand that in order to be the best, fighters have to make certain sacrifices. Spending time away from friends and family to train isn’t easy,” Nguyen said.

For his high-profile bout against Yokota, Nguyen had to give up spending Christmas and the rest of the Yuletide season with his family to fully focus on his training.

Nguyen admitted the most painful sacrifice is the separation from his family, but he knows that there is a reward waiting for him.

“It’s part of being a professional fighter. A lot of sacrifices have been made. Training in December is one of them. I have to give up Christmas celebrations for this fight,” he stated.

“If I want to consider myself as a championship-quality fighter, I have to make that sacrifice. In the end, I will reap the fruits of my labor. Hard work cannot be denied forever,” Nguyen added.

StartupbBoat in Manila: Making an Impact in the Community Through a Collaborative Effort

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Impact Hub Manila introduced StartupBoat through a two-day launch on December 13 and 14, 2016. The overall aim was to build a community of creative thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are passionate to bring change in the community by developing and implementing groundbreaking ideas together. Its main mission is to make innovation accessible for all.

It was during the StartHubs AsiaBerlin Roadshow in Manila when Paula Schwarz (Founder of StartupBoat), Ces Rondario and LizAn Kuster (Co-Founders of Impact Hub Manila), and Ranganath Thota (CEO and Founder of Fuel A Dream India) came together and agreed on launching StartupBoat in Manila, Philippines and Bangalore, India.

In Manila, StartupBoat worked together with Impact Hub Manila and Bayer Foundations to create a platform for individuals who wish to collaborate for the collective growth of the health sector of the country. The main objective was to share, learn and contribute for an implementable action plan in 2017 for the health sector in the Philippines and to mentor startups to act as multipliers.  

DOE on Top of Malampaya Maintenance Activities

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Under the direction of DOE Secretary Alfonso Cusi, DOE ASec. Gerpy Erguiza visited the Malampaya platform to conduct due diligence regarding the Malampaya scheduled maintenance shutdown from 28 January to 16 February 2017.

In light of the Malampaya maintenance activities next year, the Department of Energy (DOE) through the strong directive of Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi has started preparatory activities jointly with industry stakeholders to safeguard energy consumers from possible impact on supply and prices of electricity during the scheduled maintenance activities from 28 January 2017 to 16 February 2017.

“My directive was clear - the Malampaya maintenance activities should pose no substantial impact to supply of electricity by using all available resources and remedies, because power is a basic necessity for our countrymen,” Sec. Cusi said. He added that plans and alternative modes should be in place and ready before the actual shutdown.

Sec. Cusi said, “We have to ensure that the program works for Malampaya is within the prescribed schedule given to the DOE. Historically, SPEX completed its maintenance period on time. It is expected that it will do the same this time.”

In a meeting with industry participants last 15 December, the DOE was apprised by the Shell Philippines Exploration Corporation (SPEx) of the preparatory works for the Malampaya services maintenance shutdown (Malampaya SMS).

National Customers' Choice Awards Honors Swak na Swak and Other Outstanding Achievers and Businesses for 2016

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Several businesses and individuals were again recognized by the National Customers' Choice Awards for their annual awarding for those that have successfully provided excellent products and quality services for 2016.

At the awarding ceremonies held at the Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila on December 6, 2016, awardees gathered to receive their rightful recognition for all their hard work and diligence in continuously being bold and competitive in their respective businesses.

The event was hosted by Jun Dumlao and Eagle. Various performers, which includes belly dancers, child singer, boy band, a pole dancer, and Carlos Agassi provided entertainment during breaks and dinner.

We got the chance to mingle with a few of the celebrities, namely Bobby Yan, Carlos Agassi, Dimples Romana, and Sig Aldeen, who present at the event. We were also fortunate to interview Dimples and Sig about their Swak na Swak lifestyle show aired every weekends on ABS-CBN.

As what Senate President Aquiino "Koko" Pimentel has said from the ShopBest souvenir magazine, it is important that companies, brands, and services are recognized for satisfying the needs of their clientele. This inspires the people involved to aim for the continued growth that results to increase in employment and economic progress. For a business to be sustainable and among the top, we do need to identify and fulfill the needs of our consumers.

BenildeFilm Wins Big in 2nd SineNanay Filmfest

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A short film made by students from the Digital Filmmaking program of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde won four major awards in the second annual SineNanay Film Festival held at the Philippine Women’s University Concert Hall on Taft Avenue last December 16.
Uyayi won Best Director (Alda Dalisay), Best Cinematography (Francis Jimenez and Ernestine Joice Bay), Best Sound and Best Production Design (Elaiza Rivera, Robin Estargo and Neil Reyes). Dalisay, Bay and Rivera came up with the story of a first-time mother trying to figure out how to become a caring mother despite being placed in a dire situation. Their entry is one of 120 concepts received by festival organizer Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation from 11 universities and colleges in Metro Manila.
“While brainstorming, I wondered how mothers inside the prison take care of their child, especially those who lived on the streets, got pregnant early and did not have an idea on how to take care of a baby,” Dalisay recalled.
The SineNanay Festival Committee, composed of Festival Director Arnold Reyes, MYNP Managing Director and Festival Secretariat Head Bemz Benedito and MYNP Admin Officer and Festival Coordinator Michelle Fabunan, trimmed down the submissions to 27 entries.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How To Get Rid of Flies Easily?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Just when you thought that flies are just annoying, remember that they can easily spread diseases cause they can carry different bacteria, viruses and illnesses n their body without much effort. They just sometimes need to sit somewhere you may touch like a handle bar or something and they you can acquire these bacteria after touching an object that has been touched by a fly! So how do you get rid of flies easily? Here are simple ways you may want to consider so you can get rid of flies already:

1. Make sure your area is well sanitized.

- Flies cannot breed in large numbers if their food source is limited. By keeping the trash bins clean and clearing everything that may decay can keep the flies away.

2. Use screen doors and windows for the flies to be kept outside the house.

- Ventilation is very important but from open windows and other form of ventilation can flies get inside a house or a building. By using screen doors and screened windows, flies can be excluded from the house.

3. Food in the household or any place shall be kept in storage properly.

- Whether it is wet, dry or fresh, as long as it emits a strong smell flies could get attracted to and may either swarm the food or linger in that area where they can smell it. It is important to store fresh fruits in a basket or inside the refrigerator to avoid attracting flies. Other food that may have a strong smell shall be kept in a secured or sealed place in order to keep the flies and other insects at bay.

4. Use reliable and effective fly repellents.

- Indeed there’s such a thing as “fly repellents”. It is made specifically to help get rid of flies and the diseases it may bring that could cause harm to one’s health. There are reliable and effective fly repellents but the most remarkable one is Strike Fly Killing Coil!

Strike Fly Killing Coil is highly effective in repelling flies by performing steadily, safely and cleanly in the most economical way possible. Most coils are made using inferior materials which cause unpleasant odors, short ignition time and poor insecticidal effect which could cause major hazards to human and animals. Unlike other coils,Strike Fly Killing Coil is developed in the most scientific and secured process which does not include harmful materials. Though very affordable, Strike Fly Killing Coil has natural environmentally advanced raw carbon powder which is long lasting, effective insecticide effects and safe for all.

As easy as using the Strike Fly Killing Coil, you can now easily get rid of annoying flies!

Like ATC Strike on Facebook.

Microsoft Selects SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite to Transform HR Globally

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SAP SE announced that Microsoft has chosen the full SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, including SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, for its 114,000 full-time employees. Microsoft selected the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite for its global capabilities, flexibility and extensibility, and open platform strategy. Microsoft expects not only to reduce costs and drive greater operational efficiency but also to deliver an enhanced employee experience consistent with its mobile-first, cloud-first philosophy that attracts and retains talent, fosters employee engagement and drives improved business outcomes.

Microsoft is the latest addition to a group of global organizations that have selected SAP SuccessFactors human capital management (HCM) solutions to run human resources (HR) in the cloud. As more companies are transforming HR to meet the demands of the digital economy, they are embracing market-leading SAP SuccessFactors solutions to help standardize, simplify and optimize HR processes, and to help increase employee engagement and accelerate innovation through cloud-based HCM.

More than 1,350 leading companies, including Microsoft and Ernst & Young, have selected SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, an innovative core HR system that goes beyond automation to help businesses manage global workforces more efficiently in the cloud.

“HR today has become overly complex, especially for large global enterprises contending with hundreds of legal and regulatory jurisdictions,” said Mike Ettling, president of SAP SuccessFactors. “Microsoft recognizes that transformation requires simplifying that environment, but just as importantly, as a global technology innovator, it also realizes the importance of providing its people with cloud-based solutions that are cool and easy to use. We’re proud to partner in supporting Microsoft’s continuing journey.”

Fortinet Predicts Tipping Point For Cybersecurity as Threats Become More Intelligent, Autonomous, and Difficult to Detect Than Ever Before in 2017

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The evolution of threat landscape creates urgency for increased security accountability at multiple levels to avoid impact to global digital economy

“The expanding attack surface enabled by technology innovations such as cloud computing and IoT devices, a global shortage of cybersecurity talent, and regulatory pressures continue to be significant drivers of cyber threats. The pace of these changes is unprecedented, resulting in a critical tipping point as the impact of cyber attacks are felt well beyond their intended victims in personal, political, and business consequences. Going forward, the need for accountability at multiple levels is urgent and real affecting vendors, governments, and consumers alike. Without swift action, there is a real risk of disrupting the progress of the global digital economy.” - Derek Manky, global security strategist, Fortinet 

Fortinet, the global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today unveiled six predictions from the FortiGuard Labs threat research team about the threat landscape for 2017. These predictions reveal the methods and strategies that Fortinet researchers anticipate cyber criminals will employ in the near future and demonstrate the potential impact of cyber attacks to the global digital economy.  

Globe Hits Target of Deploying 500 LTE Sites Using 700 MHz Band

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In line with its commitment to fully maximize the use of previously-idle spectrum assets that it recently gained access to, Globe Telecom hit its target of deploying 500 LTE sites using the 700 megahertz band (L700), consistent with efforts to improve mobile internet service in the country. Majority of the company’s L700 sites were deployed mostly in Metro Manila and other highly-populated areas, where majority of customers using LTE-based handsets are located.

Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Program Governance, Network Technical Group, emphasized the company is well on its way of achieving its target of deploying about 4,500 multiband, multi-mode software-defined radio station equipment to about 95% of cities and municipalities in the country within a 3-year period, as committed to the National Telecommunications Commission. Aside from deploying 500 LTE 700 sites, the company also activated 900 additional LTE sites using the company’s additional spectrum allocation in the 2600 megahertz band.

“With the deployment of 500 LTE 700 sites, Globe is now able to deliver a more comprehensive LTE coverage in Metro Manila, substantially improving the mobile internet experience of our customers in the region,” Agustin said, as he noted burgeoning proliferation of bandwidth-intensive multi-media content. On the other hand, deployment of 900 LTE 2600 sites mostly benefitted customers in Metro Cebu and Metro Davao, he said, emphasizing that the company is also working on further improving indoor signal and capacity in major cities in the country.

Globe began deployment of LTE sites using the 700 MHz band in June this year following a partial acquisition of San Miguel’s telecommunication assets, which also included spectrum resources in the 1800 MHz, 2300 MHz and 2600 MHz. In a bid to harness expeditiously the benefits of the company’s new spectrum assets, Globe set aside in October this year additional network investment of $300 million, bringing the company’s total capital expenditure for 2016 to $1 billion. According to Agustin, Globe plans to deploy more LTE sites in 2017 using the company’s additional spectrum assets to further accelerate its network build and enable the company to stay ahead of growing consumer demands.

The use of both LTE 700 and LTE 2600 bands, along with the company’s additional spectrum resources, supports the capacity enhancement initiative launched by the company early 2016 intended to elevate the state of internet in the country. Globe also launched early this year an initiative of creating an internet superhighway by deploying fiber optic cables in 20,000 barangays all over the country to provide faster and more reliable internet access in about 2 million homes nationwide.

However, the company’s aggressive bid to expand its telecommunication infrastructure is being hampered by circuitous permitting process for the establishment of telecommunication infrastructure such as cell sites. For instance, Globe has a backlog of 3000 sites amid difficulties in securing permits from various local government units, homeowner associations and other government agencies. As a result, the Philippines only has about 21,000 total cell sites compared about 55,000 in Vietnam.

Steve McGarrett and the Rest of Five-0 are Back in Action this January on AXN!

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Get ready for more heart-pounding action as the hit police procedural action drama, Hawaii Five-0, returns for an all new season on AXN this January.

After a near-death experience, Steve (Alex O’Loughlin) and his investigative team face a new round of criminals out to sow mayhem in the island paradise – a mysterious vigilante who murders serial killers, a vengeful father out to avenge the death of his son, an assassin that targets environmentalists, a terror group that holds high school students hostage, and even a ragtag death cult, and more!

The highly successful reboot becomes even more interesting with the complications in the lives of Hawaii’s elite special task force–Steve embarks on a rescue mission to save his mother from foreign capture while dealing with the return of his ex, Catherine (Michelle Borth), which might give their relationship a second chance; Danny (Scott Caan) struggles with parental blues for his now teenage daughter, Grace (Teilor Grubbs), and deals with the unexpected visit from his sister; Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) finds himself in the middle of a custody battle he cannot win; Kono (Grace Park) is reunited with husband Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) and starts rethinking their priorities in life; Lou (Chi Mc Bride) copes with his son’s coming-of-age journey into manhood, while Jerry (Jorge Garcia) contends with more conspiracy theories.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 premieres January 11, 2017, every Wednesday at 9:45pm. First & Exclusive on AXN

AXN is seen on Sky Cable Channel 49, Cable Link Channel 38, Cignal Digital TV Channel 121,Global Destiny Cable Channel 61, Dream Channel 20, and GSat Channel 51. AXN HD is seen on SkyCable Channel 247.

Globe Business Advances the Expansion of the Contact Center Industry in PH

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As innovations rise and industries become more competitive, businesses are faced with the pressure to produce the next "big" idea and still be able to provide reliable customer support. But juggling these two different aspects can exhaust a company of its resources and keep it from focusing on its vision. In order to constantly come up with better products, businesses have opened up doors for IT-BPMs—specifically, contact centers—to flourish and undertake the crux of any enterprise—its customers.

The contact center industry, which is expected to earn $25 billion in revenues this year, is especially thriving in the Philippines—contributing to 10% of the economy and creating employment for more than 1 million Filipinos. In fact, the country has been dubbed the "Ultimate Customer Experience Paradise" in the 11th International Contact Center Conference & Expo (ICCCE) where Globe Business, the enterprise information and communications arm of Globe Telecom, acted as co-presenter.

According to Benedict Hernandez, President of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), there are many reasons for foreigners to land their investments on the contact center industry. Aside from having “a very supportive business environment”, the country is growing a young population that has mastered the English language and has a natural liking for different cultures, not to mention a “world-class service centricity”.

Although the industry’s essence revolves around customers, contact centers are now shifting to more complex jobs, leaving low-skill work like data entry, assistance and processing to machines. Mike Frausing, Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled Services Group, mentioned during his speech at the 11th ITCCCE, “Companies are now cutting down on costs and making processes more efficient. Tasks that were once done by several people can now be delegated to gadgets, which are operated by one person,”

10 Most Eco-Friendly Cities in the World

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The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S manufacturing non-competitive. That is if you are to believe the President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump. For the soon-to-be leader of the most powerful nation in the world to have such an opinion is scary, and quite frankly dangerous for the future of the planet.

The United Nations published a climate change report in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics and their conclusions are startling, they expect many feet of sea-level rise, a halting of major ocean circulatory currents, and an outbreak of super storms. They predict that we will face these major threats most likely this century. Global leaders need to take immediate action, and much can be learned from the world’s greenest cities.


Denmark has built a solid reputation for its eco-friendliness. Cyclists are looked after, swimmers can enjoy city center paddling, and local ethical fashion designers are favored over factory produced branded clothing. Impressively Copenhagen has ambitions to become the first carbon-neutral capital city by 2025.


Canada’s west coast has it much easier than most cities being located steps away from rolling British Columbia mountains and the Pacific Ocean, but it makes the most of its natural blessings; its use of renewable energy and hydropower make the air pure and clean. Urban living is emphasized in the city, and the city’s 200 parks make it easy for locals to breath fresh, healthy air.


Amsterdam is presently drafting a new sustainability masterplan which will transform the city center into a green, pedestrian-friendly environment. The city center will have new parks, food markets, smart transportation and urban farms and will take strides to reduce the impact of the many droves of tourists and dense traffic.


Sweden is a trailblazer for eco-cities. The restaurant scene is thriving with locally sourced raw materials and freshly caught fish. Environmental studies regularly list Sweden as the world’s most sustainable nation, but it is not today or yesterday that it built that reputation. Meticulous and long-sighted plans were made to restructure the city. Green homes are typical, and recycling is encouraged—the government financially incentive recycling.


The remarkable Supertree structure in Asia’s cleanest city is one-of-a-kind. Each one is 50 meters tall and acts as a symbol of Singapore’s commitment to eco-change. Locally, it is typical to have access to a rooftop garden; the most famous of which is the 340- meter long SkyPark on the top of the Marina Bay Sands.


Consistently recognized as America’s greenest city, Portland uses 20 percent more renewable energy than the national average. It was one of the first cities to ban plastic bags and everything from recycling to carpooling are green activities that are encouraged.


Despite being the most populated city in Norway, Oslo still maintains its title as the greenest city. The city ranks low for greenhouse gas emissions and it is worth noting that 85 percent of their school children either walk or ride their bikes to school; those that commute use hydroelectric-powered public transportation.


This city is unique because amazingly it is a car-free city. Call it old-fashioned or outdated but to be a truly green city cars are not welcome. Freiburg in Germany also boast of its many solar paneled buildings and plans to reduce its carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030.


Iceland’s capital is a thought leader and pioneer of geothermal power—providing almost 90 percent of the city’s heating. The country is close to being energy independent and the government has set goals to achieve that in the next few years. The city plan has placed a priority on reducing pollution and preserving green spaces—90 percent of residents live just five minutes walk away from a green area.


The public parks in Berlin are like a home from home; each tree is protected and many locals have an allotment garden to grow their vegetables. For many in Berlin, the bicycle has replaced the car and in DIY shops around the city residents are learning how to make furniture and clothing. The second-hand culture is active; placing less of a reliance on purchasing factory produced imported wares. Lamudi—the eco-conscious global property platform operate their thirteen country operations from Berlin; in a building that has energy-efficient lighting timers and where employees are encouraged to use the company bike for deliveries.

Globe Roaming Enables Digital Travel Lifestyle

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The best stories come when people least expect it. When it comes to traveling, whether it’s exploring offbeat paths or experiencing the best kept travel secrets across the world, it’s usually the surprises along the way that make the trip worth telling.

What better way to share life’s great adventures than with the all new Globe Prepaid Roam Surf promos? With its extensive range of offers, Globe Prepaid Roam Surf allows Filipino travelers to stay connected with the data roaming promo that fits them best. Prepaid customers can now choose from app-based, bulk data or unlimited data roaming packs depending on their needs and budget.

“The best way we can give back to our customers this holiday season is to let them enjoy their travel to the fullest with data roaming offers that suit their needs” says Globe Vice President for Emerging Strategic Businesses, Coco Domingo.

“With Globe Prepaid Roam Surf promos, more and more Filipino customers can now experience the benefits of being always connected from anywhere in the world. The fear of data roaming has now been replaced with the freedom to go and create their own adventures with Globe.”

For as low as P199/day, one can enjoy the full features of Roam Viber, including sending and receiving of chat messages, photos, stickers, voice and video messages with location sharing. Video and voice calling are also enabled, making it easier to communicate with those at home and abroad.

NEC Aims to Discover New Drugs Harnessing Advanced AI Technology

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NEC Corporation announced the establishment of “CYTLIMIC Inc.” (CYTLIMIC), a new company that promotes the development and application of therapeutic cancer peptide (*1) vaccines discovered using NEC’s unique advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Moreover, NEC has concluded an agreement in respect to a third-party allocation of newly issued shares to CYTLIMIC underwritten by Fast Track Initiative, Inc., SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and NEC Capital Solutions Limited as part of reinforcing its healthcare business and commencing with the drug development business.

NEC’s “NEC the WISE” (*2) cutting-edge AI technologies combine machine learning and experimentation to produce a unique “immune function prediction technology” that is able to efficiently discover peptides that are potential vaccines in a short period of time and at a low cost.

Harnessing this technology, NEC has been engaged in collaborative research since 2014 with Yamaguchi University and Kochi University, and in clinical research with Yamaguchi University, resulting in the discovery of a peptide vaccine that promises to be effective in the treatment of hepatoma and esophageal cancer and is compatible with the genetic profile of approximately 85% of Japan’s population.

Currently, NEC is advancing its application as a new cancer drug through CYTLIMIC, by developing investigational use formulations of the discovered peptide vaccine, confirming its safety and efficacy through nonclinical and clinical tests, and investigating its commercialization with pharmaceutical companies. With initiatives such as this latest drug development business, NEC will continue to expand its “Solutions for Society” business by harnessing AI and other cutting-edge technologies to strengthen its healthcare business.

Love Your Family at the SM Store

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When one thinks of Christmas, one thinks of family. It’s that time of year when members – who at times are based in different parts of the country – get together to celebrate the joys of the season.

It’s also a time to highlight cherished family traditions – the Christmas reunion, the Noche Buena spread, and gift giving. While these have undergone some updates through the years, these are the ties that bind and bring so much happiness to family members.

This year, The SM Store in Makati, Aura and Megamall celebrates the holidays with the #SMLoveYourFamily campaign.

Here, the Alunan family, style siblings Daryl and Andre Chang, fashion photographer BJ Pascual, and Eric and Bea Soriano-Dee share with us why Christmas is truly a time to love your family at SM.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Alodia Gosiengfiao To Launch Mobile Game App "Zombies vs Humans" this Christmas

Wazzup Pilipinas!
"Been keeping this a secret for so long but finally, I can announce it! Our game “Zombies VS Humans” is almost done! It is a mobile game and it will be out this Christmas! 
We’ve been working on this for over a year! And this team of talented artists and programmers has done an amazing job creating this game from scratch! I am so honored to be actually part of this amazing game development company - Club Six Studios! We’re an all Filipino team (some based in the US) and hope you guys would support this as we release it in the next few weeks! 
Right now, we are finalizing little details in the game play, UI and stability! Please check back for more updates!" - Alodia Gosiengfiao

If you're going to ask if the geeks with her are working on the mobile game for free, then that could be a possibility in exchange of the popularity it will give the game development studio since Alodia is undoubtedly a celebrity icon in the cosplay and gaming industry. I also know quite a few geeks who would work for free just to be close to her...hehehe

The Tower Defense mobile game app will be available in the IOS App Store soon! Android to follow. We have no idea yet if it will be available for free but Alodia promises to give updates soon since they plan to put this out on Christmas day.

"A growing number of Hollywood celebrities pursue tech-related businesses. Vin Diesel runs a game development studio. Ashton Kutcher invests in Silicon Valley startups.
Most Filipino celebrities just open restaurants. This girl bucks the trend. Alodia Gosiengfiao, the world's most popular cosplayer, announces her development studio's upcoming game.
Interestingly enough, Jessica Nigri, America's most popular cosplayer, has stated in interviews that she wants to put up a game development studio someday. 
This could become a trend among top cosplayers. Considering the connections they make over the course of their careers, it makes perfect sense. The video game industry is the number one employer of cosplayers as promotional models." - Mike Abundo

*Photo credits from Alodi's FB page
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