Friday, May 3, 2013

Conzace : For Heavy Duty Immunity

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We normally fail to get a good night's sleep due to heavy workloads at the office or even at home. Less sleep means less meaningful hours when comparing to someone who was refreshed after getting 8 hours of sleep. The stress that comes along with the worries of everyday tasks further deteriorates our resistance and thus would eventually weaken our immune system.We need a way to combat these everyday stress in order to live a more productive life.

Aside from the right diet, enough exercise, and plenty of rest, it is very important to seek nutritional supplements or vitamins to boost our strength and improve our stamina.It is a big disappointment when you get to lose an opportunity just because you got sick or was too tired to excel appropriately.

Did you know that the new way to boost immunity is by strengthening your white blood cells?

One Fighting Championship Forges Exclusive Partnership with Yahoo! Philippines

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ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC) has formed an exclusive agreement with Yahoo! Philippines, the number one news site in the Philippines. Yahoo! Philippines will feature exclusive content on its website all year long, including exclusive interviews with fighters, behind the scenes footage and feature highlight stories.  Yahoo! readers will also stand a chance to win a trip to future ONE FC events.

ONE FC CEO Victor Cui stated, “On behalf of ONE FC, I will like to welcome Yahoo! Philippines on board. Yahoo! is an internationally recognizable brand and the number one news site in the Philippines and we are beyond excited to have Yahoo! Philippines as an official media partner. The partnership will present unique opportunities for both parties and is testament to the phenomenal growth that ONE FC has made. “

Yahoo! is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has 11,500 employees in 25 countries, provinces, and territories. Yahoo! Philippines is the number one web news portal in the country.

For more updates on ONE Fighting Championship, please visit and follow on Twitter @ONEFCMMA and Facebook at

Thursday, May 2, 2013

USANA Health Sciences Launches "Procosa" and "Pure Rest" Product Supplements

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Food Supplements have been gaining attraction because it is a much better alternative. We should realize that supplementation is a paradigm shift in health care. The current pharmaceutical industry waits for people to be sick then tries to give them a pill to cure it.

Although many people had the impression that supplementation was merely an "addition" to achieving a healthy body, it actually keeps healthy people healthy in the long term. It is a better investment in long term care because it is less expensive to prevent diseases from occurring than to try curing them.

USANA Executive Director of Product Development and Technologies Dr. John Cuomo and Aurora Gaston, General Manager, USANA Philippines presented to the media two of the latest products of USANA, one of the leading companies in the field of health and nutrition - "Procosa" and "Pure Rest".

NVIDIA Gamers Conference : An IMBA Experience

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NVIDIA fans and supporters composed of hardcore gamers, enthusiasts and hobbyists recently attended a gamers Conference held at the Gerry's Grill branch located at Blue Wave in Diosdado Macapagal Avenue, Pasay city.

Mr. Glenn Serrano of NVIDIA was joined by Mr. Joseph Saratan, Garena and League of Legends shoutcaster , Gabriel Angelo Gonzales, Ubertech Product Development Specialist, and Marlon Marcelo, representative from Mineski.

Mr. Glenn Serrano facilitated the launching of the NVIDIA TITAN where he presented an introductory remark and some videos. The technology that powers the world's fastest supercomputer is now redefining the PC gaming experience with the GeForce GTX TITAN. It uses the powerful NVIDIA Kepler architecture technology that drives the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Titan supercomputer to your next gaming experience.

Hawaiian Lowen Tynanes Returns to the Philippines Seeking to Maintain His Family’s MMA Legacy

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Mixed martial arts run deep in the Tynanes household. Both his father and brother fight competitively, which sparked Lowen Tynanes’s interest in the sport. Lowen credits his father as his inspiration and the reason he started training. He first came to Asia in 2011, where a then 20-year old Lowen made his professional debut at an event in Nagoya, Japan. He was the first fight of the evening while his father Myles was the main event. Both father and son emerged with victories.

Despite having lived his entire life in the islands of Hawaii, Lowen Tynanes has never competed professionally in his home state. Instead, the majority of his blossoming career was spent competing in Asia having won bouts in Japan, The Philippines and Malaysia. He looks to extend his undefeated streak when he returns at ONE FC: Rise to Power, which takes place May 31st at the MOA Arena.

Following his victory in Japan, he then entered hostile territory when he took on The Philippines’ golden boy Eduard Folayang at a URCC event. He stunned the partisan crowd and emerged with his hand raised after displaying superior wrestling that Folayang simply had no answer to. Following the fight, he admitted he was nervous as it was the first he competed without his father in his corner.

Google Launches Resource Page for Philippine Elections

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Google released its Philippine elections page, a one-stop online hub for all election-related information such as broadcast and written news, candidate and precinct details, debates, etc. Google has worked with several broadcast and online news stations to develop this page and help make our local and absentee voters more informed come election day. The page can be accessed at

Filipino voters can now visit one site to keep abreast with election news from different media outlets. Broadcast networks ABS-CBN, GMA, PTV, and SOLARtv, and online news portals Rappler,, and collaborated with Google Philippines to create The site is a one-stop online hub for elections-related news and information created to help 53 million Filipino voters, including 700,000 absentee voters abroad, stay updated about the coming polls.

“We want to make sure citizens have a quick access to information to help them make informed decisions on election day,” said Narciso Reyes, Google Philippines Country Manager. “This is part of our commitment to bring to the Filipinos essential information that will make their lives easier and more meaningful.”

Ornamental Freshwater Fishes: A Second Look

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Nemo, Dory, Flounder, Blinky, Mr. Limpet and Mrs. Puff always have a reason to celebrate. Next to dogs and cats, fishes are among the most preferred pet companions by homeowners and animal lovers.

Fishes make great house pets for people who are always on the fast lane and those who barely have enough space for pets to play around, as in the case of dogs and cats. In addition, pet fishes make effective motivational tools to develop children’s love for pets and teach them how to responsibly care for a pet.

It is a fascinating sight for one to see a fish gracefully swaying its tail and dorsal fins as it swims in and around an aquarium. Interestingly, even when left alone, a fish continues to thrive happily in its aquatic home unmindful if the master of the house is in or out to give a look. Moreover, a fish is such a peaceful pet that lives quietly without causing much harm nor irritating noise that could rouse its soundly sleeping owner and his neighbors at dawn or in the middle of the night. A fish simply has a world of its own, so to speak.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Zendee Album Launch : From Random Girl to a Singing Sensation

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Most of us have heard about her story. From a random girl to a singing sensation and now continuously growing strong as each day passes. She once dared to show some talent, but she must have not known she was being requested.

Warner Music Philippines proudly announces the release of debut album of ZENDEE titled “ I BELIEVE. ”

The nine-track album features six original compositions and three cover songs. The complete titles, composers, theme and concept of the songs are as follows:

“ Runaway ” is an upbeat, getting over / moving on love song with a current/new sound written by US-based songwriters and world-class composers Andrew Fromm, Matt Bronleewe, Jordan Pruitt, & Tyler Hayes.

“ The Ones You Love ” - a love song about heartache and “ Completely ” - a ‘couples song’ were both written by Diane Eve Warren. Dianne is a US-based songwriter highly regarded worldwide as a hit maker with hundreds of hit songs under her belt.

Nestle Ice Cream Temptations : Truly Tempting to the Last Scoop

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I would scream for Ice Cream!

Yes! I will! Promise! It's the best dessert that was ever invented, and quite a rush to eat it all up before it melts!

It's always present in every occasion - especially birthdays! Who would want to miss out on the creamy goodness of ice cream that can come in many fascinating delicious flavors.

Now Nestle has come up with more reasons to love ice cream!

Ice Cream enthusiasts will revel in the unique censorial experience that can only be delivered by the new NESTLÉ ICE CREAM TEMPTATIONS range. The best-selling ice cream flavors are now made even better with the best and choicest ingredients. Every flavor is guaranteed to delight with each bite!

Wazzup Pilipinas Fake Representative : Gatecrashing Events

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Wazzup Pilipinas has events almost everyday. Sometimes, even reaching to four events per day, and many times the events are scheduled all at the same time. We try our best to accommodate the requests by sending representatives or correspondents to these events to please all the PRs and event organizers.

A few hours ago a PR communicated with us thru text message or SMS  to get confirmation if we sent a blogger to his event.

Apparently, this blogger introduced himself as our representative (or from Wazzup Pilipinas). We vehemently deny any involvement with the said blogger. In fact, he has not been a part of the Wazzup Pilipinas group for several months already due to an issue way back before.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Amaia Offers More Affordable Housing Opportunities

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Now getting a great home backed up by a great name becomes more affordable and within reach of even the ordinary employees or starting couples.

High-rise living becomes an even more ideal option with Amaia, the residential brand of Ayala Land, Inc. that caters to the broad affordable market segment. Its developments are anchored on five (5) pillars – location, features and amenities, quality, buying experience and living experience.

Steeped on Ayala Land, Inc.’s brand integrity, buyers can be assured that when they purchase an Amaia unit, they can expect a perfect balance between affordability and quality.

In a manner of speaking, there is an Amaia property for everyone.

Globe Unveils Most Affordable Offer for the Samsung Galaxy S4

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The long wait for Samsung Galaxy S4 plans from leading telecoms companies was initiated by Globe Telecoms as its launches a press conference a few days after the official launch of Samsung in the Philippines at the NBC Tent in the Fort last Friday, April 24 - same time Iron man hits the movie theaters.

Globe Telecom officially launches the Samsung Galaxy S4, pairing the newest Samsung Galaxy device with its award-winning roster of fully-customizable postpaid plans, giving subscribers the most flexible offers and best deals to enjoy the next-generation smartphone.

For as low as P1,599 monthly, subscribers can avail of the Samsung Galaxy S4 under the best-ever Globe My Super Plan 999 with P600 monthly cashout* over a 24-month contract period only. Under this permanent offer, subscribers get unlimited LTE surfing of up to 42 Mbps on the Globe LTE network plus free calls and texts.

Sidebar : Where the Cool and Classy Meet

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Sure, Manila definitely has all the chic bars where friends can just raise the glass to fun and party but Sidebar has never been of these. Sidebar, which has been churning good music and good food in a great quaint ambience for 23 years, has not lost its charm. In fact, it has even scaled up in comfort with its newly-renovated facilities where the seemingly grandiose can be casual and pop at the same time.
Offering a fanciful look of what a ladies’ bar should be, the vibe of Sidebar is classic yet unpretentious and it’s filled with “beautiful things”, such as original paintings, bric-a-brac from the owner’s travels, glistening cocktail glasses, and a list of music streamlined with mix of classic, indie contemporary rock, and everything in between.
Quaint and sophisticated but not missing out on comfort, the newly-renovated Sidebar possesses the feel of something dainty: cozy sofas, sleek arm chairs, tall wooden beam ceiling, red brick walls, wide framed mirrors and hot red chandeliers as charming centerpieces. Adding a touch of culture and historic element are the antique banisters from Malate Church which complete Sidebar’s unique look, personally designed by no less than the owner, Ricky Gutierrez.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

Who said "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"?

While many attribute the quote to William Shakespeare, it actually comes from a play called the "The Mourning Bride" by William Congreve. The complete quote is "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."

Many of us are now caught between the crossfire of two opposing forces that once shared an intimate relationship with each other. We have become like collateral damage to a war that has obviously forever bruised and scarred them.

They need some form of closure.

Instead of hating them back, let us just pray for them and hope they would soon reconcile and find inner peace.

Blogger Plus 6: The Trending Talk of the Town

I've been blogging since 2010 (But if you would consider the many experimental blogs I made in Multiply, and other Social Media sites I could no longer remember, it was further a year before - let's say 2009. But officially, or professionally, I could say it was only since October 2012.

But I was not really blogging at my own blog but at a popular community blog that was one of the pioneers of the blogging industry. Out of the four months I've contributed for them, I've posted a total of 65 articles on their site, won a Sony NEX F3 camera from their contests, and have been sent to two sponsored out-of-town trips (Dumaguete and Zambales) courtesy of their sponsors, plus a lot of other events too many to mention (65 articles nga eh so more or less the same number of events).

The very first article I have written for them got a whopping 100+ Likes on the first day it was  published. The article was about the Social Media Summit that Miss Maria Ressa and the Tweetup Manila group organized. For me it was already an accomplishment because my very first article had a considerable number of Likes already (not yet counting those that were too lazy to click on the Like button).

Sunday, April 28, 2013

ONE Fighting Championship Announced Final Two Main Card Bouts

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ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC), presented by Casino Filipino and in association with Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC), announced today the final two main card bouts for ONE FC: RISE TO POWER. Rey Docyogen will battle Yasuhiro Urushitani and Geje Eustaquio will take on Andrew Leone. All the action takes place live on 31 May from the 20,000-seat MOA Arena in Manila, Philippines.

CEO of ONE Fighting Championship Victor Cui stated, “ONE FC: RISE TO POWER is one of the most stacked cards in MMA history. We are bringing out the biggest names in Asian MMA as we return to the fight capital of Asia, Manila. Having these four warriors compete in front of 20,000 screaming fans inside the state-of-the-art MOA Arena is going to be incredible. Fans have been waiting for the return of Geje Eustaquio and the debut of Andrew Leone. Adding a fight between Rey Docyogen and Yasuhiro Urushitani is icing on the cake. I know that the millions of ONE FC fans around the world can’t wait to watch these modern day gladiators collide on 31 May.”

Rey Docyogen is one of the most exciting prospects to have ever emerged from the Philippines and has smashed his way through the flyweight and pinweight divisions in his home country. What Docyogen lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in strength and determination and he is renowned for his devastating ground and pound. He has four wins by stoppage due to strikes and four wins by submission, which is testament to how well-rounded he is. On 31 May, he will be making his second appearance inside the famed ONE FC cage against Japan’s Yasuhiro Urushitani.

Blogger Denies Sending Spam Hate Mail

Below is the alleged official statement of the suspected blogger who sent the spam hate e-mail (as forwarded by another blogger friend) saying she was not responsible for the spam/hate e-mail.

If what she is saying is true then the plot thickens...

It seems there might be other forces out there that is really pissed with our group, specifically with me because he or she targeted my blogs including the soon to be launched Jeepney Manila which is still temporarily parked via a free blog site (

Pitiful little bastards. Are we that influential already that they have to resort to foul play just to bring us down?

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