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Make Way for a Whole New Adventure with Fantasy-Comedy Hina Logic – From Luck & Logic

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A whole new adventure awaits anime fans this March when the action fantasy Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic debuts on Animax.

Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic
On a spring day when the cherry blossoms have started to fall, the naïve princess of a small country, Lion begins her days at a school in Hokkaido. The school houses a special facility run by ALCA that trains Logicalists who protect the peace of the world. Lion has a lot of unique classmates in Class 1-S, including Nina, a Logicalist. This is the story of the energetic and adorable days the Logicalists-in-training spend together. It’s time to Trance!

Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic premieres March 27, Mondays & Tuesdays at 8PM,
with double episodes, first and exclusively on Animax.

Animax is available on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Channel 73, Destiny Digital
Channel 46 and G Sat Channel 24.

The Scandalous Wazzup Pilipinas Iconic Shout-Out!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

So we got a report from a reliable source that a writer for Rappler and (or was it the printed newspaper) did not like it when we asked some people to do the Wazzup Pilipinas iconic shout-out at an event we attended

We don't really care because the people we ask to do the shout-out, LOVE it! We get a lot of smiles and laughter everytime we get to do the shout-out with them. Who do we listen to? Of course, the people we interview.

We even get requests from people to let them do the shout-out even before we get the chance to ask them. That's how they adore the shout-out. Why because it makes them part of the Wazzup Pilipinas overloaded experience. An opportunity to be in a video where they proudly call out our brand.

We were once approached by a top official from the Department of Tourism and commended us with "Ang galing!" A publication owner and editor even comnented with "kakaiba" and said we are doing the future of media interviews.  A publicist even asked us to do it with their VIPs. The Marketing peeps of companies eagerly joined in to do the shout-out, and another online publication emulated our style after witnessing how we do it at an event where both of us were invited to attend. 

"Wala pong harangan ng style at diskarte." Respect each other's craft. We're not unique in doing shout-outs, so we were surprised of the reaction of this so called writer.

It should never be our fault if our shout-out was heard while they were interviewing. Just as how we patiently wait for our turn when trad media get first dibs on the interview opportunities even when they arrived late.

Kami ba ay umaangal kapag binibigyan ng priority ang trad media to interview the VIPs? Pero kadalasan umaalis naman sila agad dahil ang habol lang ay yung celebrity or VIP interview at di pinapansin halos yung actual event. Most of the time blurred o di pa pinapakita yung actual brands. At ang interviews pa nila ay walang kinalaman sa event, product or service na endorsed ng celebrity.

Members of trad media have to accept the reality that online media or bloggers are here to stay and even dominate the scene (notice how trad media even comes out with news that originated from online or the Internet) if only provided with the same financial budget or influence brought about by the "big" people who run trad media outfits. We know they prioritize business and their profits first since they do rarely come out with news that attacks their sponsors, investors or advertisers. Or they angle their stories to not directly affect their "friends" from different industries.
Thus, it is better to work with and not against bloggers, or vloggers. People prefer to hear the news from reliable sources and not from those burdened with avoiding to touch sensitive issues surrounding their clients.

Please do not try to make bloggers follow the same rules as trad media. Otherwise, we won't be different anymore. It is our creativity and uniqueness that make us stand out among the rest. It is our imperfections that make us more real. Believe it or not, It is our wrong grammar, our low quality photos, our lack of access to special events limited to trad media, which makes us more credible reflections of what's really happening among the common people. We don't mind if some hate us as long as there are many who love us.

#WazzupPilipinas #PambansangBlogger

Reece McLaren Keeps Winning Focus Intact Despite Change of Opponent

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Despite the recent change of opponent in his return to the ONE Championship cage on 9 March, Filipino-Australian dynamo Reece “Lightning” McLaren keeps his sights on having his hand raised in triumph.
McLaren was originally penciled to challenge Adriano Moraes for the ONE Flyweight World Championship in the main event of ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY, but the Brazilian champion pulled out of the contest due to an injury.
ONE Championship found a late replacement in Malaysia’s Gianni Subba, who was supposed to duke it out with former world title contender Danny Kingad on the same card that is set to take place at the newly-renovated Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The 26-year-old resident of Gold Coast, Australia admitted that there was a tinge of disappointment when he received the news that Moraes was forced to withdraw from the championship clash.
I was excited about my bout with Adriano Moraes because it would have been a clash of two best flyweights that are entering their primes. However, there are circumstances that are beyond our control. It is what it is,” McLaren said.
Last November on the undercard of ONE: LEGENDS OF THE WORLD in Manila, Philippines, McLaren recreated himself as a flyweight, making his presence felt in the weight class immediately against top contender Anatpong Bunrad.
With a mere eight seconds remaining in the very first round, McLaren caught Bunrad in an anaconda choke and then transitioned into a D’arce choke to force the tap.
Based on the impressive outcome of his flyweight debut against Bunrad, McLaren was awarded with a shot at the division’s top prize.
Even though he lost his opportunity to vie for a world title for the second time in his professional career, McLaren took the situation in stride and wished Moraes a speedy recovery.
“I am slightly disappointed, but it is safety first. If I was the one sick or injured, I would not compete either, so I hope he recovers fast and gets back on track,” he stated.
With Moraes out of the picture, McLaren turns his attention to Subba, who has been a household name in ONE Championship’s flyweight division, facing the likes Eugene Toquero, Saiful Merican, Anatpong Bunrad, Riku Shibuya and current ONE Interim Flyweight World Champion Geje Eustaquio.
“Gianni Subba is my new opponent now, and I need to adapt quickly to his style. But our game plan is still the same, and I will execute that on 9th of March,” he declared.
A winner of six of his last seven bouts, Subba is a seasoned athlete with a stellar 9-2 standing in his young career.
Furthermore, five of Subba’s nine wins have come either by submission or by crowd-pleasing knockout.
McLaren expects Subba to leave everything on the line as the Malaysian standout is driven to elevate himself in the upper echelon of ONE Championship’s 61.2-kilogram weight class.
“I see this match as a very exciting one because I know that Gianni Subba is a well-rounded martial artist. He is hungry because I know he wants to be in my position,” he explained.
The stakes are incredibly high for McLaren, unveiling that he is preparing himself to be in the best shape of his life against Subba at ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY.
McLaren knows that a convincing win over a division mainstay like Subba will leave no doubt that he is the rightful contender for the ONE Flyweight World Championship title.
“I am not taking him for granted, which is why I am completely focused on my upcoming bout. This is a dangerous game we play, and we cannot underestimate anybody. I need to be at my absolute best. I will do my best to ace my test this March 9,” he ended.
For more updates on ONE Championship, please visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and like us on Facebook at

Exert Extra Effort: The Key to A Better Impression

Wazzup Pilipinas!

How can you refuse when they say you're the only blogger they invited out of the many bloggers they know and previously invited?

Finding myself among VIPs in a newly established restaurant gives an added appeal and confirmation that I'm doing something right with my blogging.

It is messages like these that inspires me to excel even further....especially when the restaurant owner says he knows me and has a good impression of me .... hahaha ... sikat daw ako! 

Oh yes, I've seen him before managing a smaller food business venture, and I'm proud that we now meet again with him having an additional and bigger restaurant to run.

Of course, I am also proud that he remembers me well. I meet a lot of people but is never good at remembering names. However, I remember faces, more specifically their smiles and appreciation towards our work.

I always do try my best to enhance or make our image stand out among the rest. From the logo, the jingle, the iconic shout-out, the video coverage even with just a smartphone, to the self-proclaimed "Pambansang Blogger" title, it is our work and branding that we are proud to boast.

Of course we try our best to live up to such a title so we could carry it with dignity. We do have our own meaning or interpretation, and eventhough there are eyebrows raised everytime we announce ourselves as the Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas, we will never give it up because we believe it constantly reminds us of our ulrimate goal - to come out with more significant stories to educate and inform the people to become more involved and aware.

Eventhough, I am missing a lot of events now due to my new work,  I am still able to attend events every now and then. I once told myself I would still attend the events scheduled after office hours or weekends, but found myself unable to do so coz now I just want to rest after 5pm. 

An entire day at the office, though not hectic and very light work, is still draining for me because I'm used to actively running around from one event to another. Just mostly sitting infront of a computer and doing paper work all day is tiring. The only time I get to exercise is when I go to my boss to have some papers signed.

But now I was given authorization to sign the papers myself. My fault because I suggested it. Not that I'm complaining but because it was the right thing to do. I even volunteered to pay in advance for my own trodat stamp so I could officialy put my authorized signature on those certifications.

However, I am still waiting for developments...How many times should I follow-up with that thingy....hahaha
My challenge at work is to automate and speed up a work process that is still dependent on the physical paper.

There are just some who still just follow the old process what they have grown accustomed to. Why fix something when it's working? Well, innovation helps to speed up the process, consume less or no paper, and makes our stakeholders happier for the faster, convenient and thus better service. Why wait for a paper for three days when it can be processed within the day? Though it's a bit more exerting extra effort, it gives our customers a better impression of us.

Now, I'm being selective with the events I am attending but happy that I am still able to send over correspondents to represent Wazzup Pilipinas. I admit missing personally attending but there's just some sacrifices you need to make for the greater good.

Thanks to people like Jayson R. Biadog, Collin Sarthou Yap, Edmund Ong Chua II Ferrari Lacson, David D'Angelo, Manuel Flores, Mars Callo, and a lot more who continues to attend events for Wazzup Pilipinas. Though the site is already self-supporting or sustainable due to its many local and foreign collaborators, event attendance is still a worthy task where you find more opportunities through new contacts or relationships. I could hardly count the many recommendations or referrals we got from the people we meet at events.

And though there are still many detractors out there who continue to spread "fake news" about us, our commitment towards publishing only significant stories still emerges as our top priority. No to sugar-coated stories. No to connivance with faulty or inferior brands. No to abusive PRs and event organizers.

We know we will not be able to share everything that's happening around us, but we are proud we are doing our very best. That is all that is important.

Thank you to all who support us in our noble endeavor as our site is more of an advocacy towards a better Philippines, for better Filipinos. We will continue to give our best "even when noone is looking." Lol!

Pinoy Boxer Michael Dasmarinas Topbills ‘Roar of Singapore IV - Night of Champions’

Wazzup Pilipinas!

See you at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on April 20, as Michael Dasmarinas goes for the IBO world title.

Filipino boxer Michael “Gloves on Fire” Dasmarinas, is ready to battle French boxer Karim Guerfi on April 20, 2018, for Ringstar’s ‘Roar of Singapore IV - Night of Champions’.  At stake is an IBO world title belt that evening, at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Dasmarinas went to Japan for over a month to train with top coaches, who were former world boxing champions themselves.  Dasmarinas is currently ranked by WBC 12th, while his French opponent is ranked 4th.

Dasmarinas says, “Ito na yun pagkakataon ko na makuha ko yun pinaghirapan ko, at ginagawa ko lahat ng makakaya ko sa training para makuha natin ang panalo na ito, para sa bansa ito.” (This is my chance to reap the benefits of all my hard work, and I am doing my best in training so I can get this win for the country.)

Top boxing legends and world champions such as Manny Pacquiao and Gerry Penalosa have also expressed support for Dasmarinas.  In a recent interview by Fox Sports Asia, the fighting Senator Pacquiao says, “Right now we have top caliber boxers here in Asia, specially in the Philippines.”

And on Michael Dasmarinas, the only 8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao says, “If he is ready to compete outside the country and if he is ready to work hard, maybe he will win.”
Former world boxing champion Gerry Penalosa himself says, “Ringstar is giving Filipino boxers such as Michael Dasmarinas and Jeson Umbal a big break.  Without Ringstar, I don’t think that they can have an opportunity like this.  They have to grab it, the opportunity to have this break.”

To get words of encouragement from his idols has inspired Dasmarinas even more, who says, “Nakaka inspire at nakakagalak na nababanggit ka ng mga idolo mong boxer kamukha nila Manny Pacquiao at Gerry Penalosa.  Nakakalakas ng loob, excited na ako lumaban, at sana po pagpatuloy nyo akong pagdasal, para makuha natin ang tagumpay. Gagawin natin lahat ng makakaya natin para manalo, para sa bansa ito.” (I am humbled and inspired that my idols Manny Pacquiao and Gerry Penalosa get to mention my name.  I feel more confident and more excited to fight more than ever.  I ask everyone to pray for me to get this win.  I will do everything I can to win.  This is for the country.)

Dasmarinas will also have the opportunity to show his wares at an open workout on March 7, 2018, 1 p.m., at Kerry Sports, Shangri-La at the Fort.  Malaysian boxer Mirage Khan will also appear with him.  

As for Karim Guerfi, the French boxer says, “I have seen that he is a tough fighter, a strong puncher, but he has never experienced facing a boxer like me, and I am ready to confront him.  I am preparing with my coach and we are 100% focused on this challenge.”

The French boxer continues, “To all my fans I would like to say not to miss the fight Guerfi vs Dasmarinas which will be explosive.  And I would like to thank very gratefully Ringstar for offering me such a great fight.”

Ringstar Boxing, Asia’s fastest growing sports media property has now reached an overwhelming broadcast footprint of over a potential billion viewers across the globe, and is currently gearing up for its April 20 show, ‘The Roar of Singapore IV – ‘Night of Champions’, to be held at the 10,000-seater Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

Tickets are now available at  

Ticket prices for VVIP tables at SGD 5,000, with early bird rates at SGD 4,000, up to March 20, 2018.  This includes a 4-course dinner with free-flowing wine and beer, VVIP gift bag which includes Ringstar shirts, corporate branding on the table, half-page ad in the fight program, exclusive VIP entrance and red-carpet access and photo opportunities with top celebrities and world-renowned athletes.

Category 1 Seats are at SGD 48, with early bird rates at SGD 38.  While Stadium Seats are at SGD 38, with early bird rates at SGD 28.  

Promo code ‘RINGSTAR’ will entitle ticket buyers 50% off the rates, over and above the early bird rate, (for tickets only).  

Sponsors and Partners of ‘Night of Champions’ include Roomaif International and Alexandre Christie.

For more information on promo codes and ‘RoarofSG4’, please 

Top 10 Work Etiquettes: What We Should Keep in Mind to Keep the Camaraderie

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"There is no universal agreement about a standard work etiquette, which may vary from one environment to another.Work etiquette includes a wide range of aspects such as body language, good behavior, appropriate use of technology, etc. Part of office etiquetteis working well with others and communicating effectively."

There would always be those colleagues or superiors at work that would irk us for several reasons.

They would be the ones who seem to be too preoccupied in observing what we do, and raise an eyebrow if they feel we violated an office rule or guideline.

This is a hard truth for those who believe they were given an important role and thus are required to make sure everyone would comply.

However, they seem to be forgetting that an organization would not work well if there are members that feel superior than others. Remember that real leaders are those who know that there is no "I" in " team."

Designations may have been assigned, but the overall mission and vision of any organization still relies on the over-all contributions of everyone whether they are from the rank and file or top management.

Here are the top ten work etiquettes that we should keep in mind:

1. We should not persuade others to work efficiently by enforcing strict guidelines. Remember that unhappy team members would never excel in their fields. They would always be more rebellious if they feel imprisoned.

2. Nitpicking on trivial shortcomings would never gain us any real friends. Those who side with us are not real as well for they know we may also squeal against them if ever they are in a similar situation. Rumor mongering is never a healthy way to spend time in the office.

3. Giving unsolicited advise is only effective if we say it properly and not in a demeaning way. Instead, we should focus on the positive traits and tap into the strengths of individuals and we'll see them grow, taking the organization along to a more abundant future.

4. Being assigned to a critical role in an organization does not give us the right to bully others to keep them in compliance. Thinking our colleagues will abuse us if we are lenient is not a healthy sign. The workplace should not be a dictatorship. We should rather earn theur respect than shove a pill down their throaths.

5. We should realize that we cannot change the world in an instant so it is best to just practice what we preach and hope that others would emulate. The best way is to earn the respect of others so they would willingly work with usvand not against us. We should never step on others to stress our points.

6. Rules are made to guide us, and should never stop us from doing what's better for all. The end result justifies the means as long as no harm is done to anybody while in the process. There are times when we need to make an abrupt decision when called for.

7. We simply can't effectively move forward if we keep thinking within the box. There should be no box! We all need to question and challenge the system especially if it feels outdated, restrictive and broken. However, noone at work is our enemy, even those we feel are inflential or have "contacts" within. Life is never fair especially if we don't accept the fact that some aee just blessed.

8. The boss is not always right. Team members or colleagues would have their respective uniquely troubling and sometimes disturbing ideas. This is because noone is perfect to understand everything. Some would seem to have weird ideas, but coukd be those that would soon revolutionuze and innovate the usual or common. Most of the time, it is our diversity and imperfections that make us a lot more interesting. We all have our faults so expecting a 100% ideal workplace environment is hardly existing.

9. Sometimes unfavorable conditions or burnout at work would discourage us from continuing with our inspired efforts. The worst thing to do is to quit and let somebody else deal with the problem. Quitters never win, and that is so true. We should patiently work on a solution if we are really concerned for the organization.

10. Lastly, work should never be a place to compete or bring down others just to maintain our prominence. It is more rewarding to uplift others because their success is ultimately everyone's success.

life is too short to search for Shangri-La, and we're not talking about the hotels. We deserve to live a life worth reminiscing on our retirement.

It may be too late for us to enjoy life when we're old and weary so claim the fun of living while we can. Remember that regrets are the worst things to ponder about as we sip on our mango juice while lying along the beach.

The Government Pushes for Balik-Alindog Programs for Boracay Island

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The once-pristine island of Boracay is now like Metro Manila with a beachfront property, according to Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri, as the Senate investigates the environmental woes hounding the popular tourist destination.

Boracay is an island that is part of the Municipality of Malay. And Malay is part of the Province of Aklan.

We love to go to there to watch Boracay's beautiful sunset, walk along the shores til our foot gets numb, sip a mango shake, take a nap, and enjoy the island vibes at night, on this beautiful island.

However, it is quite noticeable that the cleanliness in the island is degrading brought upon by several violations that are turning the once paradise-like environment into what the president Rodrigo Roa Duterte calls a cesspool. I believe him because he knows what a cesspool is ... His mouth. 

Seriously, Boracay is indeed at a crossroad due to over-commercialization, pollution, and overcrowding. The popular "Laboracay" season is a prime example when beach parties and many other activities crowd the shores, and we should also include the many campaigns like fun runs, clean-up drives, and similar crowd-enticing movements, guised as environment-saving efforts, but are also contributing to the problems instead of really helping the island but only gives publicity to the brands.

Some 800 establishments on the island resort have different kinds of violations that the government intends to correct, said Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) officer-in-charge Eduardo Año.

The lax in enforcement of environmental laws in Boracay led to pollution and encroachment into beach area. Not all establishments are connected to the sewerage system. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) should ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act.

The DILG is eyeing to declare a six-month state of calamity in Boracay island to speed up rehabilitation and clean-up efforts. The tourism department eyes closing Boracay from July to October. But what is this we hear about a 60-day shutdown instead? Is it an effort to lessen unemployment time, or businesses already succeeding in influencing our officials? Also, the proposed selective shutdowns to only affect the violators will hust drive the tourists to get accommodations at the surviving ones, and would not totally make a big difference.

Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Wanda Tulfo Teo says tourists who plan to visit Boracay during “Habagat days” will be diverted to other island destinations like Camiguin, Palawan, Cebu & Davao.

The government is also set in evacuating 6,000 families illegally settling in Boracay. Five of Boracay's nine wetlands have been encroached upon by illegal settlers.

But Boracay natives are saying "My 'home' needs saving but it doesn't have to be shut down."

Sen. Joel Villanueva says closing down Boracay island is not the solution to its environmental degradation, considering thousands of workers who may lose their jobs. There are roughly 90,000 workers depending on tourism activities. Eventhough there are 834 establishments that release waste water but only 118 hold discharge permits, closing down one of the country's premiere tourist destination is not the answer.

Villanueva together with senators Cynthia Villar, Nancy Binay, and Loren Legarda are now in Boracay to conduct Senate hearing on environmental issues hounding the island. They are joined by Secretary Teo and other cabinet secretaries, namely Justice Sec. Vitaliano Aguirre, DPWH Sec. Mark Villar, and DILG OIC Eduardo Año, who have all agreed that an independent body that will handle the development of Boracay should be created following the environmental woes the island resort is now facing. “Kapag sa LGUs parang hindi na po talaga kaya. A national government body has to step in already. The creation of this authority will give us a masterplan" says Zubiri.

Meanwhile, Sen Sonny Angara has called on government to ensure that employment assistance will be provided to workers that would be affected should the planned closure of Boracay businesses push through.

The abuse is quite obvious but were mainly caused by the weak law enforcement, which is happening not only in Boracay but everywhere. A JICA report warned us of the imminent loss of Boracay's natural beauty. But did we listen?

The violations are everywhere that it is hard to imagine why it only took now before action is taken. DILG Officer-in-Charge Eduardo Año says the establishments, which have yet to be named, have violated laws and rules since 2001. 

Teo said that Boracay's tourism development plan was turned over from the DOT to the LGU in 1991. It seems the local government failed to keep the island as pristine as it was before due to the rise of commercialism. The government better push for sustainable tourism, not just aiming to hit target tourist numbers and revenues each year. There should be balance and no sacrifices.

We may have increased the arrival of tourists but this rise is also causing the deplorable degradation of the island. These government officials who are responsible for Boracay island must be held accountable and must be sanctioned if they failed with their obligations.

Come to think of it "Isn't Boracay environmental mess an indictment against federalism since its failure of local goernment?" but that is a different story.

Thailand has been closing some beaches/islands as well to arrest environmental damage. I guess it is really up to the political will of the LGU, and the people in Malacanang, to effect 100% compliance. It’s sad that some of our local government officials are either corrupt, afraid of powerful people or just rely on orders given to them by their superiors.

The scars we have left and gave to mother Earth is alarming. Let's overcome our greedy ways and save our only home. Unless we could already travel to other planets to occupy as our alternative homes, we should take caution with our actions that are endangering everyone of us.

'So what if Boracay crackdown would cost P9.5 MILLION? It's a measly amount compared to P56 BILLION (yes, 'billions') the island earned in tourist receipts for 2017. The long term benefits of this crackdown CANNOT BE SIMPLY REDUCED IN PECUNIARY TERMS. It's way beyond that. "
All of us are duty-bound to give back, and to ensure that in the future people will have the same opportunity to see, feel and experience the island’s incredible beauty.’

"I hope that the government’s concern for the environment of Boracay and other tourist spots will also be the same for the environment of Surigao and other mining-affected communities." - Teddy Casino

Photo credits to Jeff Canoy, ABS- CBN, JHAM

Friday, March 2, 2018

Completely Out Of The Box But Heart Touching Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show appreciation and treasure bond of love that is shared between you and your mom. A mother does everything for her child and as a child, the least thing one can do is recognize her never-ending job and her selfless duties. There’s no better occasion to make your mom feel extremely special and elated with gifts and heaps of love than the Mother’s Day.

The primary purpose of celebrating this joyful day is to give proper honor to the women who have given birth to us, raised us properly and have been always standing by our side. She is the woman who spent countless hours rocking you to sleep and wiping your tears after the heartbreaking break up at your mid teen age.

The bond shared between a mother and a child is very special and Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate that special bond love and acknowledge all the selfless love and support that your mom has given to you. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days of the year, depending on what country you are residing at.

Despite the different dates, the real meaning of celebrating mother’s day remains the same. The entire purpose of celebrating the Mother’s Day is to let them know how important and special they are to us. Gifting them a gift box like Women Crates is a way to tell them how important they are in our life.

Just like most of the celebrations of happy occasions, gifts also play a very crucial role when it comes to celebrating Mother’s day.

The best part of giving gifts to your mom is that gifts have the ability to show what you actually feel when words fail to do so. When you are deciding to order the Mother’s Day special gift for your mom, make sure you have put a lot of efforts and times to select the perfect gift for the best woman of your life- your mom. There are so many gifts that you can give her but flowers have always been considered as the best gift for your mom.

Flowers are most traditional and heart touching gifting ideas for your mom. Nowadays ordering the most interesting bouquet of flowers for your mom is not a problem at all. There are lots of online sites that offers mother’s day flower delivery at the comfort of your home.

If you want to be original and show your mom how much you care about her, think about customized gift - phone case, quality socks, piece of jewelry.

Now, this article gives you the ideas about the most popular Mother’s Day gift hampers for your mom -

Fitness Band For Fitness Oriented Mom:

If fitness is the mantra of your mom’s life then giving a fitness band to your mom will be an excellent gift idea. Wearing this stylish and slim device, your mom can easily track her steps. Apart from tracking steps, it also tracks the entire distance that your mom covers in a day and the calories she burns. Fitness band really helps to track the regular goal and at the same time, it tracks the sleep cycle at night.

Arrange A Beauty Therapy For Your Stylish Mom:

Can you really name a woman who would not appreciate a beauty treatment? Most of the women taking care of their looks and if your mom keeps herself always updated with the regular style and beauty care, gifting a beauty care treatment gift hamper from a popular beauty salon would be an exciting gift for her.

Gift A Amazon Kindle For Your Book Loving Mom:

If your mom just loves reading, you should definitely gift her an Amazon Paperwhite Kindle gadget. This book reading gadget will help your mom to download and read any book she wants. Unlike the books the offered in the brick and mortar store, Amazon offers you book at much-discounted price so that your mom can easily save some money by purchasing and downloading the books in this particular device.

Make A Meal For Your Mom:

She always wakes up in the morning and prepares the meals for the entire family. This Mother’s Day, let her rest completely and instead you make a special meal for your mom. You don’t need to have a special culinary skill to impress your mom, rather making the simple meal for her will make her day. She will definitely love this sweet and loving gesture made by you.

Arrange A Short Trip For Her:

For you mom, her family is the main priority. What could be a better way to have a great family time than a good family vacation trip? It’s your responsibility to plan the entire trip for your family and this special gift will make her feel extremely special and happy.

Now you might have got some seriously exciting gifting ideas for Mother’s Day and it’s time to make this day ever memorable for your mom.

Ma'Rosa Kicks Off March FDCP Cine Lokal Films

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Renowned actress Jaclyn Jose made history in 2016 when she won the Palme D'Or for Best Actress for her performance in Ma'Rosa, the gripping film by Brillante Mendoza. This March, FDCP Cine Lokal brings this film which portrays the horrific realities of the slums and the broken system back to its theaters.

The film centers on the family of Rosa (powerfully played by Miss Jose) who owns a small community convenient store connected to their home in the slums of Manila. Together with her husband, Nestor, they use their convenient store as cover-up for selling illegal narcotic, Methamphetamines, their fate changes one Saturday night when their neighbor Bong-Bong, who works as fly-by-night parking attendant, begs her to sell him a small pack of Methamphetamine without knowing that it’s a play for a pending buy-bust operation by the policemen waiting outside the community.

Watch ‘Ma’Rosa’ as it opens in the following cinemas starting this March 2 at SM Mall of Asia, Megamall, North Edsa, Fairview, Southmall, Bacoor, Sta. Mesa and Bacoor at 1:00pm,3:30pm6:00pm and 8:30pm.

Yamaha Motor Philippines Launches Yamaha Monumento LRT Station

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Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc., (YMPH) is known for offering World Class motorcycles in the country. Their next venture is a landmark that becomes an avenue for every citizen to discover what “Revs your Heart” is all about. The company partnered with the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRT) represented by their President Mr. Juan “Ping” Alfonso, through PHAR Philippines Inc., with their Managing Director for Asia, Mr. Prem Bhatia, to create the Yamaha Monumento Station. It is the first Yamaha themed station in the world.

YMPH President, Mr. Toru Osugi stated,
“This is our latest milestone, a unique brand that showcases our passion for riding. One that we can share to the Filipino community every day. Here you can see all our latest campaigns, our products that drives individual to pursue a new culture for riding, a culture we are proud of.”
The facility was redesigned to showcase the Yamaha brand and its newest campaign “We Are Mio” featuring the country’s number 1 AT. Now it stands as the company’s very own landmark that cultivates passion and inspires a community to ride. Featured as well is Yamaha’s own train which bears its design on the façade.

The launch was historic with the attendance of Yamaha MotoGP riders Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales. They also got to experience a train ride and enjoyed a few sights of Manila. Yamaha Ambassadors, the Miollennials, Drew Arellano and BoyBandPH presented the station to the public later in the day.
Now, Revving Hearts will be experienced, witnessed daily, at the Yamaha Monumento Station!

Filipino Standout Danny Kingad Undaunted by Opponent Change

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Danny “The King” Kingad may have stumbled in his first opportunity to capture the ONE Flyweight World Championship against division kingpin Adriano Moraes this past November, but now he is looking to rebuild some momentum and get another shot at the flyweight crown.
The 22-year-old Baguio City native is scheduled to make his return on 9 March as he is slated to duke it out with short-notice opponent Sotir Kichukov on the undercard of ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY, which takes place at the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Kingad was originally scheduled to lock horns with Malaysia’s Gianni Subba on the aforementioned card, but the latter was called up to the main event to face Reece McLaren after Moraes withdrew from his defense of his flyweight crown against the Filipino-Australian dynamo.
It was a sigh of relief for Kingad that Kichukov accepted the offer to face him inside the ONE Championship cage on 9 March.
"It happened a little less than two weeks before the bout, so it was certainly nerve-wracking," he admitted. “I am happy that he stepped up to take this bout. My preparations for my return to action will not be futile.”
Despite the last-minute change in opponent, Kingad admitted that he made necessary adjustments in his game plan as he seeks to walk out of the newly-renovated Axiata Arena triumphant.
"It's a different opponent, so there are definitely some things you have to change up. But anything can happen in a bout and that's always my outlook on it. You go into a match, [and] you have to adapt inside the cage. Surely, I will exert a great effort to win this bout," he said.
A former Max Fight bantamweight titleholder, Kichukov owns 20 pro matches and has competed in three bouts under the ONE Championship banner.
Moreover, the 27-year-old Bulgarian journeyman has a penchant for spectacular submission finishes as eight of his 13 victories have come by way of tapout.
Kingad guarantees a better version of himself as he crosses paths with a hungry competitor like Kichukov, who aims to break his five-bout losing skid and notch his first win on Asia’s premier martial arts stage.
“There shouldn’t be room even for a single mistake in this bout. Expect that I will be a better competitor inside the cage. My team has prepared a good strength and conditioning program to level up my cardio. I made sure to sharpen my striking. I also invested time in my ground game,” he shared.
Kingad admitted that his first-round submission setback to Moraes almost four months ago acted as a reasonable opportunity to patch the loopholes in his skillset and mature as an athlete.
“It’s not a defeat. I think of it as a lesson. It has served as an inspiration and a reminder to work hard and push myself to the limit in training,” he stated. “I am still young, and there are a lot to learn in this sport. I believe great things are ahead of me.”
The young Team Lakay flyweight talent pointed out the he seeks to open his 2018 calendar on a high note through a convincing victory over Kichukov.
“The end of my 2017 left a bad taste in my mouth. My desire is to redeem myself and start my 2018 by winning my match against my Bulgarian opponent. I don’t want to sit here and be relaxed. I don’t want him to take my winning moment away from me. My mind is focused on getting that victory,” he concluded.

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Get Grilled Goodness this Summer at FamilyMart

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Summer is all about taking it easy and making time to savor the things you enjoy. Nothing marks the coming of slow, laid-back days like firing up the grill and indulging in flavorful meats perfect for this season.

And now you can get your grilled favorites whenever you feel like it thanks to FamilyMart! Choose from our newest Grilled Rice Meals that include Java Rice, Atchara, and Toyomansi for only P79.

If you’re looking for the familiar flavor of home-grilled goodness, nothing beats sinking your teeth into the tender, juicy meat of FamilyMart’s Inihaw na Liempo. Seasoned perfectly, this meal is one that’s sure to be your new lunchtime staple.

For those who’d like to keep it a little lighter, FamilyMart’s Inihaw na Bangus Belly is sure to become your favorite! This way, you get the grilled goodness you know and love while still keeping tabs on your calorie count.

If you’d like to mix it up a bit, add a serving of FamilyMart’s Tinapa Spring Rolls for a fuller meal! Enjoy the smoky flavors of the familiar lumpia with a twist for only P29 or make it a meal with rice for only P39.

What are you waiting for? Visit a FamilyMart near you today and get your fill of the grilled meals you know and love.

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FamilyMart is the 2nd largest convenience store chain in the world with over 18,000 stores across Asia. In the Philippines, FamilyMart has branches in Makati, Fort Bonifacio, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Pasay, Alabang and Laguna.

5th Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo to Launch on March 9, 2018

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Philippines’ No. 1 Entrepreneur and Franchise event, the Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo [EFE], is set to launch on March 9, 2018, at Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

Now on its 5th year, EFE is a trade exhibition and networking event dedicated to showcasing multiple franchise concepts, from food and drinks to health, fashion, grooming, salons, cleaning, automobile, transportation, storage and much more. This 3- day event will also feature multiple business suppliers dedicated to empower small and medium-sized business owners.

With its tagline “Your Step to Success”, EFE is organized by Mediacom Solutions Inc., a leading trade show and conference organizer from the Philippines. The show expects 100 Franchise Businesses and SME Business Suppliers to participate with over 10,000 Visitors. This tradeshow brings together thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners from multiple industries.

“Franchising remains one of the most popular ways for Filipinos to start a business. It is expected that the franchise industry in the Philippines will grow by 20% by the end of 2018. The goal of the Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo is to give aspiring entrepreneurs an overview of the franchise industry in the Philippines and to connect franchisors with interested franchisees. At the same time the expo will also showcase various business suppliers catering to small and medium-sized businesses that can help them to grow their business.” says EFE organizer and Mediacom Solutions Inc. CEO, David Abrenilla.  

EFE is sponsored by CignalTV, RK Franchise Consultancy and Benchmark.

Don’t miss this great opportunity and register online to attend the expo for free at   

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DOE to Energize Off-grid Areas

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EMPOWERING REMOTE AREAS: Feasibility studies conducted in Mindanao and Bohol using small renewable energy-based productive applications were presented by the DOE and EU-ASEP. The studies entail sustainable power access and local economic development in the chosen areas. In photo together with DOE Undersecretary Jesus Cristino Posadas (2nd from right) are (L-R) ASEP Expert Ces Rodriguez, Municipality of Malita Barangay Little Baguio Chair Ferdinand San, International Cooperation and Development EU Director General Stefano Manservisi, NEDA Director General Ernesto M. Pernia, Municipality of Don Marcelino Barangay Baluntaya Chair Amado Cano and Municipality of Getafe Barangay Banacon Chair Rodrigo Ismael.

Three off-grid areas in Mindanao and Bohol were chosen as the pilot sites for the collaboration involving the Department of Energy (DOE), National Electrification Administration and the European Union-Access to Sustainable Energy Program (EU-ASEP).

The DOE and NEA on Friday (2 March) presented the program intended to put in place small renewable energy-based applications to spur economic development in host areas and the environs.

The DOE tapped the technical assistance of experts, through EU-ASEP, to expand the country’s sustainable and renewable energy sources and utilization.

Representing Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi, DOE Undersecretary Jesus Cristino Posadas said “there is a close correlation between energy, particularly electricity and social and economic development as being energy-poor is poverty-bound.”

“Most of the poorest of the poor are located in remote and far-flung areas which are not connected to the main grids of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao –the so-called off-grid areas.”

“Energizing these power-poor areas will enable economic and social activities to be started and be sustained there,” added Posadas.

Off-grid areas being powered using diesel generators, the costliest power source, Posadas said decentralized mini-grids and solar home systems could revolutionize the energization in these areas.

EU-ASEP feasibility studies identified the common agricultural activities (i.e., corn shelling, flour grounding, rice hulling, winnowing, cassava and coconut grating, abaca stripping and fishing) in the areas where small-RE based productive applications can be utilized to improve production for economic growth.

The three pilot sites include Sitio New Mabuhay in Malita and Sitio Mahayag in Don Marcelino both located in Davao Occidental with proposed projects on modernized abaca and corn processing, respectively; while Barangay Banacon in Getafe, Bohol was proposed with an ice plant (with household micro-grinding) project.

The studies revealed that agricultural production in the above industries is way higher when using small RE-based productive applications, thus contributing more to the economic growth of the area.

EU-ASEP also identified the challenges in providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for households in remote off-grid communities, such as low income, micro scale, distance from markets, lack of local entrepreneurial capacity and sustainability problems, including technical and financial.

The feasibility studies were presented in the Experts Symposium on Renewable Energy-Based Productive Applications in Off-Grid Areas held at the Marquis Events Place in BGC, Taguig City.

The event was attended by partner national government agencies including NEDA, DOF and NEA,  international partners including EU-ASEP officials and partners, energy stakeholders including the Davao del Sur Electric Cooperative, Bohol II Electric Cooperative, various energy companies, members of the media, and the community leaders and representatives from the pilot areas, Davao Occidental and Bohol.
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