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Serving Nutritious Meals with Safe Tableware

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When it comes to serving healthy meals for your family, using safe and quality tableware is almost as important as the quality of food you put in it. It would be futile to spend time, effort, and money in cooking a nutritious feast if the plates and bowls you serve it with contain dangerous chemicals that can seep into the food, harming your family's health.

The importance of serving a completely safe and nourishing meal for the family is highlighted more than ever. CDC Manufacturing, the makers of Melawares, Perfect Dining, and Urban Kitchen, is at the forefront of educating mothers on the role of safe tableware in ensuring complete nutrition.

"When it comes to making healthy food choices for the family, investing in safe tableware is equally important. Because mothers are commonly the most involved in the process of preparing and serving every meal that goes on the table, we hope to arm them with this knowledge," CDC Manufacturing Marketing Manager Chriselda Chua said.

In making sure that its melamine tableware is made of premium quality and safe for the family, Melawares only uses imported and 100 percent melamine in each of its products. Other plastic tableware, on the other hand, may use urea -- a material of substandard quality. "Why is melamine considered safer than urea? When melamine sets, it does not migrate to or contaminate the food that we eat, while urea mixes with the food and may cause health hazards particularly in the digestive and respiratory systems," Chua explained.

e-Blog Mo Na Yan! Radio Show with Fashion Blogger Charlene Ajose

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last Saturday, August 23, 2014, we had fashion blogger Charlene Ajose during the episode of e-Blog Mo Na Yan! radio show in partnership with Vigattin radio and Wazzup Pilipinas.
We met Charlene at a restaurant review of Chef Laudico Guevarra's located in San Juan where we all enjoyed the company of chef Jacqui Laudico who showed us around her majestic buffet restaurant. Apparently, Charlene also loves to experience dining adventures too and not just about fashion.

She shared with us her partnerships with both local and international brands, and her other point of views in the field of blogging. We can feel how creative she probably is in her fashion blogging and since we saw her outdo us in the plate memorabilia design at Chef Laudico Guevarra's, we know she is a natural artist. She was so good in making her message look more appealing by adding decorative scribbles or doodles....and I thought I was the more imaginative when I was doing mine, but when I saw her work...Wow!

For Charlene, the radio guesting was another first, and we were glad we gave her something worthwhile to remember. She posted the photo below on her social media account and it shows how delighted she was of the experience. We hope she will return to guest on our show soon.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Diana Zubiri is on the Cover of FHM Philippines September 2014 Issue

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"Where did she go? Why was she gone for so long? Diana answers all your questions in our new issue, available in supermarkets, newsstands, and bookstores everywhere starting this Saturday, August 30! You can also score digital copies through the FHM and Buqo apps, Zinio, and the Summit Media Newsstand in a couple of days!" -FHM Philippines

Ooh la la! I can't believe she is back. She's been one of most men's fantasy -the original |"Pantasya ng Bayan" for so many of us. Now, she back and still oozing with sensuality! She seems to be even hotter than before even though she "thunders" for some. One of the pioneering icons of FHM Philippines. If she's back, then maybe Francine Prieto may be just around the corner.

Unless this photo passed through Photoshop, she obviously still retained the hot and gorgeous body we fantasized about during our younger years. Welcome back, idol.

Yahoo Aviate Infograph: Interesting Facts About Smartphone Users

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Living in a tech-savvy generation, mobile applications have become a necessity in our lives. We can get instant information, instant cabs, instant playlists, and basically everything we need in just one click- thanks to the various applications downloadable in the App Store! Did you know that on an average, we have 95 apps on our device, wherein we use about 35 throughout the day and interact with over a hundred per day?

Yahoo Aviate has teamed up with the data scientists at Yahoo Labs to better understand how Aviate users interact with their phones each day. Attached is an interesting infograph on Aviate which tells us how android users interact with their phones daily. Check this out and see how we use our phones!

For more information, you may visit

BPI Family Auto Loan Brings Back the Auto Madness Fever in September

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Go crazy over the biggest car sale of the year from BPI Family Auto Loan as it brings back a bigger, better, and madder than ever, BPI Auto Madness this whole month of September! Enjoy ridiculously low loan rates, free 1-year comprehensive insurance, and a wide selection of participating car models, only from the Philippine’s first bank.

From September 1 to 30, 2014, catch the Bank’s Auto Madness online 24/7 at Shop for a car, compute for your best financing option and apply for a loan wherever you are at the convenience of your internet-able PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Now, Filipinos working abroad don’t need to travel back home and incur unnecessary expenses just to buy their family a brand new car as they can now readily do it immediately after a spur-of-the-moment decision.

The Auto Madness also happens in strategic shopping malls nationwide this September. For those people who want to personally experience a wide selection of cars, they may visit the Robinson’s Mall in San Nicholas, Ilocos Norte; the Fairview Ayala Terraces in Quezon City; the Robonson’s Mall in Bacolod City; and the Ayala Center Cebu in Cebu City from September 11 to 14. For those residing down south of the country, they can catch the Auto Madness at the Centrio Mall in Cagayan De Oro City from September 25 to 28.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Donate Even If You Took the Challenge

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Have you joined the bandwagon, or more proper to be called the "bucketwagon" lately? Perhaps everyone who has been active online or on mainstream media has heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge  which is now a fad among celebrities worldwide, including our local talents here in the Philippines. The social phenomenon is still going strong and filling news feeds from mainstream to online media.

From Kris Aquino to Vice Ganda, from Anne Curtis to even popular TV broadcasters like Anthony Taberna and Korina Sanchez, and also non-showbiz citizens who probably thought "Why not? It's for a good cause!" It seems like every celebrity is getting in on it, from pop stars to athletes to politicians, as well as millions of ordinary people. They all took a video of themselves and posted them online for everyone to see. But don't be too judgmental because they did it for a cause, even though its majority for publicity.

Celebrities from all over the world drenched and soaked themselves with cold water to raise awareness for the ALS disease. You need to donate money to the ALS Association within 24 hours of being nominated. The challenge started in Massachusetts with former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2012. It has quickly gone from a fundraising campaign to a viral Internet sensation. It’s annoying. But it’s working.

The challenge requires everyone to take the ALS Ice Bucket challenge by dumping a bucket of ice water on your head, and then nominate the next people to take it. Everyone is expected to donate some amount to the study of the ALS disease,.....even if they took the challenge. How will the campaign work if everyone will just take the challenge and donate nothing?

Hello Kitty Is Not A Cat, Jollibee Is Not A Bee, McDonald Is Not A Clown

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There's some viral news going around social media and rumor has it that our favorite iconic characters since childhood are not what they seem to be. If the news were true then that's our childhood shattered into itsy-bitsy pieces. If it's merely connected to a campaign to bring about interests, then it's somehow effective.

This revelation was discovered by Hello Kitty scholar, trend expert and anthropologist Christine R. Yano (who wrote a book about Hello Kitty), the cat we know and love is . . . not a cat. “Hello Kitty is not a cat,” Yano says. “She's a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. She's never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature. She does have a pet cat of her own, however, and it's called Charmmy Kitty.”

The cartoon's real name is "Kitty White," and she is British with a twin sister, according to a backstory Sanrio and the cartoon's creator, Yuko Shimizu, made about her. She's also a perpetual third-grader.

Sanrio has a lot of explaining to do. After 40 years of collecting the cash of the cat-loving dudes and dudettes out there, they finally revealed in an interview that it is a girl? I haven't read all the details of the news since the headlines may be deceiving, and there are many satire sites out there, but who cares if Hello Kitty is not cat, our equally favorite beagle Snoopy in Peanuts is confirmed as a dog.

The Bragging Rights of Bloggers, Blaggers, Boogers, Bonkers and the Likes

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I am not in a habit of writing about trending topics, but I guess one should make "exceptions" or should it be "exemptions" or "excerptions" or "perceptions"? Well, whatever it may be, all that's important is the thought. Just as many would say - it's the thought that counts, or was it "clouts" or maybe "clouds?"

A play of words, of the vocabulary, on grammatical errors and spelling booboos - we all get to make mistakes but unknown to many, we do sometimes make it intentional - to humor  or make fun of the idea. To get the attention of the readers and add some controversy. To make the story more interesting by adding elements you will react to immediately. We would sometimes deliberately post an entire paragraph full of negativity, typos, insinuations, etc., to contain ideas that were entirely meant to provoke, to promote, to choke, to crack a joke - errrr to --- you get the idea.

Some people are just getting too nauseous of people that brag about their achievements. What's happening?. When some would just speak kind words of congratulations, some would comment negatively against this flaunting of recognitions. While some would take sides and rudely irk the other,  some would just ignore and eat popcorn while reading all the wacky posts of people debating online. I am not sure what could be tagged on those people who would just lurk around enjoying the controversy, but those who avoid getting involved  are said to be the better folks out there since they mind their own business.

I would love to depend the reason why I brag a lot. But I thought it was no longer necessary since those who are really smart enough to understand that all those "bragging" stuff was just a way of "branding." However, when you know you are deeply involved with and affected by the issue, it will be so hard not to say something. Resistance is futile. The soil might soon turn so fertile, or worthless, because of the blood that will soon litter or spoil the grounds.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

SYNERGY: 3rd Electrical and Electronics Engineering Summit 2014

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The University of the Philippines Engineering Radio Guild presents SYNERGY: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Summit 2014, an event now stepping up its version of challenges specially designed for students in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) courses.

On its third year, SYNERGY brings with it a four-day gathering for future engineers to showcase their skills and intellect. SYNERGY will go beyond learning concepts and exploring theories acquired from the academe. With speakers from trending companies in the technology industry, students also build the career vision and skill potential they acquired from their interest and key studies. The event focuses on professional development and its potential in improving the country.

SYNERGY is composed of five major events, namely, Techno Talk, Ingenious Ideas, Revolutionary Robotics, Dynamic Discourse, and Corporate Connection.

Techno Talk is comprised of three short talks in which distinguished speakers will talk about the current and upcoming trends and innovations in the academe, industry, and government scenes for Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

In Ingenious Ideas, students are encouraged to think out of the box by solving scenarios or questions in the allotted time frame related to topics presented in Techno Talk.

Competing schools are also tasked to build a classic line-follower robot which they will then modify throughout the contest to fit the track to be used in Revolutionary Robotics. This event is in collaboration with E-Gizmo Mechatronix Central, Philippine Electronics and Robotics Enthusiasts Club, and ThinkLab.

Sugarleaf Launches Healthy Food Preparation Workshop Series

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sugarleaf Organic Market and Café Makati launches another healthy food preparation series dubbed The Green Guide to Eating Right workshop series. In tandem with Jertie's Kitchen, Sugarleaf invites all to any or all of our four exciting workshops from October to February 2015:

18 October–Eating A Plant‐Based Diet On A Budget

We all know that we need to eat more fruits and vegetables, that’s a fact. In this workshop, we’ll teach you five easy-to-prepare plant-based dishes that’ll incorporate more of these nutrient dense food into your existing diet.

22 November–Noche Buena Vegan Feast

Eat heartily this Yuletide season without the guilt with these plant‐based versions of your favorite festive dishes!

January 2015–Lose Holiday Weight with Green Smoothie

Had a little or way too much fun during the holidays? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you get back to your old self–or maybe even better! Green smoothies will help you slip back into those skinny jeans without having to jump and down.

February 2015–Love, Chocolate

Love is in the air! And chocolate definitely rules this month. Let us teach you new plant-based chocolate dishes to romance your lover (or would-be lover).

*Exact dates to be advised

Teddy's Bigger Burgers: Bigger and Better Reasons for the Gatecrasher?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Let's do the "shaka" and greet everyone "Aloha."  Hang loose and get ready to grab an order of burger. But I don't mean just any ordinary burger. It has to be a very special burger that even I will do anything just to dine in and have some bun... I mean fun. Or so they think?

Teddy's Bigger Burger must be something to rave about since there has been rampant news of bloggers gatecrashing the media launch of Teddy's Bigger Burgers Philippines strategically located at Greenbelt 3 of Makati city. I don't know if that was true since knobody bothered to find out the real story behind it. They probably couldn't resist the oozing sumptuousness of Teddy's monstrous patties that are a lot bigger but definitely tastier than most "langhap-sarap" of "clowned" burgers out there... and shockingly even bigger than the buns.

Accomplished businessmen and restaurateurs Raymond Magdaluyo, along with Marvin Agustin and Ricky Laudico are the owners of Teddy's Bigger Burgers PH. This will surely be another big hit for the three wise men who are probably overwhelmed already with all the incoming profits they've been getting from their many restaurant chains. Raymond was the only one present among the three partners but the others did appeared during the VIP night last Friday, a day before the grand opening.

Yeah! Filipinos really do love to eat making the restaurant business among the best businesses next to running a school, a religion or a government.

aksyon/2015: To Inspire Action Among Everyone

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In 2015, the Millennium Development Goals will expire. Last August 19, 2014. Tuesday, starts the countdown before its expiration. At the same time, civil society organizations all over the world had a simultaneous launch of action/2015 to have a stronger call for a just and sustainable world. It is a citizen’s movement and the biggest global campaign platform that seeks to lobby for transformational change around the world. 

In the Philippines, aksyon/2015 campaign will focus on addressing poverty and inequality, ensuring climate justice and resilience and good governance. Its aim is to inspire actions that empower the marginalized and collectively tackle the root causes of inequality, injustice, poverty and climate change. It promotes development justice where people are able to realize their rights.

Members of the media joined the aksyon/2015 launch and media briefing last August 19, 2014 from 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning at Max’s Restaurant, Circle Food Complex, Elliptical Road, Quezon City.
Special guest was Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte who delivered the keynote speech.She also shared some of Quezon City's current and future projects that are related to the MDG of 2015. Other guests were Dodo Macasaet of Code NGO, Beckie Malay of GCAP, Frabncis dela Cruz of Climate Action Network and Erning Ofracio of the urban poor community.

Epson Improves Point-Of-Sale Efficiency With Cloud-Enabled Printers

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Are you tired of long queues when buying merchandise from retail stores? As a business owner, are you losing customers because of long waiting times, or have lost opportunities to sell because product information is not readily available when customers demand it?

Global research* has shown that 75% of stores are looking to adopt cloud-based Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems in the next 5 years to improve the in-store customer experience and attract more shoppers. These systems help a retail store owner and the staff to have better customer interactions thereby increasing sales possibilities.

By providing information fast with the use of handheld devices and remotely printing receipts, these cloud-based POS systems can go a long way in carrying out transactions. And compared to traditional methods, they cost much less to install and can be upgraded faster.

All these are important factors to help keep ahead of the competition.

For customers, it lessens one of the major nuisances in shopping -- long lines to pay for just a single item.

Chef Laudico Guevarra's: San Juan's Finest Buffet Experience

Wazzup Pilipinas!

When many restaurateurs would choose to setup their food business at busy commercial areas like malls, call center districts and crowded intersections, some would choose to pick places where they can find a more presentable ambiance.

I do believe that when you have great products to sell or offer, the people will come to you no matter where you put up your venture. If you are truly confident of what you can provide to your potential customers, they will look for you anywhere you go.

Of course convenience of location is a factor to consider but when you invest on quality.... for sure... the people would come in quantity. Many drove from distant locations just to be able to dine on the fabulous buffet that Chef Laudico Guevarra's has to offer.

This is what I witnessed during our dining experience at Chef Laudico Guevarra's buffet restaurant. The place was more than majestic. It seems there's a lot of history behind the establishment. It may have underwent a few renovations and improvements, it still retains a resonating image of how life was like during the olden days.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ang Tunay na Respetadong Blogger: Hindi Gate Crasher, Hindi Rumor Monger(er)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We're serious! It's no joke!

Since there has been an ongoing discussion on what makes a respectable blogger, we will be conducting a search for the most respectable blogger in the Philippines (Well, we can also accept nominations from other countries but you have to visit the Philippines to receive the award.

Yup! We will try to find out who will be nominated among the ranks of the well-respected bloggers with outstanding qualities worthy of the title as "Ang Tunay na Respetadong Blogger."

Blogging, just like any other profession, or hobby (for quite a number), has never been free of controversial issues. Both pros and newbies have their own gruesome stories to tell about bloggers going wild and unethical. We heard various stories of gatecrashers, loot bloggers, eat-loot-and-run bloggers, event-hoppers, late-comers-and-early-goers, and whachamacallit bloggers.

There are even "ghost bloggers" looming around. They get loots even when they are not present at the event. "Paki-bigay na lang sa blogger friend ko, kasi hindi ako makaka-attend."

Let us try to find out who are the bloggers out there that are really free from all faults and shortcomings. I encourage everyone to vote for the blogger whom they believe is highly respectable. He or she may not be high-ranking or among the so-called "top", "elite", A-Class, "authority", or "influential" bloggers. This is a search for the most respected blogger who has never done any wrongdoing throughout his or her blogging existence.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Controversial Irony: Anyare? May Pambili ng Awards Pero Walang Pang-Burger?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

With ludicrous accusations really worthy of the loudest laughs, we are just bewildered on how some people would fall prey to the fabrications obviously orchestrated to create animosity. There were signs posted to warn people of an impending disturbance in the weather, but do you really know the weather-watchers who posted these signs? These climate soothsayers are more weathered than any area ravaged by a storm, yet they are the ones posing an imminent danger to many people in the community.

Any wise man would be able to comprehend that the intentions are pretty clear.  So clear that they had to compile a staggering list just to make it look convincing enough. The mentioned acts were deemed as serious offenses but how come not even one ever reached a closure. They realized that a single act would not be strong enough to attract attention. So they combined forces and let the devil whisper little sweet nothings to their ears to come up with controversial ironies.

If one will take time to deeply study the enumerated list of so-called offenses, it will surely make any sane person hysterical after finding out it was just a bunch of demented hullabaloos designed to steer people away from the truth. There are a lot of discrepancies that will baffle the mind. There are a lot of conflicting scenarios that are more puzzling than revealing. While some were added just to provoke and make fun of people's shortcomings.

The detractors do not aim to find reasonable resolutions. They only seek to make the community more chaotic by injecting mass hatred instead of a peaceful discussion with the people involved. These false prophets who disguise themselves as sentinels of ethics are no better than their dirty minds fit to be cut in half for observation and study. Their minds need to be dissected so we would know what makes them plot devilish schemes.

Jump For Your Life: An All Original Filipino-Made iOS Game

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Player feedback has been great so far. In fact, People are saying that it¹s one of the more challengingly addictive games around. It is currently rated 5 stars in the App Store. The game is called Jump For Your Life and it has just been released for free for everyone to enjoy.

Jump For Your Life is created by Yes Please Games, a team of 3 Filipino friends namely Peter Yu, Spencer Ravago and Ryan Simpao, who met in college and share a love for video games. The founders, Spencer and Peter, were roommates in college. They both loved video games and had hopes of making games for a living. But at the time, the video game industry was not as developed yet so the two decided to pursue other careers. For around 90% of the development stage, the team didn¹t have an iPhone to work with, so they¹re extra proud with how the game turned out.

The game aims to blend the exciting platforming games of the past with modern mobile games of today. It takes gameplay mechanics such as platform jumping and item collecting from classic games like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic The Hedgehog and the endless game setup of modern mobile games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Jump For Your Life tries to put the challenging fun gameplay of classic games in a package that¹s easy to pickup and play anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone.

Shop for your Dream Getaway with Lazada Mobile App and Cebu Pacific Air

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Philippines’ Biggest Online Shopping Mall teams up with the country’s leading airline for another exciting offering!

This August is probably one of the best times to shop at Lazada Philippines via the Lazada Mobile App. Not only for the smorgasbord best deals spanning from mobiles and laptops to fashion to home and living, but also for more great giveaways.

This month, Lazada, the country’s biggest online shopping mall, is partnering with Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) for a dream getaway that includes a FREE roundtrip tickets to your local destinations. Now how can you go wrong with effortless and risk-free shopping at Lazada?

Simply shop using the Lazada Mobile App from August 23 to September 30. For every minimum purchase of P2,000, you will be entitled to an electronic raffle entry for a chance to win the free domestic flights from CEB!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Juan Big Idea: Taking Marketing Thoughts into Flight (South Luzon Edition) Aftermath

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It was such a great spectacle for the Philippine Junior Marketing Association to have launched the first of four chapter events this academic year, Juan Big Idea: Taking Marketing Thoughts into Flight – South Luzon Edition at the Ateneo De Naga University last August 16, 2014.

Over a thousand marketing students convened to get a load of the three stages in Content Marketing from our credible and distinguished speakers:

First speaker:
MR. VINCE REYES, Managing Director of Executive Decisions, IMC Firm Inc. who discussed CONTENT ABSTRACT: "Making the Brand Promise Real"

Second speaker:
MR. BRAD GEISER, Chief Executive Officer and Strategist of GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc. who discussed COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATION: "Creating the Right Brand Story"

Third speaker:
MR. JASON CRUZ, Social Products Director of MRM Worldwide Manila who discussed CONTENT CLOUTING: "Choosing the Right Media for Communicating Ideas"

Sheila Francisco, Michael Williams and Bituin Escalante in Triple Threats

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Performing artists Sheila Francisco, Michael Williams and Bituin Escalante headline in TRIPLE THREATS: Leading Men and Women of Philippine Musical Theater from August to October 2014 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theater) at 7:30pm. This event comes after the successful series run in 2013 that featured Nonie Buencamino, Audie Gemora and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo.

TRIPLE THREATS: Leading Men and Women of Philippine Musical Theater is a series of solo concerts featuring the stalwarts of Philippine Musical Theater. Each concert is an intimate evening of beautiful music, personally selected by the artists themselves, from their vast repertoire of favorite songs from Broadway, West End, original Filipino musicals and the movies. Dubbed as a series of “concept concerts”, the narrative of the performance is dictated by the song choices. It is a rare opportunity for the audience to see a different facet of the acclaimed theater, television and film artist being featured. The definition of a “triple threat” is someone in a particular field who exhibits the three skills that are necessary to excel – can act, can sing and can dance.

Opening the series on August 21, 2014 is acclaimed stage actress Sheila Francisco in her first solo concert entitled “Once in a Lifetime”. She was handpicked by no less than Sir Trevor Nunn to play Bloody Mary in the Royal National Theatre’s production of “South Pacific” in 2002. She is the first Filipino to perform in the prestigious Olivier Theatre to rave reviews. After five years, Sheila reprised her role as Bloody Mary in UK Productions’ “South Pacific” (UK tour). In the last four years, she starred in Singapore’s most successful musicals: “Forbidden City – Portrait of an Empress”, “Twist of Fate” and “Snow Queen”. Sheila has performed in Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia and Brunei. Back in Manila she did Mother Abbess in “Sound of Music”, Dolores in “Rivalry” and the wacky Flora in “No Way to Treat a Lady”. In 2013, she played the role of The Queen in Resorts World’s production of “Cinderella”. She also starred in Repertory Philippines’s production of “August: Osage County” under the direction of Chris Millado.

Stella Abrera: Filipina Soloist of American Ballet Theater to Perform as Giselle on September 19 Gala

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ballet Philippines, the country’s premier classical and contemporary dance company proudly announces the return of “ GISELLE ” from September 19 - 21, 2014 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines -Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (Main Theater).

Touted as one of ballet’s greatest, “ Giselle” is a classical romantic tragedy of loss, forgiveness, and love beyond death. Her story is a familiar one – two men are in love with her, but she chooses to surrender her heart to Albrecht, the suave newcomer who, as Giselle later finds out, is engaged to be married.

Ignoring her own suspicions and the well-meaning advice of Hilarion, her other suitor, Giselle eventually discovers the truth and ultimately, her heartbreak results in her demise. Yet she chooses to forgive her lover and save his life.

Re-staged by Nonoy Froilan, the Philippines’ premier danseur, GISELLE starts off the Blue Moon Series, a two-week mini festival celebrating the Ballet Company’s sapphire milestone.

Fresh from their recently-concluded performances in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia are guest artists from the American Ballet Theater Soloist Stella Abrera and Principal Dancer James Whiteside essaying the roles of Giselle and Albrecht respectively.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Infinity Resort: The Finest Accommodation in Puerto Galera

Wazzup Pilipinas!

To continue with our Puerto Galera adventure where we visited the Infinity Resort, we found ourselves in an almost paradise-like environment where the resort is surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains and the sea.

The owner of the resort did not go stingy on making this place a wondrous work of art. From the gate of the resort to the facade of the buildings, their architectural designs are modern yet embracing a cultural perspective. We all swooned over the spectacular 400 sq. meter picturesque infinity pool, their soothing spa treatments at their Malasimbo Spa, plus the other amenities within this 2 hectare property. But the fascination doesn't end there.

You'll see different kinds of wood used in the creation of these masterpieces indicating how the owners appreciate mostly natural materials in the construction of their resort. Words are not enough to fully express how amazing these structures are because every building stands proud with great character of its own.

If you were amazed of the lavish exteriors, wait until you see the insides of the villas or rooms. This makes the 20 well-appointed accommodations equally admirable for a very comfortable and cozy stay over the weekend or for several days just to let loose and enjoy the pleasures of life made more beautifully when you stay at Infinity Resort.

Tipsy Beans: Redefining Not Just Your Coffee Experience

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Tipsy may mean becoming unsteady, staggering, fuddled or foolish from the effects of liquor. Indeed liquor can make us feel and look like not our ordinary self but somehow it also makes us feel more open with our sentiments and emotions. We become more confident to bring out our true self with very little hesitations.

But what happens if you add just the right amount of liquor tho make us not as askew as drunken fools. Add it into our favorite coffee or dishes to create something a bit more extraordinary and daring. This is like adding flair to the common foods that we usually partake. This is like elevating the standards into a totally new level.

But you don't really need to experiment if you are not sure of how it will take effect on you. Just drop by this cafe called Tipsy Beans to encounter a new kind of dining experience.

Tipsy Beans Cafe is not your ordinary coffee shop! They give you a blend of coffee and liquor in one sip! They also have the sober drinks for the classic coffee drinkers but I recommend being more adventurous and go for the tipsy drinks to feel the kick of liquor. I guarantee it will something totally out of this world.

But wait, I may be just exaggerating since the liquor added is really not enough to make you want to lie down on the floor. It's specifically just the right amount to give your coffee or food the twist you rightfully deserve. After all, you deserve more than just the usual. You deserve an adventure towards delightfully satisfying dishes.

It looks like every corner of the cafe, even though it's small in space, is Instagram-worthy. The owners are obviously creative and had thought of these particular instances when many would want to take photos of their artistic decors. From the mini liquor bottles per table to the quotable quotes on the walls, every piece was a conversational attraction.

We loved how he made a lot of personal touches by putting a freedom wall where customers can leave their messages to the instant photos and post-it messages clipped at certain areas of the cafe.

They even have this cute "Bang Head Here" to humorously relieve stress. But they are not serious about it...unless you become more than just "tipsy" to control yourself.

Also check out their cute signs on their comfort rooms...hahaha... makes you wanna feel the urge to hold your pee.

Bruce Lim's Rustique Kitchen: Serving French-Inspired Dishes That Truly Tickles the Palate

Wazzup Pilipinas!We were honored to be invited to a newly-opened restaurant along Pasay Road in Makati that marks another opportunity to dine on great food that is encapsulated with prestige mainly because it's being handled by a well-known celebrity chef.
The name of the restaurant itself speaks highly of how significant his presence, and how the name is a great marketing pull to attract more customers to try out what the restaurant has to offer, or basically, what the chef has to boast. Yes! We were already hooked when we heard of the name of the restaurant since the brand already speaks of what we can expect.

Chef Bruce Lim of the Asian Food Channel fame, pursuing the vision of entrepreneur Tony Boy Cojuangco, developed the concept for this unique restaurant called Bruce Lim's Rustique Kitchen that elevates common indigenous stuff - from danggit to kesong puti - into core ingredients for several French-inspired dishes.

But don't get intimidated. The chef says they are serving comfort food that will make you feel right at home. So relax and dine with us as we take you into a gastronomical adventure that will surely tickle the palate.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast All Day: Start and End Your Day with a Gourmet Breakfast

Wazzup Pilipinas!
I always wanted to greet everyone a "Good morning!" anytime of the day. Some speakers would say (I've probably heard this from around five already) that they prefer to treat every time to be always the start of the day. May it be all sunshine and white clouds above or dark and gloomy because of a rainy weather, we should be treating each hour of the day a very special and refreshing start.

It is also an excuse to start the day full with the most important meal. They say breakfast should be the heaviest and the healthiest to fully recharge you to last until the end of the day. You may skip lunch or dinner but never skip breakfast.

This is probably why Chef Arch Juanta, along with his brother Vinz, setup their food spot as a gourmet breakfast haven. Their first branch was more like a "sari-sari" or variety store that was literally just along the kanto of a street in Mandaluyong, but customers were surprised of what was coming out form their little kitchen. Meals that were dressed up like what you find in fine dining restaurants.

I guess many people already know about Kanto Freestyle Breakfast All Day but they have some new menu to show off.

Eat Out Manila: Living the Life App-Provingly

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Can’t live without apps? Here’s why spoiling yourself with the latest trends has become a way of living in the now

You’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, you’ve got whose-its and what’s-its galore! Talk about living the life in the millennial generation – everything you need is right there at the palm of your hands. Being part of the world has never been easier due to the digitization of age. With both the physical and online markets spurting new products that make life more convenient, who are we to say no?

Living in the digital age makes us veer away from the traditional and manual pen-and-paper systems. The information-hungry generation is continuously being satisfied by the sudden uproar of computers, gadgets, mobile apps and other online portals that feed us with all the information we need, pronto.

Need a ride? Book a cab. Feel like watching a movie? Get an e-ticket. Want a playlist for every mood? Download a music streaming app. Don’t know where to eat? Surf for reviews. You can basically get anything you need in just a few clicks with these time-saving and efficient mobile applications.

The development doesn’t stop here. Hopping on the bandwagon of instant services is a new application for restaurant reservation in the Philippines- Eat Out Manila, an online restaurant booking system, also available as a smartphone app, which makes reserving for a table in your favorite restaurants a cinch. You can now reserve a table in your desired restaurant- anytime and anywhere around the Metro.

Wazzup Pilipinas Wins Another Award as Top Filipino Community Blog Site of 2014

 Wazup Pilipinas!

We received another award last night August 23, 2014 for Wazzup Pilipinas as the "Top Filipino Community Blog Site of 2014" conferred by the Philippine Top Choice Awards for Excellence. The awarding was held at the Great King Arthur Ballroom of the Camelot Hotel located at Mother Ignacia Avenue Diliman Quezon City.

The award says it is "for excellence in product/service reliability, excellence, trustworthiness, ethical business practices and customer concern and intimacy." We proudly accept the award along with our fellow awardees, but we dedicate this award to all our friends, sponsors, colleagues and supporters who have been always there to contribute, in whatever way they can, for us.

This award is also dedicated to all our bashers, haters and rumor mongers who can't stop talking about us. We pray for your peace of mind and calmness of your heart. Maybe someday you will also receive your very own award when you stop your sour-graping and crab mentality. Focus your energies on making your work better instead.

We are thankful for all the recognitions... and the blessings that came with them.

We may not be perfect, we may not be number one yet, but we obviously are getting noticed. Humility aside, we should say we deserve all the rewards brought about by all our hard work, determination and persistence.

Others may want to challenge us, but we will always be ready to face them...kahit "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" pa yan ..Lol!

We are your Pambansang Bloggers ng Pilipinas at your service!

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