Friday, September 11, 2020

#ArawNgMagnanakaw Trends On Ferdinand Marcos' Birthday

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Even if I am a resident of Ilocos Norte, I refuse to acknowledge this day as a special day.

Other than being the day of the worst terrorist attack in America, the Philiipine government has made this a special commemorative day in Ilocos Norte to remember a fallen dictator which many of them still look up to as their hero.

9/11 is really a tragic day. In the US it is remembered for the terror attacks that led to the collapse of the World Trade Center in New York. In the Philippines, it should be known as the #ArawNgMagnanakaw.

A bill declaring September 11 as a non-working holiday in Ilocos Norte in honor of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, to be known as "President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Day." is a complete turnaround of what we've known for years. It is a slap in our faces, especially the victims of Martial Law.

Why should a law commemorating the birth of a former president be an issue? The simple answer is that it is contradicting historical facts and existing laws. It is like we've been thrown into a different dimension or at one of the multiverses of the DC and Marvel world.

On this day, never forget the atrocities of the dictatorship. Never forget those who were the victims of that administration.

They hurriedly buried his well-preserved remains at the Libingan Ng mga Bayani to the disgust if the majority, letting his equally guilty spouse Imelda Romualdez Marcos free inspire of a court order, and let the billions of illegally accumulated wealth remained unreturned, and now they forced us to accept a day in honor of a Guiness Records holder recognized as a crook?

A Guinness World Record holder for the Greatest Robbery of a Government is not something to be proud of....and yet this government is somewhat helping to revise history.  It is uncanny that we have two holidays that contradict themselves. How low can this government go?

Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos was a Filipino politician and kleptocrat. He's not a hero. He didn't do anything heroic.

He's a killer. A murderer. A robber. A Hitler-wanna-be. A clown. A big joke in our history.

He's a dictator, plunderer, human rights violator, not a hero. He shouldn't be stanned.

May his name be heard across all lands of our nation to remind us how cruel and horrible person he is. To remind us the darkest era of our modern time. And together we shall fight for #NeverAgain

Bewildered if you still defend and support the Marcos family despite the numerous atrocities they’ve committed and we're confirmed not just within the country but globally. Celebrating #ArawNgMagnanakaw translates to paying homage to a murderer and being an enabler of this good-for-nothing government.

Happy birthday to our worst president of the Philippines. Oh sorry, there's still Duterte currently seated in Malacanang. But do we really need to wait two more years before we could officially proclaim him as worst than Marcos?

More of Marcos' legacies, in remembrance of #ArawNgMagnanakaw (from the Martial Law Museum:

The Filipino people must not be too forgiving nor too forgetful especially when it is the dictators, like Ferdinand Marcos, who are benefitting from it.


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