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Furthering our safety and privacy commitments for teens on TikTok

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People from all walks of life come to TikTok to be entertained, spark joy in their everyday, and share their creativity with others. Be it through viewing the latest book recommendations on #BookTok or showing off their new digs on #renovation, everyone can find their community on TikTok – and our goal is to foster a safe and welcoming platform for these vibrant, diverse communities.

TikTok offers a range of safety and privacy controls to empower people to make decisions about who they share their content with. They also believe it's important to ensure even stronger proactive protections to help keep teenagers safe, and have continually introduced changes to support age-appropriate experiences on their platform. This includes making accounts belonging to those under the age of 16 private by default, reserving features like Direct Messaging to people 16 and older, and enabling parents to guide their teen's TikTok presence with Family Pairing.

Today they are introducing a new set of changes for users aged 13-17 to further enhance these proactive protections. These changes will continue rolling out to their users globally over the coming months.

New changes to Direct Messaging privacy settings

TikTok wants to help teens make active decisions about their privacy settings, so when someone aged 16-17 joins TikTok, their Direct Messaging setting will now be set to 'No One' by default. To message others, they will need to actively switch to a different sharing option. Existing accounts who have never used DMs before will receive a prompt asking them to review and confirm their privacy settings the next time they use this feature. These updates build on their current messaging protections, such as not allowing images or videos to be sent in messages and disabling messaging for accounts under age 16.

Decide who can watch your videos

The process of making a TikTok is fun and creative – choosing music, picking effects, and getting the transitions right – but it is just as important to choose who that video will be shared with. To help teens understand the sharing options available to them, TikTok is now adding a pop-up that appears when teenagers under the age of 16 are ready to publish their first video, asking them to choose who can watch the video. They won't be able to publish their video until they make a selection.

With each video going forward, creators can decide who can watch before they post. Accounts aged 13-15 are set to private by default, and private accounts can choose to share their content with Followers or Friends, as the 'Everyone' setting is turned off. Duet and Stitch are also disabled for accounts under 16.

Choose who can download your public videos

TikTok is also providing additional context to help teens aged 16-17 understand how downloads work, so they can choose the option that's most comfortable for them. If they opt to turn the feature on, they'll now receive a pop-up asking them to confirm that choice before others can download their videos. Note that downloads are permanently disabled on content from accounts under the age of 16.

A mindful approach to push notifications

TikTok prioritises and supports the well-being of their community members, with features like Screen Time Management that can be enabled both by account holders or by parents as part of Family Pairing. They want to help their younger users in particular develop positive digital habits early on, and they regularly consult with leading pediatric experts and youth well-being advocates to develop their Youth Portal, bullying prevention guide, and other features that support youth-well being. Now, they will be drawing upon this research to make changes that reduce the time period during which their younger teens can receive push notifications. Accounts aged 13-15 will not receive push notifications from 9pm, and accounts aged 16-17 will have push notifications disabled starting at 10pm.

These changes continue to build on their ongoing commitments as there's no finish line when it comes to protecting the safety, privacy, and well-being of their community. They are working with teens, community organisations, parents and creators to further innovate and they're excited to share more over the coming months. To learn more about their efforts to support youth and families, you can read our Guardian's Guide.

How to Decrease the Cost of Manufacturing

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We do business to make money, and you make money by selling at a price that is higher than the cost of production or service. You can increase that profit margin by increasing your prices or decreasing production costs. Increasing prices just to increase your profit might backfire and have you end up losing a significant number of customers.

This is why most businessmen focus on decreasing the cost of manufacturing. It requires experience and smart decisions to decrease the cost of manufacturing; otherwise, you would already be making the best profit margin. This article has discussed some practical tips to decrease the cost of manufacturing.

Invest in Automation

You should invest in automation not just to increase profit margins, but to strengthen your place in the market. Manufacturing automation allows you to optimize processes and save time and resources. You can cut additional phases of production and manual labor by automating manufacturing using products like Yaskawa drives with your machines.

This allows you to produce more in less time using fewer resources. Not only will you save on manufacturing but you will be able to provide a better and faster service to your clients. This increases your production capacity and scalability.

Keep Doing Research and Development

R&D is often an underestimated part of businesses. It’s not just something for large enterprises. If you want to get to their level and directly compete with them, you have to take research and development seriously even as a small business.

It’s important because you learn new ways of manufacturing that are still unknown to your market. Even if some companies know those methods, they have kept them confidential. You will learn how you can optimize your processes and build more with less.

Save from Shipping Cost

You should reconsider your shipping routes and have an expert conduct an analysis. Shipping significantly increases the cost of delivery, which is usually counted in the production cost.

You should look at ways you can save on shipping. See if you can use shorter routes or changing the mode of transportation can help. Try to manage routes in a way that one shipment can go through multiple destinations.

Increase Employee Productivity

You can get the work of weeks done within days if you keep your employees motivated. This doesn’t mean that you should burn out all your employees. Getting them to work overtime or more than their capacity is not going to increase productivity.

Instead, you should motivate them and align your goals with theirs. They will work more and efficiently if you have the same goals and they take pride in their work.

Sell Enough for Mass Production

You can significantly reduce the cost if you produce on a large scale. However, you can’t have large production if you can’t sell it. This is why you should try to get as many new projects as possible and start mass manufacturing.

You will get large quantities of material on wholesale at cheaper rates and the cost of labor will also reduce with the help of bigger machines.

Former Mayor Herbert Bautista's Facebook page got hacked

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Iba ka talaga Mayor Bistek.

Official Facebook page ni dating Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, na-hack!

Nagulantang ang mga netizen sa Facebook story ni dating Quezon City Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista kung saan lumitaw ang isang babaeng hubad na ang tanging suot ay mga face masks na tumatakip sa maselang bahagi ng kanyang katawan.

Mayor Herbert Bautista's FB Story simply tells us that we should protect the most vulnerable parts of our bodies with face masks!

Ipinapaalam lang daw yata ni mayor kung paano gumamit ng facemask! Salamat sa paalala mayor! My virgin eyes could no longer under what I just saw.

Jusko 5 hrs na yung nakalipas pero nasa my day pa din. Ano yan hintayin sana mag expire na lang? Kung sabagay, malamang makatulog na yung admin dahil alanganing oras.

Thank you mayor for also raising awareness on how not to wear facemasks.

"Taga Pasig ako at idol ko mayor Vivo namin, pero iba ka Captain Barbell! Idol na din kita. Ganoon pala tamang paggamit ng face mask. Lahat pala talaga ng butas kailangan may mask para di pasukan ng virus. Thank you Idol!"

Samantala, natuwa naman ang mga netizens sa pagdamit sa nakahubad na larawan ng  babae:

Admin Statement of the Mayor Herbert Bautista- Quezon City Page

"We urge all followers of the Mayor Herbert M. Bautista - Quezon City" Facebook Page account to report it for investigation due to malicious and unauthorized access.  We deny the unsavory post that was uploaded in that socmed account. Please be guided accordingly"

Thank you very much. Stay safe and God bless us all. 

Friday, August 20, 2021

No changes in supply and capacity of public transportation as NCR, Laguna, and Bataan downgrade from ECQ to MECQ

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The Department of Transportation (DOTr) said there will be no changes in the supply and capacity of public transportation as the National Capital Region (NCR), Laguna, and Bataan downgrade from enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) to the less restrictive modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) from August 21 to August 31.
With the continued spread of the COVID-19 and the threat posed by new COVID-19 variants, DOTr Secretary Art Tugade reminded commuters and transport workers to observe strict health and safety measures. He stressed anew that only Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs) as identified by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) will be allowed to use public transport services.

"As the threat of COVID-19 and Delta variant cases soar, the public should remain vigilant, especially in using public transport. Just like during the ECQ period, there will be stricter enforcement of safety measures to ensure that only APORs are permitted to use public transport, as mandated by the IATF," Sec. Tugade said.

With the enforcement of the MECQ in the NCR, public transportation, and all other modes of transportation - privately-owned, with special permits, and/or dedicated service under the government initiative, etc., - will still strictly observe the prescribed physical distancing and health measures at all times.

In the Road Transport Sector, public utility buses and jeepneys are allowed to operate at 50% maximum capacity on a “one-seat-apart” rule. There will be no standing passengers and only one passenger is allowed to be seated on the driver's row.

Motorcycle taxi services and Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) operations are allowed. Only one (1) passenger per tricycle is allowed, as approved by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and Local Government Units (LGUs) in compliance with the existing policies on its operational limitations.

In the Railway Sector, operations of the Philippine National Railways (PNR), LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3 will continue during the MECQ period. Train marshals will be deployed to identify APORs and to help enforce strict health and safety protocols.

In the Aviation and Maritime Sectors, domestic flights and sea travel in the NCR will also continue during the MECQ, subject to community quarantine restrictions of the passenger’s destination.

Meanwhile, the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (I-ACT) and transport marshals will continue to ensure that motorists will adhere to safety protocols during the implementation of the MECQ.

Sec. Tugade reminds the public and other transport stakeholders to follow the 7 Commandments for Public Transport: The wearing of masks and face shields, no talking and making phone calls, no eating, keeping public utility vehicles well-ventilated, conduct of frequent disinfection, no passengers with COVID-19 symptoms are to be allowed inside public transport vehicles, and the observance of appropriate physical distancing rule.

MECQ protocol announced: Outdoor exercise allowed only during 6 to 9 am starting August 21

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The 8 pm to 4 am curfew in NCR will remain in effect until further notice. But outdoor exercises from 6 am to 9 am will be allowed during MECQ, according to MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos, presiding officer of the Metro Manila Council.

While we appreciate being allowed to exercise outdoors,  wouldn’t it be easier to practice social distancing if everyone was not crammed into a 3 hour window? This only creates a rush hour.

Ang tatanga talaga nila. Eh di lahat ng gustong mag exercise will be crammed between 6-9 am. Bwahaha!

What is the logic or reasoning behind this?

Curfews only promote cramming and social distancing violation. Even outdoors are no longer safe as the covid virus is a full blown airborne contagion...

Woohooo ang saya saya nyan bukas 6-9am sabay-sabay ang lahat.

While they're at it, bakit di na lang sila mag organize ng fun run. Gun start 6am tapos cutoff 9am.

After 9 am pa daw kasi ang labas ng COVID. Malalate daw kasi ang covid dahil traffic. Madami daw kasi tao ng 4am to 6am. kaya 6 am to 9 am allowed ang exercise.

Sa umaga kasi ay tulog pa po yata yung  virus from 6am-9am. Puyat po kasi daw yung virus dahil graveyard shift sila from 8pm - 4am kaya yun ang curfew naman po natin.

If only common sense is indeed common to all.. These government officials talaga oh, senseless as always. Ang tatalino...ahahaha!

Literal na sample ng “oh sige na nga” at mema na lang!

17,231 new Covid-19 cases for today. 317 dead. Tamang tama pala yun pagluwag ng quarantine restriction sa NCR?

Pwede naman mag exercise sa loob ng bahay. Naghihigpit kuno pero hindi nag-iisip, mga expert daw,  pero walang common sense?

So nice of our masters. But I won't be satisfied until 2 face shields and leashes are also mandatory. 

Who knows, if we're obedient enough, they'll let us live in their garage, or garden and feed us.

I'm already practicing my "roll over", "beg", and "play dead".

Also since MECQ na ay wala ng ayuda, baka pwedeng may free treats na lang.

Gina Iniong happy to see Jenelyn Olsim make her own name in ONE

Wazzup Pilipinas

Much has been said about the new breed of Team Lakay fighters as the likes of Lito "Thunder Kid" Adiwang, Stephen "The Sniper" Loman, Jeremy "The Juggernaut" Pacatiw, and Jhanlo Mark Sangiao have all garnered hype upon their arrival in ONE Championship.

But make no mistake about it, that excitement isn't limited to the legendary stable's male competitors.

Jenelyn Olsim is also hoisting the flag for the women in the Baguio-based gym as she seeks to make her own splash in The Home of Martial Arts.

And she's got a veteran backing her up in this ascent.

Gina "Conviction" Iniong is elated to see how Olsim has fared since her arrival in ONE Championship, establishing herself as one of the fiercest female fighters in the promotion.

"Jenelyn has been showing great promise since she competed in ONE Championship. She won [her debut] in dominant fashion and I think at the rate she’s fighting now, we can see her challenging for a belt soon," she said.

Iniong is just overjoyed to witness this campaign for Olsim, especially seeing how far the latter has gone in her career.

"I can remember the first time I saw Jenelyn in the Team Lakay Gym and all I saw was a very hardworking and talented fighter. She listens to the coaches, and she absorbs everything in our training," she recounted.

"She just takes in all that information very well and understands the pointers that were given to her, and she really uses it to her advantage to get further and get better in her career."

In Iniong's eyes, Olsim's campaign in the 30th Southeast Asian Games back in 2019 may have also boosted her confidence as she became one of the few Team Lakay medalists in the regional multi-sport event after taking home a silver medal in the women's 54kg in muay thai.

"We were in different training camps, but because we're both in Team Lakay, the connection will always be there. She is still a family to me even if we were in different disciplines in the SEA Games," said Iniong, who for her part won the gold medal in the women's lightweight category in kickboxing.

Truly, Olsim has enjoyed a supernova-like ascent after her run in the ONE Warrior Series.

In her first match, the 24-year-old turned heads as she stunned no. 5-ranked strawweight contender Maira Mazar with a submission victory at ONE: FISTS OF FURY 3 last March.

Showcasing her grit and the much talked about improved ground game from Team Lakay, Olsim caught Mazar to a guillotine choke and forced the Brazilian to submit 41 seconds into the third round.

It was a captivating victory that allowed Olsim to take Mazar's place in the ONE Athlete Rankings for the women's strawweight division.

But now, Olsim is making a move from the strawweight division to the atomweight division as she fights the always dangerous Bi "Killer Bee" Nguyen at ONE: BATTLEGROUND III on August 27 in Singapore.

Despite the changes in weight, Iniong has her full belief that Olsim can maintain her lethal kicks and equally improved ground game to get the victory.

"Jenelyn is a well rounded fighter. She has a great ground game and at the same time, she is also a muay thai fighter. Given this background, she can be creative inside the ring and adapt easily to the situation," she said.

Iniong, who also competes in ONE Championship's atomweight division, has also done her part in preparing Olsim for this leap, giving her insightful advice ahead of her fight against Nguyen.

"I just told her to play her game, stick to her plan, and trust herself. She has a great team and an amazing talent and skill set, and all she needs is to trust that and everything she worked hard for will all manifest inside the ONE Circle," she said.

Who knows, another statement win from Olsim in this match may just very well put her in another opportune situation in this new weight class, possibly a match against reigning ONE Women's Atomweight World Champion "Unstoppable" Angela Lee -- one Iniong is happy to vouch for.

"If Jenelyn continues to keep winning in the atomweight division, I think she can be a strong title contender," she said.

Busybee leads digital transformation in the post-pandemic Philippines

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As the research around digital transformation grows at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, finding straightforward solutions to companies’ encounters and hardships can become a challenge. That’s why Busybee together with JCI - Perlas Pasay, Rotaract Club of San Antonio de Padua, Rotary Club of Alabang Madrigal Business Park, ASEAN Youth Organization – Philippines, Asian- African Chambers of Commerce and Industry,, The Philippine Star, Business World, ABS-CBN News Channel, DZMM TeleRadyo, and When In Manila put together a three-part Webinar series, "Coping with the Accelerated Digitalization: Empowering Organizations with Digital Tools" — to provide the most valuable and up-to-date information about digital transformation all in one place. More than five thousand known professionals and individuals from concerned government agencies and the private sector joined and established a cohesive and integrated strategic action in order to help and educate organizations on how to rapidly innovate and take advantage of new digital tools and leverage digital services to emerge from the pandemic crisis.

Over the course of the three Webinars, presentations and discussions demonstrated the technology’s strategic importance as a critical component of our businesses and not just a source of cost efficiencies in order to stay competitive in this new business and economic environment. The first part of the series focused on the topics on SMS and Viber Marketing, and the e-commerce and web development with speakers and panelists from the National Economic Development Authority Dr. Dexter Galban, MyBusybee, Inc. head of AI Chatbot development team Bench Cosme, and Zagana CEO Joshua Aragon — who provided insights on how to get the message across the Philippine Archipelago and the future of physical offices and shops post-pandemic. Part two provided the theme: Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot, as well as the virtual event platform which tackled the future of business operations and the new normal approach in hosting events with guest speakers from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Wea Bohol, the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) Atty. Maria Anthonette Velasco-Allones, and Lamudi Group Philippines CEO Kenneth Stern. The third part covered the topics on cybersecurity and data privacy with panelists and speakers from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Dr. Thelma Villamorel, Busybee’s Cyber Security head Ireneus Laszlo Legeza, and the National Privacy Commission (NPC) Janssen Esguerra, who established awareness on cybersecurity in the Philippines and how organizations can secure its information online. Throughout the whole event, attendees, speakers, and panelists shared opinions, thoughts, and suggestions with a mission to help individuals and businesses adapt to digital transformation, ensure business continuity, and continue to deliver public services during this time of crisis and even beyond.

Since its inception in 2009, Busybee has helped build infinite opportunities for the country and the world by harnessing the infinite dynamics of technology and innovation. With technological capabilities constantly advancing and customer expectations are always on the rise, the need to streamline internal efficiencies has been ever-present. Becoming “digital-ready” demands several high-level preparations. Busybee provides an agile digital support strategy and a place for digital in the core business model.

Beginning with mobile, Busybee is one of the few top aggregators in the country, servicing Global OTT clients like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Apple, Zoom, and a lot more. With its proprietary products in SMS, specifically BrandTxT and PowerBlast, Busybee has become the most trusted and most reliable provider of SMS applications in the country. Busybee BrandTxT is the newest SMS gateway platform that offers a unique form of brand recognition, while at the same time making communication more professional. This platform covers over 900 mobile networks across 180 countries. It boasts a wide range of fully-set and user-friendly web SMS features, along with an API for easy integration with any application and website. BrandTxT is widely used for welcome SMS, payment reminders, announcements, transaction alerts, birthday greetings, and a lot more. "BrandTxT application offers endless possibilities for automated and direct communication to ensure that important notifications are delivered efficiently, securely, and directly to your clients," Busybee head of sales, Kim Klarisse Almeida said.

In the area of the web, Busybee’s products and services include domain, hosting, VPS, dedicated server, emails, web designs, web development, e-commerce, SSL, web vulnerability, and a lot more. As the top choice of many sensitive government agencies for their website redesign projects, Busybee prides itself as a platinum member of PhilGEPS, an iGov compliant company, and as an official partner of Acunetix and Rapid7.

Busybee assures the quality of its products because of its staff expertise which is composed of veteran developers such as web designers, web developers, graphic designers, QA Specialists, system analysts, software engineers, project managers, and digital marketing specialists. Busybee built its unique and original websites from scratch ranging from simple info sites to complex e-commerce sites.

Aside from its command of all things web, Busybee also delved into software reselling, being an authorized reseller of big global softwares such as Google, Microsoft, QuickBooks, Adobe, Zoom, and many more — making its way to being the top software reseller in the country. To further put its foot into the doors of the future, Busybee is also a player in the world of digital marketing, providing different types of digital marketing services like email marketing, mobile responsive websites, web security, chat messaging, SEO, social media management, and a lot more. As traditional media are slowly becoming obsolete, Busybee steps up to engage in this fast-growing digital media.

Busybee also offers graphic design, photography, and video presentation services. Its design group produces high-quality company logos, business cards, brochures, letterheads, flyers, billboards, and other customized designs that cater to any business’ marketing needs.

To top it all, Busybee offers a platform for virtual events called Busybee VEP, which is the very first virtual event platform in the Philippines with cutting edge event technology engineered by its top senior software architects and developers. The engineering team behind Busybee VEP uses patent holding infrastructure and framework, assured of industry leading security, scalability, world-class user interface, and unmatched customer experience. Its technology has powered events of all sizes, from large international conferences to focused B2B meets in industries ranging from Information Technology, Aerospace to Medicine, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, among many others.

“Our mission is to provide A to Z products and services that are relevant to the current situation of our nation, which is why we always collaborate with government agencies for us to know how our innovation can further facilitate their systems and processes and to offer innovative tools for businesses. The goal is to alleviate the barriers towards digital transformation to ease the evolution of their business model. We believe that companies and agencies alike can further scale up their operation as they go digital. It is also important to note that in order for us to successfully get through this transition, the right mindset and outlook is crucial. Yes, we can harness the benefits offered by technology and utilize it to our advantage instead of gearing away from it,” Busybee CEO Rico Hernandez stated.

By 2023, Busybee aspires that not only the large organizations but also the small and medium-sized enterprises would have adopted the digital revolution and will be considered “digitally determined” or committed to the goal of fully adopting and implementing digital tools via new business models and digital products/services.

“As a home-grown Filipino, I strongly believe that our country can realize its full potential because we have diverse local talents and unique ability to cope with pivotal changes as shown in our history. The digital transformation and online revolution is just one of the many paths our nation can succeed by equipping our workforce with digital skills, and supporting the new generation of startups in their innovation. This is a collective effort,” Mr. Hernandez said.

The end of this Webinar series signaled just the beginning of a new paradigm of impactful projects that will help support the Philippine digital economy and benefit society worldwide.

PLDT Enterprise activates BEYOND FIBER connectivity in Agdangan, Quezon

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

PLDT Enterprise, the B2B arm of the largest fully integrated telecommunications company in the Philippines, PLDT, has extended its BEYOND FIBER solution to the local government of Agdangan, Quezon in its bid to improve the municipality’s connectivity for its COVID-19 response initiatives.

According Agdangan, Quezon Mayor Rhadam Aguilar, a strong internet connection helps the province to cope in the new normal as it supports their online processes in implementing relief measures for the constituents.

“We are grateful to PLDT Enterprise for helping us acquire a reliable connection to boost our efforts to cope in this new normal. This will help us seamlessly communicate and exchange data within our departments which are essential for the efficient delivery of services,” Mayor Aguilar said.

PLDT Enterprise will provide multiple lines of fixed connections through BEYOND FIBER to the offices within the Agdangan municipal hall.

According to PLDT FVP & Enterprise Revenue Group Head Vic Tria, PLDT Enterprise has been actively working with various local government units across the country for their much needed reliable connectivity to support and sustain the delivery of public services.

“It is important that we support and empower the provinces and municipalities in their digital transformation programs as we all pivot to the new normal. PLDT Enterprise is here to guide them through their journey in fostering a sustainable digitally-enabled environment,” said Tria.

Meanwhile, PLDT Enterprise Vice President for Small and MicroBiz Chito Franco also added that the company has been committed to offer reliable technological solutions, such as BEYOND FIBER, to organizations during the ongoing digital shift.

PLDT Enterprise’s BEYOND FIBER is an all-in-one digital solution anchored on business-grade fiber suited to support the digital operations of offices, branches, micro and small enterprises, and work-from-home employees. It boasts of the 90-90 advantage or a minimum of 90 percent of the subscribed speed at 90 percent reliability.

This means a 50 Mbps BEYOND FIBER offer would give no less than 45 Mbps at 90 percent of the time, providing uninterrupted online transactions to organizations while eliminating the fear of network congestion during peak hours.

“BEYOND FIBER is the perfect solution for organizations and businesses looking for a reliable partner for their digital transformation. With BEYOND FIBER, they have access to our curated digital solutions which can allow them to maximize their productivity and help them in their digital journey,” said Franco.

For more information, visit

Thursday, August 19, 2021

18M car plan benefits of HDMF PAGIBIG executives flagged by COA

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Commission on Audit (COA) has questioned the purchase of 21 cars by the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or Pag-IBIG Fund for its officers last year without the approval from the Office of the President (OP).

In its 2020 audit report on the state-run firm, state auditors said Pag-IBIG disbursed a total of P36.355 million in line with its 2015 Car Plan.

Sought for comment, Pag-IBIG Fund vice president for public relations Kalin Franco-Garcia said, “Pag-IBIG Fund maintains that there is no need for Presidential approval because what we implemented is a reduction in the car plan benefits.”

“The laws cited by COA require Presidential approval only in case of new benefits or when there is an increase in benefits” 

OMG! Car plan benefits during a pandemic. Better just work for the government and do day light robbery.

Im sure after a few months, burado na naman ito. Asan na yung sinasabing walang kurapsyon! This is so insensitive. Car plan in 2020, kung kelan halos sarado at skeletal ang PAGIBIG? Subukan kaya nilang makipagsiksikan o maglakad o mag bike na lang para nabawasan ang timbang. Napansin nyo ba na nagtatabaan mga government officials and executives?

Grabe kayo! Pera ng taong bayan yan. Ganyan ninyo na lang pakinabangan at pagpasarapan ng buhay tapos yung mga members pahirapan sa pag apply at mag paapproved ng loan. Pasarap lang kayo sa pera ng iba.

Dapat may oversight commission ang PHIC, SSS, GSIS, at HDMF. If Im not mistaken, COA lang nakaka-discover ng financial anomalies sa mga entity na to? Wala silang separate body na magre-regulate dito.

Ang pera ng taong bayan, ipinang bibili lang ng sasakyan ng government executives! Samantalang iyong tax payer de commute lang. Kapag di nagbayad tax, BIR agad!

These government officials have "sarap buhay" in the pandemic - full pay and benefits despite lessened work for many and lots of opportunities for sucking at people's money.

Bato's slip of the tongue "sarap buhay" is true for most govt officials in the pandemic. Look at the self-help car plans at HDMF, gluttonous meal allowances at PCOO, no-contract multi-million disbursements, name it. The pandemic has provided a mask and shield for unli- kurakotan.

Galawang Duque at Duterte Ang peg Ng HDMF. Remember when Duque, as CSC Chair, tried to sit as an ex-officio member of the GSIS, PhilHealth, ECC, and HDMF Boards. He has a track record of trying to circumvent the independence of Constitutional Commissions.

Duque is a former CSC Chair and so he should know how constitutional commissions work and should stop complaining. If he doesn't, well, then add that to the list of things he should, but doesn't, know.

Duque has been trained using the Duterte playbook, so it's no wonder the other government agency heads are equally questionable in their reasonings and counters.

They were trained to do the following:

1.Mag-drama, umiyak kung kaya

2. Sabihin, "Kayo na lang kaya gumawa ng trabaho ko! Kahit na noon pa sila pinaparesign ng taong bayan. He should not be listening to Duterte because his loyalty should be for the people and not the president.

3. Answer using generalizations....walang ninakaw...instead of specifics.

Ang hirap....benta pa rin Ito sa maraming tao. Karamihan kasi ay misinformed ng mga paid trolls and ng mga kaalyadong lumilibot sa mga probinsya at depressed areas.

COA flags DepEd over P8B deficiencies in BE-LCP fund

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Department of Education (DepEd) was found to have deficiencies in spending P8.136 billion in funds for its Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) amid the pandemic. 

The DepEd maintained that the deficiencies pointed out by the COA were mainly brought about by the impact of the lockdowns imposed nationwide due to the COVID-19 situation in the country.

The state auditors previously flagged the DepEd over poor planning that resulted in delayed production and deliveries of printed modules for the distance learning program. 

Nag roll call ang COA. Mukhang present ang lahat ng ahensiya ng gobyerno under Duterte.

Nandito pa sa DepEd yung mga teachers na pinakamababang pasahod tapos corrupt yung ahensya! And the teachers were made to be factory workers of substandard modules, not being able to go on Christmas or summer vacation.

Wow! Grabe na ito, Pilipinas!

Credibility of rebuttal by the Usec Annalyn Sevilla of DepEd is real flimsy, & btw, underhanded practices regarding finance is always present as reported by various media outlets. That's like saying, the DepEd will always be needing paperclips & staplers. Of course, the denial was more than expected. Duh!

Alam na this! The Best and the Brightest talaga when it comes to anomalies and deficiencies.

Let's be honest, the lack of competence and professionalism among government agencies and its officials is abysmal.

Corruption is everywhere. Only the top brass officials are benefited. From the National down to Local.

Tignan mo naman head ng Deped, kulang na lang may lumot sa balat. Paanong bibilis at maayos ang sistema. Sabi nga ni Roque pertaining to Duterte "You can expect an old horse/dog to learn new tricks."

And we all know what comes next, Duterte will be doing his late night babbling and tantrums and will go ballistic against the COA, PCOO will require their paid trolls and influencers to create more distractions and spread a lot of misinformation and fake news. Doing overtime dahil malaki naman nakulimbat nilang budget.

Roque will again be active as the presidential tagapagsinungaling declaring more palusot, excuses, lies and false claims. 

Hindi na yata uso yung wheelchair strategy for the agency heads dahil masyadong obvious na. Pero sinimulan na ni Duque saying hindi raw sila nakakatulog, so baka susunod na magpa admit sa high-end hospitals like St. Lukes where he can comfortably spend the days monitoring the developments while he laughs at how stupid we have been voting for Duterte and his minions.

COA should flag that most important clerk in the country, residing in a Palace beside the Pasig River near Mendiola for gross incompetence and mental incapacity.

COA lang sakalam!

PTV-4 flagged by COA for several deficiencies

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

COA questions PTV-4 for P158.5 million in expenses 

COA questions PTV’s P77.3-M payment for workers in 2017 

COA also flagged PTV-4's P50-M ads deal  with GSIS

Pati PTV may anomalya sa pasweldong mga tao. Walang dokumento dahil malamang ay mga paid trolls ng gobyerno.

May ads deal pa with GSIS eh wala namang significant audience ang PTV-4.

And don't forget when COA red-flagged PTV-4 for the P60-M payment to Tulfo's program for airing Department Of Tourism (DOT) ads way back 2018...of which we all know DOT was obviously guilty of questionable acts.

if COA keeps this pace and continue the red flaggings of offices manned by hindutz appointees,we might as well see a top to bottom shake up of this agency, there is no thing as being upright in this Duterte administration.

Hindi pa ba quota si Duterte, magtira  naman siya para sa mga tao. Ang korapsyon at galawang ilegal ay hatid sa inyo ng gobyernong Duterte.

Thanks COA for doing a great job in exposing the many "whiffs of corruption" in the government. Let's keep fighting for our right to accountability. :)

Winarak na ninyo ng sobra-sobra ang Duterte government.

Ewan ko lang kung hindi pa magbago mga DDS dito sa mga sunod-sunod na reports ng questionable spendings within the government.

Did Arjo Atayde skip quarantine protocols after testing positive for COVID during a shoot in Baguio?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Baguio is currently trending and all I can say for now is "sana all".

This Arjo Atayde "issue" does smell fishy.

If that was any ordinary citizen, they would've been admitted in a Baguio hospital, especially with symptoms like shortness of breath and fever, and not allowed out of the city - but he wasn't, and rushed to Manila.

Reeks of privilege tbh.

I've had friends who were stuck in other cities and had to be admitted for COVID in those cities because of quarantine policies - regardless of their pre-existing medical conditions.

Totoo nga naman - we're all in the same storm, but not in the same boats. The rich and the privileged always get away with paid PR sa lahat ng media at news. Sila na ang mga nasa ship.

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong said he ordered an investigation on the alleged health protocol violations by a film crew after 10 of them tested positive for COVID-19.  

Did Arjo Atayde skip quarantine protocols after testing positive for COVID during a shoot in Baguio? 

Here’s the official statement from Feelmaking Productions which is owned by Atayde. 

Production Head of FeelMaking Productions Inc. issued this statement in response to the news that came out that Arjo Atayde left Baguio after testing positive in CoViD-19. Nine others tested positive and currently under quarantine. 

I don’t buy their reason that Arjo Atayde rushed to hospital in Manila from Baguio due to dyspnea (DOB) and hyperthermia (Pyrexia). The fact that he’s in serious condition, he should have been inpatient in a Baguio hospital. Either his PR is lying or reeks entitlement.

Also, was he transported in an ambulance? Coz if he did have those symptoms, he need medical attention while travelling long distance.

To a place where hospitalization is thru the roof and many patients were turned down due to COVID-19-dedicated beds being filled.

Kasi nung na-COVID with mild symptoms Yung friend ko, may kasama kaming medical personnel sa bus na nag-transport sa amin papuntang Laguna from Manila. At saka may escort na ambulansya para alam ng lahat na medical transport yung bus namin.

Dapat may HCW na kasama pag moderate to severe.

Double standard dahil artista. Its very clear na he and his team breached the health protocol. Difficulty in breathing pero naka biyahe to Manila? Bakit wala bang hospital sa Baguio? Irresponsable sila. Dagdag pasanin sa LGU.

Not yet elected yet doing a Koko Pimentel. Hindi makahinga but rushed from Baguio to Manila. Owns the production company yet left the rest of the crew in Baguio. Such sense of entitlement from a business owner & an aspiring public servant.

Arjo's real life girlfriend, Maine Mendoza, tried to send out the tweet below:

Was Maine there during the actual filming?! How does she know all of these things, personal knowledge, hearsay?. Or dahil nadinig niya sa Mayor na numero unong pasaway ng health protocols ng lungsod niya? Remember that maskless party with Tim Yap he attended with his wife. Whatever happened to that? Did he investigate himself? Course not. How about the volleyball team where 8 players tested positive while in lock in training? Oh let's not forget the overwhelmimg number of new cases a day. All of those have to be investigated. Just so you know, no one will be accused of favoring a high profile Covid patient over the rest of the "citizenry."  

It will be difficult to explain this to Aldub fans. It will be ridiculously useless to try to make them understand.. Hellll, they think Maine and all of us here don't understand strict protocol?! Wnat hole have they've been living under?!
Kahit anong angle pa yan, at kahit ano pang pagpapaliwanag niya, lumabag pa din siya sa protocol. Sana inisip niya mga taong maari niya pang nahawa. Sana all privileged!

Paano din yung nag drive sa kanya at mga toll perspnnel na dinaanan nila. Plus how sure are we na di sila nag cr or stop over during the entire long drive. Extensive contact tracing dapat mangyari.

Try to immerse yourself in the shoes of Baguio citizens who've been living with super strict protocol. And u will see why there is panic and anger

The mere news na may shooting pala sa Baguio, tapos hindi sila sumunod sa protocol. Worse, may 10 na nagpositive. Worst, it's more like tumakas siya at Parang inabandona yung production crew Niya na naiwan sa Baguio!

The privileged are caught breaking health protocols, yet no one gets charged for anything. 

Money talks and people continue to die. 

Di ba may issue rin ng health protocol violations si Mayor Magalong nung umattend sya ng party ni Tim Yap sa Baguio noon. So it’s a tie lang!!!

We still wish Arjo, and the rest of his crew, well. Though he must face the charges. Mayor Magalong cited the violations - failing to maintain a 'bubble'; not undertaking the required 'triage'; & not doing the monthly testing as mandated. Leaving the city was just one of the many breaches.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

TikTok Advocates Kindness and Respect to Help Prevent Cyberbullying

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The platform commits to continue providing a welcoming, supportive environment for its community.

Among the reasons why TikTok has become a go-to platform for creative expression online is the safe and positive environment that has been built on the app. The platform advocates kindness by constantly encouraging its users to treat one another in a friendly and respectful manner. Nurturing a welcoming and supportive community has always been one of TikTok's commitments, and the platform continues to hold true to this promise, spreading goodwill among creators and viewers on the app to help prevent cyberbullying.

Many creators have contributed to the inspiring and uplifting atmosphere on TikTok by speaking out against cyberbullying in the videos that they share on their feeds. Through these creators, TikTok users can learn how to protect themselves and the community from negativity. Their content also lends support to anyone who may have been bullied or mistreated by others online, helping them see that they are not alone, and that they can always find someone to talk to, who understands what they are going through.

Here are some inspiring creators along with the uplifting videos they have shared on TikTok.

Inka Magnaye has been very open about her past experiences with bullying. She shares that she was bullied for many things growing up, from her teeth, gums, and large eyes, to her body shape, and dark skin color. For this reason, she has chosen to use her voice to advocate against bullying, as well as promote bullying awareness and prevention online.

EduCreator Lyqa Maravilla talks about cyberbullying in this video, illustrating the role that spectators may play in empowering cyberbullies whenever they interact with their posts. She says that, because everyone shares in the responsibility of changing that paradigm, we must strive to be disruptors instead of enablers and aggressors whenever we witness instances of cyberbullying.

In this video, creator Japboy teaches viewers how they can stop cyberbullying by checking their own reactions and comments before posting them online, to make sure that they aren't being bashers themselves.

Creators @chuckandjoe call for respect, and say no to discrimination and cyberbullying in this video, which encourages viewers to stop hate, and spread love instead.

Together with these inspiring creators, TikTok also takes steps to address important issues like cyberbullying and negativity on the platform through movements such as its recently-launched #CreateKindness campaign. This global campaign and creative video series aims to raise awareness about online bullying, and the power of kindness and inclusion in battling discrimination and hatred online. As part of this ongoing initiative, an animated video series will be launched on the @TikTokTips account, telling real stories from six animator-creators that offer perspectives on how to counter bullying, expose the true impact that harmful behavior can have on a person, and remind the community why everyone needs to work together to prevent this.

TikTok encourages everyone to participate in the #CreateKindness hashtag challenge by posting videos on the platform that show heartwarming moments, and leaving comments that can inspire others to spread kindness, too. Choose, celebrate, and create kindness every day. Help spread positivity on TikTok, and do your part to prevent cyberbullying online.

Download TikTok on your iOS and Android devices today.

COA: DICT bought 170M worth of gadgets from construction firm

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

A Commission on Audit  (COA) report questioned the legal basis of the Department of Information and Communications Technology's (DICT) purchase of ₱170M worth of laptops and other devices, including the eligibility of its supplier.

In its 2020 Audit Report, COA cited the P170,273,000 worth of gadgets which included thousands of laptops, pocket wi-fi and tablets, that were bought by the DICT from a construction firm. 

The state auditors doubt that a general construction company will be able to legally supply the DICT with laptops and other computer gadgets. 

And the plot thickens. This is probably why Duterte was going ballistic against the COA. Well, now we can't ignore the insurmountable evidences of questionable transactions going on within the government agencies.

Universal store na pala hardware sa Pilipinas. Pati napkin, laptops, etc. Wow talaga! Ang husay nila. Ang kakapal. Ang galing talaga ng gobyerno natin ngayon. Bow kami sa kademonyohan nila.

Just like buying in Binondo. The store clerk will always say: we have that item, I'll just get from the "bodega." Bodega is code for items that will be bought by the store from nearby stores, and re-sold for a bit of profit.

Matibay daw kasi ang laptop na galing sa construction services vendor na ito. Pre-cast ang body niya. 5HP split type ang cooling system. And the keyboard is gawa sa tiles imported from Italy.

The COA also flagged the DICT for over P5.78-Billion unspent budget for 2020. 

The COA said the failure of the DICT to utilize funds for key programs affected internet connectivity in the country. 

There are dictheads in DICT. They could've also created an app and the national registry for covid tracking. Instead, our methods are Jurassic.

This is probably because another ex-military is leading it. 

I think this was the overall plan after all. To assign ex-military and friends to the different government agencies in order to accumulate funds for this administration's elite corrupt team.

The COA-UN Auditor, Atty. Jake Cimafranca, who signed off on the DoH & on the DICT Red Flags have died of a heart attack due to "stress".

We can imagine the stress brought to bear on the good man by Duterte himself who ranted last night that such "flagging, flagging" by the COA must be ignored.

Lahat na lang nang sangay nang gobyerno ni Inutil ay kurap , sindikato talaga ang mga animal!

COA flags 1 Million worth of sanitary napkins purchased by OWWA at a hardware

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

It's more corrupt talaga sa PHILIPPINES!!!

COA cited OWWA for buying more than 1 mliion worth of hygiene kits, napkins, and thermal scanners from MRCJP Construction and Trading located at No. 80 M. Cornejo Street, Malibay, Barangay 161 Pasay City. 

COA officials did not find a hardware at the said address when they conducted an ocular inspection.

Apparently OWWA bought “sanitary napkins” from a construction firm in an address that turned out to be nothing but a residential street.

OWWA chief Hans Cacdac says Deputy Administrator Faustino Sabarez III will explain to COA why the construction and trading company cannot be found in the stated address.

The OWWA purchase of  P1.269 million worth of hygiene products bought from a hardware store "is still subject to liquidation and explanation,” according to OWWA administrator Hans Cacdac.

COA also says that OWWA purchased bottled water and snack items from a caterer in Quezon City when these items are available in supermarkets or hypermarkets within the vicinity of Pasay City.

Baka naman yung sanitary napkin, may technology siya na pwedeng reusable (eww), ganun. Tapos baka online seller yung hardware, maayos ang demo nung product kaya napa mine si OWWA. 

Bata-bata system po kasi bawat government agencies. Dig deeper and you'll discover a lot of legal suppliers but they are all one owner that contracts almost all supplies and services to that agency. May mafia at oligarchs systems combined. The crooked culture reeks so high up to the mastermind.

Ang big question of the day; pati ba sanitary napkins ng mga taga OWWA sa tax pa natin kinukuha? Tapos sa hardware pa binili?

Bakit ba nalungkot si Duque? Hindi naman pala nag-iisa ang DOH. Pare-pareho silang lahat na kurap to the max. Mas makapal lang mukha ni Health Secretary.

Wait lang at nag-iisip pa ng idadahilan sila Mocha. Baka papel de liha na ang pinang pupunas nila sa mukha at puwet nila dahil masyado na daw kasi makapal at masangsang!

Duterte's Legacy! A government stinking of corruption, and protected by no less than the President whose name should not be mentioned because he might redtag you, and make you the main topic of his late night talk show.

The DDS hates corruption but loves Tatay Digs, the master of all corrupts. Lol! Kurakot dito, kurakot doon. Kabi-kabilang pangungurakot sa pinaghirapan ng mga Pilipino. This is where are taxes went, Pinoys!

Corruption. Corruption. Corruption. Officers that made those decisions and signed off the purchases should face consequences! 

Kaya nga pinapatagal ang pandemya eh... "May pera sa pandemya" - motto ng national government hanggang next year's election. There may even be a possibility that they'll cancel it, citing the never-ending and worsening pandemic situation in the Philippines.

The Best and the Brightest indeed!!!

Oh OWWA anong linyahan nyo? Kay Duque na yung "Winarak"

I hope the corruption money they've pocketed during their stint in government will be used to soon to finance buying medicines for their ailments, and also their families might get an extended illness out from their infectious disease. Karma will soon get back to them!

DSWD flagged by COA for 5.3 million worth of inappropriately documented funds released to former rebels

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Commission on Audit (COA) flagged for “inappropriate documentation” P5.3 million worth of funds released by the Department of Social Welfare and Development  (DSWD) to former rebels.

The state auditors have also flagged the  DSWD over P780.71 million in unutilized cash aid for Filipinos hit by lockdowns imposed to curb COVID-19 transmission.

In COA's 2020 annual report, DSWD Field Offices in Regions 2, 7, 8, 11 and Cordillera had unutilized cash aid “due to the inclusion of unqualified beneficiaries in the master list, and consequentially, depriving at least 139,300 families who are qualified for the program.”

So DSWD and TESDA have allotted millions for ex-rebels in spite of not being authorized to do so. Are they not aware some of these so called rebels are fake? What a creative way to misallocate the peoples money.

Ano ba yan?Lahat na lang ng ahensiya ng gobyerno sangkot sa katiwalian..Nasaan na ung “whiff of corruption” ni Duterte…Or it is a deliberate intention to withhold  the budget so that this corrupt government can use it in this upcoming election.

Hala COA, masyado nyo pong ginalingan, sway-sway lang po pagbubuko sa mga anomalya, baka ma-tag kayong DILAWAN ng mga DDS at ma- redtag nila Badoy at trigger happy na mga teroristang tunay na mga PNP.

Oh yah! Keep it going COA! Let us have some accountability here! It’s people’s money! The courage to speak the truth even under heavy fire will ultimately prevail.

It is sad that the people’s tax is going somewhere, but the poor recipients remain in dire strait due to this pandemic.

if all these  misappropriately used  funds augmented vaccine procurement and food for the hungry Filipinos then perhaps we'd be in much better, safer state of life amid the pandemic.

But it doesn't work that way. these crocs has insatiable greed. Frustrating, and how we want to strangle them until they turn blue.

The massive corruption in government agencies is the new norm. Why am I feeling that there's more to come soon, and a lit more unexposed and hidden from the COA's view.

Talagang lahat ng programa maganda lang tingnan pero kaya nila isusulong para may MANAKAW sila..hindi talaga para sa BENEFICIARIES kuno. Kailan kaya i-flag ang Build, Build, Build anomalies!?

Kaliwat kanan na ang me whiff of corruption! Akala ko ba amoy pa lang eh aaksyun na at yayariin ang mga tiwali? Joke din yata yun during his campaign just like the jet ski trip to China. Ang tunay na pinagsisilbihan nila Duterte ay ang mga instik.

Kaya yung mastermind, biglang "ignore COA" ang statement. Yung isang alipores naman may pagdadrama pa kahapon na hindi makatulog and is hinting on having leniency with documentation because of the pandemic (excuses again!). Let just call him Duque.

Flags here, flags there.

Tatay ng mga DDS ay tadtad na ng red flags.

Red. Bloody fuck*ng red.

Oh well, if they've got nothing to hide, show evidence on how the funds were liquidated. 

Kudos to COA for efficiently doing their jobs amid this pandemic!

TESDA flagged by COA for highly questionable spending

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Commission on Audit (COA) flags TESDA for P160 million worth of "highly questionable" NTF-ELCAC spending. NTF-ELCAC activities were not among 2020 appropriation for TESDA, and no SARO was issued by DBM. No legal basis and will "expose funds to misuse or misappropriation.

Auditors said that of the P23 million given to the TESDA office in SOCCSKSARGEN, P6M was used for "questionable activities" like monthly meetings, prepaid loads, transpo, accommodation, office supplies and materials,  security, etc. 

The biggest chunk of the amount went to the vocational training agency’s regional office in Davao. Most of the transfers were taken out of TESDA's scholarship funds. 

May allocation na pala ang NTF-ELCAC sa budget ng TESDA... Bago yan ah! Ibang level na talaga ang creativity ng mga buwaya. Good job COA!

What does Tesda have to do with fighting insurgency?

As usual, recycled military officer ang head.  Si LapeƱa na galing Customs bago sinipa sa TESDA dahil sa 11 billion shabu smuggling. 

Baka matulad sa Philhealth ito. May ilalagay na tao tapos biglang OK na agad lahat.

This only shows that most department and other government agencies are linked to corruption. And so this administration failed to stop corruption but instead worsen just like other promises.

Meanwhile... Office of the VP: consistent highest audit rating among all government agencies and in addition to that may ISO certification pa. Saan ka pa?! Alam na, for 2022 kung sino karapat-dapat na ibotong muli, at ibaon na sa lupa ang mga nakaupo sa pwesto ngayon. Better yet,  the new administrationshould file the necessary cases against these corrupt officials.

COA is doing their job honestly with integrity, EFFICIENTTLY. No matters whose heads will roll on the ground. Kung sino may agimat siyang tatamaan ng kidlat.

Kudos, COA! Keep yourselves safe from the VIRUS in the government. They are more fatal than the invisible Delta strain of COVID 19.

Salute! for not getting intimidated by the sick man from the South! Hats off ang taong bayan sa inyo for doing the function you guys are good at! Seems isa na lng kayo sa iilang ahensiya ng pamahalaan na may natitirang pagmamahal/ pagmamalasakit sa mamamayan at inang bayan!

To the agencies and departments being called out, please answer the questions and provide your proofs that you are spending taxpayers money correctly and wisely! Don't be like Duque with his pa-drama effect. Di na raw nakakatulog. It only means he is not fit for the job so let others handle it. Surrender your position to the more able and qualified.

Naglalabasan lahat ng anomalya sa gobyerno at mga ahensya nito! Ang tindi ng gobyernong ito! I hate corruption daw accordingg to Duterte pero ayan, billion nawawala o hindi ma-explain sa kaban ng bayan.  Kailangan pa ng DOH ng more time para doktorin ang mga dokumento. Magkakaroon muna ng magic mula sa mga salamankero led by Duque and his boss Digong.

Kaya siguro ayaw siya palitan kasi baka ikanta si Mayor at mabisto ang itinatagong bilyon na gagamitin siguro sa darating na kampanya at election. 

More highly questionable and unexplainable spendings are going to be exposed soon....and this administration is exerting all efforts to distract or misinform the people about what's really going on. 

An escape plan to China is probably planned and currently more troll farms are working overtime to deceive and elude. It will be all too late before we realized we were duped. 

While millions are in hardships these government branches are enjoying luxuries in billions to trillions of pesos of the taxpayer’s money. I  hope we will get justice for these inconceivable actions.  

“No coincidence PH did best in Olympics—este, corruption—under Duterte.”

Namamayagpag ang mga korap... Sabi nung una, " I hate corruption" prank lang pala!

Kaya hindi takot ang mga ito sa ECQ eh, may stored na yaman. Hindi magugutom pamilya nila dahil sa dami ng ninanakaw sa kawawang mga pinoy.

Wake up people! Sobra na corruption sa Pilipinas! Palakpakan pa ba?

I bet on the next talk show ni doging: buong COA redtagged at adik.

Party-list representative for PUV drivers under fire for her lavish wedding

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

"Claudine Bautista, the representative for PUV driver party-list DUMPER, is under fire for getting married in luxury destination Balesin Island Resort."

Congratulations to the newlyweds especially to Cong. Claudine Bautista. The malnourished, hungry, impoverished drivers she represents are all proud of her and wishes her the best.

Agot Isidro criticized the purchase of the gown, saying “That gown alone can feed hundred of families of displaced drivers. And you’re representing which sector again, Cong. Claudine Bautista?

Flaunting of wealth in time of crisis by a public official is a crime against decency and humanity. Sagad din sa buto ang pagiging insensitive eh! Saya at garbo ng kasal, habang ang mga nire-representante niya, higit isang taon nang nagpipilit makaraos sa panlilimos sa kalsada.

Michael Cinco gown! Balesin! This is nothing new. Partylist representatives do not genuinely belong to the marginalized sector.

Since the onset of this pandemic, we would often see & hear sad plights of public utility drivers begging for food & assistance in the streets of Metro Manila-  and it's only now we learn about the former having even their own party list representation in the lower House - keeping mum and silent about their relevance to supposed "members" in these times;  and now busy with their own version of ostentation.  What gives?

Ang lupet no. Kasal mo, binabatikos ng husto. Gusto mo lang naman ikasal hahaha. Choices in life talaga madalas eh no. Di matiis na hindi i-display. But it should be one of the rrsponsibilities being a public servant...especially when it is written.

She is an insensitive public servant at the expense of marginalize sector  that she represents and now in the midst of pandemic. Itbis unethical to show how luxurious she is.

Hindi ba niya naisip yung consequences kapag dinisplay niya yung karangyaan sa gitna ng mainit na paghihirap ng tao gawa ng pandemic ? Sisihin mo yung Michael Cinco at yung event organizer mo na dinisplay pa  yung magarbong kasuotan mo at handaan. Naturingan pa naman siyang representative ng isang sector na halos mamalimos na me maipakain lang sa pamilya tsk tsk tsk !!

Konting simpatya man lang sana sa mga drivers. Ang dami talaga nakaluklok sa gobyerno na walang mga puso puro pansariling interes lang sila. Yung mga PUV / jeepney drivers na nire represent niya ay noong 2020 pa namamalimos sa kalsada.  Napansin ba niya man lang?? Sobrang insensitive o wala ng talagang pakialam?

Ganito sana, nagresign muna sya sa pagiging representative ng mga jeepney, bus, taxi atbp. saka sya magpakasal ng bonggang bongga kahit sa Paris pa sila magpakasal walang babatikos dahil isa na syang pribadong indibidwal.

Naging PUV driver man lang kaya siya para makatarungan niyang mai-represent ang party list? Ginagamit at inaabuso ng mayayaman at makapangyarihan ang party list system na maganda sana layunin.

It's high time we abolish party list system which is being abused and corrupted by some dirty politicians.

Even if it’s a private funded affair, it is morally reprehensible indulging in ostentatious display of power and wealth, representing a vulnerable group at that!

 Yan ba Turo ng magulang mo hija?

RA 6713 Section 4 (h) Simple living. - Public officials and employees and their families shall lead modest lives appropriate to their positions and income. They shall not indulge in extravagant or ostentatious display of wealth in any form.

Her lavish wedding was considered as very insensitive in this time of crisis. The pandemic has brought most of us down to.our knees. Meanwhile poor drivers are begging on the streets.

Ang daming footages ng drivers na umiiyak at nanghihingi ng tulong tapos ganyan eh no. May lakas pa ng loob to post it sa social media. Back door route talaga yang congress para makapag kamal eh. Kapag nandiyan na, who you na yung mga bumoto sa kanila para i-represent.

Hindi naman masama gawing magarbo ang sariling kasal. Minsan, hindi masama na maging selfish... Kasal niya yun. Can afford naman siya. Bakit kailangan kaladkarin siya pababa. Medyo woke nga ba ang dating?

Ang issue dito is that there is a public official involved. Kinatawan pa ng isa sa mga hardest hit sector sa bansa. If you still dont get it, wala na kayong pag asa. 

Insensitive flaunting of riches. Should she have spared even 1/4 of the amount spent for her grandiose wedding to the welfare of the drivers she represents, she would have been an epitome of a representation to the marginalized group as mentioned.

Wala man lang pa vaccine sa mga PUV drivers ang beki na yan. Kahit anong gara ng wedding gown mo, kahit gaano pa yan kamahal, kaluluwa mo naman nakasangla na kay satanas.

This is a prime illustration of how the sublime concept of representation has been subverted, distorted. How can one individual present himself/herself as a representative of a group he/she is not a member of and he/she knows nothing about. The same is true to most in entire congress.

ABOLISH the Party List.  Or, have the members vote for their representative and make sure they represent the many and not just his/her family and friends.  What a SCAM!  Cannot win on a regular election so they fake their alliance with a group or profession they know NOTHING about! 

The partylist system perse is not wrong and minorities definitely need representatives. What is wrong is when oligarchs come in and use it as another leverage. marginalized groups ought to be represented by their own people. Whatever happened to common sense. Sadly, it is only these kind of character that are present in most party lists.

How on Earth could she ever represent a marginalized sector when she is a member of a elite political clan ... This is beyond words ... Gising gising na po tayo mga kabayan ano ho ... This should never ever happen in the first place ... Gumising, kumilos at bumoto po tayo ng tama ... Naway huwag na huwag po sana tayo magkaroon ng amnesya sa nalalapit na halalan ..

Abolish the party list system. Ginagamit lang ito backdoor para maging house representative.

Kawawa talaga drivers sa Pilipinas..Nagkaroon nga sila ng representative sa congress pero katulad din ng representatives sa ibang sektor ay nagpakasarap lang sila sa buhay.....

Dapat i-abolish na ang partylist system. They have done nothing in congress except being additional expenses for the taxpayers. Worst, they ended up as rubber stamps of the administration.

And those that truly represent their sectors are red tagged? I suppose you have to be rich, corrupt and powerful to be considered an ally of the current administration. 

Next year elections ay huwag na po tayo boboto sa mga party lists na yan. Wala namang nagawa...sayang lang ang mga sahod nila...

Kaya nga po suriin at pag-isipang mabuti ang ihahalal natin sa darating na eleksyon.

Whiff of corruption continues as COA reports unecessary infinity pool, jacuzzi, etc., at PPA

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

State auditors questioned the Philippine Ports Authority over what they called the unnecessary and wasteful construction of an infinity pool in one of its training centers.

 "The Commission on Audit said the PPA spent around P10.8 million on the project for its training compound in San Fernando, La Union.

Aside from an infinity pool, the project cost also covered a jacuzzi, a guest room, a pergola and a decorative rock wall."

State auditors said that the construction was “unnecessary” as it had caused the demolition of a newly built canopy and perimeter fence, resulting in “improper and wasteful” spending of public funds. 

I'm stressed with all these "whiffs of corruption" headlined by the Department of Health (Philippines). Pwede bang gamitin yung 10 million worth na infinity pool at other lavish installations like jacuzzi, pergola, guest room, etc., ng Philippine Ports Authority sa La Union para ma-relax naman?  It's our tax that paid for these luxury facilities, anyway. 

The COA juggernaut against the Imeldific wastefulness of the Duterte admin continues. 

“Management still pursued the construction of new structures without any supporting feasibility study and, seemingly, without regard for value-for-money.” 

But the PPA management was insistent on the necessity of the improvements in the training center which they said can also be used for local, national and international trainings and conferences.  

PPA GM Jay Daniel Santiago says expanding the amenities will increase the demand and profitability of the venue. He adds that what the auditors also failed to realize and recognize is that part of PPA’s function is to train its personnel to render the services its responsible for.

Syempre hindi papatalo mga taga PPA. Ang DENR nga nag-akssaya ng dolomite sa isang portion ng Manila Bay. Eh di lagyan ng infinity pool Naman para may sariling resort ang PPA.

Ginawan ng infinity pool at jacuzzi para daw makatipid sa mga exit conferences at para parentahan ng mas mahal.

Pero noong 2018 ang revenue ng facilities ay 700k ang electric bill nila ay 750k. Kuryente pa lang yan ha.

So paano nakatipid ang bayan dito?  

Mas maganda nga dati na walang pool. May area for team building games. Maganda na rin rooms nila noon. 

Infinity pool eh pag high tide abot na abot ang lawn ng PPA ng tubig dagat. Kamusta ang pool?

On this issue I agree 100% with COA. The key issue here is not whether PPA should renovate and generate income, but whether you need a P10M infinity pool to do that.  

Kung ang panahon ni Pnoy pagtitipid ang ginawa ito puro paglulustay sa kaban ng bayan ang inatupag. Nakakagalit, ang daming namamatay at nagugutom sa panahon ng pandemic tapos ito ang makikita namin. Nasaan ba ang mga puso niyo, meron pa ba?

Tapos pagdurasahan ng mga susunod na generation. Tagal aabutin bago mabayaran lahat ng winaldas at ninakaw nila.

Sa panahon ni Duterte, ang taong bayan ang tinipid eh.

May pa contest yata sa administrasyon ni Duterte kung sino ang pinaka korupt na ahensya!

The Philippines is now reporting an average of more than 13,000 cases daily in the past week, its highest 7-day average since the start of the pandemic. 

Meantime, testing and contact tracing still nowhere while DOH caught up explaining covid billions funds. And, DepED billions deficiencies, TESDA ume-elcac, PPA’s infinity pool.. *whiff pfft. 

Stay strong COA!

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