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Microsoft's Hour of Code Program

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Microsoft Philippines, in partnership with Mojang AB and, led the Hour of Code for the visually impaired students from the Philippine National School for the Blind (PNSB). In line with Microsoft’s vision to empower every individual on the planet to achieve more.

Hour of Code aims to introduce basic computer programming to persons of all abilities through a unique coding tutorial based on the classic game, Minecraft

Twenty-three elementary and high school students from PNSB completed the Hour of Code session with Aleandre Kwan, Microsoft Philippines Citizenship Specialist, and Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) volunteers.

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Ross is the Pambansang Blogcaster ng Pilipinas - An Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Professional by profession and a Social Media Evangelist by heart. He blogs as an advocacy to help the country in making itself known as a prime tourist destination proving that it is really more fun in the Philippines.

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Choose Art This Valentine's Day with Ballet Philippines' Opera

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As a special Valentine’s treat, young professionals aged 30 and below may avail of a 30% discount on the 6pm shows of Ballet Philippines’ Opera - February 13 and 14 at the CCP Main Theater. Tickets may be purchased with this discount at the CCP Open House, the Pasinaya Festival on February 7, the Ballet Philippines office or through BP at 5511013.

Ballet Philippines “Opera” is choreographed by French dance maker Redha based on Gabriel Barredo’s acclaimed installation of the same title. The unique show seamlessly merges contemporary art and dance into a new groundbreaking production.

“Opera is a special production for lovers of contemporary art and dance, it breaks many barriers and transcends our expectations of a dance show” muses BP’s Artistic Director, Paul Alexander Morales. “We are offering this special promotion for the young art loving generation to give them a special option for Valentine’s”.

The original “Opera” exhibition was first presented at Silverlens Galleries in January 2015, and was recently toured to Singapore last November in time with the opening celebrations of the National Gallery Singapore. For the ballet, Barredo is creating a staggering array of new sculptures, which will comprise the production’s set design.

Ev Ting Defeats Eric Kelly in Malaysia Warrior Bout

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The largest sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship (ONE), electrified the iconic Stadium Negara with another evening of world-class mixed martial arts action. Fight fans in Malaysia were on the edge of their seats as the best in local and international mixed martial arts talent battled it out inside the ONE Cage. In the Malaysia Warrior Bout main event, Malaysia’s own Ev “E.T.” Ting defeated the Philippines’ Eric “The Natural” Kelly by submission and took the time to call out reigning champion Marat Gafurov in the post-fight interview.

Visit the official ONE: CLASH OF HEROES photo gallery by clicking:

In the Malaysia Warrior Bout main event, an exhausted Ev Ting pulled out a gutsy victory over Eric “The Natural” Kelly of the Philippines, winning by submission in round three. Ting dominated the striking exchanges throughout the bout, blasting Kelly with various combinations. Kelly spent most of his time defending against Ting’s aggression, biding his time and pacing himself for a distance finish. In the third, Ting latched on a standing Guillotine that transitioned into a mounted Guillotine, leaving Kelly no choice but to tap out.

“Marat Gafurov I’m coming for you, where is that belt at?” said Ting, looking for a shot at the ONE Featherweight World Championship.

“With the new weight cut policy I wanna fight as much as I can and fight full time to feed my family. I want to fight Marat Gafurov. The fight was harder than I expected. I didn't know he could take so much hits. I respect Kelly as a fighter and it was a great fight,” Ting added.

Friday, January 29, 2016

CD-R King’s iRover Hoverboard: Liberating Your Feet Off the Ground

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Have you ever tried levitation? Glide without touching the ground? Uncanny as it seemed to be, Super Saiyans of Dragon Ball Z & Magneto of the X-Men amongst others have perfected that kind of ability. Picture yourself doing so. Isn’t it exciting? 

CD-R King, your one-stop media provider once again spices up an extraordinary treat with the iRover - a high-tech yet affordable gadget in-line with CD-R King’s effort to bring technology to the general public.

iRover lets you experience superiority in balance. It makes you gain control and progress at your own pace liberating your feet off the ground. An exhilarating thrill that makes one experience the same. CD-R King provided the hoveroard utilized by eleven Housemates in one of their weekly task at Pinoy Big Brothers, were Miyo emerged as the Pinoy Big Brother 2015 winner.

iRover is the newest hovercraft unit released by CD-R King, designed not just for comfort but also tone your leg and foot muscles, contrary to the concern of some parent on cutting the walking strides of their kids whenever they utilize the board. iRover uses the smart balance technology that uses leg muscle in moving around thus it can help strengthen your lower body.

Esc-APE and more with Animal Planet

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Animal Planet premieres a new set of stunts for the month of February every animal enthusiast should not miss!

The Animal Planet stunt CNY Special (Primates Uncovered) premieres a lineup of esc-apes this month. Join Professor Sally Boysen on her experiments with the chimpanzees Emma and Harper as she attempts to give the chimps an opportunity to communicate in short sentences in terms humans can finally understand. Ever wondered what they want to tell us, how they feel, and what it's like to be a chimp? Start your February with the one off Chimps: A Whisper Away From Us, February 1, Monday at 8PM.

Follow the Orangutan Fairy Godmother, Sue Sheward, together with a dedicated team of veterinarians, nurses, rangers and volunteers in their expedition of returning their endangered young charges to the wild. From lusty liaisons to triumphs over adversity to touching friendships and troublesome teenagers, all these and more at Meet the Orangutans, February 1, Monday to Thursday, at 9PM.

In the one off Almost Human, keep up with Jane Goodall and Bill Wallauer on their trek to find Gaia, one of their favorite chimps of Gombe. Witness as they share with viewers a compelling new view of these animals and take us to an emotional journey of understanding how chimps experience joy, maternal love, even deep emotions such as grief and perhaps even a kind of spirituality. Catch it at Almost Human with Jane Goodall, February 2, Tuesday at 8PM.

Eight Affordable Condos Within 30 Minutes Of A Business District

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City living doesn’t always mean expensive, and affordable doesn’t always mean low quality, as evidenced by the best affordable condos in Metro Manila.

Condominium living is quite common in highly urban places like Metro Manila, and just like the high costs of living associated with big cities, prices of condominium units also commonly tend to be significantly high.

This should not deter home seekers from choosing to live in Metro Manila, however, as there are many affordable options in the current market that do well to meet big city living needs while remaining reasonably priced. These condos are also quite accessible from major business centers, so commuting to and from work will be a breeze for future owners.

1. East Raya Gardens
Developer: DMCI Homes
Location: Pasig
Price: Php3–5 million
Distance from Ortigas Center: 19 minutes without traffic via Mercedes Ave. (based on Google Maps estimates)

Located along Mercedes Avenue in Pasig, this 2.9-hectare residential enclave is by DMCI Homes, and in keeping with the developer’s no-frills, distinctive style, also features a Balinese-inspired design. It is composed of eight medium-rise buildings complemented with 500 square meters of lush Balinese gardens and water features for a relaxing environment. Prices for units range here range from Php3 to Php5 million, with Lamudi currently having 96-sqm, three-bedroom unit currently listed for Php4,255,800.

SAP to Release the SAP Digital Boardroom

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SAP announced the SAP Digital Boardroom, a planned breakthrough digital approach that aims to contextualize and simplify performance reporting across all areas of business in real time. Built on the SAP Cloud for Analytics solution, SAP Digital Boardroom is expected to utilize line-of-business data from the SAP S/4HANA suite and SAP HANA Cloud Platform to provide a single source of truth about a company’s critical business metrics. This approach aims to help companies monitor and drive change in the digital economy.

“SAP Digital Boardroom intends to provide total transparency to board members, executives and decision-makers with a comprehensive, real-time view of business performance across an entire company,” said Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Products & Innovation. “We have incorporated fully automated business intelligence capabilities that aim to dramatically improve the quality and speed of reporting as well as collaboration in real time. As businesses continue to transform and evolve around the digital economy, executives will be able to use SAP Digital Boardroom for instant, data-driven insights that address ad hoc questions and improve decision-making. It will ultimately build trust between all board participants, employees and investors.”

"The SAP Digital Boardroom will enable an interactive board discussion, allow board members to analyze large volumes of information, plan scenarios, and zero in on sale opportunities in real-time," said Scott Russell, Chief Operating Officer of SAP for Asia Pacific Japan.

When required to make highly informed business decisions, board members, executives and decision-makers are often faced with separate reporting solutions that present data in a static, isolated way. SAP Digital Boardroom aims to harmonize the view of company operations across all lines of business on multiple devices. This view enables users to understand the past instantly, predict the future and conduct business successfully in today’s digital economy.

Comedy Cartel and Exile Present Friday Comedy Fix

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Get ready for their return to Katipunan!

Watch The Comedy Cartel's "Friday Comedy Fix" at the Exile at Main Street Cafe Resto (between Jollibee and HSBC Katipunan) on February 5 (Friday),9:30PM!

Comedy Cartel is the pioneer of Point-of-View Stand-Up Comedy in the Philippines.

Free entrance so bring all your friends and let's all laugh our weekly bluesaway! See you there!

Nine Track Mind: Most Anticipated Debut Album from Charlie Puth is Here!

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Charlie Puth is Spotify’s #SpotifySpotlight2016 featured artist for Asia. Stream It: He has performed in the Philippines last October 2015. Check out the event highlights here:

Charlie has also performed during the Ms. Universe 2015 pageant where our very own, Philippines representative, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was crowned Ms. Universe 2015. You can watch Charlie’s performance here:

Enjoy the album on Topsify Philippines’s New Music Fridays

As Charlie Puth gears up to release his debut album Nine Track Mind, it’s worth looking back at the extraordinary ride this multi-talented vocalist, musician, producer, and versatile songwriter has been on ever since he arrived in Los Angeles as an aspiring artist in July 2014. In short order, Puth signed with Atlantic Records and co-wrote, co-produced, and featured on Wiz Khalifa’s Furious 7 ballad “See You Again” — a 4x-platinum smash that topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 12 weeks, tying the record for the longest run at No. 1 for a rap song, and became No. 1 in over 100 countries, while its video racked up more than a billion YouTube views.

Rotary Mega Job and Business Fair Scheduled on February 5 and 6

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The Philippines posted a 5.8% growth in the year 2015 according to the Philippine government. This growth is one of the fastest among neighboring countries.

These growth mean more opportunities are available for entrepreneurs and local businesses for 2016 and beyond.

In addition, The Pulse Asia survey results released on January 11, 2016 revealed that 34% of the Filipinos are concerned in Job Creation.

The Rotary Mega Job and Business Fair, February 5-6, 2016 at Glorietta Activity Center aims to be one of the platforms for companies looking for talents to add in their organizations. By doing this, it will be able to address the job creation need of the Filipinos.

At the same time, the event is also a business fair where entrepreneurs can further promote their products and services, and generate new business partners.

The Rotary Mega Job and Business Fair will add to the growth and needs of the local entrepreneurs and businesses in the areas of finding talents, new business partners and marketing promotion of local products and services.

Glorietta Activity Center is located in the country’s business hub and registers a huge number of foot traffic daily comprising of the professionals and businessmen.

Singapore Airlines Celebrates 50th Year In PH With New Perks and Exclusives

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Singapore Airlines (SIA) is kicking off a year-long celebration of its 50th anniversary in the Philippines with a series of exciting announcements for 2016.

Among the highlights that they announced during the media launch at Long Bar of Raffles Hotel in Makati on January 28, 2016 was the new flight services to Canberra, Wellington and Dusseldorf, the expanded connectivity to Europe and Southwest Pacific through joint ventures, the new A350 aircraft fitted with the newest generation of cabin products, the new Premium Economy Class product launched on more routes, and the largest travel sale with great all-in fares, exclusive perks and the first ever Premium Economy Class product showcase in the Philippines on February 28.

“Turning 50 in the Philippines is a huge milestone for us at Singapore Airlines, and what better way to kick-off the festivities than with new products and services as well as the largest travel sale for our Filipino customers,” said Carol Ong, General Manager, Singapore Airlines.

“Over the years, we continuously innovate our products and services, and also seek strategic tie-ups to deliver the best premium air travel experience to our passengers. This year, we want to say a big thank you to all our customers with great deals, even better products and a much expanded network,” Ong added.

Globe Spending on Network Infrastructure One of Highest in Asia

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Globe Telecom posted one of the highest capex-to-revenue ratio in the last two years showing how aggressive the telecommunications provider has been in upgrading and enhancing its network infrastructure.

Globe has a capex-to-revenue ratio of 28% in 2015 and 27% in 2014 while the local telecommunications industry averaged 23% in both 2015 and 2014. By comparison, only China’s capex-to-revenue ratio of 36% in 2015 and 33% in 2014 exceeded those of Globe Telecom based on the published financial statements online of publicly-listed telcos in the region which were compiled and computed per country.

Other Asian economies registered lower ratios in 2015 and 2014 with Singapore at 26% and 22%, respectively; Indonesia with 24% and 26%, respectively; Thailand with 23% and 21%, respectively; India with 17% and 16%, respectively; Taiwan with 14% and 16%, respectively; Hong Kong with 13% and 14%, respectively and Malaysia with 13% and 12% respectively.

“Over the past several years, we have invested in our network to enable our customers to enjoy their digital lifestyle and empower businesses with digital capabilities, enhance their productivity and make globally competitive,” Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu said. “We are moving to enhance the internet experience of the Filipino people and position ICT as a major development contributor in the Philippines,” Cu added.

Slimmers World International Preps Up for Miss Bikini Philippines 2016

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This May 20, 2016, Slimmers World International will again be holding the biggest bikini pageant in the country, Miss Bikini Philippines 2016, at Resorts World Manila. Wazzup Pilipinas, the most awarded blog in the Philippines, is proud to be one of their media partners.

Your Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas will again be getting a VIP media access to everything about the Miss Bikini Philippines 2016 beauty pageant. We are excited to also guests the candidates and organizers at our radio show at Radyo Inquirer DZIQ 990 AM just as how we guested the candidates of the Great Bodies 2015 pageant from last year where we were also invited as media partner.

We enjoyed our partnership with the Slimmers World International Great Bodies 2015 last year so much that we are doubly excited to partner again for another pageant organized by Slimmers World, the leader in Slimming, Health, Fitness and Beauty is now on its 39th year of promoting GREAT bodies and GREAT skin. With over thirty (30) centers strategically located all over Asia and the Pacific, Slimmers World International continuously finds better, innovative way s to answer its clients’ needs for greater health and fitness.

Last year's winners of the Miss Bikini Philippines 2015 were the following:

Miss Bikini Philippines 2015: #7 - Fatima Alsowyed
First Runner Up 2015: #22 - Angelou Mae Gonzales
Second Runner Up 2015: #11 - Nicole Shaye Dichoso

The reigning Miss Bikini Philippines 2014, Hazel Ortiz, transferred her crown to Fatima Alsowyed of Cebu on May 21, 2015 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila.

Who Says Money Can’t Buy Love? Millionaire Matchmaker Unveils Its 8th Season

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Guilty pleasure smash hit The Millionaire Matchmaker is on its 8th season. The show follows Patty Stanger, the owner of “Millionaire’s Club,’ an upscale dating service that operates out of Beverly Hills.

This is a no-holds barred, intriguing glimpse at how the rich and (or) famous find love with the help of experts. It seems that even if one is too busy to find love, you can at least pay someone to do it for you.

Patti counts in her circle of clients and experts celebrities like Rozonda “Chili” Thomas (of the 90’s smash girl R&B group TLC) and designer Kristin Cavallari. She gets some new blood in Candace Smith, a new member of her team who serves as Director of Recruiting and an old friend reappears in David Cruz, who returns as Director of Matchmaking.

Produced by Intuitive Entertainment and Bayonne Entertainment, Inc. and executive produced by Mechelle Collins, Kevin Dill, Robert Lee, Patti Stanger, Spike Van Briesen and Robin Samuels, “The Millionaire Matchmaker” season 8 even hints at an on-screen proposal – which Patti and her love squad hopes leads to happily ever after.

Make it an almost-daily habit, catch it on Sony Channel every weeknight at 7:55pm starting February 1.

Sony Channel is seen on SKYCable Channel 35, Cignal Digital TV Channel 60, Destiny Cable Channel 62, Cable Link Channel 39.

Netizens React When American Poll Speaker Compares Duterte to Trump

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"The drive of the media should be to tell the story, not to shape the story. One of the problems when covering polls excessively is that you’re declaring winners and losers well before the voters have had the chance to chime in."

Professor Alan Schroeder of the School of Journalism at the Northeastern University in Boston has noted similarities between the Philippines and the United States polls in terms of candidates and coverage for the May 9 elections. He compares Rodrigo Duterte to Donald Trump, and Grace Poe to Ted Cruz.

I could see why: they're two popular, influential political figures backed up by a big horde of [insert adjective]. Trump is much like Duterte in campaign style and ability to dish out provocative one liners.

Schroeder is in the country to talk about covering the elections and its role in educating the public for a more informed vote. But as Qui-Gonn Jinn of Star Wars has said, "the ability to speak, does not make you intelligent."

What an idiotic thing to say and compare! Shame on him to compare Duterte to trump, Trump is nothing but an egotistical self centered son of a beach! All he cares about is money! They're both very vocal but you cant compare them at all. Duterte has a good track record as a government official but Trump has no record at all. Duterte apparently has no money and loves his country so much so that he is willing to die for it because the Philippines is still worth dying for! Unlike Trump, Duterte isn't a homophobic and Islamophobic. Clearly, this "journalist" doesn't understand what he is saying.

Photoworld Asia 2016 at Glorietta Activity Center from January 28 to February 2

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Every year, photography brands conduct their first major sale in the Philippine photography industry at Photoworld Asia, the biggest gathering of photography brands and accessories for both professionals and newbies. It runs from January 28 until February 2 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati, but be sure too drop by soon if you don't want to miss the great discounts and offers, plenty of talks from photography experts, and interesting seminars too at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).

I was at the opening ceremonies on the very first day of Photoworld Asia 2016 and witnessed the major brands boast of their prime products that will surely entice everyone to purchase their first or new camera the moment they lay their eyes on one that will soon become their favorite.
Come and visit Sony Philippines and get the chance to touch and try their Sony Alpha Camera display and discover new frontiers in photography. Try out various lenses and practice shooting at the Canon booth and attend the various free photography workshops of well renowned Canon Crusaders of Light . Free Camera cleaning from Jan 29 to 31 from 10am to 7pm. Get the best deals on cameras, lenses and even printers.

Get to see and experience Tamron's new prime lenses, the 35mm and 45mm f/1.8 Di VC USD first hand. Enjoy discounts and freebies when you purchase one. Get a free Benro monopod with every purchase of a Tamron lens during Photoworld Asia 2016. This promo only applies to all Tamron lenses except the Tamron A17 (70-300mm Di) and the B018(18-200mm VC). Come and have your Tamron lenses cleaned externally.

What People Say About That Darn Rat Found in a Starbucks Frappuccino

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Starbucks is launching cans of coffee spiked with protein. They are also testing a drink called the Dark Barrel Latte that taste like Guinness minus the alcohol. But what is this I've heard of a frappucino that comes with a free baby rat?

Due diligence requires now that you need to inspect before you sip your coffee because of a recent news that flooded social media due to the exclusive report of a popular television network.

Many people said it was so "kadiri" or yucky to find a rat in a starbucks frappuccino coffee. If it was true, I would be doing a hell of a lot of crazy vomiting right now. Just the thought of it would make me want to puke all day indeed. 

But how come many netizens seem to be bashing this girl who claims to have found the mini Mickey Mouse in her Starbucks drink? Was it the fact that she already went out of the cafe so it gave her every opportunity to put a dead vermin inside the drink? 

Does it really count if the discovery happened outside the cafe?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Netflix: Not All Regions Are Created Equal

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On January 6, 2016, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that Netflix was going live globally. That is great news, but did you know the new netflix regions have a maximum number of 600 TV and movie titles available compared to 14,156 TV and movie titles available right now across 24 Netflix regions.

The service became available in 130 new countries. See the full list of countries Netflix supports on their website:

You can also see the full list of titles available on the new Netflix regions at by selecting the Netflix region you want to see.

The expansion is a great initiative to improve access to content in countries where Netflix wasn’t available, but not all Netflix regions are created equally. For example, Netflix South Africa has 678 TV and movie titles available. Netflix India has 739 titles available. Compare that with the 5,659 titles available on Netflix United States.

You might be interested to know about how you can get more from your Netflix account.

Statement Of Secretary Abaya On Action’s Graft Charges Regarding The New MRT-3 Maintenance Provider

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We at the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) always strive to promote the ideals of good governance with our policy of open and transparent bidding. We have nothing to fear because we maintain that the procurement process of the three-year Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) maintenance service provider was completely aboveboard.

According to news reports, the complaint was filed by Vito Gaspar Silo, the Secretary General of the Alliance for Consumerism and Transparency or ACTION.

We will review the complaint once we receive an official copy, but rest assured that we will fully cooperate with the investigation, just as we always have with institutions established to fight corruption in the government. We have faith that the impartiality and courage of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales will lead to fair proceedings that will shed light on this matter.

Due to the urgency of the system’s need for a maintenance provider and in order to restore vital public services, as many passengers rely on the service every day, the DOTC resorted to an alternative mode of procurement under the Government Procurement Reform Act, which the Department of Justice (DOJ) opined to be justified and was unanimously approved by the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB).

The Indigo Project: Reviving the Art of Traditional Dye Weaving

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Indigo was once widely favored by the local weaving industry as a traditional way of adding color to fabrics due to its excellent resistance from fading or running. Yet, over the years, this natural dye was pushed to the sidelines by the emergence of cheaper and easier to obtain synthetic dyes which were quick to be embraced by textile manufacturers.

But not all is lost. A collaborative network of non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations in South and Southeast Asia called Non-Timber Forest Products – Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP) has started working on The Indigo Project which reaches out to indigenous populations in upland and rural communities in the Philippines and Indonesia. These artisans include members of Mangyan Alangan, Mangyan Hanunoo and Mangyan Iraya of the island of Mindoro; Higaonon of Bukidnon, Palaw'anon and Tagbanua of Palawan, T'boli of South Cotabato, Maguindanao weavers and those of Negros.

The Indigo Project promotes the development and implementation of environmental and social standards in hand-woven textiles production. It supports production and sourcing of environmentally friendly natural dyes and fibers, establishes eco-friendly product standards, and scales production of eco-textiles. 

Ekotek's Rock of Sages Promo

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Ekotek is bringing the classics back with the Rock of Sages promo! The Ekophone Sages take center stage and for the warmup: their whopping discount for the Ekophone Sage 2:

Get a 64 bit quad core LTE phone for just 3499!

The Ekophone Sage 2 LTE is on a massive discount (from 6099, that's almost 50% off!) and you wouldn't want to miss it. Grab one now while the promo lasts!

And the hits just keep on coming, because they have another track to their playlist:

Their Rock of Sages continue with the sleek Ekophone Sage Lite! Have a blast with your favorite tunes as the Sage Lite comes with FREE headphones. Not only that, but for and additional 100 pesos you can have opt in for a duet with:

THE DOUBLE BUNDLE: Get a phone for just 100 pesos! The Ekophone Atlas is a feature phone that packs a lot of punch!

THE POWER BUNDLE: Power up with an Ekopack 3000 mAh for just 100 pesos! The perfect companion for your new Sage Lite.

Grab them while they're on tour!

*Online prices are subject to change
**Available in SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Sangandaan, SM Muntinlupa, SM Las Piñas, SM Southmall, SM City Pampanga, SM City Clark, SM San Fernando Downtown, SM San Mateo, SM Valenzuela, SM Manila, and Victory Mall Pasay

Mesclun Restaurant and Cafe: A Festive Feast Fit for a Family of Five

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Every family staycation deserves a grand meal for all the members of the family. My wife and three kids all deserve nothing but the best meals and where else can they conveniently get it but from only a few floors below from our 20th floor hotel room. 

I know one of the giant malls in the metro is just nearby with so many restaurants to choose from within its floors. But why go far when there is already a restaurant that can already provide quality meals.

Aside from the 9th floor where the indoor pool and gym are located, the other most important floor at The Linden Suites is the 2nd floor where the Mesclun Restaurant and Cafe is located and ready to serve you for breakfast from 6 am to 10 am during weekdays and until 11 am during weekends.

The M in their logo is of course means Mesclun which is actually a salad mix of assorted small, young salad green leaves, that originated in Provence, France. It's what they named the restaurant at The Linden Suites which became our family weekend dining destination for our dinner and breakfast meals during our stay at the hotel.

Normally, some hotels will provide complimentary breakfast only. But this time, we were treated with a very sumptuous order-all-you-want dinner at the said restaurant. 

Diosdado "Dado" Banatao: What People Say About the "Bill Gates" of the Philippines

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"Dado Banatao is using his intellect, influence, and resources to break the cycle of poverty through technology. He understands poverty very well as he himself came from a very humble background. Hope more and more Filipinos that have 'made it' emulate his example."

Did you know that the 16-bit microchip (the first single-chip graphical user interface accelerator that made computers work a lot faster) was invented by a Filipino?

Diosdao "Dado" Banatao's love for mathematics has taken him from the Cagayan mountains to the heights of Silicon Valley. This guy shows leadership by example. He leads by goodwill and not by authority. That is a breath of fresh air.

His father's job is a rice farmer while his mother is a housekeeper. "He maybe came from a poor family but it doesn't make him less." Rising from poverty to become a successful computer engineer and venture capitalist at Silicon Valley, he is considered the Philippines' version of Bill Gates.

Banatao was born the son of a farmer in the rural Philippines. He grew up in poverty, without shoes or access to electricity. He used to walk barefoot along the dirt roads of his hometown in Cagayan Valley. He pursued his secondary education at the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Tuguegarao.

DOST Secretary Mario Montejo on Proposed Salary Standardization Law IV

Wazzup Pilipinas!

To The Hardworking Men and Women of the DOST:

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) supports the proposed Salary Standardization Law IV that is bound to increase the basic salaries of civilian government personnel including S& T workers nationwide.

Likewise, the DOST unswervingly upholds the spirit of RA 8439 which recognizes & properly compensates the efforts of S&T workers in laying down the cornerstones of development in the country.

We will continue to support further moves to safeguard the gains of RA 8439 or the "Magna Carta for Scientists, Engineers, Researchers and other S & T Personnel in the Government".

In line with these, certain provisions to further strengthen the SSL 4 ,particularly in safeguarding the Magna Carta, have been discussed together with your employee representatives and already forwarded by the DOST’s legislative liaison group to our fellow workers in government presently working on the proposed SSL 4.

I would like to assure everyone that the concerned members of the legislature and that of the executive have accepted these proposals warmly.

Therefore, as the SSL 4 reaches a crucial stage in the bicameral conference committee we trust that the committee composed of members from the Senate and the House of Representatives would arrive at a win-win solution that would address the vital issues and arrive at a final version acceptable to all parties.

To the DOST family, let us keep up our dedication to our work as we hold on to what is just and fair to us as government workers who toil very hard to move the country forward.

Duterte-Cayetano Says Philippines on the Brink of Becoming a Narco State

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The tandem of presidential bet Davao City Mayor Rodrigo "Rody" Duterte and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano today warned that if the disorder brought by illegal drugs will not end, the country will become a narco state. The tandem commits to end the "drug chaos" for the benefit of the Filipino people.

In a statement, Duterte said the country is showing alarming signs of becoming a narco state. "In the national capital region (NCR) where the country's capital is situated, the government admitted that 92 percent of barangays are already infiltrated by illegal drugs. If Manila, the country's seat of power, is helpless to address this, what more the other parts of the country where government presence is weak?" The tough-talking mayor said.

Duterte also noted the presence of international drug syndicates in the country, such as the Sinaloa drug cartel, a Mexican-based group considered the largest and most powerful drug trafficking organization in the west.

"This is a clear national security threat. This is an invasion of a new kind. Drug lords, domestic and foreign, have declared a war against our families and children, and the government is helpless about it," Duterte said.

The duo said if elected, they will implement a combination of national, regional and international strategies to combat drug trafficking. "On the national level, we will strengthen and capacitate our security forces. We will cleanse the ranks of the police and military of the corrupt, provide better salaries and incentives and modernize their anti-narcotics infrastructure," Cayetano explained.
"We will also strengthen the five pillars of our criminal justice system. Drug trafficking thrives best in countries where there is grave insecurity and injustice," Cayetano added.

Luminescence Dreamscapes 2016: 18th Solo Exhibit of Maria Victoria Rufino

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Peninsula Manila presents Luminescence DREAMSCAPES 2016, the 18th solo exhibit of new mixed media by MARÍA VICTORIA RUFINO.

Opening Cocktails on Tuesday, 2 February 2016 at 6:00 pm to 8:00 p.m. to be held at The Gallery, of Peninsula Manila. Proceeds will benefit Child Protection Network Foundation. Exhibit runs from Feb 3 to 7, 2016 Gallery hours: 10am-7pm

María Victoria Rufino - Filipino artist, writer, concert producer and businesswoman – graduated with honors from Marymount Manhattan College, New York with a Liberal Arts degree, major in Theater Arts and English Literature.

Born in the Philippines, she attended high school in Barcelona, Spain and Rome, Italy where she graduated valedictorian.She studied painting in both the Western and Chinese tradition (Ling Nan) under various masters in Manila and New York. She has held 17 solo exhibitions in Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; San Francisco, California and Manila. A regular columnist for Business World newspaper, her first book, “Beyond Brushstrokes”, an anthology of profiles of significant Filipinos (Bookmark 1995) was launched at the Ayala Museum, Manila. She has written essays for various award winning anthologies and publications. “ROMANZA” a book of poetry by Virgilio S. Almario (RIO ALMA) National Artist for Literature, with translation by Marne L. Kilates, and artworks by Marivic Rufino was launched in Manila, 2009 and at Museo Nacional de Anthropologia in Madrid, 2011 together with her solo exhibition.

As President and executive producer of Maverick Productions, she has produced dinner theatre plays in the Philippines, and musical concerts in the United States, Italy, Hongkong and the Philippines. In 1990, she won a national award ‘Gawad CCP for “Best Television Special” from the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Ms. Rufino has served as Board Member and Vice president of Alliance Française de Manille (1998-2005). She serves as vice-chairman-director of Philippine Red Cross - Makati City Branch of Rizal Chapter.

Twin Bill Theater Presents Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead

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Twin Bill Theater presents "Dog Sees God"

February 11, 12, 13, 14 and 26 at 8PM and February 14 at 2:30PM
Venue: Staple and Perk, Eco Plaza, Pasong Tamo Ext. Makati.

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead is a play written by Bert V. Royal.

An "unauthorized parody," the play imagines characters from the popular comic strip Peanuts as teenagers. Drug use, child sexual abuse, suicide, eating disorders, teen violence, rebellion, sexual relations and identity are among the issues covered in this drama.

In 2004 it was one of the breakout hits at the New York International Fringe Festival, winning the Excellence Award for Best Overall Production, as well as Theatermania's Play Award of 2004, the GLAAD Media Award for Best Off-Off-Broadway production,'s 2006 Audience Award for Favorite Off-Broadway Production and the 2006 HX Award for Best Play.

Featuring Nelsito Gomez, Sarah Facurii, Gab Medina, Vince Lim, Maronne Cruz, Kathleen Francisco, Brian Sy, and Camille Velicaria.

Cast Announced for Manila Production of Les Miserables

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The full company has been confirmed for the Manila season of Boublil & Schönberg's legendary musical LES MISÉRABLES. Presented in Manila by Smart Infinity, the anticipation remains high for the forthcoming arrival of the musical. 

Following an extensive search, Cameron Mackintosh is thrilled to reveal the talented cast for the highly-anticipated Manila engagement of LES MISÉRABLES.

“I am excited to now be bringing the new production to The Theatre at Solaire, which has proved just as successful all over the world as the original production that has celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in London last October – the only place in the world where you can still see the original production. Having created my new production over five years ago to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of LES MISÉRABLES, it is now in its second year on Broadway, having broken box office records across America and in Canada for over three years, with separate companies in Japan, Korea, Spain and of course Australia, where it swept all the top awards and closed last week after an incredible nineteen month run. I am delighted to bring this hugely successful new production to Manila with this incredible cast.” Cameron Mackintosh said.

Playing the iconic role of Jean Valjean is established actor and musical theatre star Simon Gleeson, fresh from his stint as Prisoner 24601 in Australia. Simon has worked extensively in theatre, film and television in Australia and the UK, including performing in London’s prestigious West End. His portrayal as Jean Valjean has earned him a Helpmann Award for Best Male Actor in a Musical. “I’m so thrilled to be playing Valjean for the Manila season of LES MISÉRABLES,” Simon said. “With arguably the most breathtaking score in musical theatre history, LES MISÉRABLES transformed musical theatre when it first opened. The show remains iconic and relevant today because it deals with themes of love, courage, the human spirit and the difficult choices we make which define who we are and what we stand for.”

Dance and Contemporary Art Collide in Ballet Philippines' "Opera" on February 13-16


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Enter the world of Gabriel Barredo’s acclaimed creation in Ballet Philippines’ season ender, “Opera”. This production brings a synergy between artists and art forms, with French choreographer Redha transforming the groundbreaking installation into a contemporary ballet premiering at the CCP Main Theater on February 13 & 14, with a Fundraising Gala on February 16 at 8:00PM.

The original “Opera” exhibition was first presented at Silverlens Galleries in January 2015, and was recently toured to Singapore last November in time with the opening celebrations of the National Gallery Singapore. For the ballet, Barredo is creating a staggering array of new sculptures, which will comprise the production’s set design.

Redha’s choreography will guide us along a journey into a new experience of art. Envisioning his dancers on bare feet, pointe shoes, and stilettos, he is set to present a work that is stimulating, sensual, and groundbreaking. “Being part of this production is a great thrill for me,” shares Redha. “Meeting Gabby [Barredo] and seeing his work up close was very inspiring.”

“’Opera’ is shaping up to be one of the most innovative productions that Ballet Philippines has produced in a long time,” muses BP’s Artistic Director, Paul Alexander Morales. “We invite everyone to support it and to catch its limited performance run.”

Bailey May Launches Self-Titled Debut Album Under Star Records

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We first knew thirteen year old Fil-Brit Bailey May as the "Gwapito from UK" on the recent Pinoy Big Brother 737 edition in which he happily landed 4th place and a promising showbiz career ahead.

Who would have thought Bailey just recently launched his self-titled solo CD album under Star Music to the delight of his "Baileynatics" supporters. According to insider reports, his fans really wanted him to come up with an album right after his PBB stint.

After coming across his YouTube covers online some of which went viral, Inspirational Diva, Ms. Jamie Rivera became interested with Bailey's singing potential and immediately came up with a six-track album, two of which are her original compositions.

She penned, "Can You Be My Girl" and the carrier single out now, "Gusto Kita".

“I'm so blessed to have my own album and to have worked with such great writers and producers. It's also an awesome blessing that my dream has come to be a part of the Star Music Family. God is good,” beamed Bailey.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Philippine Government University Industry Research Roundtable Meeting for Agribusiness

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Farming is a back-breaking job that is not appreciated by many. But farmers are there to feed the country.
I was not surprised to know that the average age of farmers in the country is 57 years old. That, very soon, we may lose our farmers who primarily plant the crops that provides our basic and staple food like rice, root crops, vegetables and fruits.

This is a reality that we may have to face soon if we will not be able to attract or encourage the youth to continue farming as their work or business. The only reasonable

Attending the Philippine Government University Industry Research Roundtable (PGUIRR) Meeting for Agribusiness organized by the Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development  (STRIDE) of the United States Agency International Development (USAID) opened our eyes for the potential of Agribusiness as one of the key solutions for the growth of the Philippines.

The USAID STRIDE invites Philippine academic institutions in Batangas, Bohol/Tagbilaran, Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo, Puerto Princesa/Palawan and Zamboanga, to submit applications for research in agribusiness, fisheries, and food manufacturing which has a direct link to inclusive economic growth.

The meeting was held on January 21, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza galleria in Quezon City, and was led by Dr. David Hall, COP, USAID STRIDE who also conducted the event introduction and opening remarks.

Being Suddenly Royal

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For centuries now, this little island between the U.K. and Ireland has recognized no king, but that’s all about to change! David has convinced his wife Pam and twelve-year-old daughter Grace, to move to the island and discover what it really means to be royalty. 

David Howe may seem like an average American, but he’s discovered a startling secret. He’s an heir to the throne of the Isle of Man, a descendant of its king before the land was claimed by the British Crown. 

Catch David’s royal journey in the all-new series Suddenly Royal, premiering on January 27, airing Wednesdays at 11 PM on TLC. 

TLC is a global lifestyle and entertainment destination presenting non-scripted and scripted programming featuring real life stories and universal themes that resonate with viewers around the world. TLC’s programming is told through the lens of larger than life characters and adaptable formats, celebrating everything from relationships and life stages, to makeover and transformation to food and travel. Launched in Asia Pacific on September 1, 2010, TLC is currently distributed to over 150 million subscribers in the region.

For more information, visit TLC at

Best Android Smartphones at Affordable Prices

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The smartphone revolution has led to some wonderful advancement in technologies and the ability to bring quality phones at affordable prices. It is possible these days to get a smartphone with advanced configurations at a nominal price. It is a steal deal for customers who are looking for the best features in a phone and don’t want to pay more.

Here we bring you the best Android smartphones under 6k in India.

1. Lenovo A2010

The only 4G smartphone in this category, the Lenovo A2010 is powered by a Quad Core 1GHz processor which has 1GB of RAM for multitasking needs. The display is decently large at 4.5 inches and it has a resolution of 480 pixels. The dual-SIM phone has an internal storage of 8GB which is expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card.

There is a 5MP primary camera with LED flash and a 2MP secondary camera for shooting needs. A 2000mAh battery powers the phone. Flipkart coupons from gives you good discounts along with the benefit of extra cashback.

Oriental Palace Partners with Hennessy for Their 2016 Chinese New Year Set Menu

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The Oriental Palace Seafood Restaurant and Banquet Hall located at Scout Gandia corner Tomas Morato, Barangay Laging Handa in Quezon City is quite new since it's only on February 2, 2015 when they first opened their doors to customers. But they are definitely not newbies in the food industry as the owners have a long history of food artisanship. The owners have plenty of experience running respectable restaurants recognized for their superb culinary masterpieces.

You should know that everything was started by the Chua family's patriarch in 1978, Oriental Palace traces its roots to Wah Yuen (Chinese Garden), a small noodle and dimsum shop across the Love Bus station in Escolta. Chua kun, a young cook from Hong Kong, with a passion for good food and excellent cooking, established the shop with the dream of sharing authentic Chinese food to diners in Manila. Known for their flavorful dimsum, homemade noodles, and traditionally prepared Peking duck, this shop quickly became the go restaurant for the local Chinese community as well as for Filipino families from all over the metro.

I'm proud to say that this is not my first time to visit the restaurant since I was among the few selected bloggers who were invited to try out their fabulous feasts, especially their various dim sums, when they were just a few weeks old. You may want to read my previous article so you would have an idea of their other specialty dishes and dimsum.

Western Digital And IBM Announce Patent Acquisition And Cross-License Agreements

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Western Digital announced that it has acquired more than 100 patent assets from IBM. The parties also entered into a patent cross-license agreement. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Patents acquired by Western Digital are in distributed storage, object storage, and emerging non-volatile memory. Western Digital expects the IP to further strengthen its technology leadership position and drive value creation for the company and its customers. The patents will augment Western Digital's existing portfolio of more than 10,000 patents and patent applications.

"This agreement reflects our continued focus on innovation and sets the stage for even more rapid advancement and commercialization of new data storage solutions," said Mike Cordano, president and chief operating officer, Western Digital. "We are building on Western Digital and IBM's long-standing relationship and look forward to future collaborations and business opportunities."

"This agreement with Western Digital illustrates the value of patented IBM inventions and demonstrates our leadership in licensing access to our broad patent portfolio. We look forward to a productive relationship with Western Digital," said William LaFontaine, general manager, intellectual property for IBM.

IBM has led the annual list of U.S. patent recipients for 23 consecutive years. More information about IBM's patent leadership is available at:

Nyfti Bicycles: The Filipino-Made Three-Fold Bike That Will Soon Change The Way We Travel

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Not all bicycles were created equal. Some are just made from alloy so they would obviously break easily and would probably not last a lifetime especially if you're an avid biker who's out in the streets almost every day.

True-blooded bikers know which bikes are indeed satisfactory and reasonably-priced depending on a lot of factors aside from build and design. I've seen a lot of brands but most of the brands you'll see are either too expensive or cheap because the materials used are inferior.

Who wouldn't want to ride around in a bike that would make you healthy and fit? I keep riding a bike whenever I'm in the province or inside a subdivision where there's plenty of room to bike so fast and even perform some stunts. But since the pollution and traffic situation is terrible in the actual streets of the metro, we may still have to wait a long time before it becomes a common sight in Metro Manila city roads.

It is such a shame since foldable bikes or "foldies" are now popular because of their portability. We have seen many that are even lightweight and folds so elegantly.

The good brands would cost you so much at an average of 60k, and the lowest I've seen was 9K (but this one was just made of alloy), We all know that there's a good reason why a product is cheaper than the others and that should be greatly considered by the buyer. You may want to take a closer look at your investment.

Craving for The Suite Room by Casa Verde of Cebu

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Currently one of my most memorable trips right now is my three-day adventure  in Cebu during Sinulog weekend. It is by far my most daring tour of a place where I courageously tried to find my way within the province.

By all means necessary, may it be riding the multi-cabs, the "habal-habals" (motorbike as a passenger), the buses, or if there's no other way, the taxis, I roam around Cebu guided only by Google maps and directions from the local residents.

There may have been a few language barriers since some of the Cebuanos do not understand Tagalog, or, the other way around, I don't know a word of Bisaya, so I got lost a few times. But I soon found my way with the help of common sense and friendly inquiries to bystanders and PUV drivers.

One of my destinations during my Sinulog weekend escapade was to visit The Suite Room by Casa Verde. They have two branches in Cebu but I was only able to visit their Ayala Center branch due to lack of time. I had such a hectic schedule in Cebu, I failed to show up at a few other committed invitations. The Suite Room was part of my restaurant hopping agenda - to showcase some of the restaurants we can find in Cebu.

Eric Kelly: Nothing Personal, Just Business

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Filipino mixed martial artists have come a long way. Together with the fast rise of the sport, Filipino fighters have upped their games to be able to compete on the world stage. Focus on the grappling arts has taken priority while still maintaining signature striking capabilities.

Baguio City’s Eric “The Natural” Kelly (12-1) returns to the ONE Championship cage this Friday, January 29, at the Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia against hometown favorite Ev “E.T. Ting (10-3).

They will do battle in a three-round featherweight main event at ONE: CLASH OF HEROES that will bring the victor one step closer to a shot at the ONE Featherweight World Championship, held by reigning champion Marat “Cobra” Gafurov.

“Training has gone well. I feel great. I’m ready,” said Kelly. “I feel strong and ready to bring honor to my country.”

Kelly, considered one of the best Filipino fighters currently on offer, came very close to a title shot back in 2014, following his scintillating victory over “Ruthless” Rob Lisita wherein he overcame sheer exhaustion and a broken nose to seal the deal via rear naked choke.

Going Digital, Consumerization of IT, Growth Engines for SMEs ― IPC

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“There are over 95,000 small to medium enterprises in the country, with each and every one having the potential to grow and compete on a global scale. With a wide assortment of online tools now within reach, there is no better time to be an SME than today,” said Reynaldo Huergas, President of IPC (IP Converge Data Services, Inc.), a local cloud services and data center pioneer.

According to data from the research agency We Are Social, the Philippines harbors an Internet penetration of 44 percent. For businesses, this translates to the opportunity to engage almost half the total population via the Internet, and ultimately, cultivate huge potential for growth.

Customers are largely mobile, with about 32 million active mobile Internet users in the Philippines. This makes going digital and embracing the consumerization of IT, now more critical than ever. Enterprises need to be easily reached by their customers via various channels such as social media, email and mobile. “People want information in real time and if they can’t get it from you, they’ll get it from your competitors. Business is lost,” said Huergas.

Huergas said that 2016 is also the time to tap big data and analytics. “Big data analytics can give valuable insights about your customers and target market. In essence, it uses statistics to understand customer behavior which allows for more effective campaigns and product or service developments that help achieve optimum results.”

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Power Stakeholders Convene to Fast-Track Attainment of 90% Household Electrification

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Household Unified and Strategic Electrification (HOUSE) Team spearheaded by the Department of Energy (DOE) convened yesterday (January 25) at the Legend Villas Hotel in Mandaluyong City to discuss the various commitments and implementation issues concerning the government’s Total Electrification Program for grid and off-grid areas around the country.

Energy Secretary Zenaida Y. Monsada stressed the fast-tracking of the implementation of all projects and activities to attain the Philippine Development Plan’s target of ninety percent (90%) household electrification by end of 2017. She specifically mentioned the completion of Sitio Electrification Program by end of 1st Quarter of 2016 as a commitment to the President.

Currently, the DOE is laying the foundation and strategies for the Total Electrification Program, which will center on enhancing existing distribution systems and electricity services, intensifying household electrification activities, expanding services to new areas, defining off-grid electrification program, and using renewable energy technologies, such as, solar home systems for off-grid electrification.

Under the Department Circular No. DC2014-09-0018 entitled “Prescribing the Policies for the Implementation of the Household Electrification Program and Creating the Household Unified Strategic Electrification (HOUSE) Team for the Purpose of Achieving the Country’s Total Electrification Goals,” the HOUSE Team members and technical working group include the Department of Budget and Management, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR), National Electrification Administration, and representatives from the Distribution Utilities.

Free Wi-Fi Project Goes Nationwide

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The DOST - Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Office’s Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places project will be including class one and two municipalities in its roll out, in order to better reach the class three to six municipalities which were the original target beneficiaries of the project.

The decision to include class one and two municipalities initially stemmed from the low participation in the procurement of providers for the original 967 beneficiary municipalities. A reason cited by the providers was the low price of Allocated Budget for Contract (ABC) for the various municipalities. According to Undersecretary Louis Casambre of the ICT Office, “We intend to increase the budget allocation for Municipal Connectivity for the project, by around 50%, likewise, we will also be including class one and two municipalities in order to better reach classes three to six, the ones who need Internet connectivity the most.” The total number of beneficiary municipalities now stands at 1,435.

Usec. Casambre further stated that providers would need to upgrade and expand their communications infrastructure in order to serve far flung areas, and with class one and a municipalities included it would be easier for them to reach the poorer communities. “Tenders are currently being prepared for the new municipalities with the new budget, and they should be available within the month.” Usec. Casambre added. According to the Project Management Team, 1.6 billion pesos was added to the 2015 unobligated funds for the 2016 budget.

Globe #StartNow Youth Summit Set to Educate and Empower Students

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Globe gathers students on January 30, 2015 at UP Diliman to learn how digital innovations can be used to create positive change

The continuing rise in smartphone penetration in the Philippines has allowed more individuals to get a hold of their own device and eventually learn to adapt a digital lifestyle – from social networking sites to various apps for efficiency. One’s mobile experience has immensely improved with tasks such as booking movies, restaurant seats, and even hailing cabs now having its corresponding apps for convenience.

With this fast-paced evolution, the youth now have more power than ever in their fingertips. Knowing how to maximize, adapt and embrace it the right way is what Globe Telecom advocates through the #StartNow Youth Summit. Set to be a venue for learning, the Youth Summit aims to immerse students in the latest digital trends, innovations, and applications, and further open their creative minds to innovate for the development of their future. The Youth Summit also focuses to inspire students and equip them with the tools to contribute to the greater good.

Globe #StartNow Youth Summit will be on January 30, 2015 at the University Theatre, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. Open and free for all students, participants will be able to join various activities related to digital trends. One of the highlights is the plenary sessions headlined by select speakers specializing in different fields.

DOTC Signs Agreement For South Integrated Terminal System

Wazzup Pilipinas!

An integrated transport hub will soon rise at the southern edge of the metropolis, as the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has signed the Concession Agreement for the South Integrated Transport System (ITS) with the winning concessionaire today.

“With the South ITS connecting different modes of transportation and services, we can guarantee the public more efficient and seamless transfers. It will also improve traffic flow and reduce congestion in Metro Manila, as it will serve as a transfer point for provincial buses entering the metropolis,” said DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya.

The 35-year concession agreement with Arca South Integrated Terminal, Inc., which is fully owned by Ayala Land, Inc., was signed following the firm’s submission of the lowest annual grantor payment at P277.9 million and the fulfillment of all post-award requirements.

Construction is set to commence in September 2016. As a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) project, private sector efficiency can be expected once the hub is fully operational.

The South ITS is one of the intermodal facilities that will be the end-point for over 2,000 provincial buses currently entering Metro Manila daily, effectively decongesting main thoroughfares. Moreover, it will allow convenient in-city public transport transfers, as railway lines, city buses, taxis, and other public utility vehicles servicing inner Metro Manila will be made available.

The terminal will be situated in a 5.7-hectare plot of land in the FTI Compound along SLEX, and will be connected to the North-South Railway Project.

Top 10 Facts You Should Know About Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

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Thousands of people all over the Metro waited and cheered at our Miss Universe of the Philippines. On Monday, January 25, 2016, was the grand homecoming parade of Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Her parade float was inspired by her $300,000 Miss Universe crown. Blue was the color of the day, but she was wearing a green Filipiniana gown.

True enough, Pia shines as she waves to the people all around her float. The queen tirelessly waves from the Miss Universe float for several hours during the motorcade. The last time the Philippines saw a crowd like this was during the visit of the Pope. Now it is the homecoming of another P - Pia. It's almost the same majestic welcome for our Pambansang Kamao Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. "Like our boxing champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao (who is by the way another P), Pia unites our nation at a time when various issues divide us. Except that she comes in a prettier package."

"We're so happy to have an up close look with Queen Pia! What an amazing crowd in Ayala. The only parade which was supported and participated by thousands of employees of the Central Business District of the Philippines."

Pia is the third Filipina to win the title, ending a title drought of 42 years for the Philippines.
The Philippines last took home the crown in 1973, courtesy of Margie Moran. It was a short wait after the victory of Gloria Diaz in 1969.

Pia inadvertently won the most awkward Miss Universe moment in history after its host Steve Harvey wrongfully crowned Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as Miss Universe 2015. Gutierrez had to be decrowned on the live telecast to give way to the rightful queen.
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