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Black Panther Hype Reaches Critical Mass

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In the future, the people of the world will be divided into two groups: those who have watched Black Panther (alpha) and those who have not (zeta). The zeta group will serve the alphas. Lol!

The Kingdom of Wakanda is rejoicing! This because according to CBS News, Black Panther has earned an estimate of $25.2 million from Thursday screenings and is predicted to earn $200 million soon.

You'll get totally blown away by the experience. This is Marvel at their absolute best. The depth and texture of the visuals is stunning that you better catch it in 3D too.

"The special effects, sets, costumes, music and production design are phenomenal and overpowering at times. Black Panther earns its spot as one of Marvel's best yet. "

"There were so many beautiful, heart-racing and jaw-dropping moments to take in. From the beginning to the end. I was like one excited kid during the fight scenes."

The joy, love and excitement here and worldwide is spellbinding. Something really special is happening!

Unlike the other big-budget action movies, "Black Panther" has an African superhero, a majority black cast, and is helmed by an African-American director. 

Aside from the lead actor, among the stars you'll see in the movie are South African actress Connie Chiume, Kenyan born Lupita Nyongo, Zimbabwean American Danai Gurira and South African legend John Kani.

The movie is the "Hamilton" of movies. White people DARE NOT criticize it. Pay reparations, watch movie, and RAVE about it like good trained politically correct
Leftist monkeys.

I don‘t understand why people are so pressed because black people are proud of Black Panther. Just let them have their moment to be proud. White people can‘t relate to it because we grew up with all-white casts. Let‘s be real for a moment.

You're not racist if you didn't like the Black Panther movie. However you are racist if you hate the movie solely due to the cast's ethnicity background.

If you rate the movie with anything less than a ten then you’re either racist or a coon.

Some people just won't accept any form of slander against Black Panther. They want us to live up to the hype even for those that are not fans of Marvel.

By the way, is there a reason Black Panther’s African contributors (music and acting) are mostly South African?

I don't want to ruin the fun but Black Panther profits still going to white hands .....Sorry!

there is no going back to the way it used to be. The movie had changed the game in Hollywood! We have attained critical mass. Representation in cinematic storytelling is here to stay.

I'm sure Black Panther is a fun movie, but it has "a 98% Rotten Tomatoes score" in exactly the same way Kim Jong-il got a hole-in-one the first time he tried playing golf.

(Do not read if you haven't seen the movie yet)

Can everyone that saw Black Panther stop revealing details of the film, for likes and retweets. We're not looking for proof that you saw it. We're all adults here. Give your friends a chance please.

However, I need to break this down because I’m trying to grasp what the hell was going on in the movie. 

The villain's plan is to steal Wakanda’s weapons and give them to black people around the world to enslave white people?

If I'm getting this right, Wakanda is a highly militarized nation and some what isolationist, protects it's borders, develops technology that it doesn't give away, and fully exploits it's natural resources to create wealth? Sounds awesome! Not!

When Killmonger said “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships because they knew death was better than bondage” I felt that!

The Art of Ranting: Let Me Get This Out of My System!

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Ranting, eventhough it is frowned upon by many, is actually an effective stress reliever. It is a way of flushing out everything that's toxic, or those that feel irritating out of our system. We need to voice out our concerns regarding any issue we find disturbing and awfully wrong, otherwise we would be consumed from the inside.

It is actually healthy to open up so our heartaches, or whatever is bothering our minds, could have an outlet to express our emotions and thoughts so we could make more room for something else.

It is actually our call to others to symphatize with us, or an invitation to others to support us during a tough time in our life. We may not realize it, but we are desperately seeking attention to our concerns.

"Note that the whole point of a rant is that you don’t actually need any specialised knowledge in the area, as long as you have an opinion and a strong emotional attachment to the subject, you are ready to rant about it."- Gina Romero

I'm the kind of person who believes that statement above but it only gets my 100% approval if the accussations discussed within the rant are justified and proven to be true.

So, here's my special rant for this particular day and I promise it sums up all my hunches because of so many verified confirmations from reliable sources:

"From a poster, I could quickly guess which events management company told the event organizer about how this online publication does not want to be co-media partners with Wazzup Pilipinas.

This is the same events management company that told her colleague, belonging to the same industry, about the same requirement of the online publication "Never Wazzup Pilipinas as a co-media partner."

Sadly for them, her colleague told me, and is still actively getting my support as a media partner of their events. I pity the events management company because they would rather encourage the dirty deed just to keep the support of a despicable online publication that flaunts their high stats that are actually gained just because they post numerous trashy content designed to bait people for clicks.

I am glad that there are still noble people who would not subject themselves to this oppresive online publication which blatantly resorts to unfair competition practice. They would do dirty deeds just to gain an upperhand in the online media industry. Who knows what else they are doing to gain the numbers.

There has been many reports and personal testimonies with matching screenshots reeking with foul arrogance from this online publication... which makes us wonder why they need to pull us down if they are truly above us, or everyone else for that matter. ...or maybe they're desperately trying to block our way to the top - a status they do not want to share with others because they are too greedy.

With this recent report which mentions the editor-in-chief and founder of the online publication personally demanding that we be removed from the media partner list of an event, we are challenging this spineless wretched being to admit he is indeed the person behind such a gruesome and desperate act, or forever be branded as a coward who eats his own shit for breakfast.

That's what they feed their readers. Shitty rehashed articles grabbed from refurbished viral, trending or controversial trivial stuff that are just dumbing down the masses.

Should we dare him to show up in a debate so we could finally see if he has the guts to defend his actions...or will he likely immediately retreat upon seeing us, just as how he squirmishly retreated when a colleague tried to patch things up between the two of us.

I could swear I saw his face turn bloody red the moment he realized we were setup to see each other that cold but dreary night somewhere at a coffee shop in Makati. The guy who took the initiative to reconcile us got kicked out of their team.

I still remember how they also did a witch-hunt to identify my allies so they could kick them out too. They removed all the articles we wrote that feature stories about the many brands and establishments just to remove every trace of us in their system.

They resort to the easy way out....which entirely why I lost faith in their corrupted system which prioritizes their sponsors instrad of their writers. If you can't be submissive, it's goodbye to you. Not that they kicked me out too because I already stopped writing for them even before they closed their doors to me.

It is so sad they couldn't seem to move on with their lives. Why do they need to drag us out of the picture when we've already made a lasting mark on the online world as the self-proclaimed "Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas."

"Ranting is an art not a science – find your own way to rant that complements your personality.
You may have to find a continuous flow of new audience members for your rants. Networking is a good way to do this, online and offline.
Remember, ranting is not a popularity contest and there’s no such thing as bad publicity." - Gina Romero

Makeup Removal is Not Just Simple Removal of Makeup

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Nowadays almost every girl knows about the basics of applying makeup. Not only that they also know the need to remove makeup, when to remove, how to remove and why to remove. But it’s not just that, you should not just remove it simply but there are many things you should keep in mind while removing the makeup.

Make-up helps one to hide the imperfections and flaws, mostly to enhance our natural features. But at the same time removal is also very important. If make-up is not properly removed, it may cause breakouts, acne, rashes and other skin related problems. Our skin needs to take a break once in a while from all the cosmetics and make-up that we are constantly putting on it every single day.

Cosmetic manufacturers have created various types of products specifically for this. Make-up remover products range from eye make-up creams, simple cleansers, oils and moisturizers. Every product is different from the other and therefore the use is also different. Also sometimes simple washing or wiping is done to remove makeup.

Also we know about the vast range of makeup products from non transferable to light, from waterproof to oil control, some are alcohol based, some are oil based and some are water based. If the basic principle is different, then the removal should also be different. There are certain chemical substances in make-up that cannot be removed by simple washing so we can use only certain cosmetic products to remove them. It is known that one must not sleep with make-up but one must also know that this rule is must for eye make-up that could probably get inside your eyes. Especially, the thick eyeliners like the winged eyeliner that uses a lot of chemical. For that you can find a wide variety and different brands of eye make-up remover.

If you are looking for alternatives some experts suggest the use of cloth moistened with lukewarm water or petroleum jelly is very effective in removing makeup. Mostly water based and alcohol based makeup can be removed from water and even by the use of petroleum jellies. Baby oil is also a great way at removing eye make-up. Just placed a small amount on a cotton ball and gently rubbed your eyes to remove your eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. If you frequently put on mascara using an oil based eye make-up remover would be very useful. It is essential to note that products for removing eye make-up should not be used to remove make-up on other parts of the face.

With regards the removal of other facial make-up, you could use a facial soap or cleanser. Wash your face thoroughly to ensure proper cleansing and to remove any traces of make-up. Besides all above coconut oil is also a very good makeup remover, it removes every single particle of makeup from your face also leaving your face nourished and moisturised.

Cleaning the face from make-up does not end with the washing, it is also important that you apply a toner to tone your skin and apply as well moisturizer to keep skin supple and soft. Moisture is very important to maintain healthy flawless skin.

Your face is one of the most important parts of our body and you need to ensure proper skin care to keep it flawless and healthy.

Author Bio:

Oliver is a well-recognized author, marketer and entrepreneur within the web optimization trade. Also He authors of WeWillRiot Blog. He is famous for authoring genuine and in-depth articles for ecommerce companies.

Online Publication Blackmails Event Organizer: Kick Them Out or We Won't Publish Your Press Releases

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I got a phone call yesterday from an event organizer who told me that there's this online publication that threatened not to publish the event's press releases if Wazzup Pilipinas is kept as a media partner.

The words "threatened" and even "blackmail" were mentioned by the caller because the online publication was sort of forcing them to kick Wazzup Pilipinas out as a media partner of their event, or this online publication would back out as a media partner. You could imagine it like an "It's either her or me, make a choice!" scenario in movies where a man is caught in a situation to pick between two lovers, could be a wife and a mistress, or two girlfriends.

In this case, there was indeed a "romantic relationship" that happened once but eventually went awry due to circumstances. If you'll take time to scrutinize further by looking deeper into our past, you'll understand why this online publication is so keen in putting us down.

The event organizer tried to keep this online publication anonymous but when I mentioned the probable suspect, he readily confirmed and was wondering why this online publication has personally pinpointed us out. He was asking what could be the reason behind their blatant disgust of Wazzup Pilipinas? For him, it felt like "away-bata" or children's quarrel wherein someone like a student would tell his teacher that he doesn't want to cooperate in a group project if the classmate that he hates is a member.

So I naturally told him my unflattering history with this online publication that I'm sure its veracity will be contested profusely by them. They once tried to make it look they kicked me out of their team, when in fact I have stopped writing for them even before we parted ways.

Yup, I was their former Senior Writer (promoted to that position after 3 months as among their newest writers). But I was disenchanted with them when they reacted negatively when a point came in our relationship that I was the one giving out assignments to the other contributing writers. This was because there were a lot of opportunities for collaboration coming my way that I was actively sharing slots for possible feature stories. Back then I was getting plenty of event invites including tons of requests for restaurant features that I saw myself going to a max of 4 to 5 restaurants a day together with other bloggers whom I invited to join.

This online publication is obviously up to its nasty "unfair competition practice" again! I should say it has not stop at all the first time I discovered. I actually got a hunch already when there were sudden events that would suddenly back out from a partnership, and so it was only last year that I got confirmation when somebody sent me a screenshot of their nasty "threats". When I posted about it online, the testimonials grew and soon I got so many screenshots and revelations from other events and organizations of how this online publication backed out from the media partnership and tried to indirectly convince them that they should only partner with those on the "top" of rankings.

Before, the reports I received were not specific to which media partner they were referring to but yesterday the caller told me Wazzup Pilipinas was specifically mentioned by no less than the Editor-in-Chief and founder.

This is something that the
Philippine Competition Commission needs to really look into before it becomes too big to handle and blows up into their faces when they act too late. This also adds to my collection of reports submitted to us by the many media partners who informed us about how this online publication sends e-mails threatening to back out from the media partnership because they do not want other media partner(s) present among the event supporters.

What this online publication is doing is undoubtedly a deliberate attempt to muscle out others because they think they will be chosen to remain, or that they are too confident of themselves that it is alright to lose partnership with other events because they have so many anyway. It makes event organizers wary to invite other media partners especially if they want to keep the partnership with the so called claim to be the top online publication in the country with millions of views or "impressions" - something that could be easily done if you would invest on SEO and other strategies, even the dirty ones that fools people in believing they have the numbers to effectively influence people in patronizing a brand.

In a country like the Philippines which eats up most "entertaining" articles like the viral and trending stories that could be refurbished or rehashed to become new articles, they don't automatically translate into a sale  for a brand since most readers of such content are just visiting the site to be entertained. When I left the online publication way back 2013, my site was already getting the same number of daily views they were having because I implemented their strategy, but eventually stopped because I realized it is actually "hurting" the readers more because I was putting out insignificant stories that would not contribute to healthy nation building but rather turn people to focus on the trivial and ignore or set aside the more important ones.

"Blogging has become a very profitable business, but we would rather be true to ourselves and to our readers, than kiss asses just to keep relationships. We believe we would benefit more if the nation is well-informed of the truth and not of superficialities."

Why is this online publication trying to put us down? They won't directly give out the reason to the organizers they sent emails to, but would only claim that they are among the top online publications and that the event organizers should look into partnering only with publications with similar stats as theirs - something to that effect where their stinking arrogance could be smelt (or smelled) several miles away.

They boasts of their stats but many have told me that they only have the numbers because they fill up their site with memes, controversies, click-baits, and many similar insignificant stuff that would not even encourage a sale for the brands that sponsors or advertise with them. Just as how predictable and cheap "teleseryes" dumbs the masses, their content is mostly rubbish designed to add to their stats. There was even a PR who was among their contributors but called out to them online to air the same concerns, so they eventually removed him as a contributor and unfriended him. Just as how they did a witch-hunt among their writers back then to find those who were allied with me, and removed them as well.

If they are indeed among the top, they do not need to resort to crab mentality and/or character assassination by indirectly or directly demeaning their fellow media entities, or media personalities, may they be bloggers or mainstream media, and would readily set themselves side by side with seemingly competing media entities. They do not need to bring down others if they are truly on top.

Furthermore, the more media partners supporting, the more advantageous it is for the event. This is why we detest exclusivity with regards to media partnership. You should not keep the news reporting or event promotion to yourself or only a few. Those who usually do this believes there would be a big return, or profit, for them, or there really is something already agreed as a rewarding ex-deal.

There is no argument with the fact that it would be more beneficial for an event to have as many media partners as possible to gain more mileage, and thus attract more audience or attendees since each one of these media entities have their own set of followers. It would be a waste of opportunity to be able to reach out to more people if limited to just a few media partners.

Though it
will be unfortunate for us to lose the partnership if the event organizer would choose to keep the arrogant online publication, we would prefer to partner with those who truly knows what to value more - give in to a blackmailer who flaunts their questionable wide reach and belittles others, or stick with the underdog who's obviously being bullied by this menacing threat. 
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