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Zion Trading & E-Commerce Business Solutions

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Zion Trading and E-Commerce Business Solutions will be having their media launch on January 25, 2020.

The event will feature a revolutionary and promising e-commerce platform that will change our view of doing our business locally and globally.

Wazzup Pilipinas will be there to cover the launch of this new platform.

But before the launch, here are some information about the company and its founder.



Zion is derived from the scriptures which represents the City of Jerusalem among the Jews with a promise of restoration from loss and devastation of their lives and country. It also connotes the mountain of God among the Judeo-Christian Faith of a better state enjoying God’s abundance, protection and assurance of salvation. This was the inspiration of the founder and young CEO-President Ms. Fostine Margaux Tapiador fondly known as Charmie to her closest to start her own company.

Raised in challenging family environment of four siblings being the eldest, she was forced to explore extra income by selling candies and other stuffs during her student days. Little did she know that this would lead to her entrepreneurial journey. Pursuing a nursing major and career was really against her will with a push from the family of pursuing in the US for a greener pasture with her profession and while practicing it, her entrepreneurial drive continues doing direct selling and MLM business on the side from 2011-2013. It was a painful struggle knowing that deep within her she can be more and do more. She left home to be independent and her entrepreneurial journey. She did succeed at one point earning her first million registering her first Company as a Sole Proprietor with “PowerBank Item” sold from 1,500 to an income of 60k selling on line and the list of possible products went on until owning many on line stores in different e-commerce platforms.

She has earned her first million at the age of 21 doing direct selling and ML


Officially registered as a Corporation last September 2019 just in time Ms. Charmi the founder turned 28. It was in her heart to spread the good news and share the blessing and wonders of Electronic Commerce or a.k.a. know as E-Commerce or On line business. This is a model using a platform of On Line store where Digital Marketing and Advertising are the means and strategies to showcase product and services through your own store. The On Line Business is a Multi Billion Dollar Business that paved the way from its pioneers such as EBAY, AMAZON.COM of the American spheres, ALIBABA of the China’s and our very own Lazada and Shopee.

Motivated by her own experience of success, Charmi wanted to share the breakthrough business by mentoring-coaching and training who would sign up and subscribe to the platform. According to Richard Gabriel Bonifacio the COO-GM of Zion, E Commerce is the “Great Equalizer” to do business nowadays. As a former banker-corporate employee and OFW in Singapore for almost a decade. After discovering and trying the revolutionary business and earning six figure income made him realized that he can already stop being swamped by the thinking of a greener pasture and facing the challenge of being away with your family. Richard decided to go back home, do E Commerce at his pace and convenience while spending more quality time with the family. Richard met and was mentored by the younger Charmi and have decided to join forces in spreading this business.

Not just opportunity but an explosive business unlimited opportunity awaits for Jonathan or “Jojo” Toress as the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer. He is known in the circle of MLM-Network Marketing Industry being a Consistent Leader-Achiever but was hopping around finding the “right and stable” business or company he can se himself long term. As a “green card holder” and almost settled in the US, he decided to go back and was persuaded by Charmi to join her in setting up Zion and help empower many people through this revolutionary business. Jojo resolved to himself that this is the right business and company for him and surrendering his green card are all worth the risk as he sees bigger vision with Zion.

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Essential Things You Need When Moving to Vietnam

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Are you planning on moving to Vietnam? Organizing and preparing for an international relocation is not the easiest thing to do. However, with the right tips and guidance, everything is more manageable. Vietnam has become a significant visitors' sensation, and it is all for the right reasons. Whether you are contemplating moving there for business, school, or a change of lifestyle, you will love the culture, climate, and incredible sceneries in Vietnam.

However, it takes a bit of planning before embarking on your journey to ensure you are not missing out on anything. To make the process easier, here are essential things that you should do during preparations.

Ensure your passport is valid

You cannot move to Vietnam without a valid passport. Ensure that it is valid and also, it should be at least six months away from expiry. Do not wait until the last minute to check your passport's validation as that could put you to frustrations on realizing that it's expired on the D-day.

Your visa

Again, you cannot enter Vietnam without a visa. This acts as a permit to show that you are entering the country legally. Luckily, the internet has made things easier for everyone, and you can now get a Vietnam Visa online, which will take you less time than driving to the office. It only takes a few clicks, and you are good to go. This is a plus as it allows you to focus on other traveling arrangements such as shopping, packing, and ensuring that you have everything you need, with peace of mind knowing that your visa issues are sorted. However, before settling for an online visa application, make sure that you are dealing with a competent platform to avoid scammers.

Get the necessary vaccinations

It would help if you got vaccinations whenever you are traveling to a foreign country, and this case is not an exception. This is to protect you from communicable diseases on getting there.

Ensure you have enough funds

You should ensure that you have enough money to take you through your stay in Vietnam. Otherwise, you will not be allowed in the country. After all, who knows what lack of money could turn you into?

Book your accommodation

Now, this is where stress comes in. Booking accommodation can prove to be daunting, especially if you wait until the last minute to do it. You might find that all the nice hotels are booked, and the remaining ones are not the quality you are looking for, or they are super expensive. You should make the booking as early as now to avoid last-minute frustrations. Remember that you might have everything else figured out, but if you do not have a place to stay at least on the first night after arrival, your trip is bound to be a mess.

Flight bookings

Now that you have everything from passport, visa, funds, and accommodation in check, it is time to book your flight and do it on time. All the preparations will only go to waste if your transport booking fails. It would help if you made the booking a week or so before the traveling date.

You are excited about moving to your dream country, and with these tips, you will have everything you need to make your relocation seamless and stress-free. All the best!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

7 Tips to Manage Your Finances While Traveling

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Whether you are traveling solo, going for honeymoon vacation, or going for a family holiday, any kind of overseas vacation involves heavy planning especially when it comes to your finances. It is essential to have a plan for managing your money, as it ensures safety while traveling and saves you a huge amount of trouble. We’ve put together 7 tips that will ensure better management of your finances while traveling overseas.

Set a Spending Budget

Once you have decided on the destination you want to visit, the next important step is preparing a spending budget. When you prepare a financial spending budget, you can observe where your money is going. This helps in avoiding overspending which can lead to you running out of finances halfway and returning with heavy financial burdens such as heavy travel credit cards bill.

Your budget should take into consideration the expenses of accommodation, meals, activities, souvenirs, transportation, gratuities, etc. You should ensure that your budget has a certain flexibility in case of occasional splurges so that you enjoy your journey to the fullest.

Use a Bank Account with Low International Charges

One of the easiest way to access funds while abroad is through withdrawing money from ATM machines using your travel cards. ATMs are present almost everywhere and are an easy way to access funds as you do not have to carry large amounts of cash.

The common problem that occurs while withdrawing cash is that banks charge a high cash withdrawal fee for international transactions. It is best to always find out the fee charged by your bank beforehand. If the fee charged is high, it is advisable to change to a different bank account as it could lead to a great amount of savings.

Inform Your Bank or Credit Card Company

When you plan to head for your vacation, it is important to inform your bank or the credit card company about the travel including the duration and reason for the travel. This is important as it helps to prevent your travel credit cards from being blocked when they detect unusual foreign activities. You should also keep in handy the assistance helpline number for any service required when you are traveling.

Some credit card companies do not allow overseas transactions unless the cardholder puts in a request. It is advisable to check with your company for the procedure.

Use Travel Credit Cards for Your Purchases

You should always keep some cash in hand while you are traveling. However, it is advisable to use your travel credit cards for the majority of your spending. This is because you don’t have to go through the hassle of converting your currency. It also helps in getting you an economical exchange fee charges. It helps avoid dealing with the risks of carrying a huge pile of cash, in case of theft of your card you can simply report your card without losing any money.

Set Up Online Banking

While you’re overseas, it is essential to keep track of the financial transactions on your card for better management of your expenses. It is important to have access to internet banking with your travel cards. Online banking helps in keeping a track of the transactions occurring on your travel credit cards and managing other financial tasks.

However, you should avoid accessing your internet banking on public computers at the hotel or internet café. In case there is no option, you should ensure that you sign out of the secure sites and close the browser. Public WiFi should only be used if a safe connection is ensured.

Carry Multiple Travel Credit Cards and Debit Cards

It is always recommended to carry more than one travel credit cards and debit cards. It is possible that your travel cards are stolen or blocked by the bank, or they simply may not be acceptable at some ATMs or merchants. In such cases, you do not want to be stuck with no funds to carry out your payments and therefore, it is essential to have backup travel cards.

Don’t Keep All Your Valuables in One Place

It is not the best idea to keep all your valuables such as cash, travel credit cards, passport, and other important documents gathered in one place. This is because, in case of theft, you end up losing everything at once. It is best to spread out your valuables across your pouch, bags, hotel safes, pockets, etc.

The Bottom Line

If you are planning your dream vacation, make sure to add these tips to your financial to-do list. It is important to keep into account the financial spending and plan for it well in advance. This not only ensures a hassle-free trip but also allows you to step into your daily life comfortably without any financial burdens. Nobody likes to kill the post-vacation buzz with heavy bills to pay off.

Araneta City Joins the Celebration of the Chinese New Year on January 25, 2020


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New Beginnings and Renewals Spurred by the White Metal Rat

The year 2020 has jumpstarted for Araneta City by welcoming the first ever ibis Hotel brand in the country, the ibis Styles Hotel. As the Year of the White Metal Rat approaches, Araneta City looks forward to unveiling more developments and new beginnings that will revitalize the City of Firsts.

To invite prosperity this Chinese New Year, Chinese dragons and lions and Chinese Drummers will be performing in all malls, hotels, and residential buildings in the City.

Good luck and fortune also await shoppers and patrons of Gateway Mall, Ali Mall, and New Farmers Plaza on Chinese New Year. They will get a chance to hear from Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua, or get exclusive sessions with tarot card reader Rob Rubin. Participants will also have a chance to join the tassel knot décor making contest, take selfies or groupies in the Chinese New Year-themed photobooth, and enjoy many more exciting surprises.

To participate, one simply has to present a minimum single-receipt purchase of Php 500 from any Araneta City establishment in registration tables at the activity area of these malls from 11am to 3pm on January 25.

Famed hopia brand Eng Bee Tin is also expected to shower blessings on Chinese New Year. A minimum single-receipt purchase of Php 250 from any Araneta City food courts and Dampa entitles one with a free regular pack of Eng Bee Tin in any of its classic variants – monggo, ube, buko or pandan.

Everyone is also invited to join JC Santos and Bella Padilla for the “On Vodka, Beers and Regrets Mall Tour” on January 26, 2020, 4pm at the Activity Area of Farmers Plaza, Araneta City.

Have fun this Chinese New Year, and celebrate new beginnings and renewal only at the City of Firsts, Araneta City.

5 Time-tested Tips for Finding the Right Jobs in Manila

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Metro Manila is not just the biggest urban center in the Philippines — it is one of the densest population centers in the world. Because of this, job hiring in Manila is extremely competitive, with openings in virtually all industries within the area.

For decades, Metro Manila has been the place for ambitious job seekers from all over the country to start and develop their careers. While the development of other urban centers such as Cebu, Davao, and Iloilo have eroded Manila’s desirability as a job destination, the megapolis still offers the widest variety of jobs and the highest median salaries in the Philippines.

That said, there are several challenges to finding the right jobs in the Metro. These problems are due largely to the population density and the lack of adequate infrastructure. Long commutes and expensive housing are a fact of life throughout the area, and these can dramatically affect the suitability of different jobs.

If you’ve never worked in Manila before, we’ve got a few choice tips here for you. Here are a few tips for ensuring you get the right jobs in Manila.

1.) Consider the job’s location

Many job seekers from the provinces or overseas are often unaware of how big Metro Manila is. It’s a mistake to assume that just because you have a friend or relative willing to give you a place to stay that you can automatically accept any job offer without thinking twice. Oftentimes, the distances involved can make it impractical to take on some jobs if your living accommodations are simply too far or cost too much to commute from.

To avoid these issues, be sure to look up the job’s location as well as your commuting options. That way, you can consider whether you would prefer to take a different job or move to a more convenient living space.

2.) Account for commute times and expenses

It’s no longer unusual for commutes in Metro Manila to last as long as two hours each way — a total of four hours a day. Given that this is about as long as half a regular shift, you’ll have to consider if a commute this long is worth your time, health, and promised compensation.

It’s also important to realize that longer distances don't always mean longer commute times. Because of the chaotic transport situation in Metro Manila, distances on a map don’t always reflect how long a commute is or how expensive it might be. For instance, if you live in Makati, commuting to Diliman is a straightforward affair. Commuting to Eastwood, however, might mean multiple transfers and longer commute times, even if it’s much closer to Makati.

Of course, things are much easier if you have a car. But you will also have to contend with gas prices, parking, and ongoing maintenance. Plus, even with a car, you might not be able to use it every day because of different traffic schemes.

Regardless of how you commute, some sacrifices have to be made. Make sure to account for these before you accept a job offer because your salary might not be enough to cover everything.

3.) Consider a work-from-home job

Even job locations with difficult commutes can be quite tolerable if the employer lets you work from home on either a part-time or full-time basis. These types of jobs can also allow you to save time as well as money on commuting expenses. If you’re lucky, you might not even need to move to Manila for the job which means you can earn Metro Manila rates even if you live in the provinces.

4.) Negotiate if you can

Employers in Manila tend to be much more receptive to negotiations compared to employers in smaller cities simply because the job market is more competitive. It’s far easier for applicants in Manila to find opportunities elsewhere simply because the job market is larger and more dynamic. This gives applicants in the metropolis a bit of an edge over those in smaller cities where opportunities are scarcer.

5.) Take the time to find several different options

It’s usually worth taking your time to weigh different job options, even if you’re currently employed elsewhere. Better jobs are popping up all the time, and chances are better opportunities are coming up right around the corner. Never be so sure about one job that you aren’t willing to take something better!


Manila’s sheer size gives it a unique job market, especially when contrasted with other major cities in the Philippines. If you’ve worked elsewhere in the country — and even if you’ve worked abroad — few things will prepare you for the fast pace and the chaos of working here.

If you’re ready to look for jobs in Metro Manila or anywhere else in the country, be sure to check out Mynimo’s simple yet powerful local search functions make it simple to find the perfect job — wherever you are in the Philippines.

Zombies Are In Our Midst

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This January 25, Enchanted Kingdom brings you the cast of Block Z, the much-awaited zombie movie of the year, for an afternoon of fun and games as Black Zombie Warriors featuring Joshua Garcia, Mccoy De Leon and Yves Flores battle Red Zombie Slayers Julia Barretto, Maris Racal and Ms. Ina Raymundo!

Join us at the first and only world-class theme park this Saturday, 4PM at Spaceport Grounds and get the chance to meet the hottest young celebrities of the most thrilling film of the year!

See you all at Enchanted Kingdom - where the magic lives forever!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Study Pushes Through With Increased Rider Cap, Expansion of Coverage to Cagayan De Oro City

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The Motorcycle Taxi Service Inter-Agency Technical Working Group (TWG), after talks with the participating motorcycle transport network companies (TNCs) and stakeholders, has moved to increase the rider cap and expand the pilot study's coverage area following the decision to push through with the Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Study.

This was announced during the deliberations held at the House of Representatives, led by House Committee on Transportation Chairperson Edgar Sarmiento today, 22 January 2020.

Present in the hearing were members of the house panel; the TWG, headed by Chairman Antonio Gardiola Jr.; and representatives from the three motorcycle ride-hailing services, Angkas, Move It, and JoyRide.

During the session, several agreements were identified for implementation of the Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Study.

First, the rider cap for the study will be increased to 63,000. The three motorcycle transport network companies (TNCs) participating in the study will each have 15,000 riders for their Metro Manila operations under the new cap; 9,000 for their operations in Metro Cebu; and an additional 9,000 for Cagayan de Oro City, the new coverage area for motorcycle taxis operations.

However, should a TNC fails to fill-up its alloted number of riders under the cap, the other players can have the available slots.

The House Committee on Transportation also announced the continuous formation of the TWG in the 3-month extension of the motorcycle-taxi pilot study, which will run until 23 March 2020.

Further, Angkas has agreed to drop all court cases it had filed against the TWG. Angkas had filed the cases against the TWG as it questioned the Revised Guidelines issued by the TWG to limit its rider cap.

As penalty, Angkas has committed to Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur P. Tugade that it will be aiding victims of the Taal Volcano eruption.

Secretary Tugade and representatives from the three motorcycle TNCs met on Tuesday to thresh out various issues with regard to the implementation of the pilot study, after the TWG had announced that it is recommending the termination of the study.

“We all come here today to agree to stand together in a platform of unity, mutual support and cooperation for the interest of the riding public, as a manifestation of our full trust and confidence to the Duterte administration.

We need to understand that if we go against each other, and if we do not cooperate, people who have malicious intentions and questionable agenda will be feasting on us. Let us show them that we can join hands— that we can cooperate and agree,” Secretary Tugade said.

Meanwhile, TWG Chairman Gardiola also assured of cooperation between the government and the participating motorcycle TNCs in the conduct of the pilot study.

“Our foremost concern and should also be the stakeholders’ utmost priority is the safety and protection of public interest. Let us now close the book of animosity and work together to serve the people we care about,” Chairman Gardiola said.

Why I Feel Motorcycle Taxis are More Dangerous to Transport Passengers

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Don't hate me for standing up for what I believe in. I believe I am fighting a battle less fought of by those looking for a quick way out of this existence they believe is so miserable.

One thing is clear, my intention will always be for the greater good. I may be wrong but at least I try to get involved and offer a solution.

Each day always has a surprising challenge unfolding to make up our epic story. We should all be grateful for the opportunities....and wary of those who want to take advantage of our confused state.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit ipinagpipilitan ng iba ang MC Taxis eh very risky compared to 4-wheeled alternatives.

Mas gugustuhin ko pang ma- late sa trabaho, than to risk myself from injury or death that are greater to happen when riding MC Taxis.

Mamamatay ka kung oras mo na kahit saan ka man sumakay? Pwede, pero tanga ka kung hindi ka magkukusang mag-ingat.

Kung talagang maraming apektado, yung mismong employer ang mag-aadjust dahil wala siyang magiging tao sa trabaho. Pero kung iilan lang kayo, it should mean you should find other ways to get to work, or find another job.

Ang daming solusyon. Sabi nga nila, kung gusto ay may paraan, kung ayaw ay maraming dahilan.

Stop claiming MC Taxis are the best and only solution. You are not the expert. The people at DOTr are supposedly the experts here. It's their job to study and work on this.

Lahat tayo nahihirapan with the traffic and transport problem, even car owners, but it doesn't mean we should "Kapit sa Patalim" just to get what we want.

I am comparing with regards to safety only. Where are we safer to ride? 4-wheeled or 2-wheeled taxis?

Let us not wait for accidents to happen when we can avoid them. The proliferation of MC Taxis is just like a volcano waiting to explode. We don't know when, but it will  most probably kill us if it does.

Yun na nga, mismong DOTr hindi maiayos, tayo pa kaya?

Do we really need data to know where we are safer?  As a passenger, is it safer inside a vehicle, or exposed to the elements and everything else as a backrider? This is about the safety of the passengers. I am just being concerned about the safety of our riding public as I've seen so many accidents involving or caused by riders...What more if they are carrying passengers.

Data will also show that accidents often happen on the road than by plane. But we are sure that if a plane does crash, our chances of survival is minimal.

OK, maybe I feel safer when I am enclosed in a car that seems like my armor everytime I go out on the road.

I just want others to be safer too.

But then again, somebody had these to say:

1. There are 1.5 million 4 wheeled vehicles in the PH and 14 million motorcycles.
2. DoTr is supposedly the expert and their supposed to regulate and come up with solutions. Have you seen our traffic conditions? Do you think they're doing a good job?
3. Shit trickles down. That means companies, employers will always pass the hassle down to the people on the lowest level. Sad but true.
4. Motorcycle taxis are efficient and safe. Angkas have a 99% safety record. There are hundred more reasons why MC's should be legalized but ayaw ko maging novela 📖 itong reply.

What I have to say:

Employers will adjust. Haven't you heard of flexible hours? They can't operate if noone will be there.

Other better solutions:

2. Develop an app and convert existing taxis into something similar to Grab Share carpooling. 4-wheels can transport more people. 4-wheels again are safer. Give taxi operators the option to compete with Grab, if other players wont dare compete.

3. Employers provide shuttles/vans for carpool. We did that with DSWD and other government agencies.

4. Employers hire people living within their city to avoid traveling great distances. Muntinlupa gives benefits to businesses that does this so their employees wont have the burden of traveling long hours after office.

5. Work at home. Though many could still not do this because of the nature of their work, a lot of tasks at every work environment can be done through online reducing head count. It is just a matter of time when everything else will follow. Don't worry about losing jobs because new ones will be available.

6. A lot more. I could write a book about this...and many of these are already being done. Just have patience.

Needless to say, we will adjust and evolve because of our needs. Employers and employees will find better solutions. Risking our safety should be discouraged. MC Taxis should be frowned upon.

If your employer is not doing something then that is probably because only a small number of his manpower is affected.

BTW, I've tried MC Taxis several times so I've personally witnessed how dangerous it is.

I am so baffled why you believe you will lose your job just because you are late. If you are really good at work, and you are not expendable, then your boss will reconsider.

In short, we can all work around from this predicament without endangering our lives with MC Taxis....and this is the real bigger picture.

Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 4 Coming this September

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The fourth Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) will be back this September 11-17, 2020 where audiences can experience a week-long celebration of Philippine Cinema at FDCP’s annual flagship program featuring quality films with captivating storylines, set to premiere in movie theaters nationwide.

This national industry event celebration in partnership with cinemas provides an exclusive platform for Filipino filmmakers and producers, giving particular focus to independent productions. PPP allows them to showcase their unique stories with the opportunity to reach the widest audience in the country. It also provides an opportunity to showcase quality films with an elevated genre, exhibiting the versatility and ingenuity of Filipino Cinema.

Last year’s PPP concluded with an award’s night that crowned Eduardo Roy Jr.’s Lola Igna as the festival’s ‘Best Picture’ and LSS as the ‘Special Jury Prize’ winner. Lola Igna also racked in the awards for ‘Best Screenplay,’ ‘Best Musical Score.’ Its lead star Angie Ferro won the award for ‘Best Actress’. Other winners included Tyrone Acierto as ‘Best Director’ for his film Watch me Kill and Martin Del Rosario as ‘Best Actor’ for his role in The Panti Sisters.

“We are truly proud and excited to continue championing Filipino films and encouraging Filipino filmmakers to be competitive players in the industry through the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. In the past three years, we have raised immense support from our Filipino audience who have shown how eager they are to watch quality films of different genres from stories that are ours,” said FDCP Chairperson Liza Dino. “With the fourth year and the closing of the 100 Years of Philippine Cinema, PPP will continue to challenge and expand the stories and reach of our films towards a more global perspective. Especially with our next hundred years, we hope that this platform becomes integral in placing Philippine Cinema at the worldwide stage in both technical and creative and storytelling aspects,” she added.

Aside from featuring 10 full-length films, last year’s PPP also premiered short films under ‘Sine Kabataan,’ a short-film competition for young filmmakers conducted alongside the week-long festival. Kalakalaro, directed by Rodson Verr Suarez, won the ‘Best Short Film’ award for the competition.

This year’s PPP will conclude Sine Sandaan, the year-long celebration of one hundred years of Philippine cinema spearheaded by FDCP that kicked off at last year’s PPP. Under Presidential Proclamation 622, signed November 2018, FDCP was assigned to lead the centennial year celebration of Philippine cinema.

Why ‘Biosecurity’ is Important for Wildlife Conservation

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Tamaraw and Tribal Communities Decimated by Disease

Fausto Novelozo, chief of the Taw’buid tribe, exhales from his worn clay pipe. The sweet scent of wild tobacco envelopes the hut. “It was sickness that drove us down from the mountains. Measles we got from Tagalog visitors. Half our village of 200 died. The survivors moved here to be closer to civilization. Now we constantly need medicine.”

We’re in Tamisan Dos, one of two newly-established villages flanking a road which leads to the Iglit-Baco Natural Park in Occidental Mindoro. In their tongue, Taw’buid means ‘people from above’ because they historically inhabited the island’s mountainous interior. Fausto’s people are highlanders no more.

Before we push deeper into the park, we leave the old chief some provisions – coffee, sugar, salt and a small bag of medicine.

Taw’buid huts at Tamisan Dos, a tribal village established around 2015 when measles broke out among Occidental Mindoro’s upland tribes. Half the population of a village of 200 people died. Survivors set-up two villages, Tamisan Uno and Dos. Disease is a major killer of animals and people which have been isolated for generations. (Gregg Yan / UNDP)

The Danger of Disease

When imagining threats to biodiversity, wildfires, logging, poaching and other visual activities are top-of-mind. But sometimes, the smallest beings do the most damage.

Disease is a major killer of isolated tribes. In July of 1837, an American steamboat called the Saint Peter infected the Mandan, a North American tribe of about 2000, with smallpox. Three months later, only 23 were left alive.

“Isolated communities are especially vulnerable to diseases from the outside world because immune responses have yet to be developed,” says medical anthropologist Dr. Gideon Lasco. “Limited access to health care and fear of hospitals also keeps them from seeking treatment.”

The Taw’buid are just one of many groups that the Tamaraw Conservation Programme (TCP) works with in their 40-year old bid to save the tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis), a well-known but critically-endangered buffalo found only in the Philippines. Like native tribes, the tamaraw is highly-vulnerable to disease.

Punong Tribo Fausto Novelozo inside his modest hut in Tamisan Dos, at the foothills of the Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park in Occidental Mindoro. At 66, he is the chief of the Taw’buid, the most numerous of Mindoro’s eight ethnolinguistic groups. The son of the previous chief, he lived in Cavite for several years before returning to lead his tribe. An excellent conservation ally, he actively convinces other tribesfolk to stop setting-up traps for tamaraw. (Gregg Yan / UNDP BIOFIN)

Decimated by Rinderpest

Once, tamaraw grazed by the thousands. An estimated 10,000 inhabited Mindoro at the turn of the century.

As now, Mindoro then had prime-pastureland – so good that ranchers imported thousands of cattle to the island. As grazing competition for the lowlands increased, ranchers started herding their cattle up mountains – the same ones occupied by tamaraw.

In the 1930s, an outbreak of rinderpest took place. A deadly virus which kills 90% of what it infects, rinderpest laid waste not just to the population of farmed cattle, but wild tamaraw as well.

By 1969, numbers were estimated to have dropped under 100, prompting the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to declare the species as critically endangered – just one step above extinction.

Decades of conservation led by the TCP, Biodiversity Management Bureau, Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park (MIBNP) and a host of allies including the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) of the United Nations Development Programme and Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Incorporated, D’Aboville Foundation, Global Wildlife Conservation, World Wide Fund for Nature, Far Eastern University and Eco Explorations, have helped tamaraw numbers recover to around 600, confined to four isolated areas in Mindoro. All are vulnerable to disease.

“Bovine tuberculosis, hemosep and anthrax can enter Mindoro if we’re not careful,” explains Dr. Mikko Angelo Reyes, a Mindoro-based veterinarian. “The key is biosecurity, the prevention of disease through quarantine, inoculation and immunization. We should ensure that at the very least, animals entering the island are checked for sickness. We should also establish and respect buffer zones around protected areas, which are often rung by farms and livestock.”

The Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park (MIBNP), a former game refuge turned into a protected area, spans 106,655 hectares. It is home to the Philippine brown deer (Rusa marianna), Oliver’s warty pig (Sus oliveri) plus many other rare and endangered species. It also hosts 480 of the world’s 600 remaining tamaraw.

It is also currently surrounded by 3000 cattle belonging to 30 ranchers.

Rangers Need Help

Together, TCP and MIBNP rangers work to ward off invading cattle or heavily-armed poachers. They constantly dismantle spring-loaded balatik and deadly silo snare traps while discouraging the park’s indigenous Taw’buid and Buhid tribesfolk from engaging in slash-and-burn farming.

“It’s no easy task since the tribes must feed their growing families,” says TCP head Neil Anthony Del Mundo. “As their numbers swell, so do their requirements for space and food, which is why they’re setting-up more traps, even inside core zones. This is a challenge faced by all protected areas inhabited by people.”

The life of a tamaraw ranger is fraught with difficulty – the risk is high, the pay low.

TCP was created to bolster tamaraw conservation efforts in 1979 through Executive Order 544. However, it was set-up as a special project instead of an office, so only its head is a regular employee with benefits.

In 2018, TCP was allotted PHP4.2M for operations. This 2019, the budget was slashed to PHP3.3M, 75% of which goes to personnel salaries, leaving little for operational and field expenses.

Despite the fact that most rangers have put in an average of 10 years’ service and stay in the field a month at a time, none of them get benefits despite years of dangerous fieldwork.

“TCP must be institutionalized as an office to secure better pay, permanent tenure and government benefits for its hardworking rangers. Our tamaraw rangers go out against hunters armed with military-grade rifles. Communist rebels pass through the same places they patrol. Poisonous snakes, charging tamaraw, animal traps, dangerously-swollen rivers … every time our boys go out on patrol, one foot’s already in the grave,” adds June Pineda, former TCP head and now a Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer (CENRO) based in Mindoro.

To gather much-needed resources for TCP and various protected areas nationwide, BIOFIN is helping raise funds via bank account donations to Metrobank account number 750-001-5620.

“A little help goes a long way. We ask fellow Pinoys to donate just a bit to save the tamaraw and the rangers keeping them alive and kicking,” says BIOFIN Philippines project manager Anabelle Plantilla. “Through their efforts and sacrifice, they have managed to grow tamaraw numbers from 100 to about 600.”

Since its inception in 2012, BIOFIN has worked with both the public and private sectors to enhance protection for the country’s biodiversity hotspots by helping secure funds to implement sound biodiversity programs.

The Iglit-Baco Natural Park exists in a fragile balance. To keep its people, animals and ecosystems healthy, we all need to pitch in. Donate via the details below and click here to know more.

Metrobank Account Name: Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Incorporated.

Current Account Number: 750-001-5620.

Tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis) are endemic forest buffalo found only on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. Numbering only about 600, they are considered critically-endangered by the IUCN. Adults stand a meter at the shoulder and weigh around 300 kilogrammes. Bulls are larger, darker and solitary, while cows tend their calves in close-knit groups. Lobbyists are pushing for it to become the country’s national land animal. (Gregg Yan)

Approximately 600 tamaraw survive in four separate areas, shown here. Depleted populations have little chance of surviving on their own, so immediate conservation support is needed. Click here to help. (MIBNP FILE PHOTO)

Written By Gregg Yan

Growing Business: 6 Factors to Consider While Growing Globally

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Starting a business from the ground up is no easy feat. It can take years to reach a stable point in your operations, whether you create products, offer creative services, or manage a team of experts.

Almost every new business owner’s dream is to take their company to the next level and reach more customers. Eventually, there will come a time when you’ve reached the potential to scale globally. Back in the day, this was such a difficult task to accomplish. It entailed flying in and out of different countries before you can operate.

Now, however, closing a business deal is much faster. With the technology this era brings, expanding your services and catering to an international audience just got more convenient. You’ll never get the legalities out of the way, but setting up meetings and outsourcing your staff has become possible. Such practices have allowed companies to ramp up their efforts in growing their business.

But before you completely embrace the digital age and dive headfirst into your dream of expanding your business overseas, it’s worth taking a look at some critical factors when it comes to going global. Below are a few.

1. Language, culture, and practices of your new market

In an ideal world, your product or services are universally applicable to all cultures and races. The truth is there are a lot of nuances when it comes to these aspects. You will have to study it properly before marketing and positioning your product.

As with the case of language, it will be beneficial if you can hire bilingual staff members, full-time translators, or outsourced an employee for that position to help you communicate properly with your new region. Understanding the cultural and lingual differences in a country is the key to penetrating their market successfully. Don’t expect that your promotional efforts in one place will work equally across the globe.

2. International compliance, laws, and regulations

There’s so much to study when you start operating on foreign soil to the point that it can be a bit intimidating. Things like tax codes, business regulations, packaging standards, and all the legal paperwork can make your head hurt, much like how it went when you were first setting up your business.

It can take months to set up your corporation depending on the requirements that each country, state, or city will ask for, so be ready for this challenge. It’s worth seeking help from business partners who operate in the same location. They can accurately illustrate the economy and business landscape of the country you’re trying to set up your company in.

3. Packaging, shipping, and logistics

If your business sells a tangible product, chances are it will be produced in one major hub or headquarters. This will then have to be transported to the countries you operate in—all of which have different requirements. This means getting a reliable partner who can process all the specifications according to its destination.

You would also need a business shipping container to transport your goods from one port to another safely—sealed, free from damages, and ready for sale. This adds to your overall packaging and production cost, as each country will have different demands when it comes to allowing you to sell your item.

4. Facing local and international competition

It’s safe to assume that your product won’t be the first of its kind to enter your foreign market. Perhaps the country has a local business running the same thing, or other international companies have explored and invested in the same place before you.

Study how they run things and how successful they’re currently doing so that you can benchmark your company’s performance. It will allow you to think of creative ways to surpass your industry rivals.

There’s also the case of earning the trust of your new market. Being a new player in the game will put you at a disadvantage in the beginning. But with the right analyses of trends, you should be able to see your numbers slowly rising.

5. The different pace of growth

Speaking of “numbers slowly rising,” it’s important to note that there’s no way to accurately predict how fast your company will click in a different country.

You may be doing so well in Asia but realize that the US or European markets are a bit harder to conquer. This is normal and doesn’t immediately spell out bad news for your company. Perhaps this means you should look into more ways you can position or market your product in its new location.

6. Increase in overall business operational cost

Financial gains and broader market opportunities are what encourage business owners to venture into global expansion. While this is true, keep in mind that the more places you operate in, the more money your company will bleed out.

Financial preparedness is necessary when it comes to taking the first few steps into going global. Up until your company finds footing in a new territory, you should be anticipating massive expenses that will be poured into establishing your company in a new location.

Knowing is Half the Battle

Familiarizing yourself with the different challenges that businesses encounter when it comes to global expansion can help you become more prepared for the time when you want to push forward with this strategy.

It can even be a good idea to visit and stay in the country you want to operate in to gather more info about the country. Before making any significant decisions, run them by your team and think of all possible outcomes, so you can better prepare yourself for emergencies or the unexpected fast pace of growth.

You can overcome these struggles with the help of reliable business partners and hiring team members whom you trust can carry out your business goals. It cannot be stressed enough that you can’t do this alone. Tap the help of your international business partners or locals from the area you wish to expand so that they can give you more insight into what your company may face.

Indie-Siyensya Deadline Extended to January 27

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute has extended the deadline of submission of entries to the 4th annual Indie-Siyensya Filmmaking Competition to January 27, Monday.

Young individuals and S&T professionals (researchers and science communicators) are expected to produce documentary films which are based on scientific facts, under ten (10) minutes, and relevant to the theme “Communities Beyond the Naked Eye.”

The science films should focus on the life and impact of microorganisms, insects and other creatures or systems smaller than what we see using the naked eye, and/or highlight the relationships of these types of communities on different levels.

Indie-Siyensya, which seeks to promote science culture to the youth and the general public using film as a medium, is also the agency’s response to the growing field of science communication in the country.

“This competition aims to use filmmaking in communicating to the public scientific concepts as well as in highlighting the critical role of S&T in national development to the public and to entice the youth to become part of the growing S&T workforce of the country,” DOST-SEI Director Dr. Josette Biyo said.

Dr. Biyo also encouraged all qualified individuals and groups, during its launch at the Regional Science and Technology Week in Iloilo last October, to join Indie-Siyensya and to continue using film to develop understanding on the role of science in solving many of the country’s problems.

There are two main categories for interested Filipino applicants who may join as individuals or in groups: the “Youth Category” for high school, tertiary school and out-of-school youth aged 13-20, and the “Open category” for college students, teachers, amateur filmmakers, science professionals, and others.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: Scientific Content, Execution of Idea and Film Techniques. Winners for each category will receive trophies and cash prizes worth 100,000 pesos for the Best Film, 50,000 pesos for the second prize, and 30,000 pesos for the third prize.

One entry will also win the Viewers’ Choice award, which will be given to the entry with the highest number of votes during the film screening period at various DOST events, amounting to 20,000 pesos.

For more information, contact Ms. Candy Ilaw at 88371925 or 88372071 local 2384 or visit their Facebook page at

PHLPost Mourns the Passing of Pinoy Music Icon Dennis Garcia

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) mourns the loss of Mr. Dennis Garcia, founding member of the legendary Filipino band, Hotdog and older brother of Rene Garcia, the band’s lead singer who was recently honored by PHLPost along with Joey “Pepe” Smith and Rico J. Puno with their own commemorative postage stamps as part of its recently launched “Pinoy Music Icons”.

As a pioneer of the popular Manila Sound that began in the mid-1970s, Mr. Garcia wrote most of the band’s biggest hits in tandem with his brother Rene. The legacy of Hotdog did not stop after the latter has passed away as Dennis remained active in advocating the promotion of Filipino culture through the postage stamps that he hopes will also honor other Pinoy Music Icons in the future.

Their musical genre mirrored not only the distinctive music of the era but also the sentiments of many Filipinos toward their culture and homeland.

“The postage stamp is our way of honoring the band’s important role in linking the past and present generations through their own brand of music”, PHLPost said in a statement.

PHLPost added that “they will forever be grateful to “Mr. D” for his selfless attitude in supporting the successful launch of the “Pinoy Music Icons” commemorative stamps and icons memorabilia exhibit at PHLPost”.

“Even as we mourn his loss, we will continue to celebrate his remarkable life and the musical legacy that the brothers Dennis and Rene have shared with the Filipino people”, PHLPost said.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

RedDoorz Reaches Out to Red Cross, World Vision to Aid Taal Eruption Victims

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RedDoorz, the Philippines’ leading hotel management and booking platform, connected with two of the country’s leading humanitarian organizations - the Philippine Red Cross and World Vision - to provide assistance to the thousands of residents affected by the recent Taal Volcano eruption.

RedDoorz supported the Philippine Red Cross, the country’s largest humanitarian organization, by donating thousands of blankets, bottled water and hygiene kits containing soap, shampoo, and dental packs - some of the most essential requirements, to those affected by the recent volcanic eruption. The Philippine Red Cross was among the first responders on-ground to help the thousands of affected residents in Batangas province.

“We thank RedDoorz their donations relative to the continuous relief effort of Philippine Red Cross to the affected families and individuals of the recent Taal Volcano eruption,” said Philippine Red Cross Cavite Chapter administrative officer Rowell Jarin.

RedDoorz also extended their help to World Vision, a global humanitarian organization which aims to improve the lives of families and communities, by providing monetary assistance for its on-going relief operations. World Vision, known for caring for underprivileged children, started a monetary donation drive to provide evacuees with hygiene kits, dust masks, drinking water, and to build child-friendly spaces to help children cope with the distress of the calamity.

As for the largest non-profit organization in the Philippines, World Vision Executive Director Rommel Forte said, “World Vision is committed to support the families, especially the children, who are in a difficult situation because of the eruption. Our response team is already on the ground and will also be distributing hygiene kits, plastic mats, blankets, drinking water and other emergency essentials in the coming days.”

“Our properties in Tagaytay have been affected and the communities we serve there have been badly affected as well. We partnered with Red Cross and World Vision in their relief operations so we can extend help not just to our Tagaytay communities but to also let the residents and evacuees feel a semblance of comfort in the evacuation centers. In times like these when so many people have lost homes, belongings, livelihoods and have to deal with hunger and exposure to the elements, we need to come together as one community to help those in need.” said RedDoorz’s Country Marketing Head, Raenald De Jesus.

Residents of cities and municipalities near the main crater of Taal Volcano were forced to leave their homes due to the volcanic activities and the threat of more explosions. More than 50,000 residents of towns from Batangas and Cavite had been staying in evacuation centers since Sunday, January 12.

Oakwood Suites Bangkok Introduces Refined Residential Living to Thailand

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Oakwood, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mapletree Investments (“Mapletree”), today announced the official opening of Oakwood Suites Bangkok, its third property in Bangkok and sixth in Thailand. Strategically located along Sukhumvit Soi 24 in the popular Phrom Phong district, the property will offer a sanctuary of tranquility and privacy within the Thai capital’s thriving commercial complexes, and vibrant mix of shopping malls, restaurants and bars.

With a total of 228 well-appointed studio, premier, one- and two-bedroom apartments that cater to the diverse needs of travellers on business or leisure, each unit is equipped with a fully-furnished kitchen featuring top-of-the-line appliances, a Nespresso coffee machine and in-room entertainment system. Providing easy reach to the city’s Central Business District as well as the elevated convenience of access to major landmarks such as EmQuartier mall, Benjasiri Park and a plethora of other shopping and dining options, Oakwood Suites Bangkok will redefine the jetsetting lifestyle of savvy travellers through Oakwood’s delivery of service excellence coupled with renowned Thai hospitality.

“From restful green spaces to lively markets and contemporary sky bars, Bangkok is an exciting mix of modern and traditional Thai lifestyles. Being a gateway to Asia, the bustling city is an important commercial hub and a convenient springboard to the rest of the continent. We are thrilled to unveil Oakwood Suites in Bangkok, bringing elevated contemporary luxury to this key market,” said Dean Schreiber, interim chief executive officer of Oakwood and managing director of Oakwood Asia Pacific.

Designed to provide unparalled residential comfort for well-heeled travellers and senior executives, most of the studios and apartments at Oakwood Suites Bangkok feature a private balcony with cityscape views of the heart of Bangkok.

While guests can expect unobtrusive service tailored to one’s lifestyle with a focus on subtlety, they can also look to enjoy the property’s range of facilities such as an infinity outdoor swimming pool, a stunning sky lounge with meeting room, a residents’ lounge, a fully-equipped fitness centre, and a children’s playroom. ALICE Café & Bistro, an all-day dining restaurant, will feature an innovative repertoire of Asian-fusion cuisine complemented by a delightful array of international classics and freshly-made desserts.

Livelihood Program Set for T’bolis in South Cotabato

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Seven entities signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide livelihood opportunities and markets to coffee and abaca farmers from upland T’boli communities in South Cotabato.

The partnership among the Peace and Equity Foundation, United States Agency for International Development, Philippine Fiber Industry Development Industry (PFIDI), United Maligang Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Joscual Trading and the local government unit (LGU) of T'boli will benefit 200 farmers of Knoon Highland Farmers Association (KHFA) and strengthen their community by helping them be competitive in the value chain while doing conservation-based agriculture.

According to Joscual Trading owner Jojo Joson, they hope to train 75 KHFA members to produce high quality green coffee beans.

“Second to that, we also want them to fully participate in the value chain by training them on how to process their coffee,” he said.

Joson added that bringing PFIDI and UMFMPC will revitalize abaca production, a year-long crop as opposed to seasonal coffee.

Meanwhile, the T’boli LGU through the Office of the Municipal Agriculture will provide other institutional development and capability-building assistance to KHFA and will monitor and evaluate the implementation of the projects based on the MoU.

For her part, PEF Area Officer Shunie Pearl Palacios noted that the community is looking forward to the development with the coming together of the leading stakeholders in the area.

“Na-observe ko na tumaas ang level ng motivation ng mga farmers to work hard sa mga farms nila knowing na may mga organizations at LGU na nakasuporta sa kanila. I believe it's a good start towards community empowerment, to trust each other,” she said.

Also present at the signing ceremony held last November 2019 were T'boli Mayor Dibu Tuan, Councilor and Sangguniang Bayan Chairman on Agriculture Pacifico Cordada Jr., USAID Program Manager Rey Teves and KHFA President Levy Calan.

FDCP To Hold the Fourth Annual Film Ambassadors' Night In February: FDCP To Hold the Fourth Annual Film Ambassadors' Night In February

Wazzup Pilipinas!

For its annual kickoff event, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) will usher in 2020 by honoring Filipino filmmakers, producers, actors, projects and the various figures of the film industry that received global recognition over the past year at the fourth edition of FDCP’s Film Ambassadors’ Night.

Film Ambassador’s Night, which inaugurated in 2017, has honored over 200 filmmakers with particular focus on those who represented the Philippines in the international arena. In this year's edition to be held on February 9 (Sunday), FDCP will recognize several Film Ambassadors who consist of Filipino film industry artists, filmmakers, and films across genres and formats that received awards in film festivals abroad.

“We call our honorees Film Ambassadors for their incredible role in promoting and elevating Philippine Cinema globally by winning in international platforms,” said FDCP Chairperson Liza Dino said, “ Their works and artistry add to the whole of an already great Filipino heritage that is constantly growing in scale and quality. and it makes us truly proud that we call the world's attention to the Philippine Cinema through their efforts,” she added.”

In the past, these recognitions have included director Brillante Mendoza as part of the A-listers category for winning the special jury prize in San Sebastian Film Festival in 2018 and directors Treb Monteras and Mikhail Red as some of the many ‘Film Ambassadors’. The event also brings together industry workers and opens up the possibilities of sharing experiences and future collaborations.

In addition to recognizing these ‘Film Ambassadors,’ FDCP will present the Camera Obscura Artistic Excellence award to three members of the film industry. This award recognizes outstanding representatives of the film industry — be they filmmakers, producers, actors and so on — who made breakthroughs internationally, brought an appreciation for Philippine cinema abroad, and have positively inspired the Philippine film industry to aspire to greater heights. Awardees will receive a trophy and 50,000 pesos from FDCP.

Last year’s Camera Obscura awardees included filmmaker and national artist Kidlat Tahimik, film producer Bianca Balbuena and the highest-grossing Filipino film of 2018, The Hows of Us. Other past winners include Lav Diaz and Jaclyn Jose, as well as the films Saving Sally (dir. Avid Liongoren) for its recognition as an original full-length animation film and Kita Kita (dir. Sigrid Andrea Bernardo) for setting a new box office record as the highest-grossing, independently produced Filipino film.

FDCP’s Film Ambassador’s Night is the first of many events to be held this 2020 by the agency as it continues spearheading the year-long celebration of Sine Sandaan, the commemoration of a hundred years of Philippine cinema.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Wazzup Pilipinas Awarded As Most Outstanding Social Media Influencer at NCCAA 2020

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The multi-awarded blog from the Philippines was awarded as Most Outstanding Social Media Influencer at the National Customers' Choice Annual Awards (NCCAA) 2020 held on January 17, 2020 at the Diamond Hotel in Manila.

Wazzup Pilipinas, together with other brands and personalities, were recognized by the NCCAA Council as exemplary and deserving recipients for the year 2020.

The gala night started off with the ceremonial cake slicing, wine toasting and opening speech, followed by several performances from various entertainers like Anthony Rosaldo, Ate Gay, Rodney G, the Sexbomb Dancers, the G-Force Dancers, Ate Gay, Diana Meneses, and a few more while everyone was having a sumptuous dinner.

.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               .
The awarding ceremonies came next where Wazzup Pilipinas was among the media outfits that received an award that night. Wazzup Pilipinas is Hall of Fame awardee  for having won as Most Outstanding Social Media Influencer for three consecutive years.

Several businesses and entrepreneurs were undoubtedly inspired to continue doing their best because of the recognition. We all owe our customers top-notch products and services that would be globally competitive.

We did a livestream and video coverage during the awards night so please look for them on our social media pages primarily on our official Facebook page.

Choose the Leading Online Designer Watch Dealer – The Essential Factors to Consider

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Online shopping has made life easy! Anything that you want is available within just a click of the mouse. The online stores also provide the best price for fashionable accessories to woo in more customers. Today, a huge section of online buyers purchase their designer and branded watches online. Some websites sell high-end branded watches with the required documents and authentic warranty. Are you planning to buy your next watch from an online store? If yes, then you need to choose a leading and reputed online store.

The online world is replete with several online stores that sell branded watches! However, choosing one is challenging. To ensure that you buy from a quality website, you need to consider the following factors:

Sells authentic branded watches

Before you sign-up for an online watch website, find out whether it sells branded watches or not! For instance, you can check if it sells Michael Kors watch and the like. You can research on the top five popular watch brands and check whether the website showcase and sells the same. If you find that the website has the best watch models, you can conclude the website to be a reputed one.

Has several watch varieties

Every watch brand has several watch models that cover the basic and high-end models! Make sure that an online watch website has multiple watch models for you to choose from. The options should be more than a store, as an online store has unlimited virtual space to showcase the best watch brands.

Has the best watch accessories

It is essential for a reputed website selling branded watches to sell the best accessories! Some of the best accessories include the watch straps, which are available in metal, leather, and other high-end material as well.

Easy navigation and finer details

One of the most important qualities of a website selling the best watch models is that it is easy to navigate! If online users can't browse through the website easily and have issues in scrolling the web page, the users might bounce off. The web pages must load fast. Also, the image quality should be clear. A leading website will have several images of a watch model. It will help users to provide clarity. Also, the picture should get paired with feature details and other necessary information. It will help people to choose the watch they require and can afford it.

Secure payment channels

Payment channels are an important aspect of an eCommerce site! The watch website must have secure and easy payment channels. If you face any issues the first time with the payment, get in touch with the customer care team. If you find the issues persisting, it is best to resort to another website.

Some of the leading websites today have interesting and informative articles and blog content about watch models and watch trends. It helps the users to know about the latest technology used in watch variants and choose accordingly. These are some of the pointers that you can use to choose the best watch selling website.

10 Traditional Philippines Dishes Every US Traveler Must Try

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Philippines remains one of the main destinations in Asia with a record number of visitors every year. In 2018, the country broke earlier records with 7.1 million foreign tourists arriving despite the closure of Boracay Island a major tourist destination. Visitors from the United States numbered over one million with many backpackers getting by doing homework for money.

There are many reasons to visit the country from the award-winning beaches, water sports, mesmerizing landscapes, to the mountainous landscape. However, as you tour all these attractions, it is hard to miss the delicious traditional Philippine dishes that are part of the country’s rich heritage.

If you want to experience the real Filipino culture, you have to sample these traditional dishes. This guide explores some of the best traditional dishes every traveler should try.

Chicken/Pork Adobo

This has to be the most Filipino dish and for many good reasons. It is a dish every tour guide will exhort you to try because it is delicious and you might find yourself eating it throughout your stay. Adobo is simply chicken marinated in a mixture of soya sauce and vinegar.

As you move around the country, you might find variations of adobo such as adobo sa gata where coconut milk is added or addition of annatto oil.

Kare Kare: oxtail stew

Kare kare is a powerful dish of ex tail, beef tripes and traditional vegetables flavored with onion, garlic and ground roasted peanuts. Mostly served with shrimp paste (bagoon”), calamansi juice and you might find it spiced with chilli. The dish has less to do with curry despite the name but more to do with satay (a mixture of meat and peanut)

Lechon: Go the Whole Hog

This dish of roast suckling pig came from the Spanish conquerors and is big in the Philippines. A suckling pig roasted over charcoal for many hours makes up the lechon which has become the national dish.

If you visit the city of Cebu, this is the most important place to get the dish in its best from. Additions might include flavoring by use of stuffing like bay leaves, garlic, and lemongrass.

Sinigang: Sour Meat Stew

If you want to experience the cuisine of any new destination, start with the soups. In the Philippines, you have to sample traditional Sinigang a popular pork soup stew. Unlike kare kare, this is sour and savory in flavor.

You will get it as a stew or soup served with vegetables such as daikon (labanos), okra, onions, aubergine (eggplants) and water spinach, (kang kong).

Sisig: Nothing Goes To Waste

While many cultures look down upon less-than-premium cuts of livestock, Filipinos make the best of these economy parts. Sisig is a traditional dish containing parts of pork cheek, liver, pork face, and other less premium parts chopped and fried using onions and served on a hot plate.

This is a popular dish in the culinary capital of Pampanga and a popular accompaniment with beer. You have to try this the crunchy and chewy delicacy when in the country.

Buko Pie

There’s no way you’ll miss buko pies in the Philippines. It is such a popular part of the cuisine in the country and if you love experimenting with foods, you will taste it before you know its name. To make this pie, fresh coconut meat is mixed with condensed milk and thrown in the oven without any additives.

Buko is a coconut and you can thus enjoy it as a dessert, snack, or even enjoy the juice inside. Not only will buko juice cool you down it also a source of potassium, sodium, magnesium and iron. When baked into a pie, it smells like a freshly baked apple pie.


Image 1: Small bibingka cupcake

You might have eaten bibingka without knowing it on the streets of Manila or other cities. What you won’t forget is the delicious taste of the spongy cake. It is a cake baked with rice flour and coconut milk. Its spongy texture makes it irresistible.

Traditionally, it was a full-sized cake but you will now find bibingka cupcakes on the streets. You will easily notice these cakes by the banana leaf wrapped around the base which is also used to bake the cake.

Inasal: Rich Roast Chicken

In the local lingo, you will find roast chicken referred to as lechon manok. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it is a dish you’ll remember long after you go back home. Chicken inasal is one of the most popular dishes in Philippines and a staple food in the city of Bacolod.

This is chicken marinated in calamansi juice, lemongrass and ginger. As it roasts over the fire, it is basted with annatto oil. Best served with rice and soy sauce and its freshness makes it a delight every time you sample some.

Tapsilog: The Ultimate Filipino Breakfast

After a night out enjoying the wild Philippine night life, you need a powerful breakfast and nothing comes close to the Tapsilog best known as the King of the Filipino breakfast. The meal consists of tapa (cured beef), “sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (fried egg). If you need a dose of energy to see you through the day, this traditional breakfast is all you need.

The preparation of each ingredient is thorough with the meat being seasoned in mix of soy sauce, calamansi juice, brown sugar, minced garlic and black pepper. A lot of garlic goes into the rice’s frying.

Kinilaw: Raw Fish Salad

Kinilaw is simply raw fish magic as it entails an art in the cooking of fish. It is a simple traditional dish which can only entail a vinegar dressing over raw fish. Vinegar (liquid fire in the Philippines) cooks the meat enough for the stomach to digest it. In the country, alcoholic fermentation of coconut water gives the vinegar used in cooking hence the sour-sweet flavor in some foods such as kinilaw.

Final Thoughts

If you have plans to visit the Philippines any time soon, you’re in for a culinary treat of a lifetime. These traditional dishes are just the tip of the iceberg. The country boasts a rich culinary heritage with inspiration from Spain, China, India and the Malay kingdoms. This makes for a diverse blend of dishes that suit every palate. Whether you are a food lover or not, you’ll love the amazing traditional Filipino culinary delights.
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