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Teatro Kolehiyo ng Miriam Presents Anatomiya Ng Korupsyon

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Teatro Kolehiyo ng Miriam, the official theater organization of Miriam College, will be staging Malou Leviste Jacob’s ANATOMIYA NG KORUPSYON on November 13 and 14, 2015 at the Little Theater, Miriam College, Quezon City.

This play, set in the 1980’s, follows the everyday life of people in a law firm office. It features various characters - a newbie hearing officer, a vain secretary, a motherly stenographer, a tomboyish ‘all-around’ worker and a series of interesting clients with different law cases. What is common to them is that they all contribute to the nation’s most popular issue of corruption.

This timely material portrays corruption in a different angle and strives to be the wake-up call that all of us contribute to what we all try to eradicate in the system. In the dire need to survive in our country and to our Filipino culture of ‘pakikisama’, we all unconsciously fall in the pit hole of what we are most disgusted at – corruption.

Big Ticket Real Estate Projects To Look Forward To In 2016

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Despite posting a slower growth of 5.3 percent in gross revenue in the second quarter of 2015, Philippine real estate remained the top employer among all industries, based on the Philippine Statistics Authority’s sectoral Quarterly Economic Indices for Q2 2015.

This same bullish outlook is shared by the country’s largest property developers, many of whom have unveiled ambitious projects that will keep them busy over the next few years. Online property portal Lamudi Philippines takes a closer look at some of the big-ticket projects we can expect to hear more from in 2016.

1. Alviera, Ayala Land

This 1,100-hectare large-scale, mixed-use development in Porac, Pampanga, is perhaps one of Ayala Land’s most ambitious projects to date. In fact, the company has earmarked Php90 billion for the project, significantly more than the company is planning to invest in its Arca South project in Taguig. The project’s Phase 1 development—which includes industrial park, a country club, three residential communities, and two academic institutions spread over 207 hectares of land—is already well underway.

TLC is Big on Food, Weddings and Travel this November

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Siblings-in-bridal-fashion Yukia and Yuneisia specialize in curvier brides. Their salon, Curvaceous Couture, stocks high-fashion designer samples in sizes that fit the bodies of real women. And business is booming! Catch them in TLC’s latest series, CURVY BRIDES, premiering on November 6 and airs every Friday at 10:30 p.m.

Follow incredibly talented culinary figures Edward Lee and Magnus Nilsson from the kitchens they call home to their travels around the world in search of ingredients, inspiration and the perfect meal. The duo combine cooking, travel, history, humor, art and science into a cinematic-style journey, each episode going deep into inspirations and the creative drive behind the culinary industry’s greatest minds. Find out what goes on in THE MIND OF A CHEF premiering on November 9 and airing every Monday at 9:30 p.m.

Everyone’s favorite TLC Asia host Janet Hsieh goes beyond Taiwan and travels the world with a close male celebrity friend in tow – her husband-to-be, George Young, in a mini-series about the exchange of cultures, traditions, personalities and vows between two of the most-loved celebrities in Asia.

In Fun Taiwan All Stars: Wedding Special, Janet’s forever with George starts off in the most adventurous way possible: with a multi-country, multi-continent trip. They kick-start the journey from the top of the Earth’s atmosphere, to the northern and southern hemisphere, from the tropics, and to the southernmost continent – Antarctica, arguably the purest land on earth. Janet and George explore the uniqueness of each destination, as seen through their interactions with both the environment and each other. FUN TAIWAN ALL STARS: WEDDING SPECIAL premieres on November 24, and airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

Are You a Curvy Bride-to-Be? TLC and Paris-Based Pinoy Designer Say – No Problem!

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Wedding couture is booming for all shapes and sizes. Women are embracing their natural body type, watching fashion trends and developing strong individual points-of-view so much so that the demand for a variety of dresses to suit every body type and style has gotten stronger and stronger. In fact, TLC has a new show, Curvy Brides, where curvy brides-to-be try to find the colored wedding dress that is a perfect match for their big day.

Considering body types while also referencing the latest designs to hit the fashion sphere, what are the best tips and tricks for plus-size women to look their best during their wedding? Paris-based Filipino fashion designer Marc Rancy has years of experience under his belt in making women at their most beautiful. He was cited as one of the most successful designers under 30 and has dressed the likes of beauty queen Megan Young. And here, he shares his expertise on wedding couture for curvaceous women.

For all the “curvy” brides you’ve dealt with as a client, what were the challenges or limitations in designing their dresses?

The most challenging part is trying to convince them to trust your professional opinion as to what would fit them, as they have their own ideas which may not necessarily be flattering. As a designer, dealing with these clients involves trying to fend off their insecurities. Arms are a very common insecurity. Rule of thumb I personally adhere to is the more you conceal the arms, the more it is noticeable.

What Can We Expect From PH Real Estate In 2016

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The Philippine economy grew at a slower rate of 5.2 percent in the first quarter of 2015, and 5.6 percent in the second, causing experts to lower their end-of-2015 forecast to around 6 percent. However, despite the turn to less impressive numbers, the local real estate market continues to thrive, and investing in real estate remains safe and ideal for the remainder of the year and for the foreseeable future.

Property portal Lamudi Philippines has listed some of the trends that are forecast for 2016.

1. Continued Growth of the BPO Sector

Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies continue to buoy Metro Manila’s commercial real estate. In fact, experts do not foresee the supply of office space surpassing demand soon, meaning commercial properties (and offices in particular) remain a beneficial investment for 2016.

Apart from the BPO companies’ direct need for real estate, investors can also look to benefit via renting out to traditional offices and commercial and retail establishments looking to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the market comprised of BPO employees. BPOs have also increased the demand in residential properties, especially high-end condos in the major business districts. With the BPO sector workforce also expected to double in 2016 and revenue from the industry to surpass remittances from overseas Filipino workers (OFW), now is a better time than any to invest in rental properties in the cities where these companies are based.

Globe Telecom Powers Country’s 1st 1Gbps Broadband Plan Customer

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Acropolis-based Estrada family is the first customer in the Philippines to subscribe and experience a home broadband plan with internet speeds of up to 1Gbps powered by Globe Telecom. As part of its efforts to uplift the state of internet services in the country by giving customers access to a faster internet experience with lower monthly service fees (MSF), Globe recently unveiled its new roster of home broadband plans powered by fiber-to-the-home (FFTH) technology, providing customers the fastest fiber connection speeds at home now available at a more affordable price.

With the new Globe Platinum Broadband Plans, home broadband customers can enjoy a broadband plan with internet speeds of up to 50Mbps at Plan 2499, 100Mbps at Plan 3499, 200Mbps at Plan 4499, 500Mbps at Plan 7499, and 1Gbps at Plan 9499.

“We are excited for the Estrada family to experience blazing-fast internet speeds at their home powered by Globe. This is a milestone not just for Globe but also for the entire country as we see more Filipinos enjoy high-speed and best-value broadband services as they build their life and work experiences around a digitally-connected lifestyle,” shares Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Daniel Horan.

Prior to introducing a more aggressive home broadband portfolio, Globe already made strides in providing superior mobile technology services as evidenced by a recent LTE report released by OpenSignal. The report showed that Globe Telecom’s LTE download speed is at 10 Mbps, double its competition’s LTE download speed of only 5 Mbps. Globe LTE download speed is comparable to territories/countries like Hong Kong (Smart Tone), India (Airtel), Norway (Telenor, Network Norway), Portugal (NOS), Indonesia (Indosat), which all registered a 10 Mbps download speed, and even higher than the 8 Mbps download speed in Russia (MTS), Malaysia (DiGi) and even US (AT&T, US Cellular, Sprint, C Spire Wireless).

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La Union: Bahay na Bato Open Art Gallery

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Our coverage of the 10th La Union Surfing Break gave us the opportunity to also tour around La Union guided by a Department of Tourism (DOT) certified tourist guide who goes by the name of Lawrence Fontanilla “Amar” Carbonell. 

After a 5 hour trip from Manila via van, and a hearty lunch upon arrival at Sebay Surf Resort where we stayed for two nights, we proceeded with a tour of La Union on our first day on October 29, 2015.

With DOT personnels from the Makati office and one from the Region 1 office, we went on a tour of the nearby tourist spots and dining destinations since the actual surfing break coverage will start the next day, October 30, 2015.

Scheduled for the day were a tour of Bahay na Bato Open Art Gallery located at Luna, the Lady of Charity or Namacpacan church, the Baluarte watchtower at the shores of barangay Victoria, a vendor of native delicacies "tupig" and "bibingka", a restaurant at San Fernando where "Halo Halo de Iloko Balay" and "emparedados" are served, among many other culinary treats, and the Thunderbird Resort Casino and Beach at Poro Point. We were also supposed to visit the Macho temple and the botanical gardens but lacked the time to pursue it. 

DOE Statement on Competitive Selection Process (CSP)

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Moving towards the promotion of consumer interest under a regime of stable regulatory policies, the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) share a common objective for the implementation of a mandatory Competitive Selection Process (CSP) in contracting power supply agreements of distribution utilities.

Under Joint Resolution No. 1, both agencies stressed that CSP fosters transparency, enhances security of supply, and ensures stability of electricity prices to captive electricity end-users in the long-term. The Joint Resolution, which will be effective upon its publication in newspapers of general circulation, further provides that the ERC shall issue the appropriate implementing regulations for the CSP.

DOE Secretary Zenaida Y. Monsada emphasizes that "the DOE and ERC are working closely together to create a proactive and dynamic environment for a sustainable electric power industry which balances the interests of the consumers and the industry participants."

Star Wars Fever In PH Heats Up

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With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December, Filipino fans are abuzz with everything Star Wars, with Disney Southeast Asia partner Globe Telecom offering a complete Star Wars experience in and beyond the cinema.

The above photo shows Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu together with Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Group Dan Horan share the stage to reveal the exciting partnership of Globe and Star Wars as part of the telco’s major collaboration with Disney.

Fans and communities all over the world are gearing up for the much-awaited release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With a little over a month away before its premier in the Philippines, the Star Wars fever is definitely heating up with all the social media buzz and on-ground experience that Star Wars fanatics have been raving about.

Leading the pack is the country’s purveyor of the Filipino digital lifestyle Globe Telecom, whose partnership with Disney Southeast Asia allows the leading telco to bring the Star Wars fever to a new level with a series of experiences and offerings in anticipation of the movie premiere this December.

Kicking off the excitement for Star Wars, Globe is transforming its Generation 3 (GEN3) stores nationwide into a Star Wars -themed hub with creative installations, exclusive Star Wars: Battle Pod arcade games, and premium collectible accessories, toys, gadgets up for grabs for all Star Wars fans. 

The Retro Pageant To The Millennial Decade: Mr And Ms. Advertising And Public Relations Goes Back To 70s!

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As part of the annual celebration of its advertising week, Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sta. Mesa's department of Advertising and Public Relations will, once again, showcase the beauty, wit and charisma of young advertising savvies as they bring the ultimate throwback pageant to the millennial decade, -- The Mr. and Ms. Advertising and Public Relations 2015 entitled "Retrograde: The King and Queen of the 70s" on November 25, 2015, Wednesday, at PUP Freedom Park.

With the year 1970 as its theme, Retrograde will focus the spotlight on the three dominant styles of the funkiest era of all time namely – the hippie look, the discotheque vibe, and the plaid fashion. Spectators will remarkably feel the nostalgia and they can walk down the memory lane as each candidate creatively re-transform these supreme trends to their casual outfits, eco-friendly attires, and formal wears respectively.

Another aspect that dudes and dudettes of this techy decade should look forward to with this pageant is its carefully-picked retro song playlist that consists of only the best of the best 70s songs that slayed every music charts of the 70s' music industry. This group of hippie, groovy and funky bops will surely refresh the jive of the groovy 1970 times. And on the beat of these songs echoing loud and clear, the candidates will sashay and kill the runway with oozing vibrance, confidence and sophistication like a true-blooded retro king and queen.

Aside from the look and the music, no expense has been spared as they meticulously examined and researched all the vital elements of the 70s and use these essential aspects on their set design to make sure the ultimate throwback pageant is guaranteed.

Renting a Condo in the Philippines

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It's not surprising that more expats than ever before are choosing to rent condos in the Philippines. The Philippines, an archipelago in South East Asia is located between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea making it a wonderful place to stay and rent a condo, whether short or long term. 

These beautiful islands are renowned for their:
  • Idyllic beaches 
  • Friendly locals 
  • Diverse countryside 
  • Tropical climate 
  • Delicious cuisine 
  • Relaxing atmosphere 
The relatively low cost of living compared to the west is another reason why renting a condo in the Philippines is proving to be extremely popular. Condominium living in the Philippines is a practical option giving you a good idea of what to expect in this part of South East Asia. Condos offer the comfort of a traditional home design with the latest fashion in mind. There's no doubt, living in condominium definitely has its perks when you are within walking distance of stunning beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, bars and cafes.

The Jets Live in Manila for Greatest Hits Tour and 30th Anniversary

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One of the most popular family that sings together during the 80s is once again in the Philippines for their Greatest Hits Tour.

Your Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas was invited to attend their Greatest Hits Tour press conference held on November 4, 2015 at the new Novotel hotel located at Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City. The hotel serves as their temporary home during their stay in the Philippines.

The Jets will be celebrating their 30th Anniversary in the music industry at a concert on November 6, 2015 at the Kia Theater located also at Araneta Center. 

Members of the media got the rare privilege to interview and have photo ops with 5 of the siblings. I am proud to say we were the very first one to request for a photo ops with them while they were on the elevated platform where the press conference was held. We have video coverage of both media Q & A and their a cappella performances, including a personal interview with them.

You can view the videos below (divided into several parts for viewing convenience), or check them at our YouTube channel, or at our new Dailymotion channel. Links to the videos will also be posted at the Facebook fan page of Wazzup Pilipinas.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Travel Weekly Asia Readers Name AirAsia as Best Low Cost Carrier!

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AirAsia took home the coveted title of Best Low Cost Carrier at the inaugural 2015 Travel Weekly Asia Reader’s Choice Awards as voted by the leading travel trade magazine’s strong base of readers comprising of seasoned travellers and industry players.

Readers of Travel Weekly Asia magazine casted their votes from 14 August to 25 September 2015 on to choose their favourite travel and hospitality establishments out of 31 award categories ranging from airlines, cruise lines to travel agencies and hotel chains.

Mr Logan Velaitham, CEO of AirAsia Singapore received the award on behalf of the AirAsia Group at the award ceremony held yesterday in Singapore.

“On behalf of AirAsia Group, we are both delighted and proud to be recognized as the Best Low Cost Carrier among the readers of Travel Weekly Asia. Each award received is a testament to the hard work and determination of 17,000 AirAsia Allstars around the globe and it drives us to develop even better products and services for our guests. We would like to thank everyone for voting for us," said Logan.

This is the first Travel Weekly Reader’s Choice Awards that is held in the Asia region as the spin-off of its American version which has been running for over a decade now in the United States. The Travel Weekly Asia Reader’s Choice Award will be presented annually to industry leaders as recognition for their service and product excellence, voted by the magazine’s pool of discerning readers.

UPJES Kapehan 2015: Enhancing the Business Competence of the Next Generation of Innovators

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"I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect and create community" -Howard Schultz

Are you aspiring for success but do not know where to start? How about being competent on how a business works. Today’s generation is fuelled with fresh and brilliant ideas and all they need is a push to make it happen.  

In pursuit of its objectives to promote academic excellence, efficient and effective usage of existing resources, and creativity and artistry within and beyond the organization, the University of the Philippines' Junior Executive Society (UPJES), together with Sun Life Financial and John Robert Powers, has organized UPJES KAPEHAN 2015: Enhancing the Business Competence of the Next Generation of Innovators, a symposium of the College of Economics and Management of University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) that will be held on the 9th of November 2015 at the NCAS Auditorium from 9am to 12nn, where the attendees are taught to pursue academic excellence and perform social responsibility though serving people by uplifting economic and entrepreneurial awareness.

Be the next business success story, don't miss the opportunity to attend this event.

Guest speakers at the event are Jamie Solivas-Dayacap, Senior Associate in Bengzon Negre Untalan Intellectual Property Attorneys; Luis Arcanghel, CEO of Montgomery and Fitch Associates; Glenn Baticados, Entrepreneur and Assistant Professor in College of Economics and Management (CEM) of UPLB. is a proud media partner together with Rappler and Monster RX 93.1. 

Other sponsors are Birkenstock, and Gardenia.

Free coffee and snacks will be served. Admission is free!

For more information, you can reach our Facebook page at or email us at

Globe Invests In Employee Development; Launches Globe University Campus

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Strongly believing that employee engagement will further drive company growth and performance, Globe Telecom recently launched its first Globe University campus, showcasing the company’s commitment to invest in its people, motivating them towards personal and professional development.

Globe Telecom’s success as the leading mobile brand in the country is attributed in part to its efforts to create wonderful work environment for its employees, which in turn helps spin the company’s Circle of Happiness., a philosophy rooted in the belief that happy and engaged employees create more opportunities for better products and services which Globe customers enjoy. Happy customers, in turn, circle back towards increased growth and revenues for higher shareholder value.

The Globe University campus follows the design of the The Globe Tower, the leading telecommunication provider’s headquarters in Bonifacio Global City, which seeks to create an environment that reflects its vibrant culture and passion for technology. The campus features 5 studios or training rooms that can accommodate 18-25 people, pods or meeting rooms that can accommodate 8-12 people, a function hall called Collaborate, which can accommodate up to 200 people, a cafeteria called Munch and workstations in an area called Create. A planned expansion of its facilities would also include a design studio for digital learning, a test lab for networking training, a boutique for Globe and Globe University branded items, a Globe University Art Gallery as well as additional training rooms and meeting areas.

​ The Globe University campus supports the company’s talent development program that aims continuous progression of knowledge, skills, and attitude of Globe employees. Expanding its academic programs, Globe University now has five academies: namely Sales and Marketing, Technical, Professional Leadership, and Culture.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Boodle Fight at Sebay Surf Resort of La Union

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A "boodle fight" type of lunch or dinner, whether it's laid out on banana leaves, or any kind of  layout, as in our case - something like a decorated bamboo tray filled with various viands along with the rice, soups and sauces, always adds that extra excitement for everyone that's partaking the meal.

The thought of sharing the festive meal with friends, colleagues, relatives or even total strangers, always brings out a smile in everyone's faces as they dig into the different dishes served in a seemingly big plate composed of an assortment of seafood, meat and vegetables.

The dining experience becomes even better when everyone is really hungry (like coming from a long trip so we can cover the 10th La Union Surfing Break). We just came from a five hour travel from Makati to San Juan, La Union specifically at Urbiztondo where our temporary home, Sebay Surf Resort, is located. This is also where most of our meals will be served.

Sometimes even if you're not that hungry, the sight of the boodle meals turns everyone into seemingly starving lunatics as they even eat with their bare hands. You do have the option to still use utensils as many of us did since it's our very first time to meet, but eventually if you give us more time and opportunities to do the same, we should soon be comfortable using our hands.

The HoReCa Leaders' Night at Linden Suites

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HoReCa (hotel resto cafe & catering) Philippines is a non-profit organization that aims to reinforce the Filipino values and culture through acts of social entrepreneurship in the realm of Philippine Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

It hosted its first intimate gathering of HoReCa Leaders dubbed as "The HoReCa Leaders' Night" on October 28, 2015 at the Linden Suites in Ortigas Center.

The HoReCa event gathers the biggest hotel GMs, restaurant cafe and catering owners in the country.

To kick off the HoReCa Leaders' Night, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Philippines shared his story of inspiration from being zero to hero.

Mr. Jose Mari Del Rosario, the 2015 Ernst and Young Industry Entrepreneur of the Year, charmed the audience with his success stories and anecdote of failures that led him to where he is today. Mr. Del Rosario also heads the Microtel by Wyndham as President and CEO.

Also present at the event were HoReCa founder, Triccia Dacer; Mercato Centrale Group of Companies founder, RJ Ledesma; The Croque Cafe and Gruppo Kusinero President, Alexandra Ann Alaba;  Linden Suites General Manager, Dominic Dorol; Bluewater Resorts Vice President Margarita Munsayac;  The Burgery co-owners JC De Vera and Karlo Rono; The Wild Juan owner and San Miguel Corporation Special Projects for Business Development Thelma Dumpit-Murillo; and Acacia Hotel General Manager, Bobby Horigan.

I also met Microtel by Wyndham Director of Marketing Mary Grace T. Magnaye; The Linden Suites Director of Sales and Marketing Janice Ian Vicente; The Linden Suites Account Manager Nicole Marionette De Castro; The Linden Suites Marketing and Communications Manager Bianca de la Merced; Broadcaster and Columnist Vivien Mangalindan; and Pink Pumpkin's Kitchen and Pink Opal Jewelries owner Rosena Dixie Ruta.

One: Spirit of Champions Holds Press Conference ot City of Dreams

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The largest sports media property in Asian history, One Championship, held its press conference for the December 11, 2015 One: Spirits of Champions titanic matches at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. The presscon was on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at the City of Dreams in Pasay.

World-renowned Muay Thai stylist and 8-time Grappler's Quest Champion, Brandon "The Truth" Vera, and the Philippines' most talented young bantamweight, Mark "Mugen" Striegl, were present to answer the inquiries of the members of the media.

When Vera was asked what could be the weakness of Parry that could help bring him down, Vera replied that Parry is quite slow so he will take advantage of his speed in putting Parry down on maybe at the 4th or 5th round.

Vera was also thinking of letting people experience the championship belt so he plans to leave it in the Philippines to be loaned to Filipino fans if he wins at the December 11 match against Parry. Vera also plans to look for Whang Od, the oldest living traditional tattoo artist from Kalinga, after the fight so he could also be honored with her craftsmanship.

Michelin Fill Up with Air Safety Campaign Continues in Metro Manila and CALABARZON

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Michelin continues its advocacy for road safety by holding more Fill up with Air safety campaigns in Metro Manila and CALABARZON. The events were held at S&R Membership Shopping Parking Lot at Imus, Cavite on Friday, September 18, and S&R Congressional Ave., in Quezon City on September 25. More FUWA events will be organized in the rest of the branches in the coming months. 

Michelin, the leading tire company, is dedicated to sustainably improving the mobility of goods and people by manufacturing and marketing tires for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles/motorcycles, earthmovers, farm equipment and trucks. It also offers electronic mobility support services on and publishes travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides, maps and road atlases. 

The Fill Up with Air Campaign aims to raise awareness among motorists on the importance of correct tire pressure and maintenance for vehicular safety and fuel efficiency.The campaign involves giving a free tire safety check and safety advice by the Michelin tire experts.

Fill Up with Air is a Michelin global initiative to increase public consciousness for road and public safety.

Hallohallo Inc. to Launch Cool Japan Festival at TriNoma, Opens Cool Japan Shop at Festival Supermall

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Who says you need to take a flight to go to Japan? Hallohallo Inc. is going to give you two ways to experience Japan from north to south of Manila.

Register, be cool, and go shop at Cool Japan Shop!

This October, say konnichiwa to Japan, southern peeps! Hallohallo Inc. opened their new Japanese-themed concept store at Festival Supermall Alabang, Cool Japan Shop (CJS). Feel the exclusivity as we offer you a membership shopping experience. CJS gives you a membership card that can be used to purchase items at Cool Japan Shops, you can also use the card when shopping at Hallo Hallo Mall and Hallo Hallo Town.

There's more! CJS offers unique and authentic Japanese items ranging from food to clothing, as well novelty items, and many more. So, express yourself and be original. Don’t worry if you’re not an Otaku, we know you want it and we love you for that!

Burgoo Big Breakfast Now Available at Tomas Morato Branch

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Burgoo Tomas Morato now serves big breakfast starting from 9 am.

Yes! You read it right. Your favorite American Bar and Restaurant has now began serving breakfast starting October 26, 2015 for early bird customers looking for a satisfying meal in the early hours of the morning. We know that most establishments open late in the morning so there really are very little choices except for fast food chains that offer less fulfilling meals.

Now, Burgoo has joined the restaurants offering "almusal" or "breakfast" with choices of Continental or Filipino favorites giving us plenty of options to choose from.

"Big Breakfast" is accurate as the servings are indeed big for its very reasonable price. The prices starts at only Php 145 which gives you great value for your hard-earned money and a very satisfied tummy  to start your day right with a hearty smile.

Since the Burgoo Tomas Morato branch is not located inside a mall, it is not restricted to mall hours of operation thus the "Big Breakfast" meals are born to our delight. I believe they are able to serve breakfast in very large serving since they are also not paying too much on building rentals. But hopefully they would be opening up equally independent branches that would also serve the same "Big Breakfast."

A few days before Halloween, or more popularly known as All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day or  "Undas" for us Filipinos, we were invited by Burgoo to try out their breakfast meals for the very first time, and we were surprised to be the only guest of the restaurant that day. Since it was a Monday, and the very first day they would offer the "Big Breakfast" meals, we are proud to say we were among the first to experience a fabulous treat that was surely big enough for any individual who wants to begin their day with a heavy feast.

Petroleum Products Price Adjustments

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Here are the following price adjustments as advised by oil companies on petroleum products as of this writing:

Pilipinas Shell: P0.25/L on gasoline; P0.10/L on kerosene

Chevron: P0.25/L on gasoline; P0.10/L on kerosene

* No adjustments on Diesel products.

*Both companies mentioned to adjust the following prices effective 6:00a.m. today (03 November 2015).

Solane; Gasul; and Petronas: P2.95/kg

*Adjustments for Solane; Gasul; and Petronas are effective today (02 November 2015)

Liquigaz: P2.50/kg effective 12:01 a.m. today (03 November 2015)

Eastern Petroleum: P2.90/kg effective 6:00 a.m. today (03 November 2015).

For your reference and use please.

Judicaël Perroy in Manila: From Bach to Villa-Lobos

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Independent Philippine Art Ventures (iPav) and Alliance Français de Manille (AFM) present an outstanding French guitarist in a concert at 7pm on November 12, Abelardo Hall, UP College of Music in Diliman.

Judicaël Perroy is one of the most sought-after classical guitarists on the world stage. He has had rave reviews not only as a concertist but as an inspiring teacher as well. His students have also won the most prestigious international awards.

During his stay November 11-15, Perroy will hold a master class for the country's most promising young guitarists to teach them theory and technique in one-on-one sessions.
To open the concert are multi-awarded Filipino guitarists Roneil Santos and Aaron Aguila, from the UP College of Music.

IPav was founded by classical guitarists and enthusiasts and has formed a solid alliance with AFM to promote classical music in the Philippines.
Concert tickets are available from TicketWorld and iPav.

Inquiries may also be addressed to

Why You Should Visit The Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There really has never been a better time to visit the Philippines. The country which is surrounded by a mass of jaw-dropping islands is a relatively well kept secret. In 2012 it was noted that whilst around 800,000 UK travellers jetted off to Thailand, only 120,000 headed to the Philippines. We have no idea why?! This vast archipelago is known for its rice fields, wacky painted jeepneys and the happy go lucky people populating its teeming cities. It has some beautiful beaches and water sports that will knock your socks off. Island hopping is a common endeavour for travellers looking to find that perfect spot. Scenic views abound if you’re looking for those perfect shots for your Instagram.

The Philippine climate is unforgiving. It is hot humid and tropical. Therefore travelling long distances can be somewhat uncomfortable. If you can handle the heat however, there is so much to see. The Philippines boasts some exceptional historical monuments to take in during your stay. The breathe-taking landmarks of Cebu are totally worth a visit. Soak up as much of the culture of these exceptional archipelagos as possible! The world heritage site in Banaue, North Luzon is accessible via Manilla where buses run regularly. Be prepared for a 9 hour journey but the stupendous views are worth the lengthy travel time. It’s extremely cost effective too. Bus fares can be purchased for £7 and a guide for the whole day for only £10.

The islands are home to vast amounts of wildlife. In addition to the native water buffalo there is another creature which famously calls the Philippines home. The tarsier, famous as one of the world’s smallest primates and inspiration for the character of Yoda in the Star Wars films is native to Bohol. The tiny, nocturnal creature has eyes which cover three quarters of its head and an exceptionally long middle finger- hence its name (tarsus bone). These cute creatures are currently in danger due to agricultural developments destroying their habitats. The Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary near Corella is worth a visit if you want the chance to get up close to the tiny primates.

Although The Philippines boasts some spectacular scenery and cultural delights, you can still expect to be connected to the world at large. Large masts are erected all around to be sure you’re never far away from a connection. Your Instagram posts can be uploaded immediately and you never have to miss your favourite new bingo sites 2016.

The Jets Live in Manila: 30th Anniversary Greatest Hits Tour

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This November, 80’s pop sensation, The Jets, is coming over to the Philippines for a two-night performance as part of their part of The Jets Live! 30th Anniversary Greatest Hits Tour.

Meet the musical Wolfgramm family from Minneapolis, Minnesota – Moana, Haini, Leroy, Rudy, Eddie, Natalia and Donnie on November 6, Friday, 7PM at the newly renovated The Kia Theatre, and on November 8, Sunday, 7PM at the Waterfront Cebu Hotel and Casino.

Originally, from the island of Tonga in the South Pacific, The Jets have made their way around the world with three world tours, and all the way to the top of US Billboard Charts, claiming eight (8) top ten hits that include Philippine #hugotfavorites “You Got It All,” “Make It Real,” the upbeat “Crush On You,” and their 1989 Grammy-nominated song for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group, “Rocket 2 U.”

This is The Jets’ third time in the Philippines, after many years since their last show more than twenty years ago.

“We’re very excited,” says Moana, on their invitational video out now on RandomMinds Production Facebook Page.

They close the video like an ace performer, with a sampling of their signature harmony, singing “Give us one more chance to make it real,” in a cappella.

Tickets to The Jets Live! 30th Anniversary Greatest Hits Tour are now available at all SM Tickets and Ticketnet outlets. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

10 Surefire Signs You’re Ready To Buy A Condo

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Dreaming about owning a condo someday is one thing, but have your musings become a bit more specific (which city you want to live in, what kind of unit you want to get, what color theme to use in the living room, etc.) than before? And do you find yourself constantly calculating your expenses and thinking, “I can actually save up for a property now”? Real estate website has formulated these 10 questions you should ask yourself to be certain that now’s the time to upgrade from renting to owning a condo.

1. Do you have a stable source of income?

Buying a property through a home loan means taking on the responsibility of making monthly amortizations. This means you need to have a job that not just earns you enough to make regular payments on time, but also one you’re confident you’ll keep for a long time. If you’re in a career or industry that’s known to be unstable, or if you just started working for a new company, there’s a pretty high risk you might lose your source of income and miss monthly loan payments.

2. Have you saved up for a down payment…
The down payment for a property doesn’t come easy for everyone. In most cases, it’s 20%—an amount that can either be small or large depending on the price of the property and your monthly income. If your income allows you to comfortably set aside a certain amount, then good for you. If not, there’s nothing wrong with waiting a little longer to save; what’s important is that you’re able to put together the amount without it making a sudden huge dent in your current budget.

3. …and still have enough left over?

You don’t want every single centavo going to condo payments. What if someone ends up in the hospital and you have no other resources to tap? You also need to think about the other costs involved in keeping your new home up and running (utilities, maintenance fees, and association dues). Remember that you have to eat, too. You can only truly say you’re financially prepared when you’ve factored in all of these and the payments toward the condo, and you still have some money for a nice emergency fund (worth at least six months).

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Globe Enterprise Innovation Forum Primes PH Enterprises for the Future

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On its 6th year, the most-awaited event for the enterprise community featured MIT executive director Hal Gregersen as keynote speaker to talk about disruption through innovation

Globe Telecom, through its corporate information and communications technology (ICT) arm Globe Business, gathered the country’s top business and enterprise leaders for a day of insightful learning, discussion, and sharing of best practices on how innovation can help sustain a corporation’s competitiveness and relevance in the digital age.

As one of the most awaited and exclusive business events of the year, the Enterprise Innovation Forum (EIF) brought together thought leaders and speakers from all over the world to instill the importance of innovation in leading businesses and industries.

The 6th EIF was held at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel with the theme “Gearing up your business for the future”, focusing on how enterprises can drive competitiveness and relevance in the market by leveraging on new technologies in the age of globalization and digital revolution.

“Businesses today operate in a world that is in an ever-constant change. This change has affected enterprises in such a way that it has disrupted usual thought process and workflow. With the trend of how technologies evolve and become available, these changes in the business environment drive enterprises to transform their business models to remain relevant now and in the future,” shares Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT Enabled Services Group Mike Frausing.

Holcim Philippines Awarded National Ecolabel For Its Green Products

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Holcim Philippines, Inc. recently received the National Ecolabel Seal of Approval for its WallRight and Excel cement products for passing the National Ecolabelling Programme-Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP) innovative CO2 reduction criteria, highlighting these products’ compliance with sustainability and environment conservation. 

Holcim Philippines is involved in the manufacture, sale and distribution of building materials and construction solutions in the country. The company operates four cement plants in La Union, Bulacan, Misamis Oriental and Davao, an aggregates facility in Rizal and several ready-mix concrete plants nationwide. Its cement products, sold in 40 kg.bags, tonner bags and in bulk, are Holcim Excel, Holcim WallRight, Holcim Premium Bulk and Holcim 4X. Holcim Philippines is a member of LafargeHolcim Group, the world leader in the building materials industry with 115,000 employees in 90 countries.

Receiving the seal is Holcim Philippines’ Vice President for Corporate Communications Ritzi Villarico Ronquillo, APR at the 4th Kalikasan GP3 Expo Conference (KGP3) held at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Presenting the award are Albert Magalang, Climate Change Office head; Ann Claire Cabochan, director-in-charge of the Bureau of Philippine Standards of the Department of Trade and Industry; Sec. Nereus Acosta, Philippine Presidential Adviser for the Environment; and June Alvarez, executive director of the Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Inc. 

Red Ribbon Launches ‘Mas Creamy Sarap’ Polvoron For Every Filipino Home

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Everyone has that one special food item that brings memories of home. Arguably for Filipinos, this is the classic Polvoron.

Red Ribbon, one of the biggest bakeshops in the Philippines, introduces its Classic Polvoron—a delightful treat that bursts a melt-in-your-mouth sweetness and creaminess, leaving an aftertaste that’s sure to make Filipinos grab for more.

According to Zinnia Rivera, general manager of Red Ribbon, the Classic Polvoron offers just the right amount of sweetness, with more “creamy sarap” goodness.

“The creamy taste of Polvoron has an empowering taste that brings Filipinos back to their childhood years,” Rivera said. “Since adults enjoy the rich, creamy taste of Polvoron, they now share their all-time favorite treat to their children. With Red Ribbon’s Classic Polvoron in place, children and adults alike will find our creamy variant more irresistible.”

The Red Ribbon Classic Polvoron comes in singles, pack of eights (8s) and box of 16s. The price ranges for each pack is P10, P73 and P143, respectively.

Are Filipinos Buying Or Renting Properties?

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Global property website Lamudi Philippines looked into its third quarter 2015 search data and found interesting observations. According to the website, among 18- to 24-year-olds, there is an equal proportion of property hunters looking for for-rent and for-sale properties (50.2 versus 49.8 percent).

But quite interestingly, there is a tendency for property hunters to check out for-sale properties online as they get older. Lamudi data shows that among 25- to 34-year-old users, 57.3 percent are checking out for-sale properties in the website, compared to 42.7 percent of users who look for for-rent properties.

The preference to buy is even higher in the 35–44, 45–54, and 55–64 age groups; Lamudi data noted that 70.8, 72.6, and 71.1 percent of the website’s users, respectively, are checking out for-sale properties, while only 29.2, 27.4, and 28.9 percent are looking for for-rent properties, respectively.

According to Lamudi Philippines managing director Jacqueline van den Ende, these findings are consistent with observations made in Europe and the United States, where people have the tendency to buy as they get older.

Business Management Society of DLSU Presents 8th Business Management Student's Convention

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Now on its 30th year, the Business Management Society continues to be one of the top professional organization in DLSU by bringing back the annual event, the Business Management Student's Convention for it's 8th year.

This year, the BMSC is centered on Globalization and its different influences on organizational process - increased Market research, Business development, and Social entrepreneurship. It is imperative that organizations and students today should be able to follow the changing directions of global business trends to enrich the shares of different stakeholders through incorporating the many opportunities that globalization brings.

Find out more this coming November 7, 2015 at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium from 8am-3pm! No entrance fee and lunch is provided!

For the La Sallians, You can pre-register at our booth from Oct 26-Nov 6 in Central Plaza or at these links

For Internal Participants:
For External Participants:

Twitter: @8thBMSC
Instagram: @8thbmsc

‪#‎8thBMSC‬ ‪#‎SavetheD8BMSC‬

Six Tips To Keep Your Home Safe And Secured During Undas

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As Undas approaches, families are once again getting ready to either visit their departed loved ones at the cemetery for a couple of hours, or go home to their provinces for a few days. Either way, observing Filipino All Saints’ Day traditions entails leaving your home alone, which makes it vulnerable to break-ins and burglary. If you’re planning on leaving your home for quite a long time, here are a few tips from to keep you worry-free and your home protected from any harm or danger.

1. Keep it to yourself...

If you will be leaving your home for more than a day, avoid letting other people, espcially strangers, know. The more people who are aware that your home is left unattended, the bigger the possibility of somebody invading your house. Also, refrain from mentioning your leaving on social media sites or blogs.

2. But let a trusted friend or neighbor know

While it is a good practice to keep your going away on the down-low, it would be a good idea to let somebody that you fully trust know so they can keep an eye on your house. They can get the mail, newspapers, and package deliveries for you instead of letting them pile up at your gate or doorstep. Unclaimed items out in the open are a sign that nobody is at home. They can also open the lights during nighttime and turn them off during the day. It will give an impression that the house isn’t unoccupied.

Discovery Invites Viewers To Experience Oprah Winfrey’s Extraordinary Landmark Series “Belief”

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Beginning this December, Discovery Networks International will air OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network’s epic series BELIEF in more than 220 countries and territories around the globe on its factual and lifestyle networks. Narrated by Winfrey, BELIEF is a groundbreaking original documentary series that invites viewers to witness and be moved by some of the world’s most fascinating spiritual journeys through the eyes of the believers. BELIEF will premiere on Discovery Channel in Southeast Asia on 13 December at 10pm (PH) 11pm (SG/ MY).

The international BELIEF rollout is designed to maximize its impact at relevant times around the globe:

· Asia Pacific (December-January)
· Northern Europe (December)
· Southern Europe (December)
· Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (January)
· Latin America (March)

BELIEF depicts how people with a wide range of beliefs search for deeper meaning and connection with the world around them. Through vivid, emotional storytelling and cinematic visual imagery, the documentary series illuminates the best of faith and spiritual practices from around the world – the rituals, stories and relationships that bind us all together as human beings.

Hotel Owners Back New DOT Star Rating System

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Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez Jr. recently met with some officers of the Philippine Hotel Owners Association Inc (PHOAI) to discuss plans and concerns of the accommodation sector from the local tourism industry. The PHOAI informed the Secretary that the Association is preparing a roadmap for the hotel sector, which is expected to establish the framework for future development of the hotel industry in the country.

An industry peer review advisory committee shall be created by the DOT to be composed of retired hotel general managers and industry experts. This committee shall be consulted relative to property assessments, star-rating, and other accommodation-related concerns.

DOT and PHOAI agreed to do a review and refinement of the standards, as well as conduct regular dialogues.

The personalities above are (L-R) Leny Fabul, PHOAI Executive Director; Yam Kit Sung-Director, Manager Grand Hotel Management Group, The Heritage Manila; Richard Masselin-Director, Owners Representative / General Manager, Pan Pacific Hotel Manila; Undersecretary Maria Victoria Jasmin, DOT Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr., Arthur Lopez-President, Owners representative, Waterfront Hotels and Casinos; Arthur Gindap-Vice President External, Regional Manager, Philippines and Thailand, The Ascott Limited; Michael Al Legaspi- Director, President, Ayala Hotels and El Nido Resorts; and Jose Mari Del Rosario - Director, President of Microtel Inns and Suites (Philippines).

Top Five Alternative Birthday Destinations

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It can often be difficult to decide where to celebrate the birthdays of our loved ones without being repetitive. To help with this, online property portal Lamudi Philippines has compiled a selection of the top five cities from around the world that are amazing alternative birthday destinations.

This list of birthday destinations was created in honor of Lamudi Global’s second anniversary of operations as a leader in emerging market real estate.

In the spirit of making it easier for people to find a unique place to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, as well as helping international investors to choose a city in which to invest, Lamudi presents the top five alternative birthday destinations both here and abroad.

Globe Eyes Growth in Postpaid Base with New Postpaid Plan with Bigger Data Allowance, Free Content

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Globe Telecom is strengthening its leadership in the postpaid segment as it lures new postpaid customers with a new postpaid promo plan that offers bigger data allowance and free content in the advent of the digital revolution.

Looking to give customers value for money in their postpaid plans, Globe unveiled its limited edition myLifestyle Plan 499 and 599 equipped with the Surf More data service with bigger data allocation. The line-only Plan 499 comes with 3GB of data while Plan 599 has 1.5GB of data with a free Samsung J1 or Lenovo A5000 device. Both plans come with an additional 1GB of data to use Spotify Premium or HOOQ free for 3 months.

All myLifestyle plans come with unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM, 1 GB of Globe Cloud Storage for 24 months, and access to a richer digital lifestyle with a choice of either a Navigation, Explore or Fitness pack. Customers can navigate the city with Google Maps, GrabTaxi, MMDA and Waze, Explore and travel with Agoda, Cebu Pacific, Looloo, Philippine Airlines, Trip Advisor, and Zomato, or keep fit with the help of myFitness Pal, Strava, and RunKeeper.

“The myLifestyle Plan has become a driving force in today’s shift to the digital lifestyle as it gave customers a full smartphone experience with complete access to content and apps that have become indispensable in our lives today,” says Erli Valdez, Vice President for Postpaid Business at Globe. “With the limited edition myLifestyle Plan, we are extending the reach of this innovation to more would-be postpaid users, especially those that look for a postpaid plan which will give them value for money because of bigger data allowance so they can surf longer, as well as free content to enjoy their digital lifestyle.”

Customers can further boost their plan by adding more packs for their calling, texting, and surfing needs such as Surf Packs for their mobile internet needs from GoSURF99 for 100MB of mobile internet to as much as 15GB monthly with GoSURF2499; Lifestyle Packs, which includes Music (Spotify), Productivity (Work Bundle for access to Evernote, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Globe Cloud), Life (Navigation Bundle, Explore Bundle and Shopping Bundle for access to Amazon, AyosDito, eBay, OLX, and Zalora), and Social (Chat Bundle for access to Viber, Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk, Line, WeChat, and WhatsApp; Photo Bundle for access to Instagram, InstaSize, Photo Grid, and Photo Repost; Chat Bundle for access to Viber or Facebook Messenger; and standalone access to Facebook or Twitter); and Classic Packs to get extra calls and texts to other networks, as well as landline and international services.

U-Hop To Offer Chopper, Private Plane And Yacht Services

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Luxury travel has never been easier.

U-Hop is introducing an app-based booking process for luxury transport such as private planes, choppers and yachts.

In its commitment to deliver on-demand services to its customers, U-Hop has partnered with top-of-the-line chopper, private plane and yacht providers and made the booking process more efficient with its app-based system.

When before customers were clueless where to book chopper and yachts and have to go through the rigorous process of reservation, now it can be done with an easy click.

An expanded service also caters to different customer needs.

For example, a chopper may be booked by customers who want helicopter transfers from island to island or from airports to resorts. But with U-Hop, booked choppers can be customized according to purpose. Whether it's to drop flowers from the sky on your wedding day, or an aerial gimmick for a marriage proposal, our services are tailored specifically to what customers need.

Private planes can also be booked through U-Hop for a more convenient and efficient travel than with a passenger airline. With over a hundred community airports and airstrips, U-Hop assures that our private plane customers will be taken nearer to their destinations, to the most exotic places in the country.

DOE Shares Energy Safety and Efficiency Tips for Undas

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In line with the country’s observance of All Saints’ Day (November 1) and All Souls’ Day (November 2) or traditionally called “Undas," the Department of Energy reminds the public to practice safety and efficiency in the use of power and fuel.

For those leaving their homes, make sure that all appliances are unplugged. Apart from conserving energy, this may also spare households from the danger of short circuits or electrical accidents that may cause fire.

The DOE also reminds motorists to ensure that vehicles are always in proper condition by checking the B-rakes, L-ights, O- il, W-ater, B-attery, A-ircon, and G-as (BLOWBAG).

For more energy efficiency and safety tips, visit the DOE website: or check the DOE’s social media accounts: Facebook - /; Twitter and Instagram- @doe_ph.
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