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Best Term Paper Outline Writing

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The term of the paper should be an important part of the entire paper paper. On this occasion, when such type of educational work is given, the basic requirements from the author will be examined to explain how it should be understood or what. Real research and writing is not quite simple at all. That's why you need a line to carry out the entire research and writing process. Your term must be a paper and it means that course.
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There are four basic developments that you need to use to think of this line. You should do everything above which content is being searched, which is required to present in the paper paper. The vast
majority of this line you will not necessarily need. In addition, you should decide what your content is as it is. This means that you must look at what is necessary in your terminal. Third, what should you do as content for this line. This is the place you should all meet together together. For a long time, when you get completely screwed, it will sound more than any line as a real term paper.

The term writing of the trum paper may now be, and then your term can be used as a paper draft. It is based on the fact that there will be a number of other materials available in this regard, which will be available in a last-minute paper. When writing your outline. Make sure everything starts with the offer, your term is directly spoken to the end of the paper. You should also understand that possibly you are able to write a line or write a comfortable line. The casual approach will clearly be less complex than the script.

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Filipino Filmmakers Bag Major Prizes at German Int’l Film Festival

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Three awards were bagged by Filipino filmmakers and film at the 31st Exground International Film Festival in Wiesbaden, Germany. 

Director Alberto “Treb” Monteras II’s award-winning film “Respeto” won youth jury award for the best feature film at Youth Days, an international youth film competition. In the coming-of-age drama, Hendrix (played by hip-hop artist Abra) aspires of becoming a rapper and leaving behind poverty-stricken Manila. The team received a cash prize of 2,500 euros donated by the State Capital of Wiesbaden.

“The Philippine film RESPETO has convinced the youth jury in many ways. It introduces us to the frightening conditions of a country where people can be shot by the police on mere suspicion on the street. The film makes excellent use of the language of cinema at all levels: camera, sound and music, effects and the authentic presentation merge to a unity. In the midst of a scene marked by violence, drugs and corruption, Hendrix pursues his dream of asserting himself as a rapper in Manila's hip-hop scene. Fast-paced, driven by the pulse of music, RESPETO shows the struggle for respect and recognition – and how important it is to have role models. With the power of hip-hop, Hendrix manages to counter the conditions and the lack of perspective with something. A real youth film!,” the jury stated in exground filmfest’s press release.

On the other hand, director Jet Leyco’s “Women of Wiesbaden” won the prestigious Golden Gurke award at the exground gong show competition. The group garnered a cash prize of 50 euros sponsored by Wiesbadener Kinofestival e. V.

As stated in exground filmfest’s press release“The jury was impressed with the high quality and the wide range of topics of the submitted films. No wonder only two films got the gong from us and were dismissed. Jet Leyco’s short film was very exceptional. Even more impressive was the fact that he just flew in in the morning of the 19th, learned about this competition and shot the film to hand it over in the evening just before the show started.”

Meanwhile, E. del Mundo’s “Man of Pa-Aling (Manong ng Pa-Aling)” received a special mention in the International Short Film Competition.

In exground filmfest’s press release, the jury mentioned, “Evoking in black & white the bleakness of an otherwise beautiful underwater landscape, this film explores the triviality and the grandness of human existence.”

The Exground Filmfest in Wiesbaden is one of the most significant film festivals in Germany for international independent productions. It takes the audience on a memorable cinematic journey and allows the viewers to experience and discover different countries and cultures through films. The festival program includes exhibitions, workshops, concerts, parties, and panel discussions.

As part of the Philippine cinema’s centennial celebration, Exground Film Festival featured the Philippines as its Country of Focus. This year’s program acknowledges and puts a spotlight to critically acclaimed Filipino films that promote socio-political discourse and reveal a glimpse of the current human rights situation in the country.

The Exground Filmfest Festival 31 was held on November 16 to 25, 2018 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Forecast for 2019: What Should We Be Looking at?

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Prediction No. 1: Business Emails with Nasty Surprises, Attached

Businesses are quickly becoming cybercriminals’ favoured targets. Over $US12 billion worldwide has been stolen over the past five years due to business email compromise. As the theft of passwords and login details becomes increasingly common in enterprise environments, attackers have grown more confident and motivated, targeting small and large organisations by masquerading as partners or internal stakeholders – a pattern that will continue to plague businesses if they fail to adapt. This alarming rise in business email compromise underscores the increasingly diverse and sophisticated methods attackers use today, from mimicking corporate websites to targeting employees’ personal social media accounts to launch exploits. As attackers find increasingly crafty ways to bypass internal checks, will 2019 be the year businesses beat cybercriminals at their own game? Doubtful!

Where possible, businesses will need to assess their internal flow of information as well as implement more comprehensive checks and approval processes, especially with regard to the movement of resources. As we have seen, passwords remain amongst the weakest links in computer security – easy to steal, difficult to secure and offering little proof of a user’s identity. In response to this, 2019 will see measures such as two-factor or multi-factor authentication and biometrics become increasingly commonplace.

Prediction No. 2: Supply Chain Will Be Your Weakest Link

The digital age has helped break down barriers to create an interconnected, global supply chain, making it very easy for businesses to tap suppliers and outsourced services from around the globe. These links, including the sharing of data and networks, have empowered organisations to embrace new efficiencies through connectivity and analytics. However, this will also prove a boon to opportunistic attackers preying on weaknesses in existing security. These risks have become more apparent in the healthcare sector, where third-party connected medical devices – such as MRI and X-ray machines – plug in to internal networks daily, providing multiple new attack surfaces and vulnerabilities over which hospitals have almost no control.

Pinpointing and avoiding cybersecurity risks will soon be nearly impossible as the global supply chain becomes increasingly complex. Perhaps it is time for organisations in other sectors to start asking, ‘Do we know who or which individuals, organisations and other third parties have been connecting to our networks? Do you know which systems and services your organisation is dependent on?’

CSOs will need to look carefully at traffic within the network to ensure sensitive information is kept separate and secure, away from external devices and systems. As multiple unsecured devices connect to corporate networks, the internet of things, or IoT, can quickly become an ‘internet of cyberthreats’. Although the use of certain third-party apps and connected devices may be unavoidable in many cases, businesses and organisations need to pay more attention to internal security standards around the procurement of such devices or services. This includes ensuring that firmware and applications are always up-to-date, and login configurations should be changed from the default configuration. If third-party systems and devices reside on your network, apply a Zero Trust mode to inspect and verify all traffic by placing them in a zone which only allows approved users and apps to communicate with them. In 2019, an unsecured connected device could serve as a gateway for attackers as easily as any computer or smartphone. 

Prediction No. 3: Data Protection Legislation Gains Ground in APAC

As Asia-Pacific countries pledge greater cooperation with cybersecurity initiatives, the move towards formalising data protection frameworks seem inevitable. Countries like Australia and Singapore have taken the first plunge, and others in the region will soon follow as they wake up to the urgency of national security and data protection for their citizens. As digital maturity varies across the region, the framework for these countries to roll out their own version of GDPR could take some time to develop, and the path ahead is not straightforward. However, 2019 could be the year many countries take the first steps towards protecting their citizens’ data.

In the Philippines, for example, the country has made strides for prioritizing cybersecurity with the new 2012 law: the Data Privacy Act. In addition, the Philippines recently won a seat in the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC) after being members of the global privacy body for two years. ASEAN has sets its sights on becoming the world’s fourth-largest economy by 2030. Today, the region is well on its way to achieving this goal, with 700 million active mobile connections, making it the fastest-growing internet region. Recognising this as a good foundation for a flourishing digital economy, the recent Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025 (MPAC 2025) has outlined an initiative to establish an ASEAN Digital Data Governance Framework as a step towards transparency in data privacy and cross-border data sharing amongst member states.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation has served as a clarion call for organisations in the APAC region to pay attention to the data they collect and store. Businesses in this region can use the GDPR as a baseline to assess current gaps in compliance and help determine their overall prevention posture. It may take several years before a similar region-wide framework emerges in APAC, but businesses can use the GDPR’s policies as a way to start minimising unnecessary personal data collection, which could help minimise risks and exposure in the process.

Prediction No. 4: Forecast For 2019: Cloudy Skies Ahead

This app-powered era is thriving partly because of cloud computing, which has become a go-to resource for businesses looking to deliver new products and services without bearing hefty initial investments in compute resources. Cloud computing helps simplify a few areas of security, but it also presents newfound challenges. Implementing a cloud computing strategy often means that mission-critical data and systems will sit with third parties.  These assets will need to be securely stored and transmitted, and only accessible to authorised personnel is of utmost importance. The security of the cloud is not the sole responsibility of the cloud service provider; but is shared with enterprises that also must grapple with the security of data, applications, operating systems, network configurations and more. This intertwined ecosystem has made security a much more complex undertaking, especially for organisations already dealing with the difficulty of finding cybersecurity talent and making sense of the many point products available in the market today.

With the speed at which enterprises are moving to innovate and deliver new services, all while dealing with a complex web of compute resources, it’s easy to let the discipline required for security slip. DevOps can help speed development, but it can be challenging to get and keep security in place, especially in the transition from traditional IT management to DevOps.

To succeed, enterprises must ultimately have the processes, technology and – most importantly – people in place to keep systems adequately secured.

It is critical to remember that legacy security systems, made up of various point products, have proven inadequate to prevent the rising volume and sophistication of cyberattacks. Too many security tools depend heavily on manual intervention, which can’t enact new protections quickly enough to have a meaningful impact on ongoing, targeted attacks. Reducing cyber risk requires having integrated, automated and effective controls in place to detect as well as prevent threats, known and unknown, at every stage of the attack lifecycle.

Prediction No. 5: We’ll Finally Realise What Makes Critical Infrastructure (C.I.) So Critical

More than just a catchall term to describe public infrastructure and resources, the definition of critical infrastructure (CI) today has evolved to encompass other essential sectors, such as banking and financial services, telecommunications and the media. As CI goes digital and automated, cross-pollination between corporate and industrial networks has made them easier targets for cybercriminals. This is especially dangerous as industry systems such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and industrial control systems (ICS), which are critical to the energy, water and public transport sectors, often rely on legacy and unpatchable systems. 

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has already warned that a cyberattack in the UK is inevitable, potentially taking aim at the elections and CI targets. This view has been echoed by the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report 2018, which has identified cyberattacks as a top cause of disruption globally, coming only after natural disasters and extreme weather events. How will Asia prepare itself in 2019?

Thus far, infrastructure owners have primarily focused on the confidentiality of information and overlooked the other two principals of information security: integrity and availability. This will be especially crucial as countries in the region adopt industry 4.0 technologies (e.g., machine learning for autonomous vehicles). These innovations will rely on telemetry and always-on connectivity, putting the lives of the public in the hands of systems that rely on accurate and accessible data. As a start, CI owners, both public and private, will have to put in place Zero Trust systems and ensure the segregation of access.

Perspectives about compliance need to change as well. CI owners must move away from a compliance-driven approach to security, towards a stance that live and breathes security. Regulators and owners can co-create a regulatory framework that works for both, while cultivating a security-first approach to designing and maintaining all CIs. Think less “tick and flick”, more “secure from the start”.

Nonong Haresco: Keen in Stopping the Construction of SMC's Caticlan to Boracay Bridge

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The government shuttered Boracay for 6 months from late April to late October of this year, to give way to a massive cleanup after President Rodrigo Roa Duterte called the island a cesspool prompting many to call for its immediate rehabilitation.

Recently, just a few months ago, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has proposed building a bridge between Boracay Island and Caticlan, and said they can finish the project within 2 years.

The unsolicited proposal has already been submitted to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) somewhere around August or earlier.

Tourists at present get to Boracay from the Aklan mainland only by ferry. SMC President Ramon Ang said that this 3 billion bridge project, the government would not have to rehabilitate Boracay regularly as there would be a pipe that can handle the sewage and waste from the tourist island.

It all sounds so good it seems, but if you consider what else the bridge will bring, and take away, with it's existence, you may reconsider going along with SMC's and Ramon Ang's plans.

Now comes former Congressman Teodorico "Nonong" Haresco of Aklan from the former Kasangga partylist, now running for Congressman in the 2nd district of Aklan. He is a firm believer that the bridge will bring more problems rather than help Boracay. He also believes that it will take away the jobs of micro-entrepreneurship and community-based businesses. From the ferry operators and restaurants, to souvenir shops and entertainers. Because, once the bridge gives access to more foreign or commercialized investors, the LGU of the newly-rehabilitated island may find it harder to stop opportunists with immoral intents.

Take note that to regain SMC's P3-billion investment, SMC will charge a users’ fee for vehicles and pedestrians who will use the bridge, as well as the waste, sewage, fresh water, and power lines that will be passing through it.

SMC already had earlier investments in the area. TransAire Development Holdings Corporation, a unit owned by SMC, renovated the Caticlan Airport, which was opened to jet aircraft for the first time in 2016.

I had an opportunity to meet the former Congressman andaeven had a selfie with the man of the hour during a lunch treat held at Dad's World Buffet in its West Avenue branch.

To be honest, Teodorico "Nonong" Haresco is not really a household name. In fact, it is the first time I've heard of his name or even seen his face.

But we learned that he has quite a number of recognitions under his sleeves, based on what he said during his talk at the event, and several pages of a list of house bills he authored and some press releases or write-ups about him.

Unlike the traditional politician, he doesn't frequently holds presscons or sends out press releases to document his accomplishments, and seemingly just works hard enough to come up with several house bills, all 60 of them, under his name as author or co-author. Special mention perhaps to House Bill HB00111, an act establishing a mechanism for the sustainable development and use of the island of Boracay.

Now you would understand why the man is Keen on opposing the bridge project of SMC and Ramon Ang. The man has a soft spot in the heart for the less privileged. The bridge connecting Caticlan to Boracay would have repercussions that would eventually ruin the community-based livelihood of it's people. Perhaps the main reason why Boracay is supposedly the best beach in the world is because it has not been thoroughly touched by commercialism. However, many would react to this since we've seen how many investments, many of foreign background, have already stepped into it's shores, and which could have been the reason behind the cesspool issue.

The real question is, are we ready to take a chance to subject the island into further molestation, or will the bridge actually bring more fruitful development and more opportunities to it's residents?

But who is Nonong Haresco, based from a press release, he is a happily married father of four Ilonggo who graduated with honors in Economics and Accounting from De La Salle University who developed a little start-up into a 50-hectare prawn-farming venture. But before that, his little start-up was a buy and sell of shrimps he will purchase from his hometown Aklan, and sell in Manila. He then completed his Masteral of Arts in International Economics at the McGill University in Canada. He then went on to participate in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development- International Trade Center in Switzerland where his business acumen led to the formation of the Haresco Trade Specialists Co., and Silver Thread Inc., which exported local capiz shells to the European country.

Still advocating micro-entrepreneurship as the best way to improve our economic development, he is a staunch detractor of those influential people who even threaten him of many stuff just to discourage him in doing good.

Now that he is running for Congressman at District 2, he implores members of the media to ally with him in going against the affluent giants who may soon cause further deplorable acts in Aklan.

He is thankful that the President made efforts to order the rehabilitation of the cesspool-like Boracay as he reveals how 43 hidden pipes led waste to the waters of Boracay. We are also thankful that Duterte has his good sides to order such a task that clearly affected a lot of businesses in Boracay. It takes someone of strong political will to effect such an unpopular order. That we have to thank our President, inspite of his other unflattering attributes.

Imagine that we've been swimming in a water filled with waste coming from the business establishments. Yuck indeed!

We need more men like him who's willing to go against powerful people, and through the help of media, most especially the bloggers, he urges us to help him expose the truth in order to win this war.

Yup! It is actually a war since any opposing forces must be subdued by the power of awareness initiated by media and bloggers.

If we believe that any form of development where the community is not a part would ruin sustainable livelihood and tourism, maybe you should advocate against the building of the bridge and support Nonong Haresco in his run for Aklan Congressman.

If you believe that Boracay must remain pristine by keeping it the property of it's people, then by all means, support Nonong Haresco by voting for him on May 2019.

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Our Singapore and Indonesia Chillax Adventure

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Part 1 of our Singapore and Indonesia adventure last November 11 to 14

I never expected that my first trip to Singapore will give me another opportunity to visit the said country again plus another nearby country, Indonesia.

Not only another visit, but getting an awesome doze of pampering to the max, together with my wife Wilma, at both countries.

I was fortunate to have met a local media in Singapore who invited me to join her in a hotel launch after attending the Speciality and Fine Food Asia happening that July together with the Restaurant, Pub and Bar Asia, food-related trade fairs that happened at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. I was the only media / blogger who came from the Philippines that was earlier invited by the Singaporean-based PR handling the event.

Eventhough the invite to return to Singapore and visit the Bintan Lagoon Resort in Indonesia was as early as July of this year, I decided to return in November during my wife's birthday week. Her birthday was on November 13, so our chosen dates were from November 11 to 14. We would have stayed longer but we were not sure if we can afford to miss the so many other events and responsibilities waiting for us back in the Philippines.

Our gateway is through Singapore, so I planned to spend at least an overnight and a day in Singapore too after we returned from Indonesia. Our stay at Cube Boutique Capsule Hotel at Kampong Glam was more than surprising because even though I already toured the place during it's launch last July, I never thought that they provide a sumptuous buffet breakfast, complimentary slippers, toiletries, and even towels that you'll never expect to find at a supposedly backpackers hotel. I will share photos, video links and more details of our experience there on a separate blog post.

We wanted to go to Malaysia also, specifically to Legoland, but we thought that would be pushing it too far. I don't think I have enough storage space on my three smartphones or on my Sony mirrorless camera. I also brought my GoPro Hero and a new Nikon camera that I recently won only a few days before our Singapore and Indonesia trip, but it was really more convenient and of better quality to just use my new smartphone which has a superb camera resolution. I just used my cameras when I ran out of power on my smartphones and power banks.

Our tour of Safari Lagoi in Bintan Island of Indonesia courtesy of Pt. IndoBintan Tour and Travels

Apparently, we had so many activities done during our special heritage and eco farm tour, courtesy of Indo Bintan Travel and Tours, that all our gadgets we're not enough to cover everything in the six-hour long tour.

I will tell you more about the details of this tour on our next blog post....This will be a series of articles documenting almost everything we've done throughout our 4-day out of the country adventure.

Visiting two countries was already a handful, and it would be better if we just visit Malaysia when we could fully maximize our stay there.

Bintan Lagoon Resort key cards

My wife appreciating her birthday cake slice

A comfy bed decorated with rose petals and two towels - one shaped like an elephant and another one into something like a fountain or well

We already have itineraries planned as organized by our accommodation, meals, activities, and tour sponsors in Indonesia, and another set of special accommodation and meal sponsors in Singapore, and the only thing we paid for out of our own pocket was the Singapore River Cruise, taxi and train transpo within Singapore, and our round-trip flight to Singapore. I never bothered to look for more sponsors in Singapore since I was already able to visit the primary attractions of interest for me, like the Gardens by the Bay and Universal Studios Singapore, and a few more, during my first visit last July.

Our ferry trip from Singapore to Indonesia was also shouldered by the resort, the 70 minute travel from Singapore to Bintan island was like a quick yet lonely trip since there were only a handful of people on board inside a very spacious boat that could accommodate maybe a hundred passengers. It makes you think that the island may truly be catering to only the affluent. We are so blessed to be going there that afternoon.

My name flashed on a placard welcoming me to Bintan Lagoon Resort

You may call it a lavish or luxurious experience, but the days spent in Indonesia was designed to really pamper you to the max. In fact, I was boasting that we felt like among the affluent because we were given meal credits amounting to hundred of thousands.

The majestically designed lobby of Bintan Lagoon Resort. Our cover photo is the equally impressive big pool

The kiddie pool at Bintan Lagoon Resort located at it's Leisure Center together with other amenities like the kiddie playroom, a spa, a gym, Segways for rent (in our case, a fifteen minutes for both of us, is part of the Chillax package, and many more)

But after learning that 1 Singaporean dollar (SGD) is equivalent to 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), a US dollar (USD) is equivalent to 1.37008 SGD, and 1 IDR is equivalent to 0.00363947 Philippine Peso (PHP), I realized it was because the value of the Indonesian currency is just too low to make it seemingly like we spent millions.

So our budgeted daily dinner credit of IDR 420, 000 per person is equivalent to only PHP 1,528.88. There's two of us so our lunch credit was IDR 840, 000 or PHP 3,058.45 only. Very much affordable for Filipinos or anybody else from other countries considering how much food we can order from that meal credit. It was more than a meal but a festive feast. Don't forget about our lunch credit, while breakfast was complimentary every morning.

Checking out the dishes at Haskell's restaurant near the golf course of Bintan Lagoon Resort in Indonesia

Dinner and our first meal at Nelayan seafood restaurant at Bintan Lagoon Resort in Indonesia

These amounts are part of the Chillax package given to us. The Chillax package is designed for a three days and two nights experience.

Chillax Package:

The Chillax package cost IDR 4, 042,500 per person so meaning the two of us we're given a total of IDR 8, 083,000 credit to enjoy our stay at Bintan Lagoon Resort. That's actually equivalent to only PHP 29,457.45. Again, very affordable considering the luxury we have experienced. If we compare it with our spending in the Philippines, the cost of stay in this Indonesian island resort is a lot more attractive.

If you'll check the details of what the package is composed of, you'll see that the cost is truly value for money. The Chillax Package is meant for single or 2-to-go travellers. Perfect for me and my wife.

They also have other packages available like the Fun & Stay Family Package, the Rejuvenate Package, the Golfer's Stay Package, the BBQ Villa Package, and the Villa by the Beach Birthday Package.

Please check the link below for details of all packages:

But wait, there's more! I have to also mention our special Heritage and Eco Farm Tour with Henry, our tour guide, and organized by Pt. Indo Bintan Tour and Travels, where we went to several destinations starting at Safari Lagoi, aaChinese temple, a Muslim temple, a public beach, and culminating to a festive late seafood lunch feast at Bintan Mangrove in a restaurant in stilts....and going back to our resort in the late afternoon. The entire tour cost only IDR 1,000,000 per person equivalent to only PHP 3,643.830. There were two of us so our IDR 2,000,000 tour is only PHP 7,288.083. That price is relatively cheaper compared to others.

Late Lunch at a seafood restaurant on stilts within Bintan Mangrove

Again, more details will be written on a separate blog article mentioning all the details of the tour.

More photos, video links and details on the actual blog at and a series of articles discussing more details of every destination and restaurant we visited.

This is just an overview or introductory of everything but soon proceeding to write the details I'm coming out with a series of a separate blog article for Bintan Lagoon Resort, a sepate for every restaurant visited in BLR including Malayan Council in Singapore, another one for the Bintan island Heritage and Eco Farm tour, another for the Singapore tour, another for Cube Boutique Capsule Hotel, etc.

Again, excited to write more details, post more pictures, and video links (but you may go now to our official Facebook page to see most of the videos we uploaded there), through a series of blog articles soon at

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

DOE, Palawan Ink MOU on Local RE Planning

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The Department of Energy (DOE) under Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Provincial Government of Palawan (PGP) on 28 November for the Development for Renewable Energy Applications Mainstreaming and Market Sustainability (DREAMS) project.

Undersecretary Felix William B. Fuentebella, who represented the DOE, emphasized the importance of ensuring energy efficiency, safety, security and ‘diskarte’, as enshrined in the Department’s E-Power Mo campaign.

With the vision of providing stable and strong energy supply in Palawan, the DOE commended the PGP for positively responding to the call of the DREAMS Project.

The MOU signing was in support of the DOE's project to boost localized planning in the development and usage of renewable energy (RE), following the successful series of consultations with the provincial governments of Palawan (4 September) and Iloilo (26 September).

The DREAMS project aims to provide efficient and reliable energy services, develop indigenous and clean sources of energy, and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the capacity building of the stakeholders and the consumers.

In photo (from left) are DREAMS Project Assistant National Project Director and Chief of the National Renewable Energy Board Gaspar Escobar; DREAMS Project National Project Director and OIC - Director of the DOE - Renewable Energy Management Bureau Mylene Capongcol; DOE Undersecretary Felix William B. Fuentebella; Palawan Governor Jose Chavez Alvarez; UNDP Country Director Titon Mitra; and UNDP Program Manager Floradema Eleazar.

Gravity Interactive, Ltd. Announces Closed Beta Test Event for “Ragnarok Online 2 PH” for PC

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November 27, 2018- GRAVITY INTERACTIVE, an online and mobile games publisher based in North America, revealed today the launch of a Closed Beta Test event for an upcoming release ofRagnarok Online 2 PH in the Philippines and additional regions within South East Asia.

Details regarding the ongoing Closed Beta Test can be found at

Ragnarok Online 2 transports players back to the familiar yet dangerous world of Rune-Midgard.  Players can play as familiar classic RO classes such as Swordsman, Wizard, Thief, Priest and more. Choose between Humans or the cute but cursed Noels and begin exploring the depths of Rune-Midgard! Players can brave the journey on their own or choose to team up with allies or a guild to take on the challenges together!

Ragnarok Online 2 features areas made famous by its predecessor including Prontera and Morroc as well as all new maps and dungeons! Ragnarok Online 2 PH also includes unique features not previously available in Ragnarok Online 2 such as a revamped Pet System and updated MVP World Bosses! Additionally, characters have access to even further customization with the all new Kafra Surgeon and Costume Rune Exchange along with new costumes and accessories!

Players who participate in the Closed Beta Test will be credited with 5000 Kafra Points as well as other rewards that can be used during the Closed Beta Test!

An FAQ with further information is available at:

Ragnarok Online 2 PH Closed Beta Test will take place from November 26th to December 3rd for the Philippines and South East Asia regions. 

BDO Unibank is the Strongest Bank in the Philippines for 2018

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BDO Unibank Inc. is the Philippines’ strongest bank for 2018, according to The Asian Banker Strongest Banks By Balance Sheet list.

The Asian Banker Strongest Banks By Balance Sheet is an annual assessment of the financial and business performance of the banking industry in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region. The banks are rated on a scale of 0-5 in six areas, namely: the ability to scale, balance sheet growth, risk profile, profitability, asset quality, and liquidity.

"The top 20 strongest banks in the Asia Pacific region included 10 Hong Kong banks, four Chinese banks, two Singapore banks, and one each from Australia, Brunei, Japan, Malaysia, and New Zealand. Banks in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia achieved the highest weighted average strength score, at 4.10, 3.51 and 3.34 out of 5, respectively, except for Brunei, which has only one bank on the list," The Asian Banker said in a statement.

This recognition follows BDO's Mortgage Product of the Year Award at the recently held The Asian Banker Philippines Country Awards 2018. The award recognized the Bank's extensive network as the main driver of its consumer loans business.

BDO has a network of more than 1,000 branches nationwide, the widest in the country. Through this network, the Bank is able to tap opportunities in high-growth areas as well as promote financial inclusion.

Team Lakay Honored in Baguio City's Champion Parade

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Team Lakay were honored with a Champions Parade last Sunday, 2 December. Members of the world champion martial arts stable took to the streets of Baguio City in a motorcade to celebrate their achievements in 2018.

In attendance were ONE Championship superstars including ONE Lightweight World Champion Eduard “Landslide” Folayang, ONE Bantamweight World Champion Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon, ONE Flyweight World Champion Geje “Gravity” Eustaquio, and ONE Strawweight World Champion Joshua “The Passion” Pacio.

Accompanying the ONE World Champions were teammates Honorio “The Rock” Banario, Edward “The Ferocious” Kelly, Stephen “The Sniper” Loman, as well as Team Lakay head coach Mark Sangiao, among others.
Official photos of the Champions Parade can be found at this link:

Eduard Folayang, ONE Lightweight World Champion, stated:

“We are just normal citizens of Baguio City with big dreams. We worked hard to achieve our goals and now we’re here. We believe the Cordilleran can compete with anyone in the world and we have what it takes to be the best in our chosen field. Hard work and dedication is all it takes to achieve success. The great thing about martial arts is that it’s not just about fighting, it’s about living. Martial arts is a way of life. It’s our way of life. It’s pushing through adversity, taking on any challenge and using the human spirit to achieve victory.”

Kevin Belingon, ONE Bantamweight World Champion, stated:

“I just want to thank everyone for the support. It means a lot to the team, and it means a lot to me. Thank you to the city of Baguio for organizing this motorcade for us. Thank you for the continued support for all martial artists and athletes here in Baguio and the Cordilleras. It is an honor to hold this belt in front of you all. It is an honor to be your champion.”

Geje Eustaquio, ONE Flyweight World Champion, stated:

“We always say at Team Lakay that champions are not born, they are made. But we were made because of the people of Baguio City. We never claim victory as our own. This has always been the fruit of teamwork -- the people behind the scenes: our family, our fans and supporters, sponsors and Filipinos all over the world. We feed off your positive energy and it serves as inspiration for us. We would never be able to achieve all that we have without your support. There are more victories to come, and together, we can reach all of our goals.”

Joshua Pacio, ONE Strawweight World Champion, stated:

“Thank you everyone for all the support and prayers. It’s a happy time in Baguio City, where we can celebrate all our victories as one. This isn’t just our triumphs, but also the triumph of the entire Cordilleras. We pour in all the hard work, to improve and to keep getting better. We train during holidays, weekends, and sacrifice so much to bring glory to our country and to our city. But we could never have any success without your love and support. This year, we proved that the Philippines is world-class in martial arts. Next year, we plan to do the same again.”
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Iloilo LGU, Smart, InnoPub Unveil Interactive Tourism Markers

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Going digital to boost provincial tourism

The government of Iloilo, in partnership with Smart Communications and InnoPub Media, has presented the interactive tourism markers that will be installed at town halls and selected tourist destinations all over the province.

These markers are equipped with quick response (QR) codes and near field communication (NFC) chips. When scanned through a mobile app, the QR and NFC devices will activate a browser window that will provide detailed information about the site on the user’s smartphone.

“These QR codes can help maximize tourist visits in the areas where these are deployed. We thank the Iloilo Provinicial Tourism Office, our LGU tourism partners, Smart and InnoPub for this initiative,” said Department of Tourism–Western Visayas’ Rene Cortum during the launch.

“By making information on travel and culture accessible to more people—that is, through their phones—the digital tourism program can help further enhance tourism here,” said Smart Public Affairs Visayas-Mindanao head Maria Jane Paredes.

Through the markers, tourists can discover information on Iloilo’s LGUs, such as local history and best destinations in the area. For instance, travelers to Carles may learn more about Islas de Gigantes, with its aquamarine waters, lush greens and stretches of white sand. Students and design enthusiasts, for their part, may read about the Rendicion de Tetuan or the 1859 Spanish victory over Moroccan forces, which is depicted in bas relief at the San Joaquin Church, among other cultural and historical trivia.

QR and NFC readers are either pre-installed on most smartphones or available as free apps. This makes it easier for most mobile users to access information through the interactive tourism markers, according to InnoPub cofounder Max Limpag.

The markers are part of the Iloilo Digital Tourism Program, which was unveiled during the 117th Semana sang Iloilo earlier this year. The program includes the Iloilo Guide app, a mobile guide that features information useful to visitors and students, such as historical background, local folklore and other interesting cultural trivia. It also lists things to do and places to see.

The Iloilo Guide app, as well as the other digital tourism guides developed by InnoPub and Smart, may be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS devices.

In partnership with government units, the digital tourism program of Smart and InnoPub is a nationwide initiative that harnesses technology to deliver tourism, cultural and historical information to mobile users.

The program was launched in 2012 and has since been implemented in Antique, Baguio City, Cebu, Davao and Metro Manila, among other areas.

Tigbauan officials receive the municipality’s tourism QR code from representatives of the Iloilo tourism office, Smart and InnoPub. Nineteen other LGUs received their own tourism QR codes, including Miagao, Oton, Leon, Leganes, Badiangan, Cabatuan, Passi City, Dingle, Carles, Concepcion, San Joaquin, Alimodian, Ajuy, Igbaras, Janiuay, Banate, Santa Barbara, Guimbal and Tubungan.

NECM Should Go Beyond Energy Conservation, Let There be Light for All – Cusi

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ENERGY FOR ALL: DOE Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi reminds members of the energy family that a mindset of energy conservation should be complemented by a strong recognition that power should be made available not only to some, but to all Filipinos.  
The Energy Chief led the opening of the National Energy Consciousness Month 2018 and 46th anniversary of the Department held this morning (3 December) at the DOE Multi-Purpose Building.

TAGUIG CITY – Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi today led the opening of National Energy Consciousness Month (NECM) 2018 and the DOE’s 46th anniversary at the agency’s headquarters in Bonifacio Global City.

In his opening address, Sec. Cusi underscored the necessity of adopting a two-pronged approach of energy conservation and total electrification not only in celebration of NECM, but also as the overarching principle in realizing the country’s energy agenda.

“Energy remains to be a cornerstone of Philippine economic development. It is also very important in our daily lives. Thus, it is crucial that energy services are delivered to each and every Filipino,” he stressed.

The Energy Chief added, “We continue to strongly espouse the judicious use of energy for those of us who already have access to power. However, we should not forget that progress should be inclusive – let no one be left in darkness, most especially those at the margins of society. Let there be light for all.”

The theme for NECM 2018 is "Fostering Innovation, Resiliency and Sustainability". This is in line with the DOE’s goal to attain energy security, sustainability and self-sufficiency at the earliest.

Among the strides made by the Department in this regard include the enactment of an Energy Resiliency Policy, the implementation of Renewable Portfolio Standards, the establishment of a Green Energy Option Program, the streamlining of executive processes, as well as measures that promote competition and promote a level-playing field for all industry stakeholders.

Moreover, the DOE is urgently pushing for the total electrification of unserved and underserved areas and the exploration and development of the country’s indigenous energy resources.

The DOE has previously called on the National Electrification Administration to undertake all necessary measures towards the electrification of said areas, which include ensuring the complete submission of the Master Plans of electric cooperatives (ECs); fast tracking the implementation of the Total Electrification Program by directing ECs to energize all households within the entirety of their respective franchise areas without exemption; directing ECs to evaluate the feasibility of hybridization as a means to lower electricity prices and ensure uninterrupted power supply; and studying other methods of extending financial assistance to ECs.

On the other hand, the DOE has recently launched the Philippine Conventional Energy Contracting Program for petroleum on 22 November to reignite petroleum exploration and development activities in the country.

“I call on all the members of the energy family to heed the challenge of broadening our perspectives. We do not stop at knowing that we have the energy ability. We need to make sure that others have it as well,” Sec. Cusi concluded.

Proclamation No. 1427 signed by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on 11 December 2007 provides for the celebration of NECM to coincide with the DOE’s anniversary.

Gary V Reaches Out to Share Love to his Kababayans in Albay

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Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano visited his hometown in Camalig, Albay last November 29 to give back to his kababayans through a series of medical, dental, optical missions, and wheelchair distribution. The said program was made possible through the partnership between CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, and Shining Light Foundation, Inc.

Valenciano went up close and personal to the beneficiaries by visiting them as they had their doctor’s check-ups. He also led the distribution of school supplies to the students of Camalig North Central School.

“It has always been my heart’s desire to meet with beneficiaries face-to-face. It fuels me to continue in entertaining and blessing people,” Valenciano shared.

After the students watched an episode of CBN Asia’s children’s animated series, Superbook, Valenciano treated the residents of Camalig in a mini concert. He did not only entertain the audience but also encouraged them by sharing his personal battle against sickness.

Valenciano, who has been a partner of Operation Blessing for over 20 years expressed how grateful he is for the opportunity he had been given to bless others. “This is the perfect organization to be a part of. When you talk about Operation Blessing, you are talking about an organization that would not be around for that long if they are not doing things the right way,” he added. He shared how amazed he is to see a network of doctors and volunteers coming together to have a huge impact in a community.

For Valenciano, giving back to his hometown is his way of serving God. “I do not really need to do this, but I’m driven to do it. If I can go out of my way to go to far-off places, to speak, touch, and reach out to people, then I would gladly do it,” he said.

DOE Partners with PUP for Institutional Capacity Building

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Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi, Undersecretary Raul B. Aguilos, Mr. Pascualito Beltran Gatan, Vice President for Branches and Campuses along with Dr. Junithesmer D. Rosales, Dean of the PUP Graduate School were present for the signing the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the conduct of MPA for DOE employees on Monday, 3 December 2018.

Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) on Monday (3 December) at the DOE Multi-Purpose Building.

Under the MOA, PUP will conduct post-graduate classes for qualified DOE employees for its Master’s degree in Public Administration (MPA). DOE in turn, will transfer PhP 4,199,958 to PUP to cover tuition fees, miscellaneous fees and honorarium of professors and lecturers.

Secretary Cusi said, “It is our intent to further enhance the future leaders of the Department. On the technical aspect of capacity building, we are continuously updating our knowledge through local and foreign trainings, especially for modern technologies. Through this MOA, we aim to nurture a primed workforce that is adept in the administrative aspect of our day-to-day operations. This would ease our processes within the Department, ensuring that we will be able to serve the public more efficiently and at a higher standard.”

There are 42 DOE employees who qualified for the post-graduate degree program after a stringent selection process.

“We wanted to make sure that the best employees within the Department were given this privilege, especially those with aspirations in a long-term career in public service.” Secretary Cusi added.

The MPA degree program will run from CY 2018 to 2020 and the qualified participants will be required to maintain a General Weighted Average (GWA) not lower than 2.0 as part of the standards set in the MOA.
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