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Porac, Pampanga: I Flew High In Poracay

Wazzup Pilipinas !
For the very first time, I had the opportunity to try the infamous zipline !

It's my first time in one of these so I wouldn't be able to compare it with the other ziplines in our country, but all I can say is...It's not really what I expected it to be.

There was really no adrenaline rush. I never worried even a little bit. I simply was not overwhelmed by the experience.

Maybe it was too short a ride for the thrill to sink in. Possibly it was not high enough to scare me. Most probably because I have more than enough near-to-death experiences more threatening and death-defying than riding on a 500 meter zipline.

It's More Fun in the Philippines with Wazzup Pilipinas!

Wazzup Pilipinas !

The Philippines is an an archipelago of 7,107 islands with festivals as many as its number of villages all year-round offering virtually infinite possibilities of fun and adventure!

EXPERIENCE THE PHILIPPINES... its natural wonders, colorful history and warm, engaging people.

Over a hundred ethnic groups, a mixture of foreign influences and a fusion of culture and arts have enhanced the uniqueness of the Filipino race and the wonder that is the Philippines.

Here is another complilation of images from my previous travels all over the Philippines brought to you by Wazzup Pilipinas! (English soundtrack). I'll be coming next with an all video (or mixed photos and video) soon!

Super Pinoy Boy Saves The Day!

Wazzup Pilipinas !
Episode 1 - Super Pinoyboy saves the day by teaching a clueless man the proper Filipino way to date a Pinay. Please share and spread this video. Salamat! Mabuhay!

Lyrics by Mikey Bustos for Bustos Entertainment Inc.
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Lyrics and Video Below:

It's More Fun in the Philippines Domestic Jingle

Wazzup Pilipinas !
The Philippine Department of Tourism's official domestic jingle for the "It's More Fun in the Philippines" campaign

For more fun, visit us at:

Below is the full lyrics of the “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” domestic jingle:

It's More Fun In The Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas !

It's 7,107 times more fun in the Philippines. Watch the official Philippine Department of Tourism AVP to find out why :)

There are a lot of things I am proud of about being a Filipino, too many to name.

The Filipino word for hello is "have you eaten?", the dancing police, the monkey-eating eagle showing up then the monkey jumping, the festivities, the repetitive names of places and foods, the "scissors palace", the winking tarsier, everything about this video. 

You really can't deny how happy people Filipinos are, even in times of daily hardships.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hundred Islands National Park : Island Hopping in Style

Wazzup Pilipinas ! Malasiqui Catholic School Batch '85 is on the Go.
It takes more or less five long hours to reach Pangasinan from Metro Manila by bus. With all those stopovers  maybe you can save an hour if you will drive your own vehicle. But it will surely be a toll for your designated driver, so we recommend you just take the bus, and just enjoy a nap along the way.

The Hundred Islands has become a haven for both local and foreign tourists (including "balikbayans") coming from several countries because of its majestic beauty and hospitable people. It was said to be formerly a cluster of coral beds that are now approximately two million years old. During that time, it was submerged in water but the water has since receded and now we're left with these island clusters. There's around 124 islands recorded as of this writing. They are now also calling it the Hundred Islands National Park.

There's a mini-port or wharf at the tourist center in Barangay Lucap. It is the starting point for the tours that will take us to the Hundred Islands in Alaminos. There were several boats out there that differ in sizes depending on the tour company but they all maintain the same rates.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blackbeard's Seafood Island: Boodle Boodle To The Max

Wazzup Pilipinas !
Its not uncommon for Filipinos to share food especially during fiestas in the provinces. But if you apply the similar setup in the city and in a restaurant setting , then it becomes a  helluva boodle party!

Imagine a feast served on banana leaves - with all the rice in the middle and the viands, specific to a menu choice. 

One even had the food (grilled fish, BBQ, shrimps, chicken, sea weeds, tomatoes and a lot of other stuff) on sticks, while the fried rice, fruits (watermelon slices and thick green mangoes shreds), and other viands like clams, crabs, tilapia, and "tahong" were surrounding the rice. What you see in the photo above is the Boracay's Feast.

Mu Noodle Bar: Where Everything Is Oh So Good!

Wazzup Pilipinas !
This is the very first time I've been to a restaurant where every dish served was "Oh, So Good!".

I am not exaggerating! It really was the most satisfying dining experience I've been to, and I am really puzzled why I only blogged about it only today. I seem to have lost control of my senses, and just kept planning on my next visit to the restaurant. But since it was a bit too far from my place, I had to hold the urge to return otherwise, I may no longer leave the place once I get to taste again everything on the menu.

Well, I guess I'm really exaggerating when I said I'll never leave, but to keep it realistic, I would forever make this restaurant a part of top ten list of highly recommended restaurants in Metro Manila that I would often visit.

All Hands Beach : Subic Bay Freeport Zones' Beach Resort For Everyone


Wazzup Pilipinas !
One of the destinations we went to during our Subic visit was at the All Hands Beach resort. I was informed that this beach already existed even during the time of the Americans when they occupied Subic, but a visit to the place reveals that is undergoing development and most of the structures are new or improved.

All Hands Beach is great for swimming for all ages due to the shallow and gradually sloping depth of the shoreline. It has clear, clean, and calm waters. This is due to its strategic natural location, far from any residential community or inland river. The waves are not much higher than 6 inches most of the day.

There were already a few restaurant, a lot of huts, and even colorful boats to rent. There are also some rooms to spend the night and the facilities are continuously being renovated.

URBN Bar and Kitchen : Gastronomical Delights To Please The Senses

Wazzup Pilipinas !
My camera did not do any justice to both the food and the place.I was tempted in just using the photos located on their Facebook page but it really felt wrong. The actual Mac and Choreese (macaroni with chorizo and cheese) was far better looking than the photo above, and magically flavorful that you simply can't get enough of it. Anyway, I'm pushing through with using my own photos. Let's just say its photos with my own style of photography with a mystery.

URBN Bar and Kitchen was simply an awesome and classy party venue that also serves great contemporary comfort food that's a feast to both the eyes and the stomach. You can find lots of food choices like premium dry-aged steaks, rack of lamb, ribs and so many sinful dishes that's guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eater.

URBN Bar and Kitchen, co-owned by Chef Benjo Tuason, is a classy restaurant, highly busy and often times crowded at night, is located at the Bonifacio Global Center in Tagig. This resto is sure to excite everyone looking for a place where they can mingle with the the elite crowd, dine on delectable cuisines, and party until the break of dawn.

Sip Milk Tea: Ultra-Premium Steeped Tea

Wazzup Pilipinas !
"We make milk tea. We do it proper. We use only ultra-premium tea, steeped like it should (not brewed or through an espresso machine or treated like coffee but treated like tea), so its ultra-premium milk tea. We just basically make milk tea, well we shake the milk tea cold too. That's it. "

Yes! That's it. I guess that's already their secret. They steep and do not brew their teas.They make ultra-premium milk teas using only the best whole leaf tea, nothing powdered nothing fake.

They also only give your freshly cooked sago. Made several times throughout the day at all their stores.

They were also the first in the world to introduce MESTEAZO. It's green milk tea on top, and black flavored tea on the bottom. Its two (2) teas in one drink. You've never had milk tea like it before!

Saint's Alp Tea House : Taiwanese Food and Blended Teas to Perfection

Wazzup Pilipinas !
So when they said we  were going to a "tea house" , I put out a grin and thought we were going to another one of those milk tea shops that has proliferated in the Metro.

Though I really love drinking those milk teas, the thought of opening a shop just to cater to one product sorts of doesn't really kick in as worthwhile to me. Haven't they heard of "nakaka-sawa" or "nakaka-umay"?

But thank the heavens above that it wasn't really just a milk tea house (thus the picture of the yummy Tempura Salad above), but it's a Taiwanese restaurant that also serves some tasty dishes that could become one of your favorites.

Craving for some Taiwanese Food and Blended Teas? Head on over to Saint's Alp Tea House!

Manila is Talking About C3

Wazzup Pilipinas !

What is it about C3, a customer contact channel at One Bonifacio Technology Tower in Taguig City, that is giving job-seekers and employers alike something to think about?

C3 is not just another call center company. It infuses energy into the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry backed by the experience and the technical knowhow of a team of leaders headed by Andy Sarakinis, vice president and country manager. In a recent press conference held onsite, he shared how C3 came about in the Philippines.

C3 or Customer Contact Channels is a global provider of contact center services unlike any other in the market today. Services include sales, service, performance optimization, reputation management and complete customer interaction management via traditional, web, and emerging communication channels. C3 positively engages and promotes our clients’ brands with every contact we make with their customers. With a global team that is thousands of employees strong, the company is headquartered in Plantation, FL.

Ongpin's Mr. Ube and His Advocacy

Wazzup Pilipinas !
A visit at the Binondo church brought us to Ongpin where Eng Bee Tin - the Chinese Deli famous for having the best "hopia" and "tikoy", is located.

Owned by the humble Gerry Chan, otherwise known as Mr. Ube, a legend, not only at the Ongpin area, but also all over the Philippines. I will not be surprised if his popularity has also reached out of the country. He truly has provided the best hopia and tikoy, as well as other Chinese food products, in the country.

I first met the owner during a bloggers event held at his newly opened Mr. Ube Rice and Noodle House located in Binondo also. The noodles and rice meals also lived up to the quality that are found in their hopias and tikoys.

Balut Eggspress : Care To Eat Balut On The Go?

Wazzup Pilipinas !
I was born in Pasig city at my father's side of the family where my parents and I just used to rent a house near my grandparent's house. But after a few years when my parents were able to save enough money to build a house on a lot located at my mother's side of the family, we finally transferred our new home we can now call our own. I am no longer living in Pateros and went back to the city where I was born. But the stories I could tell about the town are so rich and plenty.

I grew up in the small town of Pateros and spent my remaining childhood days in the town where "alpombras" and "inutak" became popular. But the most popular product in Pateros known to many was the "balut" - that boiled duck egg with a fetus inside, and the many other variations in cooking the duck eggs.

I was never really a lover of that so-called aphrodisiac delicacy called "balut", but I loved the "Penoy" and "Itlog na Maalat". The "Bibingkang Abnoy" was smelly because it was made from almost rotten duck eggs, but there were still many who enjoyed eating it.

Moonleaf Tea Shop: Not Just Your Ordinary Milk Tea Shop In The Neighborhood

Wazzup Pilipinas !
I'm betting every peso in my pocket right now that everywhere you' ll look within a 10 kilometer radius of a popular mall or commercial district in Metro Manila that there's bound to be a milk tea store somewhere with those creatively coined brand names derived from the use of the word "tea".

I am actually wondering if there's already a milk tea shop called Perplexi-Tea.  But, yes! I am truly perplexed on why milk tea shops are spreading like mushrooms. Though they are really great tasting and refreshing , how come restaurants don't just add them on their menus as one of their drinks. Why capitalize on setting up a separate store that primary sells milk teas, then eventually add some sweets, pastries and desserts to match.

I guess we Filipinos would like to drop by stores where we could take out drinks on the go....and we all jump into the bandwagon of fads and the hype of the season.

Customer Contact Channels (C3) : Where Love Is In The Air

Wazzup Pilipinas !
Everyone wants to work for an environment that's cozy and conducive for working. Add that with a friendly atmosphere filled with colleagues that are all smiles and greetings every time you pass by each other.

It's not really easy to work for an outsourcing company, where most of you will have to sit down and talk to the concerns of your customers. Patience is always a virtue, and understanding different behaviors and ways of dealing with them is a must.

At Customer Contact Channels or C3, love is always in the air. Thus work becomes more like play rather than a tedious job.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Subic: A Tour of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA)

Wazzup Pilipinas ! 

 It's More Fun-tastic in Subic during the Holy Week!

We got invited to attend the Subic Pascha press conference held a few days before the said event which will start on March 26 and will end on March 31 during the Holy Week celebration. Subic Pascha is a Food and Fun Festival to be held at the Subic Bay Boardwalk sponsored by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) and the owner of the Red Crab group of companies which includes restaurants like Seafood Island, New Orleans, Claw Daddy, and a lot more.

Aside from the Food Festival, several activities will be held including performances by bands from Manila which includes Sub Projekt, Matthew Carbonell, Jeff Cifra & the Driven Band, and True Faith.

There will be a Car and Bike Display, an Inflated Playground, an Animal Encounter, Poi/Fire Dance, Fireworks at nightime, Volleball and Football competitions, an Exhibition Game, a Film Viewing of the Passion of Christ, Easter Egg Hunting and many more.

Philippines Getting Cheezy Over Chiz

Wazzup Pilipinas !
"So yeah, there you go. I guess future aspiring Senators should look at the following if they desire public office position:

1. Speak well in Tagalog.

2. Huwag maging pala-away. Choose your battles well and always take the respectful higher ground.

3. Have a yuppie-approachable-fit persona. Be perceived as someone's brother or sister - rather than a parent if you are not that old.

4. Be friends with personalities in the entertainment industry."

When I say Chiz, you say Heart!

It's always the first thing that comes into mind (oh well maybe you'll say Escudero) whenever the name of Senator Chiz Escudero is mentioned, especially for those who are fond of watching television and has seen  the Senator's co-hosting stint on Kapamilya's Kris TV hosted by Kris Aquino.
But why on Earth am I bothering myself with these petty political-gone-celebrity issues that's obviously just a propaganda to elevate his image to political stardom?

Win Your Dream Wedding with Club Balai Isabel

Wazzup Pilipinas !
It is every woman's dream to walk down the aisle of either a church or wherever fitting in this modern age where weddings have been rejuvenated to become sophisticated and classy. Still, the thought of saying each other's vows and the grooms kiss to the bride infront of all their guests to see brings delight to not only the couple involved but also the cheering crowd that bear witness to a union.

Club Balai Isabel will hold its first bridal fair on April 20 to 21, 2013 and will be entitled, “The Wedding Caravan”. It will be organized by R & A Events Specialist by Ricci Ang, and hosted by Vet Lauzon.

The Wedding Caravan is designed for couples who desire a memorable and tailor-fit wedding. The event will showcase different wedding specialists and designers dedicated to making dream weddings happen. This grand event will be held at Club Balai Isabel, located on the romantic shores of Lake Taal in Barangay Talisay, Batangas City from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Social Media Influencer : With Great Influence Comes Great Immaturity

Wazzup Pilipinas !

"I think each one of us should be responsible and accountable to what we say online, especially if it involves other people. We also need to think on when do we tackle concerns privately and when do we drag other people who may be clueless to an issue."

I had to give my reaction to a very recent article that came out just today. It asks us questions but also gives us pieces of advice on how people that have a cloud of influence because of their nature of work should behave or discipline themselves.

Social Media or the Internet has allowed us to reach and communicate with a huge number of people instantly and with very little effort. But it also made it easier for haters, spammers, lurkers, scammers, trolls, and all sorts of online misfits.

Notes from the Top of the World: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Latest Google Maps Special Collection

Tenzing-Hillary Airport - the most dangerous airport in the world

Google Maps has recently unveiled Street View images for Mt. Everest and other notable mountains. This takes armchair explorers like us to great heights even without the extreme cold, avalanche and what not.

"Today, we released photos of the some of the most famous mountains in the world on Google Maps. I was lucky to be part of the team that traveled around the world to capture the imagery and experience the mountains first-hand.

I’ve always had a sense of adventure. In 2011, when my colleague asked if I wanted to go on a trip to Everest Base Camp, I couldn’t resist, and we recruited a group of Googlers and fellow explorers to join us. Then we learned we could capture imagery of our trip for Google Maps with a tripod and a digital camera. We had plenty of room in our packs, so we loaded up our cameras and mountaineering gear, and hopped on a plane to Nepal.

Our adventures began with the trek to Everest Base Camp where we spent 12 days in the mountains battling altitude sickness, an earthquake, mudslides, snow storms and flash floods. The highest altitude we reached was 18,192 feet -- higher than anywhere in the contiguous U.S. -- and we hiked more than 70 miles (or 50 hours) during the trip. We carried our camera equipment everywhere we went and captured a collection of panoramas at key camps and other interesting stops along the way. Below are a few excerpts from the journal I kept during our trip:

Buddhist mantras outside the town of Lukla

Day 2: Today we arrived at Namche Bazaar -- “the gateway to the high Himalaya.” It’s a good-sized town with lots of hotels, shops and a pharmacy. Many hikers stop here for altitude acclimatization on their way to Everest. During our stay there was a 6.9 earthquake! It was scary, especially when we realized we were in a developing country that doesn’t have infrastructure or emergency services like back home in California. We were fortunate that there was very little damage where we were.

Fisheye view of Namche Bazaar

Day 3: We woke up to a clear morning. The mountains were absolutely spectacular! We spent the day taking pictures of the town with our Street View cameras and meticulously taking notes on a map so we could remember what we were capturing once we were back at sea level. Everyone, including me, is starting to feel the effects of the altitude (mostly nausea and headaches), and we’re barely above 11,000 ft.

Googlers Sara Pelosi and Andrew Swerdlow with Ama Dablam looming in the distance

Day 4: The morning was a pretty easy walk, mostly traversing the mountain ridges. After we stopped for tea there was a long climb, "up up up" according to our guide, all on switchbacks. We stopped in Tengboche for lunch, then photographed the monastery with the fisheye lens. Amazing place. The monks watched us closely as we walked around. I don't know if they were more interested in the Americans or the photography. We continued on to Pangboche where we stayed for the night. When we got to Pangboche we saw a patch of blue sky and a rainbow. I'm still optimistic that we'll see at least a glimpse of the peak of Everest. Our guide says, "can be", which we’ve learned is the answer to every question. We're not even quite to 13,000 ft here. A long way left to go up.

The incredible Tengboche Monastery (View Larger Map)

Day 8: We left early in the morning and hiked for about three hours until we reached a small village called Gorak Shep. The hike was flat along a river for several hours, then turned into a very steep climb. When we arrived at Base Camp, it was the most amazing feeling of accomplishment. We had finally made it to the base of the top of the world! We wouldn’t have gotten here without our expert guide and porters who know the mountains like the back of their hand and were essential to the success and safety of our trip. I barely stopped to enjoy the moment before wanting to accomplish the next goal - photographing the Base Camp where a real summit expedition had actually set up camp.

The Everest trekking group with our amazing guides

We’re honored to share this amazing imagery with you on Google Maps and show the world what life is like from its highest peaks! To see more of this collection, visit the Street View Gallery or download Google Maps on your iPhone or Android device. And join us for a Hangout on Air today at 10:00 am PT where we’ll answer questions about our adventures."

*Posted by Sara Pelosi, People Programs Manager, on behalf of entire expedition team

Globe Business is First in PH, Asia to Get MEF CE 2.0 Certification


ONE OF THE BEST IN ASIA AND THE WORLD. The Globe Business Team happily received recognition as the first telecoms services provider in Asia, and the fourth in the world, to earn the Metro Ethernet Forum – Carrier Ethernet (MEF CE) 2.0 certification on March 20, 2013. The certification proves that Globe Business can deploy its products and solutions much faster, and guarantee customers of globally-compliant services which will work seamlessly with their network.

Globe Business reached yet another milestone in the Philippines telecoms industry after earning the Metro Ethernet Forum – Carrier Ethernet (MEF CE) 2.0 certification on March 20, 2013—attesting to its status as being among the top service providers worldwide.

The MEF CE 2.0 certification also means that Globe Business can now deliver added benefits to its customers by matching enterprise users’ application performance needs to MEF services with specific service-level agreements (SLAs).

MEF is a global-certifying IT body, a non-profit organization that sets world standards on Ethernet services in terms of reliability, speed and SLAs and promotes worldwide adoption of Carrier-class Ethernet networks and services.

GLOBE BUSINESS was recently certified as one of the best telecoms service providers in Asia and the world as it received the prestigious Metro Ethernet Forum – Carrier Ethernet (MEF CE) 2.0 certification. This means that Globe Business is able to deploy its products and solutions much faster, and guarantee customers of globally-compliant services which will work seamlessly with their network. The certification also proves that Globe Business is now at the forefront of innovation in the Philippines. Its status as the first company to be MEF CE 2.0 certified in Asia demonstrates that the Philippine telecommunications and ICT industry are moving ahead with Globe Business in the lead. Show in photo is the Globe Telecom’s Network Operations Center (NOC) which is now one of the best in Asia and the world.

“Globe Business is the first not only in the Philippines but in Asia to receive certification for Carrier Ethernet 2.0. It is not only an important achievement for us but it also augurs well for the local ICT industry. It reflects our company’s genuine commitment to deliver world-class and best-in-class services to our customers,” said Globe Business Head Jesus Romero.

Globe Business, which is the pioneer of premium-grade corporate solutions in the country, is now the only Philippine and Asian service provider, and fourth in the world, to achieve MEF CE 2.0 certification with its point-to-point E-Line (EPL and EVPL) and multipoint-to-multipoint E-LAN services.

This strengthens its Ethernet services’ MEF 9 and MEF 14 certifications or MEF CE 1.0 which define Ethernet service functionality and service performance, respectively. As the

These accreditations enhance the company’s end-to-end service Operation, Administration and Maintenance (or OAM) capabilities for the three-level Class of Service and Tier 1 service performance as they make Globe Business Ethernet services the best choice at world-class standards.

Its next generation MEF CE 2.0 also extends the original purpose of Carrier Ethernet with added vital features, including easier interconnection with global Ethernet providers and partners for multiple standard service types as well as enabling new levels of efficiency for mobile backhaul.

Globe Business Head of Enterprise Segments Grace Castillo assured that with their MEF CE2.0 certified services, “we can deploy our products and solutions much faster, provide guarantee to customers of globally-compliant services which will work seamlessly with their network and allow end-to-end visibility to perform faster issue identification and resolution as well as ensure SLA delivery.”

“What this means in terms of Classes of Service is that our customers can run multiple and critical applications while we assist and support them in prioritizing which ones can pass through Ethernet traffic.

“Likewise, we can conduct non-intrusive tests with added testing parameters leading to quicker turn-around time in pinpointing issues and resolutions, less service downtime, ensure SLAs and improve after-sales support. This gives them a definite advantage when subscribing to our MEF CE 2.0-certified Ethernet services,” she added.

Meanwhile, Globe Business Head of Business Products and Services Francisco Claravall said that the accreditation they received from the MEF is a result of the hard work and commitment put in by their Data Network Planning and Engineering; their Product Management team; as well as their colleagues from Tellabs and Iometrix.

“We went through extended days and nights of continuous, round-the-clock assessing and resolving issues during the course of the certification tests. Our synergies were focused toward the collective goal of giving the country its first MEF CE 2.0 certified-service through Globe Business,” he said.

Already, Globe Business customers have commended its move to take its Ethernet services several notches higher, as attested by a long-time client and local insurance giant Philamlife.

“We’ve known Globe Business to be at the forefront of innovation in the Philippines. Being the first locally to be MEF CE 2.0 certified and, better yet, in Asia, is a breakthrough not only for the company but for the country as well.

“This demonstrates that the Philippine telecommunications and ICT industry are moving ahead, with Globe Business leading the way,” said Nilo Zantua, Vice President and Head of IT Infrastructure of PhilamLife.

Romero believes that the MEF CE 2.0 certification is more than just an accreditation document. Rather, it is an acknowledgment from a global certifying body will translate into tangible benefits that Globe Business customers will experience and be delighted about.

“This means simpler and faster deployment, as well as standardized services, from Globe Business that will offer them more choices, and with more reasons to choose Globe Business over and above any other provider,” he said.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pinoy Tekkie Wins a Sony Alpha NEX-F3

" THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the entries! You guys gave great posts! I'm hoping to run more internal contests for you all! I had my friends pick and their choice was actually also mine and also the same choice of our Managing Editor, ___, when asked for her opinion. Seemed like this person just put in that extra effort and that he really wanted and needed a good camera!

So congratulations to Ross Flores Del Rosario!!! May this ___ camera bring you great features and amazing photos!

Hope you can write a review about if after using it ok Ross!

Congrats again! Thanks to everyone who joined!"

I am very grateful that I won a camera from a contest that I joined sponsored by a community blog.

I would like to think that I won because I deserved it and not because it was an "arranged" or "manipulated" win.

It kinda sucks when one will upbraid me afterwards and make me think he exerted a great deal of effort just to make me win. "Luto ba?"

But thanks anyway. I will forever cherish it and will remain a reminder of the good times that we shared. "Maala-ala mo kaya.....ang sumpa mo sa akin? ang pag-ibig mo ay... sadyang di magmamaliw...."

"Sumbatan" blues hashtag sumbatan #sumbatan

Lamoiyan Kicks Off Advocacy Program To Mark 25 Years In Business

Wazzup Pilipinas !

“Project Silver”is the advocacy program of Filipino-owned Lamoiyan Corporation. It kicked off recently as part of their 25th anniversary celebration themed “Giving Hope, Sharing Smiles.”

Free medical and dental services were received by hundreds of residents of Barangay 73 at the PNR Compound in Caloocan City received  last March 3 through Lamoiyan Corporation’s community project, “Adopt-a-Barangay,” which aims to increase the awareness in promoting proper oral care and in treating head lice.

Lamoiyan Corporation Assistant Vice President for New Business Development Peter Paul Ang had the following message to share: “Starting this month, Lamoiyan Corporation is celebrating its 25th year in the business. Project Silver is actually one way of thanking our consumers for all the years they have been supporting our company. So it is but right that we do a medical-dental mission like this to really give back to them what we have received for the past years,”

Philippine Tourism Achieves Back-to-Back Record Growth

Wazzup Pilipinas !

International visitors to the Philippines for the first two months of the year closed at another record high of 854,187 or a double-digit growth of 10.5% from 772,989 of the same period in 2012. The country extended its record-breaking run by surpassing the 400,000 arrival mark for both January (436,079 arrivals) and February, making it three months in a row since December 2012 with 442,088 arrivals – an uptrend that is expected to continue until the summer months.

Visitor arrivals for February 2013 soared 15.52% with 418,108 arrivals, marking the first time that this month achieved more than 400,000 visitors. The Chinese New Year stimulated the growth during the month, with Hong Kong posting a 93.80% growth rate, China registering 69.87%, Macau at 44.05%, and Taiwan at 20.67%. Countries from the ASEAN region likewise registered double-digit gains.

For the period January to February 2013, Korea remained the top contributor with 241,116 visitors, growing by 25.6% and cornering slightly more than a quarter of the total inbound traffic. The second largest yield came from the United States with 120,868 or 14.2% of the visitor count. Arrivals from Japan comprised the third biggest arrivals of 73,621 visitors. The list is followed by China with 69,610; Taiwan with 37,921; Australia with 34,095; Singapore with 25,800; Canada with 25,338; Hongkong with 23,097; Malaysia with 18,947; United Kingdom with 18,563; and Germany with 13,774.

Solar Solution: Bringing Light to Provinces

Wazzup Pilipinas !

I hated "brown-outs" (those smaller versions of a black-outs) ever since childhood. A “brownout” in the city is really unthinkable for city folks. Almost all of the daily requirements of living depends on electricity. For a social media person like me, it keeps me connected on the Internet - you wont be able to connect if there's no power to run your computers. Though there are laptops and portable wi-fis, it really won't last for more than a few hours.

Living without electricity in an urban area like ours will surely gather serious complaints. For the whole day, almost everything we do is powered by some form of electricity.

Think about how residents in remote provinces live where establishing power lines is almost impossible due to the terrain and distance. Imagine then how they are able to cope without any kind of steady source of electricity and only kerosene lamps serve as the dependable source of light in the evening. Aside from being a fire hazard, gas lamps are not be bright enough for reading and have been found to produce climate-changing carbon dioxide emissions. On the other hand, electric generators are just too costly for the regular people.

Get the BlackBerry Z10 LTE Only from Globe

Globe Telecom recently launched the new BlackBerry Z10 and scored exclusivity to offer the BlackBerry Z10 LTE version in the country under its fully-customizable unlimited surfing plans bundled with unlimited browsing, consumable amount for calls and texts, and freebies.

Subscribers can get the BlackBerry Z10 for free for as low as P1999 monthly at Globe Unli Surf Plan 1799 with P200 monthly cashout over a 24-month contract.

With Globe Unli Surf Plan 1799, subscribers get unlimited and worry-free mobile surfing, P800 monthly consumable amount for calls and texts, and three (3) call and text freebies.

The device is also available for free at Globe Unli Surf Plan 1799 over a 30-month contract. Interested subscribers can order the BlackBerry Z10 from Globe at

In photo is Globe Marketing Manager for Devices and Subsidy Teolo Reyes.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Acer Bares First Intel Smartphone

Acer Philippines, Inc. announced the availability of the first smartphone in the Philippine market powered by the “Atom” line of Intel processors—the Acer Liquid C1 phone.

Designed for those who view their mobile phones as an essential tool whether when having fun or in a playful mood, the Acer Liquid C1 phone is definitely the perfect companion for local smartphone enthusiasts who don’t look at their phones as, well, a “phone” but more of a tool for both their communications and lifestyle needs.

With the latest in processor technology courtesy of the powerful Intel Z2420 1.2GHz processor inside the Acer Liquid C1, multi-tasking, whether handling calls or apps or loading Web pages, will surely be a fun and easy endeavor. The 400MHz graphics engine, on the other hand, enables the easy handling of image-intensive applications and super smooth viewing of videos with superb image and sound quality. And the 1 GB DDR2 memory makes it even an even more responsive gadget.

Definitely, your fun moments will never be the same again with the Acer Liquid C1 smartphone. When taking pictures with friends or family, trust the 8 megapixel rear camera to capture any of life’s sudden moments clearly, vividly and more life-like. The 5 frames-per-second photo shooting speed makes the Acer Liquid C1 feel almost like a real professional camera.

Even watching your favorite movies and videos, fun photos with family and friends, or playing your much-loved games is no problem. The 4.3-inch TFT (540 x 960) with IPS Touch Capacitive multi-touch display makes watching videos and images a truly joyful experience.

When using a smartphone, connecting to the Internet may be an issue, but do not worry. The Acer Liquid C1 is equipped with connectivity features that will keep you connected any time you want it. Its quad-band 3G Internet is as fast as 3G can get. Updating your Facebook status, viewing the latest video sensation on YouTube, or uploading photos via the Internet is now as fun as playing your favorite PC game.

There are other fun and playful features of the Acer Liquid C1 smartphone that will surely appeal to the discriminating Filipino smartphone user. The long life of its 2000mAh battery, for example, lets you play, watch videos, listen to music, take photos even up to 9 long hours. But what’s really striking is its standby time of up to a staggering 400 hours. That’s an estimate 16 days of uninterrupted usage, whether as phone or your personal home theater.

What could be more fun than that?

An ultra smart, ultra fast and reliable smartphone that’s powerful for sharp and problem-free browsing; entertaining enough when shooting photos or playing videos or your favorite games; and remains connected enough to ensure quicker download speed and faster browsing; superb video and audio quality; fun and playful experience.

All of these you can enjoy using the first Intel-based smartphone in the market courtesy of Acer Philippines, Inc.

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