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Lunch with the Fambam at Red Ginger of City of Dreams Manila

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It was a pleasant Sunday morning when my family visited the luxurious City of Dreams Manila to have lunch at one of its restaurants. An eye-catching and glimmering entrance welcomed us as we made our way into the opulent and marvelous casino and hotel complex.

We couldn’t help but utter “Wow” and wonder when we set our sights on the equally astonishing Red Ginger restaurant which was located on the second floor of the resort. As my brothers and I went in, the first thing we noticed were the sumptuous desserts elegantly lined up near the entrance of the restaurant, much to our eyes’ liking.

The atmosphere and service gave an elegant mien, and the crew were also very hospitable and tried their best to quickly establish rapport with their customers. There was even one who was very eager to chat with us, learn about our family, and even join our group photo. I couldn't recall her name but she definitely made our lunch time a lot more interesting.

We were seated on comfy chairs and presented with a menu which was already mouthwatering by means of words alone. My dad wanted a menu with pictures of the dishes but he instead asked a crew for her recommendations. We took our time to finalize our orders because of the variety of cuisines, and after a good wait, we got to admire the effort put into the presentation of the dishes. 

As an appetizer, we had the Vietnamese Caesar Salad. Nothing like the classics, as they say. The salad consists of Romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, parmesan cheese and a soft, poached egg. The first thing we noticed was that there was a poached egg in the salad, which was unusual compared to the salads we’ve tried in the past. My brother liked this menu item and found it very appetizing, as proven by the fact that he ate most of it. The salad costs an affordable 270 Pesos. 

Vietnamese Caesar Salad
Another starter was the Baby Squid in Lemongrass and Lime Soy. It was bathing in its pickled chili and served with soft-boiled egg, mustard greens and cherry tomatoes. The first for my palate to detect were the spices marinated into the squid. Coupled with rice, they made a delectable dish. This menu item costs 350 Pesos.

Baby Squid in Lemongrass and Lime Soy
Baby Squid in Lemongrass and Lime Soy
Topping my list of appetizers was the Popiah, a spring roll or something akin to our native Lumpia but stuffed with barbecued duck and eaten with iceberg lettuce, for us to dip into a vibrant and complementary chili garlic sauce. We were served four spring rolls and ate them by wrapping the spring roll with the lettuce, dipping both into the sauce and biting into their balancing flavors. The item costs 370 Pesos. 

This is how you eat Popiah
As for the main, what I can recall first is the Singaporean Crispy Grouper. Southeast Asia is no stranger to seafood, and our Philippine palate just loved this menu item. We were served a whole fish was tender, well-seasoned with garlic peppercorns, brimming with flavor and spice from the chili. Most of us can say that this was one of their best especially when paired with rice. The grouper dish costs 990 Pesos. 

Singaporean Crispy Grouper
Next item for main was the Grilled King Prawns with Roasted Chili and Lemongrass. They were served with three sauces and presented us shelled prawns with soft flesh. The service mentioned that they base it on the weight of the catch of the day – always amounting 250g. It costs 960 Pesos.

Grilled King Prawns with Roasted Chili and Lemongrass
One of the most delectable items was a Double Rack of the Pork Baby Ribs with Sticky Palm Sugar Glaze. It was certainly a mouthwatering item on the menu because the meat was spot on. It was also flavorful and the meat just falls off the bone, ready for us to taste the time dedicated into preparing the ribs. Ribs plus the rice was a match made in heaven. A single rack costs 840 Pesos whereas a Double Rack costs 1600 Pesos.

Double Rack of the Pork Baby Ribs with Sticky Palm Sugar Glaze
Pork Baby Ribs with Sticky Palm Sugar Glaze
During the transition between main and dessert, we got to experience how accommodating the ambience and service were. We took pictures and established rapport with them by means of chatting and conversing about blogging, food and other relatable stuff like sharing experiences. 

All in all we ordered six (6) dishes. That's just like one dish for every member of our family composed of five. Which is the best dish among the six? I have to say the best for the main dishes are the Pork Baby Ribs and Singaporean Crispy Grouper, while for the starters, the Popiah. The Baby Squid is also good but is a bit of a runner-up to the Popiah. I would have picked the Grilled King Prawn as seafood dishes are my favorite, but the serving was just too little to appreciate because for a group of 5, there were only three pieces of prawn to share. 

Desserts for everyone
Finally, every member of the family had their own dessert. Mom had the Green Tea Chocolate Cake, Kyle had the Blackberry Vanilla Praline, I had Jar Mango Triffle, Kyro had the Crunch Caramel, and Dad had Jar Dark Choco Mousse. My youngest brother reckoned his dessert tasted too mature for his liking, since we three children all agreed that his had a strong coffee taste. My mango dessert was very sweet and had a jam-like texture to it, whereas dad’s chocolate dessert presented what it advertised: sumptuous dark chocolate. 

Green Tea Chocolate Cake
Crunch Caramel
Vanilla Praline
Jar Dark Choco Mousse
Jar Mango Triffle
While Kyle’s praline was nice, I barely got to comment on the rest of his dessert, for he had already finished it up before I could get a second taste. All of them were very delectable – Kyle was never too full to finish up what we couldn’t – but the dessert that won my taste buds over was mom’s Matcha Cake, which was not too bitter nor too sweet for my liking. I expected it to be bitter like how the Japanese prefer it, but of all the Matcha-themed food we’ve tasted during our family days out, I deem it the most enjoyable so far. All desserts were priced at 265 Pesos.

Lemongrass Iced Tea
The only negative I could say about the restaurant is that they don't serve fresh juices so we all ended up drinking Lemongrass Iced Tea. I try my best not to encourage the drinking of softdrinks or any sugary drinks which most of the ingredients are artificial or full of sugar that are unhealthy for everyone.

The Happy Fambam at Red Ginger of City of Dreams Manila
All in all, our trip to Red Ginger was fun, relaxing, and palatable. It brightened our mood and painted a glimpse of the luxuriant life in our minds. We reckon that it is of great quality and would love a second trip.

Michelle Tachiangco of Red Ginger at City of Dreams Manila
Be sure to watch our video interview with Michelle Tachiangco of Red Ginger. She explained what Red Ginger is all about and the recommended dishes to try when dining at their restaurant. Though I should have talked with her before ordering as she gave out suggestions from the menu that we have not tried during our visit.

I'll be sure to take down notes so I will be ready on our next visit to Red Ginger of City of Dreams Manila.

Written by Hannah Krystelle Del Rosario

Wazzup Pilipinas Radio Tackles KPop Fandom and Hataw Padyak

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sharing with you our script fro last Sunday's episode featuring KPop Fandom and Hataw Padyak biking association. 

Just in case you missed last week's episode of Wazzup Pilipinas Radio, we talked about the ever popular and still growing strong KPop sensation, and also the Hataw Padyak organization and their events. Two different but interesting topics.

Marlon Feliciano of Hataw Padyak contacted me for guesting and my co-host had KPop in mind, but no worries, the more the merrier. At least we now know that there are ,any people who are able to wake up early to be able to amke it to a 6 am radio show whose radio station is located in New Manila, Quezon city.

Too bad I was not there because I joined a community outreach cum travel event at Bontoc, Mountain Province for several days going to two hard to reach schools up in the mountains. However, my co-host David D'Angelo did a fine job hosting by himself. Bravo!!!

This Sunday's (June 4) episode will be all about MWF - Can you guess what the acronym means? I jus hope they make it as I think they thought our show is in the evening and not early in the morning. I hope they make it.

Below is our script mutually prepared by me and my co-host. It's fun to read as this guides us on how we should proceed with the show. Totoo yung ma-mental block ka paminsan-minsan or you lose track of time when you are on the console especially when you find the topics interesting. Kulang talaga ang isang oras para sa Wazzup Pilipinas Radio.

Tugade Bares Major Transport Updates During Nationwide Transport Cooperative Congress

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur P. Tugade today bared major transportation updates to leaders and members of nationwide transport cooperatives gathered in this province.

Speaking before transport cooperative delegates and government officials at the 3rd National Congress for the Transport Cooperative Sector, the DOTr Secretary emphasized the infrastructure push of the Duterte administration in order to enhance mobility and connectivity in the country.

Among the updates he revealed is the plan to modernize the Cauayan Airport in Isabela.

“By 2018, your airport—the Cauayan Airport—will be expanded, enhanced, and improved to have night-landing capabilities.”

Secretary Tugade also apprised the members of the transport cooperatives on the status of various rail projects.

“Iyong Bicol Express (Manila to Bicol Railways) ay tatapusin sa termino ng ating Pangulo,” Secretary Tugade said.

On the subway system, Sec. Tugade announced that President Duterte and Japan Prime Minister Abe will sign the agreement in November.

“Yung train from Tutuban-Clark, dati usap-usapan lang yan. Sa termino ni Pangulong Duterte, gagawin ‘yang katotohanan,” he told the transport cooperative delegates.

More Flights to Qatar: PH-Qatar Sign New Air Services Agreement

Wazzup Pilipinas!

An air service agreement increasing the number of flights between Manila and Doha, Qatar has been signed.

Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur P. Tugade announced yesterday that Philippines and Qatar have agreed to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on air services, amending a 2015 agreement, to pave way for more flights. The MOU was signed by DOTr Undersecretary for Aviation Capt. Manuel Antonio Tamayo and Abdullah Al Subaey of Qatar.

The new MOU increased the traffic rights between Manila and Doha, from the current 14 flights per week to 18 flights per week for the designated airlines of each country.

Qatar Airways currently operates 14 flights per week to Manila and seven flights per week to Clark, while Philippine Airlines currently operates four flights between Manila and Doha.

The new MOU will increase the flights of Qatar Airways to Manila by four additional flights. This is considered a landmark agreement because it also includes as a condition for Qatar Airways to have flights from Davao within 1 year from commencement of the four additional flights to Manila.

The target for commencement of operation of the four additional flights to Manila is October 2017, at the beginning of the winter schedule.

The expansion of traffic rights is seen to enhance connectivity, facilitate trade, investment, services, and people to people exchange between the two countries.

More importantly, the inclusion of Davao in the route structure of Qatar Airways will provide the much needed linkage for Davao to the major markets of the world. Qatar is directly connected to 161 international destinations. This connectivity will support Davao's emergence as a major economic and commercial hub of the Philippines.

Microgenesis Business System Awarded Sophos Partner of the Year for ASEAN at 2017 APJ Partner Conference

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Microgenesis Business System has won the award for Sophos Partner of the Year for ASEAN at the 2017 APJ Sophos Discover Partner Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference, held at the Marriott Marquis Queens Park 30 May - 2 June, is designed to celebrate the successes of Sophos partners throughout the APJ and to help them take advantage of the latest business opportunities within the fast-moving IT security marketplace.

Microgenesis Business System won the award for their outstanding performance in the past year and their commitment and dedication to selling Sophos.

Joergen Jakobsen, Regional Vice President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, Sophos said, “It is always a great pleasure to be able to meet our partners face to face at these events as they play a crucial role in our success as a business. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gather feedback, to hear our partners’ validation of our strategy across the endpoint and network and to see it helping to make their businesses a success. I am delighted Microgenesis Business System has won the award for Sophos Partner of the Year for ASEAN. They have had a fantastic year and it’s very well deserved.”

“We are honoured to be named Partner of the Year and believe this award is testament to our commitment to Sophos for the past 15 years. With the support and dedication from Sophos, we have been able to integrate our market insights with Sophos’s expertise and product suite, to deliver our promise of making IT easy for businesses. We are motivated by the constant developments at Sophos which aims to address evolving security concerns of customers, and look forward to working closely together to lend greater value to enterprises in Philippines,” said Jeffrey Choa, Executive Director, Microgenesis Business System.

The APJ conference in Bangkok is the last of Sophos’ three annual partner conferences this year. It saw Sophos CEO Kris Hagerman and the executive leadership team deliver keynote sessions on Sophos strategy, its partner commitments and the broader future of the IT security industry, in front of more than 650 people attending the Sophos sales and partner event. Partners also attended a packed agenda of breakout sessions delivered by key business, product, technical and sales experts.

First Philippine Paralympics Summit to Rally Support for Para Athletes

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Alay PARA Atleta Program launched; preparations underway for ASEAN PARA Games, Asian Para Games and Paralympic Games

The Philippine Paralympic Committee (PPC) and the Philippine Sports Association for the Differently Abled (PHILSPADA) will hold the first Philippine Para Sports Summit that will focus on the Parlympic movement in the country on June 9, 2017 at the Microtel, Technohub in Quezon City.

PPC, the National Paralympic Committee of the Philippines and PHILSPADA are the organizations spearheading the activities and operational requirements of elite athletes with a disability (orthopedic disability, cerebral palsy, visual impairment and mental disabilities).

With the theme “Transcending Barriers Through Sports”, the one-day gathering of sports officials, athletes, coaches and trainers, sports doctors, marketing experts and policy makers who are the key players in the industry will look into the state of Paralympic Sports in the Philippines to identify local and international goals to enable Filipino para athletes to achieve sporting excellence to excite and inspire the world.

Another goal of the convention is to find ways to develop para sports as a tool for changing the lives of Filipinos with disabilities while contributing to the development of an inclusive society. One hundred participants are expected to attend from various sports organizations including national sports associations, non-government organizations, private corporations and the government sector.

The past decade saw the rise of Filipino Para athletes in the global arena such as Josephine Medina, the para table tennis player who gave the country its second Paralympics Bronze medal in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, sixteen years after powerlifter, Adeline Dumapong-Ancheta, got the first ever Bronze medal in the Sydney Paralympic Games in year 2000 and Ernie Gawilan, the legless swimming sensation discovered from Davao City, who is a consistent Gold medalist in the ASEAN Para Games ever since becoming a member of the national team. There has also been an increase in number of para athletes and their participation in local, regional and international competitions. Support and recognition from government and private partners, have also improved over the years.

The summit hopes to provide PPC-PHILSPADA with additional muscle and momentum as it strengthens itself to capably enact its comprehensive Mid-Term National Para Sports Development Program. The program will open up more opportunities for para-athletes from grassroots to the elite level of competitions.

With sights set on the 9th ASEAN Para Games in Malaysia this September 2017, the Asian Para Games in Indonesia in 2018, the 10th ASEAN Para Games in Manila and the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020, the para sports summit envisions key partnerships with government and private sector to further inspire and equip para-athletes who are only too eager to compete and do their part for the country’s glory.

Key speakers in the summit are: Chairman William I. Ramirez of the Philippine Sports Commission; Mr. Peping Cojuangco, President of the Philippine Olympic Committee; Michael Barredo, President of PPC-PHILSPADA; noted sports medicine expert Dr. Raul Canlas; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation expert, Dr. Raul Cembrano; Sec. General and former Olympic swimmer Gerardo “Ral” Rosario; para-coaches Joel Deriada of Athletics and Vernon Perea of Wheelchair Basketball; as well as para-athletes Gawilan, Medina and Dumapong-Ancheta.

An interesting sidelight of the event will be a Wheelchair Dance Sport exhibition while the high point of the summit will be the launch of the “Alay Para Atleta” program, a nationwide campaign that will enable the general public to participate in the Paralympic Movement via a P50 annual contribution through mobile phone access.

World Class Philippines Awards: Recognizing Top Filipino Brands and Achievers for 2017

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Awards and recognition keeps us well motivated because of the thought that we are doing something right and it should then be sustained so we could accomplish greater achievements. It is also equally flattering to be sit down and converse with fellow awardees who are mostly like-minded individuals who aim for the best for themselves and their companies.

Thus, even though I failed to personally be there because of a community outreach program cum travel event that I joined all the way at Bontoc, Mountain Province, I would like to extend my special thanks to the World Class Philippines council for another recognition given to Wazzup Pilipinas. We are indeed honored to be among the awardees amidst several entrepreneurs and companies that all excel and provide world-class products and services.

With so many events that day, I couldn't get a correspondent to attend and cover the awarding that night of May 27 at the Ascott Hotel in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig city. But I thought it was the best opportunity to send my mother and brother instead so they could somehow see what I have accomplished so far. I know they are proud of me for winning the award I got for my Wazzup Pilipinas community blog which excels in the field of Multimedia Promotions and Opinion Blogging.

As proud as the other awardees in the awards night venue, my brother received the award in my behalf while my mother looks on. During that time I believe I was at barangay Mainit in Bontoc, Mountain Province still recuperating from my sore body after climbing Mount. Kopapei barangay Maligcong. But we were enjoying an equally sumptuous dinner prepared by our host house for the night coordinated with Virgie Lakey Chagyowen Kilito, the daughter of the house owner who was also one of our models together with his husband and granddaughter during a photo-shoot wearing some traditional clothes of the Igorots.

A Hero Among Us at Bontoc, Mountain Province

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Before we continue posting our Bontoc, Mountain Province exploration photo and vlog series, we would like to give special mention to Wesley, our road trip driver, who took extra effort to keep us safe (and satiated) on our way back home. He even made sure we got on the bus after we got left behind due to a misunderstanding on the departure time. On our jeepney, we literally chased the bus that left an hour ago.

The several days of rain caused many landslides along the road including that road travel was delayed due to an accident involving a van that got covered under one of the landslides. I just hope the victims survived after the rescue that took a long time to finish.

Our bus, along with many other vehicles, was stranded along the road due to the landslides.We waited for several hours in the bus hoping everything gets cleared up. The long hours of waiting got us worried because we did not have that much water and food with us. We were also afraid that the continuous rain may create more landslides that may put us in danger. Our bus driver even tried to stay away from the landslide prone area. The fact that it was night time and raining non-stop aggravated the situation.

However, we were surprised that Wesley came back for us at our bus, and offered to take us to a nearby resort where food and shelter awaits. We even invited others in the bus to join us so they could at least eat and freshen up.

What Wesley did was very admirable. Not too many people will brave through the unlit roads and cold and rainy weather just to come back for us.

Our travel cum community outreach with Meaningful Travels PH led by Ann Marie "Naknak" Cunanan could very well be the "travel-with-a-purpose" opportunity that many of us should be looking for. From the name itself, Meaningful Travels PH could definitely make your travels more meaningful and bring out the hero in you.

The least we suspected to rise above the heroes in our midst is our driver who stood out as a hero in our eyes. We never really thought he would exert that extra effort. I guess seeing how we also took effort in distributing the school supplies at far-flung areas of Bontoc, Mountain Province, the goodness in his heart came out and decided to do good himself....or he is truly good from the very start.

We salute Wesley for his heroism.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Resorts World Manila Tragedy Leaves Several Dead and Injured

Wazzup Pilipinas!
"This is a sad day for Resorts World Manila. At approximately 12 midnight on June 2, 2017, a lone gunman barged into Resorts World Manila firing shots and setting gaming tables on fire. The Company’s security, together with police authorities, launched a hot pursuit and at around 7 a.m. this morning, the gunman was found dead. He had taken his own life by setting himself on fire followed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound."
Apparently, the death of 35 people (38 reported as of this moment) at Resorts World Manila was because of panic and confusion, and not from the hands of the still unknown man believed to be a foreigner who is one of the casino's frequent customer (based from eyewitness accounts).

Several statements reveal that some people jump from three levels high, while other suffocated from the smoke after some casino tables were set ablaze.

There seems to be a lack of dependable security at this casino. Security should have been trained enough to prevent the entry of the lone gunman in the first place. ...and should have been able to secure the place and escort the customers to safety, even before the perpetrator got to do so much damage or caused fear among the customers.

I am appalled by this incident especially when you learn that many died for what it seems like a senseless crime....or are there more stories behind this that are yet to unfold?

I've been to the place countless times and I could say I am lucky I was not there when the incident happened, but my prayers goes to the victims who will forever be unable to tell their side of the story.

The foreign looking gunman had a baby armalite. He set fire some gambling tables and took a backpack full of gambling chips with him. However, it was reported that he burned himself inside one of the rooms, and not killed by police contrary to Bato's claim he was killed by cops.

The Southern Police District says the suspect was charred to death by his own hands when It is with deep sadness that in addition to the 54 injured, there are 38 reported casualties from this tragic incident. Majority were from customers, while the rest are employees of the casino. The husband of actress Azenith Briones was one of the 38 people found dead.

Resorts World Manila chief operating officer Stephen Reilly gave a statement after a reported gunfire.

As of 3:00 pm., June 2, 2017

It is with deep regrets that we confirm that there were 35 casualties in this tragic incident, of which 13 are employees and 22 are guests. The identities of two employees and four guests are still being validated as of this time.

We are doing our very best to inform the families of the victims. We are extending all forms of assistance to the affected next of kin. We are one in mourning with the families of those affected by this tragedy.

This is also a very difficult time for all of us here in Resorts World Manila. We consider our guests, patrons and our employees as our family.

My colleague, Gina Alvarez, will read the names of the confirmed fatalities:

1 Hazel Yangco Veronica
2 Jellah Ramos
3 Melvin Herrera
4 Arvi Gavino
5 BJ Pagsibigan
6 Rojie S Uy Veronica
7 Jessica Alindogan
8 Merylle Gwen Ala
9 Lea Grace Mozo
10 Loudette Santos
11 Kay Nuguerra
And 2 are still being identified

1 Caccam Katherine Cervantes
2 P Ling Hung Lee
3 Pacita Guillermo Comquilla
4 Pomenciano Vargas Jr.
5 Susan Abulencia
6 Lai Wei Chung
7 Jaime Gaboy Jr.
8 Ariel Abrogar Veronica
9 Lai Yu Cheeh Veronica
10 Cliff Reyneira
11 Rolando Pena Sison Rizal
12 Eluterio Reyes
13 Antonina Yuzon Allanigue
14 Sheila Malicse
15 Carmelita Taylo Delacruz Rizal
16 Mielle Oliveros
17 Pamela Silvestre
18 Elizabeth Gonzales Veronica
And 4 are still being identified

Testimonies of responding members of Resorts World Manila’s security team confirm that they were able to shoot and wound the gunman that attacked Resorts World Manila in the early hours of June 02, 2017. Severe blood loss from the gunshot wound significantly slowed the assailant down and resulted to his holing up in a room where he took his own life.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our security team, particularly Mr. Bernard Cajigas, who also sustained a gunshot wound, and Mr. Petronio Kinol, Jr. We also commend the Philippine National Police and the Bureau of Fire Protection for their courage and efforts to contain the incident.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to refute claims circulating online that there were two assailants involved in the incident. We reiterate that there was only one gunman involved in this senseless attack.
On behalf of the victims’ families and loved ones, we request everyone to refrain from spreading hurtful speculation and false information.
"Offering our prayers and deepest sympathies to the families of the victims of the Resorts World Manila attack. May our Lord bless them and provide them with strength and comfort in this time of grief. Let us remain calm, stay informed, and always be mindful of our safety and those of our loved ones. God bless our people and nation." - Pia Cayetano

8 Ways You Can Write Conclusion For Your Essay

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What is a conclusion? Except for restating a thesis and summarizing the vital points of your writing, a conclusion is intended to make a good final impression that will stay with your reader after they have finished reading your essay. Moreover, a well-written conclusion is your last chance to underline the importance of your writing and to close the discussion with a definitive statement. No wonder, this part of the essay is a significant one and, therefore, should be approached with the utmost seriousness. However, to write a strong conclusion is not that easy, at least until you learn several simple ways to do it right. Here they are:

1. “So what” strategy
A really good conclusion has to provide the reader with the clear answer to the “So what” question. Just like any other academic paper, your essay should be meaningful, and your writing should make sense, so ensure your last paragraph does provide the answer to this question.

2. Restated thesis
Almost any essay needs a restated thesis to be included in the first sentence of the concluding part. However, it does not mean that you should copy your statement from the introductory paragraph. Instead, you need to reintroduce it using a different language.

3. Sense of completeness
A well-written conclusion should tie all your ideas and points together and present them in a cohesive manner. In other words, make sure the last paragraph of your essay conveys a sense of completeness and wholeness.

4. Transition to another topic
One of the great ways to conclude an essay is to provide a smooth transition to another topic, no less important than the discussed one. Such an approach will emphasize the importance of your work and will leave your reader thinking in a new direction.

5. A call to action
What do you want your readers to do after they have finished your essay? Provide a solution to the discussed problem or call to action. Show your readers how they can use the information from your essay and what they should do with it.

6. Power of conciseness
The concluding paragraph should consist of only 5-6 sentences or even less, so don’t include any new ideas and irrelevant or unnecessary information in it. Keep it short and concise.

7. Personal commentary
Some essays, especially those with a certain personal connection, can be concluded with the author’s commentary. Therefore, if your assignment requirements allow you to apply such an approach, end your essay with a relevant anecdote from your life, your personal position, convictions, etc.

8. Apology
Don’t apology for your thoughts and ideas. Even if you think that your conclusion is not something that other people will like or understand, you need to resist the urge to apologize. After all, it’s your point of view, and it has the right to exist.

No matter what method of writing conclusions you choose, make sure it is relevant to your type of essay. If you have any doubts, you can always ask to show you the right direction. Hope, this will help you get the better grade!

Pinoy Musical Caredivas Launches Photo Contest to Our OFW Heroes

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) in partnership with Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) shall present the special run of CAREDIVAS – AN ORIGINAL PINOY MUSICAL to pay tribute to all overseas Filipino workers as the present-day heroes of our country with performances beginning June 24 until July 30, 2017 at The PETA Theater Center.

CAREDIVAS is a disarmingly funny and candid musical drama about five transgender Overseas Filipino Workers in Israel who work as care givers in the morning and transform into glamorous drag queen performers at night. While desperate to make ends meet, they also struggle to search for acceptance in a foreign land.

CAREDIVAS was produced and premiered in 2011. The musical dominated the 2011 Philstage Gawad Buhay! Awards, bagging seven trophies including Outstanding Musical Direction, Outstanding Musical Production and Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Musical.

To encourage our OFW heroes to get the chance to watch CAREDIVAS, PETA has launched “ANONG KWENTONG OFW MO? PHOTO CONTEST.” Open to all OFWs and their families and friends, the mechanics are as follows:

1. Go to PETA Facebook page and ‘Like’

2. Post your personal OFW photo and story. Tag the PETA page by using the hashtags: #KwentongOFW #CareDivas

3. Make sure that the post is made ‘PUBLIC’.

4. The top five (5) entries with the most number of likes will win five (5) complimentary tickets to watch CAREDIVAS Pinoy musical plus special gift packs!

5. Winners will be announced on PETA’s Facebook page on June 24.

Renaissance Art Gallery Celebrates “XIV” Years With Group Show on June 8 - 20

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Renaissance Art Gallery, a leading purveyor of non-representational art in the country, celebrates its fourteenth anniversary with a show titled “XIV.” Founded in 2003 by Noli and Agnes Romero, the gallery has spearheaded the discovery and support of young abstractionists, giving them the opportunity of being launched in their own first solo exhibition. On occasion, however, Renaissance Art Gallery has also exhibited classic and conservative contemporary masterworks.

Curated by noted art critic, writer and visual artist Cid Reyes, the participating artists in “XIV” are: Allain Hablo, Sio Montera, Josef Laureano, Pao de Guzaman, Arley Carig, Jay Ragma, Art Bermido, Aner Sebastian, Resty Tica, Rick Hernandez, and Sam Penaso.

A man of many talents, Allain Hablo is, first and foremost, a thinking artist. Sio Montera’s works are distinguished by an ambitiousness of scale and a mania for surprising materials. In a transitional stage, Josef Laureano’s works are more audacious in the gestural character of Abstract Expressionism. Emerging abstractionist Pao de Guzman comes from a studied representational idiom. Arley Carig advances into the evanescent depths of space. Jay Ragma generates visual excitement with throbbing retinal sensations. Art Bermido manipulates space with neither beginning nor end. Aner Sebastian transports the viewer into a once remembered, favorite spot of nature. Resty Tica pursues an abstraction of subtlety and tranquility. Rick Hernandez is an acolyte of geometry, unbuirdened by objects and ornaments. Award-winner Sam Penaso explores the three-dimensional field with his so-called “scraptures.”

The show runs from June 8-20, 2017. Reception cocktails will be held on June 14.

Renaissance Art Gallery is at the 4/L, The Artwalk, Bldg. A, SM Megamall, EDSA corner Julia Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City. For inquiries, call mobile: 0917-7625692. Email:

DOTr and LRTA Breaks Ground for LRT2 East Extension Project- Package 2

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Travel time from Recto to Masinag will soon be reduced to 40 minutes compared to the usual travel of up to 3 hours in the same route by bus or jeepneys.

On May 30, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) headed by Secretary Arthur P. Tugade and Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) Administrator Gen. Reynaldo I. Berroya led the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Masinag and Emerald stations of the LRT-2 East Extension Project. The ceremony was held at the center island of the proposed Masinag station at Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo City, infront of SM Masinag.

“It will be a timely addition to have both new stations in the LRT Line 2 as we acknowledge the need for greater accessibility of passengers coming from the eastern side of Metro Manila, extending to key areas of Antipolo and its nearby cities,” DOTr Secretary Arthur P. Tugade stressed.

“This increased capacity of 80,000 daily ridership of the rail line will not only provide a means to decongest our roads, but more importantly offer better riding options to our daily commuters. As we improve the public’s general mobility, we also unburden them from traffic worries,” Sec. Tugade added.

The additional two stations are designed to accommodate an additional 80,000 passengers daily during its first 5 years of operation, which will add to the current LRT 2 average daily ridership of 240,000.

Representatives from the provincial government of Rizal and cities of Antipolo, Pasig and Marikina also attended the event.

According to LRTA Administrator Berroya, the LRT2 East Extension Project is a proof that the government takes solving traffic woes seriously.

“The completion of the LRT Line 2 East Extension Project is part of the fulfillment of the government’s promise to ease traffic congestion by extending the service of the LRT Line 2 System to the eastern part of Metro Manila,” he said.

The LRT-2 East Extension Project involves the construction of a 4.0 kilometer extension of the existing LRT-2 System from Santolan, Pasig City to Masinag in Antipolo. Rizal. Two (2) additional stations will be built namely the Emerald station which will be located infront of Robinsons Metro East and Sta. Lucia in Cainta, Rizal and Masinag station which will be located before the Masinag Junction in Antipolo City.

The D.M Consunji Inc (DMCI) bagged the contract for the 2 stations which is set to start construction works on 6 June 2017 and targets completion in August 2018.

Secretary Tugade also asked for the public’s understanding as the construction phase of the project would affect the traffic flow in the area. A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) was released by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) detailing the list of alternative routes motorists may use to avoid the construction site. This can be found on the official social media accounts of DOTr, LRTA and its other partner agencies.

The LRT- 2 East Extension Project is set to be operational in the first quarter of 2019.

Oceana Partners with Stakeholders to Champion Benham Rise

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Together with its allies in the government and private sector, Oceana Philippines is urgently pushing for the legal protection of Benham Rise (renamed recently as Philippine Rise) as a marine protected area including the declaration of Benham Bank, the shallowest portion of Benham Rise, as a no-take zone, where human activity is not allowed.

In a policy dialogue called “Bayanihan Para sa Benham” hosted by Oceana and graced by representatives from various government agencies and other stakeholders, Director Mundita Lim of the Biodiversity Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources shared that Benham Rise was designated as an Ecologically and Biologically Significant Marine Area (EBSA) by 196 countries during the 13th Meeting of the Convention of Parties (COP) to the Convention of Biological Diversity in Mexico in December 2016.

EBSAs are said to be “geographically or oceanographically discrete areas that provide important services to one or more species or populations of an ecosystem or to the ecosystem as a whole, compared to other surrounding areas or areas of similar ecological characteristics, or otherwise meet the following scientific criteria: Uniqueness or rarity, Special importance for life history stages of species, Importance for threatened, endangered or declining species and / or habitats, Vulnerability, fragility, sensitivity or slow recovery, Biological productivity, Biological diversity and Naturalness.” Benham Rise scored high in four of the seven criteria, a global recognition of its importance, and of being pristine and unique.

The COP Decision described Benham Rise as “relatively pristine … of critical ecological importance, including for offshore mesophotic coral reef biodiversity and for the sustainability of fisheries.” It added that “aside from being an important source of biodiversity and contributing to the resiliency of threatened ecosystems,” Benham Rise was also cited as “forming part of the only known spawning area of the Pacific blue fin tuna, Thunnus orientalis.” Other world famous EBSAs include the famed Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and the Rajah Ampat Park in Indonesia.

“We need to conduct more research on Benham Rise to know exactly what there is to protect,” explained BMB Director Mundita Lim.

Tugade Leads Groundbreaking of LRT East Extension Project

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“Life must go on”.

This was how Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur P. Tugade described the administration’s eagerness to pursue projects and initiatives that could move the economic development of the country, despite the ongoing situation in Marawi City.

In a speech during the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Masinag and Emerald stations of the LRT-2 East Extension Project on Tuesday morning, Secretary Tugade took the said rail line extension project as an example of how the government is taking its infrastructure commitments seriously, while also equally attending to other significant state concerns.

“Kahit may sigalot sa Marawi, life must go on. This should not deter us from pushing for our economy to grow and prosper,” Secretary Tugade stressed.

A little inconvenience in construction

Secretary Tugade also appealed for patience and understanding from the commuting public while the two new stations are being constructed. He mentioned that the construction may cause traffic congestion in the affected areas.

“This will cause a bit of inconvenience. The construction will cause a bit of traffic but we should get this done. Panandaliang hirap pero ang kapalit ay pangmatagalang ginhawa,” he quipped.

The LRT-2 East Extension Project involves the construction of a 4.0 kilometer extension of the existing LRT-2 System from Santolan, Pasig City to Masinag in Antipolo. Rizal. Two (2) additional stations will be built: (a) the Emerald station, which will be located in front of Robinsons Metro East and Sta. Lucia in Cainta, Rizal; and (b) the Masinag station, which will be located before the Masinag Junction in Antipolo City. These stations are expected to accommodate 80,000 passengers/day.

Once completed, the extended line is expected to significantly cut the commuting time from Masinag in Antipolo to Claro M. Recto in the city of Manila by 30 to 40 minutes from an average of 3 hours of driving on the road.

The construction of stations is set to be finished in August 2018.

Noble project

Rizal Governor Rebecca Ynares describes the new additional stations in the LRT Line 2 as a “noble project” as she expressed her gratitude to the administration for making this long-desired plan of their province possible.

“In behalf of the people of the province of Rizal, I would like to thank the administration of President Duterte for bringing this noble project in the province of Rizal. For quite a long time, traffic has always been a problem of our province. Kaya sobrang-sobra ang aming kagalakan at pasasalamat… na magkaroon ng katuparan ang matagal na naming hinahangad sa lalawigan ng Rizal,” Governor Ynares said.

Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark A. Villar, on the other hand, lauded his “partner” Secretary Tugade and the DOTr for the successive constructions that the department is doing.

“Bilib na bilib po ako kay Sec Art dahil sunod-sunod po ang kanyang mga openings. Eto at kakatapos lang po ng opening dun po sa LRT 1. Ramdam na ramdam po ang presence ng DOTr,” Secretary Villar said.

Aside from Secretaries Tugade and Villar, and Governor Ynares, the groundbreaking ceremony was also attended by Light Railway Transit Authority (LRTA) Administrator Gen. Reynaldo I. Berroya (Ret.), Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Gen. Danilo D. Lim (Ret.), Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) President Rogelio L. Singson, Antipolo City Administrator Mr. Robert Nacianceno, Senior Vice President of DM Consunji inc. (DMCI) Mr. David Villaviray, officers of DMCI, and representatives from the cities of Marikina, Antipolo, Cainta and Pasig.

Robinsons Supermarket Automates Inventory and Replenishment with JDA

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Large supermarket chain in the Philippines addresses highly segmented customer base, increase productivity of its stores and improved efficiency with its processes

Supermarket retailing is a highly dynamic industry. Hundreds of products are introduced and delisted week to week. To remain relevant to its customers, Robinsons Supermarket needs to ensure it offers the right products, at the right place, at the right time, and at the right price, and turned to JDA Software Group, Inc. Robinsons Supermarket – a JDA customer for almost two decades – recently upgraded its JDA Merchandise Management System and JDA Space Planning footprint to improve and streamline its database management capabilities and automate its relevant operational processes.  

Robinsons Supermarket is a subsidiary of Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. (RRHI), the second largest multi-channel retailer in the Philippines with $2.1 billion in net sales in 2016. Founded in 1980, RRHI operates six business segments, with nearly 1,600 stores and an additional 1,912 franchised stores of The Generics Pharmacy as of December 2016.

According to Robina Gokongwei-Pe, President and Chief Operating Officer at Robinsons Supermarket, “As the supermarket is a non-discretionary format that serves the daily needs of our customers, we have to ensure that the products that meet these needs are always available on-shelf. An efficient and equipped supply chain process powered by JDA has enabled us and our vendors to address the persistent challenge of on-shelf stock availability.”

Targeted expansion to different regions in the Philippines coupled with strong organic growth, has ushered in an increase in the volume of transactions, vendors, SKUs, and database records. As Robinsons ventured into three more sub-formats under the tradenames of Robinsons Easymart (minimart), Robinsons Selections (premium supermarket), and Jaynith’s (discount supermarket), it required a scalable ecosystem of solutions that could proactively handle the ever-changing and increasing demands of the business. More than ever, Robinsons needed to view its stores, customers, and SKUs through different lenses to create more customized and engaging programs for shoppers. This upgrade enables Robinsons Supermarket to address the changing needs in price, promotions management, analytics, database management, backend processing and record management.

Robinsons operates an integrated ecosystem of solutions from stores to a central office where JDA Merchandise Management System serves as its core transactional and operational system handing PO management, price and cost, transfer, and database management, rebate and adjustments as well as warehouse management. Its point-of-sale (POS) solution sends data to JDA Merchandise Management System, where a customized auto-replenishment system generates suggested orders that are pushed to vendors via a supplier portal. Deliveries to the distribution center (DC) and stores are also handled in JDA Merchandise Management System. JDA Space Planning is used to create generic planograms which are incorporated with display guidelines to help stores execute the proper and equitable display of the items on-shelf.

Robinsons can now create purchase orders with larger amounts and quantities to cater to growing consumer requirements, attach unlimited attributes to SKUs and stores to help provide a deeper analysis of data, and assign longer reference series to transactions to avoid constant purging of records. It also provided improved backend processing of data and transaction management capabilities, allowing Robinsons to focus on its customers. Planogram visualizations created from JDA Space Planning made display guidelines easier to understand and follow, and has improved the compliance with plans and strategies in stores.

“At Robinsons Supermarket, we consider JDA as one of our core solutions,” said Anthony Paul Pasia, Information Systems Delivery Manager. “By tapping into the JDA’s transactional and database management capabilities, we streamlined our processes, increased our productivity, enhanced our understanding of our customers, and completed our operational tasks and activities more efficiently. Simply put, JDA helped us achieve our mission of putting our customers at the heart and center of our business.”

Moving forward in 2017, Robinsons plans to improve and upgrade its category management capabilities by implementing JDA Assortment Planning, JDA Floor Planning, and JDA Space Planning Automation solutions.

“With this solution, Robinsons can address its highly segmented customer base, each with different demands,” said Vishal Dhawan, Vice President, Sales, ASEAN & India, JDA. “We are pleased to work with a customer such as Robinsons for so many years and see their evolution take place in line with market shifts, helping them keep pace with consumer needs and allow them to focus on its core business.”  
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