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The History of Kali: Filipino Stick Fighting

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Filipino Kali is a form of martial arts which uses sticks or batons to help the participants outwit each other before bare hand-to-hand combat occurs.

Filipino stick fighting’s history goes way back to the 15th century and the Spanish invasion of the Philippines. It’s likely that, initially, Kali was a blend of martial arts and traditional fighting techniques such as fencing and sword fighting, which were brought to the Philippines via Europe, Malaysia, China, and India.

Although some Filipinos dispute that FMA is a blend of disciplines, it's likely true that centuries of immigration, invasions, and occupation have likely left their mark.

Where Did the Name Kali Come From?

The name Kali is used to describe stick fighting. This combat sport or martial art derives from the Spanish word ‘Calis,’ meaning sword or knife, and refers to the Spanish style of sword fighting or fencing. As time passed, people dropped the S and the C replaced it with K, interlinking changing times with mythology.

What’s in a name, you might ask? Kali is a Hindu goddess. The all-powerful Kali rules over creation, time, destruction, and power. The name became associated with the sport as travelers, and European traders passed through Malaysia to the Philippines.

Many Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) forms are related to Kali but with different names. Kali is known as Arnis, Eskrima, or Escrima. The principles of Kali are the same, but there are regional differences, including the use of swords and knives instead of sticks or batons.

It’s suggested that similar Pangasinensium words such as Kalirongan, Pagkalikali, and Kaliradman (Pangasinense is one of the eight dialects of Tagalog, the first language of the Philippines) are also persuasive indicators for the use of the term as they mean within the ‘Wisdom of Kali.’

So some experts say that Kali was the obvious choice, but this is no more than an educated guess. However, no matter the derivative of the word, there’s no getting away from the fact Kali is a competitive and dangerous combat sport that is almost a religion in itself.

Kali is a Unisex Martial Art

Kali is taught and practiced by both men and women. The Philippines has a long and proud history of women fighting in tribal wars and combat, so it’s not unusual for female trainers to teach at all levels.

Women who practice FMA have a following all of their own. In Japan, there’s an entire Anime fan club dedicated to strong female FMA fighters. At the same time, these characters are fictional. We understand why Kali and FMA have been elevated to comic book status.

In the wider world, FMA is being taught to women and girls as a form of self-defense as the routines require small, decisive movements that concentrate on the angles of attack rather than specific attacks or the use of strength to overcome an attacker.

Kali Characteristics

To be a Kali practitioner, you must be able to transition from style to style effortlessly. The fluidity of movement must always be present no matter what the fighter is doing. There are many different styles of Kali in use today, combining elements of grappling, fighting with weapons, striking, and throwing. Aggressive techniques like throwdowns and biting are encouraged.

Teaching methods reinforce the belief that hand-to-hand combat and fighting with weapons are the same things. Your arm, hand, and elbow are all weapons, so the movement is taught simultaneously.

Particular weapon combinations are used depending on where you are and who is teaching. Expect to see single stick combat called Solo Baston and Double Baston (double length stick), then Espada, a sword-stick, and a dagger.

Ultimately FMA practitioners are famous for their super fast but fluid feet and body movements. These characteristics set Kali advocates apart from regular martial artists.

You want to inflict as much physical harm as possible on your opponent, either with weapons or without them.

Kali is a dangerous discipline that often causes fatal damage. Therefore those who compete take their sport very seriously, and spectators are expected to do the same.

Sub-Styles of FMA/Kali

● Balintawak Eskrima - on stick technique focusing on fluidity

● Doce Pares Eskrima - also single stick but with sword or dagger

● Garimot Arnis - the combination of ten different techniques

● San Miguel Eskrima - blade-based martial art, no use of sticks

As with most martial arts, mainly mixed martial arts, the fighter can decide which technique to use, and often a combination of training techniques produces the final style. While the basic formula may be the same, Kali differs from fighter to fighter and region to region.

Famous Kali Fighters

Angel Cabales - In the US, Cabales is primarily regarded as the father of Eskrima or Kali. Born in 1917 in Manila, he moved to America in 1939. Once in the US, Cabales opened a Filipino and non-Filipino martial art school in California and developed his version of Kali called Serrada Escrima.

Cabales died in 1991, leaving behind a legacy that advocates of Kali and the Serrada Escrima system credited for keeping FMA alive and kicking.

Leo Gaje - Gaje is the sole heir and founding practitioner of the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System in Pekiti, Tanzania. Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is purely for combat and is not a sport at any level.

An emphasis is placed on using edged, impact, and improvised weapons in this combat style. Combative training units throughout the world have chosen Pekiti-Tirsia Kali as their primary confrontational training method. As a self-defense strategy, it is said to be highly deadly and effective.

Gaj is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the Karate Hall of Fame. He is the only non-Karate member.

Dan Arca Inosanto - Inosanto is arguably the most famous Kali instructor, having studied Jeet Kune Do under Bruce Lee. Inosanto was the only person Lee instructed, and because of this, Inosanto is a force to be reckoned with.

He’s proficient in a variety of other martial arts, primarily FMA. He has been instrumental in preserving some of the Filipino styles. Now aged 85 Inosanto, this ex-paratrooper has no intention of taking it easy.

Founder of the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts in California, the legend of Bruce and Brandon Lee lives on.

PNR Malolos to Clark segment to generate 7,000 jobs

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Art Tugade reiterated that job opportunities are available for Filipinos as the construction of various infrastructure projects are underway, such as the massive North-South Commuter Railway’s (NSCR) Malolos-Clark segment, which opened a total of 7,000 direct jobs.
During the inspection of the PNR Clark Phase 2 (Malolos-Clark Segment) project today, 18 September 2021, Sec. Tugade highlighted the employment benefits of the railway project which will give priority to local hiring.

“I have been stressing this and I want to make sure that under the Build, Build, Build, we shall prioritize the employment of former Overseas Filipino Workers and transport workers to guarantee the inclusivity of this project,” Secretary Tugade said in his message, which was delivered by DOTr Undersecretary for Finance Giovanni Lopez.

The PNR Clark Phase 2 forms part of the massive 147-km NSCR line, which will have 35 stations, and shall operate 464 train cars, with 58 8-car train sets configuration.

To note, apart from the 7,000 direct jobs that opened during the construction phase of the PNR Clark Phase 2, around 3,000 more job opportunities will be generated once the project becomes operational. Moreover, for the whole NSCR line, over 25,000 direct job opportunities will be generated during its construction, while 10,000 jobs are expected to provide employment to the people.

For a mega infrastructure project such as the NSCR, the Japanese government as well as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Asian Development Bank (ADB), which will co-finance the project, commended the DOTr for ensuring that construction works continue despite present challenges and global crisis.

In his message, Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Koshikawa Kazuhiko stressed the important benefits of the NSCR to Filipinos, including the improvement of connectivity surrounding Metro Manila, and the convenience it will provide to commuters.

"On top of these, the benefit of this project will extend as far as creating many job opportunities. A total of allowance 10,000 new jobs are expected during its construction and once operations begin," Ambassador Kazuhiko said.

As of July 2021, PNR Clark Phase 2 recorded an overall progress rate of 32%, while PNR Clark Phase 1 (Tutuban to Malolos segment), is now 48% complete.

The PNR Clark project features the country’s first-ever airport railway express service, which will surely unlock economic growth and employment potentials of Central Luzon, especially Bulacan and Pampanga.

"This project is going to be incredibly important to the economic recovery and particularly in this region. So, you can imagine you got a lot of employment that's being created, a lot of supply contracts - so this is the direct effects. And then there's the indirect effects - the second round of effects - the creating of new income opportunities for the region," ADB Country Director Kelly Bird meanwhile said.

“This project is also one of the prime examples of JICA-ADB partnership for financing quality infrastructure. We are amazed by the fast and continuous progress of the project amidst the pandemic,” JICA Chief Representative Eigo Azukizawa expressed.

Meanwhile, proving that job opportunities are at hand, two (2) returning overseas workers gave their testimonies and encouraged others to take advantage of the employment opportunities under the government’s Build, Build, Build program.

“I am an OFW for around of 18 years already, and when I heard about this PNR project, which my parent company is one of the contractors— the Hyundai Engineering— I was amazed and very much interested to come back to the Philippines for this one,” said Melvin Avellana, a former OFW in Singapore.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of this company (Acciona-EEI JV), which develops and manages infrastructure solutions in one of the most important projects in my home country. I told my family and friends back in Dubai not to be afraid to come back because there are opportunities, and I am happy to be back home,” Reynalyn Garcia shared who was an OFW for 15 years in the United Arab of Emirates.

Progress of the North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR) Project under the Build, Build, Build Infrastructure Program.

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

As construction works for the Philippine National Railways (PNR) Clark Phase 2 Project begin, Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Koshikawa Kazuhiko, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Chief Representative Eigo Azukizawa and Asian Development Bank Country Director Kelly Bird lauded Transportation Secretary Art Tugade for the visible and rapid progress of the North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR) Project under the Build, Build, Build Infrastructure Program. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, transportation projects improving the lives of Filipinos are being launched with Secretary Tugade leading the way, Ambassador Kazuhiko said.

“Despite the challenging pandemic situation, important milestones in our transport project have been launched one after another. This is due in large part of the strong leadership of Secretary Tugade—for which we are truly grateful,” the Japanese Ambassador explained during the site inspection of the PNR Clark Phase 2 Project at the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga.

Kazuhiko said the PNR Clark Phase 2 Project is a “symbol of the Japanese and Filipino collaboration.”

With the NSCR Project in full swing, Ambassador Kazuhiko said the Japanese government will continue to promote transfer of technology, maintenance knowledge, and promotion Filipino human capital for the railway operations of the NSCR.

“Time and again, we commit our continuous support to President Duterte’s Build, Build, Build Program. Japan will further commit cooperation such as the procurement of rolling stocks and development of railroad system through JICA-ODA support,” he said.

ADB Country Director Bird likewise expressed his gratitude to Secretary Tugade for bringing the NSCR Project into fruition while committing the financial institution’s continued support for other government big-ticket projects.

“I would like to thank Secretary Tugade for his amazing leadership in bringing this project to where it is today. I would also like to reiterate that the Asian Development Bank will always remain committed to the Philippines as our host country and we will continue to support the Philippines not only to overcome the current challenges with COVID-19 but also on its journey to becoming an upper-middle income country very soon,” Bird said.

“And here today, we are seeing for ourselves the commencement of civil works [for PNR Clark Phase 2]. It’s been a fantastic journey for ADB, with the Department of Transportation and the government of Japan in bringing this amazing project to commencement,” he added.

JICA Chief Representative Azukizawa echoed the Ambassador’s sentiments, explaining that the NSCR’s progress is “impressive” even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is indeed an impressive achievement for the Department of Transportation and Philippine National Railways. This is the product of our concerted efforts, strong collaboration and leadership under Secretary Tugade, which we remarkably achieved amidst the raging spread of COVID-19,” the JICA official said.

“We are amazed by the fast and continued progress of the project amid the pandemic,” Azukizawa added.

The second leg of the NSCR Project, the 53-kilometer PNR Clark Phase 2, will connect cities and municipalities in Central Luzon with Metro Manila, and will link the railway system with the country’s first ever Airport Express Service to the Clark International Airport.

Once operational, the PNR Clark Phase 2 will reduce travel time between Makati City and Clark International Airport in less than two hours through the Airport Express Service.

The NSCR Project is the single largest financing project of the ADB not only in the Philippines, but also across its member states, and at the same time the longest greenfield commuter railway project of JICA.

PLDT, Meralco hypercollaborate to power up Hyperscaler initiative of the country

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The PLDT and Meralco Group are strengthening its collaboration to further uplift the country’s digital and power infrastructure, as the Philippines gets into the radar of global hyperscalers as the next prospective destination in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific region.

Jovy I. Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise and International Business Groups, said that hyper-collaboration among industry enablers such as PLDT and Meralco is vital, to ensure that the elevated standards sought by these hyperscalers are met and complied with, and this has been evident between the PLDT and Meralco Group in the past years.

“PLDT continues to work with Meralco for the power grid design and renewable energy requirements of our data centers. These enhancements allow us to anticipate the specifications fit for hyperscaler, such as multiple grid terminations for redundancy and sustainable design,” Hernandez said.

Taking into consideration the hypergrowth that comes with the influx of these global cloud and content players, ePLDT has set out a clear roadmap for its VITRO data centers that includes fortifying its data center design and facilities, diversifying its network infrastructure, and bringing sustainability at the core of its operations.

Likewise, the company is currently teaming up with the energy sector to help drive the renewable energy thrust of hyperscalers.

"We continue to incorporate green innovations and practices into our ways of doing and partner with relevant organizations to harness renewable energy that will soon power our data center facilities and ultimately, the hyperscaler market," Hernandez added.

As a technology enabler, the group also recognizes its obligation to ensure the Philippines’ competitiveness to help attract the right investments to the country, said the PLDT executive.

“As the country’s only fully integrated telco, the PLDT group is making an unbreakable commitment to continue investing in the most advanced technologies to enhance our digital infrastructure and comply with the evolving demands of the market,” Hernandez highlighted.

Meanwhile, Meralco Group Chief Sustainability Officer and Chief Executive Officer of eSakay Raymond B. Ravelo said Meralco recognizes its role to spur and support the growth of hyperscalers by delivering not only reliable and high-quality energy but also “earth-friendly” power.

“We in Meralco are committed to working shoulder-to-shoulder with our government, our colleagues in the MVP group of companies, and fellow stakeholders in the Philippine energy sector and business community, as we all do our part in transforming our country into a regional hyperscaler powerhouse,” Ravelo said.

He also outlined Meralco’s comprehensive sustainability agenda supporting the government’s thrust for economic growth and sustainable prosperity. This encompasses the company’s four sustainability pillars ̶ Planet, People, Power, and Prosperity.

“As we embark on a just, orderly, and affordable transition to clean energy, we aim to secure 1,500MW of our power requirements in the next five years from renewable energy sources. Furthermore, through Meralco PowerGen Corporation, and its renewable energy arm, MGreen, we will build up to 1,500MW of clean energy capacity through 2027,” the Meralco executive said.

The PLDT and Meralco Group recently joined the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Board of Investments (BOI) for the government’s push to invite leading technology service providers to expand their operations in the Philippines.

The hyper collaboration between key private and public entities is seen to bolster further and drive the country’s digital agenda. In particular, PLDT and Meralco’s partnership is aimed towards achieving a common goal which is delivering world-class and sustainable data center services to global hyperscalers through the use of renewable energy.

For more information, visit and 

Juan Ponce Enrile says Toni Gonzaga is a victim of prejudiced minds

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Former senator Juan Ponce Enrile, now 97, commiserated with Gonzaga as she bravely fought off critics who berated her featuring on her vlog an interview with former Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

He may look older than the galapagos tortoise but there are wiser people out there. 

Wow. The former Defense Minister during Martial Law coming to Toni Gonzaga's defense.

If Fabian Ver was still alive, No doubt he'd defend Toni G also... and maybe, the rest of ROLEX 12.

Dont worry Toni've got great company.

If Toni Gonzaga's defenders include Enrile, she should know there's something wrong on her side.

The fact that Toni is being defended by no less than the martial law administrator, Enrile, says it all.

Toni is maybe ignorantly being used to whitewash the evils of martial law.

Hindi nakikita ng loyals and fanatics yan, all they want to hear is good things about their idols, lalo na pag nanggaling sa bibig mismo ng nang-uuto sa kanila.. may kasama pang kilig yun.

Last time I checked one of the reasons why people came at EDSA and why Cardinal Sin called for unity is to protect you, Fidel Ramos and the others. You still have a political career and you're still alive because the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986..

The EDSA Revolution protected Enrile and Ramos from the wrath of Marcos. The late Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago was right, he is a f*cking LIAR, BALIMBING and has no HONOR. This old plunderer does not deserve any clout.

If it were not for the "people power" and the request of the late Cardinal Sin to support Enrile and Ramos who were then in Camp Aguinaldo upon their withdrawal of support to the dictator, they would have been dead.

Enrile tends to forget that. Enrile and Ramos are still alive and yet they don't get blamed for the Martial Law that they themselves imposed on people.

Enrile is being misleading here about EDSA 1986. He did help lead the revolt but he only did so when Marcos discovered Enrile’s planned coup d’etat which he hoped would eventually put him in power. Enrile has always acted only out of pure self-interest.

He is in a bubble of their own. 

Enrile probably thought that he is already in hell upon hearing about BongBong Marcos and Gonzaga and still wants to remain relevant among his kind.

Poor Enrile, he only has a few years to live and still he can’t decide whether to side with the Light or the Darkness, the Good or the Evil one. He spent the past years power-grabbing.

Ask yourselves; Can you trust liars? Enrile confessed about faking his ambush during the Marcos years to justify the Martial Law declaration & to perpetuate Marcos’ desire to stay in power. Why are we allowing this pathological liar to open his mouth? 

As a journalist, will I interview Bongbong Marcos?


And not only Bongbong—Imelda and the Marcos daughters, Enrile, Fidel Ramos, and every other martial law general who still survives to this day.

We don't limit it to the Martial Law Victims! That's a very biased sense of history. They're not the entire Philippines. It must be Fidel Ramos and JPEnrile be interviewed because they were the proponents of martial law. 

But I wouldn’t ask about mundane stuff, like the color of his house’s floor.

Just follow the money trail and you'll figure out who was telling the truth. Our nation was left in the dust during the Marcos time. Social Media might change Marcos' image but HISTORY will forever be witness during the darkest time in our nation. There are books and court judgments. You know, same way how you learn about history.

Ang pinagyayabang ng mga BBM fandom, maraming nagawa daw si Marcos. If you were 20 years in power, kahit sino ay makakagawa ng gusto niya. Imagine 20 years forcibly ruling the Philippines as a dictator! From the rugular mandate of 6 years, nilimas nila ang pera ng bayan, at umutang ng mahigit 3 trilyon sa kapritso nila!

Pinasasa ni BBM ang sarili niya sa kapritso habang nasa posisyon sila! Nag astang prinsipe. Asan ang moral ascendancy?

Sa mga panahon ng tila mga royal family sila at the expense of amassing public funds - ang mga taong pinapahirapan sa Martial Law ay kalunos lunos! Yung isa pinainom ng muriatic acid at inuwing bangkay sa Sorsogon. Anong rason? Nagsulat sa school paper ng kababuyan ni Marcos!

Sarap ng buhay no BBM habang bagsak ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas noong 1970s.

Yung mga Loyalista Kay BBM hanggang ad hominem lang, akala nila porke naupo ang mga Dilawan magic aayos na ang Pilipinas, e sa bilyones na nanakaw ng mga Marcos at crony mula 1965-1986, simot ang kaban ng Pilipinas. Kahit si David Copperfield hindi kayang i-magic ang ekonomiya natin!

Going back to Enrile, it seems he is blessed with a long life. He might have a mission to help our nation to know the real truth about People Power. I myself believe before as it may seem, but now I think there is a different deep story behind it.

This generation is seeking for the real history. Maybe he can finally share it to us. Some are telling us that the Marcos regime is the best period in Philippine history, but in the books, in media and in the newapapers its the opposite. Some learn about the Marcos regime from the barber or beauty shops and instantly they know better than people who were born during the period.

Juan Ponce Enrile: 

1. In-ambush daw siya sa Wack-Wack subdivision on Sept 22, 1972 ng NPA, as a pretext to the declaration of Martial Law;

2. Pero nung sumali na sa EDSA revolution noong February 22, 1986, sinabi ni Enrile fake daw yung ambush;

3. Only after 26 years na nag-claim si Enrile sa kanyang book na  Juan Ponce Enrile: A Memoir, nag-retract siya ng claim, and he claimed again that he was ambushed.

4. Tapos sa isang interview sa GMA nung Oct 2012, Enrile said: "I said the ambush was staged, but I did not say who staged it. I did not say that I staged my own ambush."

5. A certain Oscar Lopez attested to the fake ambush of Enrile. 

"That night, I was with my children in the family hall of our house. Then all of a sudden, we could hear a lot of shooting outside. 

After the shooting died down, I went out. I took a peek at what was happening outside my fence and I saw this car riddled with bullets. Nobody was hurt; there was no blood. The car was empty," recounted Lopez in the book, Phoenix: The Saga of the Lopez Family.

It's quite ironic of Enrile to defend Marcos when he flipped sides as he sensed his old boss's impending downfall. And before that, he was the dead dictator's berdugo.

He is like, you know, the Lucius Malfoy of Philippine politics. Got no spine.

Enrile should not let the devil give him more chances to spread misinformation and stupidity. It's about time to repent and tell the truth, or does he want to die keeping the truth in his grave?

Ang tagal ng tahimik niya ah. Di ba dapat nakakulong siya dahil sa kurapsyon? Kaya lang for humanity reason hindi ikinulong dahil matanda na daw. Same with Imelda Marcos. Tapos mga political prisoners na tumanda na sa jail, hindi man lang mabigyan ng parole.

Silang milyon milyon ang ninakaw sa kaban ng bayan at dahilan ng pagbagsak ng Pilipinas ay hindi man lang ikulong kahit guilty naman ang hatol. Napaka unfair ng batas ngayon. Pabor na pabor sa kasamaan.

Kaya dapat ang mga botante maging matalino na talaga at huwag ng magpa scam. Kaawa-awa ang Pilipinas. Nakakaawa ang susunod na henerasyon.

VSmart Launches New Features for SY 2021-2022

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

VSmart recently launched three new features that make VSmart, the company’s flagship product for education and technology, more relevant and responsive to the needs of school managers, teachers, and students in the new now of education. These new features—VSmart Digital Library, VSmart Analytics, VSmart Games—are solutions that further help schools to succeed in this era of flexible and hybrid learning. 

VSmart Digital Library is an online library where students and teachers can access e-books, learning resources, and lesson supplements. Students and teachers can simply log in and indulge in reading class modules, textbooks, children’s story books, and reference materials. VSmart Digital Library also gives teachers an opportunity to teach students how to search, analyze, and utilize digital resources which is a crucial skill for 21st-century learning.

VSmart Analytics helps users access and analyze data in a snap. School administrators can now view and analyze engagements between teachers and students in different subject areas. Teachers can now measure students’ progress per available competencies. Teachers can view overall screen time and activity logs of students, and track the overall class performance and learning progress. Students and parents can now monitor their learning progress.

VSmart Games takes VSmart users to a new level of gamified learning. Each game is age-appropriate to their intended players, and is anchored to the pedagogical skills that hone mastery in different subjects the game is linked to.

These new features will be available this school year 2021-2022 to all users of VSmart. Interested schools may email for a VSmart presentation and training.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Gordon says no country deserves Duterte's leadership

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

It's the 7th hearing of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the government's use of COVID-19 funds. Sen. Richard Gordon hits back at President Duterte: This is not an inquisition of sorts na pinapalabas ng Pangulo ng Pilipinas na binubully natin ang mga testigo. 

Gordon accuses Duterte of lawyering for officials involved in the alleged anomalies in the DOH's procurement.

Gordon also disputes Duterte claim that members of his Cabinet are not involved in corruption.

In refusing to be cowed by Duterte's remarks, Gordon recalls the President cursing at the Pope and ordering police and military to "kill, kill, kill". He also says that "nobody talks to [Duterte] in international conferences" due to his reputation.

Gordon calls Duterte "Attorney Duterte" for lawyering for Michael Yang for being investigated on the Pharmally deal. 

Gordon must not give up his quest for truth in the Pharmally scandal in terms of serving the common good. The law and jurisprudence is on his side. He must do so with fullness of courage, objectivity and political will. 

"Wala pa naman po kaming hinuhusga. TIla baga lumalabas natataranta ang Pangulo. Bakit kailangang kayo ang kailangang magtanggol, Mr. President?" 

Nung nagsimula ang Blue Ribbon binigwasan naman niyo po kami rito sa Senado. ''Wag kayong makinig diyan, walang mapapala diyan sa imbestigasyon na 'yan.' Bakit sa umpisa pa lang nagtatago na kayo?

Ayaw niyong pakinggan ng tao ang imbestigasyon ng COA, ayaw niyong pakinggan ng tao ang imbestigasyon ng Senado. Napapaso po ba kayo?

Kaya hindi sila makasagot, ang tagasagot nila ngayon si Atty. Duterte. Nag-aabogado po si Atty. Duterte ngayon, hindi na siya pangulo ng Pilipinas.

Nagtataka lang ang marami, bakit kayo ang nagtatanggol dito kay Lao na naging kasama niyo sa kampanya. Totoo, sinabi niyo may utang na loob kayo. Pero 'wag naman ho ang utang na loob ay hindi pinapalitan ang katiwalian.

Di niyo po ako mapipikon kasi ako totoo ang ginagawa ko. Iwas kayo ng iwas para sa mga tao niyong nagpapasasa.

No country deserves that kind of leadership. No country deserves your leadership. 

Mahirap kayong tangkilin Mr. President because you do not act like a president. Today, I tell you you are not a president the Filipino people can respect.

Nobody talks to you in international conferences because nauna 'yung reputation niyo na mapagmura, mapusok at talagang sinasabi niyo 'Kill, Kill, Kill.'

Tigilan na natin 'to, Mr. President. 'Wag niyo na ipagtanggol 'yan. Hayaan niyong matapos ito, payag na ko sabihin niyo walang overpricing. Sa pananaw niyong walang overpricing, I will say simple lang: may fraud, may waste, may abuse.

Huwag nang sagutin pa ni Senator Gordon si Duterte. He must stop answering Duterte. He must continue the inquiry in aid of legislation sa Pharmally for the sake of truth and in terms of passing a remedial legislation to reform further the Procurement Law for it to be a catalyst in furthering good governance. Kasi kapag sinasagot pa, what would be implied is yung mga atake pa ni Duterte against him is working. Kaya it is better na huwag nang sagutin so that the attacks will not work and para magmukhang ewan si Duterte sa kakabira sa kanya.

How Netizens Intervened the Media to Counteract its Standards of Feminine Beauty

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

People have been constantly adjusting to the changes since it has been more than a year since the Philippines has been in mandatory quarantines. These changes include new working and studying arrangements, purchasing habits, hobbies and interests, among others. Because of this, even the way people take care of themselves at home has shifted.
The pandemic has changed beauty standards in many ways, with some people incorporating so-called ‘life hacks’ to make self-care and maintenance easier for people. Other brands have had their products change their main ingredients to promote sustainability amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Popular Philippine dermatological company Belo Medical Group released an advertisement on August 11, aiming to promote self-care with their brand. The ad was presented with a woman watching the news on the couch, getting stressed out. The ad, dubbed as the Pandemic Effect, has since been taken down after attracting flak online. Netizens criticised the ad for being tone-deaf and insensitive despite being in a pandemic, and the hashtags #PandemicEffect and #BoycottBelo trended.

Body Shaming is Out. Body Positivity is In.
In the advertisement, the woman is seen to develop acne, gain weight, and grow ridiculously long body hair overtime in the ad. As the short film by GIGIL Advertising Group nears the end, it flashed a call-to-action, saying: "Tough times call for beautiful measures." This prompted responses from Filipino women encouraging each other to be comfortable in their skin despite all the negativity and challenges brought by the pandemic.
“The advertisement of The Belo Medical Group #PandemicEffect campaign just proved that social media users have a big impact on how a brand or entity should effectively communicate with its consumers. It is vital to track the sentiment of conversations, allowing the brand to take action before a bad experience goes viral,” Tina Laceda, Insights Analyst, Philippines, said.

Shocking Reality

Although negative response to this campaign was prominent, this study found out that some netizens did not find the ad offensive and insensitive. This group believed that Belo and GIGIL, somehow, managed to show the reality of life. They also noted that it helped raise awareness on certain issues concerning one’s health.

Looking into the response towards this ad, the reaction from the digital public was varied. However, despite the diversity in reactions, there will always be outliers that will pop out which can be highlighted to advance one’s communication objectives. This is why brands need to find the needle in the haystack by wading through their social buzz where valuable insights can be mined.
Note that having a lot of engagement on social media might seem like a success. However, a high volume of mentions is only a positive sign when it’s accompanied by positive sentiment. Given this, understanding your audience’s sentiment is important. How they feel about your brand provides you with the context necessary to evaluate your marketing and communications strategy.

“Sorry” as the Marketing Strategy
Companies hit by a crisis of misconduct typically issue a public apology to minimize reputational damage, negative word-of-mouth, and declining sales. Brands should be quick to apologize, whether it is for a social media gaffe or a much larger issue. However, the manner in how they do it is equally crucial.

Following the backlash, GIGIL released a short and simple apology, owning up to its mistake. Interestingly, this worked for GIGIL as netizens noted they see true remorse and a genuine willingness to improve moving forward.

At times, releasing a public apology may not be enough. Brands should go beyond their effort and understand how their message is perceived by the digital public. Apology efficacy varies according to the audience, brand, and message factors, hence exploring how consumers process a corporate apology on social media is vital in crisis communication.

“Marketing for any brand today has become all about staying relevant and updated. Keeping abreast of the latest trends in the digital sphere is important as it will help in designing purpose-driven campaigns that resonate with the target audience. To add, this will help brands stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on emerging trends even before they go mainstream.” Gladys Ruiz, Insights Analyst, Philippines commented.

NCR under Alert Level 4, Film and AV Shoot Allowed to Operate with Max of 50 People Onsite

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Following the Inter-Agency Task Force’s (IATF) COVID-19 Alert Levels System, Metro Manila is currently placed under Alert Level 4 from September 16 until 30. The new quarantine scheme of granular lockdown aims to curb the COVID-19 cases while allowing economic activities.

Under the Alert Levels System, film and audiovisual production shoots are allowed to operate with a maximum of 50 persons at any time and are subject to the same restrictions and protocols of the DTI-DOLE-DOH Joint Administrative Order (JAO) No. 2021-0001.

Production activities are also reminded to follow strict implementation of Minimum Public Health Standards and avoidance of the three (3) Cs: 1.) Closed Spaces 2.) Crowded Places 3.) Close-Contact Settings.

“Despite the limitations caused by COVID-19 pandemic, we are still able to continue production under the community quarantine guidelines. With that in mind, we should always practice strict adherence to the safety protocols set by the government,” said Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño.

FDCP’s Safe Filming Program encourages all film and audiovisual productions to abide by the government’s prescribed safety and health protocols amid the pandemic. For more assistance with transitioning to the new normal, productions may register with the Safe Filming Program.

To know more about the safety and health protocols for production shoots and audiovisual activities in community quarantine areas, read the DTI-DOLE-DOH JAO 2021-0001 at or visit

Seven Seas Splendor Commences Inaugural Season from Southampton, England

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Regent Seven Seas Cruises began its first voyage in just under 18 months on 11 September, 2021, with new ship Seven Seas Splendor cruising from Southampton, England. Sailing with the cruise line’s enhanced SailSAFE Health and Safety Programme - which includes 100% vaccination of both guests and crew - the voyage is believed to be the first to carry international travellers on a United Kingdom cruise since the voluntary industry-wide pause in operations began in March 2020.

The cruise line has marked the occasion by creating a return to sailing video, featuring many of the beloved Seven Seas Splendor crew.

“This cruise represents yet another huge step forward as we return to luxury travel. I am so excited for our guests who have waited patiently, and for our crew and team members across our global offices who have worked so hard to get to this moment,” said Jason Montague, president and CEO, Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “The Regent family is finally reunited, and we are delighted to provide our guests with the unrivalled Regent experience with every luxury included, while sailing the world, once more.”

Helmed by Captain Diego Michelozzi, the inaugural sailing circles the United Kingdom with ports of call including Edinburgh, Scotland; Belfast, Northern Ireland; and Liverpool, England. The ship returns to Southampton on 22 September, cruising into the new Horizon Cruise terminal, before sailing a 14-night voyage to Barcelona, Spain visiting Bordeaux, France and Lisbon, Portugal, among other destinations. Seven Seas Splendor then spends October and November exploring the Mediterranean before crossing the Atlantic for a season in the Caribbean.

The next ship in The World’s Most Luxurious Fleet to resume sailing will be Seven Seas Explorer on 15 October, 2021, from Trieste, Italy. Seven Seas Mariner will resume sailing on 18 December, 2021, from Miami, Florida, as will Seven Seas Navigator on 6 January, 2022. Finally, Seven Seas Voyager will return on 15 February, 2022 from Barcelona, Spain.

International Luxury Travellers Enjoy an Unrivalled Experience Once Again

Luxury travellers from the United States, United Kingdom and Europe are on board Seven Seas Splendor’s inaugural sailing with a number of them being loyal Seven Seas Society members, including Commodores, guests who have sailed with Regent Seven Seas Cruises for over 2,000 nights.

Multi-Layered SailSAFE Health & Safety Program

During its voluntary suspension of sailings, Regent Seven Seas Cruises built upon its existing comprehensive health and safety protocols by establishing the SailSAFE health and safety program, a robust and science-backed strategy that creates multiple layers of protection against COVID-19. The programme was developed with guidance from a team of public health and scientific experts including the SailSAFE Global Health and Wellness Council.

By visiting, guests and travel partners can see an overview of current requirements to sail - such as all guests and crew being fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to departure - which the cruise line believes will provide a uniquely safe and healthy cruise experience. These and other requirements will be in place until a time when the protocols can be confidently adjusted, and Regent will constantly monitor the global health environment to protect the safety and security of guests, crew and communities visited.

For more information, please visit, call Singapore 800-616-7097 / Hong Kong and rest of Asia +852 2165 6020 or contact a professional travel advisor.

It’s 100 Days ‘til Christmas and it’s all about caring and giving at SM Supermalls

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The past years have always had us counting down to the most wonderful time of the year when the ‘ber’ months roll in; Christmas carols fill the air, dazzling tree lights dot the streets, shopping for gifts becomes a sport, and everyone else goes on a diet to make way for Christmas feasts.

This year may not be as festive as previous years, but it will most certainly be more meaningful. SM showed us the most uplifting way to best celebrate the season with “100 Days of Caring”; featuring 100 days of spreading love, thoughtfulness, and care for one another and for the communities surrounding our favorite SM malls. The virtual event showcasing the pledges happened Thursday, Sept 16, 2021 over FB Live and WatchSM on YouTube.

“100 days of Caring”. To kickstart the Christmas countdown, SM pledged to donate to over 10,000 beneficiaries, namely communities in need, hardworking SM employees, medical frontliners and dedicated delivery partners, among others. Some of the beneficiaries and their partner malls are as follows:
SM North EDSA is giving 100 pairs of World Balance rubber shoes to seniors from Graces Home for the Elderly in Quezon City.
SM Megamall, The Podium, and SM Center Pasig chose delivery partners who will be recipients of 100 raincoats and rain boots.
From SM Mall of Asia, 100 sets of care packages like face masks, face shields, Ensure milk, vitamins, supplements, and more, will be handed over to senior citizens within the community.
SM Southmall chose SOS Children’s Villages as to receive various story and educational books.
Metro Manila and Rizal malls chose several orphanages, namely: Associacion De Damas Filipinas, Bahay Aruga, White Cross Orphanage, and The Little Children’s Home to receive 100 toys and essential goods each, especially prepared by SM City Manila, SM City San Lazaro, SM City Sta. Mesa, SM City Taytay and SM Center Angono.
In North Luzon, 100 Aeta families from Zambales and Tarlac will be given grocery packs by SM City Olongapo Downtown, SM City Olongapo Central, and SM City Tarlac; fishermen in Pangasinan will be handed with fishing supplies by SM City Rosales, SM City Urdaneta Central, and SM Center Dagupan; while select tricycle and jeepney drivers in Bulacan will be given 100 pairs of shoes by SM City Marilao, SM City Baliwag, and SM Center Pulilan.
SM City Bacoor will give 100 brail books to the Deaf & Blind Foundation Philippines.
In the Visayas, SM City Cebu will bring smiles to kids of Kythe Foundation with 100 toys; while SM City Iloilo will give 100 25kg sacks of rice to healthcare and peace & order frontliners. SM City Puerto Princesa on the other hand, will have 100 grocery bags to displaced tourism personnel.
SM City Davao and SM Lanang Premier will be handing out 100 farming tools to local farmers; while SM City Butuan will be giving 100 Fiesta Food Packs to Por Cristo Foundation, Inc.

‘Gift’ for your mental health. Aside from our physical health being at risk during a pandemic, our mental health is also affected due to the stress and anxiety these times bring. And since SM believes in the value of taking care of our mental health, Dr Gia Sison, MD DPCOM gave a ‘Call to Share’ talk during the virtual launch. Dr Gia Sison is a mental health advocate and co-founder of PH Leader Livestrong Foundation. Her talk centered on how to cope during this stressful time and still find hope in a better tomorrow.

100 voices that care. If there’s one thing that binds us all Filipinos together, it’s our passion and love for music. While we may not be allowed to have big gatherings this year, SM entertained the audience with the performance of the 3 Divas – Rahda, Frenchie and Bituin Escalante; later on joined by 100 artists, singers, and SM employees and stakeholders who came together to sing during the virtual launch on Sept 16.

We may be in the middle of a pandemic, times may be tough, and many of us may be physically apart, but let’s not forget what this season truly means. To view the event, go to WatchSM on YouTube.

Prevent Harry Roque to be part of ILC, Sign the #COCBlockHarryRoque petition

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Concerned Online Citizens released its opposition to the Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque's nomination to the ILC on Thursday night. They emailed letters to the body and to other representatives to the UN to block Roque's nomination. 

Bloggers, influencers, artists and content creators led by Concerned Online Citizens  tonight joined the opposition Harry Roque's nomination to the ILC. They emailed nearly 200 member-states of the UN to oppose the nomination of Harry Roque to the International Law Commission.

Please prevent a Philippine government official who is a Duterte apologist from continuing to be a fake human rights lawyer.

Let us not allow a big-time human rights violator to be a part of Internal Law Commission.

No to Harry Roque's appointment to ILC. He is the ruthless and more obnoxious goebbels of the Philippines. Duterte is the second coming of Marcos and Hitler combined. 

Maki-isa sa pag #COCBlockHarryRoque tutulan ang kanyang nominasyon sa International Law Commission.


Concerned Online Citizens started this petition to United Nations:

"We, the Concerned Online Citizens composed mostly of petitioners in a suit filed against the Philippine government’s terrorism law before the Supreme Court, write to you to oppose the nomination of Herminio Harry Roque to the International Law Commission.

The Philippines has many lawyers specializing on human rights, public interest law, international humanitarian law and international law who are more knowledgeable and more qualified than Mr. Roque to be a member of the ILC. Unfortunately, they are all busy defending journalists, activists, widows, orphans, dissenters, peace negotiators and their own lives from the wrath of President Rodrigo Duterte and his presidential spokesperson Mr. Roque. 

Many of the 65 lawyers slain in the line of duty under Mr. Duterte’s watch are arguably more qualified than Mr. Roque. They brilliantly and courageously practiced human rights and international law; Mr. Duterte and Mr. Roque violate and tamper with those laws. 

Since his first appointment and in his current reappointment as presidential spokesperson, Mr. Roque has publicly spoken against freedom of expression, press freedom, due process and other fundamental rights guaranteed by the Philippine Constitution and international laws.

Mr. Roque has been an avowed and unapologetic defender of extrajudicial killings that have been brought before the International Criminal Court. He gaslights victims and families of extrajudicial killings with regularity and with relish. 

Mr. Roque has transmogrified from a former champion of the ICC into an attack dog against the ICC and cheerleader of Mr. Duterte’s decision to withdraw the Philippines from the ICC to evade being held to account for extrajudicial killings. 

Mr. Roque is a leading purveyor of disinformation and misinformation in the Philippines in his official capacity and in his own social media accounts. Factcheckers and watchdogs have repeatedly called him out. 

Mr. Roque cannot hide behind his freedom of expression. What he says or does as presidential spokesperson with rank of secretary has the force of presidential policy. Everyone has rights, yes, but not everyone is a presidential spokesperson or secretary. 

When Mr. Duterte and Mr. Roque finally leave office, they would most certainly be held accountable for their offenses and crimes against Philippine and international law. We don’t wish to see Mr. Roque use the ILC as a platform to promote and defend himself and his principal in future litigation. 

We reiterate: We oppose Mr. Roque’s nomination, and ask you to save the ILC from the embarrassment of having someone like Mr. Roque as a member." 

Respectfully yours,

Tonyo Cruz

Dr. Gia Sison

Jover Laurio

Thysz Estrada

Rob Cham

Albert Raqueno

Lean Porquia

Mark Averilla

Jhay Rocas

Mark Geronimo

Tarantadong Kalbo

Dr. Jai Cabajar

Chino Singson

Sassa Gurl

Professional Heckler

Aling Marie

Mong Palatino

Dean Rodel Taton

Ross Del Rosario

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Radisson Bhopal opens its doors to guests in the city of lakes

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Radisson, an upscale hotel brand today announced the opening of Radisson Bhopal in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel is conveniently located within a 40-minute driving distance from Raja Bhoj International Airport and 10 minutes from Habibganj Railway Station. The hotel spans across 4,500 sqm and provides an ideal stay for both leisure and business travelers visiting the city. Radisson Bhopal also provides easy access to tourist attractions like Sanchi Stupa, Upper Lake, Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary and Bhimbeteka Caves.

“We are delighted to strengthen our footprint in Madhya Pradesh with the opening of Radisson Bhopal. It is a welcome addition to our existing portfolio in the state where we also have hotels located in Indore, Gwalior and Khajuraho. Being a smart city, Bhopal is poised to emerge as a strong economic and investment hub for multiple sectors in the years to come,” said Zubin Saxena, Managing Director and Vice President Operations, South Asia, Radisson Hotel Group.

Radisson Bhopal features 104 uniquely designed and spacious rooms and suites - Superior Room, Executive Room, Junior Suite, Deluxe Suite and Executive Suite equipped with facilities like work desks, free high-speed Wi-Fi and in-room entertainment. The rooms and public areas of the hotel derive their design inspiration from Madhya Pradesh’s Gond art. The signature wall mural located in the hotel’s lobby is a personification of the state’s folklores and was brought alive by local artisans over more than 200 man hours.

The hotel boasts over 3,900 sqm of event and meeting space with seven indoor venues and two outdoor venues offering stunning, 360-degree views of the city. Indoor venues include Grand Ballroom 1, Grand Ballroom 2, Nurture, Nirvana, Review, Refresh and Renew, that can host up to 1,200 pax while outdoor venues include Grand Terrace and Infinity Terrace, that can host up to 1,400 pax. All meeting and event spaces come equipped with modern audio-visual technology, making them ideal for hosting corporate conferences, weddings, and other social occasions.

“It gives us immense pleasure to partner with Radisson Hotel Group to deliver a memorable experience to travelers. The Group’s operational expertise and brand reputation will help us in setting a new benchmark for hospitality in this part of the country. We look forward to welcoming guests in this beautiful city of lakes,” said Mr. Adarsh Malhotra, Managing Partner, Shiva Infrastructures.

The hotel offers an array of dining options catering to all tastes including - Fusion Café, the world cuisine restaurant that offers delicacies from Italy, Mediterranean, South-East Asia and India; Just Baked, an all-day patisserie that serves a variety of baked goods, designer cakes, gourmet sandwiches, and hand-rolled pralines; Urzza Lounge Bar, presenting a wide range of innovative cocktails, local and international beers, and wines from around the world; and Wok Thai, a Pan-Asian restaurant with exotic flavors of Thai, Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines.

Saurabh Thakur, General Manager, Radisson Bhopal said, “It gives me great pleasure to welcome guests to Radisson Bhopal. With the hotel’s ideal location and our commitment to our Yes I Can! service philosophy, we are confident of delivering memorable stays to guests. Radisson Bhopal is a perfect getaway for guests looking for an all-inclusive hospitality experience in the city.”

The hotel also features a full-service fitness center and rooftop swimming pool overlooking the city.

With the health and safety of guests and team members as its top priority, Radisson Bhopal is implementing the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol program. The in-depth cleanliness and disinfection protocols were developed in partnership with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, and are designed to ensure guest safety and peace of mind from check-in to check-out.

Akbayan Youth, Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking, and First Time Voters Network gave out free alcohol spray bottles to youth registrants

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

With two weeks left before the deadline to register, Akbayan Youth, Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking (CYAN), and First Time Voters Network (FTVN) gave out alcohol spray bottles to youth registrants lining up outside COMELEC QC to urge first time voters to join the call for the extension of voters' registration.

"We are proud of our fellow youth who are braving the pandemic and are lining up to get registered every day. With these alcohol spray bottles, we wish for them to stay safe but we also want this to serve as a reminder to COMELEC that voters are safer when we extend the registration," Gladys Milioga, First Time Voters Network convenor said.

"We are hearing reports of unbearable long lines and of people lining up as early as 3AM outside COMELEC. These are potential health risks that can be mitigated if COMELEC finally decides to extend voters registration," Alyannah Lagasca of Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking said.

After the Senate resolution supporting calls to extend the registration, the youth groups want COMELEC to declare the extension weeks before the deadline on September 30.

"Wala nang excuse ang Comelec not to extend the registration. Lahat nananawagan na nang extension: House of Representatives, Senate, media, youth and student groups and other sectors. All concerns were fully deliberated and considered. Lahat nag-aagree na kaya ang ligtas na extension at ito ay nararapat," Justine Balane, Secretary General of Akbayan Youth said.

The spray bottles contained calls like: "Stay safe and Extend!", "Safe na safe sa voters reg extension!" and "Kapit lang! Ipapaextend din natin to!" (Hang tight! Let's call for extension!)

DOTr's P151.34 Billion 2022 budget gets approval of the House Committee on Appropriations

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The budget proposal of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) advances to the Plenary for deliberations following the approval of the House Committee on Appropriations during its budget briefing on 15 September 2021.

The DOTr's proposed budget for 2022 is P151.34 billion. Of this amount, P150.763 billion needs to be included in the 2022 General Appropriations Act, while P579.8 million are already covered by existing appropriations previously authorized by Congress.

DOTr Secretary Art Tugade was joined by other department officials to explain before the Committee the budget proposals of each attached agency and corporation, and present a review of the agency’s performance over the past five years.

During the briefing, DOTr Undersecretary for Finance Giovanni Lopez explained that the proposed 2022 budget of the DOTr will be allocated for the following: Personnel Services (P16.75 billion), Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (P16. 86 billion), Financial Expenses (P7.88 million), and Capital Outlays (P117.13 billion).

Infrastructure Projects get a share of 88% out of the total Capital Outlays budget, with the Railway Sector getting the biggest chunk of 98% of the total infrastructure budget for 2022.

Meanwhile, the Service Contracting initiative emerged as a prominent topic during the deliberations. Several lawmakers expressed their manifestations and support for the implementation of the program, which gives weekly payouts to drivers according to the number of trips they completed per week, and allows the operation of ‘Libreng Sakay’ for medical frontliners and essential workers amid the pandemic.

To note, the DOTr requested from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) a total of P10 billion to fund the Service Contracting Program. However, the proposed fund was not included in the National Expenditure Program (NEP) for 2022.

“‘Yung Service Contracting, hindi lang ‘ho makikinabang dito yung konduktor, ‘yung drayber, ‘yung tsuper – buong ekonomiya ‘ho ang makikinabang dyan dahil kailangan ‘yan sa pagpasok ng trabaho, sa pagpunta ng palengke, sa eskwelahan,” Secretary Art Tugade pointed out.

Recognizing the crucial contribution of the Service Contracting program to critically-impacted transport stakeholders amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Samar 1st District Representative Edgar Mary Sarmiento who is also the chairman of the House Committee on Transportation, appealed to his fellow lawmakers to reevaluate proposed Service Contracting budget and for it to be included in 2022 NEP.

“From the Chairman on Committee on Transportation, I would strongly manifest that we, the Committee, will assist the budget and provide Service Contracting the amount of no less than P3 billion for the 2022 budget," Rep. Sarmiento said.

Meanwhile, several lawmakers also expressed equal support and positive manifestations during the briefing of the DOTr’s 2022 budget. They underscored the various accomplishments of the DOTr in terms of the implementation of transformational initiatives and the building and rehabilitation of much-needed transport infrastructures all over the country.

“Kaya nagpapasalamat ako sa ating matalino, magaling, maasikaso, masipag na Secretary sa magandang mga maitulong niya sa ating distrito,” Ilocos Sur 1st District Rep. and Deputy Speaker Deogracias Victor Savellano said.

“Gusto ko lang ipaalam sa ating lahat na nakikinig dito ngayon na ‘yung Salomague Port po ay maganda ang nagawa ni Secretary Tugade doon – na nakadaong ‘ho ang dalawang malalaking cruise ships na maraming nangangarap na dumaong sa kani-kanilang lugar. Pero sa ginawa ni Secretary doon, hindi na lang dream kung hindi ay nagkatotoo ‘ho,” Cong. Savellano added.

“Alam niyo ‘ho noong panahon ng pandemya, nakikita ko na malaki ang tulong ng DOTr. Isinaalang-alang nila ang personal na kapakanan to make sure na ma-deliver nila at matulungan ang taumbayan. Naalala ko – March 14, [2020] noong first na nag-lockdown. Marami pong mga OFWs na sa airport, seaport at sa lahat ng mga areas na kung saan puwedeng delikado ang buhay nila. Hindi po nanaig ang takot – isang text lang kay Secretary Art, natulungan nila tayo para po sa pagpapadala ng mga health essentials sa Iloilo City,” Iloilo City Lone District Rep. Jam Baronda shared.

Wrapping up the 4-hour deliberations, Zamboanga City 2nd District Rep. and House Appropriations Committee Vice Chair Manuel Jose Dalipe adjourned the briefing stating that the Committee will support the passage of the DOTr’s 2022 budget.

"Like a true valedictorian, delivering his valedictory address splendidly in this Committee on Appropriations, we admire the hard work and determination of the Secretary of Department of Transportation through his stewardship of leading under the Duterte administration, the programs and projects, which spur development in this country,” Congressman Dalipe said.

"Vice Chair Joet Garcia, with this, we truly support the budget of the Department of Transportation,” Dalipe concluded.

5.5 Million Learners with Disabilities at risk of falling behind in education; Parents write President Duterte for immediate approval of the Inclusive Education Bill

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

As School Year 2021-2022 opens this week, parents of children with disabilities wrote letters to President Duterte and government officials to call for the immediate approval of the Bicameral Committee version of the Inclusive Education (IEBill for Learners with Disabilities. 

Even before the pandemic, 5.5 million Filipino learners with disabilities already have limited access to quality and inclusive education, and are now at greater risk of falling behind in education.  

The policy brief “A Disability-Inclusive Response to COVID-19” by the United Nations Sustainable Development Group, cited that the top concern of children with disabilities are accessing education (51.8%) and child development services (50.7%). 

In a letter, *Jenny, mother of a child with disability from Paranaque, urged President Duterte to pass the IE Bill to ensure that all children can learn. According to her, while all children have the right to education, not all children have enough resources and capacity to do so, but the IE bill can address the gaps.  

Dear President Duterte, 


Isa po akong ina ng batang may kapansanan, nais po sana naming hilingin na maisabatas ang IE bill para po maging pantay-pantay ang pag-aaral ng lahat ng mga bata, may kapansanan man o wala. Makakatulong po ito para sa tulad naming nagpapalaki ng mga batang may disability. 


Mararanasan po ng aming mga anak na hindi maikumpara sa mga batang "normal." Lahat po ng bata ay may karapatang mag-aral, ngunit ang iba po ay walang sapat na kakayanan. At sa tulong po ng IE bill ay mararanasan po nilang makapag aral. 


Salamat po. 


The IE Bill seeks to provide learners with disabilities access to public and private schools, support services and capacity building to students, their families/ caregivers, and teachers, including the establishment of Inclusive Learning Resource Centers (ILRC) that will serve as knowledge hubs. 

*Nita, mother of a child with disability, shared in her letter the importance of inclusive education and support for parents to learn sign language and other skills enhancement trainings in supporting the needs of their children. She went on to say that the IE bill will help realize the rights of those with disabilities to live happily and free from discrimination and bullying against them.  


Dear Mam/ Sir,  


Ako po si Nita. Ako po ay sumulat na sana'y matugunan po ang pangangailangan ng aming mga anak lalo na sa pag-aaral nila. Sana’y mga training or seminar din po para mas lalong matuto kami sa pag-aaral ng sign language upang magkaintindihan po kami ng aming anak. Sumasang-ayon din po ako sa IE bill para mas makatulong sa mga taong may kapansanan upang may karapatan din silang habang nabubuhay at may karapatan silang sumaya at di na sila nilalait o binu-bully ng iba. Salamat po sa mga bumubuo ng Save the Children. God bless po! 


Through the IE bill, learners with disabilities who have not had early childhood and basic education services will also receive support through the Child Find System which will identify and facilitate their inclusion in learning programs while their parents will be provided with a support system to ensure that they can confidently aid their children’s welfare and learning at home. 

 “Our inclusive education Kabataang Aralin sa Lahat Ibahagi (KASALI) project has seen the long-lasting positive impact it can make if the parents, school, and community are provided with enough skills in supporting children with disabilities, and through the IE bill this can also be achieved for the millions of Filipino children with disabilities,” said Save the Children Philippines Basic Education Advisor Sierra Mae Paraan.  

The IE Bill, which is advocated by Save the Children Philippines and partners, was approved on 3rd Reading in the House of Representatives in December 2020 and in the Senate last May 2021. 

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