Wednesday, September 9, 2020

PLDT is like a Knight in Shining Armor Saving Damsel in Distress Liza Soberano

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Two days after actress Liza Soberano aired her complaints on social media about her internet provider Converge, rival telecommunications company PLDT went to her house and installed a 300 Mbps internet connection.

"Okay so PLDT came to my house yesterday and hooked me up with the best internet I have ever experienced in my whole 5 years of living in this house. 300 MBPS. What a lifesaver. Lag? I don’t know her."- Liza Soberano

"Black Ops amputa!

Liza - Kulang sa pansin Girlfriend
Converge - Long Distance Boyfriend
PLDT - Abangers na Bestfriend.

Comfort comfort kuno!"

For a big telecom company like PLDT to be the one to offer their service to Liza with out her applying means that she is a super influencer. When she complained about Converge, PLDT grabbed a good promo opportunity.

This telco is simping to celebrities when they complain about their internet speed. Meanwhile regular and "loyal" customers complaining day in, day out, are still not getting what they paid for.

Sana all! Grabe ka PLDT. ang lupet mo! sa susunod papapuntahin ko si Liza Soberano dito sa bahay para ma witness niya kung gaano kabagal ang internet connection ninyo dito sa amin. Lag? Lag-lag kami lagi sa connection!

Sana all si Liza para ganyan ang  pag-aasikaso nila ....kasi kapag hindi kilalang tao ay aabutin ng kalahating taon bago ninyo kabitan. Yes, I'm exaggerating but it seems that long...because you are too slow.

Suwerte naman. Samantalang yung mismong dalawang dekadang subscriber na is getting measly speeds and has nevervreached the maximum speed as advertised, would have to wait for 3-4 hours on the phone for a ho-hum customer service and still not get the issue fixed. We have to wait for several days more, do regular follow-ups and even curse the Customers Service Representative for taking weeks to fulfill the request. Sana all talaga.

Invite ko kaya si Liza sa bahay at baka sakaling mging 300mbps din. or pwede na kahit kalahati lang na 150mbps.

Really now PLDT? You've stooped down to a record low. Tsk tsk tsk... If there is any bit of truth to this, then shame on you. It's a slap on the faces of those who's been waiting for months just to have their connection either fixed or even done.

Its a prank liza. Wait few more days. Naku, di ba obvious naman na ads lang din nila ito? Free advertising sa PLDT..or was this a scripted marketing strategy?

Mas maganda pa din Converge. Sumpong lang yung lag. Pero sa PLDT? Yun na yung connection nila yung lag mismo.

Kaya people are waiting for DITO telco na kahit China company ay baka patulan namin kaysa umasa sa poor service ng Philippine telcos. Yes, kasama Globe Telecom sa blog rant na ito.

Kahit mag-spy pa si China sa mga posts ko ay OK lang kaysa ma-stress ako sa poor performance ng Internet connection ko.

PLDT is no knight in shining armor who swooped down from his horse and quickly grabbed actress Liza Soberano from the fiery dragon called Converge.  It was just after the clout it will get once Liza tweets how it saved the day.

But I guess all this promotional gimmick is backfiring on PLDT since it has rarely given satisfaction to its "regular" customers.

It was also sort of an insensitive tweet coming from Liza. A lot of Pinoys are suffering from poor internet connection so they can't WFH or attend their online school even if they are paying the same amount.....or has PLDT sponsored her lifetime?

The moral of the story: PLDT does not treat their customers equally.

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