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US: China most flagrant UNCLOS violator

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A United States official has accused China of being the most “flagrant” violator of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), with an “intensifying” bullying pattern evident in the South China Sea and unlawful energy surveillance and activities in the Philippines’ economic zone.

Though the US has never ratified the  UNCLOS. I don't see the legitimacy of them enforcing the ruling on China. It is irony that US did not join but keep principle of UNCLOS, while China joined but violates UNCLOS. Though if we check the history of UNCLOS, both countries did not really support UNCLOS, especially EEZ.

Definitely US not ratifying UNCLOS is a sore point and it should seriously consider doing so. At the same time, one does need some healthy reminder that Beijing thumbs its nose at the very convention it's a State Party to.

According to a China spokesperson, the US track record on international law is hypocrisy, hegemony and double standards at full display. The US hasn't joined the UNCLOS but keeps accusing China of violation. It sanctioned ICC personnel for investigating its war crimes.

China is contravening UNCLOS over the whole South China Sea. It is not yet interfering with traffic there because of the countervailing power of the US. The time will come when China will seek impose Navigation Act style restrictions on traffic just as it now does in the air.

China crossed the red line several times when it unilaterally drew the 9-dash line claiming the entire South China Sea and disregarding the UNCLOS convention.

If you'll ask the Philippines, they are at war with China not just for supposedly being the source of the Corona virus pandemic but also for taking over the West Philiipine Sea and restricting Filipino fishernen in entering it's waters, and everything else that China represents... like bootleg and cheap but inferior products... Except for the Philippine President who seems to be its BFF, majority of the Filipinos wish they would leave the Philippines.

China disrespects UNCLOS and disregards international law. It is an unethical, unlawful, and disgraceful country.

This is why two retired Supreme Court justices and a former foreign secretary are calling on President Rodrigo Duterte to assert the 2016 arbitral tribunal ruling favoring the Philippines' victory on the West Philippine Sea.

But the call fell on deaf ears. No UNCLOS ruling will make Duterte risk offending China. Do we just have to accept that?

Peace and stability in the SCS could only be attain if China stop their false 9-dash line claim, bullying and militarization of the contested waters and abide by the UNCLOS high tribunal rulings in 2016.

We won our case with UNCLOS. Together we should opposed China's 9 dash claim of the whole SCS. Duterte's loan from China was the cause of our non-implementation. The Powerhouse Trio is right.

China is party to UNCLOS, so we have to make them fudge up on its terms.

The Philippines must established its right in the West Philippines sea as mandated by UNCLOS. Let us not be a coward just because China keeps the bullying unabated. Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia are exerting their rights and standing their ground against the bully.

The Philippines not only has its UNCLOS arbitral ruling in its favor, it also has the support of four Asean coastal states — Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei — whose EEZs are encroached by the same nine-dash line of China...”

Is the Hague ruling turning out to be just a hollow thumbing-your-nose-at-China effort pushed by the US and underwritten by the administration of Aquino? Is it merely an arbitration that never was and which turned out to be just a document that merely reiterated UNCLOS?

Again, EEZs and territorial waters in SCS are clearly defined under UNCLOS, regardless who does or doesn’t own each rock. China’s 9-dash line is legally meaningless. Even if PRC can prove ownership of all rocks (it can’t), SCS is international waters with coastal EEZs.

Sovereignty of the Spratlys is unproven any which way for anyone. The EEZs are clearly and legally defined as coastal EEZs under UNCLOS. So again, China has no right at all to claim the entire SCS or complain about other countries there.

For Filipinos the only way to settle the South China Sea dispute is to abide with the UNCLOS ruling. Honor the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone territories of ASEAN countries. Period.

Not only the Philippines, but all countries with an interest in upholding international law as the basis for determining claims and resolving disputes have reasons to care about what happens in the South China Sea.

Unfortunately China chooses to ignore regulations. I'm old enough to remember when they single handedly burned a huge hole in the ozone layer using banned chemicals.

China conveniently quotes International rules while rejecting the UNCLOS ruling regarding the disputes with Philippines.

Very rich of China to quote International rules where it suits China and reject the same rules when they don't go in their favour.

China is undoubtedly a huge and growing threat. Too much of the Chinese Communist Party’s economy is built on willful disregard for air, land, and water quality. The Chinese people– and the world– deserve better.

China is a threat to this universe. It spoils and harms the environment, world peace, health and economy. US must lead the world and restrict China's cruelty to mankind. All progressive and democratic nations are with the US.

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