Saturday, February 13, 2016

Galleria Duemila Presents Inima III Revisited by Leonardo Aguinaldo

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Galleria Duemila proudly presents Inima III Revisited by Baguio-based artist Leonardo Aguinaldo. The show takes its name from inima Ilocano for hand-pressed. There is a kind of resurgent activism shown in intricate narratives in striking black and white woodcut and linocut compositions, which seemingly resemble tattoos—these are pieces that portray the insurgence of imposed industrialization in the Cordilleras, other works showcase disdain over the erosion of moral values, and some focus on the slow fleeting pleasures of life in the highlands—struggling to endure the invasiveness of globalization. His work has always highlighted the resistance between progress and its casualties, a situation that is echoed with much universality in developing countries.

In Inima III Revisited, most prints are multipart and at least three meters tall; the sheer size intensifies the sensitivity of his laborious process with such pride and tenderness comparable to tribesmen tattoo. The charm of Leonardo’s shtick is the duality of it all—Igorot and Filipino, intricate and perplexing, and folk and contemporary. With years of mastering woodcut printing Aguinaldo is able to forge a distinct social realist imagery, which sees him merging pagan and religious subjects in multiple vistas.

Much of Aguinaldo’s process engages in artisanal acts as he carves, etches, and incises his subjects into the plywood—repetitively with hollow cavities—leaving portions that carry ink level with the plywood, he then delicately presses the paper manually against the woodcut with a makeshift apparatus. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

LoveYourself Uni: A Place Rooted in Love and a Sense of Community

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LoveYourself is all set to open its brand new clinic and community center, called LoveYourself Uni, on February 13. The clinic’s name denotes unity and inclusiveness with all members of the community, and at the same time be closely associated with the “University”, as a reference to the youth.

LoveYourself Uni is an upscale of the now closed LoveYourself Hub along San Marcelino Street in Malate, Manila. Also taking into consideration accessibility, the clinic is located just right beside Buendia LRT-1 station. Apart from functioning as a testing center, the space was designed to impart a vibrant and hospitable atmosphere as it aims to be a community center.

A Date Rooted in Love

Save the date as LoveYourself Uni’s inauguration coincides with many other auspicious dates and even a special holiday. The opening ceremonies come after the Lunar New Year which was on February 8. This reminds us of the Chinese sticky rice cakes, Filipinos fondly called as “tikoy". The stickiness of tikoy signifies the ties that bind the family and friends together and remember those who matter the most. And it is this cohesion that brings to mind what LoveYourself strives for as an organization and, more importantly, as a community for the society it belongs.

The inaugural also falls on the eve of Valentine’s Day, which brings to mind that the community represented by LoveYourself is rooted in love. The community of volunteers advocating and working together to bring HIV awareness and inculcating the value of self-worth to its clients and partners demonstrates the very same virtue upon which the day of hearts is being celebrated around the world - selfless love and care.

20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta: First Set of Videos, More to Come Soon!

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This is the first set of videos from our 1st day visit of the 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. There's a lot more to come so stay tuned on your Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas for our very special series featuring this awesome #BalloonFestPH at Clark, Pampanga dubbed as the Weekend of Everything That Flies.

My favorite of course was the hot air balloon with the Philippine flag design which is very appropriate for the National Blog of the Philippines - Wazzup Pilipinas!

These videos were taken using the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL smartphone so imagine our other videos taken by our special video cameras. Does the pictures taken using the Microsoft Lumia 950XL an equal or better match with the ones taken using the professional video cameras? After we've done some editings, we will soon release them among our video uploads at our official YouTube video channels at and Be the judge and check them all out.

We would like to thank the organizers of the 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta for having our group as official volunteers to help promote the magnificent event. There's actually no need to promote it as it is already an epic event that is much awaited by many. But it sure would be wonderful to see many write about it, and post lots of photos and videos, including selfies and groupfies, at different perspectives.

So we did a lot of interviews on the grounds to see what makes this event tick and why people visit it every year.

More photos can be found at

NBA Unveils Twitter Emojis As Part Of Kia NBA All-Star MVP Voting

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The NBA has unveiled hashtag-triggered Twitter emojis for all 24 NBA All-Stars. The #NBAAllStarTO emojis, revealed on Twitter by entering #firstnamelastname (i.e. #stephencurry, #lebronjames), are now live through Monday, Feb. 15.

For the first time, the Kia NBA All-Star MVP Award fan vote will be conducted exclusively through Twitter. Beginning at the start of the fourth quarter of Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game on TNT, fans can register MVP votes during a 30-minute window by tweeting #KiaAllStarMVP and #firstnamelastname in the same tweet.

Announced tonight on TNT, emojis have also been created for the Turner Sports’ Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA studio team and game broadcast team for use during NBA All-Star 2016 in Toronto. With the lone exception of #shaq, the Turner Sports emojis are also revealed by entering #firstnamelastname.

For the fan vote, retweets will count up to 100 times and the fan vote winner will account for 25 percent of the overall vote. For full voting details, visit

Lexus LC500 Features Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

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The exciting new Lexus LC500 sports car wore MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport ZP tires at its world debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit today. For the first time, Michelin engineers deployed a new hybrid sidewall technology which allows the tire to maintain its run-flat endurance and superior handling performance while reducing the tire’s overall mass and rolling resistance.

Available on the 2017 Lexus LC500 model, the specifically-designed MICHELIN® Pilot® Super Sport ZP tires were developed to contribute significantly to the vehicle’s world-class sports car technology and performance. During an intensive development period, the project included more than 1,200 prototype tires and countless hours of testing at Michelin facilities in Greenville, South Carolina and Ladoux, France; Higashifuji proving ground and the Japanese Automobile Research Institute in Shirosato, Japan.

“Michelin’s global development team worked very closely with the Lexus team to develop a Pilot® Super Sport that helps meet the high performance and safety needs of the Lexus LC500,” said Thom Roach, vice president of Original Equipment Marketing, Michelin North America. “Owners will enjoy the peace of mind that MICHELIN run-flat technology offers without giving up the quiet cabin and comfortable ride that Lexus owners value.”

Kicking Off a Nationwide Campaign for 21st Century Education in Public Schools

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Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom kicks off its nationwide campaign to provide 21st century education in public learning institutions, with two elementary schools in Cagayan de Oro City as initial beneficiaries.

Indahag Elementary School and Father William F. Masterson, SJ Elementary School will each receive a mobile laboratory, internet connectivity, and teacher training under the Global Filipino School (GFS) program, a long-term educational initiative of Globe that seeks to transform select public schools into centers of excellence in information and communications technology and innovative teaching methods.

“Globe is confident that through shared connectivity and innovative teaching methods which integrates information and communications technology, we can be instrumental in increasing the quality of learning in the public sector,” said Fernando Esguerra, Director for Globe Corporate Social Responsibility.

GFS was first introduced in Bilar, Bohol three years ago. With its success, Globe is now moving to implement the program nationwide to help improve the Philippines’ poor global ranking in education which is currently at 96th place out of 148 countries. In addition, based on a recent report of the Department of Education on national connectivity, less than 25 % of schools have internet access, and even a smaller percentage shares this with teachers and students.

The 4th Economics Leaders’ Congress: Reversing Brain Drain to Brain: It Starts with YOUth

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Take part of this year’s most awaited youth convention in the Philippines.

More youth will be inspired and empowered nation-builders as the De La Salle University launches the 4th Economics Leaders’ Congress, with its powerful theme:
Reversing Brain Drain to Brain Gain: It Starts with YOUth”.

The Economics Leaders’ Congress is a gathering of young leaders from all over the Philippines who take part in solving the most compelling social and economic issues at the time. ELC delegates have continuously committed to the mission of making a better and brighter future for all Filipinos.

The theme “Reversing Brain Drain to Brain Gain: It Starts with YOUth” is anchored on the issue that the Philippines is experiencing brain drain as one out of ten Filipinos goes abroad to work in sectors that have higher pay. Although OFWs fuel the economy through remittances, they are only partially compensating the loss because the productivity gains still mostly accrues to other wealthier countries. 

10 Fast Facts about EDSA

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The Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, or EDSA, never fails to elicit a groan from drivers and commuters who have to traverse it every day. Due to its problematic traffic situation, it’s a pain to travel through, especially during rush hour.

But before it became the bane of Filipino motorists’ existence, the road was best known for being part of one of the most significant parts of our history. In 1986, EDSA literally and figuratively became the way to freedom when over two million civilians, politicians, and religious figures stormed the highway in a peaceful protest of the Marcos regime, and proved what a unified nation can do.

In honor of the upcoming 30th anniversary of the People Power Revolution, offers 10 quick facts about the historic main thoroughfare of Metro Manila.

1.       From end-to-end, EDSA is around 23.8 kilometers. That’s roughly the length of 1,561 professional basketball courts, or 14,691 Filipino males (who are said to be 162 centimeters tall on average) who play in them.
2.       EDSA passes through six cities of Metro Manila: 11 kilometers of the road is within Quezon City, and the rest is divided among Caloocan, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Makati, and Pasay.
3.       EDSA has gone through many name changes over the years. It started out as the “North-South Circumferential Road” during its construction back in the 1930s. After the country’s independence in 1946 from the Japanese occupation, EDSA was briefly named “Avenida 19 de Junio” or June 19 Avenue, the birth date of national hero José Rizal. Another former name was “Highway 54,” due to the misconception that the avenue is 54 kilometers in length. It wasn’t until 1959 that Republic Act 2140 was passed declaring it the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue after the Rizaleño historian, jurist, and scholar.

LTFRB: Provincial Buses Must Install GPS Devices By April 30

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The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will have increased capabilities to monitor public utility buses (PUB) with the installation of Global Positioning System (GPS) devices on all units.

“The LTFRB’s main aim is to protect the safety of the riding public by regulating the speed limit of buses traversing our national roads and highways. With the use of the latest and innovative technology, we believe we can modernize our transport system and provide the commuters with reliable, convenient, and safe transportation services,” said LTFRB Chairman Atty. Winston Ginez.

The installation of GPS devices on PUBs is a measure being taken by the government to minimize road risk, as the device can help the LTFRB check if a bus is within the speed limit and on its proper route based on the approved franchise.

As mandated by LTFRB Memorandum Circular (MC) Nos. 2015-021 and 2015-026, all bus operators are required to install and register GPS devices on their units based on the following schedule:

· For provincial buses entering Metro Manila: on or before April 30, 2016
· For Metro Manila buses: May 1 to August 30, 2016
· For inter-regional buses not entering Metro Manila: September 1 to December 31, 2016
· For intra-regional buses: January 1 to April 30, 2017

We Flew High with the Hot Air Balloons at the #BalloonfestPH 2016

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It's the Weekend of Everything that Flies, and I have to agree because we all seem to be flying as well after witnessing up close and personal all the hot air balloons being inflated and flown up into the air at Clark, Pampanga!

We came there early since hot air balloon flights are preferred during the early hours of the morning since the heat of the sun will not be very accommodating for hot air balloons. It was an awesome sight anyway to see how the hot air balloons are setup with those flames and magically lifting the very colorful and amazingly designed hot air balloons up, up and away!

Below are some photos and videos from the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Day 1. More to be uploaded by members of my group plus lots of videos and special features for our cable TV program soon.

We will also talk about this amazing event this Saturday morning on our Radyo INQUIRER Vigattin Radio show from 10 to 11 am. 

Thank you to our professional videographer and director Peter Allan Mariano, his lovely PA Inday Ni Direk, the bloggers Allan Bough Gokongwei and Jayson R. Biadog and of course Wazzup Pilipinas - the Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas!!!

Safety Measures in Owning an iRover

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"With great power comes with great responsibility" – Ben Parker

CD-R King Your one stop shop gives you an insightful iRover safety usage.

The stylish and frolicsome appeal of iRover maybe mistaken as a toy. It is apparent to many that your futuristic iRover/hoverboard is fun to play with, but it is far from being a toy.

As per DTI’s consumer’s safety requirement, it should be clear to hoverboard enthusiasts that the gadget is intended for age 14 and above. We need to realize that we should exercise proper care when using anything that has 2-wheels. Protective gear such as helmet and wrist guards, elbow and knee pads should be worn whenever onboard a hoverboard.

Safety precaution for first-time users includes that the user should be in front of a sturdy handle to achieve balance in riding the iRover. Test your balance by slowly leaning back to move backwards. Gently lean forward to thrust in a slow mode forward. For novice users, always start working on a slow and steady pace until conquering the iRover.

In maneuvering towards left, slightly put weight on the right portion of iRover, while in turning right the left portion should bear more weight.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

No V-date, No Problem! It’s Bromance Weekend on DMAX

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Finally, some DMAX and chill for car lovers as DMAX presents a lineup that will surely make vehicle enthusiasts fall in love more with the cars of their dreams.

Phil Glenister and internationally-renowned car designer Ant Anstead are on a mission to find and restore six unsung but heroic British cars. These cars are everyday classics. They’re the cars our dads drove, cars that we loved as kids, cars that make us smile.

Find out more on For the Love of Cars as it jumpstarts the Bromance Weekend on February 14, Sunday, at 11:50 AM. 

For the Love of Cars

Screen Machines
From classic cars to supercars, creative petrol heads Elo and Will work their hearts out to achieve their car goals. They simply can't resist turning rust buckets into Ultimate Wheels. Witness as the magic happens on Elo's supercar workshop as Ultimate Wheels airs February 14, Sunday, at 1:30 PM.

Robert "Videobob" Moseley is the creative mastermind behind a unique shop that creates iconic replica cars from TV shows and movies. His clients are often adult "fanboys" who still hold onto the big screen obsessions of their youth. Catch him and his masterpieces on Screen Machines (New Series) starting February 23, Tuesday, at 9:50 PM.

Laugh Out Love: The Comedy Cartel Valentines Day Special

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ikaw ba ay Nalolongkot? Walang ka-date ngayong Valentimes Day? O may date ka pero di mo siya mapatawa? Nuod na ng "Laugh Out Love: The Comedy Cartel Valentines Day Special" show at siguradong makakalimutan ninyo ang mga hugot niyo sa Araw ng mga Puso! 

Makisaya at Makiisa sa Comedy Cartel sa Feb. 13, 9:30 pm sa Archipelago 7107 Bar at sabay sabay tayong ma-in-laugh sa isa't isa sa isa sa mga comedy shows ng Fringe Manila Festival 2016 this February! Nuod na! 

Call/Text 5339316 or 09178860706 for ticket & seat reservations!" #FringeMnl #ComedyCartelPH #Comedy #Standupcomedy

Amazing Race Runs Into The Digital Age On Its 28th Edition

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In one of its wisest moves yet, Amazing Race 28 stays relevant to its audience by featuring 11 teams of YouTube, Vine and Instagram stars in pursuit of the $1 million pot.

See your favourite online celebrities cross over to traditional “boob tube” as they begin the race from the symbolic spot of Monumento ala Revolucion in Mexico City and travel around the world.

The 28th installment of this iconic reality show franchise began filming last November 15, 2015, with host Phil Koeghan live streaming a blow by blow account of what was happening (in true digital age style).

Known to be one of the pioneers of the revolutionary reality show genre, Amazing Race has won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program more than any of its competition in that category.

Jerry Bruckheimer, Bertram van Munster, Jonathan Littman, Elise Doganieri and Mark Vertullo are the executive producers for Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Earthview Inc. in association with ABC Studios and Amazing Race Productions. THE AMAZING RACE was created by Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri.

AirAsia Inks Partnership with Davao Tourism for Visit Davao Fun Sale 2016

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AirAsia, the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier for seven consecutive years, has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Davao tourism represented by Visit Davao Fun Sale (VDFS) Vice Chair Fides Bernabe and Department of Tourism (DOT) Region XI Director Roberto Alabado III. The partnership aims to establish Davao as a premiere tourist destination in the Philippines with abundant resources for eco-tourism and available facilities for sports and outdoor competitions.

As airline partner, AirAsia is offering low fares for its Manila-Davao flights to encourage more and more tourist to visit and enjoy Davao’s latest attractions. Among the major activities that will happen this year include, Visit Davao Fun Sale, Let’s Meet in Davao: MICE Davao program and the 9th Mt. Apo Boulder Face Challenge, which were launched at the recently held travel and expo tour in Manila.

Scheduled from March 25 to May 31, the Visit Davao Fun Sale is a city-wide sale and events extravaganza that offer affordable tour packages and big discounts to over 250 participating stores and restaurants. MICE which stands for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions is also a key tourism project in Davao according to DOT with affordable hotel rates and incentives to be offered for groups with one thousand or more participants.

Meanwhile, fans of extreme sports should visit Davao in April 23 for the official start of the 9th Mt. Apo Boulder Face Challenge which features a 24-hour race to the Philippines’ highest peak.

MCA Music Artists Nominated For Multiple Awards In Upcoming MYX Music Awards 2016

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Last February 9, the annual MYX nominations night for the music awards was held at 12 Monkey Music Hall & Pub in Makati. Artists, musicians, and celebrities gathered around to show support and celebrate this glorious event for artists alike. Meanwhile MCA Music was already on a good spot with a roster that dominated the nominations night for being nominated in different categories.

Darren Espanto was the most nominated for being included in 5 categories. He’s nominated for the following categories; Favorite Music Video (Directed by Ian Galsim), Favorite Song for “Stuck”, Favorite Artist, Favorite Male Artist, and Favorite MYX Celebrity VJ. Next to Darren is The Voice Kids season 1 finalist, Juan Karlos Labajo who was nominated for Favorite Male Artist, Favorite Mellow Video for “Para Sa ‘Yo” (Directed by Frank Lloyd Mamaril), and Favorite MYX Celebrity VJ. Jason Dy the haranista heartthrob was nominated for Favorite New Artist. The veteran rockers Pupil is nominated for Favorite Rock Video for “Why” (Directed by Mike Talampas & Nick Santiago). Lastly on the local roster of MCA Music, rapper Ron Henley is nominated for Favorite Urban Video for “Langit” (Directed by Jasper Salimbangon).

MCA Music International artists are all nominated in the same category for Favorite International Video; Taylor Swift for Bad Blood, the kings of the new broken scene, 5 Seconds Of Summer is also nominated for the song “She’s Kinda Hot”, and lastly Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time”.

Digital Marketing Workshop for Cebu Companies Slated on March 14-15

Wazzup Pilipinas! and Frame316 will be holding a Content Strategy Masterclass in Cebu City this March 14-15 to help Cebu companies take advantage of the shift from traditional to digital marketing.​

The two-day, hands-on workshop aims to align a company’s current marketing efforts to that of a digital content approach. The event will run from Monday, March 14, 9am to 5pm and Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – 9am to 12noon. Meanwhile, the location is yet to be finalized.

Speaking at the event will be Robert Cristobal, founder and creative storyteller of Frame316.

Although Cristobal warned that companies should “ready for the challenges ahead in adapting to digital trends,” he is hopeful that the “Philippine digital marketing ecosystem will exponentially grow.”

“We are flying to Cebu to conduct a masterclass that aims to equip business people to take their first step towards a content-centric digital approach, and we hope to add value to the advertising community by providing a practical approach in making that shift,” he added.

The workshop will centre on digital brand building and will cover topics such as: identifying your brand message; qualifying your audience; identifying & creating the right content for the right audience; distributing your message to the right channels; and nurturing and conversion of your audience to buyers.

Ready, Set… Game On: Activating Strategies and Communications to Market Domination

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In the field where “competitive advantage” is definitely a watchword, how would you stand out?

Attributed to the future corporate players’ constant quest for opportune techniques, 1DeCalibre Production brings “Game On: Activating Strategies and Communications to Market Domination”. This year’s most powerful seminar will conquer the walls of SM City Sta. Mesa Cinema 1 on February 15, 2016.

From a simple satisfying-the-customers landscape, the business world is consumed these days with the trumpeting arrival of customized, out-of-the-box, and more aggressive ideas and execution that lures the market. This is the current battle ground and here lies the ultimate challenge for the soon-to-be master marketers. Game On looks forward to enforcing more competent young strategists, so it will showcase high-rated keynote speakers that will take on the minds of 1, 200 students.

The first speaker is the current Brand Manager of Mega Tuna of Mega Fishing Corporation, Mr. Paolo Calona. He will address the strategies and share proactive approaches regarding the competition-packed marketing environment. Second is Mr. Manny Gonzales—the Head of Strategy and Analytics of NuWorks Interactive Labs, Inc. which is an award-winning full-service digital agency that focuses on telling human stories through creative technology (Story-teching)— an industry expert who will talk about cutting through the clutter through Integrated Marketing Communications. And lastly, Ms. JV Wong, the Chief Executive Igniter of People Ignite, Inc. is set to lift up the heart of the youngsters, encourage them to stand out and manage their strengths through personal branding.

Froehlich Tours Qualifies to Operate Additional Route for Point-to-Point Bus Service


Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) on Thursday issued a Board Resolution announcing the qualification of Froehlich Tours, Inc. to operate two (2) additional premium point-to-point (P2P) routes. These two routes are North EDSA - Makati City and North EDSA – Ortigas.

The Board invited interested bus companies to submit qualification documents to provide P2P in the two routes.

Three bus companies namely: City Bus Inc., Laguna Star Bus Transportation System, and Froelich Tours, Inc. submitted qualification documents.

The Board’s Pre-Qualification Committee with the assistance of the Technical Working Group (TWG) and in the presence of observers from the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and the Office of the Cabinet Secretary after carefully opening and evaluating the qualification documents submitted by the three participants, decided that only Froelich Tours, Inc. passed and qualified the qualification process.

The Pre-Qualification Committee, in its Resolution dated 10 February 2016, recommended that Froelich be directed to inform the Board within 48 hours from the receipt of the Notice of Selection of its intention to operate an interim service on the routes it applied for based on the specifications and operating condition set forth under Memorandum Circular 2016-001.

Globe Board OKs P22/share Cash Dividend; Allots Capex of Up to $750M for 2016

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Globe Telecom said its board approved the declaration of a first quarter cash dividend of P22 per share for common shares. The dividend will be paid to shareholders on record as of February 22, 2016, with payment date on March 4, 2016.

“The dividend payout is in line with the policy of distributing 75%-90% of prior year’s core net income,” said Rizza Maniego-Eala, Globe Acting Chief Finance Officer, adding the quarter’s dividend payment totals about P2.9 billion. On an annualized basis, the dividends represent a payout of 77% of 2015 core net income.

Notwithstanding its dividend payment, Globe is also allocating a capital expenditure of up to $750 million for 2016, of which majority will be related to data, including spend for deployment of LTE mobile and LTE @Home, increased network capacities and coverage as well as enhancement of fixed line data infrastructure and transmission facilities. The company’s aggressive stance to continue investing in its network reach and capacity is geared towards enhancing its customers’ digital lifestyle.

Globe Telecom’s spending for its network infrastructure is one of the highest among Asian operators over the last two years, as it devotes up to 24% of annual revenues for its infrastructure build. Based on publicly available regulatory reports, Globe had a capex to revenue ratio of 28% in 2015, and 27% in 2014 for both wireless and wireline, which were higher than the Philippine telecommunications industry average of 23% in both 2015 and 2014.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lumia 550 Now Available in the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Microsoft today announced the availability of the Lumia 550 in the Philippines for only PHP6490. 

The newest smartphone to join the Lumia family, the Lumia 550 is our most affordable 4G LTE smartphone with Windows 10, signature Microsoft apps and services such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)***, Cortana ****, OneDrive, Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar on a premium 4.7” HD display.

· Enjoy the familiarity of Windows 10, with Microsoft Office apps tailored to your screen size and OneDrive cloud storage so that you can view, create, and edit documents on the go

· See and do more with a premium 4.7” HD display even in bright sunlight, whether you are reviewing documents, looking at photos or watching videos

· Stay on top of everything in your life with Cortana, your truly personal digital assistant, that helps you be more productive and stay organised by completing basic tasks like sending emails, scheduling events and syncing your reminders across your Windows 10 devices

· Get more done with a superfast LTE 4G internet connectivity combined with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad core processor and 1GB RAM that keeps you up to speed

· Power through the day with up to 14 hours of talk time and 28 days of standby time, thanks to a long-lasting 2100 mAh battery

U-Hop Set to Launch New Products

Wazzup Pilipinas!

U- hop will soon be launching new products. On top of the product launch is the "U-Hop Q," an automated queuing system enabled through a smartphone app. By using the U-Hop Q app, you no longer have to physically line up for transactions and services; the app will generate a number for you and you can do other things meantime while you wait for your turn. The app has a real-time update of the number being served at that given moment, so you can manage your time well. U-Hop is working on their partnerships, which include banks and other government services. Their technology is provided for by Q Happy, a Thailand-based Tech company.

Another new product is the Froehlich Tours. Froehlich Tours Inc. is a service that provides tour buses all over the Philippines. U-Hop will provide the tap cards which is similar to MRT's Beep Card. By using their tap card, traveling will be more efficient as you can always hop on the tour bus without the hassle of pre-booking. For every time you board the bus, you are updated on how much credit is left on your card.

Lastly, U-Hop has the B to B or Business to Business service. This is a shuttle service that provides employees with a ride to the office and back. They recently did a pilot test with the employees of Banco de Oro, and initial feedback includes the increase on productivity because the employees are no longer late, and compared to the toll that commuting takes on your mind and body, employees find that they are more efficient being ferried to work. U-Hop is excited to tell you about their new products, all within their vision to provide a more efficient transport service for the public.

E-Club To Launch Seminar For Micro-Entrepreneurs

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In line with its goal to empower small scale enterprise, The Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club) of Far Eastern University (FEU) in partnership with Rizal Technological University – Young Entrepreneurs Society, DTI, and Mandaluyong Negosyo Center invites aspiring entrepreneurs and seventy sari-sari store owners to take part in E-Raise on February 15, 2016 in Mandaluyong City.

This six-month program will include a comprehensive plenary discussion on the fundamentals of business, including funding, accounting, marketing, sustainability and scalability, which are of paramount importance to smalltime entrepreneurs.

The notable speakers invited to the seminar are Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation (BCYF) member Ronaldo De Los Santos from BCYF Advisory Council, BCYF Executive Vice President J Anton R. Yap, Ronda Palengke Initiatives founder Kevin Dela Cruz, and Strokes of Broke artist Nikky Rivera. Members of Go Negosyo, Grant Thornton Philippines and Junior Achievement Philippines will also be present at the event to share their expertise.

Aside from the valuable discussions, E-Raise will also be open for entrepreneurial consultations on general micro-business, bookkeeping, basic accounting, and regulatory process and requirements. More so, the FEU students will be in charge of monitoring the participants and mentoring them regarding sales, profit, cost accounting, pricing, and marketing aspects of business throughout the program.

Red Bull Asks PH Students: Can You Make It (in Europe)?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Are you a local university student with an up-for-anything attitude and a great sense of daring? Got two other friends who crave adventure as much as you do? If so, Red Bull wants you for Can You Make It? 2016, an epic journey featuring 165 student teams from more than 50 countries around the globe, traveling across Europe using Red Bull as their only currency.

Open to teams of three current university students, Can You Make It? invites interested Filipino participants to create a minute-long video explaining why they should be chosen to represent their country while showing their love for adventure and their smarts – a few of the more important attributes that make a winning Can You Make It? team.

Entries should be uploaded to no later than February 14, 2016. Then teams are encouraged to gather as much social media support during the online voting period to make it as finalists. Among them, a panel of judges is set to pick winning teams that will represent their countries and will get a chance to begin their one-of-a-kind, week-long adventure this April 2016 at one of five starting points in Europe: Barcelona, Florence, Berlin, Edinburgh, and Prague.

During its first season in 2014, Can You Make It? had among its roster the Philippines’ own Beasts of the Southeast made up of Dave Agbayani, Red Calayan, and R-jay Esposo from the University of the Philippines. They began their journey in Schwechat, Austria and traded Red Bull cans through Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, until their final stop with the rest of the international teams in Munich, Germany.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Now Accommodates Private Events at its New Vikings Venue

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Vikings Luxury Buffet restaurant has been synonymous with special celebrations since it opened its doors of its first branch in the SM by the Bay area of the Mall of Asia. Families and friends have gathered to savor the specialty seafood, meat, vegetarian dishes and desserts of the international buffet especially prepared by its experienced chefs.

The concept has become very popular as a venue for celebrating milestones and special occasions, and it is now launching its Vikings Venue in the Seaside Boulevard of the SM By the Bay complex because of numerous requests. The patrons of Vikings Luxury Buffet love to celebrate the most important events of their lives. This is why it has decided to offer a more spacious and private place that offers an all-you-can-eat dining experience unlike any other, without having to pay for the events place. Clients will only pay for the buffet, which will include the well-loved dishes from the Vikings restaurants.

There are Five (5) function rooms in the event venue that can be combined to accommodate more guests. Function Room 1 can fit 120 to 150pax, Function Rooms 2, 3, and 4 can accommodate 50 to 70 each, and Function Room 5 can accommodate 120 to 150 guests.

With its tagline of "All Occasions in One Place", the Vikings Venue is ideal for romantic wedding receptions, family reunions, or fun birthday celebrations. The interiors are classic and luxurious, with a high ceiling and stylish accents. For client’s convenience, Vikings has partnered with Carousel Styling by A. Sia Design for event styling needs. At the moment, clients also have the option to book their events suppliers such as party stylists, photo booths and entertainment to personalize their celebrations. 

Lucky Number 13 Wins Miss Aviation Philippines 2016

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I keep telling people that the number 13 is not unlucky. Well, it was indeed a lucky number for candidate number 13 of the Miss Aviations Philippines 2016 competition on February 9, 2016 at the Manila Peninsula hotel in Makati.

The new muse of aviators is now Kristine Malicsi, followed by Reichelieu Santos as 1st runner up and Trizia Abaya as second runner up. Congratulations to the girls for a well deserving win.

Coincidentally, all their numbers were in a series as the other two were candidates number 15 and 14 respectively. Also, from what was revealed during the swimsuit competition proper at Camaya Coast, the leading candidates were also the three who also won awards during that part of the competition.

I pretty much like everything that happened on the grand coronation night as the girls were all splendid on stage. From the different attires they wore up to the Question and Answer portion where they all answered the judges questions very intellectually.

Capt. Joy Roa and Carla Cabrera Quimpo couldn't be any prouder for the candidates who were all spectacular that night. Cleo Margaret Brown also gave his last walk as Miss Aviation Philippines 2015 to make way for the new Aviation beauty.

How To Get to the Weekend of Everything That Flies

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Make sure you know how to get to the Weekend of Everything that Flies! or the 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

*By Public Transport*

From Metro Manila, ride a Victory Liner bus bound for Dagupan and go down at Dau common terminal. From Dau terminal, walk a bit towards the highway where jeepneys or tricycle are available, and take a jeep to Clark or SM Clark. Then take another jeep into Clark and tell the driver you're going to the Balloon Fiesta. After the jeepney drops you off, you'll be walking a bit more to the entrance gates, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

*Via Car*

Getting to the Clark Freeport Zone, otherwise known as the Clark Special Economic Zone by car is easy. Simply take the North Luzon Expressway from Manila and exit at Dau, Mabalacat. After your exit, a left turn towards Angeles City, and a little Angeles City/Dau traffic, will bring you to within an easy right turn of the Clark Zone itself. The trip should take about an hour and a half from Manila without heavy traffic. For parking information, please visit

*By Air*

You can hop on regular commercial flights to Clark International Airport. Carriers that land at Clark are Cebu Pacific Air, Air Asia, and Tiger Airways.

New HIV Testing Clinic and Community Center to Open

Wazzup Pilipinas!

HIV/AIDS awareness advocacy group, LoveYourself, Inc. will open its new clinic and community center along Buendia in Pasay City on 13 February 2016 in an effort to widen its reach in providing free and confidential HIV testing and counseling, and promoting safer sex practices, while also readying to offer treatment services within the year.

The new clinic, dubbed as LoveYourself Uni, boasts a bigger facility to accommodate the growing number of clients availing HIV testing services as well as HIV treatment services to newly diagnosed people living with HIV (PLHIV). It has a more accessible location, which is situated right beside the LRT Buendia station.

“We really wanted our new LoveYourself Uni clinic to be accessible to everyone. It's just walking distance from the LRT which will let many more people to get tested, know their status and, very soon, seek treatment right away,” said Loveyourself Founder and Executive Director Ronivin Pagtakhan. He added it is an upscale version of the previously operating clinic located in Malate in Manila, which has been closed since December 2015.

Meanwhile, the LoveYourself treatment program, the organization’s new offering, revolves around the 4S Model (Sensing, Synchronizing, Shifting, Sustaining) approach, which is designed to combine biomedical intervention as well as a psychosocial assistance.

Cocktail: Mixing Diverse Marketing Concepts

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Get ready as we give you a taste of the most exciting and unique drink of all time as Verve Productions proudly presents to you….


It is a one-day seminar covering topics about DIGITAL MARKETING, BRANDING, and ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Featuring the Following Program Blocks:
1. DIGIMIX: Concocting the Newest Trends for Digital Marketing Supremacy
2. BRANDISH: The Ultimate Recipe for a Great Brand
3. COSMO: Blending Flavors of an Entrepreneurial Mindset


This event is spearheaded by Nasser Ferrer as Project Chairman, Angelyko Mathias Cruz III as Co-project Chairman, Pinky Jardinico (Brandish), Christtian Boyet Gahol (Digimix) and Franz Caitom (Cosmo) as Project Heads.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Linden Suites Post-Holiday Family Staycation

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"The family that blogs together, staycations together!"

That's our family motto when my wife and kids became compulsory members of the Wazzup Pilipinas blog because I'm the founder. Well, that's more likely what we would want to do every now and then for the rest of our lives. There simply is nothing as relaxing as getting to lie back with your family at a place that's minus the stressful ambiance of work, or school, or even free from the daily chores at home.

It is only at a staycation where we get the chance to drop all the stuff that makes our life so busy, and find time to just hang out by a delightful indoor pool, dine at a fabulous restaurant, or just stay inside a classy and spacious two bedroom suite. Oh! I'm already describing the comforts and  amenities at The Linden Suites!

Yup! That's where we recently had our family staycation for a weekend. We would love to stay longer, but since all of us have obligations back in the real world, the weekend days of Saturday and Sunday were the only days we could afford to let go and "frolic around like we just don't care."

Though we do care of what we are coming back to in the real world - where work for us and school for our kids awaits - It is comforting to be able to find time to steer away from worrying about what lies tomorrow because we need to pause for some time to refresh and rejuvenate for some quality family time.

Globe Telecom Boosts PH as Asia’s Top Tourist Destination in the World with New TPB Tie-up

Wazzup Pilipinas!

As the tourists’ preferred connectivity partner in the country, Globe elevates the local travel experience with the Traveler SIM and the Relive Wonderful Philippines video contest

Globe Telecom, through its International Business Group, has renewed its partnership with the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) of the Department of Tourism to promote the Philippines as one of Asia’s top tourist destinations via its Visit the Philippines Again (VPA) 2016 campaign.

With the partnership, Globe will once again offer its Globe Traveler SIM to millions of tourists and returning OFWs for free for affordable and worry-free connectivity during their stay in the country. Globe is TPB’s first Philippine telco partner to offer affordable communication services to millions of foreign tourists and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) returning to the country with the Globe Traveler SIM, a local prepaid SIM that offers affordable local rates for mobile data, calls, and SMS services.

“Staying connected is a priority for the millions of travelers around the world and we are very happy to offer our services to those who are visiting the Philippines through the Globe Traveler SIM, still available for free this 2016,” said Nikko Acosta, Senior Vice President for International Business Group at Globe. “We are privileged to once again partner with the TPB this year to help boost the travel experience with affordable call, text and data services, enabling them to stay in touch as well as share the beauty of the Philippines to the rest of the world through social media. With Globe, we ensure that even travelers get to live and embrace their digital lifestyle as their connectivity partner while in the country.”

Fabulous February Performances at Music Museum and Teatrino

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It’s going to be a Fabulous February at the Music Museum and Teatrino, pre- and post-Valentine.

The Thrill Factor is high as early as February 6 when Solenn Heusaff and Lovi Poe turn up the heat in a special concert at the Music Museum entitled Fantaisie: Lovi & Solenn at 8 p.m.. Confessions : A Night of Secrets, Stories and Songs featuring the fast-rising stars of Stages Talents -- Morisette Awon, Aicelle Santos, Tippy Dos Santos, Bullet Dumas, Timmy Pavino, Clara Benin and more – take center stage on February 12 at 7 p.m.

On February 13, Rico Blanco stages a diferent kind of Valentine Concert at 8 p.m. Entitled “Your Alternative Valentine”, the singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and actor is joined onstage by Never The Strangers (Ace Libre, JP del Mundo, Gab Palanca and Nash Ignacio) and the talented Meg Fernandez.

On February 19 the Music Museum stage comes alive with 3D : Davao, Dancel, Dumas, the first major concert of the three acoustic guitar phenoms playing together as a three-person-act. Johnoy Danao, Bullet Dumas and Ebe Dancel are out to capture your hearts with the Manila String Machine, the pioneering string quartet famous for performing contemporary music on their classical instruments, starting 7:30 p.m.

Arnel Pineda closes off Valentine month at the Music Museum with Love and Rock and Roll at 8 p.m. on February 27 – with the Philia Band, fronted by actress model Arci Muñoz, and Dion Ignacio on Rhythm, Kristian Uy on Lead, Tim Toribio on Bass and Paolo Pampuan on Drums.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sweets for Your Sweet at Gumbo

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This love month enjoy a complimentary dessert at Gumbo for every order of Family or Seafood Feast at all Gumbo branches located at the 2nd Level Entertainment Hall, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay; 3rd Level Robinsons Manila Midtown; 2nd Level SM City The Block, North EDSA: Gateway Mall in Araneta Center, Cubao; Robinsons Magnolia; and at the 2nd Level Atrium Bldg. in SM Megamall. 

Also recommended are Gumbo’s mouth-watering and well-loved New Orleans dishes such as Seafood Jambalaya, Bayou’s Stuffed Crabs, Shrimp Etouffe, Bourbon-Style Baby Back Ribs, Southern-Grilled Chicken Caesar, Cajun-Style Fried Chicken, Seafood Boil, New York Style Grilled Steak, Blackened Steak, Grilled Angus Rib Eye Steak, among others.

On Valentines Day, all ladies will also receive free red roses from Gumbo to make the day more memorable and special. For reservations and inquiries, please call 5560238, 4420106, 6353015, 5671820, 4404632 and 5271925.

Cheesy Valentines at Burgoo

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Have a romantic and “cheesy” Valentines at Burgoo! For the whole month of February, Burgoo is giving away free Raspberry Cheesecake for an order of Shrimp and Ribs Platter – a perfect dish to share with your partner and loved ones. 

Also, on Valentines Day itself, all ladies will receive lovely red roses to make the day more romantic. Other well-loved dishes at Burgoo worth a try are Hamburgoo, delicious pastas and pizzas, country-style fried chicken, grilled pork chops, luscious shakes, smoothies and desserts, among others.

Visit Burgoo at T. Morato in Quezon City; Powerplant Mall in Rockwell Makati; The Podium in Ortigas; Gateway Mall in Araneta Center Cubao; Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas; SM City The Block in North EDSA; Mall of Asia in Pasay; SM City Marikina; SM Southmall in Alabang, The District in Cavite; 3rd level Terraces Mall in Fairview; Starmall in Taguig; and newly-opened Burgoo in Solenad, Nuvali. For reservations and inquiries, please call 9277424, 8381815, 6875254, 7263578, 9136112, 5560091 or 6336256.

Alcatel Flash Joins Lazada’s Chinese New Year Promotion in SEA

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Alcatel Flash is set to join hands with Lazada to offer a New Year Gift Package to the buyers of Flash 2 phones on the largest e-commerce platform’s Chinese New Year grand sale celebration.

With the theme “No Excuse to Miss Flash 2,” the promotion is designed to show Alcatel Flash’s appreciation for the loyalty of its customers in Southeast Asia in making Alcatel a part of their everyday moments.

“We hope that through this simple promotion, we will be able to express our sincerest appreciation to all our customers who are capturing special moments using the Flash 2,” said Yogi Babria, E-Commerce Operations Director, Mobile Internet Group, TCL Communication. “Now that another fruitful year is coming in full stride, we want families and friends to stay closer especially now that we will soon reveal two new Flash 2 covers—the Rose Gold and the Mica White.”

Flash 2 has become a hot-selling product in Southeast Asia by virtue of its powerful camera features, much loved stock Android UI, and superior cost performance. The first batch of the Flash 2 smartphones was sold out in just ten minutes after the launch. It became the bestselling smartphone at the $150 price level in the entire Southeast Asia.

In the recently concluded Double 12 shopping festival in Lazada’s website, Flash 2 became the bestselling smartphone at the $150 price level and ranked second among the products in all categories in terms of sales volume.

Japanese Shipbuilder Begins Assembly Of PCG Vessels

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Jun Abaya led a Philippine delegation in the Keel Laying and Safety Prayer Ceremony for the first of ten (10) new multi-role response vessels (MRRVs) for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) held in this city last February 6.

“It is high-time that the PCG acquires these much-needed MRRVs to support the men and women of the organization in fulfilling their sworn duties,” remarked Abaya in his speech at the event.

“Through this meaningful ceremony, we appreciate the start of construction of the first vessel, and also highlight the full implementation of the Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project (MSCIP) after many years of hard work and close cooperation with Japan,” he added.

The first vessel will arrive in the Philippines in September 2016. Succeeding vessels will be delivered quarterly beginning December 2016, until the final MRRV arrives in August 2018.

The 40-meter MRRVs are part of the MSCIP, which aims to strengthen the coastal patrol capabilities of the PCG to respond more effectively to conduct maritime law enforcement activities within the Philippine maritime jurisdiction.

Five Advantages to Booking Your Flight Online

Wazzup Pilipinas!

If you are ready to take a trip to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, or any other country, there are several ways to book your flight. You can speak to a travel agent and let them make your travel arrangements, call an airline directly, or go online and book your flight. Booking your flight online is the most convenient of these three options. These advantages to booking your flight online can help you decide when to purchase your tickets.

Better Selection

When you go online to book a flight, you have access to more information that will help you select a flight that best fits your schedule. You can look up your destination and the times of the flights arriving at your desired airport so you can book Traveloka flight tickets. Also, by not having to go through someone else to book the flight, you will get the information more quickly and be able to confirm everything immediately.

Anytime Access

When you book your flight online, you don’t have to wait until the travel agency or airline offices are open in order to reserve tickets. The booking website is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and from any device you choose to use. Whether you are at work or at home late at night, you can go online, select the flight you need from Bangkok or Chiang Mai to Jakarta or Medan, and reserve tickets for your entire party.

Cheaper Flights to ASEAN Cities Coming This Year

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Filipinos will soon enjoy better access and broader flight options in travelling to other Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN) cities, as President Benigno Aquino III signed Protocols 5 and 6 of the ASEAN Multilateral Agreement in Air Services (MAAS) last February 3.

Under Protocols 5 and 6, Philippine air carriers will be allowed to fly unlimited frequencies to and beyond the capital cities of other ASEAN nations, which will lead to better and more efficient connectivity and translate to more competitive fares and services.

“This will enhance regional trade and investment opportunities for Philippine businesses that are looking to expand their markets. It will also provide better access to Filipino individuals, such as professionals and students, who wish to explore job and educational opportunities in the ASEAN region,” said Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Jun Abaya.

“We expect it to benefit our local tourism and service industries, as the agreement allows foreign airlines to increase their flights to Manila and other cities as well. Just as it will encourage more visitors to come to the country, Filipinos will also enjoy a wider array of flight options and ticket prices to the rest of the ASEAN,” he added.

Genos Productions Presents “I Do. I Don't” (Fall in and Fall out of Love with Brands)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This 2016, Are you ready to fall?

Be engage on the grand celebration of a story of a happy and sad relation as we go deeper on the discovery of hearts and the facet of what we called relation.

This Love month, prepare your hearts as Genos Productions presents..


Fall In and Fall Out Of Love with Brands

Get ready as we fill your day with love, surprises, and marketing wisdoms. This February 11, 2016. At SM Sta. Mesa, Manila, Cinema 9. 11 am - 4 pm. Registration starts at 10 am.

It's time to rave our hearts as we learn how relationships were being made between consumers and brands.


Event will be hosted by John Neil Laranjo and Mr Diego Bandido of Love Radio together with our Guest Speakers.
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