Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Korean Netizens’ Criticism Of A Filipina TikToker Sparks #CancelKorea Backlash

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Bella Poarch is a popular social media influencer with over 15 million followers on TikTok and 2 million followers on Instagram. In a recent video, a tattoo that incorporates Japan’s Rising Sun flag can be seen on her arm.

This flag is associated with Japanese imperialism, as well as Japan’s actions in World War II. It remains particularly offensive in South Korea due to Imperial Japan’s treatment of Korea while the country was under its colonial rule.

As such, Korean netizens have taken offense to Bella Poarch’s tattoo and pointed out why it’s problematic."

Bella already said she wanted to take action first by removing it before doing a formal apology, but some stupid Koreans choose to send death threats and bullying her. Do you expect Filipinos to just watch?

Bella asked for forgiveness, yet the Koreans remained toxic. 

Is it time to put down our lightsticks ang raise our flag?

There are Korean racists calling us "uneducated and small" because we are Filipino. They even had the audacity to insult our skin color. I'm Filipino before I became a KPop fan. I will raise my flag no matter what!

And now toxic Koreans were saying that Filipinos were poor and uneducated?

Even if I like KPop, their attitude is not acceptable. Bellitling Filipinos isn't right.
Don't call Filipinos uneducated when many Korean leave their own country to study the English language here in the Philippines, basically for close to free compared to the expensive studies at their own country.

They call Filipinos dumb? At least we don't pay for private tutors to teach us basic english for traveling. Filipinos are good speakers and multilingual.

Let's bring back history!

The Philippines was the first Asian country that sends combat troops just to protect Korea.

Please do remember that the 10th Battalion Filipino Soldiers' hold on Yultong was the turning point of the Korean war when South Korea was losing against communist-backed North Korea.

Without the Philippines, SK would've been a communist country by now. Be grateful SK!

Maybe we should also remind them that the Philippines is one of their biggest fanbase in Asia, thus helping their economy grow.

Filipinos have been fans of KPop personalities. We adore their cultures, music and talent. In return, are they just going to treat us like garbage? We don't deserve this type of treatment.

Imagine koreans calling us Filipinos ugly and uneducated. Who's gonna tell them University of the Philippines outranked Harvard and Oxford last year in terms of higher education and we have 187 languages and we don't need plasticsurgery to be beautiful with a heart.

Sandara Park is a pure blooded Korean who stayed here for 13 years and I salute her because she is always defending the Philippines against Koreans because she knows about the life and traits of Pinoys and she knows that they are all are wrong about Filipinos.

Remember when she defended the Philippines to her fellow Koreans? She said, "The people here are really gentle, I feel upset because the Korean media only reports crime."

Jin Ho Bae and Ryan Bang are pure Koreans but they love the Philippines, and mind you, Jin Ho Bae can speak Tagalog very fluently. Ryan Bang is making an effort to learn too.

Remember when Korea sent tons of garbage to the country? Their true colors are now shining through.

Sending the garbage back to its origin is only just, moral, and lawful.

But we need only to cancel the person(s) who offend us and not the whole country, Filipinos mindset is usually to judge everyone of their race is the same.

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