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Cebu City Is Most Searched Location Outside Metro Manila for Real Estate

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Helped by a significant number of searches for houses and lots for sale, Cebu City is ostensibly the most in-demand among online property-seekers looking to buy or rent properties outside of Metro Manila.

Gathering onsite search data from the first to third quarters of 2016, Lamudi Philippines, the leading real estate marketplace in the country, determined that the Visayas’ center for business and commerce is the most searched area outside Metro Manila among Lamudi users. Expectedly, the country’s third most important city (and largest in terms of land area), Davao City, comes in third as well.

The most recent data also indicated that traditional house and lots remain the most popular property type searched for among those looking outside Metro Manila, despite the rise of new apartment complexes and condominium developments in some of these areas. The latter two property types, however, were the following two most searched property types.

In Cebu City, for instance, 55% of property-hunters who visited the Lamudi website from January to September 2016 were looking for houses, followed by apartments and condos. In the cities, the proportion of those looking for houses is even much higher: almost 87% in Antipolo, 84% in Bacoor, 85% in Santa Rosa, and 78% in Imus. It is interesting to note that these cities are dubbed as “bedroom communities”—places that are home to a large number of people who commute to and work in Metro Manila.

Percentage of search volume by property type in the top 10 most searched cities outside Metro Manila
Other property types
Santa Rosa

Other areas that were tops among most searched areas outside Metro Manila were Lapu-Lapu City and Mandaue City, two places included in Metro Cebu. Baguio City, the long-time Summer Capital in the Philippines, was the area sixth most searched, where its real estate landscape resulting in houses and lots being the most looked for in the city.

While the data gathered was centered on placed outside Metro Manila most searched for property for sale or rent online, it must be noted that four of the top 10 areas are relatively a short distance away from the Philippine capital, and are places considered part of the Greater Manila area. They are Antipolo, Bacoor, Imus, and Santa Rosa. On the other hand, Lapu-Lapu City and Mandaue, which are both parts of Metro Cebu, generated a huge amount of search as well. In addition, traditional touristy places Baguio and Tagaytay generated plenty of online searches, most likely from people looking for vacation homes.

Designer Kaye Morales is Out to Change PH Fashion

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During Philippine Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2016 run, designer Kaye Morales made waves not only for her rainbow-splashed collection, Rebel, but also for her revelation. As her models strutted down the runway for their final walk, Morales’s words lit up the screen overhead: “I am coming out of the prison of judgment. And these are the things that make me who I am. This is my revolution of self. I am out and proud.”

Drawing inspiration from her own struggles as a woman, the designer, make-up artist and occasional painter shared, “I’m a lesbian and I want to (be) open (about) myself while making the fashion industry a welcoming place for all types of people. I want (others) to understand the different types of sexuality, especially mine, as I come out in this industry.”

Morales’s latest collection serves as a throwback of sorts to her humble beginnings as a student at the School of Fashion & the Arts (SoFA), during which she made her first serious foray into the industry with Schizo, a ready-to-wear line for the young fashionable set inclined to making punk style statements.

Closing in on her first decade in the fashion industry, Morales showed early promise when she won Best Collection for Octopodes at the SoFA’s graduation show in 2010. She had previously attended De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde where she took up production design and interior design. With a slew of short courses, she rounded out her fashion education at Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London.

Aside from Octopodes and Rebel, the designer has come out with four other collections: Melancholia; Debauchery included in Vancouver Fashion Week’s 2013 line-up; Centipede presented at LA Style Fashion Week 2014; Katana seen at Philippine Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2015 cycle. Her latest, pegged as “tailored streetwear,” is to be shared with the who’s who of local fashion at Philippine Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2016 show.

On the side, Morales has tried her hand in bridal wear with Enchanté, which features dreamy wedding dresses at competitive price points. Being an avid fan of water sports and a certified diver, the multi-hyphenate also came out with a bag line to complement her Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Seen on the runway were backpacks and shoulder bags made from vinyl and cassette tapes; and neon-tinted transparent backpacks for beach use.

Tagged by Buzzfeed as one of “17 Incredible Lesbian Pinays You Need to Know,” Morales will have critics and fans alike wondering what she’ll have up her sleeve for this year’s fall/winter cycle. And judging by seasons past, it will be nothing short of exciting.

Follow the ‘Kaye Morales’ page on Facebook; @mzkayemorales for personal updates and @kayemoralesintl for designs and collection updates on Instagram. For the designer’s portfolio, visit

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant: Should We Revive This 30-Year Old Mothballed Project or Not?

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"In line with the President's vision, an essential component of the country's energy plan involves a long-term initiative of developing a sustainable, diversified and balanced energy mix that is responsive and supportive of the country’s growing economy. Ultimately, the collateral goals include not only reducing our emissions, but also paving the way for the possible entry of other emerging technologies. Nuclear power is an emerging--or more accurately, "re-emerging"--alternative, as far as the country is concerned." - Sec. Alfredo Cusi, DOE
Experts are saying all our fears about nuclear power plants are false. The disinformation is staggering and has made Filipinos hesitant of ever allowing such power plants to exist in our country.

But the real question is, will this 30-year old unused Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) still work even after a USD 1 Billion rehabilitation? 

The BNPP project was mothballed in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. But then, clamor for the reopening of the Bataan Nuclear power plant was revived during the power crisis in the 90s and the skyrocketing of oil prices in 2007.

But then the Fukushima nuclear plant incident happened in 2011, creating global panic and concerns about the safety and integrity of nuclear plants. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, the incident virtually led to an undeclared moratorium on all plans to go nuclear for power generation. 
If these weren't enough, adding to these various setbacks, the emergence of natural gas, wind and solar energy pushed nuclear power deeper into dormancy.

Videos at the Honda Red Zone Media Launch Featuring the 2016 Honda CBR150R

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The "Honda New Model Launching & Media Track Day" was held on September 11, 2016 at Max's Restaurant located in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). All attendees were excited to see the newest motorbike models from Honda, specifically the 2016 Honda CBR150R, which will definitely make any rider feel like a racer.

The looks are something to brag about, and there's three models to choose from with prices varying so little in difference. Depending on your style, you may want to choose the one that suits your needs or personality. You can match them with your current gears, or create a totally new look to ride away to the sunset feeling so proud of yourself.

Who wouldn't want to flaunt these beauties on the road. These motorbikes are not to be stuck inside the garage. They are meant to be seen and admired so many would gawk at the new CBR 150 models. 

Of course, we could all further customize them to become really one of a kind, but the bikes all look good as it is.

Prices ranges around Php 150K - now that's value for your hard-earned money.

Below are some photos of the new Honda CBR 150 and several videos taken during the media launch of the Honda CBR 150 dubbed as The Red Zone, where Honda cordoned a portion of BGC to serve as the venue and track of the Honda Red Zone launch which was open to riders and the public.

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Awesome Pampering Exclusive for Men at The Men's Room

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Whether men will admit it or not, they still get distracted or annoyed when in the company of women. Imagine the scenario when men visit salons for some pampering services. You might witness some a bit shy or awkward being seen serviced at the same room with the women.

Admittedly, men do need some quality time away from women. So they could be with the guys, and simply relax like being in the comfort of their own homes - minus the female homo sapiens of the family. We sometimes call it the man cave - our place of refuge where we can be ourselves without the glaring eyes of our lover or wife, or some random women like the ones who would suddenly stepped in a unisex salon.

This is why the owners of The Men's Room have decided to built this special place where men can be assured there would be almost zero presence of women except for the staff at the reception and the masseuse or physical therapists who would do your massage or body spa.

There's currently three barbers working there, and all are men since it's very rare to see women who are experts in manly haircuts. Of course, women will do the massage and both scrubs since most men do not want to be touched by another man.

The Booze Shop: The Best Booze for the Birthday Boy's Weekend Drinking Party

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Every time October is near, I can't help but get extremely excited because it means I get to have an excuse to celebrate a day or two with my loved ones. We are always off to somewhere special for lunch or dinner. I love it when my birthday falls on a weekday since it usually means having to celebrate twice - one during the weekday and another one on the weekend. But, if it were up to me, I would celebrate my birthday for the entire month of October. Lol!

It also means friends, colleagues and neighbors would soon be visiting our home for another weekend of binge drinking. Nah! I'm just kidding. My friends are the ones who know guys who drink moderately are the sexier kind. Being drunk would mean losing control of ourselves, both physically and emotionally. I've never seen my friends abusing their health because they avoid drinking too much. 

Needless to say, one of my errands when the big day is near is to purchase special liquors - the best "my" money can buy.  That's with emphasis on "my" since I don't have that much money to spend. Still, I make sure they won't be disappointed with my choices.

Thus, I would like to thank the guys from The Booze Shop with their liquor recommendations. They made it easier for me to choose the liquor I would bring home for the weekend celebration.

The Booze Shop is a friend's highly recommended liquor shop located at Unit 1-A Mila Holdings building. That's at #28 Jupiter Street, Barangay Bel-Air in Makati city, which is a right turn if you're coming from the Paseo De Roxas street. I actually used Google map to find the shop but it pointed me to the opposite direction. I had to do a U-turn along Jupiter street in the middle of a traffic congestion since it was already nearing after office rush hour.

I told the staff at the shop my budget and asked them to recommend their bestsellers. I got the liquors within just a few minutes only. They even helped me carry the drinks back to the car. Wow! Happy customer here. The only thing left is to drink these beauties this weekend for my birthday party celebration. Lol!

Twitter and Smart PH Launches New Customer Support Features for Businesses

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Twitter is introducing enhanced customer support features to help businesses globally provide even better customer service on the platform. Businesses can now indicate that they provide support, which adds that information to suggestions when people search for a business, mention a business in a Tweet, or find a business in Direct Messages.

Additionally, businesses can display hours of availability on their profile to help set people’s expectations for when they are likely to reply. These businesses’ profiles will also display a more prominent button to start a Direct Message so people know the business offers support privately. SMART Philippines is among the first in Southeast Asia to leverage the new support features for better customer service.

The latest enhancements complement previously announced improvements for customer service, including Direct Message links and Customer Feedback cards to help businesses provide better service on Twitter.

“Our followers used to go through multiple stages just to reach out to us, but Twitter’s Customer Service has allowed us to streamline our process and consequently increase our engagement with our beloved customers. Over the trial period alone, we saw a 32% increase in direct messages, which allow us to handle the concerns of our customers efficiently and get their feedback so we can continuously improve our service,” said Raymund A. Rivadelo, Vice President and Head of Customer Care, SMART Philippines.

Square One BGC: Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation's Co-Working Space Offering

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The Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) has caught up with the newest trending business opportunity intended to target SMEs and startups. It is without any doubt that entrepreneurs are now greatly composed of even as young as new college graduates thus bringing assortment to the usual demographics.

I hear more and more newly grads that have set their eyes on opening their own business, either in a form of startup for those who need investment opportunities, or small and medium scale enterprises using capital borrowed mostly from their parents.

True enough, quite a lot of my younger friends are thinking of just spending a year or two with an employer but then soon resigning to setup their own business ventures. It is not only cool to become our own boss but also quite a remarkable achievement to be able to stand up on our own and receiving the full benefits and rewards once a business turns successful.

Though still one has to contend with very little financing capability thus many of these small time visionaries are eyeing on making a formal physical presence at coworking spaces. We all know that it's a lot better to meet our clients or partners at an office which we could call our own instead of lounging at coffee shops or restaurants.

Recently I've been getting a lot of event invitations that features new or expanding coworking spaces (shared offices) which confirms how popular this business venture has become. In a span of two weeks, I've been to four coworking spaces already, and this does not include the others that I've visited the past months of this year.

Square One BGC is a new coworking space offering of the FBDC that's strikingly huge. Located at the ground floor of the Bonifacio Technology Center which you can find at 31st street cor 2nd Avenue, its 200 sqm Social Hall alone could fit quite a lot of like-minded peeps for special events or gatherings. These minds are all aiming to soon become among the industry giants, and I am extremely hopeful that many would follow this trend, both coworking spaces and youth entrepreneurship.

Large Marine Protected Areas Established in Palawan to Rebuild Fish Stocks

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A whopping 1,013,340 hectares covering both the coastal and offshore waters of Cagayancillo, plus 80,000 hectares of Aborlan in the Philippine province of Palawan were recently declared as Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

This is part of a two-country initiative by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Fondation Segré to rebuild the fish stocks of the Coral Triangle by changing the way people view protected areas.

MPAs are portions of the sea which are protected by law. According to MPAtlas, the Philippines hosts 1557 – more than any in Southeast Asia. Established largely through local government initiatives and administered by coastal communities, these undersea enclaves provide vital safe havens for marine life, while also attracting droves of tourists.

Sadly, many MPAs are plagued by a lack of funding. Perhaps just over 100 MPAs are properly administered. Many are negatively viewed by coastal people as deterrents to their ability to fish in front of their homes.

This is because most MPAs have been designed to protect marine biodiversity rather than to replenish fish stocks and support local economies. “Fishermen were initially concerned that they would no longer be allowed to fish,” recalls Aborlan Barangay Captain Zabalo. “But proper zoning allocated areas for fishing.”

Over the past decade, WWF has been trying to put people’s needs first by focusing on the value of MPAs to maximize fisheries production instead of merely protecting biodiversity. So effective has the move been that the people of Cagayancillo clamored to have their waters protected because they benefited from the bounty of the nearby Tubbataha Reefs plus their own marine conservation efforts in Cagayancillo.

“Since WWF introduced marine conservation in early 2000, we have been vigilant. The reefs sustain our need for food and income. For years, we have had an abundant fish supply. I really believe some of them come from Tubbataha, especially the big ones,” shares Cagayancillo-based conservationist Nison Abados. Though composed of both offshore and coastal zones, Cagayancillo is now the largest MPA in the country – due mostly to an ordinance under Republic Act 7611.

Collaborative management is the key to effective and sustainably-funded MPAs. Roles, responsibilities and benefits are shared between national and local authorities, communities, the private sector and other resource users.

Realizing that sustainability means business viability, the initiative works with the local seafood and tourism sectors to finance and manage MPAs and sustainable fishing initiatives.

“The ease and speed by which Aborlan protected its waters was due to a three-year initiative by local provincial, municipal and village governments, the Environmental Legal Assistance Center, Western Philippines University and WWF,” says WWF-Philippines President and CEO Joel Palma.

The move heavily involves local fishermen and communities in the management of marine resources by helping them gain exclusive rights to fisheries located in or near MPAs and by working with them to improve the health and productivity of their fisheries.

An example would be Seven Lines, a coral reef system in Aborlan. “Seven Lines supplies fish to smaller coral reefs in the region. This means fisherfolk don’t need to travel far for fishing,” says Aborlan Municipal Agriculture Officer Cacatian. This means that even if certain areas are off-limits to fishers, the spillover effects of protection will seed large areas with life.

The project aims to expand the network of critical marine areas that are protected, effectively-managed and sustainably financed in the Coral Triangle. “Through well-managed MPAs, coastal communities can realize that conservation is the surest way to secure tomorrow’s fish,” concludes Palma.

As of 2016, the projects of WWF and its allies are protecting 904,000 hectares of MPAs in the Philippines.

NBA Global Games Herald Start of New NBA Season

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Question: How do you know that the NBA regular season is about to begin?

Answer: There’s a lot of buzz worldwide about the NBA pre-season including the Global Games.

The NBA Global Games are a series of NBA games played outside of the United States and Canada where NBA teams play against fellow NBA squads or foreign ball clubs.

The first official overseas game featuring an NBA team was played on Sept. 7, 1978 when the Washington Bullets traveled to Israel to take on Maccabi Tel Aviv in an exhibition game. More games would be played across Europe and the Soviet Union until 1988. In 1990, the first regular season NBA Games outside the United States were held in Tokyo featuring the Phoenix Suns and the Utah Jazz.

With the league expanding its international footprint, the NBA Global Games have been staged in various parts of the world including Spain, England, Brazil, Istanbul, Italy, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and the Philippines. The NBA and SM staged the first-ever NBA preseason game in the Philippines between the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers on Oct. 10, 2013. Since 2004, thirteen NBA teams have played in Greater China specifically in Beijing, Guangzhou, Macao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Taipei.

The 10th edition of NBA Global Games China, featuring the New Orleans Pelicans and the Houston Rockets, will be staged in Shanghai at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on Oct. 9, followed by a rematch in Beijing on Oct. 12 at The LeSports Center. This will be the Rockets’ fourth trip to Greater China following visits in 2004, 2010 and 2013.

NBA Global Games China 2016 will feature a variety of off-court activities, including the fifth Fan Appreciation Day presented by Dongfeng Nissan on Oct. 7 in Shanghai, providing thousands of fans with the chance to participate in on-court games and watch the Pelicans and Rockets in open practice. The league will also conduct NBA Cares and Jr. NBA community events and league partners will host interactive fan activities.

This year’s batch of Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA All-Stars will watch their favorite Pelicans and Rockets players in Shanghai along with other Jr. NBA All-Stars from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2016 All-Stars is composed of Kai Zachary Sotto, Tracy Carl Dadang, Fritz Felix Valencia, Harold Alarcon, Julian Jugo, Miguel Tan, Andrei Lechoncito, Rhic Gatuz, Jearico Nunez, Isaiah Blanco Hontiveros, Rozie Amatong, Florence Jill Talas, Aloha Marie Betanio, Maria Cecilia Quelenderino and Darle Regasajo.

Local celebrity Gerald Anderson and #ShootLikeTheNBA winners Kat Tan and Paolo Miguel Bernardo will also travel to Shanghai to watch the NBA Global Games.

100 Days Accomplishment Report of Department of Energy

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The targetted ten thousand (10,000) household electrification of depressed areas was achieved within the President Duterte’s first 100 days through the DOE’s partnership with MERALCO and the National Housing Authority.

As of September 29, 2016, the 13,224 households were energized in the towns of Gaya-Gaya (Towerville), San Jose del Monte, Malolos, Balagtas, Sta Maria in Bulacan; Lucena City in Quezon province; Masinag in Antipolo; Cainta; Marikina; Angono; Calamba and San Pablo in Laguna; Isla Puting Bato in Parola; Happy Land Aroma and the BASECO Compound in Tondo; Espana; Malate; Tutuban; Balagtas; Balintawak; Paranaque City and Caloocan City.

The DOE facilitated private sector participation for the provision of adequate supply of electricity in the following missionary areas:

  • Camotes Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Camotes Islands)
  • Quezon Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Polillo Island)
  • Tawi-Tawi Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Bongao)
  • Province of Siquijor Electric Cooperative, Inc. (additional supply in Siquijor)
  • Lubang Electric Cooperative (Lubang Island)
  • Marinduque Electric Cooperative, Inc. 
The DOE ordered the technical audit of the power generating plants in response to recent spate of power interruptions (yellow and red alert occurrences) in July and August of 2016.

The DOE signed Memorandum of Agreements (MOAs) with the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC)-accredited Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines (IIEE) and the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME). These professional associations, known for their technical knowledge, expertise and competence to assist the DOE in addressing the current power situation, are providing pro-bono services to augment the DOE’s Technical Audit Team for the country’s generation, transmission and distribution facilities.

Similarly, the DOE directed the technical audit of all electric cooperatives served by the NPC-Small Power Utilities Group in order to ensure the reliable quality, and affordable supply of electricity which started in Oriental Mindoro. This includes the review of all their power supply contracts.

Further, DOE directed NEA to come up with their recommendations in addressing the financial and management problems of the ten (10) ailing cooperatives, namely:

1. Abra Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ABRECO)
2. Pampanga III Electric Cooperative, Inc. (PELCO III)
3. Camarines Sur III Electric Cooperative (CASURECO III)
4. Albay Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ALECO)
5. Masbate Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MASELCO)
6. Maguindanao Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MAGELCO)
7. Lanao Sur Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LASURECO)
8. Basilan Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BASELCO)
9. Sulu Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SULECO)
10. Tawi-Tawi Electric Cooperative, Inc. (TAWELCO)

DOE has successfully intervened on behalf of the electricity consumers of BUSECO and FIBECO from having their electricity supply disconnected. 

Consistent with its mandate to protect the consumers, the DOE endorsed to the Department of Finance (DOF) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) the exemption of the Systems Loss Charge from VAT because it is not actually used by the consumers and to attain the policy of true cost under Republic Act No. 9136 otherwise known as EPIRA.

The Philippine government, with the DOE as lead agency, hosted the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation (IFNEC) Conference on the prospects of nuclear power in the Asia-Pacific region from 30 August to 1 September 2016 at the Diamond Hotel in Manila.

This is part of the country’s commitment in exploring all energy resources to ensure supply security and stability.

The DOE actively participated in the 34th ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting (AMEM34) and its Associated Meetings in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, where DOE Secretary Cusi was elected as Vice Chairman.

As the Chair of the ASEAN in 2017, Secretary Cusi formally accepted, on behalf of the Philippine government the hosting of AMEM35 and its Associated Meetings in Manila from 18 to 22 September 2017. The country hosted the same meetings twice- in 1997 and 2004.

On-going set-up of One-Stop Shop for DOE services with the USAID assisted Energy Virtual One Shared System (EVOSS) scheduled for full launch in the 4th Quarter of 2016.

The EVOSS is designed to serve as platform to investors and other government’s agencies to monitor and update on the status of the various applications. At present, on-going activities include the improvement of the system and web portal, data gathering and including the pilot testing. Attached is the EVOSS schedule of activities.

The DOE is currently reviewing the DOE’s Citizen Charter to further streamline the permitting process for power development projects. This will significantly reduce the time to process applications.

To make frontline services responsive to the people’s needs, the DOE launched the DOE Rapid Response & Delivery (RRD-AC), with the on-going transfer to the DOE Records Section and the development of the DOE Citizen Action and Response Enhanced System. The DOE-RRD-AC will have information kiosks for the processing of permits and will have an Officer of the Day on duty for immediate assistance to investors.

The DOE finalized the APEC-funded Guidelines on Improving Energy Resiliency in Off-grid Areas applicable to APEC member countries. This forms part of the economy’s readiness and adaptation to climate change.

Completed the Philippine Energy Plan 2016-2030 Update which will roadmap the strategic direction for the short, medium and long term energy sub-sectors such as renewable energy, oil and gas exploration, oil downstream and upstream and energy efficiency. A Power Development Plan 2017 -2030 based on economic growth, forecast assumptions and elasticity has been initiated.

The DOE has tightened its link with the academe, opening its doors to a succession of groups of students at various levels from elementary to college from all over the country through lectures, discussions and experiments related to the electricity supply chain, energy efficiency and conservation. At the DOE Lighting and Testing Laboratory, they learned about comparing and calculating the energy efficiency cost of operating various household appliances. Certificates of Pledges of Commitment as “Energy Cost Busters” were given encouraging especially the children to apply practical measures in saving energy and money.

Pursuant to the Department of Energy’s commitment to maintain and strengthen the predictability, certainty and consistency of investment rules of the country, the DOE affirmed its position in its Motion for Reconsideration pending before the Commission on Audit that the income tax of the Malampaya contractor shall form part of the 60% government share.

Task Force Kapatid facilitating the repair/rehabilitation of lines and restoration of electric service during disasters in coordination with the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) is in place along with an Electric Cooperatives Resiliency Program intended for the putting up of material buffer stocks needed for immediate line repair/rehabilitation. Likewise, implementing Rules relative to Vulnerability Risk Assessment (VRA) and Emergency Response Planning (ERP) to mitigate the impact of calamities is being adhered to.

DOE tightened its synchronization efforts with the ERC as strategic partners in ensuring quality, reliable, secured and affordable electric power supply.

Designer Kaye Morales Highlights Her Identity at Manila FAME

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Fashion designer Kaye Morales will present her latest capsule collection at the upcoming Manila FAME on October 20 to 22, 2016 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City. Her new bag collection as well as limited edition series of colorful and edgy accessories that reflect her identity and her vivacious personality will be featured at the event.

An outspoken LGBT advocate, Morales’ interests in water sports & pop-art inspired her latest collection.

“I’ve been fascinated with bags that have unusual designs, from there, I thought of starting my line and creating my own customized bags that speak about my identity and jolly personality and the things that I like,” Morales said.

Kaye Morales has been in the fashion industry for almost a decade now. Her last collection, Rebel, was released at Philippine Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 before she departed for London to further her studies. Morales’ past collections have been featured not just locally, but at internationally recognized fashion shows such as: Vancouver Fashion Week 2013 and Los Angeles Style Fashion Week 2014.

PH Mobile Internet Ranks 6th in APAC in Latest Akamai Report

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For the first time in many years, Akamai Technologies included the Philippines in the country ranking for mobile internet speeds. And the results did not disappoint Filipino consumers.

With an average speed of 8.5 Mbps, the Philippines ranked 6th in the average mobile internet connection speed according to the 2nd Akamai State of Internet Report. The latest Akamai report also reveals that the Philippines also achieved 105.1 Mbps peak mobile speed which in the third highest in Asia Pacific next to Australia and Thailand.

Globe Telecom’s efforts to improve internet experience of its customers advanced significantly in the first 100 days of the Duterte administration, as the company managed to drive the mobile internet speed ranking of the Philippines with its 1st world internet campaign.

Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu reiterated the company’s commitment to improve the state of internet in the Philippines in order to make the nation admired globally. “More and more Filipinos are becoming dependent on fast and reliable internet connectivity, it is imperative that telco operators like Globe work closely with the government in expanding and improving telecommunication services,” Cu said.

Cu emphasized Globe is maximizing the use of additional frequency assets it obtained from the sellout of San Miguel’s telco assets in line with its commitment to the National Telecommunications Commission to deploy about 4,500 multiband, multimode software defined radio base station equipment to 95% of total municipalities and cities in the country, intended to improve overall customer experience in terms of speed and reliability of mobile internet services.

To date, Globe has already completed deployment of LTE 700 in 200 sites, mostly in Metro Manila as well as LTE 2600 in 900 sites, mostly in Visayas and Mindanao. According to Cu, sites where the LTE 700 and LTE 2600 have been deployed cover major business districts and highly-urbanized and populated areas in the country.

Cu further disclosed that Globe also expanded its GoWiFi network as it recently completed deployment of the service in close to 500 sites that include Ayala Malls, fast food chains, bus terminals, convenience stores and other public places. He added that Globe is working on widening its WiFi coverage and plan to deploy GoWiFi services in close to 1,000 sites across the country. This will provide WiFi coverage not only Metro Manila but also in Davao, Cebu, Bulacan, Cavite, Cagayan Valley, Cagayan de Oro, Nueva Vizcaya, Dumaguete, Zamboanga and Boracay.

Launched in 2015, GoWiFi, the company’ premium open national WiFi network, is now serving close to 3 million customers per month. The company’s national WiFi network is open to any customer with a WiFi enabled device. While customers are able to access the service for free for 30 minutes a day, customers can easily purchase GoWiFi credits which they can use in any GoWiFi hotspot.

According to Cu, the company is also about to complete deployment of free Wi-Fi services in all MRT Line 3 stations, enabling Globe customers riding the MRT to efficiently make use of their transit time as they are now able to access the internet for free.

The deployment of free Wi-Fi services is expected to benefit around 350,000 daily passengers of MRT Line 3. Each passenger will be given free Wi-Fi access for 30 minutes daily, said Cu, emphasizing that provision of free WiFi services in all MRT3 stations is part of the company’s initiative to enhance network capacities.

Aside from MRT Line 3, Globe also signed an agreement to provide free Wi-Fi services in all 20 LRT stations. In addition to deployment of WiFi services, Globe will also provide fiber optic cable system that will extend the length of the entire LRT 1 and cover all LRT stations and LRMC’s depot in Pasay City. Globe also recently signed with the Metro Manila Development Authority a similar agreement that will allow the telco provider to deploy wireless infrastructure in MMDA controlled areas as part of its efforts to enhance network coverage and capacities.

The 2Q Akamai report also showed the Philippines has average internet speed of 4.3 Mbps in fixed broadband, up by 24% QoQ and 27% YoY. The country registered the strongest growth in Asia Pacific region in terms of “above 4Mbps connectivity adoption” at 33% adoption rate, growing 79% QoQ and 116% YoY.

For above 10 Mbps connectivity adopted, the country showed a 5% adoption, growing by 86% QoQ and 683% YoY. For 15Mbps connectivity adoption rate, the country is at a nascent 2.1% adoption, up 109% QoQ and 872% YoY.

Linksys Unveils New Routers Allowing Faster Wi-Fi Access on Several Devices

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I'm probably one of the many nowadays who no longer watch on TV. My favorite past time is to go on a movie and TV series marathon during weekends, and whenever there are several new content online, I browse through all the videos and music available on the many social media and video channels. These, together with so many other online tasks aside from my regular blogging, I could say I spend a great number of hours online almost everyday.

Now that's just me on my laptop and three mobile phones. There's still my wife who always chat with her friends and previous colleagues, and three kids who are equally engaged online doing their own interests like watching anime, playing multiplayer games, etc. That's around 10 devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops) at our home including our Smart TV where we can freely watch online streaming videos anytime.

I'm sure everyone of us would want to stream movies, play video games, listen to music, shop, check e-mail and more - all at the same time. But it would be a total disappointment if we'll just be facing buffering or loading time delays. I hate to watch a movie when it stops every few minutes.

Linksys Philippines now has a solution as they recently launched their newest routers equipped with Qualcomm MU / EFX MU-MIMO technology which helps to provide up to 3X faster speeds.

Jane the Virgin Shows More of Her Lovable Antics in Upcoming Season

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Avid viewers of Jane the Virgin are surely in for a surprising treat when everybody’s favorite telenovela returns to Sony Channel for a third season this October. 

The new season begs an all-important question: Will Jane finally lose her virginity? And if she does, to whom? Will it be to her husband Michael (Brett Dier), who has loved her for a long time? To her boss Rafael (Justin Baldoni), who starts to have feelings for her? Or to Sam (Miles Gaston Villanueva), a childhood crush who suddenly vies for her affection? 

Jane continues to manage the many things going on in her life as she endures an unexpected change, and her life suddenly becomes as dramatic and complicated as the telenovelas she has always loved.

Jane the Virgin Season 3 premieres within 12 Hours of the U.S. telecast on October 18, every Tuesday at 8:50 pm. First & Exclusive on Sony Channel

Sony Channel is seen on SKYCable Channel 35, Cignal Digital TV Channel 60, GSat Channel 48, Global Destiny Cable Channel 62, and Cable Link Channel 39.

Quesarito: A Quesadilla and Burrito Mash-Up Only at Taco Bell

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Torn between two classic Taco Bell favorites? No need to choose as Taco Bell rolls out its newest item on its menu – the Quesarito.

The Quesarito, as the name suggest, is a mash-up between cheesy gooey quesadilla and beefy meaty burrito. Imagine a Quesadilla made with Taco Bell’s signature three cheese blend and nacho cheese sauce wrapped around a burrito filled with seasoned beef, Mexican rice, cool sour cream and creamy jalapeno sauce. Its two delicious flavors coming together to create something truly extraordinary!

Try the new Quesarito exclusively available for a limited time only at Taco Bell branches in Gateway Mall, TriNoma and Alabang Town Center. Priced at P129 ala carte and P169 with nachos and a drink, this is a mash-up you wouldn’t want to miss.

For more updates, visit Taco Bell’s official website at or follow on Facebook and Intsagram.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

PH Has Highest Number of Depressed People in Southeast Asia, Mental Health Law Pushed

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"Many Filipinos are suffering a crisis in the dark; the silent burden of impaired mental health."

This was the statement of Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros as she pushed for a measure to address the mental health needs of the Filipino people.

Together with former Senator Leticia Ramos-Shahani, the Philippine Psychiatric Association (PPA), celebrity endorser Jerika Ejercito and other advocates, Hontiveros filed on Thursday Senate Bill No. 1190 otherwise known as the“Philippine Mental Health Act of 2016.”

Hontiveros, who is the Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Health and Demography, said that the Philippines is one of the few countries in the world without a comprehensive mental health law.

1 in 5 Filipinos suffer from mental disorder

The senator, citing several studies and government statistics, said that the country has the highest number of depressed people in Southeast Asia with schizophrenia as the top mental health disorder among Filipinos.

"1 in 5 adult Filipinos suffer from mental or psychiatric disorder. This represents an average of 88 reported cases of mental illness per 100,000 Filipinos. Also, the number of suicide cases in the country has steadily risen over a period of 20 years from 1992 to 2012," Hontiveros explained.

Lack of psychiatrists

In the rural health centers, Hontiveros said that 50% of adults visiting rural health centers in remote barrios were diagnosed to have some form of psychological illness. The senator also underscored the lack of psychiatrists in the country. As of 2014, she said that there are only 490 psychiatrists currently licensed to practice in the Philippines.

Rights of persons with mental health needs

Hontiveros’ bill seeks to identify and solidify the rights of persons with mental health needs such as the right to receive mental health services at all levels of the health care system. The bill is also pushing for the establishment of psychiatric and neurologic service in regional, provincial, and all tertiary level hospitals, recognition of other forms of treatment/non-medical alternatives and integration of mental health in the education curriculum.

“For the longest time, many people with mental health needs are silently suffering in the dark due to the lack of a comprehensive mental health law. It's time we uphold the people's right to mental health and protect the rights of those who require mental health services," Hontiveros ended

Macgyver Debuts as Highest Rated Series Premiere on AXN Since 2012

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The premiere of MacGyver delivered the highest ratings for a drama series on AXN since 2012. The highly anticipated action series premiered on Thursday, September 29 at 9:45pm and emerged as the #1 show for English general entertainment channels in the Philippines.

Paying homage to the original series, MacGyver stars Lucas Till as a 20-something Angus “Mac” MacGyver who creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government where he uses his extraordinary talent for unconventional problem solving and vast scientific knowledge to save lives.

“MacGyver is such a beloved franchise and we are not surprised at how well-received it is,” said Virginia Lim, Senior Vice President and Head of Content, Production and Marketing, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia. “Our viewers have come to expect action, adventure and compelling stories from the AXN brand, and MacGyver delivers it all.”

During MacGyver’s premiere, AXN dominated at #1 amongst 22 English general entertainment channels with a 53% share. Apart from a strong drama series premiere, its evening primetime slot includes variety series Top 20 Funniest and reality series American Ninja Warrior. During the telecast of American Ninja Warrior, AXN is the top rated English general entertainment channel.

MacGyver also stars George Eads (CSI) and Sandrine Holt (House of Cards) and executive produced by Lee David Zlotoff (original series creator), Henry Winkler (original series executive producer), Peter Lenkov (Hawaii Five-0) and James Wan (Saw, The Conjuring).

MacGyver airs every Thursday at 9.45pm first and exclusive on AXN. Catch up on the first episode of MacGyver on

Source: Kantar Media Philippines, Target: Pay TV2+

BFGoodrich Tires Announces Return to the Dakar Rally

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Michelin Philippines Chief Representative Michael Nunag relayed the announcement on October 4, 2016 from Greenville, South Carolina that BFGoodrich Tires is set to return to its rich history of winning at the 2017 Dakar Rally as the official tire supplier of the Dakar Rally.

When the Dakar Rally kicks off in Asunción, Paraguay in January, BFGoodrich Tires will be back on competitors’ vehicles on a large scale for the first time since 2012. In addition BFGoodrich will roll out the BFGoodrich Dakar Service Center, through which competitors will benefit from 24/7 technical expertise. The rugged terrain and unpredictable elements that racers face over two weeks and more than 5,000 miles of punishing competition across three countries is exactly the sort of proving ground that BFGoodrich seeks.

“BFGoodrich has a long-tenured racing heritage, and we’re excited to continue our global involvement in racing in the dirt with our official return to the Dakar Rally,” said Michelin and BFGoodrich Motorsport Director Pascal Couasnon. “Cross-country rally racing is a distinct challenge, and this race features some of the most complex terrains on the planet. As with other forms of racing where BFGoodrich competes, our commitment stays the same in this discipline. We continue to use all the technical information we learn in racing laboratories around the world to develop new technology and constantly improve our products while taking on the toughest conditions on Earth.”

Roll Over Unused Data for Free On Your Globe myLifestyle Plan

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The availability of more online content has led to increased mobile data usage. People look to more ways to maximize their connected experience and Globe Postpaid finally introduces its latest innovations with the ability to roll over unused mobile data or share it with other users or devices.

A first in the Philippines, the amped up Globe myLifestyle plans with Data Rollover allows unused MBs to be carried over to the next month. This way, no MBs are wasted and customers get the most out of their mobile connectivity. Data Sharing on the other hand strengthens Globe Postpaid’s differentiated customer experience by providing hassle-free connectivity especially with multiple devices, eliminating the need for WiFi or hotspots.

“Giving the best digital experience remains our top priority. This means putting in place convenient features like rollover and sharing so that they have the chance to better use their data whether it is adding it to the next month or sharing it. Either way, our customers get a more immersive and enriched digital lifestyle experience,” says Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business, Dan Horan.

Using Data Rollover

Data Rollover is simply carrying over your unused MBs to the following month. With this, the validity of unused GoSURF MBs are extended for another month. As an example, if you used 2 GB of your 3 GB data allowance this month, the 1 GB left-over will be added to the following month’s data allocation. The service is available for all Globe myLifestyle plan customers free of charge. All one has to do is to register once to any GoSURF with Rollover variant, and the subscriber can begin enjoying the Rollover feature monthly. Rolled over data is consumed first before the current month’s actual allocation.

Data Sharing to family and other devices

Data Sharing on the Globe myLifestyle plan allows sharing of one data plan among family members or across a user’s various devices – all within one postpaid account. With this new feature, customers need not worry about draining their batteries from using their phone’s hotspot to share data with others. The new feature also gets a plus for convenience of getting everything in one bill, as well as great value for money – eliminating the need for extra postpaid lines or separate data plans for other devices. Sharing can be done to either NEW lines or EXISTING myLifestyle Plans within the same account, for a minimum charge of P100 Share Fee per share per month.

To avail of either of the latest features, customers should enroll to GoSURF Share & Rollover by calling 730-1000 or visiting the nearest Globe store to make the changes in the account.

To know more about GoSURF Share & Rollover, visit
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