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Here’s why #PinoyFreedom is more than just a holiday

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In anticipation of the 124th anniversary of Philippine Independence, SM Supermalls shares why Independence Day is a pivotal turning point in our history.

It is a celebration of our identity as Filipinos. Independence Day represents the core of our beliefs and our identity as Filipinos – a strong and courageous race willing to fight for freedom’s sake. After almost 400 years of colonization, the raising of our flag and the singing of our anthem serves as more than an obligation; it commemorates the heroism embodied by every Filipino who fought for our freedom. This June 12, 2022 at 8:30 am, come in colors of the Philippine flag and head to the SM Supermalls’ Flag Raising Ceremony as we show love of our country and pay our respects to those who fought to protect it. 

It is a celebration of our rich and diverse culture. Each year, the month of June encourages us to exhibit our country’s rich culture in many different ways. Whether it be through food, fashion, or art, all 18 regions across the Philippines have so much to offer! At an SM mall near you, enjoy a taste of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao’s diverse cultures through Pinoy Eats and Pinoy Buys until June 12, 2022.

It is a celebration of our love for the country. Putting the country above one’s self is a great honor and responsibility. As Filipinos, it is our duty to keep the flame of patriotism alive by learning Philippine culture and history, to cultivate in us a sense of community and accountability towards our Filipino brothers and sisters. Visit SM City Cebu’s HeroiSM phygital exhibit until June 15, 2022 to explore Philippine history in an #AweSM way!

Celebrate #PinoyFreedom at SM Supermalls!

While we each exude patriotism in our own way, one cannot ignore the pride and enjoyment that comes with Philippine Independence Day celebrations! Commemorate Independence Day in a truly Pinoy way— sumptuous food, the company of loved ones, and great deals on all things local!

At SM Supermalls, activities are lined up to keep #PinoyFreedom alive nationwide! So come and celebrate the #AweSM and historic Philippine Independence Day at an SM mall near you.

For more information, visit or like and follow @smsupermalls on all social media platforms.

Stand proud and celebrate being Filipino with SM Supermalls

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As our national hero, Jose Rizal once said, ‘He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination.’ Tracing one’s roots is important to building one’s character. It is crucial to keep your feet on the ground as you reach greater heights. The same rings true for all Filipinos; we cannot truly appreciate the freedom we enjoy today without being aware of what our ancestors have fought for to gain our independence.

To celebrate Philippine Independence Day, SM Supermalls will be holding major events to commemorate this national holiday and encourage Pinoys to further embrace Filipino culture.

Join SM Supermalls’ Flag Raising Ceremony

Show your love of country and value the sacrifices of the Filipinos who died protecting and defending it. Come in colors of the Philippine flag and head to SM Supermalls’ Flag Raising Ceremony on June 12, 2022 – assembly time is at 8:30am. Give it the utmost importance, as this is the thread that knits Filipinos together from one generation to the next.

Indulge yourself with the best Pinoy Eats

As a champion of local MSMEs, SM Supermalls will spoil you with Filipino cuisine options and other local products from June 1-12. Savor the diverse and rich Filipino food offerings and have a taste of the best Pinoy dishes and treats from every region of the country. Enjoy special promotions during this period when you order your favorite Pinoy Eats on-ground or when ordering online.

Buy Local, Buy Pinoy

Support local businesses, buy fresh local produce and other specialty items from SM’s affiliates and tenants through the Buy Pinoy pop-up stores. Shop the best locally-made clothes, souvenirs, d├ęcor, and food brought to you by only the best Filipino businesses from June 1 to June 12, 2022.

“SM Supermalls have always celebrated Pinoy pride through various events where we get to appreciate our culture and express our gratitude to the heroes of past and present. Our Philippine Independence Day should never be taken for granted, because holding our national pride and heritage in high regard is what makes us true-blooded Filipinos through and through. We encourage everyone to join us as we celebrate freedom at SM Supermalls” Steven T. Tan, President of SM Supermalls, said.

For #SafeMallingAtSM, you can follow SM Supermalls on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or check out the mall entry guidelines and updates on mall hours here. You can also view the complete SM Directory here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Personal Health Insurance in UAE

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Everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, and many have suffered great losses over the past two years. Due to such conditions, people are more into health insurance, and they require professional services to keep their benefits. If you are one of those who have recently moved to UAE or planning to move to Dubai, then you can get the finest health insurance services here.

Many people feel cut off from their families and loved ones back home. As a foreigner, finding important information about health insurance, local measures and limits, and other treatments might be challenging. The UAE's healthcare system is a collection of private and public systems; however, foreigners will use the private system.

Health Insurance Covering All Of Your Medical Requirements

The health insurance plan covers the majority of outpatient and inpatient medical services, including drugs, child immunization, pregnancy, fees for diagnosis, medical treatment, and maternity in one of the country's best medical service providers.

Not only that, but a Basic Plan can also help you with a number of value-added features, such as the Global Emergency Services Package, which may help you whether you're away from home or abroad.

Why UAE Personal Health Insurance Is Your Option

To keep you happy and healthy, all of the plans are tailored to your medical needs. You get the following benefits of taking personal health insurance in the UAE.

Accurate Diagnosis And Therapy

Our extensive network will provide you with speedy access to the greatest medical specialists.

Free Physiotherapy Treatments

Up to 20 physiotherapy treatments per year are covered.

Dental Benefits

Dental benefits are also available with direct billing at network providers.

Global Disaster

While traveling, we cover your medical emergencies.

Medical Coverage

For the best medical coverage, you require personal health insurance in UAE that will make sure you and your loved ones receive the care you need when you need it.

Reliable Policies

As 'Your Reliable Insurer,' we are committed to providing you with a complete portfolio of world-class medical insurance solutions that include local and worldwide coverage, value-added services, and market-leading customer support.

Equality for Everyone

The United Arab Emirates features a combination of public and private healthcare, yet it is far from equal. We'll make sure you're covered everywhere but whenever you need it, from hospitalizations to medical evacuations.

Free Consultations

Emergency care, consultations with general practitioners and specialists, diagnostic testing, prescription drugs, and maternity care are examples of public services.

Take Care of Your Children With Personal Health Insurance In the UAE

You can arrange an appointment with your 'family doctor' whenever one of you has a medical problem, and he or she gets familiar with your whole family's medical history. In UAE, having the same doctor for your entire family, from your youngsters to your elderly relatives, is fairly usual. If your kid falls ill, you will usually be able to visit them without making an appointment.


The HealthPlus system offers six different insurance plans to choose from, each tailored to individual needs and budgets.

Insurance for Health

Our Health Insurance includes a variety of adaptable insurance solutions to protect your and your family's health.

Technical Staff

We offer a specialized technical staff with the knowledge and experience needed to locate the best health insurance options for you. In the event of an emergency, we also have a customer care staff ready 24/7.

Health Insurance Plans For Your Services

We have a unique value-added service that comes with Personal Insurance health plans. It consists of a number of well-developed initiatives that give aid in places not covered by typical health insurance coverage. To learn more, contact with our assistance team to get the benefit.

Your health is crucial to your overall happiness. Our unique insurance plans are backed up by a large physician network, ensuring that you and your family have access to cheap, high-quality healthcare.

What You Must Take Our Personal Health Insurance In UAE

·   Several professionals, including some of the most experienced and well-respected specialists in the insurance sector, are working for your benefit.

·   Service assistance from a fully automated procedure for excellent self-services in areas like enrolment, data changes, claim submission, and more, saving you time and resources.

·   A competent Healthcare Management Center system that offers unique services to the policyholders while also maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

·   Comprehensive health assistance for our policyholders, including second opinions from the greatest medical practitioners, both locally and globally, if needed. This guarantees that our policyholders are treated properly according to international best standards.

·   A strong analytical and problem-solving staff with extensive risk assessment and gap analysis knowledge is active in assisting consumers and businesses in selecting the most appropriate insurance policies.

·   Extensive knowledge gained from successfully advising thousands of individuals and groups each year with appropriate insurance coverage.

·   A dedicated claims unit manned by highly experienced medical experts such as physicians, pharmacists, dentists, and nurses to swiftly process all aspects of a medical claim while keeping a close eye on client demands.

·   Policyholders may reach us as much as they want, from wherever they are, thanks to dedicated ways of communicating for claims and approvals, as well as a 24/7 hotline number in the event of an emergency. Know more from contentpond




Monday, June 6, 2022

Humanility Launches Unique NFT Collection under Likha NFT Platform

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The unique NFT collection ‘From Street to School’ is among the most one of a kind NFT art in Asia and every art has a unique story to tell.

Humanility, a non-profit organization who is dedicated to the rescue, emancipation and rehabilitation of foster children under their care – has launched an incredible Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art collection: the Humanility Empowered Children - From Street to School – Art Collection. It is a series of unique art made by the children under Humanility and it is one of a kind in the world to date.

Launched in Likha, an NFT marketplace that features a growing number of Filipino artist and brands – with their distinct identities and signatures all curated exclusively under Likha. The Humanility Empowered Children are among the latest and youngest home-grown Filipino artists to make their mark in the NFT Art industry.

Humanility’s From Street to School Art Collection by the Empowered Children of Humanility has a total of 76 unique NFT items in its launch. The goal of the collection is to showcase the young artists and with NFT technology’s that recognizes the digital signature of artists within each art piece by their respective creator, the Empowered Children of Humanility are making their indelible mark in the new frontier of the global digital art industry.

“The Humanility NFT art collection is ground-breaking as far as the digital arts scene of the Philippines,” said Gail Cruz-Macapagal, Humanility’s Country Representative for the Philippines. “These children are young, full of hope and serves as an inspiration as they all have overcome a lot of challenges.”

The collection, all of which are hand-drawn and with each set piece --- expresses the hopes, dreams and aspiration of each children – all encapsulated into NFT format. “By purchasing a part of the collection, NFT collectors are not only empowering the children of Humanility – but are also becoming a part of the children’s journey into their future careers – whether it is art, the sciences or technology – we all can become a meaningful part of their journey.”

For NFT collectors, Humanility Empowered Children - From Street to School – Art Collection is now available in Likha. With each NFT art purchase, new owners are helping Humanility’s Education Fundraising efforts.

About Humanility

Humanility is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of street children who were once abandoned and exploited. The organization places a warm, caring and foster home and environment for the holistic development and upbringing of the foster children under their care.

Follow Humanility on their Official Social Media Accounts:


Twitter: @humanility_org

Instagram: @humanility




DynaQuest Organizes 'Retro Glow Foam Party' Charity Fundraising Event for Humanility

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We firmly believe that we should take care of our youth and guide them towards the right path thus we are grateful for organizations and companies that incorporate plans for the future generations in their social responsibility programs.

It is admirable that there are still people out there that make an extra effort to help out our community especially the children who may lose their way throughout this adventure we call life. We admit that we won't be able to save everyone from a ruined life but until there are good souls willing to lend a helping hand, we still have hope for humanity.

DynaQuest Technology Services Inc is one of those that brings hope to our youth by giving them a fair chance to become productive members of our society so that the future will be brighter for those who need them the most. Kudos for the continuous help via fundraiser activities like the one they are organizing for Humanility Philippines on June 30 at the Sky Deck of Picadily Star building in Bonifacio Global City. Proceeds of the Retro Glow Foam Party will benefit the Humanility Philippines Education Fund

DynaQuest Technology Services Inc., has organized and host a Charity Fundraising Event for the benefit of Humanility Philippines, for their education funds dedicated to the procurement of computer units, laptops and expanding the computing learning centre of the Humanility Lighthouse in Bogo, Cebu --- all for the main benefit of the many foster children under their care.

Foam Party For a Cause 2022

Date: 30 June 2022 – 6:00 PM Onwards

Place: KMC Sky Deck, 25h Floor Picadilly Star Building, 4th Ave cor 27th St, Bonifacio Global City

1634 Taguig City Philippines

Featured Artist: DJ Wilkxx

Official EventBrite - Foam Party for a Cause

Entrance fees: Silver Ticket – 1,000 PHP

Gold Ticket – 2,000 PHP

Proceeds from the ticket sales, sponsors and pledges will go directly to Humanility Philippines. To secure your entrance tickets, please refer to the Official eventbrite of the said event or follow this short link:

For many years, DynaQuest has been an active sponsor for Humanility Philippines. The company has sponsored, organized and hosted events dedicated to the holistic care and development of the children under the care of Humanility such as Back to School parties, grant donations, sponsored medical and dental missions, educational and recreational tours, fundraising for Christmas and donations to the repair and rehabilitation of the Humanility Shelter in Bogo Cebu, in the aftermath of typhoon Odette in December 2021.

DynaQuest CEO and Founder Mr. Randy Knutson is a member of the Humanility Board of Directors, while Ms. Gail Cruz-Macapagal (DynaQuest Country Director / HIMAP VP) is the country representative of Humanility Philippines.

About Humanility

Humanility is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of street children who were once abandoned and exploited. The organization places a warm, caring and foster home and environment for the holistic development and upbringing of the foster children under their care.

Follow Humanility on their Official Social Media Accounts:


Twitter: @humanility_org

Instagram: @humanility




BingoPlus perks up the game with entertainment showcase on BingoPlus Day

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BingoPlus, the country’s first PAGCOR-licensed online bingo game, brought playing Bingo to a whole new dimension as it celebrated BingoPlus Day with stars and performers led by celebrity host Luis Manzano.

Manzano, who was introduced as the brand’s first celebrity endorser, hosted a musical and game show with comedian-actor Ogie Diaz. Pop Rock Royalty Yeng Constantino and Prince of Pop Erik Santos performed on the show as actor-model Marco Gumabao and singer Lance Edward also entertained guests, online audiences and the gaming community.

“BingoPlus Day is a day full of world-class performances and exciting games and prizes. It’s a perfect platform to showcase the world-class talents of Filipino artists and to show gratitude to our patrons and partners for their unending support. BingoPlus is more than just a game. We entertain, engage and connect our players as we build a community,” said AB Leisure Exponent Inc. president Jasper Vicencio, the subsidiary company of LRWC that launched the BingoPlus brand.

Leisure & Resorts World Corporation (LRWC) President Mr. Andy Tsui explained that the brand is only four months old, “Very young, but not on the prizes that we have given away”.

Mr. Tsui said BingoPlus has already given away 5.1 billion pesos total in prizes to date.

“There’s no better way to celebrate this achievement than by celebrating BingoPlus Day with friends, partners and our dear players. It is the culmination of what we have been doing since we launched the brand in January 2022,” he said.

The idea for having an entertainment-filled BingoPlus Day came from the team, revealed Vicencio. “We always explore every entertainment possibility to bring a green and interesting experience to all users,” he said. “We have more wonderful shows and activities in store. It will be a very busy year.”

On the show, three winners with combined winnings of more than 25 million pesos were also awarded their prizes.

The BingoPlus Day show can be viewed on BingoPlus’s official Facebook page (@BingoPlusPH).

Send Money to the Philippines Online with Sendvalu

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Over the past few years, it has become easier for people to send money overseas to friends, family, and others. Costs have come down, and different options have emerged. In addition, new US federal consumer protection regulations offer greater transparency: money transfer providers are now required to provide you with "advance information" indicating (among other things) the exchange rate, the total amount a warning that the receiving party may get less than the stated sum total because of taxes and fees and charged at the recipient's end.
There are many platforms you can use to send money to people across the continent. One of the best options is Sendvalu.

Sendvalu is a Swiss company that offers its customers an online money transfer solution to 69 countries with 13,000 withdrawal points. You can send Money to Philippines through this platform quickly and easily. It is one of the most transparent platforms to use for your transactions.

Send Money to the Philippines Online

Sending money to the Philippines from the United States is now fast and easy, thanks to We have over 200,000 payout points, and currently you can use the discount code to benefit from fee free transfers. You can receive your money in different currencies, including US Dollars or Philippine Pesos from over 11,000 cash payout points and over 230,000 bank branches.

You can also receive money conveniently through your e-wallet. Enjoy commissions for your next cash transfer to the Philippines.


This voucher will remain valid up to 14.06.2022 and includes single transactions per customer via Sendvalu to the Philippines without combining other discount promotions. The minimum amount to transact is 75€.

How do I Send Money Through this Service?
To send funds with Sendvalu, only one option is available to users: go through its website, which is optimised for mobile devices.. To date, no mobile application is available.

Only two withdrawal methods are available for the recipient:

● a transfer to the recipient's bank account
● a cash withdrawal at a withdrawal point
Sendvalu Rates and Fees
As with Western Union, the price of transfers with Sendvalu depends on two main factors:
● destination country
● the option of receipt (cash or deposit in a bank account).
Depending on the country of destination, a commission and transfer fees generally apply with significant variations. This is all the more significant for online credit card payments.

Why Choose Sendvalu

● Fast Customer Support- You will have access to 24/7 customer support if you have challenges using the platform. There are multiple communication avenues you can use to reach out to the support team.

● Easy to Use Platform- The Sendvalu platform is quite easy to use. You can use their platform to send or receive money smoothly through your phone or PC.

● Even Pricing- Enjoy low exchange rates and transaction costs on the platform.

● Quality Service- Sendvalu is a company that values its customers a lot and has invested in the quality of service offered. Enjoy quality service when you use Sendvalu to send money.

● Secure Transactions- You don’t have to worry about the security of your cash transfers or transactions. Everything is perfectly secured on the platform using the latest technology.


Overall, sending money costs an average of 7.52% of the amount sent. To make the market more transparent, the World Bank tracks remittance prices worldwide and maintains a searchable database on its website where you can find and compare prices for sending money. If you plan to send money regularly, it's worth researching your options and finding the right service for you, not just in terms of fees but also in terms of payment, delivery options, and transfer speed. Sendvalu is the best option to send or receive money.
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