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A Delectable Catfish Feast at Hito-Go in Valenzuela

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The farthest in the North that I got for a restaurant review was in Malabon to try one of their food parks, but now I could say that I also made it to Valenzuela for a similar reason. It seems no matter where we go, there will always seem to be some rare foodie finds to please our taste buds, and for this one, bring back memories of my childhood.

Our special lunch of catfish at Hito-Go in Valenzuela truly brings back some fond memories of my youth when I used to enjoy my mother's "hito" cooked in "miso" or soybean paste, then added with mustard leaves, and okra, plus some tomato and onion slices. And just like every sinigang, add enough tamarind mix as the final ingredient.

I do hope they add that particular dish to their catfish menu, and maybe also "ginataan" because anything with coconut milk is good for most of us, especially if you add a hint of spiciness, to make it just about perfect. Don't forget the rice, our staple food, to complete the dining experience. Now, this is where you could also go "unli-rice" until you drop! Lol!

But speaking of rice, the Boodle Bilao let's you sink in to a festive feast perfect for groups. By the way, you may ask for their special sauce with secret ingredients to really perk up the hito dining experience.

They also have other dishes where the catfish is the star, like the Kinilaw na Hito and the Hito Sisig, and the pultun-perfect Chinicharong Tinik ng Hito, aside from other seafoods like Calamari, Cream Dory Fillet, Bangus, Tilapia, and their Bilao Boodle available in three sizes where they also offer pork, chicken, salted egg, tortang talong and some steamed vegetables like okra and sitaw, also bagoong.

What makes Hito-Go special is that the owners have hectares of farm (excited to visit it soon) where they can conveniently harvest (or should I say catch) these catfishes to guarantee clean, fresh and plentiful supply....Thus, more affordable as well.

Breaking the stigma that catfishes come from unsanitary sources, rest assured that that is never the case if they come from Hito-Go. Though they are survivors that could live at the worst conditions and places, since I did used to see them swimming around during floods in my hometown, nowadays they are a rare sight to behold. I would normally only see these fishes at Muslim-run restaurants offering Halal-compliant dishes. Now considering Halal food are supposed to be processed in clean and sanitary environments, you may think they would stay away from these fishes with whiskers, but catfishes did pass as among their meals. Chef Lucky also told me that contrary to.what I previously knew, the Chinese also are fond of eating catfish, aside from the popular dimsums. Now this is probably not a big surprise since they also enjoy eating chicken feet.

Hito-Go will be opening their brand for franchising so please direct all inquiries to their Facebook page now to become one of the pioneers in this business opportunity.

We would like to thank Chef Lucky for having us at his Valenzuela branch, currently the only one with a dine in option capable of sitting around 20 customers. If you're also lucky, maybe you'll get to see them grill your catfish oders too.

I believe the only suggestion I would give is to make the branch more customer-friendly by adding visually appealing menus on display at their counter. Seeing images of the food convinces customers because we would already get an idea of what we will get to eat. I would also give recommendations on the place, but I believe they will only offer take-out branches for their franchising. Now, that could be a more convenient and with less overhead option since that would mean less manpower requirements if you take away the dine in.

Overall, I was more inclined to come back for the grilled hito not just because it offers a more tasteful dining experience since you would really appreciate its difference in taste compared to other fishes, but I'm also biased against anything fried, thus the breaded and fried version was not a favorite.

Do try this foodie find and let us know if you agree with us on our review.

More photos and videos on our official Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook page.

Crispy Fried Breaded or Grilled Hito-Go with Rice Meal: P99.00
Chinicharong Tinik ng Hito: P49.00

Small Bilao Boodle: P349.00
Medium Bilao Boodle: P649.00
Big Bilao Boodle: P1049.00

Bucket of Hito-Go for Takeout
Bucket of 3 - P239.00
Bucket of 5 - P399.00
Bucket of 7 - P549.00

Highly Recommended are the Sisig Hito and Kilawing Hito

Store Location:

#1 Llenado St. Malinta Valenzuela City
(Near Mercury Malinta, beside Gemz Acrylic)
Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays
11:00am to 10:00pm

For Dine and To-go
Hito go has a dining capacity of 22 PAX. For advanced orders, please order 1 hour in advance so they can prepare your orders accordingly.

They also have a Take-out only branch in Malabon

Contact Number: 0923-6604438

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Effective Tips to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Small Business Website

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With the digitalization and the entrance of new technologies, leading an online business becomes more and more popular. In general, you have the potential opportunity to reach billions of consumers from all over the world. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. You need to put many endeavours to overcome all the challenges and be a “leader” within the growing competition. In case you cooperate with an experienced eCommerce digital agency you will get the best eCommerce marketing services. They will help you to use the latest trends to succeed. These agencies will surely suggest you implement the tactics of eCommerce SEO and eCommerce PPC management for ranking high and getting traffic. Ranking high and gaining visitors are critically important for your business goal. However, your main goal is to make your visitors convert. Through it, you can figure out the intention of your website visitors, gain more customers and have business growth. Let us have a look some effective tips that will help to improve your conversion rate:

1. Focus on Devices and Speed;

If you want to have a high conversion rate, first of all, you need to have a responsive and fast web design. It means that your website should be accessible in all type of devices (including mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.). People use mobile phones everywhere they go. If you fail to create a mobile-friendly website, your website visitors will hardly convert. Speed as well plays a great role, as delays will not only reduce conversions but also will have a negative impact on your ranking.

2. Focus on Website Content and Design;

When speaking about conversions we can never ignore the role of a content. Why? The answer is that it is the best way to inform your website visitors about your product or service. Quality content builds trust and encourages conversions, as it gives the information they need for making a decision to buy. However, your website should not only be informative but also impressed by its design. Your website should impress from the first sight so as visitors do not leave it. Website navigation is also very important.

3. Utilize Diversity in Your Marketing Strategies;

When looking at eCommerce PPC services or eCommerce SEO services we see two different approaches. Different agencies (including SEO or PPC agencies) implement the tactics of one or the other in their strategies. However, the mix of them can bring the success that you can never expect. Working together these two can give a multi-channel approach to eCommerce marketing, increasing conversion rates.

4. Utilize Social Media;

As social media is very popular among people it has become a great platform for eCommerce advertising and customer-business relationship. It gives you the opportunity to share information, interact and increase brand awareness. Responsiveness and availability to your customer’s queries build trust and help increase conversion rates.

5. Include Reviews;

According to studies customer reviews have a great role in improving conversion rates. A lot of people tend to make their decisions based on the experience of other people concerning the same product. So, reviews are influential in building trust for your eCommerce business.

6. Include Contact information and Chat;

A lot of people consider contact information as a sign of confidence. Providing contact information makes your website look accessible and if your customers fail to find it quickly they will leave your website. Another important way of quick access is live chat. Through it, your customers can get all the answers and information they fail to find on the website. If you do not manage to have 24/7 online service, in this case chatbots can come to help.

7. Offer Various Payment Options and Free Shipping.

Not all people use the same payment options. It means the more options you include in your website the more conversions you will have. With it never forget to suggest free shipping. In most cases, it attracts eCommerce purchase decision.

Discovering the most effective tips to increase your conversion rate is the key element to improve it. You need to choose the best tactics to attract more and more visitors making them your potential clients and having a successful eCommerce business.


Tigran is a marketing and creative content specialist at with a primary focus on SEO, PPC and customer satisfaction for eCommerce business. Being a true humanist she draws inspiration from the simple thing as everyday life and the matters one come across on a daily bases doing her best and above to help everyone around.

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MARINA Pushes for Phasing-out of Wooden-hulled Ships

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The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), together with partner government agencies and private stakeholders, pushes for the phasing-out of wooden-hulled ships and its replacement with technologically improved hull materials, during an institutional mechanism workshop with boat operators and associations in Iloilo and Guimaras yesterday, 22 August 2019.

MARINA OIC – Administrator Vice Admiral Narciso A Vingson Jr led the workshop by providing an opportunity for the local boat associations to raise their concerns regarding the phasing-out of wooden-hulled ships for the modernization of the domestic shipping industry.

Aside from the need for more developed port facilities and infrastructure, the stakeholders shared that the lack of financial resources to replace their wooden-hulled ships with modern units is a major challenge for domestic ship modernization.

Hence, the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) expressed its full support to stakeholders by encouraging them to avail of its financing program known as CRUISE or Connecting Rural Urban Intermodal Systems Efficiently (CRUISE) that reinforces the development of an integrated and multimodal national transport and logistics system in the country, payable until 15 years.

However, eligible borrowers under the CRUISE financing program include: private corporations, government agencies, local government units (LGUs), government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), financial institutions, and cooperatives. Individual operators are not eligible.

With this, the Office of Transportation Cooperatives (OTC) encouraged the stakeholders to form a cooperative so they may explore other business ventures to further increase shared capital and enjoy tax exemption. The office also explained the step-by-step procedures, as well as the requirements of boat operators and associations to be accredited as a transport cooperative.

The Caticlan - Boracay Transport Multipurpose Cooperative, for one, has shared their success story of deploying 12 fiberglass boats to cater to approximately 15,000 daily passengers in the Caticlan – Boracay shipping route and how it helped them build their shared capital of 218 million pesos.

Meanwhile, the local government of Iloilo represented by Mayor Siegfredo Betita of Carles, Iloilo and Guimaras represented by Congressman Lucille Nava, Governor Samuel Gumarin, Vice-Governor John Edward Gando, and Mayor Eugenio Reyes of Buenavista, Guimaras have committed to extend all possible assistance to boat operators and associations in the process of phasing-out their wooden-hulled ships and its replacement with technologically-improved hull materials through continuous dialogues and by creating other sources of employment, especially for those sailors who will be displaced as a result of the phase-out.

Several local and international boat builders and shipbuilders including the OCEA Shipbuilding and Industries, Philippines PIO-Ship Inc., Metallica Shipyard, Lacson Marine Consultancy, Swerte Grande Ventures Corp., Suzuki, Pinoy Catamaran, and the Boat Industries Association of the Philippines (BIAP) also participated in the workshop.

They presented available boats and ship designs made of aluminum, steel, or fiberglass that the stakeholders may consider as replacements to existing wooden-hulled ships. These modern designs are proven to be safer, more durable, and more environment-friendly, as well as consume less fuel and provide more convenient services to the riding public.

After the workshop, the boat operators and associations, LGUs, government agencies, and private partners have expressed their commitment to work hand-in-hand with the MARINA in upholding maritime safety and promoting the comfort of the riding public through the construction and the utilization of modern boats and ships.

Philippines Successfully Sustains IMO White List

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The Philippines, through the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), has successfully sustained its status in the updated “IMO White List,” showing the list of Parties compliant with the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) 1978, as amended.

During its 101st session held from 05 to 14 June 2019, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Maritime Safety Committee discussed and confirmed that the Philippines has communicated its full and complete demonstration of the relevant provisions of the STCW Convention.

MARINA OIC Administrator Vice Admiral Narciso A Vingson Jr said that the Philippines’ continuing inclusion in the IMO White List is a confirmation of the country’s consistent efforts in producing globally-competent Filipino seafarers through the enhancement of maritime education, training, assessment, and certification system.

“This positive development not only maintains the Philippines’ strong position in the international maritime community, but also secures the employment of thousands of Filipino seafarers manning internationally-flagged vessels and supporting the national economy through remittances,” Vice Admiral Vingson said.

For his part, Transportation Secretary Arthur P. Tugade acknowledged the good news and challenged the MARINA to ensure the country’s continuing compliance with international maritime standards, specifically at the upcoming IMO Member State Audit Scheme (IMSAS) in 2021 that will look into the country’s implementation and enforcement of the provisions of mandatory IMO instruments pertaining to STCW, safety of life at sea, prevention of pollution from ships, load lines, tonnage, as well as regulations for preventing collisions at sea.

“We are happy with this development, but the more important thing is our ability to sustain this development. That is why I challenge MARINA to consistently exert all efforts to further strengthen the country’s performance of its obligations and commitments as an IMO Member State. Ultimately, our seafarers, their families and our nation stand to gain from this consistent compliance,” Secretary Tugade said.

The Use of Chromecast 2019 in Home Automation

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Google is an absolute colossal giant in the tech industry. Everything from your internet, advertisements, search results, videos, and even phones are powered by Google in one way or another. But recently, the company has been shifting its focus a bit to home automation.

All of this started way back when Google Assistant was announced. It’s not just a voice assistant anymore, it’s basically a way to get around simple tasks while sitting on the couch. Artificial intelligence has gotten much better over the years, and if you’re not skeptical about that sort of thing, it definitely has its benefits.

One of the benefits AI provides is home automation. Google will gladly help you with its Google Assistant and Google Home setup. Even a simple dongle such as the Chromecast can become a powerful tool.

So What Is Home Automation?

Home Automation and AI was something you’d see back in the movies of the 90s. While we’re not quite up to speed with Tony Stark in this regard, it’s definitely more accessible to the average person these days.

Something that was once reserved for billionaires such as Bill Gates (who did it way before it was mainstream), is now just a few efforts away for us. Home automation works to make your home smarter. Simple things like switching on the lights when you come home, throwing up your favorite music on your smart speakers, and even stream live footage from your security cameras, it’s all possible.

So How Does The Chromecast Play Into This?

The Chromecast is a nifty little device that has definitely gained its fan following over the years. As Google is moving us towards a smarter world that’s always connected, this shouldn’t be a surprise. It recently got a refresh as the Chromecast 2019 which makes it faster, adds some smart features, and improves on the looks in small ways.

You probably know the drill by now. You plug your shiny new Chromecast into the TV, power it up via USB and voila! You have an instant way of listening to music and watching the video straight from your phone to the TV. Hence, the “cast” name, as you can cast any sort of video or audio on there.

But there’s so much more to it than that. Pair the Chromecast with Google Assistant and you have a tonne of new doors to open. If you have the Google Home app, and the smart speaker/home assistant, known as Google Home, you can do a lot of home automation stuff with it.

Getting Started

Before we dive deep into what the Chromecast and Google Home can do together, we need to go through a bit of a setup process. Don’t worry though, as most of this will be done via the Google Home app and is pretty easy for even non-tech savvy folks. Here’s what you need to do.

Install the Google Home app on your smartphone, it’s available on both iOS and Android

Go through the initial quick setup process

Tap the menu button, sign in with your Google account (the same one you signed into with the Google Home speaker)

Connect both the Chromecast and Google Home to the same Wi-Fi network

Sift through the “more settings options” and the TV or speaker you’ve connected to Chromecast should show up

Add the Chromecast to network

That’s all there is to it for the setup, now let’s have a look at all the fun things you can do with the Chromecast and Google Home duo.

Play Your Favorite Tunes

If it already wasn’t easy enough to play music on your phone and cast it to your TV or speaker, Google Home makes it even easier. Just ask the assistant to play any sort of music via your desired music player (Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and others are supported) and it will do so without a complaint.

But that’s not all, with a recent update you can even schedule when to play music. Can’t sleep without some soothing white noise or background sounds? We’ve got you covered. Just find the most relaxing music you can, make a playlist in the music player and tell Google to play it at a certain time.

This way whenever you go to bed, you’ll always have something to relax to. You could even use this as an alarm clock so that it will play something whenever you need to wake up.

Videos Are Just One Voice Command Away

If you connected both the Chromecast and Google Home with the same network, you don’t need to pull out your phone to play a video. Normally, you’d pull out the phone, find the video, and then cast it to your TV.

With Netflix or Youtube, you can just command Google Home to play a specific video, movie or TV show and it will start automatically. Once other services get on board, this feature should get pretty mainstream.

Monitor Your Security Footage

This is probably the most useful home automation feature Google provides. Nest makes security cameras, and they are owned by Google is a Google-owned company. As you can imagine, they play very well with Google Home

Setup the Nest camera and connect it to the network via the Google Home app, and you now have a smart camera setup you can view with Chromecast.

You can use different voice commands such as “Show me my security footage” or if you have different cameras “show me camera #2”, and it will automatically start playing that footage on the TV.

Once other companies hop on board with Google Assistant, we’ll have more security cameras with this feature.

Final Thoughts

Those are the main things you can do right now with Chromecast. It’s really surprising that such a small device works so well for home automation. Google is really pushing us towards a more connected world, and we’re not complaining. One day, we could do all of our meager tasks at home with just a few voice commands.

But that’s not all. There’s a lot you can do with your Chromecast if you connect it to your PC too. They're also a bunch of other tricks buried inside. If you want to know absolutely everything Chromecast can do, read this definitive guide to Chromecast.

CineSpectra Film Festival to Open with 2017 Cannes Film Fest Winner

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A free screening of Robin Campillo’s award-winning French drama film “BPM (Beats per Minute)” will kick off the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and EON Foundation's CineSpectra 2019 Short Film Festival this August 26, 2019 in Trinoma. The Festival aims to raise HIV and AIDS awareness among audiences and is conducted in partnership with LoveYourself Inc.

“BPM (Beats per Minute)” is a historical drama which follows the AIDS-activism group ACT UP in the early 1990s in Paris and stars Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Arnaud Valois, and Adèle Haenel. It had its world premiere at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and won Grand Prix, the second most prestigious honor at Cannes.

This year’s CineSpectra is held with the theme “Your Judgment, Their Life” which aims to shed light on HIV and AIDS in the Philippines and to give the different voices in the community a chance to be heard.

Aside from the critically-acclaimed film “BPM (Beats per Minute),” audiences can also catch the free screenings of 10 CineSpectra competing short films and iWant advocacy film “Mga Batang Poz” by Chris Martinez, all of which help enlighten the viewers about HIV and AIDS in the country and their impact on society.

A panel discussion on the film’s role in the advocacy will also be conducted with key organizations and individuals.

Film screenings for “BPM (Beats per Minute)” are free and open to the public during the first and second days of CineSpectra 2019 on August 26, 2019 at 1:00 PM and on August 27, 2019 at 1:30 PM at TriNoma Mall’s Cinema 6 in Quezon City.

Juan Big Idea: Ang Paglalakbay ng Natatanging Marketista - The South Luzon Flight

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JUAN PILOTO is heading straight to the land of South Luzon!

Buckle up for Juan Big Idea: Ang Paglalakbay ng Natatanging Marketista - The South Luzon Flight happening on the 1st of September 2019 at Batangas State University-Main, Batangas City, Batangas.

Join us in this remarkable aviation and have your tickets availed at P300 for member schools and P350 for non-member schools (Inclusive of Certificate and free lunch).

For inquiries, please contact Luckie Riego at 0947 449 3190 or email him at


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Your Ultimate Guide for an Adventure to Boracay 2.0

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Boracay 2.0 just opened and it is back for good. What happened? Well, last April 2018, Boracay was closed to all tourists, including the Filipinos. While it started a national debate, the closure was aimed to rehabilitate one of the world’s best beaches. And after six long months of clean-up brigades and reconstructions, the island reopened for tourism on October 26, 2018. More importantly, to be aligned with the government’s goal of keeping the island clean, there are new rules and guidelines established for tourists to follow.

Here are some travel tips to guide you on your Boracay 2.0 adventure.

Get to Know the Island

Just like any other trip, it is important to know some facts about your destination. Here are some facts that can help you decide where to stay, dine, and relax during your Boracay escapade.

Location: Boracay is an island in Malay, Aklan.

Language: The locals are fluent speakers of English and Filipino. Their native dialects are Aklanon and Ati.

Currency and mode of payment: Philippine peso (PHP) is the main currency of Boracay. Most establishments accept cash-only, but some establishments accept US dollars and credit cards.

Geography: Boracay has three barangays - Yapak, Manoc-Manoc, and Balabag. Yapak is the northernmost barangay. It houses Diniwid Beach and the famous Puka Beach. Barangay Balabag is in the middle, where you can find Stations 1 and 2. Barangay Manoc-Manoc is in the south of the island, where you can find and hire jetties in the Cagban Port. It is also the main entrance to the island if you are coming from Caticlan Port. This southern barangay also has the newly developed Station 3.

Book Your Stay in An Accredited Hotel

Before the clean-up closure, you can go to the island and book your hotel when you get there.

Some even just find transient rooms from various local houses to stay for a day or two. Now, if you want to enjoy Boracay 2.0, you have to show proof of your hotel booking or reservation from a Department of Tourism registered and accredited hotel.

They have a strict NO BOOKING, NO ENTRY policy to ensure the safety of the guests. This is a way to control the population of flocking tourists who want to experience Boracay’s white beaches and amazing sunset.

Here are some of the well-loved accredited hotels according to various booking sites.

The Coast Boracay
Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa
The Lind Boracay
Henann Palm Beach Resort
Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay
Discovery Shores Boracay
Henann Crystal Sands Resort
Hue Hotels and Resort Boracay Managed by HII
Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel
Astoria Current

Fly Cheaper Through the Kalibo Airport

Getting to Boracay is still pretty much the same. From Manila, you can either choose to land in Kalibo or Caticlan airport. Take note that Kalibo airport is two hours farther than Caticlan airport, but airlines carry much cheaper rates. Either way, you need to go to the Caticlan Port next. The Caticlan Port is the main gateway to Boracay Island. Upon arrival, you can take a tricycle or if provided, your private van going to your hotel.

Once you are on the island, getting around is usually via tricycle rides. The tricycle is like Boracay’s version of a taxi. Rides are now regulated and have fixed fare rates, which can range from 20 to 200 Philippine pesos depending on your destination.

Explore Coves and Smaller Islands Through Island Hopping

Aside from the main island’s white-sand beaches, Boracay also offers smaller coves and islands that are equally beautiful and stunning. Some of the famous destinations include the Crystal Cove Island, Crocodile Island, and parts of the Puka Beach. However, Crystal Cove Island is still closed at the moment.

Also, take note that you will not come down from your boat at Crocodile Island. You can take pictures and admire the view from your boat. The final stop is in Puka Beach, or you can ask the boatman to take you to a snorkeling site.

Enjoy Water Activities to Your Heart’s Content

Before the closure, the Philippine government said that most water sports activities would be banned. Fortunately, they reconsidered and still allowed most activities that tourists can enjoy. While scuba diving is no longer permitted, here are some of the water activities that you can try in Boracay:

Stand up Paddle
Jet Ski Rides
Banana Boat Rides
Mermaid Lessons
Paraw Sailing

Fill Your Belly with Yummy Seafood Meals

Boracay Island always served the best seafood cuisine in the area. From fine dining restaurants to local shops, you can be satisfied with their food. Here are some of the best restaurants where you can choose the best crabs, lobster, and shrimp menus:

Forno Osteria Josper-Grilled Steaks at Discovery Shores Boracay
Indigo Seafood Platter
Prisma Cocktails and Drinks
Sands Dining

But if you are on a strict budget, D’ Talipapa never disappoints. D’ Talipapa is Boracay’s famous market in Station 2. You can choose and buy fresh seafood and have the nearest eatery prepare and cook them for you at an affordable cost. If you are in a hurry, you can pass by D’ Mall, Boracay’s version of a shopping center, and buy yourself a quick meal at Andoks.

Also, a Boracay escapade will not be complete without trying these popular local treats:

Jonah’s Fruit Shake
Halo Mango
Calamansi Muffin from Real Coffee and Tea Cafe’s
Merly’s BBQ Chori Burger

Follow The New Rules and Regulations Imposed By the Government

Following the clean-up and rehabilitation drive, Boracay also started to impose new rules and regulations to keep the island clean and safe. Here are some of the activities restricted or prohibited on the island:

No drinking of alcohol on the beach
No smoking
No illegal drugs
No pets
No loud music
No fire dancing
No umbrella pitching, beach beds, and chairs

Putting sand in containers as souvenirs is prohibited.

Fireworks are only up to 9:00 PM.

Drones should have special permits to be allowed.

Enjoy the fresh air, clean environment, and the magnificent view of the Boracay 2.0. Make memories and make sure to capture precious moments. Bask in the sun, relax, and most of all, have fun! If you want more great travel tips, you can visit travel sites such as

About the Author

Rach is an author and an avid traveler. She loves writing about travel tips and updates on various famous destination sites around the world. This wanderer soul has already traveled to more than 10 countries, which are mostly in Asia. When she is not writing, you can be sure to see Rach shooting photos of wildlife animals or extreme sports events.

How Staff Leasing Works for Your Business

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Staff leasing is a form of outsourcing service wherein you hire a third-party provider to perform certain job functions. Apart from staffing, the provider also takes care of setting up the working space for your leased team, replete with all the necessary equipment and facilities to ensure that employees are productive and efficient at work.

It’s also the responsibility of your staff leasing partner to oversee the business operations on your behalf.

Through staff leasing, you and your team can focus on key management aspects, which can help fuel growth and generate income for the business. The benefit of leasing is that you can expand your business even overseas, for example, you don't need to apply for Singapore citizenship if you want to expand your business operations there, you can outsource your workforce there to manage your business operations. Here are primary outsourcing benefits that should motivate you to consider staff leasing:

1. Staff leasing allows you to scale up or down as needed.

With staff leasing, you can hire just a few staff or a small team first, if that’s just what you need. You’re not obligated to sign up for something that you don’t need just as yet. At the same time, staff leasing is a great business strategy for when you need utmost flexibility in scaling your workforce depending on your evolving needs or on the number of available resources you have.

So as your business expands, and the need for more support staff arises, you can then turn to outsourcing to augment your offshore team. Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)—or companies that offer staff leasing services—have a large pool of talent available that can be tapped immediately in case you need more leased employees.

2. Staff leasing is a money-saver.

Staff leasing is ideal for startup companies that have a limited budget but still need to begin operations at full speed.

It’s true that you need to put your business ideas out there in the market as quickly as possible, making it necessary to have the best talent on board. However, you also know that getting the most qualified professionals don’t come cheap. You’re in a constant bid to attract the top-performing talent who can help you gain a competitive advantage over other players in your industry.

Thus, you might find yourself incurring huge costs on employee salaries and benefits. But why pay too much when you can get the same caliber of talent through staff leasing. Since PEOs are usually located in countries that have a lower cost of living than their clients, they can connect you with a talent pool whose salary brackets fall within reasonable amounts but with work that meets world-class standards.

3. Staff leasing offers efficient solutions for human resource management.

The human resource department performs many functions, including recruiting, onboarding, training, and engaging of employees. Unfortunately, not all aspects of proper employee management can be handled effectively.

It’s possible that you may fall into this trap as you set sight on other priority business activities like sales, marketing, customer service, and several others. However, HR experts will tell you that it’s not a great recipe for business success.

This dilemma wouldn’t happen, though, if you were to take advantage of the services of a staff leasing company. Staff leasing providers have a well-defined HR structure, so there’s already a system for all HR processes.

Here’s a breakdown of how you and your staff leasing partner can approach HR duties:

On Hiring

Employee leasing comes with that much-needed guarantee against bad hires. Businesses agree that the impact of bad hires isn’t limited to financial losses, but that it also extends to lower levels of productivity and staff morale.

Apart from having an established set of pre-employment procedure, what makes staff leasing effective in preventing bad hiring decisions is your involvement in the screening and selection process of recruitment.

Once you’ve communicated your exact workforce requirements to your staff leasing provider, the outsourcing company will be closely coordinating with you with a list of shortlisted candidates. At this point, you may want to participate in interviewing the candidates to gauge their fit for the role, as well as for your business model.

On Employee Training and Assessment

In terms of training, you may choose to have a hand regarding the modules, resources, or timeline that will be used to make sure that your offshore team will be capable of delivering the results you expect.

Moreover, you will still be able to exercise your control over your hired employees since there will be someone from your company—a manager or a team leader—who will be monitoring their performance. This person will also be able to identify any challenges among team members and decide with the outsourcing company on what course of action to take to make things better.

It’s worth noting that upon hiring, the employees will be under the care of the leasing company. Therefore, all matters regarding compensation, benefits, and the like will be the responsibility of your staff leasing provider.

From the above examples, it’s quite easy to see that staff leasing ensures continuity in all HR tasks, which is a good thing if making your employees happy and motivated is a top concern.

Other Factors to Consider

When making business decisions such as whether to employ staff leasing or not, it’s important that you weigh the pros and cons to allow you to have a balanced perspective about the subject.

In a staff leasing arrangement, you’re sharing with your provider, not just the responsibilities, but also the control over certain decision-making processes. If you and your outsourcing company have conflicting rules and policies, you might need to find a middle ground to resolve the differences or look for a provider that would bode well with you.

It’s also more challenging to establish a long-term relationship with leased employees since you may be hiring them only for a temporary project. In such a case, you will have to keep on adjusting your employee development programs now and then.

Parting Shot

All things considered, staff leasing can complement your business model and be instrumental in hitting your targets. Before hiring an outsourcing partner, make sure that you understand everything it entails—how it’s set up, what to expect, and what things you may need to give up.

6 Best Attires for All the “IT Girls” Out There

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Certain outfits will look out of place if worn elsewhere than they are meant to be worn.

Being an It Girl, you can’t afford to look less than your fab self. That goes for when spending a day at the beach or going out for a formal dinner in the evening.

We have selected a few attires for various occasions, so you may wield your fashionista title proudly for many years to come!

Here’s what to wear when…

Going to the beach

Are you the kind of “It Girl” who loves reading on the beach? Sipping a margarita while a mystery unfolds amongst the pages sounds heavenly. Or, you could be someone who is into the excursion, so you can splash around in the water looking like a water nymph.

Either way, the outfit that we have chosen for your beach visit will be perfect for you. You’ll be ready for the camera without looking overdressed. Moreover, it also seems perfectly glam when attending pool parties. So, root around for a pair of high-waist shorts. Pair it with a bikini top for an Insta-worthy look. Then complete it with a visor and a straw bag. We’d say forego the classic straw hat for a visor because it looks so much sportier and unexpected. Check out other beach essentials here.

Stepping into the workplace

For this look, we have kept in mind two things. Firstly, we wanted to modernize the iconic looks of the classic Audrey Hepburn. Secondly, we wanted an outfit that would be perfect for the fall season. Mixing those concepts led us to an inspired 70s best choice ever! For your fall work outfit, we see you dressed in an equestrian style. That means a light blue midi skirt and a black blouse. Then clinch your waist in a brown belt and slip into chunky knee-high boots.

A Formal Dinner

Even if you count yourself amongst the most confident of dressers, fancy dinners may leave you in a tizzy. Should you wear trousers, or would that be gauche? How about a good skirt? But what if it looked too casual? Where on earth should you look for inspiration? Well, we have your fashionable back in this case as well!

For starters, keep in mind that not every restaurant will have the same rules. So, you may have to dress accordingly. However, you’d already know enough not to go waltzing around in your trainers to most posh establishments. The same rule removes casual sweatshirts and anything that comes with a sports logo or in leather. Avoid wearing jeans and sneakers too, even though some Michelin-star restaurants will allow them.

For the prime attire – and the right spot which isn’t by the door or the bathroom – go for a flowy, silk dress. The satiny material will look like royalty and draw all eyes to you. But let your inner rebel out to play by pairing it with not plain but printed heels. While you arrive at the restaurant dressed in a luxe satin number, you can deck your feet in snake-printed heels or something similarly outrageously modern. This unholy pairing may sound unusual but trust us; it will look great!

Breaking out the sneakers

This look is more about how to pull off wearing sneakers and less about where to flaunt them. Sure, the marriage between dresses and sneakers is an unlikely one. It had to fight its way up slowly to the suitcases of fashion influencers and It Girls. Once it had made itself known there, it ended up on the ramps and graced many fashion shows.

But what is it about the look that attracts so many wearers? For one, it is just so darn comfortable. Secondly, it works great as an alternative to the classic stilettos paired with a dress combo. So, you too can pull off this cool, travel-friendly ensemble. Pick a flowy dress with bold '70s prints on it. We’d recommend going for one that has a vintage shirt collar. For extra comfort and a great fit, pick a dress that also has an elastic drawstring-adjustable waist. Complete your attire with a pair of white Valentino trainers. Our opinion? Opt for ones with chunky rubber soles! Finish with a Custom Leather Jacket.

Girl’s night out

What kind of fashionista would you be if you don’t own a pair of black leggings? You likely have a pair in your wardrobe even now. But you may have stopped wearing them even if you continue to buy them and store them. We understand how sad you must feel when you look at them and fail to come up with new ways to flaunt those black leggings of yours.

Don’t want to risk wearing them anywhere formal? We understand, which is why we have come up with a look for when partying out with your girlfriends. Once you fall in love with your leggings again, you can wear them to other events. So, after trying millions of outfits – as we do when going out with friends – head to the spot where your black leggings currently reside. Put them on and then pull on a nice top over your head. For the complete look, you can add some boots to your outfit. Wear your leggings and do it with pride!

From summer into fall

Fall usually brings to mind cozy outfits that look spectacular too. But it can be sad to say goodbye to the summer trends. Maybe you aren’t ready to do that just yet, though. Why should you stow all your latest purchases until next year just because the season changed?

We get that you may not yet be ready to walk away from summer designs just yet. So, we decided to inject the fall fashion into a very a summery look. Have you been parading around wearing shorts with tights in the hotter months? Take them out – it doesn’t matter whether they are lace, silk, or even denim. Wear them over fleece-lined tights.

Did we miss out an important occasion? Let us know, and we’ll throw together other glam attires for you. In the meantime, keep looking fabulous

About the Author:

Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

5 Best Future Passive Income Ideas For 2020

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Run errands on TaskRabbit, sell used clothes in ThredUp, investigate in Swagbucks, and make original videos on Youtube... These are good ways to make money online. This article will give you a summary and tell you the specific steps.

Selling Stock Photos

If you like photography and have a lot of photos taken, you can sell them online. This is a quick way to earn extra money.

There are many sites which accept stock photos and pay good amount as well.

Fotolia and Adobe Stock. ...
Getty Images. ...
iStock Photo. ...
Can Stock Photo. ...
Dreamstime. ...
Shutterstock. .

Creating Video On Youtube

YouTube supports inserting ads into user videos and then dividing the advertising costs into users, as long as it is original, does not involve infringing videos, and pays by clicks. You can also use some other video sharing sites similar to youtube.
You can take any concept and start creating video on same…just make sure to create quality videos .


Today, when web technology is so developed, it is a breeze to be a website. Stuffonix have several ways to make money on a blog or personal website:

• Recommend a product or service and earn a commission. For example, Amazon product recommendation , Ebates online shopping cash back, etc., users can use your recommended service, or purchase goods through your website, you can get commission. The hard part is that you want the user to trust you enough, your recommended article should be valuable enough to give users a really useful recommendation.

• Place Google Adsense ads on the site. This is a more traditional way to make money, provided that your website content is good enough and the traffic is large enough.

Selling Your Skills Using Fiverr

Similar to the domestic pigs, you can make things according to the needs of others. 3 people shared his experience of making money on the fiverr, and what he did was to use fortune telling software to help foreigners fortune...

Selling Handmade Products

If you are a smart person, you usually like to design and make greeting cards and home crafts. You can sell them on Etsy . Don't underestimate the labor in your spare time. There is no such thing as paying college tuition.

More Ways To Earn Online

  • Become an online course teacher – Udemy
  • Become a translator – LiveTranslation
  • Become a virtual call center operator – LiveOps
  • Design and sale T-shirts - Zazzle and Cafepress
  • Transcribe audio to text -
  • Become a handwritten calligrapher - Etsy
  • Do online design - 99Designs
  • Writing for the enterprise – UpWork
  • Rent your own things - Rentything / Zilok
  • Selling video game accounts -
  • Sell things on eBay - eBay should be a familiar website, according to incomplete statistics, an American college student can sell about 2000 to 3000 dollars a year on eBay.
  • Microgig at Amazon Mechanical Turk – a job that pays very little for a quick reward (sometimes as low as $0.05), but the benefit is that you can do it in class.
  • Become a virtual assistant - Many companies need an outsourced “assistant” to help them respond to emails, handle basic writing, and earn hundreds of dollars a month.

Hope you like this post do you have any other strong  ideas of online earning.

Phishing in 2019: Don't Take the Bait

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Even in 2019, Phishing runs rampid. It’s the easiest way for crooks to push malicious code onto your device, but even in its simplicity, phishing delivers hackers everything they need to infiltrate every part of your personal and work life.

From “catfishing,” to “spearfishing” to “social engineering,” phishing schemes run the gamut from poorly written emails from foreign princes to highly sophisticated games of cat and mouse that criminals use to glean details from employees and people of interest. If you click on a malicious link in an SMS phishing scheme, your phone can become infected with Malware so stubborn that you’ll have to go to an iPhone repair shop to get it fixed.

Phishing, at its core, is when a cybercriminal poses as someone or something you know, fooling you into divulging sensitive details that can be used for identity theft, tricking you into handing over bank account numbers, or persuading you to download some form of malicious code.

Every month, an average of 1.4 million scam websites are created in hopes that a victim will visit it and enter personal information.

Anyone can be a victim of phishing - you, your company, even the Democratic National Committee.

Email Phishing

Every day, 3.7 billion people send around 269 billion emails. Almost one in every 2,000 of these emails is a phishing scheme. Do the calculations and you’ll find that there are 135 million phishing attacks attempted every day through the channel of email alone.

We receive so many emails that we just don’t have the time to carefully look over every message in our inbox, and cybercriminals are fully aware of this.

Some email scams aim low, with email subject lines that try to entice victims or send them into a panic.

Phishing emails might include a notification that a target has “won” a prize and needs to enter personal information to collect, or a fake email posing as a bank alerting you that you need to log in.

Other email scams are a little more complex, aimed at businesses. Phishers might pose as someone within your company and request that you download an attachment that contains details about a contract.

However, the contract is really Malware - Microsoft Office documents can host malicious macros that can help crooks gain access to a computer system.

Although most targets of basic email phishing don’t typically take the bait, the attack vector is overwhelming. Because of the large number of messages being sent out, there will inevitably be people who fall for the scam.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is a method cybercriminals may use against particular groups or people when they want to step up their game. Rather than a vague message, you might receive a specially crafted message.

It might be an email designed to look like an update from your bank, or any of your online accounts. Phishers can pull a one-two punch on victims of data breaches, seeking them out and pretending to be security professionals warning targets about the compromise, and urging them to click a malicious link to secure their account.

These are examples of spear phishing attacks on individuals.

Spear phishing does target consumers, but it’s used more frequently to infiltrate the network of a group, company, or organization.

Spear phishing messages aimed at organizations might contain a fake customer question, a fabricated invoice, or even a message that appears like it came directly from an executive.

Although these schemes take more effort, the payoff can be a lot bigger.

Email might still be the name of the game when it comes to phishing, but there are more channels of communication these days, and therefore, more of a selection of vectors to choose from that phishers can use to attack victims.

Social Media Phishing

Billions of people world-wide use social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, which means cybercriminals have another playground to play in.

Some attacks are unsophisticated and easy to spot, like a message with a shortened URL leading to Malware.

But other attackers may pose as a person (usually an attractive woman), to harvest fake Facebook friends that they can use to appear legitimate to another target. Sometimes, catfishing will occur, as love scams are on the rise.

It’s important to be vigilant when you talk to someone you don’t know on social media - there have been successful hacking campaigns that have attacked technology, oil, and financial businesses.

Text Phishing

Text message phishing, or SMS phishing, or simply “smishing” are short messages crafted to grab your attention, often trying to panic you into clicking on a phishing URL within the message.

Don’t Take the Bait

Phishing is one of the most basic cyber attacks - but it works, and has been working for more than 20 years now.

Although some phishing attacks may be highly targeted, there are tell tale signs of common phishing schemes that you should be on the lookout for.

Basic Spelling and Grammar Errors

Attackers might use Google Translate to compose email messages. If you have received a message that is supposedly from your CEO with poor grammar or spelling, think twice before you open that spreadsheet.

Strange URLs or Shortened URLs

Examine links closely before you click on them. Although the hypertext might appear to be legitimate, if you hover over the link, you might see a different actual web address.

Or the URL might be shortened in the hopes that you won’t check the link at all and just click through.

A Strange Sender Address

Sometimes you might receive an email that looks legitimate, has a company logo and the right contact email address in the message body. Make sure that you check the sender address.

Many times the sender address will simply be a string of characters or designed to look almost exactly like a real company’s - but not quite.

Sadly, there are billions of people in the world that don’t go online regularly or are just not aware that the internet can be a dangerous place. Since the beginning of time - and crime - criminals have always targeted the naive or overly trusting.

Because phishing works, crooks will continue to work their schemes to try to steal from you in the laziest way possible. But by knowing what to look for, you can ensure that you won’t be a victim.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Why Japanese Sex Dolls are Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence (Link/Article For Adult 18+ only)

Wazzup Pilipinas! Link/Article For Adult 18+ only

Wow! Have you seen or perhaps enjoyed the ‘ripe’ pussy of a Japanese sex doll? If you are looking for a sex doll hotter than the famous actor, Jennifer Lawrence then you got to switch to the Japanese mode. These are models made with not a single mistake. They take after all the beautiful females in the entire Japan combined.

To start with, you will notice them with their usual Japanese look, a little squeezed eyes. Next will be their gorgeous face and body curve that will keep your underpants restless. In a list of the top love dolls, you would surely include them without having any second thought.

The best Japanese sex dolls are not one but many. Below is a brief discussion on the very top best models.

With Lana is where beauty meets sexual play excellence, you have been looking in any of the Japanese women. Petite size, curvy body and virgin beauty is her best definition. She says shes hotter than Jeniffer Lawrence. She likes thongs and not any all covering things as she’s always on heat wanting to make any man reach orgasm as quick as possible.

She has fleshy pointing boobs decently holding on her chest and a smooth skin down to her wet pussy. She’s ever ready to give you her hot pussy from any positioning you want.

2. Gigi
She is Lana’s cousin. She’s beautifully mystical. She comes with body features that will not resist your temptations. With her long silky ebony-coloured hair, this piece of art offers an absolute sexual pleasure any man would want. She’s huge booty sex doll, a little tight waist and beautiful ass big and smooth to touch and feel.

She has a great love for her home and traditions. She clean and organised. She likes it when you enjoy all bed rides with her and always jealous if you do not fuck her until you remain ‘powerless’.

3. Rie
Shes’s another Japanese sex craver who never gets satisfied. Her appetite for sex is much more than you can bear. She comes with petite body size, long dark brown hair and deep blue sexy eyes. Her make composing first-class TPE material gives is excellent durability and better so smooth skin. Like Lana, she claims she’s much hotter and sexier than Jennifer Lawrence.

She likes men who use her and abuse her in bed. She needs someone strong to hit her sweet pussy hard long enough. She’s always ready to get notty in bed. She wants to suck your pen and pose in all positions you want her.

Among the top Japanese sex doll, she is the most composed and acts as real wife material. She claims her parents wer strict and therefore she imitated such life. She wears decently to cover her sexy thighs but then leaves her long legs outside. She is a no player and offers outstanding sex to serious men.

Jennifer Lawrence is merely human. She lacks the total submission power as Lana, Rie and Gigi the top love dolls claims. The secret to better all-time sex without limits is with the sex dolls. They will shower you will all the sexual fulfilment you’ve always wanted.

119 Benildean - Lasallians, Now Arriving

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A new school year has started, where a new batch of fresh highschool graduates start to enroll in their preferred colleges. As such, these students are placed in a different world where there are life changing experiences. It is here where new bonds are made with people from different parts of the world. As each school prepares for their own college orientation, one school stands out as they do their freshmen orientation extraordinarily.

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s freshmen orientation also known as “INTERAKTIV”, focuses on being a light and fun yet informative experience. This year’s theme is Aeronautics. We tend to bypass the small things due to time flying so fast, which then leads to leaving things unnoticed as we grow up. However, the flight takes place in the sky, allowing change in perspective because of the wider view down below.

INTERAKTIV, however, was not the original name and it was first called “Freshman Orientation Program” or FOP, where the freshman, or frosh, had their orientations in classrooms for a whole day. The FOP did its job however, the organizers then wanted to make it even more memorable and unique for the frosh. Because of this, INTERAKTIV was then born. The event focuses on giving only the necessary information regarding the school that will help the frosh survive their first weeks while keeping it light and interactive for them. It’s been six years since INTERAKTIV first started and it has never failed to leave a mark in the students.

As the incoming batch of Benildean-Lasallians enter a new part of their lives, may they continue to reach for greater heights and learn life lessons that will help them become better versions of themselves. And remember, always do ordinary things extraordinarily well!

FOR FDCP Teams Up with EON Foundation for CineSpectra Film Fest on HIV and AIDS Awareness

Wazzup Pilipinas!

To showcase films that aim to break the stigmas on HIV and AIDS in the country and to empower filmmakers to turn stories into films with powerful advocacies, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), together with EON Foundation and LoveYourself Inc., is hosting the CineSpectra 2019 Short Film Festival. The Festival will take place from August 26 to 27, 2019 at TriNoma Mall in Quezon City, and from August 28 to 30, 2019 at the Cinematheque venues in Manila, Iloilo, and Davao.

Themed “Your Judgment, Their Life,” this year’s CineSpectra will premiere 10 Filipino short films that challenge perceptions and enlighten Filipinos about HIV and AIDS and their impact on society and the country today.

During the CineSpectra press conference last August 15, 2019, FDCP Chairperson and CEO Mary Liza Diño stated that this film festival is unlike any other because it shows how films are used as “a medium to send the message of awareness on HIV and to take out the stigma of people living with it.”

She added, “The advocacy of Film Development Council of the Philippines right now—which is very much aligned with EON Foundation’s goal—is to make sure that the messages and the films that are coming out from CineSpectra is not just to finish the film. There was a film lab and film education component.”


Among the 97 entry submissions, 10 film projects from across the Philippines were selected to fully develop their ideas. The finalists underwent film labs for the development and production of their films, including a pitching workshop, a story development lab, and an editing lab. They also attended sessions which broadened their understanding of HIV, AIDS, and sexual health.

Each finalist received a grant of Seventy Thousand Pesos (PHP 70,000.00) to develop and produce 5-minute short films showcased in the Festival.

· “A” by Roylan Modina (Manila City)

· “Alex & Aki” by Dexter Paul De Jesus (Quezon City)

· “Ang Gasgas Na Plaka Ni Lolo Bert” by Janina Gacosta (Mandaluyong City)

· “Doon Sa Isang Sulok” by Alfredo Tapang, Jr. (Quezon City)

· “Guhit” by Kyle Jumayne Francisco (Pampanga)

· “Ikaw Din?!” by John Aaron Alsol (Bulacan)

· “Panihapon” by Christopher Hubahib (Cebu)

· “Quieter is Louder” by Kathleen Gonzales (Bacoor)

· “Taya” by John Aurthur Mercader (Mandaluyong City)

· “Taym Pers, Pers Taym” by Ma. Ceazara Vidallo (Quezon City)

The opening film for the Festival is the critically-acclaimed French film “BPM (Beats per Minute)” by Robin Campillo, which premiered in the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and won the Grand Prix Prize. CineSpectra will also feature a panel discussion on the film’s role in HIV and AIDS awareness with key organizations and important individuals, and will highlight the screening of competing short films. The evening will be capped off with an Awards Night.

On CineSpectra’s second day, the public is welcome to enjoy free screenings of CineSpectra short films, “Beats Per Minute,” and the iWant advocacy film “Mga Batang Poz” by Chris Martinez.

One (1) CineSpectra winner will be part of this year’s Sine Kabataan 3 and will be screened in all cinemas nationwide in September. This will be paired with a Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) 2019 full-length counterpart.
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