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GQWest Implements Resource Conservation Measures

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GQWest Inc the country's premiere water franchising company has taken another step towards greening its operations by installing resource conservation methods in its Superstore.

As part of its Green Mindset Program the company installed solar panels and a system of underground and overhead cisterns to reduce its resource consumption. The company's Superstore located in Lincoln street Quezon City is its industrial grade water station that caters to its institutional clients like SM malls and Globe Telecom.

The solar panels installed will allow the company to reduce its electrical consumption. At the same time, the cisterns installed will store rainwater and help reduce water consumption and eliminate wastage. The company expects to benefit from these twin measures as it seeks to pair environmental sustainability and greater operational efficiency.

Since it began operations, the company has been committed to reducing its carbon footprint through its Green Mindset Program. Apart from its latest initiatives the company has also been a longtime supporter of environmental NGO's like Haribon having regularly participated with the group's tree planting program.

Register and Vote for Sangguniang Kabataan

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Inspired by the popular movie franchise Superman, Akbayan Youth trooped to Comelec national headquarters today to mark the ‘return’ of Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) and call for the active participation of young people for the upcoming local youth council elections in October 2016.

“A better, bolder and stronger SK awaits young people”, said Von Yacob, Akbayan Youth spokesperson for SK affairs. “We are excited to participate in the SK elections because after several postponements and an enacted SK reform law, it is finally here”, he added.

The SK Reform Law was signed by then President Aquino last year, championed by Akbayan Partylist in the House of Representatives and Senator Bam Aquino in the Senate.

The reformed youth institution is historical, being the first enabling law against political dynasties. Among the reforms are the expansion of the age-range from 15-30 years old and the creation of local youth development councils.

Akbayan Youth is positive that the SK will impact youth development to the community level. Yacob urged young people to participate in the budgeting process in forwarding their agenda. The Local Government Code allots 10% of barangay funds to youth development programs and projects.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has set the registration for the barangay and SK elections from July 15 to 30 of this year. The youth group, on the other hand, urged Comelec to conduct massive voters’ registration drive so as not to disenfranchise young people.

“We should get the information out there”, the youth group said in a statement. “15 days of voters’ registration may not be enough if people are not informed”, Yacob argued.

Akbayan Youth also recommended that Comelec partners with the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education to excuse students when they register to vote during school hours.

Government Partners with Telcos on Creation of Emergency Hotline 911

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Globe Telecom signed an agreement with the government to support the creation of a new nationwide emergency hotline number, which is 911, to replace Patrol 117.

Effectively, the use of 911 will begin August 1, which is also the commencement of the transition period. Globe also agreed to provide technical support during the period.

In addition, Globe also agreed to support a recommendation to be submitted to President Duterte for the issuance of a new Executive Order transferring the authority of the Patrol 117 Commission to a new legal entity to handle the 911 system.

Aside from Globe, other signatories to the agreement are the country’s major telecommunications providers that include the company’s units Bayan Telecommunications and Innove. Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu signed the agreement for Globe.

“As a telecommunications provider, Globe recognizes that communication is critical for an emergency response mechanism to be effective. We are hopeful that the 911 system will be an effective tool in addressing the country’s emergency concerns,:” said Cu.

Signatories on the government side include Interior and Local Government Secretary Ismael Sueno, Information and Communications Technology Secretary Rodolfo Salalima, National Telecommunications Commission Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba, among others. Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez served as a witness.

Created in 2002, Patrol 117 is the country’s emergency hotline number for incidents like police assistance, fires, medical, calamities, and other emergencies. The system is supervised by the DILG.

Registration for Barangay & Sangguniang Kabataan Elections Starts July 15

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"Voter registration is a non-partisan activity. It is a voter-empowerment affair; increasing the size of the electorate; broadening democracy."
Based on Commision on Elections (COMELEC) Resolution no. 10148, the COMELEC will conduct the Barangay Elections on October 31, 2016 pursuant to Republic Act (RA) no. 9340 entitled 'An Act Amending RA no. 9164, Resetting the Barangay and Sanguniang Kabataan (SK) Elections, and for Other Purposes.'

Because of new SK Reform Law, all individuals ages 18 to 30 years of age will vote at both Barangay and SK elections. The 16-day registration starts on July 15. 2016 and ends on July 31, and can be done at any COMELEC office from 8 am to 5 pm, including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. This is open to everyone who hasn't been previously registered and those who need to have their status reactivated. Registered voters as of May 9, 2016 NLE shall automatically be included in the list of voters. Previously registered voters do NOT have to register anew; but you might have to REACTIVATE your registration if deactivated.

Four million young voters are likely to register for the SK elections and two million for the barangay polls. Voters must be Filipino citizens, residing for at least six months in the barangay where they intend to vote on election day and not disqualified by law.

The scheduled barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections later this year may call for a higher budget, given the need for more poll workers and the implementation of a new law giving higher honoraria for them. The COMELEC has earmarked the cost to around P695 million for printing and delivery of election forms and ballot boxes both elections.

There were clamors to move the SK election by COMELEC Commissioner Andres Bautista himself, but it seems it was not substantial to delay the inevitable.

SK Elections Calendar of Activities:

▪️Voters' Registration - July 15-31, 2016
▪️Filing of Candidacy - October 3-5, 2016
▪️Campaign Period - October 21-29, 2016
▪️SK Elections - October 31, 2016 7AM-3PM

Age bracket for Barangay voters: 18y/o & up
Age bracket for SK Voters: 15-30y/o
Age bracket for SK candidates: 18-24

WSI Is Authorized Distributor of Polycom Products

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The above photo shows WSI President Juan Chua receiving a certificate from Regional Manager Thep Ritrangka of Polycom to formalize its designation as authorized distributor of Polycom products in the Philippines - From L-R, Frederick So, Country Sales Manager of Polycom; Juan Chua, President of WSI, and Thep Ritrangkla, Regional Manager of Polycom.

Polycom is one of the most popular provider of voice/video conferencing solutions, and the day was also focused on the presentation of Polycom's newest solutions including demos on the capability of their video cameras to track currently active voice so it can zero in on the one speaking during a video conference, the 360 degree video coverage capability, and lots more features which were shown by Sales Engineer Kim Malinao using a live collaboration with their counterpart located in India.  The Polycom solutions include RealPresence Debut, Trio 8800, Media Suite and Web Suite. 

The event was hosted by WSI Marketing Manager Jacqueline Sy-Tong, and WSI Procuct Specialist Erashee Ritchie gave an introductory message to officially start the event.

More information will be published as soon as they send us their official press release.

Watch out for our video interviews with the key personalities of this partnership soon at our YouTube channel at

From the interview, we learned that WSI as the longest-running IT distributor in the country, and the fast-paced development in technology specifically in collaboration solutions that can be incorporated in many industries including health and education. However, we are disappointed with our continued dependence on bandwidth for better voice and video conferencing which can only be achieved if we have tolerable connectivity. Here is another shout-out to our telecommunication providers to implement better infrastructures so that all these technologies can be fully utilized.

More photos are available at our official Facebook page at

Hospitals Should Admit Emergency-Case Patients or Face Severe Penalties

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Hospitals may face harsher penalties and even revocation of their license to operate if they continue to refuse admission to patients who fail to make advance payments or deposit.

The bill amending Republic Act 8344 or ‘An Act Prohibiting Demand of Deposits or Advance Payments for the Confinement or Treatment of Patients in Hospitals and Medical Clinics in Certain Cases’ was filed by Senator Risa Hontiveros. Hontiveros, a known health advocate, said that she is ready to go against private hospitals “if lives and rights of patients are at stake”.

Erring hospital administrators may face up to 6 years imprisonment, a fine of 1 million pesos and on repeated violations may cause revocation of the license to operate. On a lighter note, however, Hontiveros shared that her proposed legislation would provide incentives to hospitals that comply, including tax deductions, to encourage the partnership of public and private hospitals to close the healthcare gap.

The newly-elected senator said that the strengthening of the current law against hospital deposits is urgent, citing cases of private and public health facilities refusing to admit patients that have led to miscarriage and death. “We will expand the definition of ‘emergency’ by including women in active labor and at risk of miscarriage and fetal distress”, Hontiveros explained.

“Providing healthcare should not be just a money venture; it should first and foremost be a public service”, Hontiveros said. Hospitals have a social responsibility of contributing to the accessibility and availability of healthcare services in the country, she concluded.

Appstart Academy: Creating Apps and Bridging Gaps

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In our world, there are those who create and design bridges. Structures that are integral in getting others to their destinations. Coming as a mission to help others erase the distance between them and their goals, Technopreneur Ann Jacobe along with her team have built a school from the ground up, a school that will launch students in the ever changing world of App Development- Appstart Academy.

An Awesome Headstart

Appstart Academy is built with the concept of progression in mind. With a constantly-evolving program that fits well with the demands of the times. To set things off is a 12-week immersive program that will enable students to launch their own iOS app in the said timeframe. “We believe that the process is as precious as the outcome. You will create as you learn and we are looking forward to that.” says Ann Jacobe. 

Breaking and Reaching

Opening their doors this coming June 20, this is more than just a school, it’s a place where barriers are broken and goals are reached. Where visionaries can finally make their ideas happen, where everything can now be applied to something actual and workable. With a roster of knowledgeable iOS experts and the vast international network, students can launch their dream apps soon. 

Going Global

Equipped with competitive learning strategies that match international standards, Appstart Academy guarantees an immersive learning experience that can catapult their students to global status. Appstart Academy is designed to introduce each student to vast and rich fields of opportunities here in the Philippines and beyond. With globally competitive apps under their belts at the end of the program, the possibilities are endless.

Appstart Academy is located at Unit 221 Atrium Bldg, Makati Avenue, Makati Philippines

Interested parties may visit or call (02) 828 2298 for inquiries.

Ethiopian Airlines Anticipates its Dreamliner Service with 787 Dream Adventure Treat

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In time for its 70th anniversary globally and first in the Philippines, Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest airline and aviation technology leader, is about to welcome its 787 Dreamliner, a new generation Boeing aircraft, to service the Manila – Addis Ababa Route. To celebrate this milestone, Ethiopian Airlines is offering travel deals from Manila to dream destinations in Africa, America and Europe via Ethiopian Airlines 787 Dream Adventure Treat.

For a minimum spend of $787 [US Dollar] for Economy Class and $1787 [US Dollar] for Business Class, passengers from Manila are given roundtrip travel opportunities to over 90 international destinations all over the world including Addis Ababa, Cairo and Capetown in Africa; Paris, Rome, Madrid, London and Frankfurt in Europe; and Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Toronto and Sao Paulo in the Americas.

For flights with long layovers, Ethiopian Airlines provides a free stopover to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, which covers meals and transit visas.

Ethiopian Airlines also provides travel time-out opportunities to passengers who would like to break their journey to explore and stay longer in Addis Ababa for an additional fee. Tour recommendations are generously provided to those interested to explore the country.

Ethiopian Airlines has won various awards for its exceptional international services, playing a significant role in connecting Africa to the rest of the globe. Winning the 2016 and 2013 Skytrax Award for Best Airline Staff Service in Africa, and the Passenger’s Choice Award for Best Airline, it operates new, ultra-modern, and environment-friendly aircraft and provides exceptional in-flight service for both economy class and “Cloud Nine” (business class) passengers.

For its exclusive 787 Dream Adventure promo, Economy Class flyers get to enjoy a total of 46kg baggage allowance, inclusive of fresh and varied meals of the highest quality, and a complete range of beverages including a choice of excellent red and white wine.

Ethiopian Airlines passengers flying on “Cloud Nine”, its Business Class service, are entitled to 64-66kg baggage allowance, a personal in-flight entertainment system, full-course meals made by proficient and experienced chefs, and a selection of signature drinks that can be enjoyed as aperitif or compliment to their meals.

For flight bookings, please visit or call the Ethiopian Airlines Reservations Office (632)8489878/79, (632)5222095 or (632) 5224869. For more information on destination packages to Ethiopia, please visit

Promo period is from 15 July 2016 to 15 August 2016. Travel period is from 1 August 2016 to 1 August 2017.

Surfing the Menu: Next Generation on TLC

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This July 18, Dan Churchill and Hayden Quinn of Surfing the Menu: Next Generation are taking you to an exciting adventure in Australia with GiGi, their trusty, rusty fifty-year-old VW Bug.

On the journey they learn to sail, four-wheel-drive in the desert, drive cattle on an outback cattle station, share a Tongan feast, snorkel on the Ningaloo and Great Barrier Reefs, catch mud crabs, swim with Manta Rays and prove that they’re possibly the worst, or perhaps the unluckiest fishermen in Australia.

They share experiences with indigenous communities like looking for native bees that nest underground, swim at a secret waterfall, search for bush medicines and bush foods, ride horses, and surf in some remarkable locations.

Along the way, they meet passionate producers of everything from heritage tomatoes, cheeses, beef, goats, mangoes, herbs, exotic mushroom, shrimp, rum, salt and everything in between. Then the boys turn these fresh ingredients into simple, healthy and delightfully delicious recipes that will inspire you.

Join Dan and Hayden as they explore Australia one dish at a time on Surfing the Menu: Next Generation on TLC at 9pm. Channel 62 (Skycable), channel 53 (Destiny Cable), channel 29 (Cignal), channel 26 (Dream Sattelite TV), channel 32 (Sky Direct).

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bill to Exempt Startups From Taxes on First Two Years – Senator Bam Aquino

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Speaking in the Cebu press launch of the upcoming Geeks on a Beach (GOAB) international tech conference, Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV announced that he is refiling a bill exempting startups from taxes on their first two years of operation.

Senator Bam Aquino has consistently shown support to startups or innovation-driven enterprises based on apps, saying proper support for the homegrown startup community may yet produce the next Facebook or Twitter.

“The bill encourages the growth of more Filipino startups by giving them enough time to stand on their own. This reaffirms the government’s recognition of the importance of startups and commitment to innovation,” said Senator Bam Aquino.

Filed by Senator Bam Aquino last May 7, 2014 as Senate Bill 2217, the Startup Business Bill which was not made into law in the previous congress will be refiled by the senator after the opening of the 17th Congress later this month.

He will also be giving a keynote speech during the fourth GOAB, a one of a kind conference that combines the latest tech development with a fun environment which will be held in Bellevue Hotel in Panglao, Bohol this August 25-26, 2016.

Impact Hub Fellowship on Sustainable Energy Solutions with WWF and PEF

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The deadline, July 24, 2016, of the Impact Hub Fellowship on Sustainable Energy Solutions with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) is fast approaching.

With the aim to build a better Philippines by searching for innovations in the energy field, specifically Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Access to energy (off-grid solutions), Energy systems, Energy reduction, and basically anything which has to do with energy, the fellowship encourages everyone to come forth with innovative solutions.

The highlights of ideas and enterprises who applied in the last weeks (Powergrass, BioCoal and Sustainable Alternative Lighting – SALt) are on the crowdicity page:

PEF, WWF together with Impact Hub Manila supports the best and most innovative ideas and business enterprises which address the need for sustainable energy solutions through the Impact Hub Fellowship Program. It is an incubation program for startups which focus on renewable energy; energy efficiency, access to energy and off­grid solutions, energy systems plus energy consumption reduction. WWF Philippines President & CEO Joel Palma said, “With our partners, we are excited to search for innovative ideas and enterprises which are aligned with our core values and objectives.” 

The Fellowship program is designed to attract, select and support impact­oriented entrepreneurs and help them realize their innovations for a more sustainable world. “Being topic focused in our delivery of fellowship programsis unique in the incubator / accelerator space and ensures that we are targeting the key pressing,” said Lizan Kuster, co­founder of ImpactHub Manila. Participants are given the chance to winmore than₱​2.5 million worth of fellowship prizes. This includes ₱1.5 million seed funding, skill development trainings, mentorship, access to a stimulating workspace at Impact Hub Manila and valuable networks. “We doubled and tripled the number of fellows we will support for this year from just one startup team the last time which enables us to support more entrepreneurs,” Kuster added. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs or early­stage startups are welcome to apply,though the startup teams applying must be able to register their business in the Philippines and be able to work and live in the Philippines as well. Applications were open from June 16, 2016 until July 24, 2016 on­fellowship­energy­wwf­pef. Impact Hub Manila in collaboration with WWF and PEF conducted idea development workshop on June 22, 2016 and pitching workshop until July 21, 2016. The teams must submit their business plan as an entry for the Fellowship Program. Fifteen startups will be chosen to pitch in front of a panel of judges. The selected six to eight startups will participate in a six­ week business training program, called the Kick Program. Two to three teams will be selected as winning fellows of the program. These fellows will be incubated for six months. At the incubation phase,the Fellows will undergo further training to have their enterprise be ready for investment, and further customer validation of their product or service network.

Iya Villania Continues to Trust Claritin: The Expert Against Allergies

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The Claritin Allergy 101 event re-introduces 7-month pregnant Filipino celebrity Iya Villania, who's soon to be a mother to a baby boy, as brand ambassador. 

An event held on July 13, 2016 at Cafe Naya of The Palace in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, to one again feature the Loratadine antihistamine as RediTabs (10 mg orally disintegrating tablets) which melts in your mouth as soon as you put the tablet in. The event also gave everyonean overview about Allergy, and how Claritin remains to be the number one brand to treat allergies.

We learned that Iya is allergic to cats, specifically to husband Drew Arellano's pet cat, but thanks to Claritin, she can cope with the allergic reaction. I wanted to ask if she finally encouraged her husband to get rid of the cat but I assumed the pet was allowed to stay because Claritin anti-allergy was effective or "expert" enough to do the trick.

Needless to say, Claritin is also safe for pregnant and lactating women. But just to be sure, always consult the experts - your doctors - since we all know that we may have different reactions to certain medicines. Claritin also has a version for kids so no worries just in case the baby inherits the allergy. You'll Claritin's Chewable Tablets. The great taste, convenient packaging and non- drowsy formula allows children to enjoy life without suffering any allergic reaction. They can literally ‪#‎stopandsmelltheflowers‬ without fearing any symptoms to occur.

During the event, they had a guest doctor who gave us an overview about allergies and its different kinds. She also answered inquiries from the attendees, and my question about tests or procedures we could take if we want want to know in advance what are we allergic to. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Heighten your Swiss Chocolate Experience with Toblerone Fruit and Nut

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Toblerone has a new way to excite Filipino Chocolate Lovers. For a limited time, Toblerone Fruit and Nut will be available in the Philippines. Now, Manila foodies will have the chance to taste this international sensation!

Made with premium chocolate packed in a unique shape reminiscent of the Swiss Alps, Toblerone Fruit and Nut heightens your dessert and snacking experience with its crunchy almonds and juicy California raisins. The sweetness of the raisins and the texture of the almonds highlight the creamy and silky 100% Swiss-made chocolate. It is definitely an exquisite taste to savor.

Elevate your Swiss chocolate experience with #TobleroneFruitandNut and feel the whirl of different flavors in one triangular goodness!

Pascual Laboratories, Inc. and WWF Promote Environment and Health Solutions

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Climate change and human health are closely interlinked.

A study from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows how climate change can spread vector-borne diseases like malaria. Climate change causes 6% of global malaria cases and many communities in Asia and Africa will suffer from new disease outbreaks. In the Philippines, flooding caused by excessive rainfall and typhoons have spurred rising incidences of dengue and leptospirosis.

Since 2012, leading environmental solutions-provider World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) and top Filipino pharmaceutical company Pascual Laboratories, Inc. (PascualLab) through the company’s SEED (Sowing to Empower, Educate and Develop) CSR initiative, have been instilling climate change and health solutions through a revitalized education program headed by WWF’s Environmental Education (EE) unit. The program has taught over 6400 students, engaged 1405 parents, trained 32 teachers and covered 10 schools.

Kalakasan, Kalikasan is a multiyear EE program that establishes the link between climate change and wellness, highlighting simple ways for Filipinos to protect their health while minimizing their ecological impacts.

“Many diseases stem from changing weather patterns,” explains WWF EE Unit Head Ruel Bate. “Strong rains can turn ditches into stagnant pools, which can be prime breeding spots for mosquitoes that carry viruses like dengue. Identifying practical solutions to these problems – like clearing areas in our homes which can become breeding grounds for insects or ridding our homes of anything which can gather standing water – are effective climate adaptation measures. Our aim is simple – to promote better health through a healthy environment.” 

Ramco Systems Enters Philippines

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Triggered by the success seen with the winning of 5 new clients in the last few quarters, Ramco Systems, a leading enterprise software provider on Cloud, Mobile and Tablets, has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Philippines under the name Ramco System Inc.

As the second largest populated nation in ASEAN, Philippines has been witnessing the fastest economic growth among the ASEAN countries. To better address the market opportunity arising in Philippines, Ramco Systems has set up an office, its fourth in the region and 21st, globally. Ramco’s new office will employ local innovators, at a time when the Philippines IT sector moves beyond business process outsourcing – a pillar of economic growth in recent years – to include implementation of cloud-based technology to transform local enterprises in the area of ERP, HR, Payroll, Aviation and Logistics.

Commenting on the expansion, P R Venketrama Raja, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Ramco Systems, said, “A buoyant economy and drive to embrace disruptive technologies is driving enterprises in Philippines to invest in latest technologies. We are opening an office in Manila to enable local enterprises to leapfrog to cloud technology and derive significant business benefits. Given the excellent technical manpower in Philippines – it will also serve as a base for addressing our clients in the ASEAN region. With focus on innovation and cloud, we look forward to becoming the region’s most favored cloud enterprise software provider.”

With Singapore as the regional headquarters, and offices in Malaysia and Hong Kong, Ramco Systems in ASEAN has seen a steady growth for all three product offerings – ERP, HCM and Aviation MRO. For the year ended March 31, 2016, Asia Pacific (including ANZ) contributed 29% to the overall revenue. The company recently set up an ‘Innovation Lab’ in Singapore funded by the Singapore Government with anchor partner Air France Industries & KLM Engineering (AFIKLM). While Innovative offerings get tested in Singapore, Ramco in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) has transformed itself into an R&D and support hub for HR & Global Payroll requirements.

In the photo" L-R:  P.R. Venketrama Raja, Founder, Vice Chairman and Managing Director at Ramco Systems, Subbaraman Ramaswamy, Asia Business Head, Ramco Systems and Raman Aiyar, Head-ERP at Ramco Systems

Hontiveros Bats for Mandatory PhilHealth Coverage for PWDs

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Senator Risa Hontiveros filed on Tuesday a bill providing persons with disabilities (PWDs) mandatory health insurance under the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

The proposed legislation known as an "Act Providing for Mandatory PhilHealth Coverage for All Persons with Disabilities" seeks to provide PWDs better access to long-term medical care.

Hontiveros, who is also a former PhilHealth director, said her bill is an "equalizer." She said PWDs must have a law to strengthen their medical rights to ensure their full participation in society on an equal basis with others.

"While PWDs get 20% discount on medicines, medical and dental services, it is not enough to cover their array of health concerns. Majority of them are poor and cannot afford the rising costs of medical care. Given their condition, their likelihood to need medical assistance is greater," Hontiveros explained.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported that there are 1.4 million PWDs in the Philippines. However, Hontiveros said the number of PWDs might be bigger since benefits afforded by current laws to the sector are not enough to encourage universal registration under local government units or PhilHealth.

Hontiveros cites revenues from sin tax collection for her proposed legislation.

Heliconia Supports One Championship to Grow Sports Media and Entertainment Industry in Asia

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The largest sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship (ONE), has announced that it has entered into definitive agreements with a consortium-led by Heliconia Capital Management (“Heliconia”) for an investment into the company.

With this new partnership, ONE Championship will continue to expand and break new ground, and increase the number of live Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events across Asia, especially in China.

Chatri Sityodtong, Founder and Chairman of ONE Championship, stated: “In less than five years, ONE Championship has grown into a global brand with a broadcast reach to over 1 billion homes across 118 countries around the world. We have consistently broken attendance records at many of the largest stadiums across Asia. I expect to see an acceleration in business fundamentals across the board for ONE Championship. My team and I are fully committed to building a global business with strong ethics and values such as integrity, respect, humility, courage and inspiration. As Asia’s largest sports media property and the 2nd largest MMA organization in the world, ONE Championship will benefit significantly from Heliconia’s ecosystem, network, and resources.”

MMA is currently the fastest growing sport, accelerating exponentially by over 30 times in the past 10 years. In the past five years, ONE Championship has accelerated the growth of MMA in Asia as the market leader, organising live events across the region and broadcasting around the world.

Derek Lau, CEO of Heliconia stated: “We believe ONE Championship can potentially be the next big thing for consumers in Asia. They have the right product for Asia, they understand Asia and know how to monetise the value proposition in various ways in the New Economy. We are really excited to see ONE Championship taking the lead in the coming years to grow the sports media and entertainment industry in Asia.”

Lee Ark Boon, CEO of IE Singapore, said: “Traditional media and entertainment companies in Asia are facing strong headwinds with declining content sales and advertising revenues. ONE Championship’s foresight to identify and create unique content with global appeal illustrates the need for our companies to embrace new business models and transform themselves into globally competitive companies.”

Victor Cui, CEO of ONE Championship, stated: “I believe this partnership marks the beginning of a long and fruitful journey to bring ONE Championship to the rest of the world. Heliconia is a well-respected investment firm with the expertise, resources and contacts across Asia. For us, this investment by Heliconia represents a strong vote of confidence and a belief in the value that ONE Championship can bring. This partnership will unlock additional markets and opportunities for ONE Championship.”

ONE Championship has consistently partnered with the best blue chip global brands around the world such as Disney, Facebook, Marvel, Under Armour, Sony, Universal Music Group, L'Oreal, and others. It currently has a roster of the best local and international athletes and champions in Asia. ONE Championship is dedicated to developing these athletes into true Asian heroes to inspire fans across Asia.

For more updates on ONE Championship™, please visit and follow Twitter and Instagram @ONEFCMMA and Facebook at

Statement of Senator Risa Hontiveros on the Spate of Extrajudicial Killings

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I join the government in its desire to rid the country of crime and illegal drug trafficking. The people deserve a peaceful environment, free of crime. We must respect everyone's right to pursue his or her aspirations without fear.

I am extremely concerned over the spate of extrajudicial killings happening all over the country. I am worried that lawless elements and public officials with less commitment to the rule of law are taking advantage of the government's anti-crime campaign to cover up higher crimes. President Rodrigo Duterte's camp had even said that this might be part of a design to protect big-time criminals.

I therefore support any legislative inquiry that will seriously look into the cases of extrajudicial killings and summary executions allegedly done in the name of fighting crime. Contrary to the claim that this will undermine the government's anti-crime initiative, an impartial inquiry will actually contribute in preventing it from being hijacked by vested interests while safeguarding the rights of all citizens. The government's effort to protect the public from crime and illegal drug trafficking must not sow fear among the public and encourage vigilantism. It must not be tainted by abuse and other excesses.

Fighting crime and safeguarding the rights of all citizens are not mutually exclusive of one another. They co-exist. President Duterte himself said during his inauguration that his adherence to due process and rule of law is uncompromising. I trust that the administration will prosecute its anti-crime campaign based on the said standards

Huawei Turns Over 100 Laptops to Ayala Foundation for Globe Telecom’s Global Filipino Schools Program

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Global information and communications technology solutions provider Huawei Technologies Philippines, Inc. supports the Global Filipino Schools Program of Globe Telecom, Inc. and Ayala Foundation, Inc. as it turns over 100 laptops for use of public elementary schools under the program.

While Globe provides internet access to both teachers and students in GFS schools, additional devices such as the donated laptops are needed to allow more students to explore the internet and learn applications which are critical in ushering 21st century learning in public schools.

“It is Huawei’s commitment to bridge the digital divide where everyone can link up and openly collaborate. At the same time, we continue to work with our customers and partners like Globe to build a better connected world. Through this donation, we hope to give an opportunity to teachers and students in different parts of the Philippines to enjoy high-quality educational materials right at their fingertips,” said Jacky Gao, Huawei Philippines Chief Executive Officer.

Fernando Esguerra, Globe Director for Citizenship said: “Globe believes in the power of technology to forward 21st century learning in public schools nationwide. We want to improve the digital skills among the teachers and students particularly in using technology and computer software, thus, this donation from Huawei would be of great help in increasing student engagement in the classroom and in enabling them to develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.”

There are currently 20 public schools across the country which have been transformed into GFS centers of excellence even as Globe continues to forge partnerships with the regional offices of the Department of Education to scale the program and cover all 221 school divisions nationwide within a five-year period. So far, GFS has benefited 41,038 students and 7,227 public school teachers who have been trained as Global Filipino Teachers.

AFI serves as the implementing arm of Globe this year for eight schools under GFS which include the beneficiaries of the donation such as Sta. Cruz Elementary School in Albay and Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education (CENTEX) Batangas, among others.

"We wish to thank Globe and Huawei for this valuable partnership which will enable us to serve more young people through various tools and techniques. Technology is indeed a great enabler and with these gifts from Huawei, more young minds will enjoy the wonders of information and creative learning," said Ruel Maranan, President of AFI.

Aside from providing support to the education advocacy of Globe, Huawei also adopted the latter’s Project 1 Phone electronic waste recovery and recycling program that aims to recover e-wastes from mobile phones and portable devices to promote proper disposal. Proceeds of P1P will also help build more Global Filipinos Schools across the Philippines.

Huawei has already turned over to Globe approximately 2000 kilograms of assorted e-wastes coming from old and decommissioned corporate assets and personal donations from employees since January this year.

The photo above shows (L-R): Fernando Esguerra, Globe Director for Citizenship; Bruce Liu, Huawei Philippine VP for Sales; Romualdo Katigbak, CFO of Ayala Foundation, Inc.; and Margarita Limcauco, Project Officer of AFI.

DOE: We Will Follow DFA Lead In Studying Arbitral Ruling

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi today said the Department of Foreign Affairs together with all other government agencies concerned will thoroughly study the verdict of the Permanent Court of Arbitration under Annex VII of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) on the arbitration proceedings initiated by the Philippines with regard to maritime entitlements in the South China Sea.

“The DOF will be assessing the over-all implications of the verdict in coordination with other agencies of the government among them the Department of Energy," Cusi said.

“The Philippines reiterates its abiding commitment to pursue a peaceful resolution of disputes in the South China Sea and promote peace and stability in the region through diplomacy and consultations,” Cusi concluded.

Perks of Playing DotA 2

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Being addicted to online games mostly is bad in so many obvious ways. We should remember that too much of everything is always not good. Play the games as if they are one way of socializing and not as an addiction. Though some have made gaming a career, if it's too excessive, it also becomes a burden to a healthy life.

If you want a game that you need to put a lot of effort into to really master, if you have 4 reliable friends to make a team with and if you want to be rewarded for your hard work by real excitement of well deserved victory, go for DotA (Defense of the Ancients) 2. The game will take you on a journey through hell. You will be owned hard by teams that play tighter, gank better, and every little mistake will cost you the game. But beating the other team, punishing their own mistakes and breaking through their base will be huge satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment!

There are some noted advantages of playing online games like the popular DotA 2 which is said to have some notable benefits. But again, we should take into consideration that exercising your brain should not reach the point of killing your body.

DotA 2 is both beautiful in its form and exhilarating in its execution. Combined with quality enjoyment with friends, and you have a respectable hobby.
Here are some of the cognitive benefits you gain when you frequently play DotA 2:

1. Faster and Accurate Response - Ability to respond faster and accurately to received visual and audio information. Players are able to think and move fast, all the time. It improves your critical and strategic thinking abilities.

2. Better Decision Making - Ability to make a choice by ruling out possibilities. Players know how to plan well before executing. They know which skills to improve first to maximise productivity. They can handle frustration, ignorance and plain stupidity with aplomb.

3. Increased Spatial Awareness - Ability to be aware of oneself in a space, understand and remember the relationship among objects. Players know that they are only as strong as you can be, great tools take you to the next level. Players also understand the importance of the little things that lead to success.

4. Improved Team Building - Interpersonal relations and team communications. Players understand the importance of a “team” and the need for different roles. The game demands a cohesive and unified group of players whose individual skill must blend together to score victory.

5. Perform Multi-tasking - Ability to perform two or more tasks simultaneously. The players do a lot of studying and adapting, over and over again.

6. Hand-Eye Coordination - Ability to direct hand movement though coordinating the visual information.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hague Ruling on West Philippine Sea: A "Slingshot" that Struck "Goliath China's" Bullying

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I join the Filipino people in celebrating the United Nations' Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling in favor of the Philippines' rightful claim over the West Philippine Sea. The historic decision is a triumph of Philippine sovereignty and international law; it is a "slingshot" that struck "Goliath China's" bullying in the region.

I commend the previous government for filing the arbitration case in the face of continuing Chinese continuing threats and incursions in our territory.

I commend the Filipino people, particularly our fisherfolk, for their strong, peaceful and united resolve to defend the country's sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea.

This is our victory.

I trust that the Duterte administration will build on this victory to further safeguard the country's sovereignty and marine jurisdiction in the West Philippine Sea and in advancing genuine peace and regional stability.

This historic win must be strengthened by the new government. To deviate from the spirit of this ruling would render the victory hollow and our sovereignty compromised.

The Duterte administration must capitalize on the decision to strengthen international public opinion to our favor and mobilize allies to rally behind our sovereignty.

This should be a signal to China to end its bullying and militarist expansion in the region. The US government must also be reminded that the West Philippine Sea should not be a staging ground for their superpower games.

I also encourge the government to craft an interdependent and progressive foreign policy guided by the Hague ruling. It should serve as the administration's reference to upholding national sovereignty and territorial integrity in the region.

President Duterte must use all democratic multilateral platforms to protect our national interest and foster stronger ties with our regional neighbors.

Lastly, we call on the Chinese government to respect the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. As a regional leader and emergent global power, China must prove to the international community that it abides by the international law and is committed to regional peace.

Lamudi and MyProperty to Begin Offering Virtual Tours of Properties

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Philippines’ best real estate marketplaces are looking to further the buyer experience with VR tours of properties for sale and for rent

As the Philippines’ Internet landscape continues to advance, the manner in which local real estate is marketed, bought, and sold continues to evolve with it. Convenience remains the name of the game, with buyers wanting to explore as many real estate options as they can, and sellers and brokers wanting to reach as many customers as they can.

Lamudi Philippines and MyProperty, the leading real estate marketplaces in the country, are looking to further improve property-buyers’ online experience via virtual tours. Developed by taking several photographs of a place and stitching them together to produce a full 360° view of the area, virtual tours give anyone who has Internet access via computer or smartphone a comprehensive view of a space from almost anywhere and at any time.

Lamudi Philippines’ Virtual Reality Specialist and Google StreetView Trusted Photographer Carlo Salgado says brokers and sellers stand to greatly benefit from the upcoming feature. “Interactive media such as virtual tours greatly increase views, and online listings with a virtual tour definitely receive more views than those without it.”

“Virtual tours would also save buyers, sellers, and brokers a lot of time,” Salgado adds, “as it works like a permanent open house, where property viewing can happen 24/7 even without the presence of the seller or broker.”

Apart from giving prospects a look at how properties on the market would look if they were actually standing in the space, virtual tours could also give them an idea of how these properties look during the day, night, and at different weather conditions.

It’s More Fun for Geeks in Panglao Island, Bohol!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It will be easy for geeks, people who are understood to be connoisseurs of tech, design and startups, to find Panglao Island to be a fun-filled and exciting place to visit. Gone are the days when the term geek used to refer to a circus performer whose act includes the eating of live animals. But today’s tech-dependent geek are not only certified tech-savvy millennials but also fun-loving, playful, witty, encyclopedic, and inquisitive party-enthusiasts. Of course, not all geeks are created equal so some may prefer quiet and relaxed atmosphere with nature. All of which can be found in Bohol.

Panglao Island has been the favored watering hole of tourists, diving enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike with its pristine waters, palm trees, white sand beaches, and coral reefs. A small town of over 68,000 people, Panglao is a mere half-hour away drive from the provincial capital Tagbilaran in the southwestern coast of Bohol in the Philippines. Its proximity to civilization while retaining its charms as an almost untouched tropical paradise should make it the perfect place for adventure-seeking yet tech-dependent geeks.

This is the place to be for geeks looking for an all-in-one escapade with resorts, bars and souvenir shops in an 80.5 square kilometer island considered to be one of the leading marine biodiversity hotspots in the world. Geeks can go island-hopping, dolphin watching, or take a dip in an underground lake inside a coral cave. Panglao is also the site of Hinagdanan Cave that hides within its naturally lighted depths a lagoon. It is also very near Loboc River which is world-famous for its river-cruise and floating restaurants.

Interestingly, Alona Beach is Panglao’s most famous beach. One intriguing detail about Alona Beach, where many of Panglao’s resorts and shops are located, is its name. This one and a half kilometer stretch was named so by locals after sexy star Alona Alegre filmed a television advertisement for an alcoholic drink in the beach wearing revealing bikini attire on horseback.

Globe Telecom Files Case Before Court of Appeals

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Globe Telecom filed a case before the Court of Appeals to preserve the multi-billion peso deal which will allow the telecommunications company to immediately use the underutilized frequencies owned by SMC for public benefit.

In its petition for certiorari, prohibition and mandamus with prayer for a temporary restraining order, Globe emphasized that when the acquisition was made in late May of this year, the parties have strictly followed the provisions of Sections 4 and 5 of the PCC Memorandum Circular No. 16-002. Under the MC, the deal is deemed approved if they are “consummated after the effectivity of the memorandum circular but before the effectivity of the implementing rules and regulations.” The PCC however chose to disregard this and took the position it is not bound by its own rules.

Under the own rules of the PCC, the transaction is already “deemed approved”, and the PCC cannot by whim or caprice state that it wants a review without any legal basis. The PCC cannot withhold and block the transaction out of a process not found in their own rules, and not disclosed to the public.

Despite this Petition, Globe continues to roll out using the co-used spectrum with the joint buyout of San Miguel’s telco assets, as the company is committed in improving the internet experience of its customers. Specifically, the company is activating the 700 MHz frequency spectrum in about 500 based stations in various parts of the country. Globe is also making use of its additional allocation in the 2600 MHz band to provide additional layer for its LTE network for faster data connectivity.

Globe further insists that there is nothing anti-competitive with the transaction to warrant its disapproval. In fact, the immediate use of the underutilized frequencies have spurred a series of competitive data offers that drastically brought down prices of mobile data for prepaid customers.    

Brandon Knight and Dee Brown Headline Gatorade NBA Training Center in the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Phoenix Suns guard Brandon Knight and former NBA player DeCovan “Dee” Brown will tip off NBA FIT Week in the Philippines by training elite Filipino athletes and coaches at this year’s Gatorade NBA Training Center, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Gatorade announced today. The 2016 Gatorade NBA Training Center will be held at the Gatorade Hoops Center at Mandaluyong City on July 19.

Returning for the third consecutive year, the Gatorade NBA Training Center will gather experts in basketball, fitness and conditioning, and nutrition to share best practices and learnings with elite local athletes and coaches. NBA FIT Week, which begins July 19 in the Philippines, will highlight the importance of healthy, active lifestyles through three pillars: be active, eat healthy, and play together. Additional NBA FIT Week activities include an interactive fan event featuring Globe Telecom’s sports ambassadors at the BGC Amphitheater on July 20, a full-day health and wellness event sponsored by the NBA Store, and an NBA Cares clinic for 13-year-old boys and girls from Special Olympics Philippines at TriNoma Activity Center on July 21.

“Being a great player is the product of maintaining good workout, eating and sleeping habits,” said Knight. “I’m looking forward to participating in NBA FIT Week and teaching talented young players in the Philippines the importance of fitness and nutrition both on and off the court.”

“I’m excited to visit the Philippines for the first time and experience the passion that Filipino fans have for basketball,” said Brown. “Having had the opportunity to work in the NBA, WNBA, and NBA D-League, I look forward to sharing my coaching knowledge and providing valuable insights on fitness and conditioning to help athletes and coaches elevate their games to the next level.”

The Gatorade NBA Training Center on July 19 will feature both Knight and Brown running a basketball clinic for Filipino college basketball players and Brown sharing his coaching philosophies with professional and collegiate coaches in an exclusive coaches session.

Knight, a 6’3” guard from the University of Kentucky, was selected eighth overall by the Detroit Pistons in the 2011 NBA Draft. Knight spent 2013-15 with the Milwaukee Bucks before joining the Phoenix Suns midway through the 2015 season and averaged 19.6 points, 5.1 assists and 3.9 rebounds per game for the Suns last season.

Brown played for the Boston Celtics (1990-98), Toronto Raptors (1998-00) and Orlando Magic (2000-02) during his 12-year NBA career and won the Slam Dunk Contest at NBA All-Star 1991. Following his retirement as a player, Brown served as head coach of the WNBA’s Orlando Miracle (2002) and San Antonio Silver Stars (2004) prior to joining the NBA D-League’s Springfield Armor as head coach (2009-11). Brown most recently served as an assistant coach for the Pistons (2011-13) and Sacramento Kings (2013-15).

Follow Gatorade on Facebook at to learn more about the Gatorade NBA Training Center Philippines. For all things NBA, visit and follow the league on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Boosting Data Quality Can Optimize Your Company’s Performance

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Over the years, the rapid development of information technology has greatly optimized the day-to-day operations of businesses. Companies collect and store an enormous amount of data, which in return, demands superior and diligent data management. However, organizations typically overestimate the quality of their data and the cost of errors, according to a study.

Because of this, Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. – a globally recognized business partner in providing best-in-class services and solutions – helps businesses transform their organization into a more innovative, cost-effective, and revenue-earning business through exceptional data governance.

According to Alan Alipao, managing director and head of consulting of Third Pillar, a regular data assessment and cleansing for data quality maintenance should become a standard practice to all organizations. “It informs the organization as to where the risks are within the data, thus allowing them to create preventive measures against business process failures, non-compliance, and other scenarios leading to profit losses.”

Data cleansing is the process of amending or removing data in a database that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated.

Transport Department, Smart Ink Deal for Free WiFi access in Key Transport Hubs

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In the effort to enhance connectivity and modernize the transportation systems, the Department of Transportation and Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today that will provide enhanced Wi-Fi access to passengers of key transport hubs nationwide, including but not limited to airports, sea ports, train stations. and bus terminals.

“Passengers will now enjoy free WiFi connections during their stay in various transport hubs. We aim to provide high standards and better services to the public,” Tugade added.”

Smart said the WiFi speed will be 10 times faster, at par with international standards.

“We thank our partner, Smart, for supporting the government’s thrust to make passengers’ travel experience more comfortable, convenient and connected,” Tugade added.

Tugade further emphasized that this initiative demonstrates what can be accomplished with public-private sector cooperation.

Under the MoU, Smart will operate and maintain the Wi-Fi facility at no cost to the government. The telecom company has identified key transport hubs nationwide in which to implement the project.

Last week, the Department of Transportation and local airline companies signed a Memorandum of Agreement on the upkeep of Manila airport terminals.

How a Footwear Business Walks its Way to Success with Shopify

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Business success stories usually start with an inspiration. For Regina Sambalido and her business partners, the idea of making affordable yet lovely-looking leather sandals available to Filipinos came during a trip abroad where they stumbled upon several stores selling beautiful leather footwear. They were so taken with the sandals that they decided to bring a couple of pairs home and offer them online. This started their love affair with footwear and the birth of Renegade Folk.

Regina and her three siblings together with Bibay Puyat initially offered a variety of quality leather sandals with the best material. The sandals can be worn by people of any age, which is what Renegade Folk is after. Most of their footwear now comes from the local manufacturing industry, which also benefit from Renegade Folk’s loyal online customers not only in the Philippines but also in Singapore, Australia, and Canada.

With their growing portfolio of everyday sandals, Renegade Folk has to strengthen its online exposure to expand its business, prompting the store to tap Shopify as its e-commerce platform. Shopify provides Renegade Folk with a portal for customers to see, appreciate and purchase their products at an affordable price.

“We are extremely happy with Shopify because it is very user-friendly. It also has a great design interface with customizable templates, easy report generation, and automatic reply features that anyone can use,” shared Sambalido. 

5 Tips to Avoid Online Fraud

Wazzup Pilipinas! 

Activities shopping online continues to increase from year to year. We are so often spoiled with a wide variety of goods ranging from clothing appliances to household appliances and to food appliances, where all of it can now be delivered to our doorsteps through online transactions.

We have to be aware that online transactions are not entirely safe. Through a survey from iprice Group, among the 26 countries in the world, Philippines is the country with the most victims of online fraud. Up to a total of 26% of online consumers have lost money due to fraud in cyberspace.

Fraud stories such as goods which never arrived, illicit payments via credit cards to the loss of thousands and millions of pesos could happen if we are not careful in the deals online as well as protecting ourselves from cyberhackers.

Here are 5 tips that you can do to avoid scams online:

1. Safe Shopping Site

Try to shop on the sites with the address ‘https: //’ instead of ‘http: //’. The letter “s” means that sites are using a secured server and will protect your personal information from hackers.

According to David Chmelař, CEO of iprice Group, you can pay attention to the reviews from previous customers, and ask a friend or colleague who has experience of shopping onine to ensure your destination site is a trusted website.

2. Save Transaction Evidence

Proof of electronic payment such as the confirmation email, SMS, and others can help to record and track the history of your transaction. They can also be used as strong evidence if there is a dispute with the seller in the future.

3. Protect Your Credit Card

Hackers to your credit card can be prevented and stopped as soon as possible after the transaction has taken place. Here are some ways to protect your credit card:

Set SMS notifications on a credit card, so you get news of any transactions done. If there is a suspicious transaction, you may contact the bank’s Customer Service to ask for confirmation and blocking transactions which leads to any hacking indications.
Use One-Time Password (OTP), which is the password that will be sent to a personal moblie phone after an online transaction. OTP provides a layer of security to your credit card.
Limit the number of transactions on your credit card so that transactions cannot be processed when it reaches a certain threshold.
Check your credit card statement. There is a transaction which you did not make but is listed in the monthly report? If yes, then contact your Customer Service immediately.

4. Avoid Using Wifi Internet when Accessing Personal Activity

While doing online shopping or bank transactions, avoid using free Wifi because if may well open opportunities for other people to access your private data.

5. Use Smart and Powerful Password

It is important to have a password that is strong because the password associated with yourself like your birthday, can be easily guessed by the people who know you or the hackers. Hackers generally guess and match your personal records word by word and letter by letter. Make sure you use numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters.

Contributed by
Davin Chuah
An alumni of Taylor’s University and is passionate in writing about lifestyle, tech and travelling related pieces. He believes in communicating experiences and feelings through writing.

Synergy Training Program 2016-2017 Batch 2

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Take the little steps as you make your way to the road of becoming the best leader you can be!

Begin your extraordinary journey and join the Synergy Training Program 2016-2017 BATCH 2!

Many have already made their first move. It's not yet too late to make yours so APPLY NOW!

Application is until July 28, 2016.

Get more details through this link:

For inquiries and other concerns, you may contact Joanne Santiago at (0997) 580 1441 or email her at


Monday, July 11, 2016

Robert Walters Expands Asian Footprint with New Office in Manila

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Robert Walters PLC, one of the world’s leading specialist professional recruitment consultancies, announced today the continued expansion of its Asian network with a new office in Manila, Philippines. With the addition of the Philippines, the Robert Walters footprint in Asia now covers 11 countries.

“The Philippines has shown strong GDP growth in the last few years, a growing middle class of professionals and increased foreign investment – which are all key ingredients for us as an international specialist recruitment firm to be establishing an office in the country.” says Mr Toby Fowlston, Managing Director, Robert Walters South East Asia. “We are very excited to be opening a new office in the Philippines as it serves to further strengthen our market leading position across the Asia region and extend the coverage we can provide to our clients and candidates.”

The Philippines office will have an initial focus on accounting & finance, banking & financial services, human resources and information technology. Plans for gradual expansion into other disciplines will follow once client and candidate relationships are developed.

Mr Eric Mary, Country Manager for Robert Walters Philippines says: “Robert Walters is proud to become a part of Philippines booming, high growth economy. The market here offers significant potential for mid to senior level specialist recruitment. We are committed to providing exemplary levels of service to both clients and candidates and introducing a highly professional level of recruitment in the Philippines.’’

Robert Walters Philippines new office is located at 37/F Philamlife Tower, 8767 Paseo De Roxas, Makati City 1226.

All-Weather Urban Corridors for Clark and Angeles City

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ever worried about your car stalling in knee-deep floods? Or missing your flight due to impassable roads? A new study for Angeles City and the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga aims to ensure that the flow of goods, services and people remain undisrupted by assessing the vulnerability of roads to temperature increases and floods and identifying ‘All-Weather Urban Corridors.’

An All-Weather Urban Corridor is a network of roads with the ability to withstand the effects of extreme weather conditions, coupled with good drainage systems, which allow the safe passage of vehicles.

Over 70 leaders converged at the Clark Freeport Zone’s Widus Hotel for the final presentation of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) for their ‘All-Weather Urban Corridors’ project.

Though both Angeles City and the Clark Freeport Zone are historically free from severe inundation, they are still occasionally susceptible to light flooding as both are located in a Type-1 climate zone, making them vulnerable to the southwest monsoon’s rains. Though many of the areas’ roads can be considered ‘All-Weather’ – climate change effects like intense heat and excessive rainfall can still render some road sections vulnerable. Assessing and identifying roads for improvement within Angeles City and the Clark Freeport Zone will enable both hubs to be better prepared in light of climate change.

Le Première: A Grand Launch To Marketing Ascendance

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Primp yourself for an evening of timeless glamour and mellow tunes as the Philippine Junior Marketing Association commences its 30th year with its most anticipated and grandest Annual Governors’ Forum entitled,

Le Première: A Grand Launch To Marketing Ascendance

Launching this 24th of July, 2016 from 6:00 - 10:00 PM at the Makati Palace Hotel, P Burgos Street, Makati City!

Step into the red carpet and join us as we toast to a night filled with engaging activities for you to delight in!

For inquiries, feel free to contact Illac Aragon at (0936) 209 6067 or email him at


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Rainy Day Beats and Backup with the Ekowave and Ekopack Luna!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ekoteke has two new products tha they're really excited about! Take a look at their Ekopack Luna and Ekowave headphones. They had so much fun with their earphones so they decided to create headphones to add more variety to their sound range. The Ekopack Luna is the first in the Philippines to have a design like that in the country. Please see below for more details of the new Ekogadgets.

Ekotek is serving up double the fun with the Ekopack Luna and Ekowave! Get more out of your day by charging up with the first power bank of its kind in the Philippines. Ride the soundwaves with a pair of headphones that sound and feel great, not just for the ears but also for your pocket! 

Ekopack Luna

The newest Ekopack is sure to brighten your day! With a one-of-a-kind design, it functions as both an LED lamp and a backup for your gadgets. A unique shake feature indicates the charging power left in your Luna and to see it, just give your Ekopack Luna a shake!

With 7500 mAh of power a dual-charging capacity, it'll be sure to keep you (and a friend) going through the day. All encased in a stylish white and chrome case, the Ekopack Luna is functional as it is fashionable.


Capacity: 7500mAh
Input: DC 5V/2A
Output 1: DC5V/1A



Ride the sound waves like a pro with the Ekowave! It can take the heat like a pro-headphone with an impedance of 32 Ohms. This means that can you plug the EkoWave in to your favorite mobile gadgets, and even use it with professional audio equipments such as amplifiers and mixers without worrying about blowing it out.

Aside from the built-in comfort cushions around its earpads, EkoWave's equally-comfy headband can be custom fit with its built-in adjuster for anti head-bobbing accidents.


Speaker Size: 40mm
Sensitivity: 102dB±3dB
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency Response : 20Hz to 20KHZ
Cord Length: Approx. 1.5m
Plug Type: 3.5mm Stereo
Microphone: 6×5.0MM
Sensitivity: -58dB±3dB


Catch the Ekopack Luna and Ekowave at our kiosks in SM North Edsa the Annex, SM Megamall, SM Pampanga, as well as selected Office Warehouse, Astrovision, and iStudio branches. They're also chillin over at IGIG in Greenhills Promenade. See you there!
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