Saturday, October 31, 2020

Typhoon Rolly could be bigger than Yolanda

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Super typhoon set to hit eastern Luzon - aurora bicol on Sunday. NCR might be signal #3. Predicted to be strong Yolanda type winds rain. 

Projected gusts of 180 knots which is 333 kph. Yolanda had gusts 0f 379 kph. Yolanda leveled forests and villages. Electrical power was out for two months. This is a chain saw coming at Luzon and ABS-CBN free TV is off the air. AFP is drawing up propaganda plans.

Please take precautions.

Everyone living in Luzon, please be ready and stay safe in the coming days.

Grabe yung eye of the storm. One of the most well-formed and clear typhoon eye na nakita ko! This may be small typhoon, but it's a monster! 

Praying that this typhoon Goni/Rolly is not Haiyan/Yolanda levels.

If the sun shines and clouds are clear this morning, start preparing yourselves up. We know better now. Let me remind you that on November 2013, before Yolanda struck, the sun shone brighter like never before.

Call me paranoid but all the news about #RollyPH is making me really nervous for everyone, especially because we're under a government who's already been bad at dealing with a present crisis. 

I know a lot of people will just ignore me but we should learn from November 08, 2013. I want to reach my prayers to those people that will be affected of the incoming super typhoon. We must stay alert and pack our things and go to the nearest shelter where we will be safe.

And as much as possible, stay away from the shores. We will never know what will happen just like years ago. I've lost a friend and relatives and I don't want to happen to you even though I do not know all of you. PLEASE PLEASE KAPWA PINOY KO DIYAN ALWAYS BE SAFE!!!!

Yes, the government is ready for the typhoon. They're busy protecting the Dolomite beach, and DPWH is justrushing a breakwater courtesy of people's taxes of course.

Forget about the dolomite beach. Those who live along Manila Bay’s coast must evacuate. Trust me when I say storm surges can be deadly; we almost got drowned by Yolanda’s storm surge.

ANTI-Manila Bay rehab project and Dolomite watchers are IDIOTS! SANA Rolly could just zoom in specifically sa mga bahay ng mga Oploks! Kaso hindi. Natural catastrophes aren't selective. Like Yolanda before this, rich and poor, NO ONE will be spared of its wrath. Brace yourselves. 

This is going to be the scariest halloween!

Nature's wrath versus human folly? Humans misleading and misgoverning, saving their own necks, selling patrimony at other's expense? Are we being punished?

Let us pray for our fellow countrymen in this trying times. 

Praying for the typhoon to get dissolved before it landfalls. 

i don't want y'all to experience the trauma we had in Bagyong Yolanda.

To my fellow Filipinos, specifically those who are about to experience the possible "super typhoon" Goni/Rolly, please stay safe and please DO NOT underestimate super typhoons.

Stock up on food supplies and basic necessities, secure your homes, seek shelter if located along the shores or often flooded areas, prepare emergency lights and battery-powered radios (remember the power and Internet may be down), and do everything else necessary to prepare against this incoming threat.

This could be bigger than Haiyan/Yolanda.

MYMP wears blackface as Halloween costume, says Black Lives Matter is propaganda

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Chin Alcantara of MYMP just proudly announced to the world he wasn’t raised right. Lmao. 

MYMP defending themselves from blackface then claims na kalokohan ang Black Lives Matter (BLM)?

OMG MYMP. That black face as a Halloween costume? All lives matter?

Your mama is definitely not proud with that.

Blackface while saying All Lives Matter (ALM). Tanginang doble-dobleng kabobohan MYMP dapat YMNP: Your Mama’s Not Proud

What the fuck is this shit, MYMP? He really said "walang white race, walang black race, walang chinese race, one race lang tayo. human race." 

MYMP really said wag pansinin yung nagsasabing educate yourself about doing a black face, propaganda lack yung BLM and ALM dapat. Advice: if may magsabing educate yourself, just shut up and educate yourself.

Instead of apologizing because a lot of people told him it's not right, he really said "Huwag pansinin". I HAVE NO WORDS. I CAN'T.

Nung nakita niya siguro BLM tas biglang may katabing ALM, walang gana gana ng utak! Diretso agad sa “Oo nga no!”

The fact that you did not prevent your bandmate from saying this shit means you're complicit in this. All lives will only matter if the oppressed are lifted from their oppression, and black people are oppressed. 

Watch how @MYMP_OFFICIAL virtually nuke what’s left of their careers. This is the real "How to self destruct a band 101." Nakakaiyak yung katangahan niya.

MYMP was trash since Juris Fernandez left naman.

I actually thought disbanded na ang MYMP kasi wala na si Juris. Siya lang naman nagdala ng MYMP eh. Must’ve been hard for her to come back.

"We can no longer cancel MYMP coz they’ve been muted since Juris left. At least now they got us talking. Publicity by stupidity is still publicity." - MA Buendia

They definitely need to change na their band's in NOW... especially after this. To be honest, laos na MYMP. They should stayed laos and no one will care. Lol!

Again, this guy said that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is mere propaganda... then digging their grave even more by stating that ALL LIVES MATTER. This is in response to the comments section of their livestream calling out the blackface Jimi Hendrix costume he is wearing. 

This is disgustingly ignorant. 

Please look up how all lives matter is a white supremacist movement. Basta na lang nakiride sa ALM?

Taking from a society that was deliberately abused and dehumanized by their color, it resulted in taunting depictions that strengthened racial inequalities.

No, @MYMP_OFFICIAL. Doing blackface for halloween won’t spread positivity. 

This is publicly posted ha. I'm not doxxing anyone here. Pero if you want to send a message to MYMP this is the perfect way. Send a message to their manager. Let's tell her na i-educate naman niya banda niya. Nakakahiya. 

Somebody already added this to the Wikipedia page

I used to be a big fan of MYMP but I dropped them when Juris left.

Now, as soon as I saw this. It means my decision back then was right. 

The fact that people are calling them out already for their bandmate’s inappropriate halloween “costume” but they still went one with the live for almost two hours. anong kabobohan ‘to @MYMP_OFFICIAL? 

Where does it hurt, @MYMP_OFFICIAL? Maybe being suffocated to death with a cops knee on your neck? Or being shot in bed at home... for being black.

Calling out your racism is not spreading "nega" vibes. What you did is racist. Apologize, admit you're wrong, and never do it again maybe?  

Kadiri. Talaga bang pinanindigan yung blackface? It’s not enough that they’re spewing politically backwards, DDS propaganda. They also have the gall to promote racial ridicule at the expense of entertainment.

MYMP must educate themselves and apologize for their racist remark against #BlackLivesMatter. The blackface is purely offensive

MYMP does not represent the views of Filipinos. We are officially revoking their Philippines Membership Card. 

We can all agree that MYMP was some god-tier OPM, right? Lol!

Cancel culture, do your thing. Please cancel MYMP.

How to have an Improved Experience with your Videoconference Chat

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Lack of etiquette could upset the overall success of a webcam chat or meeting. Most people believe that once they have a webcam and a microphone, they could jump into video conferencing any time they deem fit. 

It would be imperative that people should be encouraged to be prepared for using the latest technologies effectively, as they would use the other available business tools. 

When using technologies, most people become largely self-conscious when they initially start. However, with time, they forget they are on camera. 

During a videoconference call, people should be more engaged, as it would be similar to being present at the meeting in-person. 

However, you would not throw your laundry in during an in-person meeting. Similarly, you should not act in such a way during a video call. 

Improved behavior on a video conference call 

Therefore, it would be important for you to be mindful of your behavior. The below-mentioned etiquette tips would help you behave on camera. 

Consider choosing a facilitator for managing any high-spirited conference participants 

Ask for permission before recording a video chat on 

Pay attention to details and listen carefully 

Avoid multitasking while on a video call 

Avoiding personal gestures such as scratching, picking, and playing with hair 

Be aware of your facial expressions, as you would be on meeting face to face on a clear video 

Do nor convey a wrong message through your facial expressions 

Do not eat or drink 

Be mindful of your background scene and noises 

Speak slowly and deliberately. Do not be rude by engaging in side conversations 

Apart from the etiquette, you should pay attention to the video and sound quality for a great webcam experience. 

How to improve your video and sound quality 

With video conferencing surged in popularity, people would be required to improve the quality of their webcam and microphone. It would affect the quality of experience you gain online. 

Using an Ethernet cable 

Consider using an Ethernet cable for connecting the computer to your router. It would provide a stable connection to the internet as compared to Wi-Fi. 

Moving your router 

The closer your router to the computer, laptop, or Smartphone, the better reception you would gain for the best webcam chat experience. Less distance and fewer obstacles between the router and your device would offer seamless streaming. 

Disconnect any unused devices 

The number of devices connected and using the Wi-Fi would make a significant difference to the overall quality of video chatting. 

Therefore, for poor quality video chat, resolve the issue by switching off devices you do not require now. Disconnecting tablets and smartphones from Wi-Fi until the conference or chat is finished would offer you quality services. 

Use a 4G connection 

At times, you would come across a 4G or 5G connection of your Smartphone, which appears quicker than your home internet connection.

 With a quicker 4G connection and plenty of data allowance, look forward to connecting your computer or other devices to 4G connections. 

Friday, October 30, 2020

Kuya Kim Atienza criticized for Liz Uy congrats

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Kim Atienza or Kuya Kim responded to netizens who criticized him after showing support for Liz Uy’s engagement news. 

“Ohh I don’t support adultery but I love @lizzzuy and Raymond. I even love you. We are all sinners," replied Kuya Kim to a netizen who claimed that he supports infidelity."

Let's rephrase it:

"I dont support adultery, but I love the adulterers.?" 

So ganoon?.. dahil sinners tayong lahat.. OK lang?.. Anong isip meron kayu? May ghad..!

All of us are sinners, but not homewreckers! Minsan talaga may mga kabit na ang kakapal ang mukha, mas makapal pa sa bank vault!

Oo Kuya Kim makasalanan din ako. Sobra sobra pero nasa 10 commandments mismo yung nagawa nila.

We are all sinners is not and never can be an excuse to sin willfully... we acknowledge our sinfulness but we try to avoid sin..... that is the operative concept... to avoid sin.

Kung sasabihing lahat naman tayo ay sinners, totoo. Pero yung i-congrats pa yung nagtagumpay sa pang-aagaw ng asawa at parang OK na lang at normal na lang din ngayon. Nakakalungkot lang. Parang OK lang magkasala o mangsira ng pamilya kasi lahat namn tayo sinners. Ganern?


Kapag sikat at mapera, okay lang mangabet kasi lahat naman daw makasalanan? 

Kuya Kim, you love the kabet, you love the one that abandoned his family, you even love the one that criticised you. How come you didn't love the first family that is was abandoned?

Just because not everyone is perfect eh pwede nang i-tolerate? 

How sad to read this kind of statement.

It's like saying when you love the person, it is okay to tolerate and ignore an evil act.

Tsk tsk Matanglawin, hindi maganda sa bata yan.. pag mali, mali! No excuse!

"Ang buhay pag aasawa ay weather weather lang?"

Ang kwestyon is bakit malakas ang loob niya na i announce ang engagement knowing her relationship is not something to be proud of?  Ganito na ba talaga kakapal ang pagmumukha ng mga sikat na personalidad

Just saving this for future references, kasi for sure i dedelete ni Kuya Kim yan.

Anyway Liz Uy and Raymond Racaza and also the cupid herself Isabelle Daza and their enabler celeb friends has a special place in hell. Muah!

Influencer Mary Lite Lamayo is clueless about Jose Rizal?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Who doesn't know Jose Rizal?

This is José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, simply known as José Rizal. He was given birth at Calamba, Laguna on June 19, 1861, and was executed by a firing squad of the Spanish Colonial Government for the crime of rebellion at Bagumbayan, Manila on December 30, 1896. 

Well our national hero would be giving  Mary Lite Lamayo the finger if he was still alive.

I can't wait to hear Rizal curse Mary Lite in 22 different languages. 

Mary Lite is  now the "malansang isda" on  Rizal's poem. Lol! 

I don't think Mary Lite didn't recognize Rizal coz' for Pete's sake, even an elementary student knows who he is. Sorry for judging but---yeah, she's a major in Tourism, and a major in Attention-seeking as well. 

There are 3 possibilities:

1. Mary Lite knows who Jose Rizal is but she failed to recognize the picture (maybe not a visual person; not her fault there).

2. Scripted at naglalaro ng tanga-tangahan to make an issue (good for views).

3. She genuinely doesn't know who Jose Rizal is. 

So, this is the new way of influencing to get many views and more money? Downgrading Jose Rizal, asking if he's a TikToker? Are you a fool bitch? Of you're just making yourself a fool? For fucking sake that's our National hero bitch, that's the guy who fought the Spaniards with a pen. 

The disrespect for just clout? Just another "influencers" flaunting their stupidity?

I guess it's all just a playful gimmick to call attention. It's what everyone is doing right now....making nonsense of sensible stuff to catch audience interest.

After all, we are all after the fame and fortune brought about by monetization of our content on social media.

Thus, the pabebe at pa cute were born to act innocent and even pretend to be stupid because people love the dimwitted.

Who the f*ck told this girl that it is cute not to recognize Rizal? For clout or not, this is type of idiocy is unforgivable. Bat ba may fans to? Que horror! 

Very obvious na the “influencer” who apparently does not know Gat. Jose Rizal might have been pretending to do so for clout. And now she gets what she wants, and I just contributed a blog to her cause.

Please don't mind her na lang kasi, peeps, She is just playing stupid because she likes the fame. 

Seriously, Jose Rizal? Who the f*cking Filipino doesn't know our national hero, even with just being familiarized with the name kasi it's ICONIC and HISTORICAL!

Petition for Mary Lite Lamayo to uninstall her TikTok and read a damn history book! 

New Cinephilias Online via the Instituto Cervantes Vimeo Channel

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This November, Instituto Cervantes and Festival de Sevilla, in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines, will treat Filipino film buffs to the New Cinephilias Online”, a series of movies considered as The Other Spanish Cinema, a label with which the generation who started working with cinema at the dawn of the 21st century was named. This film cycle will be shown through the Instituto Cervantes channel on the Vimeo platform and is freely accessible for 48 hours from their start date and time.

The line-up is composed of award-winning films such as the documentary Niñato (Kid), awarded as the Best Film during the 19th BAFICI - Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival), and directed by Adrián Orr. Two drama feature films like Ver a una mujer (To See a Woman) by Mònica Rovira and A estación violenta (The Wild Season) by Anxos Fazáns. Another documentary: Idrissa, crònica d´una mort qualsevol (Idrissa, Chronicle of an Ordinary Death), directed by Xavier Artigas and Xapo Ortega, which was nominated to the XII Premios Gaudí (Guadí Awards) and the 15th Festival de Sevilla de cine europeo (Seville European Film Festival) completes the film cycle.

These films are creations of filmmakers who sought to express themselves with new paradigms and who benefited from the freedom offered by the digital revolution. During the last twenty years, these artists have created a niche where they experiment with new narrative models. There is no doubt that, with them, new viewers are born who appreciate and look forward to seeing the fruits of their labors: the modes of postmodernity, the visual quality, the formal audacity and the multiple representations of these films are some of the features they share and that are recognized by creators and viewers. This "other Spanish cinema" has been strongly defended by festivals, which continue to act as places to (in)form and connect with contemporary moviegoers.

The film cycle will kick off on 7 November, Saturday at 3 AM in Manila (November 6, Friday at 8 PM in Madrid), with the screening of Niñato (2017) available for 48 hours until Monday, November 9 at 3 AM. Fleeing from gruesomeness, poignancy or emotional trap, it focuses on the particular family of David Ransanz, a young and jobless rapper from the suburbs of Madrid who raises a three year old while living in his mother's house. Adrián Orr draws a moving and close portrait of this “kid” who tries to resist a monotonous and not very encouraging situation, while still holding on to his musical dreams.

The film cycle will continue on 14 November, again at 3 AM Manila time, with the drama Ver a una mujer (To See a Woman). Directed by Mònica Rovira in 2017, it is an intimate, poetic and beautiful film about the relationship between the Director (Mónica) and her first female love: Sarai. It is a film where the play of textures, lights and shadows, work as the perfect metaphor for the ineffable of love, dependency and honesty, and which constitutes a sublime exercise of introspection and exorcism in which a woman face the demons of her life as a couple.

Another feature film A estación violenta (The Wild Season, 2018) will be shown on Saturday 21 November, at 3 AM in Manila. This dazzling debut of Anxos Fazáns, adapted from the homonymous novel by Manuel Jabois, showcases life in a city where there is no horizon other than that of an unhappy past and that of a lost generation. It is a story of silent loves, broken complicities, and mutual mistrust.

Finally, the well-crafted documentary directed by Xavier Artigas and Xapo Ortega, Idrissa, crònica d´una mort qualsevol (Idrissa, Chronicle of an Ordinary Death, 2019) will conclude the film cycle on November 28, also at 3 AM Manila time and available for 48 hours until Monday, November 30 at 3 AM. The film depicts how the Spanish legal system has made it nearly impossible to investigate into the death of a 21-year-old Guinean migrant at the Centre d'Internament d'Estrangers de Barcelona (Foreigners Internment Center of Barcelona). The Directors are not just telling us a real life story, but conveying about the effective use of cinema as a tool for action and change.

The films, presented by Instituto Cervantes in collaboration with the Seville European Film Festival of Spain and the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines, will be in Spanish with English subtitles. Admission is free.  For further information and updates on this film series, please check out or Instituto Cervantes Facebook page:

Philippine Cities on the Road to Sustainability

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A pedicab pedals past a church in San Carlos City. Cities across the Philippines are adopting sustainability measures as they work to develop their climate action plans. Photograph © San Carlos City

Philippines - Many urban areas in the country have led the push for climate action in the Philippines as cities across the world continue to adopt sustainable practices.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) through its One Planet City Challenge (OPCC) recognizes cities across the globe for their efforts to address climate change. The project works with these cities to develop and realize their climate ambitions and targets, while providing them a platform to inspire other cities in the world.

Metro Manila, as seen from above. Cities - like those of Metro Manila - are home to over half the world’s population, and contribute approximately 70% of the world’s emissions. Photograph © Imee Bellen / WWF-Philippines

Ahead of World Cities Day, the WWF Cities released a document outlining features of sustainable cities. Titled ‘Six Secrets of Successful Cities,’ the report lists key points that the best-performing OPCC cities across the globe possessed to build their capacity for sustainability and successfully meet the climate crisis that their cities face.

Home to over half the world’s population - and responsible for approximately 70% of the world’s emissions - cities play a significant role in tackling climate change. This role is further highlighted in Sustainable Development Goal 11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities outlining the United Nations’ commitment to this goal.

As per the WWF Cities, a sustainable city measures what matters, shows political leadership, leads by example, utilizes inspiring networks, forms university partnerships, and highlights the co-benefits of joint efforts in building the cities’ capacities. 

A bike sharing facility in Pasig City. Strong leadership and innovative projects and partnerships are pushing Philippine cities down the path toward sustainability. Photograph © Pasig City

With the “Six Secrets” in mind, the current batch of Philippine OPCC cities shows how each is uniquely positioned to address the various challenges that a sustainable city faces.

Measures what matters

Having data on the city’s emissions helps cities to identify the sources of their high-emitting sectors while providing key information on how to manage these sectors and to define both mitigation and adaptation plans. Batangas City measures what matters as it refers to its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Inventory to guide them in creating climate solutions, sustainability actions and enabling policies that help in emission reductions, as the city sets its sights to attain carbon neutrality by 2030 - aiming to be the first carbon-neutral city in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Santa Rosa City uses its GHG Emissions Inventory to guide the city towards a low emission development pathway, even with a growing economy and population due to accelerated industrialization in the city. For OPCC cities like San Carlos, Cagayan de Oro, Pasig, Muntinlupa and Tagum, while these cities have already developed their GHG Emissions Inventories, external verification for completeness and accuracy is still ongoing. Quezon City has the most updated GHG emissions inventory with a base year of 2016 while Parañaque City intends to update its GHG inventory to further assist them on their city-wide emissions reduction target. And, as a first-class, highly-urbanized city, Davao City is currently undertaking their GHG emissions inventory to establish its baseline emissions data in order to explore opportunities that come by pursuing low emission and climate-resilient development strategies.

Show political leadership

The leaders of all Philippine OPCC cities have confidently demonstrated their political leadership. In particular, Pasig City, Cagayan de Oro City, and Quezon City showed political leadership in their commitments to update and enhance the level of ambition and quality of their Local Climate Change Action Plans (LCCAPs). Several cities have seen the value of supporting a larger, global goal by becoming members of the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM), such as Batangas City, Pasig City, Parañaque City, Santa Rosa City, Quezon City, Muntinlupa City, San Carlos City, Cagayan de Oro City, and Dipolog City. 

Lead by example

A number of emerging cities have led by example with projects and practices that have promoted local sustainability, while taking advantage of opportunities to implement actions and policies on the use of renewable energy in their cities. La Carlota City went solar, installing panels in all public buildings and facilities, while San Carlos City built an attractive environment for RE investments to supplement their already-robust clean energy capacity of over 100MW. Dipolog City made similar commitments, vowing to increase the share of renewable energy by 25% for all their LGU operations by the year 2022.

Utilize inspiring networks

As a member of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, Quezon City has made use of an inspiring network to undergo the C40 Climate Action Programme (CAP) to develop and improve their climate action plans to align with ambitions of the Paris Agreement. Expert climate city planners and organizations, such as ICLEI Southeast Asia, have lended their technical expertise, including peer-to-peer collaboration, stakeholder engagement, planning tools, among others, to the Quezon City local government, to help them realize their climate action plans.

Form university partnerships

The City of Santa Rosa has been a prime example of what can be achieved through university partnerships. Utilizing around hundred senior students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines for household data gathering, the Santa Rosa local government has been able to establish their city’s emission patterns. Through working with PUP, the city has increased its capacity to understand their climate situation, and what areas to work on to achieve effective climate action. Further cooperation with Clean Air Asia, its partner the National Center for Transportation Studies, and ICLEI Southeast Asia, have resulted in data gathering, sampling, and data processing, that will feed into the formulation of the Santa Rosa City’s Clean Air Action Plan.

Highlight the co-benefits

Finally, cities like Pasig, Muntinlupa, Malolos, and Tagum have highlighted the multiple co-benefits of their climate action efforts. Transport initiatives such as a bike sharing program, free shuttle bus services, and river ferry services in Pasig City have led to cleaner air and a higher quality of life, while mandatory composting in all city-government buildings and urban farms in barangays have worked to address food insecurity. Efforts aimed at addressing urban heat island phenomenon such as dedicating space to urban gardening to sustain soil moisture, investing in waterless fixtures to address water demand, and first-aid training for all city staff, has led to an increase in quality of life for the people of Muntinlupa City. Adaptation actions, particularly involving drainage and flood measures are saving both people and sites of cultural and historical importance in Malolos City, while Tagum City, a first-class city in Mindanao, pursues projects that address social inclusion, economic growth, and improved public health aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable sectors like its local farmers, fisherfolks and livestock growers. For example, the use of solar driven water pump motors benefits the local farmers in Tagum City as it delivers an efficient, no emission irrigation, while improving their profit.

Are bloggers inferior compared to mainstream media

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The reason I stayed as a blogger is because there are so much discrimination against our kind. I felt that I am here to change all of this.

There are even times I want to stop calling myself as a blogger because of how people perceive us....and while others do have vested interests, it is but expected because blogging has evolved to more than just a web log or journal, but commercialized into a marketing tool.

So maybe I should stop calling myself as a blogger but more of a promoter....or maybe how my friend defines herself, a storyteller with perks.

Btw, this is a rant blog because I've just experienced another case of blogger discrimination. I would have kept silent and just walked away. But it is not the right thing to do. You don't just save yourself and let others get victimized. You raise the warning flag for the potential victims even if it means sacrificing yourself so that others will be treated fairly.

So far, it worked. From a "kanya-kanyang punta" to a P1500 budget to be divided to all bloggers who will be going to the event. So if 10 bloggers go, that's P150 for each. Still too low but better than nothing. Lol.

To share the story, there was this invite to cover an event, as well as write about the Tagaytay-based hotel itself which is the venue of the event. It's hitting two birds with one stone. 

However, their major defense, aside from an opportunity to see their hotel, is that we should help the entrepreneurs para makabawi sa pagkalugi dahil sa pandemic...ginagamit nila yung event to justify their invite. They are selling the good cause to seek our help.

However, when I emphasized that the hotel should shoulder at least the transpo and accommodation, it was frowned upon and a lot of bad words were thrown. The one who invited us scolded everyone in the chat group and told us that we should be grateful instead of the opportunity...and not to demand....then the insults against bloggers followed. Degrading bloggers as not legit, and claiming traditional media is better because they are registered with the National Press Club. Then she bragged about herself and posted pictures of her with popular personalities. Huwag daw kaming mayabang kaya siya nagyabang. Lol.

This is the same person who invited us to a previous event and promised us parking for our cars, and a facility complete with broadcast/online equipment and Internet connection for us to run an online show, but none were really available. We had to park on the streets of Makati and though she offered to pay for the parking, she still lied about the availability of parking spaces for our cars. What if the streets were full? Inconvenience indeed.

The broadcast facility she said to be available was nowhere ready. She even asked us to prepare teaser videos for our show, only to find out the "studio" was still in the initial stages of planning. And the owner of the establishment was proposing a concept close to a networking setup....yet the actual broadcasting equipment were not yet in place.

Lies and deception is number one here.

Going back to the hotel and event feature request. Hello??? Traveling all the way to Tagaytay on our own is not an easy and affordable expense for most people, especially when this pandemic has crippled the financial resources for most. The owner herself mentioned that because of the traffic, she has to be there the night before. How about us? Are we immune to such?

Not thinking about myself because I can afford to spend anyway, but how about those who depend on their meager salaries or blogging as their main source of income? Should they spend so much? Is it worthy as a blog feature?

During the first run, I was offered a room, but then it was gone the next day, the actual event day itself. No apologies, no explanation of what happened. So I had to tell my colleague the bad news eventhough he was already on his way there.

They informed me of the room availability the early morning at around 1am so I had to ask somebody else to represent me since I only read it at around 6am. Too late for me who will be coming all the way from Pasig. I won't make it to their 10am event launch.

Thus I had to quickly find somebody nearer Tagaytay to represent my publication. Several text messages but it seems they were too busy to get back to me as if I was not important. Not even after the event. Days has passed and no explanation. Not until I reported them directly to a USec of DTI who happens to be my friend on Facebook.

After the incident, I got message of support from fellow bloggers and some wanting to patch things up, but this woman still insists she was on the right mind, and she even sent me the message below to insult me further.

The parking she mentioned here is among the perks she guaranteed... Isinumbat ba naman kahit ipinangako niya. Lol.

This person has said her piece, I'm saying OUR piece as this was discussed among some of the bloggers included in the virtual press conference done for a certain hotel in Tagaytay:

"We are grateful for the opportunity but we do not like how you degrade bloggers. If you think media is better, then invite media, not us. If all your definition of legit is being a part of NPC, or MTRCB, know the meaning of those acronyms. Let me share it: National PRESS Club, MOVIE, TELEVISION, RADIO Classification Board.... If there was a government-recognized group for bloggers we will join it to be legalized. But until there is, you cannot question our legitimacy.

We are bloggers... Experiential dapat... We should not write stories based on hearsays or marketing pitches or kuwentuhan in a livestream. Usually these are often exaggerated and not descriptive of the real thing because noone would say negative stuff about their own brand. Bubuhatin mo sarili mong bangko?  

That's what makes bloggers more credible because most of us are independently running our own sites. No editors or publishers to answer to (that will have to worry about libel or complaints from their own sponsors or advertisers). There are exemptions, yung puro praise kahit not yet personally experienced  because they just want to please rather than find out the real deal. Pitiful. 

PRs or those taking on the role should raise our standards,  not bring it down to "Thank you" only.  Walang ngang pilitan, pero may pakonsensiya naman. Don't you think we know how to be an effective blogger?

You would degrade us as not legit because we are not part of NPC or other media groups, but we hear a lot of horror stories about these groups too. That is why there are more than just one because they can't get along. 

Pandemic nga, the more that they should understand that we should help each other, not one-way. 

As a friend, I'm just being truthful and saying it straight. Would you rather I hide my true feelings and just go with the flow?  Because unlike traditional media that have regular salaries and allowances, and usually sponsored by their media outfits of their expenses, most of us are freelancers. We spend our own hard-earned money. 

We are not "bobo" or "patay gutom" or Hao shaos, but mostly passionate storytellers that are genuinely loving our craft. That is why everyone else, including trad media, went online and created their online presence similar to a blog since it's more widely read compared to trad media that have invested on boosted posts to get a higher reach. 

Are we going to earn from a hotel shouldering our transpo and accommodation? No. Because that was only to provide convenience. Remember, it's a pandemic and many opportunities for bloggers have also been reduced. Just like businesses that suffered too. I believe it is a fair request.

Now if they are not willing to shoulder the expense, then be true. There is no need to lie about being fully-booked.

Lastly, it's better we discuss this openly rather that get the disappointments afterwards. This is a group chat. We were supposed to discuss and give opinions, suggestions,etc., and not become a dictatorial venue. If you don't like our suggestions, there is no need to curse us.

I never posted my previous experience with La Bella in both my personal or Fan page or even the blog because I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. But this is a group chat, we should be open to criticism and opinions, otherwise we will just be like the "bayarang" media who will post every thing basta may bayad or ex-deal /kapalit.

We are no longer newbies, we have been blogging for years, and never have I mentioned any accomplishment, award, recognition, or anything that you would interpret as "kayabangan" in this chat group.

You were actually the one who was defensive here. Instead of emphatizing with  us. The other bloggers are not talking, but we're discussing this on a separate thread. 

Again, I am a friend so I was confident you will side with us and raise the standards of blogging but you are making us look like we should be grateful eventhough we are getting an unfair treatment. Even after I said there was no apology or explanation given from my sad experience. You are setting a precedent for businesses to look down on bloggers as inferior compared to media.

Sorry, but if you'll continue to look down on bloggers then invite your media friends instead. Again, invite the media whom you think is better. Why waste time on us if you believe we are not "legit.'

I am not burning bridges, I'm raising skyscrapers for me and my fellow bloggers. It is not "kayabangan" but knowing our worth.

We deserve better, and businesses can't always expect free publicity. They should invest. Just as how this government needs to shape up, everyone not only needs to be resilient, but able to find their true value - that is often taken advantage, too."

In fairness, the Marketing Head, who wouldn't show her face during the livestream discussion unlike the mother and son owners, of this hotel called me up after I reported them to the DTI USec, but her apology was not really an apology since she was insisting she was busy with the event that day so she was not able to get back to me to explain and apologize. She also said that the current conflict was a problem between me and their designated person in charge of the blogger invites. She was part of the livestream and chat group but she never said a word while we were being scolded as if we are children. We were looked down like we are the lowest class of media.

Now I've heard that there was a promise to the bloggers to reimburse their transpo, but the same Marketing Head mentioned that there was only a budget of P1500 to be divided among the bloggers who will come. That information was not mentioned to the bloggers.

This will be another case of false promises. Bloggers will again be disappointed.

Don't get me wrong. We are eager to help, but if they continue to treat us as if we're the least important kind of media, then they should stop deceiving us with false promises just to make us come to their events.

Catriona Gray is Sante's Newest Ambassador for Daily-C

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There's a new Vitamin C in town, and it has been launched earlier today by digital or online due to the current pandemic.

We've seen how brands and businesses are coping up and using the power of the Internet and social media to still reach out to an audience to announce the latest about their company and the products they offer.

Santé also introduced their new Brand Ambassador for Daily C, a very good choice and the first letter of her name even starts with the letter C, similar to the vitamins that was launched.

Catriona Gray is our Miss Universe 2018, and just like Pia Wurztbach and the other winners of the prestigious Miss Universe beauty pageant, they will forever be part of our world as our beauty queens for life here in the Philippines.

Vitamin C has also been a very popular supplement to provide additional means to boost our immune system. It is the most recognizable and appreciated vitamin compared with the rest. And since this one from Sante is said to be non-acidic, we can maximize its power to further improve our health. Though we could get the same benefits from many citrus fruits, the convenience provided by commercial brands is always welcomed.

Executives from Sante were present together with Catriona for the launch which included the contract signing, some stories from them and a Question and Answer portion for the media and bloggers.

Oh, we miss the actual physical events for bloggers, and hopefully this pandemic will end soon so we can go ahead to move forward to the new and better normal.

Hopefully, this Vitamin C will further help us with the fight against the Corona virus or Covid-19.

Below is the official press release from Sante:

Prevention is better than cure, they say. That is why amid the current global health crisis, everyone is encouraged to take extra precautions to avoid getting sick. 

As part of the “new normal,” people are advised to stay at home, wash the hands frequently using soap and water or sanitizers, and wear protective equipment, facemasks, and face shields, among others, as prescribed by the local authorities.

For Ms. Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, however, it also pays to take Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that cannot be produced by our body. While it can be found mostly in the food we eat, such as citrus fruits, strawberries, and kiwi, taking an extra dose of this important nutrient can help our body’s immune functions, as well as other health benefits. 

“Keeping a healthy lifestyle, which starts with eating a well-balanced diet to get the right amounts of important nutrients and vitamins, is important to help maintain a healthy immune system. One of these important nutrients is Vitamin C, which has been featured in supplements due to its promising properties,” Catriona said. 

As a model, singer, and beauty pageant titleholder, known for her healthy lifestyle choices and as a fitness inspiration for all, Catriona Gray encourages everyone to get that extra dose of Vitamin C as she joins the Santé family as the new brand ambassador of Daily C. 

Santé’s Daily C is your go-to Vitamin C supplement for the whole family, as well as young professionals who work all-day or on night shifts. And since it is non-acidic, it is gentler on the stomach and safer for daily consumption. 

This time, Santé Daily C now has an exciting new look and an additional variant. Aside from its Daily C 500mg which has been in the market for over 5 years, Santé also introduces Daily C in 750mg, a bigger serving of the trusted Daily C – ascorbic acid as sodium ascorbate, now in vegetable capsules. 

Daily C provides an extra dose of Vitamin C, which not only aids the immune system but also prevents scurvy (Vitamin C deficiency); an extra level of protection by enhancing the absorption of iron and the formation of collagen in our bodies; as well as an extra aid in speeding the process of wound healing. 

“Now more than ever, it is important for all of us to take good care of our health and overall wellbeing. I’m glad that I am able to promote this mindset as the newest brand ambassador for Santé Daily C,” said Catriona. 

Joey Marcelo could not agree more. He said that “amid these uncertain times, we all need to take extra precautions. We are glad that we have our country’s pride, Ms. Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, as our new brand ambassador for Daily C as we encourage everyone to keep themselves healthy and strong, especially amid the current global health crisis.”

Santé Daily C is just one of the many other organic health and wellness products offered by Santé. Known for its flagship, Santé Barley™, the company has developed a comprehensive selection of everyday barley-based products. They are made with organic barley grass, as certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency.


To learn more about Santé, visit its website at

Student Activist Irix Romero Taken Against Her Will

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last night, Irix Romero, a fulltime activist and a member of Student Christian Movement of the Philippines (SCMP) Bulacan State University (BulSU), was taken to the Camp Aguinaldo where she will be supposedly interrogated by the military. 

She has been "abducted" by her parents, relatives (who have links with the military), was later brought to Clark, also against her will. She is 18. No warrant on her arrest, no case vs Irix. She was able to upload a recording stating the facts.

 Imagine the mental trauma and stress Irix will be suffering from. HER OWN PARENTS AND RELATIVES took her to Camp Aguinaldo so the military can interrogate her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an activist! 

Dont shut your eyes on this one. ACTIVISTS ARE NOT TERRORISTS!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Best Interest of the Child

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Almost a month since classes reopened in all public schools, an estimated 22 million children and youth were not able to go to school to learn, play, and socialize with friends, schoolmates, and teachers because of the health risks of COVID-19.

Instead, learners began attending classes at home through various learning modalities such as distance, blended, or modular, as well as online and TV/ Radio-based instruction.

Adapting to these learning modalities has not been easy.While attending online classes at home, children rely heavily on parents and guardians to support them.

However, parents and guardians are also facing different challenges to make ends meet. Some have difficulties in their current work set up while others experienced loss of income and employment due to the lockdown and prolonged quarantine measures imposed to control the spread of the Coronavirus.

Most of the 800,000 public school teachers struggle with the technological difficulties of conducting classes in the digital platforms, compared to the ease of using blackboards and whiteboards. Teachers’ access to laptop and desktop computers, including internet connection, is also a major challenge in conducting online classes.

According to the Department of Education (DepEd), at least 13 percent or 99,155 public school teachers have no computers at home. The DepEd also said that even for 687,911 teachers with computers at home, 41 percent or 280,531 of them do not have access to the Internet, and 10 percent of them–71,128–said there is no Internet signal in their area.

Learning must continue

Amid all the challenges, children’s rights to inclusive and quality education, and to be safe from the health risks of COVID-19 must be fulfilled.

There are 1.6 billion learners globally, and 91 per cent of them were out of school, including children and youth from the Philippines because of the school closures due to the pandemic.

This is the first time in human history that an entire generation of children have had their education disrupted.
By being out of school, children can feel anxious and can perceive time differently from adults. A few weeks or months out of school may seem a longer period to them. This means children tend to feel anxious about any period of time they are out of school and the learning and socialization they are missing. They fear they will not be able to catch up and start to worry that the longer schools are closed, the more likely they are to forget about the lessons.

Going to school is critical to children, especially to those living in the toughest places on earth.

For a period of five years, Save the Children has asked at least 1,215 children in six countries about their priorities during crisis. Nearly one in three or 29 per cent ranked education as their top priority, over food, clothing and shelter. These are children who were struggling to survive in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines; child refugees from Syria and Afghanistan; children living in conflict zones in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Rohingya children in refugee camps in Bangladesh; and Children displaced by fighting in Ethiopia and South Sudan.
Classes may have resumed, but millions of children may not be able to return to school.

These are children pushed into poverty because of COVID-19 as their families are having a hard time putting food on the table and roof over their heads. These are adolescent girls who face risk of gender-based violence, early pregnancy or child marriage, trapped in a cycle of violence and poverty, and denied the chance to fulfil their potential. These are children living in conflict-affected areas who are at risk of being recruited into armed groups; children with disabilities; those living in places prone to extreme weather events; and children from indigenous people community.

The current pandemic exacerbates their dire situation, putting them behind and exponentially impacting their lives.
This year marks the 30th year of Philippine ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child (UNCRC), once described by South African leader Nelson Mandela as “that luminous, living document that enshrines the rights of every child without exception, to a life of dignity and self-fulfillment.”
One of the guiding principles of the convention is for all governments to consider the best interest of the child in all decisions affecting them.

The reopening of classes will meet the learning and well-being needs of children during these times. To ensure the success of distance learning during the pandemic, children, parents and teachers must be provided with support, through an effective feedback mechanism that will help the Department of Education come up with context-based and evidence-based solutions.

The fulfillment of the rights of every child to education during the pandemic can be supported in three ways: keep learning alive during school closure through inclusive distance learning; support every child to return to school when it’s safe to do so; and build back better and more resilient education systems.

Schools give children a sense of normalcy, and the routine of attending classes calm their souls amid adversities.

Education gives children hope and empowers them to build better lives.

On World Ballet Day: Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde honored for supporting children’s learning

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Save the Children Philippines is honoring Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja Elizalde for dedicating her world-class talent to provide support to children’s right to learn amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In celebration of her birthday last October 3, Macuja-Elizalde conducted an online floor barre class and donated the proceeds to Save the Children Philippines’ Project ARAL (Access to Resources for Alternative Learning) which aims to help children from low-income families and those with disabilities to have access to alternative learning platforms.

Ballet and fitness enthusiasts participated, donated, and provided support in raising awareness to continue children’s learning needs during the pandemic.

The child rights organization gave the distinction to Macuja-Elizalde to mark the World Ballet Day, being celebrated every 29th of October. World Ballet Day is an annual global celebration bringing the dance community together through different activities to showcase their work.

“Artists and celebrities have important roles in amplifying our advocacy message to promote children’s rights, and through their dedication and tireless work, we are able to help more deprived and marginalized children fulfil their potential,” said Naida Pasion, Chief Business Development Officer of Save the Children Philippines.

Macuja-Elizalde, the Directress of Ballet Manila School, established Project Ballet Futures – a program providing support to promising young boys and girls by giving them free ballet training, apparel, meals and allowances to help them reach their dream of becoming professional dancers.

KC Concepcion joins Panda Family as newest WWF-PH Ambassador

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Hello, Panda! 

TV personality and long-time food security advocate KC Concepcion is the newest member of the Panda Family.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines welcomes KC Concepcion as the newest TV personality to join its roster of celebrity ambassadors this year, helping the organization spread awareness on food security and the importance of sustainable consumption and production in environmental conservation.

Working with WWF, one of her dream organizations, the actress expressed her enthusiasm about joining the Panda family in a video posted on her Youtube page.

“It has been my longtime dream to be supporting an NGO that focuses on protecting and improving our environment, our planet, our wildlife, and in turn creating a better world. And finally, that dream is now a reality. It humbles me to be part of an amazing family whose goal is to protect Mother Nature at all costs,” she shared. 

As a long-time food security advocate, Concepcion shared that among the sustainability practices she observes at home are planting her own herbs and vegetables in her balcony and making sure that no food goes to waste. 

Although new to the Panda Family, Concepcion has already lent her platform to encourage the public to practice sustainability in their own kitchens by running special episodes of her online show Kitchen Collabs for Kawali-Kasan—WWF-PH’s sustainable home cooking series aiming to promote sustainable food consumption and production while fundraising for the organization’s environmental frontliners and partner communities.

Concepcion aims to promote local produce and work on food security initiatives as a WWF-PH ambassador.

“We need to reconnect with our food and remember how it even got to our local market, or grocery store, and to our table. We forget that every produce harvested and farmed uses lots of energy, transporting them from the farm to our fork. We should have a certain respect for food and farmers and see how we can do our part in our everyday lives to lessen food waste, and learn steps on how to be self-sustainable now more than ever before. I aim to learn and help others learn with me the value of understanding our human connection with food, rallying behind local fishermen and farmers, supporting the consumption of local produce, and things like preventing food waste and learning new recipes to make the most of what grows in our own soil and seas! For beach lovers like me, remembering to protect and preserve and respect our marine sanctuaries and marine life is so important to me. Let’s all learn what it means to be living ‘the WWF lifestyle’ every day,” said Concepcion. 

WWF-Philippines looks forward to working alongside KC. Her passion and support will go a long way toward the organization’s goal to encourage the public in taking collective action to #ChangeTheEnding for the planet.

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