Monday, September 7, 2020

Regulating Netflix: MTRCB will just waste taxpayers' money

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“Villafuerte, for his part, called on MTRCB regulators to “stop wasting taxpayers’ money tinkering with this imbecilic idea, lest they give us legislators enough reason to drastically slash their agency’s allocation, if not give it a zero budget.”

MTRCB says that regulating content on Netflix and other streaming sites are to empower viewers?

Oh we've been pretty empowered for a while now, don't worry.

Its simple, during this pandemic, agencies that are as useless should have their budget cut or better reduced to zero and shut them.down temporarily. Their budget can go to the people that need it most. Budget should be moved to hospitals, frontliners, education and to help those in need. These agencies have too much budget and too much time in their hands..thats why they come up with idiotic ideas to look relevant. Waste of time.

When people are trying to stay sane amidst the pandemic, these imbeciles are out to ruin everything for us.

Should media censorship have no place in a democratic society? Is it time for this to antiquated agency to die? Should we also not regulate is the music industry? Shoukd some lyrics should not be heard by kids especially if it talks about sex and drugs because it can affect their gullible minds?

Yung bastos na kabayo sa It's Showtime ay hindi nga ma regulate ng MTRCB, epal pa sila sa Netflix? Pinapalusot nga nila yung mga teleseryes about sa mga kabit o mistresses.

Paano kasi hindi na sila relevant dahil wala ng sine, sinarado pa ABS-CBN kaya wala sila tuloy extra income.

MTRCB, given its mandate under Presidential Decree 1986 issued in 1985, has no jurisdiction over digital video content being offered to online consumers.

If it’s not too obvious already, as i’ve mentioned in my personal rants, their move to regulate Netflix is just a sorry/lame excuse to binge watch Netflix all day long and still get paid with taxpayers’ sweat & blood money.

I literally have never seen such a waste of time and resources in my life in general.

Every streaming platform have parental controls and we learned how to use them.

Whoever in this board had this Netflix regulation idea is a troglodyte.

If the MTRCB is given jurisdiction over streaming platforms, it could then also go after movies and videos streamed on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google as internet apps have the capability to stream videos.

PH in the time of pandemic:

DILG: Barrier for angkas!
BIR: Tax barter!
Gov: Tuob!
Congress: Pass terror bill! Close ABS-CBN!
DA: Control plantitos/titas!
AFP, PNP: Spy on social media!
NTF-ECLAC: Tag the Reds!
MTRCB: Censor Netflix!
DENR: White sand for Manila Bay!
Duterte: Zzzzz

Cover image: Kevin Eric Raymundo

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